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Einstein Spilled the Beans! The Aether DOES Exist

Part 1

It is ironic that it was Einstein himself who destroyed his own theory of special relativity, and yet the mainstream scientism community still propagates the lie that the aether does not exist. The fact that we have so much technology that utilizes the aether itself to function is a slap in the face of any thinking individual that can see the obviousness of its existence. This video is part 1 of a multi part series that utterly destroys the Einsteinian nonsense that is being forced upon the scientific community. To go against this nonsense will surely mean the end to one’s scientific career so regardless of the fact that so many scientists are fully aware of the preposterousness of special relativity, acceptance of it is mandatory or they will be exiled right out of science. Big thanks to YouTuber odiupicku for putting together these clips from a Robert Sungenis presentation which thoroughly debunks the scientism of Einstein.

Watch Part 2 here.