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Flat vs Globe Earth Debate Brian S Staveley Vs. Emergency Exit 66 Podcast

Brian S. Staveley was invited on the Emergency Exit 66 Broadcast To Debate Flat Earth/Globe Earth. It ended up being a 3 on 1. Check it out here. Although they really didn’t even know both models well it didn’t go like the vast majority of debates on this topic. Sure there was some serious passion on both sides but they weren’t overly rude or talking over Brian too much. After Brian signed out they went on for a few minutes to give him a lot of credit actually on his knowledge on the topic which was pleasantly surprising. Although they disagree with Brian very much, he doesn’t have a bad word to say about these guys. Passionate but they were not just aimlessly trolling. GREAT DEBATE!

Shane Dawson Talks Flat Earth With His Brother

Mega YouTube Star Shane Dawson speaks with his brother about Flat Earth and his mind is blown! A very fair and balanced breakdown of the conspiracy fact and they even expose the Flat Earth Society! Great stuff this YouTuber has over 10 Million Subscribers! Massive audience! The word is getting out and the truth can’t be stopped.