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Flat Earth Clues – Under the Dome – They are hiding GOD

Are we inside a Truman show enclosed world, thousands of miles wide? This is part of a series of videos that shows not only is it possible, but likely. The Flat Earth awakening is the biggest story to hit this world in Millennia. I am humble to be just a part of this massive force of truth, one that’s going to change the world and how you live forever.

George Orwell Tribune, 27 December 1946 Most people, if asked to prove that the earth is round, would not even bother to produce the rather weak arguments I have outlined above. They would start off by saying that ‘everyone knows’ the earth to be round, and if pressed further, would become angry. In a way Shaw is right. This is a credulous age, and the burden of knowledge which we now have to carry is partly responsible.

contending many of the interesting parts
of the Flat Earth theory for those who
have already started saying things with
new eyes it will be mostly a recap but
there could be a few new angles you
haven’t looked at for the rest of you
who are new to this first question is
invariably is this a joke because it’s a
joke right and that’s where we start
because it’s one of our two basic
childhood facts one plus one equals two
and the earth is a globe or taught this
before almost everything else and that
right there should give you a clue on
how serious the secret is but for those
who have forgotten their history here’s
the modified men in black version for
the first four thousand years of our
civilization we believed that the earth
was a flattish disk surrounded by a
solid dome barrier called the firmament
all the five major religions had their
own version of this and the churches
enforced the belief then around 1514 a
man named Copernicus created a new model
of the world he stated that if the earth
was spinning around eleven hundred miles
an hour and circling the Sun at sixty
thousand miles an hour the world was
then round and while the math more or
less worked there was a problem it was
1,500 and the technology to prove such a
theory wasn’t there the first balloon to
carry people wasn’t invented until 1760
sailboats were the only travel over
water and the fastest thing on land was
a horse but the new world view was
promoted and took hold the religions
adapted to handle the new reality and
life moved on more importantly the globe
model was quickly introduced into the
education systems over the next 500
years the challenges to this model faded
to the point where the globe was
accepted as universally as physical laws
such as gravity read that again if you
didn’t absorb it for 20 generations
people believed that the earth was round
because there was a globe in every
classroom they
in there was no proof hundreds of years
went by and still civilization had no
way of proving the theory planes were
invented around 1900 but until 1957
nothing could go high enough to give a
true perspective of where we lived and
that’s when everything got strange the
United States and Russia both sent up
rockets high enough to take decent
pictures and what they saw scared them a
great deal how do we know they were
extremely concerned about the sky
because the US and Russia immediately
started firing nuclear weapons straight
up and they kept firing for the next
four years a few things to keep in mind
here first this was now 1958 nuclear
weapons were very expensive and hard to
come by these also weren’t those nominal
yield 20-kiloton toys we used on
Hiroshima this was high kiloton too low
Megaton and we couldn’t get them up fast
enough and the strangeness continued in
other places in 1959 only a year into
the atmosphere bombardment ten nations
including the United States made
Antarctica off-limits to any
colonization a treaty was put in place
and to this day remains intact over 50
nations now have signed off on this
treaty do you know any treaty that has
lasted that long between all
industrialized nations
moreover do you know any piece of real
estate in the world that is owned by no
one you would think the very least one
of the large oil companies would use
their huge financial resources to
explore this region and yet they don’t
even petition the idea the short version
of the discovery is this by 1958 the
military had discovered the very solid
upper and outer edges of our world and
had to create a way to put up do not
enter signs without looking obvious it
was tricky but if there is one thing I
have learned about the Authority it’s
that nothing is left to chance most of
the work had already been done for them
so their job was primarily in the
details the sky part of the dome was
much higher than commercial air traffic
it’s the only thing they had to worry
there was a space program which is
immediately militarized the outer border
had the natural benefit of not only an
extensive ocean but a scaling decrease
in temperature and a steady increase in
iceberg frequency to discourage ships
all leading to a permanently frozen
landmass that could not be used for any
form of agriculture this ocean and ice
layout had worked well for thousands of
years because the technology of the
current civilization didn’t evolve
quickly sailors avoided cold weather
seas whenever possible and oxygen levels
get low enough to harm people even on
high mountains the brilliance of the
design comes in the simple fact that
human males are corrupted by power
corruption so total in fact that they
would rather hide the world itself
rather than risk their power on it you
could theorize the kings and Pope’s were
told of the world a long time ago maybe
an ancient scroll or book perhaps an
interdimensional being told the tale of
what the world looked like but this was
all but dismissed because even the most
powerful leaders of the day couldn’t
reach the borders and if they couldn’t
what chance to the general public have
it’s one thing to be told of the giant
impenetrable dome but it’s a whole
different animal when you finally stand
right next to it then the tough
decisions have to be made do we keep the
secret and how far we willing to go to
keep the status quo
once they decided to keep the secret no
expense was spared the rapid progression
of rocketry science had to be addressed
quickly and so the moon missions were
created Matt from the NASA Channel was
right in his thinking that you needed
the moon mission event to stage a
picture of the Earth from deep orbit and
that couldn’t be more true establishing
NASA as the front-runner of space
exploration also diverted people who
would have otherwise created their own
space companies for profit the best
engineers technicians and pilots were
recruited to the NASA space program once
there they were compartmentalized on a
need-to-know basis the astronauts know
of the deception and are sworn to
secrecy under the penalty of whatever
motivates them private space programs
are discouraged sabotage or absorbed
into the NASA fold private sector
spacecraft are just not going to be
allowed for several reasons the most
obvious is the collision with the dome
itself the telemetry data from such a
mission would show an impact failure at
a certain altitude and if repeated would
raise questions NASA just isn’t prepared
to answer there are three perpetual
questions about our world that can’t be
eliminated but avoided at all costs
these are the questions you should ask
yourself and others if this protective
layer is going to be lifted I’d like to
preface this with a thank you to Max
Malone a conspiracy Hardcore who has a
knack for boiling down debates to a
single paragraph whenever possible
it was he who said after over 50 years
and thousands of hours of space travel
footage both by NASA and other countries
there is no exterior shot where the
astronaut completes the simple act of
panning the camera 180 degrees let alone
a full 360 degree sweep this has never
happened on any moon mission exterior
space station
nothing ever statistics will tell you
this would have already happened by
accident years ago but it hasn’t and it
this is because of the rule they cannot
break the same rule that applies to
television set shows that never show the
fourth wall why because there is no
fourth wall
number two when you search online for
pictures of the Earth from space 95% of
what you will see is a collection of
artificial composite shots in 2000 when
I did this search there was exactly one
picture by NASA showing the bottom part
of Africa and Antarctica
now that picture is hidden within
hundreds of simulated images there are
HD cameras everywhere and no one is
taking a shot of the earth because you
can’t get enough altitude to do it
number three the commercial air travel
routes for the southern hemisphere are
wrong this is an easy thing you can
check out in 60 seconds take a map
reading of the distance between anywhere
near Australia and anywhere in South
America it’s a straight shot across the
South Pacific now find your favourite
travel site and try to get there
non-stop see what happens the routes
start turning ridiculous
I used to business travel for years and
I’ve never seen anything like it
it’s the one thing in the general public
world they can’t hide the actual
distance between these two places on a
round world the flight is easy just a
straight shot across an ocean but on a
flat world it becomes the greatest
distance between two points there are no
so they distract you with multiple
connections and lay overs it’s only
blind luck that the United States was in
the northern hemisphere otherwise the
increased traffic would have raised
eyebrows by now
I know I know it’s madness it’s lunacy
there are people who will tell you
straight to your face
that all the leaders of the world are
lizards and yet these people laugh out
loud when you say the words Flat Earth I
was and still am a huge conspiracy guy I
literally ran out of new tin hat topics
to research and I still wouldn’t look at
this one without embarrassment but every
time I glanced at it there was something
unresolved and once I saw the near
perfection of the whole plan I was
do your own homework ask the questions
get past the possibility and see if you
can move into an even bigger picture
like who built the dome and why that’s
where it starts to get really
interesting and things start opening up
I know I said years ago that the greater
good was something that should be
preserved that JFK Pearl Harbor and 9/11
were inevitable I still believe it and I
understand the decisions the globe
illusion however has run its course over
the last 500 years it’s time to start
again if that means we end up getting
the attention of who or what created
this place and force the reset of the
world is that such a bad thing I put
some links in the description that you
might want to check out like the current
map projections used by the USGS the
United Nations logo the Flat Earth
Society high-altitude nuclear tests the
Antarctica treaty among others I’m not
allowing ratings or comments on this
video for several reasons one this topic
seems to bring out the worst debates
because of the initial denial that and
I’ve seen dedicated trolls in the Flat
Earth Society website who show up every
day and say the same thing to new forum
members it’s a joke it’s not serious
nothing to see here kind of strange that
there are full-time trolls on a site
that has less than 500 members worldwide
that being said
feel free to contact me at em sergeant
23 at Comcast net or heck just call
three oh three four nine four six six
three one I know no one uses the actual
phone anymore but I’ll answer what I can
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