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Trannies EVERYWHERE! Transvestigation of the Transpocolypse

This video is a cursory look at the “Transpocolypse”, which is appears to be at least a partial cause of the collapse of civilization through intentional, psychological deterioration of the human family, or humanity in general. Before casting judgement on the topic, please LOOK INTO THIS, as you will be shocked to learn the truth, thinly veiled right before our eyes. We’ll focus on the jaw-dropping FTM transition using potent testosterone, mutilation and plastic surgery. View discresion is ADVISED! We should all pray for, and have sympothy for the people ~ (often unwillingly) spearheading this transgender movement, often without their knowledge or consent, as multi-generational satanic families are apparently transgendering their children before they are old enough to make such decisions.

This video is not intended to be mean to anyone, or a suggestion to “hurt or kill” anyone.. Nor is it to prove anything conclusively about anyone in particular. If people want to try and change their natural born sex, that is their decision. BUT, if people are being intentionally deceived, it is our job as truthers to shed light on the deception… This video is simply shedding light on a HUGE deception which has been targeted at us all since we were children.