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The Final Nail In The Coffin of the Helio-nonsensical Model

The Final Nail In The Coffin of the Helio-nonsensical Model


in the coffin of the heliocentric model

I understand that you go through the

stages of grief when you realize that

you’ve been lied to

you’re gonna get you’re gonna feel angry

you’re gonna bargain you’re gonna do all

this stuff I understand this is the

absolute proof and you never have to say

another thing about it

and people get so mad I get it you’re

going through grief you’re mourning

grief ready when people forget is that

it’s not a circle around the Sun even if

it was a circle would still be

impossible but it’s an ellipse which

means that it changes speed it unlike

the evolution line where you can just

keep adding billions of years but the

billions and billions of years in the

but it’s one year that’s a fixed amount

of time and a fixed amount of speed the

earth their length of Earth’s

trajectories around the Sun is 940

million kilometers thus the earth

travels about a hundred and seven

thousand kilometers per hour this means

that our planet moves around the Sun at

an average speed of 30 km/s or Mach 8888

times the speed of sound just let that

sink in earth speed this is the this is

the kicker earth speed is not constant

as the Earth orbits elliptical orbit let

that sink in if you’re going 66,000

miles an hour and you change 1% of your

speed and in this model it’s

significantly more in the moment well

you ready to feel it no just listen it’s

a fixed amount of time it’s one year if

you’re uh if you change one percent

that’s 660 miles an hour that would that

would liquefy all flesh if you change

one mile an hour I I challenge you to

walk on a treadmill at one mile an hour

and tell a friend to randomly unplug it

you will trip and you will fall down I

challenge you to hold a coffee that’s

full to the brim as you drive down the

street at 60 miles an hour just tap on

the brake to go 59

the coffee will spill when you’re going

88 times the speed of sound and you have

to change speeds you would feel it now

even if the psychotic people going

through the stages and morning want to

sit there you go one now 2.97 you would

be able to measure it can’t have it both

ways guys not only would you you can do

the math on it because the ellipse is

fixed and the time is fixed one year and

you can check out the math of the

ellipse there’s a change of speed every

year at minimum went twice a year at

minimum the way that let’s work okay you

can break that down into any fraction

you want it’s still one fixed year not

only would you feel it it would kill you

but forget all that you could measure it

you can measure it and if you don’t

think you can measure a change in speed

you’re lying

look at a swimming pool look at any

water if you just go like this ripple

ripple ripple my labels open for ya it’s


guys this heliocentric model is over the

Earth changes speed going around the Sun

at Mach 88 and that’s why they sent in

Einstein and said it’s all relative no

it isn’t if you’re going 66,000 miles

per hour and there is any change

whatsoever in speed you would feel it

forget about thousand mile an hour spin

how that couldn’t you couldn’t operate a

plane or you couldn’t forget just this

is it you need no more explanation if

you’re going one not 66,000 one mile per

hour and it goes to zero from one you

would trip and listen I’m not here to

I’ve heard the arguments I hear the

argument all the time I could read you a

hundreds of them of cognitive dissonance

of people be like one of the biggest

things you’ll hear is anger they’re

going through the stages grief I don’t

know if you realize that that’s what it

is I deal with this all the time it’s

one reason why my banhammer is so

intense its grief they’ll get mad at me

they’ll say you don’t care you mean it’s

so easy to understand even an idiot

could lol I mean inertia time for text

that’s grief and then they’ll bargain

well it could be it could be that it’s

just cute and then depression well what

do we do now I mean my whole childhood

just stop it’s not that big a deal it’s

more beautiful than it isn’t spinning

endlessly around the Sun it’s way better

it’s just like and this is one of those

torpedoes that you can’t get around and

there’s people that spend their whole

day I think just trying to troll me and

just being like you sir it’s like how

dare you that’s 1% of speed change which

is it’s way more than that and in the

given ellipse in the given year you

can’t change the numbers the calendar

here is set the rotation is set so you

can’t do what they do in evolution say

well in 20 billion years you know a

hurricane can just create a Ferrari

no you can’t just keep adding years one

year one ellipse change in speed how do

you not measure it how do you not feel

it how do things that fall over we’re

talking about Mach 88 1% change would

liquefy all flash there’s more than 1%

change in speed in the given ellipse in

the given year in a given moment yes

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