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Top 5 Proofs The Earth is Not a globe

Top 5 Proofs The Earth is Not a globe



our level Earth plane has long been
ridiculed as being a crazy conspiracy
theory and an ignorant unscientific
worldview but the facts of the matter
are far from what you have been told
when thoroughly examined and diligently
researched with an open mind any
skeptical critical thinker will find it
is actually the spinning space ball
Earth presented by government space
agencies and taught in schools that is
truly ridiculous and un
scientific proof number one common sense
it cannot be overstated or
overemphasized the most important thing
to realize and the most obvious way to
know we are not spinning on a ball is
our own common sense and lived
experience we have always and will
always experienced ourselves as living
right side up on a non-rotating level
Earth with the sun moon and stars
revolving over and around us this is
common sense and what everyone in the
world personally
experiences every day of their
lives we are taught to believe otherwise
however many things completely contrary
to our own common sense and experience
from a very early
age we are told that we live on a sphere
where people on the other side live with
their feet above their heads where rain
falls upwards trees grow upside down and
the sky is lower than the ground truly
the idea that people are standing ships
are sailing and planes are flying upside
down on certain parts of the earth While
others are tilted at 90° and all other
impossible angles is an utter absurdity
and an insult to Common
Sense in fact common sense is the first
casualty of globe
belief proof number
water the natural physics of water is
that once contained and undisturbed the
surface will always remain
horizontal this fundamental physical
property of water is why it has been
used as a leveling tool by Builders and
Engineers from Millennia whether in a
pond lake or ocean the surface of the
water at rest always remains level and
doesn’t have the ability to hold and
display convexity or any shape
whatsoever upon its surface this
fundamental fact of reality is easily
demonstrable and empirically verifiable
but completely at odds with what we are
told about the globe for Earth to be
globular and over 70% covered in water
the oceans must somehow be curving
around and sticking to all sides of a
rapidly spinning ball suspended in a
vacuum it is simply impossible to make
water behave this way as anyone can
experiment for themselves bodies of
water will not stick to the underside of
a ball and cannot display or hold
convexity or any other shape upon their
proof number three fake
photographs one of the main reasons the
average person believes the world is a
globe is because of the globular Earth
images and video footage provided by
NASA and other space
agencies hundreds of such pictures and
thousands of videos featuring a globe
Earth are freely available on the
internet yet most people never
critically examine them with a skeptical
eye from the earliest photographs to the
latest live stream NASA and the world’s
other space agencies continue to be
exposed for their Hollywood style
trickery when conscientiously compared
contrasted and investigated for
inconsistencies it turns out every
single image and video showing a
globular Earth has been manipulated in
some way all Globe videos for example
are achieved using either a fisheye lens
to curve the horizon or created
completely through CGI technology
as for the hundreds of supposed
photographs available of the globe NASA
readily admits that these are computer
generated composite images and not
actual photographs if NASA and the
world’s space agencies could provide
real legitimate photographs and videos
of a globe they most certainly would so
the fact that they continue producing
and pumping out nothing but fisheye
fakery and CGI cartoons is strong
evidence that Earth is not what they
claim proof four longdistance
photography we are consistently able to
observe objects at incredibly long
distances far beyond what would be
possible if Earth was actually a globe
of given
proportions by inputting The Observer
height and distance viewed into an earth
curvature calculator it is easy to check
how much a Target should be obstructed
on a globe Earth in Genoa Italy clear
days reveal the distant island of Elba
125 M away if Earth were a ball with a
25,000 Mi circumference Elba should be
concealed behind over a mile of
curvature making it forever invisible in
recent times people have been filming
using infrared Zoom cameras at high
altitudes to capture Lakes mountains and
other landmarks up to an incredible
thousand miles away if Earth was really
a globe the size we are told many of the
landmarks photographed would be hidden
behind upwards of 70 MI of curved
Earth proof five The
Horizon The Horizon is always perfectly
horizontal 360° around the Observer
regardless of altitude all amateur
footage captured from balloons Rockets
planes and drones at maximum altitudes
of over 20 mi without using fisheye
lenses consistently shows a completely
flat Horizon that remains at I level
only in NASA and other space aent gency
footage does the Horizon ever curve or
appear below the observer’s eye level in
the heliocentric model The Horizon is
claimed to be the physical curvature of
their globe and the reason boats
receding from a shore-bound Observer
disappear from view this was originally
presented as one of the alleged proofs
for a globe Earth by Aristotle and is
still echoed by Believers today however
with the use of modern Zoom technology
we now know that the Horizon isn’t a
result of the physical curvature of a
glob glob and those boats can be zoomed
back into full view this is because the
Horizon is not an objective physical
phenomenon at all but rather a
subjective Optical phenomenon based on
an individual observer’s perspective if
the Horizon was actually the objective
physical curvature of a globe then
objects receding Beyond it could not be
zoomed back into view and it would
remain fixed as an observer ascended
this proves the horizon line is not some
objective point of curvature on a convex
Earth but rather the subjective
Vanishing line of perspective from a
given observer’s point of
view suffice to say these five points
are just scratching the surface and
there are many many more proofs
available both in William Carpenter’s
book 100 proofs Earth is not a globe and
Eric dubay’s 200 proofs Earth is not a
ball to gain a deeper understanding of
this crucial and heavily censored topic
take the time to research and discern
for yourself

The Final Nail In The Coffin of the Helio-nonsensical Model

The Final Nail In The Coffin of the Helio-nonsensical Model


in the coffin of the heliocentric model

I understand that you go through the

stages of grief when you realize that

you’ve been lied to

you’re gonna get you’re gonna feel angry

you’re gonna bargain you’re gonna do all

this stuff I understand this is the

absolute proof and you never have to say

another thing about it

and people get so mad I get it you’re

going through grief you’re mourning

grief ready when people forget is that

it’s not a circle around the Sun even if

it was a circle would still be

impossible but it’s an ellipse which

means that it changes speed it unlike

the evolution line where you can just

keep adding billions of years but the

billions and billions of years in the

but it’s one year that’s a fixed amount

of time and a fixed amount of speed the

earth their length of Earth’s

trajectories around the Sun is 940

million kilometers thus the earth

travels about a hundred and seven

thousand kilometers per hour this means

that our planet moves around the Sun at

an average speed of 30 km/s or Mach 8888

times the speed of sound just let that

sink in earth speed this is the this is

the kicker earth speed is not constant

as the Earth orbits elliptical orbit let

that sink in if you’re going 66,000

miles an hour and you change 1% of your

speed and in this model it’s

significantly more in the moment well

you ready to feel it no just listen it’s

a fixed amount of time it’s one year if

you’re uh if you change one percent

that’s 660 miles an hour that would that

would liquefy all flesh if you change

one mile an hour I I challenge you to

walk on a treadmill at one mile an hour

and tell a friend to randomly unplug it

you will trip and you will fall down I

challenge you to hold a coffee that’s

full to the brim as you drive down the

street at 60 miles an hour just tap on

the brake to go 59

the coffee will spill when you’re going

88 times the speed of sound and you have

to change speeds you would feel it now

even if the psychotic people going

through the stages and morning want to

sit there you go one now 2.97 you would

be able to measure it can’t have it both

ways guys not only would you you can do

the math on it because the ellipse is

fixed and the time is fixed one year and

you can check out the math of the

ellipse there’s a change of speed every

year at minimum went twice a year at

minimum the way that let’s work okay you

can break that down into any fraction

you want it’s still one fixed year not

only would you feel it it would kill you

but forget all that you could measure it

you can measure it and if you don’t

think you can measure a change in speed

you’re lying

look at a swimming pool look at any

water if you just go like this ripple

ripple ripple my labels open for ya it’s


guys this heliocentric model is over the

Earth changes speed going around the Sun

at Mach 88 and that’s why they sent in

Einstein and said it’s all relative no

it isn’t if you’re going 66,000 miles

per hour and there is any change

whatsoever in speed you would feel it

forget about thousand mile an hour spin

how that couldn’t you couldn’t operate a

plane or you couldn’t forget just this

is it you need no more explanation if

you’re going one not 66,000 one mile per

hour and it goes to zero from one you

would trip and listen I’m not here to

I’ve heard the arguments I hear the

argument all the time I could read you a

hundreds of them of cognitive dissonance

of people be like one of the biggest

things you’ll hear is anger they’re

going through the stages grief I don’t

know if you realize that that’s what it

is I deal with this all the time it’s

one reason why my banhammer is so

intense its grief they’ll get mad at me

they’ll say you don’t care you mean it’s

so easy to understand even an idiot

could lol I mean inertia time for text

that’s grief and then they’ll bargain

well it could be it could be that it’s

just cute and then depression well what

do we do now I mean my whole childhood

just stop it’s not that big a deal it’s

more beautiful than it isn’t spinning

endlessly around the Sun it’s way better

it’s just like and this is one of those

torpedoes that you can’t get around and

there’s people that spend their whole

day I think just trying to troll me and

just being like you sir it’s like how

dare you that’s 1% of speed change which

is it’s way more than that and in the

given ellipse in the given year you

can’t change the numbers the calendar

here is set the rotation is set so you

can’t do what they do in evolution say

well in 20 billion years you know a

hurricane can just create a Ferrari

no you can’t just keep adding years one

year one ellipse change in speed how do

you not measure it how do you not feel

it how do things that fall over we’re

talking about Mach 88 1% change would

liquefy all flash there’s more than 1%

change in speed in the given ellipse in

the given year in a given moment yes

also included is a plug for the grip now

he’s telling bugs the greatest app of

all time exposing the helio nonsensical

model the flattest Sun Moon and so da

clock app available at the App Store and

Google Play there it was there it was

had to do it

Coriolis Effect Debunks Does NOT Flat Earth

Coriolis Effect Debunks Does NOT Flat Earth

named gusbard gustav coriolis performed
several experiments showing the effect
of kinetic energy on rotating systems
which have ever since become
mythologized as proof of the
heliocentric theory of the cosmos
the coriolis effect is often said to
cause sinks and toilet bowls in the
northern hemisphere to drain spinning in
one direction while in the southern
hemisphere causing them to spin the
opposite way
thus providing proof of the spinning
ball earth
once again however just like foucault
pendulums spinning either which way
sinks and toilets in the northern and
southern hemispheres do not consistently
spin in any one direction
sinks and toilets in the very same
household are often found to spin
opposite directions depending entirely
upon the shape of the basin and the
angle of the water’s entry not the
supposed rotation of the earth
quote while the premise makes sense that
the earth’s eastward spin would cause
the water in a toilet bowl to spin as
well in reality the force and speed at
which the water enters and leaves the
receptacle is much too great to be
influenced by something as minuscule as
a single 360 degree turn over the span
of a day
when all is said and done the coriolis
effect plays no larger role in toilet
flushes than it does in the revolution
of cds in your stereo
the things that really determine the
direction in which water leaves your
toilet or sink are the shape of the bowl
and the angle at which the liquid
initially enters that bowl
so even mainstream science publications
admit the so-called coriolis effect has
absolutely no effect on the behavior of
water in sinks and toilet bowls but this
fact doesn’t deter scammer opportunists
in ecuador and other tourist traps along
the equator where a popular parlor trick
is performed using a portable sink to
purportedly prove this coriolis effect
first the showman sets their sink
already filled with water perfectly
along the equator line
then pulls the drainage plug showing
their audience how the water drains
straight down the hole
next they pick up their portable sink
and walk their gullible audience several
meters to the south into the southern
hemisphere explaining how the coriolis
effect will now cause the water to spin
clockwise down the drain
this time they purposely pour water into
the sink from the left hand side and
quickly pull the drain plug while the
water is still spinning clockwise from
the angle it was poured
next they pick the sink up again and
move the magic show a few meters into
the northern hemisphere explaining how
the water will now spin counterclockwise
to conclude the show they then pour
water into the sink from the right hand
side making sure to quickly pull the
plug while the water is still spinning
the coriolis effect is also said to
affect bullet trajectories and weather
patterns as well
supposedly causing most storms in the
northern hemisphere to rotate
counterclockwise and most storms in the
southern hemisphere to rotate clockwise
to cause bullets from long-range guns to
tend towards the right of the target in
the northern hemisphere and to the left
in the southern hemisphere again however
the same problems remain
not every bullet and not every storm
consistently displays this behavior and
therefore cannot reasonably be used as
proof of anything
many professional snipers have stated
unequivocally that they never have to
factor or compensate for this supposed
coriolis effect
sniper bullets are actually affected by
wind temperature humidity barometric
pressure site aperture and human error
not the alleged spin of the earth
from quote i’ve shot at 2 000
meters and whoever says coriolis effect
is a factor is full of it
wind wind and more cross winds will play
games with your bullet more than
anything else
and from sniper quote i shoot
at distances up to 3000 yards yet i have
never experienced a need to compute for
coriolis effect
i have killed deer out to a thousand
yards and never had something go awry
that could be attributed to coriolis
ironically the same people who claim
sniper bullets are affected by the
earth’s spin are the same people who
claim planes helicopters and hot-air
balloons are not affected by the earth’s
because the entire atmosphere is somehow
magically adhered to the earth and
dragged spinning perfectly along with it
these globe earth apologists cannot have
it both ways
either the atmosphere is independent of
the earth’s alleged rotation and can
affect bullet trajectories or the earth
and the atmosphere move perfectly
together and therefore can have no
effect on bullet trajectories whatsoever
if they claim the former and the
atmosphere is independent of earth’s
alleged rotation then helicopters should
be able to simply hover in place and in
12 hours be halfway around the world
or if they claim the latter that the
earth and atmosphere do move together
then they are admitting that the
so-called coriolis effect is
non-existent and could have no effect on
bullets or weather patterns

Cavendish Experiment Does NOT Prove Gravity

Cavendish Experiment Does NOT Prove Gravity

In 1797, Henry Cavendish, the British scientist, Freemason, and wealthy grandson of the Duke of Devonshire, created an experiment which he claimed successfully proved the existence of gravity, measured its constant, and provided accurate figures for the exact masses of the Earth, Sun, Moon, and Planets. How did Cavendish achieve this quantum leap for heliocentric pseudo-science? He fixed two large lead balls on opposite ends of a torsion balance and hung them from the roof of his shed. By watching and recording slight motions of the contraption via telescope through his shed window so his mass would not affect the reading, Cavendish claimed to have proven gravity. Two small lead balls were hung near the large ones and any motion observed towards one another was touted as being the influence of gravity.

Now, the Cavendish experiment has been widely criticized by the scientific community because never in over two centuries since its creation has anyone been able to replicate it! Firstly, the balls simply do not always attract one another as they must for the so-called gravitational constant to be constant at all. Sometimes the torsion balance turns towards the balls and sometimes away as it is impossible not to give some slight tremulous motion when interacting with it. Henry even complained in his notes how often as he was performing the measurement the contraption was still in oscillation. Secondly, since his calculated force of gravity was 10^39 weaker than the force of electro-magnetism, from which all material objects are composed, there is no control for the experiment which can factor out and positively differentiate the alleged gravitational force, from the known stronger electro-magnetic force. In other words, the balls could simply be attracting each other through static electricity, a known force existing in all things, billions of times stronger than gravity, and impossible to control for the experiment. Even though no one could replicate Cavendish’s findings, the experiment went down in history as a great success, and is still taught as veritable proof of universal gravitation in science textbooks today.

henry cavendish the british scientist
freemason and wealthy grandson of the
duke of devonshire created an experiment
which he claimed successfully proved the
existence of gravity measured its
constant and provided accurate figures
for the exact masses of the earth sun
moon and planets
how did cavendish achieve this quantum
leap for heliocentric pseudoscience
he fixed two large lead balls on
opposite ends of a torsion balance and
hung them from the roof of his shed
by watching and recording slight motions
of the contraption via telescope through
his shed window so his mass would not
affect the reading
cavendish claimed to have proven gravity
two small lead balls were hung near the
large ones and any motion observed
towards one another was touted as being
the influence of gravity
now the cavendish experiment has been
widely criticized by the scientific
community because never in over two
centuries since its creation has anyone
been able to replicate it
firstly the balls simply do not always
attract one another as they must for the
so-called gravitational constant to be
constant at all
sometimes the torsion balance turns
towards the balls and sometimes away as
it is impossible not to give some slight
tremulous motion when interacting with
henry even complained in his notes how
often as he was performing the
measurement the contraption was still in
since his calculated force of gravity
was 10 to the 39th power weaker than the
force of electromagnetism
from which all material objects are
composed there is no control for the
experiment which can factor out and
positively differentiate the alleged
gravitational force from the known
stronger electromagnetic force
in other words the balls could simply be
attracting each other through static
electricity a known force existing in
all things billions of times stronger
than gravity and impossible to control
for the experiment
even though no one could replicate
cavendish’s findings the experiment went
down in history as a great success and
is still taught as veritable proof of
universal gravitation in science
textbooks today

Eric Dubay: Earth is not a planet

Eric Dubay: Earth is not a planet

one of eight planets in our solar system
all of which are said to be huge
spherical earth-like habitations or
globular gas giants millions of miles
away they claim the earth under our feet
along with these seven other planets
revolve concentric circles or ellipses
around the Sun hence the term
heliocentric the previously prevailing
geocentric model had placed earth as the
immovable center of the universe with
the Sun Moon stars and planets all
revolving around us just as they appear
in the heliocentric model however which
would be more appropriately titled the a
centric model the Sun is only the center
of our solar system while itself
supposedly simultaneously revolving five
hundred thousand mile-per-hour spirals
around the Milky Way galaxy which itself
is constantly shooting 670 million miles
per hour away from an alleged Big Bang
creationary explosion at the beginning
of time in the geocentric model the
seven planets were known as wandering
stars with the multitude of other stars
known as fixed stars the wandering stars
were so called because they can be seen
meandering their own unique paths around
the heavens while all the other stars
remain fixed in their study group
rotation around Polaris the wandering
stars also happen to be among the
brightest in the night sky and just as
heliocentric falsely claimed the moon to
be a mere reflector of the sun’s light
they claimed the bright starlight of
these planets is merely them reflecting
the sun’s light back at us this has
already been shown to be geometrically
impossible however as convex bodies do
not and cannot reflect light in this way
in the heliocentric model the wandering
stars are all supposedly spherical
earth-like places several million miles
away from us while the fixed
ours are all allegedly super distant
Suns similar to our own but several
trillion miles away complete with their
own solar systems and accompanying
planets perhaps even populated with
sentient alien beings like ourselves
NASA’s current official astronomical
statistics state that there are upwards
of 10 trillion such planets in our
galaxy alone
and at least 200 billion galaxies in the
universe therefore they claim earth is
only one of one septillion planets in
the universe David Ward law Scott said
our modern astronomers imagine the stars
to be immense worlds or Suns some of
them many thousands of times larger than
our own and at an enormous distance Sir
Robert Ball in his cause of an ice age
says of Sirius that it is a million
times as distant from us as the Sun that
it is 92 millions of millions of miles
from the earth it is thought that stars
are in a more or less advanced state of
development and that probably some of
them may be already inhabited by beings
suited to their spheres their distance
from us they calculate to be so immense
that according to Sir William Herschel
the light from some of them will take a
thousand years to reach this world of
ours dr. Samuel Rowbotham said again
these stars are assumed to have
positions so far from the earth but the
distance is almost inexpressible figures
indeed may be arranged on paper but in
reading them no practical idea is
conveyed to the mind many are said to be
so distant that they should fall with
the velocity of light or above a hundred
and sixty thousand miles in a second of
time six hundred million miles per hour
they would require nearly two million
years to reach the earth Sir William
Herschel in a paper on the power of
telescopes to penetrate into space
affirms that with his powerful
instruments he discovered brilliant
luminaries so far from the earth that
the light which they emitted
not have been less than 1 million nine
hundred thousand years in its progress
Albert Smith said the fixed stars are
so-called because except for very long
periods they do not appreciably alter
their relative positions and they are
mere points of light so small that the
most powerful telescopes cannot magnify
them into discs yet they are supposed to
be sons of immense size removed by the
astronomers to immeasurable distance
away from us for the credit and
convenience of their theories NASA even
claims to have sent several remote
controlled flying telescopes like the
popular Hubble camera into outer space
transmitting back to earth pictorial
proof of the validity of their model
these Hubble pictures show that the
wandering stars are all in fact
spherical earth-like planets just as the
heliocentric claimed all along the
Hubble pictures showed that the fixed
stars are also in fact distant Suns
trillions of miles away just as the
heliocentric lamed the Hubble pictures
and videos all of which are
indistinguishable from a good photoshop
or Hollywood production completely
confirmed for hypnotized heliocentric
the truth of nasa’s claims and the
existence of various celestial phenomena
which only nasa in their advanced
cameras can show like planets galaxies
black holes quasars etc using even the
most advanced non NASA telescopes
however the fixed and wandering stars
appear to be nothing more than tiny dots
of multicolored light it cannot be
ascertained whether fixed stars are
actually distant Suns whether wandering
stars are actually earth-like planets or
whether any of NASA’s claims hold any
validity outside of their alleged
Victoria lleva dense from the supposed
remote control flying Space Telescope
images outside of NASA what evidence do
we have that stars are actually distant
solar systems what evidence do we have
that planets are earth-like places in
space they are certainly interesting and
plausible ideas but there is absolutely
no empirical evidence to support them in
fact if NASA hadn’t implanted such ideas
into their heads
very few people would
I look up at the night sky and assume
those little pinpricks of light were all
earth-like objects
millions of miles away or Suns trillions
of miles away complete with orbiting
planets and moons just like ours the
only reason people believe wandering
stars are earth-like planets and fixed
stars our distant Suns is because of
NASA propaganda as Gabriele Henriette
said the planets are not solid opaque
masses of matter as is believed they are
simply immaterial luminous and
transparent disks if stars are all
distant planets or Suns how is it that
various phenomena have been observed
including stars changing color intensity
of light sudden appearance disappearance
or shooting quickly from one place to
I have watched single stars changing
their colors as regularly as a disco
ball others shooting through the sky and
disappearing and stranger still I once
saw a star shoot quickly straight
upwards through the sky for two seconds
and then stop again back in the late
16th century when the heliocentric
theory was starting to take hold over
the imaginations of an unsuspecting
public Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe he
famously argued for geo centricity
positing that if the earth revolved in
an orbit around the Sun the change in
relative position of the stars after six
months of orbital motion could not fail
to be seen stars should seem to separate
as we approach and come together as we
recede in actual fact however after 190
million miles of supposed orbit around
the Sun not a single inch of parallax
can be detected in the stars
Thomas Winship said in the time of Tycho
Brahe he it was said that the earth
revolved around the Sun but he argued
that if the earth revolved around the
Sun the relative position of the stars
would change very much and the matter
must in the nature of the case be easily
detected accordingly experiments were
tried at intervals of six months and the
result showed that the stars were in
exactly the same position as they had
occupied six months before thus proving
that the earth does not move
at all if the earth is at a given point
in space on say January 1st and
according to its present-day science at
a distance of 190 million miles from
that point six months afterwards it
follows that the relative position and
directions of the Stars will have
greatly changed however small the angle
of parallax may be that this great
change is nowhere apparent and has never
been observed incontestably proves that
the earth is at rest that it does not
move in an orbit around the Sun when
Tycho Brahe he demonstrated that after a
hundred ninety million miles of supposed
orbit around the Sun not a single inch
of parallax could be detected
heliocentric desperate to patch the
glaring hole in their theory pushed
their hypothetical distances to the
Stars into the trillions of miles
claiming the closest one Proxima
Centauri was a ludicrous 25 trillion
miles away and thereby making all the
stars so conveniently far that no
appreciable parallax could be detected
this expedient explanation which
heliocentrism clung to ever since has
proven satisfactory to silence the
manipulated minds of the masses but
still fails to adequately account for
several issues dr. Samuel Rowbotham
wrote it is found by observation that
the Stars come to the Meridian about
four minutes earlier every 24 hours than
the Sun taking the solar time as the
standard this makes 120 minutes every 30
days and 24 hours in the year hence all
the constellations have passed before or
in advance of the Sun in that time this
is the simple fact as observed in nature
but the theory of rotundity and motion
on axes and in an orbit has no place for
it visible truth must be ignored because
this theory stands in the way and
prevents its voter Eze from
understanding it William carpenter said
considerably more than a million earths
would be required to make up a body like
the Sun the astronomers tell us and more
than 53,000 Suns would be wanted to
equal the cubic contents of the star
Vega and Vega is a small star and there
are countless millions of these stars
and it takes 30 million years
for the light of some of those stars to
reach us at 12 million miles in a minute
and says mr. Proctor I think a moderate
estimate of the age of the earth would
be 500 million years it’s wait says the
same individual is six heptarian tons
now since no human being is able to
comprehend these things the giving of
them to the world is an insult an
outrage and though they have all arisen
from the one assumption that earth is a
planet instead of upholding the
assumption they dragged it down by the
weight of their own absurdity and leave
it lying in the dust a proof that the
earth is not a globe several experiments
have since been performed and repeated
by notable scientists like Albert
Mickelson Edward Morley George Airy
and George san yak proving that it is
the stars that revolve around a
stationary earth and not the other way
around the conclusive results of their
experiments are not contested or even
mentioned in modern astronomy books
rather they are conveniently swept under
the carpet to keep prying minds from
seeing through the lies for example the
experiment known as Aries failure since
it failed to prove heliocentrism
involved filling a telescope with water
to slow the speed of light inside
usually telescopes must be slightly
tilted to get starlight down the axis of
the tube supposedly due to Earth’s speed
around the Sun airy discovered that
actually the Starlight was already
coming in at the correct angle so no
change was necessary this demonstrated
that the stars move relative to a
stationary earth and not the other way
around because if it was the telescope
moving he would have to change the angle
gabrielle Henriette said all the planets
including the Sun revolve around the
earth these circumstances cannot be
denied since they are plainly visible
either in the ordinary way with the
naked eye or with the help of the
telescope it can be said in this
connection that in the case of a science
which should be based exclusively on
observation and not on speculation such
as astronomy the evidence of the senses
is the only factor upon which
conclusions can and must be based if the
planets can be seen revolving around the
earth it is for the decisive
that they do revolve in such a way it is
asserted that this is not so and it is
maintained that the earth and the
planets revolve around the Sun we note
with astonishment however the bizarre
and definitely suspicious fact that
these planetary movements are not
visible they cannot be seen and yet they
are called real how can these movements
be proved and their speed be ascertained
since they are invisible on the other
hand the existing geocentric planetary
motions which can be observed and
measured and which consequently
constitute a perfectly valid system are
condemned as unreal and apparent a
pertinent remark may incidentally be
made on the subject why do the
astronomical tables which are published
year after year give the so-called
apparent movements of the planets in the
zodiac why take the trouble of
calculating and putting them on record
at all if they are not real why is it
also that no mention is made of the
so-called real movements of the planets
Marshall Hall said trust your eyes and
your cameras they have no reason to
deceive you about whether the stars are
going around you nightly then get it in
your mind the single fact surrounding
star trails that has been photographed
thousands of times and cannot be denied
must be explained away by the
theoretical science establishment all of
the fact list allegations of rotating
and orbiting earth billions of light
years distance –is to the stars a
fifteen billion year old universe the
whole Big Bang paradigm all of the
alleged evolution of the universe earth
and mankind that is to say all of modern
evolution based cosmology controlling
knowledge today all of it is completely
undone if the stars are doing what
cameras show they are doing namely going
around the earth nightly if you can do
so for a few minutes just lay aside the
Copernican indoctrination that
accompanies such pictures and take a
good hard look at these photographs of
something that really really happens
every single night do you see what I see
I see all the visible stars in the
northern skies going around the North
Star in perfect circles in other words I
see all the stars
which these time exposures have recorded
actually going around that navigational
star that God put there for us in the
northern hemisphere
Thomas Winship said the plurality of
worlds is based on assumptions so
contrary to known possibilities that the
grand idea must be thrown into the
wastepaper basket
the supposed great distance of the Sun
from the earth is the main cause of the
delusions of the learned as to the so
called world’s above us being inhabited
this distance is based on a fictitious
idea that of the revolution of the earth
around the Sun which I have already
shown to be unconditionally false the
Sun is a small body of light and near
the earth therefore all the star
distances are wrong their sizes and all
other suppositions the plurality of
worlds is only the logical sequence of
belief if the earth be a rapidly
revolving globe but this has been shown
to be ridiculous in the extreme evidence
apart from any theory has been presented
which entirely nullifies such an
assumption and renders it absurd showing
that such an unnatural idea has not a
vestige of natural fact to support it
the grand doctrine of the plurality of
worlds therefore like all of the other
grand doctrines of modern astronomy must
be consigned to oblivion when it can be
shown that this world is a globe and by
what known principle the inhabitants can
hang on to the swinging ball like the
housefly crawls along the ceiling it
will be quite time enough to talk about
the plurality of worlds in other words
the plurality of worlds if there’s
supposed to be many many ball planets
spinning around in this infinite
universe that only makes sense in the
heliocentric spinning ball cosmology
it’s been shown that the earth is flat
and motionless so the idea that there
are many other earth-like planets out
there or there are many other ball
habitations spinning around in the sky
is ridiculous
you can see with a telescope but the
things that they call planets
look exactly like the things that they
call stars and
before they started calling them planets
they were called stars they were called
wandering stars if the planets are
supposed to be masses like Earth why is
it that their star light is often
brighter than the other stars which they
claim our Suns why would they have light
at all it’s the same like with the moon
they’ve claimed to land on the moon and
they show this desert planet but we look
up at the moon and see a shining light
coming from this disc if the moon is so
bright shining with light like that why
weren’t the astronauts constantly
illuminated by this huge light that
shines all the way two hundred and
thirty eight thousand miles to the earth
but then when they’re on the moon is
just dirt when you look at these things
through an actual telescope they just
look like disks of light they don’t look
at all like Suns or like ball planets
and when you take a good look at what
NASA is feeding you
it’s CGI all the ball planets every shot
that NASA shows of Mercury Venus Earth
Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptune Pluto
did I miss any all these things of all
they’re pictures of these planets are
clearly made on a computer they are CGI
computer graphic images
computer-generated images so the idea
that there are many other spinning ball
planets out there in the sky
is false NASA doesn’t do science NASA
does science fiction heliocentrism is
not science it’s science fiction geo
centricity is what you actually
experience it’s what actually happens
the flat earth is what you actually
experience you do not experience a curve
you do not experience motion you don’t
feel yourself moving thousand miles an
hour the Stars don’t change their
relative positions they’re fixed because
they’re revolving around us just as it
appears think about it if we were
revolving around the Sun
and the Sun revolving around the galaxy
in the galaxy revolving around the
universe guess what all the stars would
change their position every single night
you wouldn’t be able to catch the same
star trails two consecutive nights let
alone four hundreds and hundreds of
years not changing positions if you had
those four different motions everything
spiraling around each other you can’t
have the North Star fixed and all the
other stars fixed in their
constellations revolving perfect circles
around it can’t happen you couldn’t even
have perfect circle star trails they
would be spirals they would be awkward
spirals they would be like elliptical
spirals so point is earth is not a
planet it’s a plane they just added a T
to the end and fooled everyone and then
they started saying this runs septillion
other planets too just like Earth and
then once they got people believe in
that now they’re saying and there must
be life on some of those so there’s
aliens and now they’re preparing you for
aliens that’s what’s coming next they
want you to believe in aliens they want
you to believe that there’s some
offworld enemy or friend that’s going to
come here to save or destroy us and
they’re going to use that as a false
flag event to further their agenda it’s
been in the works for a long time so
this is a big one you could even say
that this is the purpose of the ball
earth deception what’s the purpose to
create a world religion what do you
think NASA is what do you think the
spinning ball earth universe Big Bang
evolution is it’s a religion
people believe this and it doesn’t
exist so or why do they lie about the
Flat Earth
Eric because they’re making you believe
in a science fiction religion
that’s why you don’t even know that
you’re in a cult you don’t know that
you’ve been brainwashed and how deeply
you’ve been brainwashed you brainwash so
much that instead of thinking that you
come from a intelligent consciousness
you think that you come from nothing
and monkeys they brainwash you to think
that you and earth aren’t special or
unique but that there’s Infinite Earths
and worlds and beings and humans are not
the most intelligent of the intelligent
designers designs they want you to
believe that there’s some aliens out
there more intelligent I want you to
believe that they’re more intelligent
than you because only they have the
Hubble Space Telescope but only they
have all the technology necessary to
tell you that oh stars are really Suns
and the wandering stars are planets and
we found water on Mars with our little
probe rover thing check out these cgi
images we sent back on our million mile
internet connection that we have but you
don’t and you’ve never seen anywhere
think about how effective this religion
is its worldwide it is a world religion
they have successfully created a
worldwide religion and made people the
whole world over believe in it they
teach it to them in government schools
and they’re so indoctrinated into this
religion they have no idea that it’s a
religion that’s the point they call it
science they have no idea that they’re
in a cult being brainwashed by a bunch
of CGI pictures and fairy tales
so why the Flat Earth deception it’s the
most successful religious indoctrination
in history that’s why

Eric Dubay The Greatest Lie of All Time

Eric Dubay The Greatest Lie of All Time

For almost 500 years the masses have
thoroughly deceived by a cosmic fairy
tale of
astronomical proportions
we have been taught a falsehood so
gigantic and diabolical
that it has blinded us from our own
experience and common sense
from seeing the world and the universe
as they truly are
through pseudoscience books and programs
mass media and public education
universities and government propaganda
the world has been systematically
slowly indoctrinated over centuries into
the unquestioning belief
of the greatest lie of all time
it is obvious that the earth is flat yet
they say it is curved it is obvious that
the world is motionless
yet they say that it moves
it is obvious that the heavens revolve
around us
yet they say it is us that revolves
just as it appears the sun moon and
fixed and wandering all revolve around
the flatter
which is the stationary immovable center
of the universe
the magnetic north pole is the center of
the earth
and the universe polaris the north pole
remains always significantly situated
atop the dome of the heavens while the
sun moon and stars
revolve in circular cycles around us
the moon and mars landings were and are
all hoaxes
staged and filmed by freemasons on earth
orbiting satellites and space stations
do not exist
all video and photographs you have ever
from nasa hubble and other official
are all cgi computer generated images
the truth is that antarctica is a giant
ice wall holding in the ocean
and the south pole does not exist
various anomalies and differences
between the arctic and antarctic
prove the earth is not a ball the arctic
midnight sun
proves the universe is geocentric
the truth is the sun and moon are equal
balanced opposites made for signs and
to light the earth and divide day from
the moon is not merely a reflector of
the sun’s light
but emanates a demonstrably unique light
of its own
it is completely self-luminescent
we’ve been taught contrary to all common
sense and experience
but the seemingly motionless flat earth
beneath our feet
is actually a massive moving ball
spinning through space at over a
thousand miles per hour
wobbling and tilted 23.5 degrees on its
vertical axis
while orbiting the sun at a blinding 67
000 miles per hour in concert with the
entire solar system
spiraling 500 000 miles per hour
around the milky way and careening
across the expanding universe
away from the big bang at an incredible
670 million miles per hour
but that you can feel and experience
none of it
we have been taught that a mysterious
force called gravity
a magical magnetism responsible for
keeping everything
from falling or flying off the spinning
ball earth
is just strong enough to hold people
and the atmosphere tightly to the
surface but just
weak enough to allow bugs birds and
planes to take off
the truth is the universe was
intelligently designed by an intelligent
purposefully created by a purposeful
not the haphazard result of some
inexplicable cosmic accidents
the truth is that life consciousness the
incredible beautiful
diversity and complexity of nature is
divinely created
the philosophy which would speak of a
round and revolving world
is a false philosophy