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The Communitarian Agenda

Fred Last
The Communitarian agenda is well established in the village I live. The old folk appear to be co-opted into the surveillance network but ultimately it creates distrust and division in the community.

The Federal Reserve was set up by the Rothschilds, the Rothschild Family however has the Official Title : ” Guardians of the Vatican Treasury “, its even in the Encyclopedia Judeica. And Dynasty Founder Mayer Amschel Rotschild was Already a Member of the VATICAN Knights of Malta. So yes the Rotschilds have a Degree of Power, but they SERVE the 1500 year old Vatican System. The CIA was Founded by VATICAN Knight of Malta ( SMOM ) Bill Donovan, him being a Knight of Malta is even on Wikipedia. Several Other CIA Directors like Mccone, Bush, and Alan Dulles were also members of SMOM. Only 1 CIA Director was a Jew. The Bilderberg Group was Founded by 2 Vatican Knights of Malta also : Prince Bernard of Holland and Joseph Retinger. Member of the French Nobility and Proud Roman Catholic Henri de Castries, who also has many Vatican Knights in his Family, Headed up te Steering Group of Bilderberg the Last years. Kissinger is also a Vatican Knight and is Also an Advisor to the Papacy since Pope Ratzinger Appointed him. And the Heads of the EU have All been JESUIT Educated Roman Catholics, as is ECB President Mario Draghi, and Current EU Head is Polish Roman Catholic Donald Tusk. The Head of the U.N. Gutterez is Also a Devout Roman Catholic. And the Majority of the USA Supreme Court is Also Roman Catholic ( and yes 3 Jews also ).Head of ” Climate Change Affairs ” of the EU is a Roman Catholic from My Country Holland, Frans Timmermans. And the Modern New Age Movement was Started by JESUIT Teilhard de Chardin, that we Should ” Evolve into a Higher Consciousness ” Nonsense. For Example Ex Jesuit Alberto Rivera became a Born Again Christian and Began Spilling the Beans on Rome : . So are there Many Kabbalist Jews in the NWO System : yes. But they dont ” Rule the World ” the Antichrist Papacy does, just like the Bible Predicted it Would. Freemason Politicians dont go and Kiss the Ring of some Rabbi after Election, but they Bow Down to the ANTICHRIST Papacy. And All of the European Nobility are Vatican Knights too, even Queen Elisabeth is a Dame of Malta ( SMOM ). God bless

Mascara Snake
Throw in the ad hominem-handgrenade and run away…

Lavender Moon Crystals
Don’t burn yourself out, we need you mark, everything makes sense about councils in how they have changed, they don’t even treat you like a human being anymore or answer the phone, only for payments

Paradigm Shift – An Educational Comedy v2.0
The majority of the so-called Truth Movement are absolutely Communitartian.

Paul Smith
Brilliant interview

S Cook
Exactly Mark. I was looking at the list of councilors in the last local election. None of them said “I am for my people” They all stated “we are for the community”!

Kevin Boyle
Good to see and listen to a serious man like Lark who is dedicated to exposing the system and aims of the elite. He explains everything very clearly. Thanks both.

Suzie X
Looking pretty good brother. ♥️

Videos From The Underground
Thanks to people like Nikki Rapaana, Michael Shaw and Freedom Advocates in the Bay Area…we know about Agenda 21 and Communitarianism. Thank Dr Stan Monteith, Gary Arnold and others.

ALTERNATIVE NEWS – An Irish Perspective
Go Mark. My hero lol

Alan Alan
I think there is a big difference between simple tools and technology like smart phones. But our language does not really differentiate between the two.

John Doe
Frank you are one of the guys that can help me with this! did anybody out there watch this movie the one which never had a good ending ? .the movie what destroys everybody over the age of 5 it could have been a Hollywood movie which somebody told me about . I really don’t think that this was a science fiction movie. and I really don’t think it was a drama either or a comedy. I do believe that it was a very well Thought Out movie. and as I remember somebody telling me it did not have a good ending. still it’s only a movie it’s not reality is it ?

Videos From The Underground

Richard Kelly
Thanks guys. Ireland is in the middle of what you’re talking about. The world is going mad
From laois Ireland

I Ate Eight
Long comment, apologies. I was listening to Dr J V Milewski, about Orme gold in glass. Microwave glass with a bit of pencil lead in it. It gets hot and cooks, turns reddish. Dissolved the glass with sodium hydroxide (you tube showed how), Extracted my “gold”, put it back in the microwave to melt into a nugget (I never got my nugget) the microwave died as soon as I hit go. Killed another microwave cooker on second attempt. Way to kill an offensive 5G weapon? Put it on a drone and fly by? Phase conjugate mirror (For all you Tom Bearden fans)???

I Ate Eight
I summarized better than expected. Ask if you want more detail.

Supper large magicans bunny rabbits D450UL
My name’s Phil Molloy on Facebook…..but my bloodline is from ormus de Davenport Cheshire England 1066…..been making monotomic gold alchemy for years now, get it touch so we can exchange concepts


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