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Youtube Sensors Flat Earth Videos Eric Dubay

Youtube Sensors Flat Earth Videos

Eric Dubay

Published on Oct 19, 2018

Having been the target of constant overt and covert censorship by YouTube for years, the following is my experience and analysis of how YouTube is actively suppressing and banning legitimate flat Earth content, while allowing and promoting illegitimate disinformation and controlled opposition agents.

The Best Flat Earth Documentary Eric Dubay

The following 6-hour documentary is currently the most complete and comprehensive presentation of the Flat Earth truth available to date. Narrated by Eric Dubay, this videobook covers the majority of his best-selling “The Flat Earth Conspiracy,” book and is guaranteed to awaken even the sleepiest sheeple to the global deception. Please like, subscribe, comment and share to help get this most important documentary out to the masses!

Flat Earth Fact vs Theory Video Featuring Eric Dubay

Flat Earth has long been touted as the “mother of all conspiracy theories”. Suppressed and ridiculed for centuries as being an ignorant, unscientific, world view. But the facts of the matter are far from what you’ve been told.

It is a fact, not a theory, that bodies of water always seek and find their own level. From a pond, lake, or an ocean, the natural physics of water, is to find and remain level.

It is a fact that the majority of Earth is covered in such level water, thus making it an unscientific theory to postulate that earth is actually a gigantic sphere, with bendy oceans, curving all the way around it.

It is an unproven, un-scientific theory with no observable, measurable, or repeatable evidence, to claim that bodies of water
can somehow bend, cling, to the exterior of shapes, and show convexity upon their surface.

It is a fact, not a theory, that we’re able to observe objects at incredibly long distances, far beyond what would be possible if Earth were a globe 25K miles in circumference as we’re told. For example, it is a fact that in Genoa Italy, from just above sea level, it is possible to see the distant islands of Elba, Capraia, and Corsica, 80 to a 125 miles away. It is a necessary theory that the globe Earth must curve, 8 inches per mile squared if it really be a ball, 25K miles in circumference as we’re told. But based on such a theory these islands would all be completely hidden behind thousands of feet of curved earth.

It is a fact, not a theory, that the horizon always appears perfectly flat, 360 degrees around the observer, regardless of altitude. All amateur balloon, rocket, plane, and drone footage, show a completely flat horizon, as high as we can reach, over 20 miles or 120K feet up.

It is an observable, testable, repeatable, scientific fact of reality that Polaris, the North Pole star, situated perfectly over the north pole centre of Earth, never moves a single inch, night after night, year after year, century after century, with all the other fixed stars remaining fixed in their relative constellations, revolving perfect circles around Polaris.

It is also an unobservable unscientific theory, to claim that the Earth is spinning, a thousand miles per hour, and the Milky Way shoots millions of miles per hour more, off through infinite space, when we cannot see, hear, or feel or otherwise observe, or prove any such motion. And we can see clearly for ourselves Polaris never moving, and all the other stars revolving around it.

This is just a brief introduction to the many observable, testable, repeatable scientific facts of our level motionless Plane Earth, that have been suppressed and ridiculed for centuries, in favour of various unobservable, untestable, unscientific theories, purporting that we live on a tilting, wobbling, spinning, ball shaped Earth.

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The Lie We Live Best Flat Earth Interview Ever Eric Dubay

This is an interview that woke me up to the reality of flat earth. In early 2015, The Higherside Chats interviewed Eric Dubay about flat earth. Eric reuploaded it on his channel under the title ‘Masonic Matrix Manipulators’ and that’s where I listened to it. To this day it is my favorite interview on the topic of flat earth, so I decided to remix and re-edit it ODD TV style.

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