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Epic Deception Flat Earth Documentary

Epic Deception Flat Earth Documentary

so I’ll catch you live in a ball that didn’t seem possible the earth is clearly flat
so mainstream science tells us that the earth formed 4.6 billion years ago after
a big bang that created the known universe this wild theory is widely accepted as fact and it’s mechanically
repeated by most people due to the fact that it’s what public schools teach to the kids without challenge there is
absolutely no possible way to determine whether or not an event took place that long ago it’s actually very strange that
anyone would believe this nonsense mainstream science also tells us that life on Earth evolved into monkeys which
eventually evolved into us there’s only one huge gaping problem with the theory
of evolution we are not only missing one link between monkeys and humans but we
are missing hundreds if not thousands of evolutionary links maybe more they want
us to believe that one day we fell out of a monkey’s ass and we landed on a spinning ball that’s advancing through
outer space at ridiculous speeds we are being deceived let’s put it in
perspective they think they came from monkeys okay I don’t care how many
letters they have after the name you know these guys go to school they read books they come out believing they came
from monkeys and then they have the audacity to say that we’re the students listen to what they have to say in the
beginning there was darkness dang birth to an endless expanding existence
of time space and matter every day new discoveries are unlocking the mysterious
the mind-blowing the deadly secrets of a place we call the universe
it is across a mystery as to why the universe exists in such an intelligible manner but it suggests to me at least
that there’s a deep link between the universe the grand scheme that’s unfolding at beings like ourselves
somehow the universe has become self-aware it’s engineered the emergence of comprehending thinking beings like
ourselves who can come to know the universe some people marvel at the fact that the
universe has over billions of years given birth to beings who can appreciate its complexity we can even ponder where
and how we fit in
but at the dawn of history people thought they knew the answers to these
profound questions the ancients viewed their world as a
snow globe is essentially a flat earth say a disc covered by a dome and we call
this in English a firmament and in the firmament is where all the stars the planets were hung almost all ancient
cultures believed their universe existed in a dome similar to this one and they
never questioned who created it the ancients assumed that there was a
god or gods responsible for the creation and the maintenance of the universe the
idea that God created the universe went largely unchallenged until the Middle Ages when scientists made a sacrilegious
suggestion based on their observations the Sun not the earth was at the center
of the universe it was a paradigm shift there is now
another way to explain the naturally occurring phenomena around us and as a science since the Middle Ages
scientists have developed sophisticated new theories about the enormity of the universe and our place in it
theories that often have no room for God many phenomena have appeared mysterious
or miraculous or magical and then through the process of science we’ve eventually understood them
scientists gradually realize that the Sun really is just one star among a
multitude of stars in a gigantic galaxy having hundreds of billions of such
stars and all this was created in a Big Bang 13.7 billion years ago but while
scientific theories observations and experiments tell us where we are in the
cosmos they don’t answer the eternal questions why we’re here and who if
anyone created us
so while it appears a divine creator planned the universe many physicists say
apparent fine-tuning doesn’t prove anything of the sort something else must
be at work but what other than God could possibly explain the remarkable series
of events that led to the creation of life in our universe one very popular
contender is an idea that seems at least as incredible as the idea of God
it’s the multiple universe theory a very
large number of universes perhaps even an infinite number could in principle exist in a vast hyperspace we can
understand the idea of hyperspace by comparing it to a mug of beer the beer
mug would be the hyperspace and the bubbles would be these individual universes the bubbles in a beer mug are
all physically about the same but suppose they span a range of properties
some of them might have carbon and oxygen and stars and gravity and others
don’t we would be in one of the ones that leads to a rich complex universe
culminating with life as we know it if there are an infinite number of other
universes the fine-tuning that seems to be present in ours isn’t an example of
God’s plan but rather the law of statistics most of these universes wouldn’t
naturally develop in ways that fostered intelligent life but a few would so then
the explanation for the specialness of the universe is that we are winners in a gigantic cosmic lottery it stands to
reason that we couldn’t be living and discussing this in a universe that was hostile to life only the bio-friendly
ones get populated with thinking beings having a multitude of universes is
actually quite a simple and natural consequence of some of the most favored models for the birth and early evolution
of our universe it’s kind of like stars and planets as long as you have the capacity to make one it’s easy to make
lots of them oh really
evolution isn’t the only thing we are being lied to about the earth under our feet has been molded into a spinning
ball that is a byproduct of the Big Bang which is a theory that was introduced to science in 1931 in order for the theory
of evolution to be reasonable the Big Bang that was somehow pinpointed to 13.7
billion years ago has to be true in the Big Bang cosmology the earth is a
rotating sphere orbiting around the Sun the issue is that the motion of the
earth has never been detected and here we are in the year 2016 looking for the curvature of our world
which also can’t seem to be measured mainstream science using theory after
problematic theory to try and prove another theory isn’t science at all real science will reveal a stationary earth
that’s turning out to be quite flat with the Sun that’s much closer than we are told despite what you hear flat earthers
aren’t anti science at all we just don’t condone what mainstream science has become and that’s a faith based religion
swarming with lies and ludicrous theories that have never been proven also this re-emergence of the Flat Earth
has little to do with the Flat Earth Society if you have the desire to further look
into this don’t check for answers on their website some of the claims made by the Flat
Earth Society are decent while others are absurd this is a common ploy to
encourage no further investigation by the controlled opposition known as the Flat Earth Society it’s a commonly held
misconception that the earth is a spherical object that revolves around the Sun but the fact is of course that
the earth is a circular dish surrounded by a barrier of ice that explorers have
been attempting to penetrate for centuries what if gravity isn’t real what if the earth is in fact flat and
science has been wrong all along everything that you’ve been taught is a lie we’re showing that until that’s
the solar system a what you got a big Sun in the middle and all the planets with all around it but nobody’s ever
seen that we’ve never seen a photograph of it we’ve never seen I have you know real part we certainly never seen any
any animation of even those posters they probe out in Pluto of the moment and always ever seen the solar system at
least these always graphics it’s always secondary knowledge things that people hold dear and compact like gravity like
the age of the universe the universe formation itself the age of the earth they’re all dependent on things that are
unproven while they’re good to consider we should consider everything you have allowed them to become facts that appear
in our textbooks taught by professors to kids as facts the argument for all
practical purposes came to an end when the Church of England was established by law during the 16th century they
embraced many radical scientific notions prevalent at the time including
copernicus round earth theory with this endorsement the theory found its way
into the schools which were then largely controlled by the church it has remained
there to this day and many children have accepted it without question all see and
I and the square compasses here we have Buzz Aldrin the second man to pose that
walked on the greatest of Kubrick’s film set show it up the don’t try and hide it
it’s amazing there’s his missus Masonic ring he’s got a Shriner hat there and these guys yeah
the supposedly praying to the command module looks like a pyramid to make the
connections between Ronelle Hulbert I have one Hubbard he started the scientology movement walt
disney bernhard von braun rocket scientist jack dr. Parsons also rocket scientist Jet Propulsion Laboratory and
Aleister Crowley who’s obviously you know an arch Satanist influenced a lot
of rock music and you know everything sorts of the OTO the or the tempura Orientis and these
guys were all are all connected they’re all on the same and the connections between but here you
go Jack Parsons the JPL was how obviously NASA got into you know got going into the air in the first place
the jet reporters laboratory here’s Jack Parsons at a Masonic ceremony you can tell by the floor and again you can look
into this view cell yeah it’s easily it’s not it’s not you know it’s easily searchable Cesar researchable
information the connection between Walt visit here we have aboard the ISS again
no now we’re getting to the handshakes that we’ve got Baphomet all doing it yeah we’ve seen Bill Clinton do that and
borscht and not all these guys give you that we know what that means
we know who they’re in service to this is all about occultism it’s all about some worship heliocentrism it’s not
science it’s about it’s a religion it’s a faith this is Helios this is Helios
the song God and there you know here is on the badge of Apollo 13 this is all occult religion going all the way back
to all Egypt and then back through to Babylon as well life is much simpler on
a flat plane there’s no complex theories
or complicated mathematics involved in
it a flat plane now there’s a sea level is level
everywhere you go as he level is it’s sea level there’s no bending there’s no
bending the ocean around a spinning ball his level it’s hot water finds its level
and it maintains there’s can’t bend it around the ball this idea these facts
they’re facts resonating with people all over the world is not an accident it’s
not a coincidence that is the hardest part for you guys to understand the
people that argue with me that want to make me feel like a [ __ ] idiot that’s
not you talking that’s your ego talking that’s you have to convince yourself
verbally to somebody who is challenging your own beliefs to make yourself feel better and to help you sleep at night
the Flat Earth is a perfect example of that you refuse to look at the information it’s stupid well why is it
stupid well it just is what you every little thing that you’ve brought up all
of you can be refuted and explained differently but you refuse to see that
you refuse to look at it that makes you ignorant that that is the definition of ignorance so how does Hollywood
brainwash you but one way is like this they begin their movies on a globe and
then these zoom in to whatever the first scene is real clever way to brainwash you in the very first scene of any movie
you see Universal Studios are so bad they use this goddamn globe as their
logo as their intro to every single movie that they make
at the beginning of every single movie Universal makes you’re going to see the spinning globe global it doesn’t even
matter what the movie is about you’re going to be brainwashed no video real
video of the real spinning in space which you could all like to see actually
exists this is what your show this is last year from the discover satellite the epic and camera it is actually the
Dark Side of the Moon going past the earth there’s neither spinning there’s
the bat tell me the problem with Eisley moon’s supposed to be orbiting the earth not just flying straight past it
your eyes aren’t fooled yeah you’re in got your own senses trust your senses this is clearly CGI but you go to NASA’s
website and they will claim this was taken from a million miles away from Earth by the discover satellite you will
notice also that the clouds don’t really move I mean the move across but they
don’t change up swirl they’ll change direction and five hours 350 to 8:45
notice five hours of time-lapse photography those climb those those
clouds do not move at all you’ve been my rock before
we don’t have a picture of Earth except for the nice composite fake images NASA
gives you to make sure you keep believing you’re in a ball and keep arguing on their behalf keep fighting for them keep telling people we went to
the moon simply because you can’t let your mind think of the possibility that someone lied to you
the government lied to you they can’t lie there my government believe me it’s hard for all of us that’s crazy the
government doesn’t lie to people I was a huge Star Wars fan very very disappointed to find out that I’m just
being a program again it’s the multi multi-pronged approach show you in you
know we’re not trying to pretend that’s the whole as is real in any way but again it’s impressing your brain again
and again again that the space and planets and and spaceships and they’re all around than everything else okay
it’s Hollywood so now about the ISS does this look solid this is like a solid
machine to you but how do we know these of it we don’t but I tell you what you
don’t see from the ISS which you really should you never do is one of the 17,000
satellites are also supposed to be spinning round off there as well what difference does it make if it’s a globe
where if it’s flat they’re stealing your money and showing your cartoons and CGI
wouldn’t that make a difference if it was a globe or if it was flat if they
keep showing your cartoons of a globe they show you CGI glow dish in the
Hollywood trickery of a globe they’re stealing your pocket money
that’s the glad that begs the question hey
what the hell have you been showing us this fall for all this time what have
you been doing with our money did you guys go to space is evolution actually
real did you guys just make this [ __ ] up
see these are the questions we asked it
might be more land out there we discovered there might be a [ __ ] firmament up there
we don’t know stolen from us stuck us on
the card oh we’re being lied to controlled manipulated stolen from and
I’m not going to stop speaking out there’s a quote by Tesla today’s
scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments and they wander off
through equation after equation and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality that’s what
happened with the globe Theory everybody knew the world was flat until one day
some guy came along and said oh no no it’s it’s a ball where we’re spinning
through space we’re circling the Sun a lie is a lie even if everybody believes
it and truth is truth even if no one believes it told Amira find a system
with earth at the center for 1500 years ptolemies system was used as the basis
of astronomy and calendars and it worked quite well Copernicus hated that and Copernicus set
about to undo Ptolemies greatest discovery while working at the request
of Pope Leo the 10th on improvements to the Julian calendar Copernicus conceived what turned out to
be the foundational idea of Derna tea itself the idea that the earth
moved not all were persuaded by Copernicus however the greatest
astronomer of the time Tycho Brahe he developed a new geocentric model the
earth occupies the center the planets orbit the Sun and the Sun orbits the
earth they basically stole our minds and enslaved us by showing us a picture of a
bull so here’s what you live on it’s fall when they show us a different picture of a ball here’s a different
picture of a ball in everyone’s like yet it’s the same place it doesn’t matter
the colors of the continents change it doesn’t matter the color of the oceans change it doesn’t matter that continents
change sizes change locations Tico hired a young assistant named Johannes Kepler in 1600 Kepler working
on his own development of the Copernican system needed Tico’s observations but
Tico refused to part with the when Tico died suddenly and mysterious
in 1601 Kepler took charge of Tico’s observations and used them to develop
his own system in Kepler’s system the Sun is in the center while the planets
move on ellipses non-uniformly the ellipse with extruder chyme allows us to
see the Ptolemies epicycles and equaled were actually a brilliant attempt to
express non-uniform motion centuries before Kepler indeed once the
concept of non-uniform motion is introduced all of these systems can be shown to be geometrically identical
perico’s was the main guy who started off the revolution he’s broke on the
revolutions of the celestial spheres changed you know thousands of years of
thinking about the earth being completely still as you can experience it for yourself every single day of your life and the obviously the bodies move
moving the heavens of others that’s what your senses experienced converted squat changed all that round but you didn’t use any silence there’s no science in
his book he got his ideas from the hermetic if I’m Hermes Trismegistus and it basically says how the Sun sits
enthroned in the middle of the s in the middle of the solar system and we all orbit around it what’s that sound like
to you that sounds like some work it sounds like a song called to me because later on we show you hi uh Fred was
another astronomer oil he said there’s no difference in the mathematics whether it’s geocentric or he listened with other song ms earlier the earth moves
around the Sun the mass works the same exactly the way the connections between conveyors just just [ __ ] just on the
imaging yeah I wouldn’t be I would be you know have a portrait done with a big
33 on it or or a triangle with an eye or anything like that I would want to be connected or associated with any of that
stuff cuz I’m yo I’m not really until I kind of sometime I’m working for the other side
so but Kabutops had no problem with the script with a square compass yeah with
the big wheel here the big Sun wheel and we’ve got the mercury sign as well yeah all these back again you know you can
you can investigate more for yourself the book of thought by Aleister Crowley
freemason move the Sun over the head yeah as above so below yeah and one of the reasons why I
mercury because it can rise in the morning and the night so it’s also home that for dick and both sexes which he obviously is
Baphomet as well should we know as the the breasts on the penis it goes on and on it’s all about cults or worse you can
chase it back to Babylon you can see all the different gods going through it but there is no signs to Copernicus’s and on
the revolutions of the spheres now eight seats of philosophical track then it’s all based on the hermetica uppers up
down is down if I visual aid I have a
pin if I release it from my grip what happens anybody correct it Falls
was that gravity yeah the molecules that make up this pin
plastic ink it’s got a little rubber grip on it are more dense and the
molecules of the air surrounding it the molecules of the air will not support
the weight so they fall so it falls when you let go like that density and mass
make an object heavy there’s no there’s no gravity simple up is up count us down
objects fall because they’re heavy if it
floats its lighter-than-air helium filled balloon with helium it goes up filled with hydrogen it would
also go up lighter than air float heavier than air balls it’s not
complicated gravity is of God because it’s the answer it’s the magic answer to
everything why how does this how does the earth keep Azam but it still spins around it’s the law it’s a lot of
garbage how does the other type of gravity wasn’t the moon fly off to the song because this song got bigger girl
gravity’s weight gravity lives don’t worry about its gravity gravity is the god that explains everything very very
magically there was no need for gravity whatsoever if we’re on a fixed stationary plane and the heavenly bodies
are simply going above us the reason why you don’t fall off is because you’re denser than the air that one bit underneath it’s just again Occam’s razor
so straightforward explanation basically perspective of living on a globe is
preposterous is ridiculous it’s hilarious
how we are taught to perceive the world we live on because basically even when
trying to depict it it’s hilarious they have no way of depicting it without it
being comical you have whales climbing
the curb like it’s absurd how can we live on a globe core of the earth you
know that you’ve seen the cut away this much is crust and mantle and magma and
liquid molten stuff at the center the
deepest hole that’s ever been drilled in the history of mankind to date even with
today’s technology eight miles if you want to say this is what the first eight
miles looks like I will believe you because they can show me the hole this
goes eight miles down okay it goes eight miles down that’s how thick is the plane
that we live on it’s at least eight miles because they’ve drilled down that
far but they can’t go any farther it just it doesn’t work so it’s speculation
with a sphere of four thousand miles radius being spun round once every
twenty-four hours a little bit of calculations will show that that person there is being spun round at about a
thousand miles an hour and there doesn’t know it I mean this is obvious gnosis
the stage was set for one of the most important events in the history of physics the Michelson Morley experiment
the experiment failed to detect the earth moving in or against the ether the
problem was serious although various solutions were advanced in the end
science was faced with a choice either discard the ether or admit that the
earth wasn’t orbiting the Sun it was Albert Einstein who came up with the
solution which now forms the basis of our physics and which we call the theory
of relativity Einstein eliminated the ether as the cause and said that it was
simply a principle of nature that when objects moved through empty space they
contract in length they decrease in the time traveled and their mass increases
all by the same proportion hence in order to maintain the Copernican
principle the length time and mass of moving objects were altered and this is
the essence of Einstein’s special theory of relativity all of physics collapses
with an experiment for cult’s pendulums do not uniformly swing in any one direction sometimes they rotate
clockwise and sometimes counterclockwise sometimes they fail to rotate and sometimes they rotate far too much
scientists who have repeated variations of the experiment have conceded time and
that quote it was difficult to avoid giving the pendulum some slight lateral
bias at starting the behavior of the pendulum actually depends on one the
initial force beginning its swing and to the ball and socket joint used which
most readily facilitates circular motion over any other the supposed rotational earth is completely inconsequential and
irrelevant to the pendulum swing it’s the alleged constant rotation of the earth affected pendulums in any way
then there should be no need to manually start pendulums in motion if Earth’s diurnal rotation caused the
360 degree uniform rotation of pendulums then there should not exist a stationary
pendulum anywhere on earth it has been said that the pendulum experiment proves the rotation of the earth this is quite
impossible for one pendulum turns one way and sometimes another pendulum turns in the opposite direction now we ask
does the earth rotate in opposite directions at different places at one at the same time we should like to know
perhaps the experimenters will kindly enlighten us on this point there’s all kinds of evidence for the phenomenon
what’s called continental drift that this means that the the continents are able to move as if they’re floating on a
fluid now if the earth is is spherical if it’s spinning can it any anybody
knows that if this is spinning very very very fast like that that the continents
should all be located at the equator because centrifugal force would move the
comets from the poles to the middle the Coriolis effect is often said to cause
sinks and toilet bowls in the northern hemisphere to drain spinning in one direction while in the southern
hemisphere causing them to spin the opposite way thus providing proof of the spinning baller
once again however just like for cults pendulums spinning either which way sinks and toilets in the northern and
southern hemisphere do not constantly spin in any one direction sinks and toilets in the very same household are
often found to spend in opposite directions depending entirely on the shape of the basin and the angle of the
water’s entry not the suppose adroit ation of the earth jennifer Horton wrote
while the premise makes sense that the Earth’s eastward spin would cause the water in a toilet bowl to spin as well
in reality the force and speed at which the water enters and leaves the receptacle is much too great to be
influenced by something as minuscule as a single 360 degree turn over the span
of a day when all is said and done the Coriolis effect plays no larger a role
in toilet flushes than it does in the revolution of CDs in your stereo the
things that really determine the direction in which water leaves your toilet or sink are the shape of the bowl
and the angle at which the liquid initially enters the bowl the Coriolis effect is also said to affect bullet
trajectories and weather patterns as well supposedly causing most storms in the northern hemisphere to rotate
counterclockwise and most storms in the southern hemisphere to rotate clockwise to cause bullets from long-range guns to
tend towards the right of the target in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere again however
the same problems remain not every bullet and not every storm consistently
displays the behavior and therefore cannot reasonably be used as proof of anything they got us to ridicule it and that was
the genius in their whole plan if you ridicule something socially it’s it’s ridiculous so I’m not gonna look
into it and if you think about it if you flip it inside out to assume here this flight is so makes so much sense to
assume it’s a cloak is so ridiculous we should have laughed at that you know and it’s funny how people who still believe
in the sphere always make fun of the Flat Earth because they’ll say well I’ll shut up
how can I stay on I fall off I mean that that’s ridiculous I’ll fall off yeah they have total faith and not rolling
tumbling down the sphere for some reason this appears safe to them you know it’s
like know what in a level surface appear more sensible and safe if you really
think about it people sue we go look at the planets the planets are spheres so
that means we’re a sphere no without a telescope I’ve got one without your
telescope and look at Mars it’s a dot of light it’s an orange dot and then when
you look at a meta image it’s this district rose with canyons and ice and
craters and [ __ ] but when you look at it through an amateur telescope like a good amateur telescope not one from [ __ ]
Walmart like a good one it’s important job it’s not a desert world with canyons
and [ __ ] that they went to there’s no rover on Mars they’re
prepping us with movies like the Martian so they can steal our money on fake trip
to Mars just like they stole money on a trip to the moon
behold the mysterious floating warmth I
don’t need all the complex theories and math the Sun isn’t 93 million miles away
it’s much closer much closer and much smaller oh it’s four hundred times
bigger than the moon but it’s also 400 times farther away so it appears to be
the same size the Sun and Moon are the same size and they’re not as far as they
say they are they circle above the plain
that we live on the flat plane they circles the sunshine sound like a spotlight around 24 hours the same
phenomenon aratus Feeny’s measured could be explained by a flat earth if the Sun were only a few thousand miles away and
32 miles across the math would work out the same once you know once you realize
what’s going on you’re on a flat plane you can see the Sun is like it moves
towards you passes overhead it moves away from you it’s a perspective the
distance it moves that direction until it reaches the vanishing point the point
of convergence on the horizon where you can no longer see it’s light and this is
a really really good video to watch it’s called loom a amazing planet for balloon to the edge of space and you watch it
you will see because those are clouds there this isn’t this isn’t the ocean this is clouds and what we’ve got here
that’s a hot spot from the Sun now if it Suns 93 million miles away yeah but
massive how is it causing a heat spot on here cuz this is a skill for me you can watch the video for yourself but this is
what it does minutes and minutes in this video it spins around you can see it again and again it will blow your mind
we shall see the Sun isn’t that far away at all because it can’t be causing a heat spot on the clouds if it’s 93 million miles away it’s massive she’ll
all be coming in same anguish we know the Sun is obviously not 93 million
miles away it looks very close circumnavigation is really just a flat circle pack gravity as we know it simply
doesn’t exist the Sailor thinks that he’s travelling around the earth
this way when in effect he’s traveling around the earth this way and he’s
creating a circle he’s moving in a continuous direction around he goes through the various parts of the circle
and he comes back raised on frontieres’ run around this way one of heliocentric favorite supposed proofs of their baller
theory is the ability for ships and planes to circumnavigate to sail or fly
at right angles to the North Pole and eventually return to their original location since the North Pole in
Antarctica are covered in ice and guarded no-fly zones however no ships or
planes have ever been known to circumnavigate the earth in north-south directions only east-west and herein
lies the rub east or west bound circumnavigation can just as easily be
performed on a flat plane as akin on a globular sphere just as a compass can
place its centre point on a flat piece of paper and trace a circle either way around the pole so can a ship or plane
circumnavigate a flat earth the only kind of circumnavigation which could not happen on a flat earth is north south
bound which is likely the very reason for the heavily enforced flight fiction’s flight restrictions
originating from none other than the united nations the same united nations
which hardly uses the flat earth map as its official logo and flag so the ball
arthur’s logical argument is that only a globe can be circumnavigated the earth
has been circumnavigated and therefore at leas as a globe this is indeed a
logical modus ponens statement but the conclusion is rendered invalid because the first premise that only a globe can
be circumnavigated is categorically false there is no current man you will
bump up in your house and saw the curvature you will or a plane and Salter know you didn’t there is no Parature you
know how I know I tried to debunk the bladder that I failed and so most of us
get started we try to debunk the planner and we can fail there’s no evidence the
curvature when you use your own senses in your own observations cross Lake
Michigan from Saint Joseph to Chicago is 60 miles over 60 miles to any 100 2400
feet should not be seen this is a visual of how that works see the blue level
obviously the Green Line is you straight out if you’re walking straight out obviously the viewer supposed to curve so the blue line is where it curves
anything beyond the blue line should not be seen Sears tower’s only 450 feet high it’s the highest obviously building in
Chicago just give me the house of some of the rest of e and buildings there it’s quite a famous picture a guy called
Joshua nawicki of Chicago from 60 miles away we shouldn’t be able to see any oh
it should be all behind 2,400 feet the curve yeah now people say ah but you can’t see
the bottom of that you know it’s proving that the earth could you can’t see the bottom of it because in the bottom of it cuz seas and lakes the wave you go up
and down they’re not completely on me obviously if it’s completely flat and completely clear then you’ll see a lot more but this actually proves that
they’ve got that the picture wasn’t taken from very high above sealer if it was you’d see a lot more of the
buildings like in this next one from slightly closer I’m going to 37 miles away and she’ll be behind 9gp a curve I
think we could see more than 500 feet this is Taliban but you can see virtually all of the skyline because obviously it’s a clear road a
it’s a little bit brighter and obviously the waves aren’t just chocolate here’s the opposite there’s that you know there’s 36 miles of waves in
between why would we see the whole thing but we can still see far more of it
should be eight hundred and forty feet a drop you shouldn’t be able to see hopes you better see less and less than the
top half of those we want to a different city Toronto across Lake Ontario
place called Grimsby see not in Lincolnshire 37 miles away it’ll be
behind 9gp curve the CN tower is 1,800 feet tall you should be able to see only
the top path without hardly any of the rest of Toronto can we see pretty much the whole skyline there again you can
check this out yourself how do i you know you can get half a dozen of these pictures from various places all around
this bag yeah this is actually taken from the red lines there that that’s the krims of is here it’s actually a little bit further in this red line you can get
pictures of on Toronto from all over the speak yeah and you can see way more
other than which should be no because I was that’s like refracting bending it round the curb it doesn’t more like a
mirror I’ve seen their eyes yes if they’re inverted or the wavy widow on my Rajan applying that we can see it in the list 81 miles
away from Genoa so the Isle of Gorger it’s only 70 feet above sea level we shall be able to see
anyone or she’ll be able to be seen most of the island which you move behind four thousand three hundred feet the curve which should have curved away by now we
can still see it we could bring it closer back oh yeah Isle of Man from the
file Co 61 miles away but again we can’t you see the tops of the turbines we can see virtually all of them from 61 miles
away Snowbell is 2030 feet high mm 34 feet Haj that’s the highest point on the Isle
of Man 61 miles where should be two thousand four hundred eighty feet of curvature should be you know half mile
below the horizon come on don’t know 75 miles away starts getting interesting
when you go when you start good towards 100 mile mark we’re talking over a mile of dip now this is the Ohio I love a
wahoo taking from Coit Tower twine thank you in Hawaii it’s 90 miles away again
you can see you know apart from you know what we’ll have a bit the waves are hide
and we can see a lot of the island and here’s the numbers for it it should be
behind 5,400 feet a drop elevation is 4,000 at 3 feet so we shouldn’t even be
able to see the type of it you can see nearly all of it this is the Sierra Nevada range from Mount Diablo in
California San Francisco is 160 miles well yes we’re up a mountain you’re there imagine we can see again a lot of
the bottom of the mountains you can see the snow-capped tops then we can see the rest of the mountains as well 160 miles
away they should be showing behind 17,000 feet of curve again yeah she
might be able to see the top of it but not all of the mountains and here’s the furthest one I found so far this is my
record so far this area I’m sure it will keep on growing this is the reunion from
the Isle of Mauritius it’s a hundred and forty nine miles away it’s a long long
long way away once again we can see the peak but we can also see most of us now
this is quite clearly a very very good observational they very clear very calm and the highest peak on Reunion Island
is 3072 metres toys just under 2 miles
149 miles away everything should put behind two point eight miles of curvature should have curved way away
away and again it’s not just the tops we can see we can see much more we can see a lot more you know 2,000 feet or so of
them we can see far more so I’m saying about the z axis curve it’s not there it’s not there if you watch a boat out
to sea and then get a telescope on it it’ll come back into view again yeah it’s perspective Alex
obviously the limits of our our eye side Bruce also conditions as well quite clearly yeah he K is conscious from what
Hubble visible condition do check but the point is that photo has to be taken I’ve just shown you it doesn’t go to
grass from soil 30 ml 6 ml negative are L we can see how 150 miles in the distance and actually well have
disappeared behind the curve the globe huge flat place on earth everybody’s aware if you have watched Top Gear the
Bonneville Salt Flats where we goes racing but there’s even bigger ones in South America I tell you Theo Pia but
the salad salad am I’m in Bolivia you got there it’s 4,000 square who’s going 421
thousands of square miles big flat places on earth a famously flatter than a pancake and the evidence is all around
us earth is flat and that is that don’t
overthink this thing it’s not necessary primary knowledge of sacrum you know
you’re going to use your own senses your own observances your own experiments hopefully are you gonna believe what
you’ve been told just because that’s what everybody believes that this overly
covert like sigh up like what would be the point of that the discredit the
truth movement if you look in the bladder for three hours that you would
realize that it’s not a PSYOP it’s not a PSYOP siop of that magnitude that would
ultimately bring the truth movement to its do you really think the truth movement is going to be brought to its
knees anytime soon given all the information the same is with bladder think about it
so why what forgot to gain you know why bother well as far as I’m concerned if
you once you doing research and if you come to the same conclusion up there myself and thousands of others a dog a
overthrows heliocentrism ltos the big bang that over ho-oh throws evolution over throws everything we thought we
knew about the will and I’ve heard people say that the reason they don’t want to publish papers that disagree
with special relativity or general relativity is that they built their careers on this if you were paranoid
you’d say there’s a conspiracy whatever it is there is a lot of resistance to
getting something published that disagrees with either of mine Stein’s two theories as for all of the photos
and video evidence we now have that the earth is round well all that material is completely fabricated a hoax perpetrated
by space agencies airlines Globa manufacturers they are reaping the
rewards of our ignorant belief that the earth is actually round
a stupid rumor
sir chair three
to but I so he is the story and it’s true
true story

WORLD UPSIDE DOWN | Full Documentary (2020)

World Upside Down

A Biblical Earth Documentary 2020. 

World Upside Down, a biblical earth documentary 2020. This documentary will show you the shape and structure of God’s earth according to the King James Bible.

Video Credit: Pillar of Truth Christian Church, located in Long Island, NY.

Similar biblical documentaries from 2019 and 2020 do not show the depth and knowledge of God’s word, as this documentary will show you. World Upside Down will expand your mind, and help you to understand the real truth about God’s earth from the bible.

We pray you will watch this entire biblical earth documentary of 2020 which has been in the making since 2019, to grow in your knowledge of God’s creation, and to learn how the heliocentric model of the universe cannot fit with God’s word.

World Upside Down describes the true shape of the earth, the movement of the sun moon and stars, their location in the firmament, and where God is located. Please share this with as many people as you can.

we are told that the earth is a sphere we are told that the circumference of
that sphere is twenty four thousand nine hundred and one miles
[Music] we are told that this sphere is rotating at a speed of over one thousand miles
per hour this is ten times faster than a
professional baseball player’s fastball faster than the speed of a bullet shot
out of a handgun faster than the speed of sound
[Music] we are told that this sphere while rotating at this speed
is also orbiting the sun at over 66 000 miles per hour
this is the equivalent of traveling from london to beijing in five minutes flat
we are told that our solar system is rotating through the milky way galaxy
at a speed of 483 000 miles per hour
we are told that our galaxy is traveling through the universe at 1.3 million miles per hour
[Music] and yet here we are still
stationary motionless questions begin to arise why is it that
we see the same stars in the sky every night why is it that we can see
distant objects that should have dipped below the horizon why is it
that no matter how high we go the horizon is always flat why
is it that we feel nothing the truth can be found in one place and
one place only and that is the bible today we’ll be taking a tour through god’s
holy word to determine if we truly are on a fast-paced ball
hurtling through a chaotic universe or if there is another reality
one far more believable
in the world we live in today we are told that the universe originated with an event known as the big bang
according to this theory everything that has ever existed was originally condensed into a single
small point then that concentrated point exploded
shooting all matter into every direction thus giving birth to what is known as
the universe the bible however tells a completely different story
in the book of genesis we are given the account of creation this is the record of how god created
the earth genesis 1 verse 1 says in the beginning
god created the heaven and the earth according to this verse the earth is the result of god creating
it not the result of a giant explosion but perhaps the theory of the big bang
in the biblical account of creation are not contradictory perhaps god used the big bang to create
the earth this idea becomes impossible after examining the sequence of the days of
creation god created the earth on the first day god did not create the sun
moon and stars until the fourth day therefore there could not have been an
explosion propelling all stars into every direction simply because
stars did not exist yet there are other details in the theory of the big bang
that do not line up with the bible first the big bang supposedly took place 13.8
billion years ago the bible however says that god created everything that
exists approximately six thousand years ago secondly
the big bang theory says that the universe is constantly expanding becoming bigger and bigger every day
the bible however says god finished creating the heavens on the sixth day
genesis 2 verse 1 says thus the heavens and the earth were finished
and all the hosts of them if the universe is currently expanding
that means that it is not finished the big bang is simply an attempt to
explain the world we live in today without including god in the equation
there was simply a small point of matter that then exploded the bible however
tells us that this is impossible hebrews 11 verse 3 says through faith we understand that
the worlds were framed by the word of god so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear
if the world is incorrect on how the earth was created perhaps it is also wrong on what
the earth is as well let’s continue to investigate the creation account to get
a better idea of what god actually created
we are told by the world today that the earth is a sphere this sphere is commonly referred to as
the globe this lesson is taught in nearly every classroom all across the world
but let’s take a closer look at the creation story to see if this truly is what god created
genesis 1 verses 1 and 2 say in the beginning god created the heaven
and the earth and the earth was without form and void in darkness was upon the face of the
deep and the spirit of god moved upon the face of the waters
so in the beginning the earth was purely water now the question we need to ask ourselves is this
is this body of water in the shape of a sphere or is it resting flat think back to any
time you’ve seen a body of water in your life it could have been a small body of water
such as a glass or a puddle or it could have been a larger body of
water such as a lake or an ocean whenever you witness these bodies of
water did you ever notice the surface of the water curve of course not the surface of the water
no matter how large or small always rested flat
this is because bodies of water always seek to reach and maintain their level
this is important to understand because the earth was originally completely water with the understanding
that bodies of water do not curve this rules out the possibility of this being
a spherical body of water it is safe to assume that this is a flat resting body of
water just like every other body of water that has ever existed
in order to create a place within this water for mankind to live god had to create a space for open air
genesis 1 verses 6 and 7 say and god said let there be a firmament in
the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters and god made the firmament
and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament
and it was so so what god did was god created the firmament a large
solid structure similar to a dome that separated the water that was above it
from the water that was below it we can tell that the firmament is a solid structure
because it is supporting the waters which are above it neither a gas nor a liquid could do that
only a solid genesis 1 verses 9 and 10 say and god said
let the waters under the heaven be gathered together unto one place and let the dry land appear and it was
so and god called the dry land earth and the gathering together of the waters
called he sees and god saw that it was good here we see the body of water underneath
the firmament being gathered together into seas giving space for the dry land to appear on which man
and animals could live genesis 1 verse 8 says and god called the
firmament heaven and the evening in the morning were the second day here we learned that another name for
the firmament is heaven this is because the bible uses the word heaven to describe three
separate things the bible says in second corinthians 12 verse 2
i knew a man in christ above 14 years ago whether in the body i cannot tell or
whether out of the body i cannot tell god knoweth such in one caught up to the third
heaven this verse tells us that there are three separate heavens in the bible the first
heaven is the sky the place in which birds fly an example
of the bible using the word heaven to refer to the sky is revelation 19 verse 17
and i saw an angel standing in the sun and he cried with a loud voice saying to all the fowls that fly in the
midst of heaven come and gather yourselves together unto the supper of the great god
we know that this verse is referring to the sky because that’s the only height birds can
reach in addition the word heaven in the bible can refer to the place where god
currently resides above the firmament this is what the bible calls the third heaven an example of the bible
using the word heaven in this way is matthew 5 verse 16.
the bible says let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and
glorify your father which is in heaven and lastly the word heaven can refer to
the firmament itself the solid dome which encapsulates the world we live in today
this is what the bible calls the second heaven the reader has to be able to distinguish from the
context which heaven the bible is referring to let’s look at an example
of when the bible uses the word heaven to refer to the firmament approximately
sixteen hundred years after god created the earth the number of men and women had multiplied greatly
unfortunately however mankind had become exceedingly wicked
genesis 6 verse 5 says and god saw that the wickedness of man was great
in the earth in that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually
consequently god decided to destroy the vast majority of mankind saving
just a handful of people and the lord said i will destroy man whom i have
created from the face of the earth both man and beast in the creeping thing
in the fowls of the air for it repenteth me that i have made them in order to
destroy mankind god decided to use the means of a worldwide flood
genesis 6 17 says and behold i even i
do bring a flood of waters upon the earth to destroy all flesh wherein is the breath of life
from under heaven and everything that is in the earth shall die
if you remember from genesis chapter 1 the purpose of the firmament was to divide the waters above it from
the waters that were below it so what god did was god opened windows
in the firmament allowing the water which was above it to flow down into the earth
genesis 7 verse 11 says in the 600th year of noah’s life in the
second month the 17th day of the month the same day were all the fountains of the great deep
broken up and the windows of heaven were opened
we know that this heaven is referring to the firmament because you can’t make windows in an
open space you can only make windows in something solid such as a wall eventually
so much of this water poured down through the firmament that even the mountains were submerged
genesis 7 verse 19 and 20 say in the waters prevailed exceedingly upon
the earth and all the high hills that were under the whole heaven were covered fifteen cubits upward did
the waters prevail and the mountains were covered a good way to picture it is this
imagine drilling holes in the top of a snow globe and filling it with water that is what
god did to the earth the flood would have been impossible on
a spherical earth because you cannot flood a ball much less a ball spinning at 66 000
miles per hour centripetal force would have flung the waters into every direction after god had
successfully wiped out the majority of mankind god closed the windows in the firmament
causing the water flow to cease genesis 8 verse 2 says the fountains
also of the deep in the windows of heaven were stopped and the rain from heaven was restrained
notice that in this verse the windows of heaven and the rain are identified as two
separate things this is because the windows of heaven are not a poetic way of describing
rainfall they are literally windows in the firmament which is above us
this is not the only time that the firmament is mentioned being opened in the bible
first the firmament was opened at jesus’s baptism
luke 3 verses 21 and 22 say now when all the people were baptized it
came to pass that jesus also being baptized and praying the heaven was opened and the holy ghost
descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him and a voice came from heaven
which said thou art my beloved son in thee i am well pleased in this verse
the firmament is being opened and the holy ghost descends through that opening
second the firmament was opened at the stoning of stephen
acts 7 verses 55 and 56 say but he being full of the holy ghost
looked up steadfastly into heaven and saw the glory of god in jesus standing on the right hand of
god and said behold i see the heavens opened in the son of man standing on the right
hand of god in this verse right before stephen dies
he looks up through the firmament into heaven and seized jesus standing on the right
hand of god third the firmament was opened in the
apostle john’s vision while on the island of patmos
revelation 4 verse 1 says after this i looked and behold a door was opened in heaven
and the first voice which i heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me which said
come up hither and i will show thee things which must be hereafter we know that this heaven is
referring to the firmament because you cannot make a door in open air you can only make a door in
something solid such as the firmament and fourth the firmament opens right before the
battle of armageddon and i saw heaven opened and behold a
white horse and he that sat upon him was called faithful and true and in righteousness he doth judge and
make war notice that in this verse after the firmament opens
jesus comes down through it on a white horse this is because on the opposite side of
the firmament is god’s throne ezekiel 1 verse 26 says and above the
firmament that was over their heads was the likeness of a throne as the appearance of a sapphire stone
and upon the likeness of the throne was the likeness as the appearance of a man above upon it
so here we learn that above the firmament is god’s throne this is why the bible says in isaiah 40
22 it is he that sitteth upon the circle of the earth and the inhabitants thereof are as
grasshoppers that stretcheth out the heavens as a curtain and spreadeth them out as a tent
to dwell in according to this verse god has stretched out the firmament
as a tent for the world to dwell in and he is sitting on top of that tent
and when he looks down from that vantage point we all look like grasshoppers in addition
notice that the bible says that god is sitting upon the circle of the earth and not the
sphere this is because the earth is shaped as a circle a circle is a two-dimensional object and
a sphere is a three-dimensional object if god meant to say
that he sat upon the sphere of the earth he could have used the word sphere or he could have used the word ball
which he used a few chapters earlier instead god purposely used the word circle
because that’s what the earth is a circle this relationship between the
earth the firmament in god’s throne can be most clearly seen in revelation chapter 6. in this chapter
the bible describes the second coming of christ revelation 6 verses 14 through 16
say in the heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together and every mountain and island were moved
out of their places in the kings of the earth in the great men and the rich men
in the chief captains in the mighty men in every bond man and every free man hid
themselves in the dens and in the rocks of the mountains and said to the mountains and rocks fall
on us and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne and from the wrath of the lamb in these
verses the firmament is being rolled together similar to how a scroll would be rolled together
allowing the inhabitants of the earth to see god sitting above them on his throne in the old testament
one of israel’s prophets named elijah is taken by god into heaven by a chariot
of fire the bible says in second kings 2 verse 11
and it came to pass as they went on and talked that behold there appeared a chariot of
fire and horses of fire and parted them both asunder and elijah went up by a whirlwind into
heaven if there was an infinite amount of space all around us this verse wouldn’t make sense elijah
would quickly die due to lack of oxygen this verse only makes sense if heaven is located
directly above us the same is true of when jesus ascended into heaven
acts 1 verse 9 says and when he had spoken these things while they beheld he was taken up and a
cloud received him out of their sight the reason jesus ascended up is because
that’s where heaven is up one group of people in the bible
actually tried to build a tower that reached all the way to heaven this attempt is known as the tower of
babel and they said go to let us build us a city in a tower whose top may reach unto
heaven and let us make us a name lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth while
their efforts may have been futile it nevertheless shows that they understood
that heaven was directly above them and they even thought that they could
potentially reach it you may be wondering if the firmament really is above
us then what about rockets that i’ve seen being launched into space
have you ever noticed that after rockets launch they don’t go straight up
they fly horizontal to the ground why would they do that if they really were trying to reach
something such as space they would fly straight up the reason they fly horizontal to the ground
is because if they flew straight up they would crash into an enormous ceiling and what about
satellites are those real have you ever noticed that satellite dishes don’t span across
the sky throughout the day they point a single fixed direction
this is because satellites are not receiving signals from an object orbiting around our earth they
are receiving signals from a radio tower several miles away if heaven is on the
other side of the firmament then that means there is no such thing as space
there is just the sky the firmament and then god’s throne
this is important to understand because many people struggle with the idea of a flat earth because
they picture a giant disc soaring through the universe similar to a frisbee
flying through the air this perception is flawed due to an underlying faulty assumption
and that assumption is this that space actually exists
unfortunately it does not and if space does not exist the question must be asked where exactly
are the sun moon and stars
we are told by the world today that the nearest star outside of our solar system is 4.4
light years away this means that the near star is 24.94
trillion miles away one of the fastest jets in the world is
the lockheed sr-71 blackbird with a top recorded speed of 2000 2071 miles per
hour if stars truly are that far away it would take the blackbird 1.4
billion years to reach the nearest star according to the bible however stars are
much much closer genesis 1 verses 14 and 15 say and god said
let there be lights in the firmament of the heaven to divide the day from the night
and let them be for signs and for seasons and for days and years and let them be for lights in the
firmament of the heaven to give light upon the earth and it was so
notice that god placed the lights within the firmament and not outside of it this
tells us that the stars are located in the sky directly above us have you ever noticed
that we see the same stars such as the north star in the same constellations
such as the little dipper every night this is because we are not traveling through a chaotic
ever expanding universe if we were we would see different stars every night
instead we are on a stationary ground and god has placed a set number of stars
directly above us their distance away can be measured in miles
and not in light years the world also says that stars are enormous balls of
gas millions and millions of times larger than our earth
according to the bible however stars are much much smaller one way to prove this
is because sometimes in the bible stars actually fall from heaven onto the earth
one example is matthew 24 29 immediately after the tribulation of
those days shall the sun be darkened and the moon shall not give her light
and the stars shall fall from heaven and the powers of the heaven shall be
shaken another example is revelation 6 13
and the stars of heaven fell onto the earth even as a fig tree casteth her untimely figs when she is
shaken of a mighty wind this is possible because stars are not
enormous balls of gas ready to implode rather they are small lights which
god has placed within the firmament this is why a star was able to guide the
wise men to the location of jesus matthew 2 verse 9 says
when they had heard the king they departed and lo the star which they saw in the east went
before them till it came and stood over where the young child was
the reason the star was able to move over the town of bethlehem is because the star is a small body of
light which god has placed within the firmament if stars were trillions and trillions of
light years away they would not be able to rest over a single town
when it comes to the moon we are told that it is a solid object something we can land on the bible
however says that the moon is something totally different genesis 1 verse 16 says and god made two
great lights the greater light to rule the day and the lesser light to rule the night
he made the stars also according to this verse the moon is a light of its own
have you ever noticed that sometimes you can see the blue sky behind the moon this is because the moon
is not a solid object it is a light that shines fully at times and partially
at other times this is why the bible says in mark 13 24 but in those days
after that tribulation the sun shall be darkened and the moon shall not give her light
notice the bible does not say that the moon will not reflect the sun’s light
it says that it won’t give her light this is because the moon emits its own light first corinthians 15 verse
41 says there is one glory of the sun and another glory of the moon
notice that the sun and moon have different glories if the moon was a reflector of the sun
the sun and moon would have the same glories this may be confusing because the world
teaches us that the gravity of the moon is what causes the tides the truth is however that gravity does
not exist we are told that gravity is the reason the oceans stay to the ground
if this were true we would all be cemented to the surface of the earth birds would
not be able to fly balloons would not be able to float we
would not even be able to lift a finger the reason things drop to the
ground is due to density not gravity objects continue to fall
until they come in contact with something denser than itself you may be wondering then what does
cause the tides the answer is magnetism one of the characteristics of water is
that it is diamagnetic you may be wondering what does diamagnetic mean
the word diamagnetic means that it is something that repels a magnetic field
here’s a brief video showing water being repelled by a magnet is water
a attracted by magnet b repelled by a magnet or c completely non-magnetic
most of you will answer c and you wouldn’t be wrong after all in everyday life you’d notice
nothing unusual about water and magnetism but interestingly enough the correct answer is b
water is actually slightly repelled by a magnet this antimagnetic property is called
diamagnetism however the effect is extremely weak
that’s why most people don’t know it’s there to see it we need to build an extremely sensitive detector
luckily this is brutally simple just get a basin of water and put into it a styrofoam block
it’s going to move around a lot but this is actually a good thing the styrofoam floats and because it’s so
light even the smallest force will push it around so try and build this away from drafts in moving air and be careful that your
own breathing doesn’t disrupt it the water helps to dampen any stray motion
now get a test tube and fill it with water and push it into the center of the styrofoam this is the water we’re actually going
to measure not the water in the basin now steady it and when it’s still get a
strong neodymium magnet and hold it as close as possible to the tube without touching it
oops i hit it there let me uh steady it okay let me try again slowly but surely
it’s moving away from the magnet it’s an extremely weak effect but it’s happening
so how does the diamagnetic property of water come into play with the tides
the sun and moon act as a battery in the sky the sun having a positive charge in the
moon having a negative charge the sun’s positive charge repels the water at low tide in the
moon’s negative charge attracts the water at high tide this is why there is a constant rate of
waves being thrown up on the seashore the opposing forces of the sun and moon
cause the ocean to be in a constant state of tumult and as for the images which nasa has
produced they have all been created through photoshop here is a testimony from
robert simmon a nasa cgi and photoshop designer admitting that the images of the globe
are artificially created
then in 2002 blue marble 2.0 nasa’s rob simmon made this and it had
wide appeal too for example it ended up as the default background on the iphone i didn’t even know until i bought an
iphone um and turned it on and kind of did a little happy dance simmons job is it’s primarily taking
data and making pictures out of it that’s what this is a composite of data sets from several different instruments
translated into a picture the to us the really cool thing was the data set up until that point there was no
realistic color map of the globe anywhere so the land layer here comes from the
moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer aboard terra and the tricky part here was the weather
so we actually had to take clouds out they stashed the clouds for later went on to the ocean that came from an
instrument that measures phytoplankton in the sea where it was low i colored it dark blue because they’re
low mostly in mid oceans and then where it’s a little bit higher it was like a little bit brighter green then add the clouds back in there’s a
small problem with it because there’s a very slight gap in between each orbit
so some of those are painted on it is photoshopped but it’s it’s has to be then there was another
layer to sort of simulate the atmosphere and then there’s this little bright spot it’s called the specular highlight so
it’s the reflection of sunlight off of water those are the pieces but you can’t just slap them all together just didn’t
look realistic it looks kind of flat or the clouds are sort of too see-through so i just hit command-z a lot there’s
artistry to creating the world what i imagine it to be um unfortunately
i’m not an astronaut i’ve never been to space but i’ve looked at these images over and over again
trying to sort of get the essence of it
have you ever noticed that when you look out of an airplane window you seem to be on the same field as the
sun have you ever noticed that sometimes you can see clouds
behind the sun have you ever noticed that the sun’s rays disperse from a
single point in the sky this is because the sun is not located 92 million miles
away it’s actually much much closer
the bible says in psalm 19 verses 1 through 4 the heavens declare the glory of god and
the firmament showeth his handiwork day and today uttereth speech in night
unto night showeth knowledge there is no speech nor language where their voice is not heard
their line has gone out throughout all the earth in their words to the end of the world
in them hath he set a tabernacle for the son according to these verses the firmament
is a tabernacle for the sun a tabernacle is a tent-like structure
and god has placed the sun within that tent revelation 16 verses 7 and 8 say
and i heard another out of the altar say even so lord god almighty true and
righteous are thy judgments and the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun
and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire notice that this angel which is located
in heaven is pouring his vile upon the sun this is because the sun is located below
heaven beneath the firmament the world also tells us
that the earth orbits the sun this is impossible because the sun was created three days
after the earth there was an earth before there was ever a sun to orbit psalm 19
verses 4 through 6 say their line has gone out through all the earth in their words to the end of the world
in them hath he set a tabernacle for the sun which is as a bridegroom coming out of
his chamber and rejoiceth as a strong man to run a race his going forth is from the end of
heaven and his circuit unto the ends of it and there is nothing hid from the heat thereof according to this
verse the sun has a circuit or circular route within the firmament a good way to
picture it is this imagine hanging a light bulb in the middle of a room
then imagine swinging that light bulb so that it goes in circles
that’s what the sun is doing above the earth it takes approximately 24 hours
for the sun to make a full circuit over the earth thus making a full day the light from
the sun covers approximately one half of the earth while the light from the moon covers the other half when the sun rises
in the morning that means that the sun is traveling towards us at noon the sun is directly above us
and in the evening the sun is traveling away from us this is why we feel no movement when we
go outside it is because the earth is not moving it’s the lights above us that move
this circular pattern can be most clearly seen by taking a time lapse of the night sky
you can see the star’s circular pattern over the course of time the circuit of the sun also has a large
impact on the weather here is a recording of the weather on a flat earth
you can see how the course of the sun directly impacts the weather in its wake
the fact that the sun and moon move and not the earth can be most clearly seen in the book of
joshua in this book the israelites have entered into the promised land
and are fighting against the inhabitants of the land with the help of the lord the battle is
going well for israel and victory seems sure their commander joshua desires more sunlight so that
israel can fully vanquish their foes consequently joshua prays for the sun
and moon to stop moving joshua 10 verses 12 and 13 say
then spake joshua to the lord in the day when the lord delivered up the amorites before the children of israel and he
said in the sight of israel son stand thou still upon gibeon and
thou moon in the valley of ashland and the sun stood still and the moon stayed until the people had
avenged themselves upon their enemies is not this written in the book of jasher so the sun
stood still in the midst of heaven and hastened not to go down about a whole day notice that joshua
told the sun and moon to stand still not the earth this is because the earth
does not move the sun and moon and stars do this is why the bible says in habakkuk 3
verse 11 the sun and moon stood still in their habitation at the light of thine arrows they went
and at the shining of thy glittering spear in order for the sun and moon to stand
still they must have been moving previously this is not the only time
god caused the sun to stray from its normal circular pattern in the book of isaiah the king of israel
named hezekiah is sick and on the verge of death hezekiah prays to god asking the lord to
heal him god agrees to heal hezekiah and gives him a sign to know that he will fulfill
his promise isaiah 38 verses 7 and 8 say
and this shall be a sign unto thee from the lord that the lord will do this thing that he hath spoken
behold i will bring again the shadow of the degrees which has gone down in the sundial of
ahaz 10 degrees backward so the sun returned 10 degrees by which degrees it was gone
down notice that it is the sun that returns 10 degrees
not the rotation of the earth this is because the earth does not rotate
it is the sun that travels in a circular pattern above the earth one of the most
beautiful verses that disproves the idea that the earth is rotating around the sun
is revelation 8 verse 12. this verse says and the fourth angel sounded and the
third part of the sun was smitten in the third part of the moon in the third part of the stars
so as the third part of them was darkened and the days show not for a third part of it
and the night likewise in this verse an angel darkens one third of the sun
moon and stars and the result is that one third of the day is darkened we are told that it takes
approximately 365 days for the earth to fully orbit the sun
if this were the case if god were to darken one-third of the sun the earth would be in complete darkness
for approximately 122 days out of the year and have daylight for
approximately 243 days of the year the effect would impact the earth on an
annual level not a daily level on a flat earth
however revelation 8 verse 12 fits perfectly the sun does a full circuit over the
surface of the earth every 24 hours if god darkened one third
of the sun in one third of the moon there would be eight hours of darkness every day and eight hours of darkness
every night just like the bible said
according to the world we live in today the earth is currently rotating at a speed of over 1 000 miles
per hour according to the bible however the earth
is not moving at all first chronicles 16 verse 30 says fear before him
all the earth the world also shall be stable that it be not moved psalm 93 verse 1
the lord reigneth he is clothed with majesty the lord is clothed with
strength wherewith he hath girded himself the world also established that it cannot be moved
psalm 96 verse 10 say among the heathen that the lord reigneth the world also
shall be established that it shall not be moved he shall judge the people righteously
this is why airplane pilots are able to land their plane without difficulty the runway is not
moving at 1 000 miles per hour beneath them the runway is standing still
the reason the earth does not move is because it is built upon a foundation job 38 verse 4
says where wast thou when i laid the foundations of the earth declare if thou has
understanding jeremiah 31 37.
thus saith the lord if heaven above can be measured in the foundations of the earth searched
out beneath i will also cast off all the seed of israel for all that they have done saith the
lord psalm 104 verse 5 who laid the foundations of the
earth that it should not be removed forever this is why the bible says in job 26
verse 4 he stretcheth out the north over the empty place and hangeth the earth upon nothing
the reason the earth is hanging upon nothing is because it is resting upon a foundation
in what lies within that foundation the answer is hell
amos 9 verse 2 says though they dig into hell then shall my hand take them though they
climb up to heaven fence will i bring them down job 11
verse 8 it is as high as heaven what can’t thou do deeper than hell what can’t thou know
proverbs 15 24 the way of life is above to the wise
that he may depart from hell beneath in fact in the bible a group of rebels
against god were actually swallowed up by the earth and fell into hell
alive and the earth opened her mouth and swallowed them up and their houses
and all the men that appertained undecorah and all their goods they and all that
appertained to them went down alive into the pit in the earth closed upon them
and they perished from among the congregation the bible tells us that jesus after
dying on the cross for our sins spent three days and three nights in hell
acts 2 31 says he seeing this before spake of the resurrection of christ that
his soul was not left in hell neither his flesh did see corruption
when speaking about jesus descent into hell the bible says now that he ascended what is it but that
he also descended first into the lower parts of the earth
according to this verse hell is in the lower parts of the earth you may be wondering how does the fact
that hell is below the ground prove that the earth is flat the answer is because one of the names
for hell in the bible is the bottomless pit an example of such a verse is revelation
20 verse 1 and i saw an angel come down from heaven having the key of the bottomless pit in
a great chain in his hand if hell were in the center of a spherical earth
hell could not be a bottomless pit if you went far enough down you would eventually reach the
other side of the earth but on a flat earth a bottomless pit would make perfect sense
the world tells us that the earth is a sphere with a diameter of nearly 8 000
miles if the earth truly is a sphere this size then that means that objects
should drop lower and lower in our vision the farther they travel away from us
due to the curvature of the earth the formula to calculate the drop in height
is eight inches multiplied by the number of miles away the object is
squared this formula tells you how far distant objects should have dropped
on a spherical earth for example if something were 10 miles away that
means it should have dropped 800 inches or approximately 67 feet
the only problem with this formula is that things don’t drop the farther and farther they
go they remain at the same height for example this is a picture of the
chicago skyline this picture was taken from 52 miles
away according to the formula the chicago skyline should
have dropped over 1 800 feet the tallest tower in chicago is the
willis tower rising over 1 451
feet therefore even the tallest tower in chicago should be completely
out of view from where this photo was taken proofs that the earth is flat exist all
around us sailors who can see lighthouses from miles out at sea
airplane pilots who can see mountain ranges from several states away
beachgoers who can see distant ships approaching this same concept the ability to see
distant objects even exists within the bible in the book of daniel we are told about
a tree in king nebuchadnezzar’s dream a tree so tall you can see the ends of the earth from
the top of it daniel 4 verse 11 says the tree grew
and was strong in the height thereof reached unto heaven in the sight thereof to the end of all
the earth on a globe this would be impossible because the curvature of the earth would
hide the ends of the earth but on a flat earth such a view would be
possible a similar instance is when satan tempts jesus in the wilderness
matthew 4 verse 8 says again the devil taketh them up into an
exceeding high mountain and show them all the kingdoms of the world and the glory of them
on a globe no matter how high the mountain was it would be impossible to see all the
kingdoms but on a flat earth it would be possible
and there are other verses that only make sense on a flat earth for example in revelation 1 verse 7
when speaking about the second coming of christ the bible says behold he cometh with clouds and every
eye shall see him and they also which pierced him and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because
of him even so amen according to this verse
when jesus returns every single person on earth will see him coming in the clouds this
would be impossible on a globe because the curvature of the earth would hide christ’s coming from more
than half the world a certain hemisphere would be facing the wrong direction
and while many would argue that they will see jesus coming on a television set the fact remains that a significant
portion of the world does not have access to television the only way that every eye would be
able to see jesus is if the surface of the earth is flat
this is why airplane pilots when traveling long distances do not need to dip their nose except
when landing they simply need to ensure that the plane is traveling straight
this is because they are traveling over a flat surface this is why surveyors when designing
large architectural blueprints for things such as bridges railroad tracks and highways do not
include any allowance for the curvature of the earth in their calculations they operate under the assumption that
they are going to build their structure on a flat surface in addition the bible
often uses terms to describe the earth that can only apply to a flat surface
for example genesis 1 verse 29 says and god said behold i have given you
every herb bearing seed which is upon the face of all the earth
notice the bible says the face of all the earth face being singular a flat surface
has one face otherwise known as a side a sphere however has four faces
each facing a different direction in addition the bible often says that the earth has
ends for example in job 28 24 the bible says for he looketh to the
ends of the earth and seeth under the whole heaven psalm 67
verse 7 god shall bless us and all the ends of the earth shall fear him
spheres do not have ends if you were to try and find one you would go around and around forever a
flat earth however does have ends you may be wondering
if the earth does have ends then what are they and that brings us to the final
component of our flat earth model and that is the ice wall
if you’ve ever heard of flat earth before you’ve probably wondered what’s at the end the answer is a giant
shelf of ice you may know this shelf of ice by a different name and that is antarctica
the world tells us that antarctica is a continent the only continent that has never been
inhabited by mankind this idea however contradicts with the
bible genesis 11 verse 8 says so the lord
scattered them abroad from fence upon the face of all the earth and they left off to build the city according to this
verse after the progress of the tower of babel was stopped god caused mankind to be scattered
throughout the whole earth this means that every single continent has been inhabited
antarctica however has never been inhabited the reason antarctica has never been
inhabited is because antarctica is not a continent it is a giant shelf
of ice that compasses the face of the whole earth proverbs 8 verse 27 says when he
prepared the heavens i was there when he set a compass upon the face of the depth
job 26 verse 10 says he hath compassed the waters with bounds
until the day and night come to an end notice the bible uses the word compassed
to compass something means to circle it this is because the earth is a circle
the majority of that circle is water and what is keeping that water in
the answer is a giant shelf of ice one of the most creative descriptions of
this ice wall can be found in job 38 verse 14. the bible says that it may take hold of
the ends of the earth that the wicked might be shaken out of it it is turned as clay to the seal
and they stand as a garment when a seal is used to press down a stamp it leaves a raised circle around
the edges this is similar to how the ice wall looks in relation to the earth
it compasses the whole face of the earth as a raised edge
so we have completed our model of the earth we have the firmament a glass-like dome
overarching the face of the earth above the firmament we have heaven where god’s throne is
below the firmament we have a circle covered by land and sea
within the firmament we have sun moon and stars traveling in a circular pattern below
the ground we have the foundations of the earth and within that foundation is hell and around the perimeter we have
a giant ice wall holding in the oceans this matches both with what we can gather with our
senses and with what we read in the bible and now
after having gone through all this the question must be asked
where in the bible does it say that the earth is a globe
where in the bible does it say the earth is rotating on an
axis [Music] where in the bible does it say the earth
is orbiting the sun where in the bible does it say that we
are traveling through a galaxy [Music] where in the bible does it say that
space even exists the fact is that it doesn’t there isn’t a single
verse in the entire bible that even hints that the earth is a sphere
it is simply an illusion perpetuated by the media
and now the last question of all and that is why
why does the shape of the earth matter why does it matter if the earth is flat
or sphere why not just leave the whole issue alone
the answer is because many people do not believe in god because of a lie that science has told
them [Music] satan is cunning and no lie that he
devises is without purpose or harm
and the globe is no exception the last thing satan wants mankind to think about
is god he wants them to get lost in the chaos and confusion
of this life and not give a single thought to their creator
the idea of an infinite universe fits perfectly with this plan [Music]
in the heliocentric model earth is nothing one of many planets in one of a million
solar systems in one of a million galaxies in an innumerable number of universes we’re
just a dot in an infinite sea of darkness
but in the biblical model the earth and more specifically mankind is god’s greatest work of art
something he took time and pleasure in creating and he sits immediately above it looking
down on everything that takes place within his creation [Music]
isaiah 45 verse 18 says for thus saith the lord that created the
heavens god himself that formed the earth and made it he hath established it he created it not
in vain he formed it to be inhabited i am the lord and there is none else satan does not
want man to know that his creator is above them satan wants us to think that god does
not exist and if satan can’t convince us of that he wants us to think
that god is millions of light years away in a distant universe that we will never
reach in the farther away he is physically the farther he will become mentally
how many christians would feel a greater sense of comfort if they knew that their god was right
above them [Music] how many atheists would reconsider if
they knew that science had told them a lie how many people would get saved if they
realized that hell was waiting right underneath their feet [Music]
the majority of people christians and non-christians alike will continue to mock the idea of a flat
earth esteeming it nothing more than a caveman’s theory
but the truth is that god created the flat earth and not man and those that mock the flat
earth do not mock man but their creator
but those who understand the truth and cherish it will reap the benefits of a deepened
relationship with their savior and creator [Music]
so our message to every christian who has been disheartened by the shame laughter and ridicule
associated with the flat earth is this [Music] do not be discouraged the earth is
undoubtedly flat [Music] be thankful that god has allowed you to
see the truth [Music] and remember that god is sitting above
us and he knows who stands for the truth and who opposes it
thank you for watching we pray this documentary has been a blessing to you
if we don’t see you on this side of the firmament we’ll see you on the other god bless

They Live Was A Documentary According To Roddie Piper

These days ‘They Live’ is looking more like Science than it is Fiction. When compared to the world elite or the Illuminati and their obsession with controlling the world and everybody in it, this movie seems like it’s based on a true story.

Remember the movie They Live? It’s the 1988 John Carpenter film about a group of elite aliens that control human beings on Earth through a TV signal that keeps people subdued with messages to obey government, consume and stay asleep like good little sheeple.

A drifter realizes what’s up by looking through the Hoffman sunglasses and seeing the true from of these alien controllers and their brainwashing campaign for what it really is. Tagline: “They live, we sleep.”

For 1988, the movie even had flying taser drones. So basically it’s a lot like America today (except the lizard alien part, which is debatable depending on who you ask).

Wrestler Rowdy Roddy Piper played the drifter in that film, and recently he announced on his Twitter account that They Live actually wasn’t a work of fiction, but a documentary.

ImpossiBall – 2017 Best Flat Earth Documentary

I believe the bible is the inspired word of God and nothing should be added or taken away from it. Man should never twist God’s word to fit his own world view because the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="autoplay; encrypted-media" allowfullscreen></iframe>

I believe the bible is the inspired word of God and nothing should be added or taken away from it. Man should never twist God’s word to fit his own world view because the wisdom of this world is foolishness to God. God created the Sun, Moon, and stars on the fourth day, however grass, fruit, trees, and all other vegetation were created on day three…

The bible mentions God created two great lights, the greater to rule the day and the lesser to rule the night, which I believe means exactly what it says “Two” great lights, meaning the moon is giving it’s own light. Man tells us the moon is a giant rock reflecting the first “great light”.

We are told the sun, moon, and stars are for signs and seasons and to “give light on the earth”. That means the stars were created to light the earth like it says, it also means they are considered “lesser lights” seeing as how there were only two “great lights”. Man tells us stars are enormous, a lot of which are much larger than our own sun and millions of times larger than the earth light years away all with solar systems of their own. Does it make sense that God created a vast infinite universe including all stars, planets, and galaxies on day four but spent the rest of creation week focusing on the earth making plants, animals, and people? 🙂 The stars are much smaller and much closer than modern day monkey man science would have us believe, and they’ve been placed above our head as God’s giant celestial clock so when we “look up” we know what time it is.

There are several places in the bible that tell us one day the stars will fall to the earth, in fact Jesus himself tells us this. This is a problem for me, because it really paints us into a corner and we only have so many options to believe. Either A: Jesus did not know what stars were, which I don’t believe because he is God and most definitely knows what stars are. Or B: Jesus knew what stars were, he even said the word that meant stars, but really he meant asteroids/comets/and meteors. I don’t believe this either, because Jesus himself is the truth and would not lie to his disciples or deceive them in any way saying one thing but meaning something else. Or C: Jesus knew exactly what the stars were and meant that near the end of days stars would literally begin to fall out of their place in the firmament above to the earth below. Here again if we listen to man, it would be like a trillions of flaming beach balls hitting a single grain of sand. The wisdom of this world is foolishness to God.

In Joshua 10 12-14 and Isaiah 38 7-8 we see something. The Lord stops the sun from going down a full day in Joshua, and makes the sundial go backwards 10 degrees in Isaiah. Both of these instances would mean the globe earth stopped it’s rotation completely and in Isaiah’s case rotated backwards in order for the sun to do this in the sky. The truth is the earth is flat and stationary and the much smaller and closer sun circling over head stopped, and in Isaiah’s case went backwards.

How bout the tower of Babel? If the world was a spinning globe why didn’t God just let them build it? They couldn’t have survived outer-space. Why was Nimrod trying to build it for that matter, wouldn’t the enemy at least know it was a globe? Wouldn’t the tower eventually have been destroyed when reaching the point where the 1038 mph atmosphere that’s spinning with the earth meets the non rotating vacuum of space? Aren’t the temperatures up there pretty inhospitable as well? Seems to me if things are like we are told in science the problem would have solved itself but instead God had to intervene. The truth is they were trying reach the firmament, and God knew what they were trying to do and he stopped them.

Once you realize the truth you’ll read the entire bible with new eyes. Many atheist have been saved do to finding out the truth that we are in-deed created, praise God! Even though the flat earth is unconventional, God can use anything to bring lost sheep into the fold and will. If you really look into it, you will see what Satan has done, and what our father is doing 🙂

Robbie Davidson