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Coriolis Effect Debunks Does NOT Flat Earth

named gusbard gustav coriolis performed
several experiments showing the effect
of kinetic energy on rotating systems
which have ever since become
mythologized as proof of the
heliocentric theory of the cosmos
the coriolis effect is often said to
cause sinks and toilet bowls in the
northern hemisphere to drain spinning in
one direction while in the southern
hemisphere causing them to spin the
opposite way
thus providing proof of the spinning
ball earth
once again however just like foucault
pendulums spinning either which way
sinks and toilets in the northern and
southern hemispheres do not consistently
spin in any one direction
sinks and toilets in the very same
household are often found to spin
opposite directions depending entirely
upon the shape of the basin and the
angle of the water’s entry not the
supposed rotation of the earth
quote while the premise makes sense that
the earth’s eastward spin would cause
the water in a toilet bowl to spin as
well in reality the force and speed at
which the water enters and leaves the
receptacle is much too great to be
influenced by something as minuscule as
a single 360 degree turn over the span
of a day
when all is said and done the coriolis
effect plays no larger role in toilet
flushes than it does in the revolution
of cds in your stereo
the things that really determine the
direction in which water leaves your
toilet or sink are the shape of the bowl
and the angle at which the liquid
initially enters that bowl
so even mainstream science publications
admit the so-called coriolis effect has
absolutely no effect on the behavior of
water in sinks and toilet bowls but this
fact doesn’t deter scammer opportunists
in ecuador and other tourist traps along
the equator where a popular parlor trick
is performed using a portable sink to
purportedly prove this coriolis effect
first the showman sets their sink
already filled with water perfectly
along the equator line
then pulls the drainage plug showing
their audience how the water drains
straight down the hole
next they pick up their portable sink
and walk their gullible audience several
meters to the south into the southern
hemisphere explaining how the coriolis
effect will now cause the water to spin
clockwise down the drain
this time they purposely pour water into
the sink from the left hand side and
quickly pull the drain plug while the
water is still spinning clockwise from
the angle it was poured
next they pick the sink up again and
move the magic show a few meters into
the northern hemisphere explaining how
the water will now spin counterclockwise
to conclude the show they then pour
water into the sink from the right hand
side making sure to quickly pull the
plug while the water is still spinning
the coriolis effect is also said to
affect bullet trajectories and weather
patterns as well
supposedly causing most storms in the
northern hemisphere to rotate
counterclockwise and most storms in the
southern hemisphere to rotate clockwise
to cause bullets from long-range guns to
tend towards the right of the target in
the northern hemisphere and to the left
in the southern hemisphere again however
the same problems remain
not every bullet and not every storm
consistently displays this behavior and
therefore cannot reasonably be used as
proof of anything
many professional snipers have stated
unequivocally that they never have to
factor or compensate for this supposed
coriolis effect
sniper bullets are actually affected by
wind temperature humidity barometric
pressure site aperture and human error
not the alleged spin of the earth
from quote i’ve shot at 2 000
meters and whoever says coriolis effect
is a factor is full of it
wind wind and more cross winds will play
games with your bullet more than
anything else
and from sniper quote i shoot
at distances up to 3000 yards yet i have
never experienced a need to compute for
coriolis effect
i have killed deer out to a thousand
yards and never had something go awry
that could be attributed to coriolis
ironically the same people who claim
sniper bullets are affected by the
earth’s spin are the same people who
claim planes helicopters and hot-air
balloons are not affected by the earth’s
because the entire atmosphere is somehow
magically adhered to the earth and
dragged spinning perfectly along with it
these globe earth apologists cannot have
it both ways
either the atmosphere is independent of
the earth’s alleged rotation and can
affect bullet trajectories or the earth
and the atmosphere move perfectly
together and therefore can have no
effect on bullet trajectories whatsoever
if they claim the former and the
atmosphere is independent of earth’s
alleged rotation then helicopters should
be able to simply hover in place and in
12 hours be halfway around the world
or if they claim the latter that the
earth and atmosphere do move together
then they are admitting that the
so-called coriolis effect is
non-existent and could have no effect on
bullets or weather patterns
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