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The Mechanical Realm Flat Earth Documentary A Working FE Model

Antikythera Mechanism, the First Computer.

Looking forward to The Mechanical Realm by Vikka Draziv, and as the author of over 55 books on Enclosed Cosmology, Scientism, and Luciferianism, I endorse this cinematic and educational event. –Gregory Lessing Garrett



The Mechanical Realm By Vikka Draziv we find ourselves in the most amazing of
times 2023 even the numerical date still sounds
like one from science fiction we have technologies that enable us to communicate across the world
instantaneously medicines that Boggle the mind and scientists even proclaiming
coming advancements where machine and human unite to benefit Humanity
whether we think these things are for good or not is unimportant it seems
the future is beyond our control to a large degree progress is inevitable and for the
greater good if we are to heed the words of the world organizations such as the world economic forum
some of us are looking to the Past we are looking to ancient evidence that
causes us to ask many questions questions that have the possibility to
divide families friends work colleagues and Educators can all suddenly turn against
a person who decides to question the shape of our home our world
why is this subject so taboo up until 500 years ago it was commonly
accepted that the Earth was the center of the universe the Sun and the Moon
revolved around us in the sky and we lived on a stationary Flat Earth
some of the oldest books in existence the Torah Bible Vedas and many ancient
texts even describe the Earth being flat and immovable nearly every culture and religion had
its own mimicry of disbelief to varying degrees there is a Vedic map from the 1900s that
illustrates a flat Earth with other Earths surrounding which are hidden by Ice walls
there are so many stories that are there to show us that questioning the globe theory is actually a valid thing to do
one that scientists should embrace not ridicule [Music]
so why does this area of science have so much negative stigma attached to it
to question the heliocentric model the theory that the sun is the center of the
universe and all its relevant theories that help to back it up can bring responses that range from complete
ridicule to utter horror as if you are akin to a holocaust denier
no one wants to be ridiculed and they definitely do not want to offend to the degree that this topic can bring
there is no reason for the scientific Community to see the topic as ridiculous scientists are seriously trying to prove
and or disprove so many things even the existence of the Creator and strangely
no ridicule is seen there so why the Flat Earth we don’t know maybe they protest too
much and maybe they are hiding something we won’t know until the Flat Earth Community can be taken seriously and
intelligently that is not too much to ask is it the globe has been flooding our
Consciousness since the invention of the Silver Screen and later the television
the globe Earth is seen on film logos food advertising and Airlines just to
name a few science fiction novels film TV and Comics all continue to bombard us with
planets that are immeasurably far from Earth all Globes all hurling through space and time
we have been inundated with the globe since childhood we are taught it as a
fact when they fail to tell us that it’s still just a theory as is gravity relativity wormholes black
holes String Theory etc etc all these ideas have had to be theorized about to
try to make sense of the globe and its relation to its environment the universe
a psychologist will tell you that if someone repeats an idea or a phrase often enough it becomes a belief that is
very hard to remove from your psyche this is part of the process of what is commonly called brainwashing
no one wants to admit they have been the victim of brainwashing but unfortunately it’s a very common effect used on the
human mind from advertising agencies to governments schools religious cults and many more
areas of society field of Behavioral Science is being used to make people change their ideas
about so many things we see changes in how Society sees religion and medical
procedures such as abortions gender realignment to name a few very current cultural changes
100 years ago these things would never have even been heard of and would be seen as terrible is it a natural
evolution of society or does society have its mind changed from the top down
it doesn’t seem so strange to consider that the heliocentric model was a programmed idea to change the role of
humanity as a special creation on Earth to nothing more than meaningless results
of evolution from a random meaningless explosion floating on a blue Speck in an
ever-expanding universe there are many scientists that have spoken for or have had their theories
used to create the heliocentric theory from Isaac Newton Johannes Kepler and
Albert Einstein and promoted today by modern mainstream scientists like Neil deGrasse Tyson Stephen Hawking Bill Nye
Etc these theories are promoted by the mainstream science Community as fact to
keep the population on their spinning ball the modern scientists names are given
almost rock star status and they refuse to acknowledge that there is a debate to be had with the Flat Earth community
the Flat Earth Community is portrayed by mainstream science as cult-like and ignorant when in reality the opposite is
more than true a typical Flat Earth proponent will have been brought up to totally believe in
the Disney style Globe just like everybody else they usually have the ability to use
critical thought and see new information as a reason to get excited about exploring the possibilities of holding a
new idea in their minds they hold the value of scientific
reasoning as Central to their ideas they are good at researching and evaluating their research to the extent that
despite not being University graduates in astronomy or astrophysics they can be
seen as an expert in these fields as they have spent many years studying them
it’s very hard to find someone who is brave enough to stand up and say the Earth is flat who hasn’t done hours and
hours of research to back the statement up why is it so hard for others to let go
of their belief system because simply speaking it is hard to let go of any old
belief system especially if the new one is as challenging as Society has made the geocentric model look
regardless of why Society has made the model look so idiotic they have
how do we get out of this bind and open our minds to the possibilities personally I think it’s easy
you give it a chance and simply listen to the ideas and choose whether it’s for you or not
if we don’t give another’s ideas a chance we could lose our freedom of thought simply because we have been
encouraged to think something was stupid no one should be told what to think it’s
always ours to choose well you are in for a surprise Flat
Earth Science research and experiments are based on logic and Truth not pseudoscience be prepared to have your
mind blown
two thousand years ago a shipwreck created a time capsule hidden beneath the waves Untouched by
time the secrets it held would challenge our understanding of the past
and reveal the incredible Ingenuity of our ancestors
Journey with us as we dive into the depths of History uncovering the enigmatic ancient Marvel
that defies the limits of its time rediscovered a century ago by another
shipwreck nature seemed to guard its Secrets preserving a device that would rewrite
our understanding of ancient technology the mechanical realm beckons us to
unlock its Mysteries through history archeology astrophysics
and astronomy we embark on a quest to decipher the
intricate workings of the past the pieces of the puzzle come together
as we explore the convergence of art science and philosophy
prepare for an extraordinary Journey where Hidden Truths come to light the secrets of the mechanical realm will
redefine our perception of history and reshape our appreciation of the past and shape of our Earth
get ready to witness the unveiling of the extraordinary a geocentric stationary Flat Earth working model that
has defied the passage of time so according to the historical accounts
Greek sponge divers Stop close to Antikythra a island in the
agen sea back in the 1900s and underwater suit consisted of a thick heavy suit and a
large metal helmet with glass windows fresh air was pumped into the helmet
through a pipe by someone on the boat so one man descents looking for sponge
but soon enough comes back up horrified ranting about the pile of death bodies
he had seen on the sea floor so the captain went down to take a look for
himself and discovered that these were not dead bodies but ancient bronze and marble
statues it turned out to be the discovery of one of the largest Hoards of ancient treasure
ever made the artifacts that were found onboard this old wreck
are today in display all the national archiological museum of Athens
while the artifacts looks about the strange cracked Rock and was put aside
with many other pieces and it wasn’t until the 1950s that
someone noted its inscriptions according to recorded accounts of the time
this appeared to be some sort of clockwork device that simply shouldn’t have existed in the ancient world
the Antikyrhra mechanism is an ancient computer it could accurately calculate the
Motions of the Heavenly luminaries it’s only Built with metal and wood and it doesn’t use electricity
predicting the patterns of what we see in the sky above us requires some sophisticated calculations and it’s
already been done in Greece 2000 years ago this ancient computer this ancient
machine is only about the size of a shoebox an Insider dozen of interlocking
gears and on the outside on the front and the back are several synchronized
pointers and it was built by someone who could decode the solar system by the
hand cranking what more better advice ways of
building a machine precisely mimic this Behavior
not refusethe far greater Mastery of complex miniaturization of mechanical devices
and anyone dare should think existed in ancient Greece and Rome
around the first century BC it has sparked the imagination of
thousands of anthropologists and historians as to the many secrets that
may yet remained in European history the mechanisms calculations occur when
the gears to different numbers are teeth put together to recreate the appropriate relative motion of different
celestial objects the side handle meant to be operated by person
it turns the main gear which represents the solar years power from this gear is variously
reduced or enlarged by subsequent connected gears to produce the motion of
different objects during the sun the moon 315 00:13:25,200 –> 00:13:28,740 the planets and the constellation
in order to achieve this a dazzling display of mechanical workmanship was
required everyone today is familiar with a digital computer a machine that deals in ones and zero a few million at a time
but have you heard about analog computers or perhaps not as much as you probably should have a analog computer
is a computational device that uses mechanical principles rather than digital maths to make calculations
you may have seen one or two in your lifetime like a wind-up or a clock for example
quite how long these devices have been around is debatable but most agree that the first analog computer is mostly
astronomical clocks were first invented in around 14th century that was until one Discovery in 1901
near antikythra in greece that change our understanding of the history of computers forever
a discovery so shocking that nearly 70 years of mainstream historians and Technologist dismissed it as either fake
or a fluke that was until one group of dedicated researchers and rebellious Mysteries and
proved that the ancient Greek did indeed possess complex analog computers of Their Own that’s nearly a millennium and
a half earlier than we thought Dr Derek D sola Price of Yale University was one of the first to bring
near the bearer mechanisms through historical significance to the Public’s attention Price is a Pioneer and we all owe him
a great that of gratitude because of the first 50 years Scholars scientists and historians were having a really no I
thought of putting your pieces of this puzzle back together Price was the first person to examine
the device carefully enough to have a basic understanding of what it’s true capabilities really was
and he even said that this was as spectacular as if we had opened King TUT tomb to find decayed but
recognizable parts of a combustion engine and because it was too far outside the
realm of what academics were comfortable with very few people were prepared to think seriously about the Antikythera 373 00:15:28,079 –> 00:15:29,880 before price
scientific historian interested in the history of Scientific Technology he set
out in about 1958 to examine the Greek gears to determine just what their were used for
they notices that the front dial was divided into 12 sections when it sees that Eli is printed on one of the
sections Eli is the Greek words from Libra and then further around the dial he
notices two of the letters for the Greek word for Virgo leading price to conclude that what he was looking at was
a representation of the 12 zodiac constellations another total of 88 constellations noted
and recognized today they were all documented five thousand years ago in
Mesopotamia but these are the 12 that provide the annual path of the sun along with most
of the lunar and planetary activity and this is called the ecliptic the sun tells us the time of the day the
moon tells us the time of the month and the Stars tell us the time of the year
it preceded such gears by more than a thousand years
with this ancient Greek device is now known as the Antikythra mechanism
in honor of a land where it was discovered even today more than a century after its
discovery scientists are still studying it to comprehend what it does
meshing gear is a difficult task but our world would be very different without these gears
and the people who have the patience knowledge and understanding to make them
so during the Industrial Revolution they were the driving force behind the
development of the factory machinery which made assembly lines possible
without gears there would also be no trains or automobiles prior to the discovery of the
antikythra mechanism the earliest complex gear trains were discovered in European clocks around the
1400s when the Middle Ages were just giving away to the Renaissance
although this ancient greek computer is a thousand years older it contains gears
that are just as complex as those found in medieval clocks
in a modern time you will still find gears in Grandfather clocks analog watches locks and telescope Focus
adjustment one of the Intriguing things about the antikythra mechanism is how they
considered carefully how to make it both small enough and functional X-rays of
the Crusty metal shows six smaller gears attached to the main drive gear known as a gear train so you have a 64 tooth gear
of moving a 38 tooth gear moving this gear will be this gear moving this gear moving this gear achieving the same
ratio of 254 to 19. the discovery that the Sun and the Moon
orbit the same points in the sky is attributed to a Greek astronomer named Meta the matanic cycle is deeply
ingrained in the antikythra mechanism it is 254 tropical months and 19 solar
years which is the amount of time it takes the planets to rotate around each other to think about this and to see how
gears can calculate ratios think of a large Gear with 254 teeth and a much
smaller Gear with 19 teeth 19 turns of the large gear makes 254
turns on the smaller gear is essentially simple math so the division can be broken down into chunks
instead of done all at once 30 gear wheels and the gears are very visible on the
x-rays this could represent the sky at any given time or use them in a date from a specific
rotation of The Luminaries with just one button you could reproduce
all the movement of the visible luminaries the Sun and the Moon the device is a miniature mechanical
representation of the cosmos Geocentric astronomy at the time of antikythra had been established for a
while they knew precisely the new precisely the cycle of each of the luminaries including the issue of the
offset between the lunar and the solar calendars identified by the Greeks
for the course of 19 years or 19 solar years they were presice 235 lunar months and
that was fine-tuned century later if you take four times the metonic cycle which is 4 into 19 which equals 76 then
we remove one day then we have the concordance of both the lular and the solar cycle that is much more precise
and it’s funny as all these numbers the 19 235 and the 76 are all located on
the machine on the inscription prices team was able to produce custom x-rays to view the internal components with of
the device without damaging it further by doing so and it concludes that the point of
representing the sun was through one full cycle which is one year with five turns of the side dial
and the main Drive wheel moves the sun pointer around the Zodiac dial spining a gear train
calculating the motion of the Moon the second quarter is the moon pointer
and its on a coaxel shaft that’s a differential turning one side handle move both
Porters around the Zodiac dial at the appropriate speeds according to how the moon mechanism was calculated in the
movement of the moon in relation to the sun because the ancient Greeks very closely observed the moon phases just
like every other early civilization before them they all counted and bundled their days
according to the moon they gauge the natural rhythms in the realm according to what they saw the moon
doing then the moon serves as a simple time keeper but the antikythra mechanism can
forecast when and where the moon will appear in the sky making a reasonable calendar and
balancing lunar and solar Cycles were two of the greeks astronomer & scholars main objectives
in moon roughly takes 27 h & eight days to appear in the same location in the sky and this is called the tropical
monthly compared to the sun’s path and the sidereal month were in compared to the stars and because the new moon is
not visible it takes 29 days and 12 hours to cycle back from Full to full
they added a mechanism to the antikythra mechanism that displays the waxing and waning of the moon phases
and it required a smaller gear in addition to the Sun and Moon pointer and this idea hadn’t been seen for
another 1400 years later when we start to notice it in astronomical clocks from the Middle Ages
this original hardware was designed two thousand years ago in ancient Greece but the cosmos is the
software that runs it and their detailed knowledge of it comes from an even earlier culture
this must have been a very precious piece of equipment that may have been on their way to sell
maybe it was an order from a land owner one of the many islands this machine appears to be a calendar
that could have been used to keep track of their Seasons which was specially important for farmers
also to predict when the new moon would appear the begining point for every month
the antikythra mechanism employed six gears to achieve the ratio of 254 over
19. beginning with a 64 tooth gear wheel at the center
the formula 254 months in 19 years is created by adding these ratios together
some have Claimed that it is so complex that the Greeks could never have created
it some even assert that it was made by extraterrestrials
according to a best-selling book from the 1960s highly developed aliens must have brought it to Earth from another
planet the idea put forth by Eric from daniken and others like him but anything’s
complex or interesting Antiquity was brought by aliens is simply absurd and
that’s this being disproved by other academics you’ve replaced a simple hypothesis of
the ancient people were intelligent and diligent were the more complex one namely that
these aliens exist the complexity of the ancient device
still astounds modern Engineers so why not choose the straight forward theory
although we picture them as prematives they were not they were individual there
with extraordinary Minds opening incredible things like our archimides
the antikythra mechanism explains the moon’s variable speed in particular it’s a very subtle effect that most casual
observers would never notice over the course of a month the moon gradually speeds up and slows down in its path
across the sky the geometrical formula to work out the moon’s variable speed was created by a man named Hipercus who
lived in the second century BC a hundred years before Archimedes without hipparcus or a man of his
caliber the antikythra mechanism was not possible he played a key role in taking the translated Babylonian data
and transforming it into a set of working models that actually worked to predict the positions of the Moon and
the Sun I believe as do many others that this mechanism was built by one of the most
well-known and most brilliant inventors in all of Greek history
Archimedes Archimedes genius is renowned
he was a practical inventor of many things including Innovative and very effective weaponry
for Warfare at sea he engineered many weapons that were used to sink enemy ships
for ground Warfare he engineered and constructed enormous car-like war
machines these machines were the precursors to today’s armored vehicles and tanks
as well as being an engineer Archimedes was an astronomer and a mathematician
research connects Archimedes to the antikythra mechanism Archimedes hailed from Sicily which
provided the names for seven of the mechanisms month designations these
months names were used solely in Sicily though similar ones were used in parts of Greece
Archimedes was fascinated with mechanical gears and how they interacted
as an astronomer he was also fascinated with the movements of The Luminaries
there are written accounts that he constructed other devices that were very similar to the antikythera mechanism
given the widespread knowledge that the Ancients possessed of the stationary flat with features Earth realm which is
the only model that works in perfect Flawless synchronicity with the antikythra mechanism it’s a safe bet to
conclude that it was one of Archimedes many brilliant inventions Archimedes did travel and likely Drew
inspiration knowledge and information from other even older cultures in their texts and literatures the Ancients were
very Advanced and they knew the workings of the cosmos intimately much can be learned from them even today
X series of canted Gears must be used to represent the epi cycle of the each celestial object
circular movements around the fixed Center of mass which was the way in
which the Greek mathematicians explained their apparent motion on the sun and
planets around the Earth it is not far-fetched to imagine that such devices had become really
widespread in Greek Roman world some astronomers like Copernicus or Galileo
might eventually have been inspired to solve the problem that kept such models of
functioning periods longer than a few decades indeed it was invention of precise time
keeping and exact observations of the 685 heavens in 250 BC they were capable of
doing this the level of mass required is amazing as the antikythra mechanism involves complex movements
person who design the machine had a very long history of Performing calculations that is certainty because in order to
represent all this complex phenomena in such a simple way but yet very difficult to design and Implement clearly this was
not a dry run the orbit of the Moon around the Earth is Not circular but elliptic which gives
its a variable speed from the earth This is complicated to reproduce as the gear generate constant circular movements
the wheels gear up one inside the other but we also know how to do that the illuminary gears but when they turn they
will drift away so they take more time to get to the other gears so it slows down
and I didn’t move to closer it goes faster so they managed to get these gears to breath while working they move
away when they move closer and what does it actually do it changes the gear ratio
they created something that is absolutely incredible in Simplicity and the same time it is genius and our own
civilization missed it entirely gears inside that shows extraordinary techniques and creativity the research
and development meaning the design of the object relies on the knowledge we have to begin with because we are learning while working
over it can take forever it can take an entire lifetime what they don’t dare to say in front of
the cameras in fear of upsetting some archaeologists is the level of math required to design such a mechanism
AM is more than just an impressive peice of ancient engineering it’s based on 100s
observations made thousands of years ago how and why could they have noticed a
calculated and recorded this information then translated it into the precise movements of so many aspects
of the cosmos these Records were used by the greeks centuries later to build
geometric models to Foretell future and past planetary Stellar alignments
and a blending of these 2 can be seen in the antikythra mechanism
this is one of the most complicated parts of the whole entire apparatus
they needed to offset that second gear so the first and second gears movement of the one to one ratio but the second
gear has a pin that fits its slot off third gear which is off-centered
and this pin and Slot system enables them to achieve that variable speed
can you imagine waking up over two thousand years ago and deciding just to make this without any blue print or
schematics the antikythra mechanism was lightweight Compact and portable but
they managed to get nearly all of their knowledge of astronomy into this one device
it was thier theory of everything in a box similar to today’s modern laptop computers
and here we believe this could be the entire working model
even then the gears calculate the motion 767 00:31:01,440 –> 00:31:04,500 of the moon as simultaneously calculate
the moons Changing Faces adds a whole other layer of engineering complexity
it’s a very impressive mechanism every gear represents a different
luminary it traces not only their movements as individuals but also in relation to each
other just like you see them in the night sky but there’s no gear for the Earth itself
is that because we are the base of the mechanism whoever designed this piece of technology
was fully aware of what he was observing the paths the speeds and the distances
between the luminaries so precise it’s still able to predict the positions
after so many years for example ancient construction of the pyramids
which they built to line up with the constellation of Orion the antikythra mechanism would have been a very useful
tool to predict where the stars would be at a specific time of the year making a
perfect alignment here was Greek Genius at its height
the Great and divine Cosmos represented through mechanism by scientists who wish
to show that there was no mathematical challenge beyond their abilities we know that the Greek society was the
birthplace of the art architecture and culture that is a foundation of our
modern world now we also know that it was the Cradle of a advance technology
Derek dsoula price who pioneered the early research on the mechanism said
it’s a bit frightening to know that just before the fall of their great civilization the ancient Greeks have
come so close to our own age not only in that taught but also in the Scientific
Technology standing outside of a Star Fort in St Augustine
Florida there are literally star forts everywhere across the surface of our
Earth we were people who had horse and buggy technology they also didn’t have power
tools they had to build this stuff by candlelight with hammers and chizzles do you really buy that I don’t people of
the past were far Advanced when it comes to architecture and artwork and the
machines that they made especially the antikythra mechanism
the antikythra abilities are known and it’s now believed that there were probably additional gears and dials which did not
survive the devices underwater burial however while the new construction shows
that the mechanism would have been capable of reconciling solar & lunar
calendars representing the precise positions of each planet and the Sun
and the moon over a period of 19 years a mechanism would have been capable of
predictive solar lunar eclipses appears to have been able to show the timing of
the ancient Olympic Games based on the assumptions found in the back of the
mechanism five dials on the back of the mechanism
demonstrate the 235 synodic month showing that the Greeks understood 235
lunar month to be extremely close to 19 years this allows the user to set the current
solar day on to the front of the dial to lunar day
including the 255 months cycle a tablet as an instruction manual
pattern to it and the presumably set it up I have to calibrate it to your
specific location exactly much like a modern laptop are you set a time zone and so forth and
according to your theory you look it up to something to ballers
or hit our moves against at a consistent rate and on one side you have times on
the planet then moon and the sun exactly as these arms sweep around the dial like
the arms of the clock and what I thought was super cool was that the arm for the moon how do It sweeps
around like a clock arm showing you the position of the moon in the sky but it
also he does that it also spin around it own axis and it has a little ball at
on and that looks like Thebearing like half black and half white and
while it spin around it itself it shows you the phase of the moons as well
yes we have a dial that rotates at the same time around two axis it regulates
the phase of the Moon by the age of moon it’s far beyond what is usually
attributed to the ancient Greece otherwise it would have been needed thousands they would have nearly thousands of
prototype to reach such as precise results but how to go from a design to a
mechanical implementation that is still a mystery nowadays just because in practice it is way more complicated than
it looks take the main wheel it has 223 teeth how do you easily break down a
circle into 223 equal parts the answer antikythra mechanism is not a unique objects it’s Unique for us since it’s the only
one that has reached us today thanks to the antikythra shipwreck other than that there would have been
dozens now with the knowledge of the device some Greek scriptures sound different a book by the scribes of the
astronomer who lived roughly at the time as suppose the implementation of the antikythra mechanism gemino
when you read this text you feel like you are reading a description of the antikythra mechanism
it prove that the tools for machines did not survive the test of time because it was 2000 years ago Egypt 5000 years
ago all of the technology could have been lost it was saved because it sank
that was the paradox had it stayed on land it would be melted recycled to do something else
that was the rule of all metallic objects that were no longer useful the device would still work had it not
remained underwater How could a major chapter in the history of human engineering have been lost from our records
that the device is lost is one thing but the very idea of the existence was lost or done purposely
what’s even more surprising is that the discovery was almost entirely overlooked by the archaeologists
if you ask a classical archaeologist what is the relationship of the elders what’s the technology at the best they
would mention architecture we can’t miss Acropolis obviously for the elders the theory prevailed and the tangible work
was for the slave that’s the typical discourse which had continued since the Romans
antikythra mechanism questions that discourse and forces us to reread and also rewrite the
number of things what a surprise if antikythra mechanism makes us re consider the evolution of
human Science and Technology known as rear phase greek scientist
2000 years ago fashioned a computer mechanism that displays a calendar that follows a 19-year
235 month metonic cycle of the moon that predicts the precise more location
in magnitude and color of the eclipses and on the front they represented the
universe as they saw it at the front with the five planets the Sun and the Moon
performing the complicated steps of their dance throughout the heavens
what I find intriguing is that there’s no historical records of anything that
led up to the antikythra mechanisms inner workings something so asvanced nothing half
advance and they omly have one there’s no simpilar version that shows us just the sun or just the moon
or just the Sun and Moon together they just have this amazing clock all of a sudden
and it’s interesting to know about the ship carrying the antikythra mechanism sat there in the first century BC
so it was a coincidence that the library of the Alexanderia were burned in 48 BC around 800 miles away
destroying volumes of history that still can’t be accounted for and do coincidence really
happened that sounded very convenience
just to get the Precision of this device that must have been trial 979 00:39:40,680 –> 00:39:42,440 and errors
the antikythra mechanism is accurate to within one degree in 500 years so since the sun moves at 15 degrees
an hour well one degree every four minutes we see that the antikythra mechanism is accurative is accurate to
within one half a second a year in comparison to today’s watches were loose three seconds of accuracy a
day which means they lose that one percent accuracy in 80 Days
over 500 years there’s no comparison
well I guess that’s what made one luxury company buy all the rights to dive the Shipwreck site because they need to know
just what ancient Greeks knew about time and the sky clock that it represents
there are multiple ancient carvings with cities that appear to be wearing wrist watches and the bigger ones have more
detail and the smaller ones have less detail and i am not sure what the mainstream
explanation for it is or if they’re even probably just glance right over it
call it jewelry this is a question why is even watch on
isn’t that a watch how dare you and possible what is that jewelry it looks
like a watch I mean maybe it’s jewelry but it’s on his wrist and it’s a circle and it’s with a band right I mean what
is that many antikythra mechanism it looks like my watch it does it does that’s crazy but of course the
explanation is like of course not just jewelry but it does look like it doesn’t it well it just makes sense that if they
developed weapons and they develop clothing and they develop shelters if
they had the sophistication to be able to construct these buildings why wouldn’t they have the construct a watch
right an automatic watch in the antikythra mechanism the
calculation of the lunar orbit and the phases is intriguing apart from the phases it shows the
calculation of the moon’s position against the fixed stars and finally its
differing speed and animalistic mask the course of the year the Sun moved in
front of the Starry Sky to the 12 Zodiac signs likewise the moon but not in the course
of the year but once a month at the beginning the solar and the lunar
pointers overlap its new moon one week further we have a half
moon the Sun moved only a bit but the Moon is three zodiac signs further
another week we have a full moon the Moon is exactly opposite the Sun
then again Half Moon and then again new moon one month have passed now
sun and the moon are both one zodiac sign further than at the beginning
for the moon phases we need only two gears they are attached to the solar and the
lunar pointer there’s a crown wheel and the lunar pointer is mounted on the gear wheel
which has the same number of teeth as a ground wheel and runs in it
therefore with each rotation of the lunar pointer following the solar pointer the moon axis rotate exactly
once around itself indicating all the phases of the moon one after the other
so this is quite simple as we see above is the same way
reflected in the antikythra mechanism you can see clearly Earth is not in
between the Sun and the Moon for the lunar phases all the eclipses but below
it the sun and the moon rotating above us
as seen in reality and in this mechanical planetarium the
antikythra mechanism calculates exactly that which is impossible to be shown on a
heliocentric model this time I’d like to offer some
challenges to you remaining few that are desperately clinging to this dying fad to derive some semblance of self-worth
let’s call them 10 challenges for flat earthers
number three here’s an idea what if you were to actually make a prediction with your model like any prediction you know
those things that you have to do in science for it to be science pick any celestial object a planet a comet a star
now pick any time in the future and using only the Flat Earth model and nothing else tell me where it will be at
that time if you can’t do this and I know you can’t consider admitting that your model is absolutely irrelevant
people who actually understand the geometry of the earth and the solar system can predict a solar eclipse
specifying the start and end time down to the second and tracing its precise
path down to the square mile doing that even a single time means the model used
to make the prediction has been undeniably verified and it’s done every single time anyone who doesn’t see the
importance of that has no clue how science works
the antikythra mechanism is a genuine cosmograph a machine to describe the cosmos and
also a selenograph a machine to describe the complex movement of the Moon
the antikythra mechanism was highly accurate and could show multiple
astronomical Cycles including the metonic cycle named after the Greek astronomer meton
it runs for 19 years equals to 235 lunar months
all the callaific cycle named after the Greek astronomer callaifus
it runs for 76 years equal to 945 lunar months of four metonic Cycles
the antikythra mechanism also showed the soros cycle 223 lunar months covering just over 18
years as well as the ex-aligumos cycle equivalent to three soros cycles of
54 years which served especially to predict possible eclipses
the volume of astronomical data compiled to create a mathematical model
able to summarize the cycles using mechanical gear trains is
astonishing evidence of the conceptual abilities of the scholars and Engineers of the antiquity
past present or future all can be predicted on the antikythra mechanism
which is based on the geocentric stationary flat earth model
antikythra mechanism can be seen as a portable Planetarium the first analog computer
by turning its crank handle the analog computer will convert time to the
position of the luminaries the sun and the moon attract a four-year
athletic events including the Olympic and the delphic games but most important
it predicted solar and lunar eclipses that’s where it gets even more
complicated because there’s something called the Seros cycle which is a pattern
of successive solar eclipses one Cycle takes between 12 and 1500
years to spiral from the North Pole to the South and in each soros cycle is about 70 or
so eclipses with each Eclipse about 18 years 10 days and 8 hours apart
soros cycle is Neo Babylonian it was developed by the Babylonians
they kept spreadsheets recording all the eclipses to try to work out patterns in
the cycle but how did the Babylonians acquire
enough measurements from both sides of the Equator spanning the whole Eurasian continent
now that is a great mystery sounds like a good conspiracy theory to
me but I think they would have had a mathematical method for tying up the lunar and solar eclipses and they didn’t
need a network of astronomers all across the surface of the Earth because the ancients noticed that every six months
there were Eclipse markers so you only had to look for these events every six months and you only had to look for a
solar eclipse during a new moon or a lunar eclipse during a full moon so they had a very narrow window
the device is an extremely complex analog computer whilst consisting of at least 40 gears
which would have been capable of calculating anything from the exact
position and size of the moon in the sky at any point during an 18-year period
to the positions of every there now planets in their orbits
could have predicted eclipse’s full moons and even the speed of the Moon
across the sky and would have told its owners the
future data to Olympic Games and much more the mechanism is constructed mostly in
bronze in an ingenious array of interlocking gears which use complex mathematical
procedures to rectify the solar year the amount of time it takes for the sun
to rotate around the earth with the lunar month the amount of time it takes
for the moon to Transit between nodes in the northern southern hemisphere the 19
years cycle there was only rediscovery in the west during the Enlightenment age
the various known indications of the antikythra mechanism have been Faithfully reproduced in this miniature
Miracle both on the front and the back front phase shows a calendar for the panhellenic games including the cities
designated to host the games Egyptian calendar 12 months of 30 days
each plus the epigaminal days which are outside of Any Given month shows the position of the sun in the
ring of the zodiac constellations and the face of the Moon with a magnificent hand aperture
which shows the moon position in the ring of the zodiac constellations throughout the sidreel month and the
sidereel year the back of the device shows a calyptic cycle the metonic cycle the soros
cycle and the exllaimos cycle this device can be used for Star
locations cardinal directions wandering Stars which are the which are called the
planets it shows the position of the luminaries eclipses moon phases and so much more
antikythra mechanism reenact or reflect what the heavens above are doing because they know everything was in Cycles
be it the sun the moon the lunaries be it meatonic cycle the sidereel cycle the 19 year cycle the eclipses
the retrograde the progade not only for the moon but also Venus Mercury and many other luminaries
the fact that 1500 years even before the idea of the globe earth was born the Ancients were using these devices so
it’s very obvious which model this mechanism is based on these people knew how these luminaries
and the Sun and the Moon and the constellation were going in Cycles they record this cycle that was the base
of the observation for this mechanism and we want to call them primitive for
what their true geography of the true creation story was they knew what was stationary and what was in motion that’s
what reflects in the antikythra mechanism the saros cycle used for eclipse
prediction use symbols to denote the anticipated eclipses between total
annular and partial solar eclipses and total or penumbral lunar eclipses
the small dial on the right is called that exllamus pointer out which is
an eight hour refinement across three saros Cycles because all of the dials they
synchronized the device can be Advanced or reversed until a certain input
condition is met and then the output of all the others can be read
the front of the mechanism has two circular dials the outer dial is a movable Egyptian calendar and the inner
dial is the Babylonian zodiac there are seven pointer for the planets all the way out to Saturn that point to the
positions of the planets as viewed from the earth along the zodiac in the middle of the dial there is a little Moon that
changes color from black to white as you rotate the mechanism the doors and panels are all inscribed with an
instruction manual the back of the mechanism has two large dials the top dial is a lunar calendar and the bottom
dial is the most important one which is the lunar and solar eclipse dial and that is used in conjunction with the
front of the mechanism to determine whether there would be a lunar or solar eclipse its gear must be utterly precise and
fitted ever so perfectly in place for the device to have worked
it is in this example in order to calculate the 19-year cycle in which the
solar and lunar years overlap and to accurately show where the moon will be
in the sky at any given point during that cycle gears that indicated a solar day and the
lunar day are connect by a series of smaller gears which translate the motion
of the solar day into the corresponding motion of the lunar day the mechanism
also appears to contain a number of Novel complications a name given by
horologists within a device which subjectly changes its operation
these complications seem to be inserted into the mechanism we know this devices is a working
flat Earth model because this device has a stationary Center where everything
else goes around the stationary Center which is the earth gaging all of this motion from the earth and that have
nothing to show that it’s moving if it was moving if the Earth was moving with
all the other planets and the Sun and the Moon it would have been represented with the 5 other planets they knew before they
built this machine no idea about heliocentric solar system Big Bang idea let alone for 5 000 years all of recorded
histories if we were moving we wont see them same nighttime sky twice in a
row let alone for thousands of years and the antikythra mechanism wouldn’t work in any location on Earth anywhere ever
for any reason because it’s moving here we have more of a chance of seeing the pyramid sthift position that we do
any of the stars ever shift in position this amazing that 2000 years ago
they knew this planetary motion for precision that holds up to better than today’s standards and they knew it would
never change and the anitikythra mechanism proves undeniably and the software that runs it was based on
information handed down for thousands of years improved readings of an inscription that was
on the mechanism’s back cover describing its external features and displays
it leaves little room for doubt that the front display Incorporated evolving
pointers varying little spheres to represent all five planets known in
Antiquity making The Upfront motions around the Earth
each sphere is set to move through a circle belonging to the planet strongly suggesting that a certain
feature of the front display that the inscription called Cosmos was in fact the entire front dial portraying in
cross-section the Aristotelian conception of the universe
it will track the 29 and a half days for example you could advance until Mercury goes retrograde and see what
constellation that occurs in or see how long Venus will be visible at Sunrise or what constellation the moon will be in
at the next lunar eclipse the antikythra mechanism is the cosmos
the cosmos is on the front of the mechanism and the stars are represented in a more conceptual manner by the fixed
graduated dial inscribed with the names of the zodiacal signs and with key letters referring to the list of dates of first
and last risings and settings of constellations in the parapagma inscription above and below the central
dials visual representations of the ancient geocentric cosmology and medieval and
Renaissance manuscripts and artwork commonly use the Zodiac in this way to stand for the hemisphere of fixed Stars
a dial constructed in this manner would have elegantly combined two functions of the mechanism one as an analog computer
permitting quantitative read-off of the longitudinal positions and motions of
the Heavenly luminaries and two as an educational wonderworking device portraying his constituent Parts in
their hierarchical structure and intricate movements the entire complex of dials and pointers of the mechanism’s
front could biome manautomy be itself called the cosmos mechanism was an
important precursor to Modern astronomical instruments including telescopes and planetarium projectors
the construction of the mechanism was a testament to the skill and Ingenuity of
ancient Engineers and Craftsmen in addition to its scientific uses that
antikythra mechanism was likely used for astrological and religious purpose
reflects the importance of astronomy in ancient cultures
changes that always appear at the end of one platonic month and the beginning of the next which are roughly every 2100
years it seems there are changes that occur when a new constellation takes psychic
dominance of the archetype or god as they used to be called brings about and accompany long-lasting
transformations of the collective psyche these changes arise in nature and are
due to certain gradual transformations of the archetype they indicate that the
clock is active and is continuously moving passing from one cyclic division into another
kepler discovered a over a couple of hundred years ago about the elliptical movements of The Luminaries He also mentioned that
the universe is a giant clock it’s a mechanism he knows what he means that’s why he could predict or discover
these motions people think of the ancient as immature or primitive because they believed in a geocentric stationary
Earth these ancients were using a fully function device like an antikythra mechanism and all the science related to
It 2 000 plus years before and that was based on the geocentric stationary flat earth
the antikythra mechanism was a testament to the importance of astronomy
in ancient Greek culture reflecting the desire of Greek astronomers and mathematicians to understand the
workings of the cosmos though the word cosmos had a range of
possibilities outside of scientific context in Hellenistic astronomy it always meant either the aggregate of the
heavens and the Earth or the heavens as distinct from the Earth all these relations are why the antikythera
mechanism is often called an analog computer and because of its complexity and sheer number of scenarios it could
replicate is a primary reason that remains one of the most fascinating objects of the ancient world
antikythra mechanism is the cosmic planetarium the nested geocentric cosmology had wide
Acceptance in Greek science in the 4th Century BC on and it was one of the parts of astronomy
that a educator laymen could be expected to know the figures for example in the first
chapter of Gemini’s introduction to the phenomena popularization of astronomy from the
1st Century BC although no pictory representation which survived from before late
Antiquity diagrams showing the cosmos in cross-sections the series of concentric
circular Rings surrounding a flat stationary Earth frequently occurred in
medieval manuscripts and even in the Renaissance paintings the outermost cycle of the fixed stars
is very often represented in these pictures as a ring containing the names symbols or pictures of the 12th zodiacal
signs just as we find it antikythra mechanism probably one of the most one of the most
special things on the ship full of Treasures some people say that watching the Stars
was like watching TV for the ancients and if the narrative is accurate I don’t
think that could be true because they’d be way too occupied for feeding themselves in basic survival skills back
then so I’m well so watching this stars may have been entertaining
but I don’t think that was the purpose it was much more functional in their daily lives and they had good reason
hundreds of reasons to observe and record all of the subtle motions of the cosmos
the thousands of years culture after culture oh Common Thread and all the ancient cosmologists
the other reason that the base of the mechanism is stationary Realm could be comparable to the devices like astrolabe
which is used for a particular day and the position of the luminaries above having scripture in Sanskrit and the
plate below represents the bhu mandala the physical flat realm with all the movements above and the same thing goes
for the antikythra mechanism they say bhu mandala representing a solar system but the fact is that bhu mandala is the
physical plane with rings of oceans and land howz that possible in space antikytha mechanism base reflect the same
purpose of a geocentric stationary level realm as an astrolabe [Music]antikytha mechanis seems to be the
predesor of clocks like the astronomical clock in Prague and the torreso in cremona Italy
here we can observe how the geocentric model comes to life on a non-moveable
flat Earth these clocks show the positions of the Sun the moon and stars and also other
cyclical formations like day and night Lunar and solar eclipses the seasons and
solstices in the Inner Circle we see the Earth represented as a flat circle
establishing the geocentricity of the model on the inner ring we see the 12 calendar
months represented by the symbol on the outer ring we see that 24 hours
dividing the clock and all the Rings and pointers are in
constant motion circling the fat Earth in the center and give the exact solar
date just like the antikythra mechanism this mechanism is it’s an instrument of
mathematical astronomy it’s intensely rich in mathematics it’s not complicated
mathematics it’s simple arithmetic and it’s simple geometry but put together in
an absolutely beautiful way this new Paper brings together many ideas from the
past but it puts them forwards in a synthesis which shows absolutely dazzling
display of the ancient Greek Cosmos how they saw planets the moon and the sun
patterns of pillars on this wheel it had structure some sort of structure that
revolved like a merry-go-round and what I ended up with was models of the the
planets this is a model of the of the Greek Cosmos geocentric you can think of this cover plate in the middle as
representing the Earth and everything goes around it this is a model of the of the Greek Cosmos geocentric you can
think of this cover plate in the middle as representing the Earth and everything goes around it it’s geocentricular
geocentric geocentricular so what the antikythra mechanism teaches us is that the
heliocentric hypothesis is false the sun is not the center of anything nothing is
going around the Sun everything is going over the surface of our flat and
stationary Earth the Sun the moon and the stars they move in perfect precise
order they are absolute perfection and they work almost like a divinely
inspired clock so this realm that we live in Works in perfect order it is not
chaotic it is not the result of some random explosion of nothing that created
everything that we see it works with precision and what you will see if you
look at the antikythra mechanism and compare it to what we see in our observable reality is that everything
moves over the surface of our flat and stationary Earth nothing goes around the sun the sun is not the center the
heliocentric hypothesis is false the geocentric hypothesis is reality the
geocentric idea of the earth is reality but not geocentric meaning that the Earth is a globe the Earth is flat and
stationary the geocentric model is a flat and stationary Earth and an
enclosed electrical topographical stationary plane where everything we see in the sky is moving in perfect pattern
over us replicated patterns that are that repeat themselves seems like every 19 years the Sun the moon and the stars
move under Polaris around the surface of our flat and stationary Earth
making nine gears one inside the other and inside the other nine times
the tolerance is not of a millimeter thickness of a fingernail but a tenth of
a millimeter more than that there are four gears that are only six millimeters in diameter of
the gears matched by less than half millimeter for the gears to operate correctly you
need to keep the dial and axel wobble less than 0 5 of a millimeter
and you can do that by a trial and error takes long time
but u need a lathe to rotate the gear and without any Wobble the model of
engineering displayed by these people so recently out of the iron age is how they were able to flatten that brass and fit
those gears so perfectly soldering also historically absent before it was
made and again after it was made the clocks were an introduced for another 1400 years later
and two stroms gave us historical luck we have to challange the science
I mean theories that need other theories to support it formulas that
don’t work in real life that’s not real science but yet you still believe this is the
universe we live in and accidental random chaotic and often
in meaningless existence over and over again this fake World
reality has been presented to you as an absolute truth to keep you disconnected from the real truth
that this is a Divine creation the fact of the matter is that everything is
actually just as you see and experience it trust your senses the sun and the moon
are the same size and all celestial bodies revolve around us the geocentric system adequately
explains all Earthly as Celestial phenomena tells me is that the luminaries are
moving in a circular Motion in relation to the earth below them it would be impossible to see this cycle
in the heliocentric model which has us moving in at least four different ways at incredible speeds to run endless 1677 01:08:58,560 –> 01:08:59,698 space
this mechanism is based on a geocentric model with us in the center and all luminaries circling above us
in a repeatable cycle our whole earth system with the Sun the moon
and stars is a magnificent timepiece divinely created for us to keep count of
the days the months and the years in such a way but we can see it with our Naked Eyes
who could have taken all that knowledge and put it in a gear mechanism in such
an incredible way Think of the Earth as a bullseye and in the middle of the Earth or the middle of
that Bullseye is Polaris up in the sky but down below is possibly a tree
possibly a black rock or the stump of a tree you can hypothesize that all you
want I don’t know but what I do know from what the antikythra mechanism shows us and what we’ve seen when we
look into the sky is that everything is circling in spirograph pattern all
around the surface of our flat stationary Earth and nothing is going around the sun the sun is
part of this realm that moves in perfect Precision with everything else in the sky it is not the center it is not a
huge ball of mass that’s attracting all these other planets that are rotating it or revolving tilting wobbling it
none of that the heliocentric hypothesis is false the geocentric view of this
world or this realm is reality but not a globe the Earth is flat and
stationary geocentric means everything is moving around the center of our flat and stationary Earth
the geocentric stationary Earth model common knowledge that the Earth was
stationary and located at the center of the universe with the sun moon and
luminaries moving around it in circular paths around the Earth was widely
accepted by philosophers astronomers and other Scholars
the mechanism also used epicyclical gears to track the Motions of the planet
epicyclical gears were used to track the movements of the planets as they
moved across the sky from the perspective of an observer on Earth
presicion couldnt have achived in the heliocentric model nearly all throughout the world Ancients
also built structures of amazing size and spectacle that were aligned with certain constellations
they had no idea about the heliocentric model because it simply was none no one thought they were moving around
until maniacs took over started talking psychobabble about an uncontained pressurized nuclear furnaces
like the sun being chased by plants over millions of
miles through billions of years we’re all caused by gravity which is a
force they still can’t really explain they have three different versions and neither one of them makes sense
I wonder what they would think about this version of outer space would be taught today
now when they found that ancient Greek uh computer thing and what is that
called the antikythra mechanism yes yeah again that testifies to a lost
navigational skill that yeah that we have not taken account of incredibly complex and it took a long time for them
to figure out what that even is yeah what do they think that is now um it tracks the movements of the
planets it’s a it’s a navigational device it’s uh it it’s a geared cogged system that allows you to track the
passage of time and figure out where you are it’s it’s some kind of navigational device it’s not fully understood and how
old is that I think that goes back to Greek times I’m guessing here because the Greek times are not of great
interest to me but I’m thinking around about 500 BC so at least 2 000 years old
2000 plus and we know that there had to be more than one of these things yes it
it you can’t you can’t have something like that without without a vast effort behind it human beings will are working
on creating this geared and cogged Machinery that that reflected the patterns was that a recreation that’s a
recreation yeah do you can you buy one of those are you buy that dude fine bookmark that
we need one right there right next to the plastic cells and so such a thing is a cultural artifact which doesn’t just
appear out of nowhere it has it has to have a context it has to have a background and again my suggestion would
be perhaps a secret technology it’s very odd that very few of these have been
found and it may be that ship owners and Navigators in Greek times were extremely careful about who they shared this
technology with of course they may it may have been as top secret as you know nuclear power is in in our world today
oh that makes sense but the fact is that then we have to we it exists it’s real
it’s there and then we must consider what’s behind it what what led to that
is that just the latest manifestation of something that that does much more deeply back into human human culture and
I I think that is I think I suppose my main my main message is that we have a
so far Untold backstory that we’re concentrating entirely on the front story and the back story is missing very
largely missing from the picture and what I’ve tried to do is to fill in bits at the back The Gatekeepers are doing their jobs so that people really don’t
know the purpose of this technology like these they give us some truth and they want you to look elsewhere they don’t want to
let you know the importance and the true purpose and the meaning of these devices
so they are having these devices being produced and they all want it
they know that the digital device cannot be relied on as they need power but these mechanical machines don’t need any power
they can see the past present and the future as the ancient have been doing for thousands of years
is their job to do that to keep you confused they believe some would call it a navigational device a clock a calendar
an astronomical device astrological or astro divination device a geomancy
device the best part is it’s a combination of all these science together in one device working in Perfection reflecting the
movement the only movement above to a geocentric stationary flat plain a model that’s been working more than
2000 plus years and will be functional in the future that’s true science simple science they are no fake formulas
theories or psuedoscience hublot made a watch based on the antikythra mechanism and they wanted to
do more expeditions to find more pieces so they can find what was the real purpose of these devices they already
know the purpose of these devices The Gatekeepers make sure you don’t get to the core and know exactly what it is a
fully functional geocentric stationary Flat earth model antikythra mechanism was a very complicated machine at the
time you had to be schooled to be able to input the correct information and in
turn read property according to Rabbi Eleazar in the principle of intercalation Joseph who
was made second in command to the Pharaoh in Egypt after he was sold by his jealous Brothers
was using his skills of reading the Stars in the Book of Joshua we learned that he
made use of Stellar instruments this Cosmic knowledge would have been passed down from generation to
generation which would make this knowledge come from an even more ancient origin for that is certainly a very
interesting concept to study further in the public school system or professors in the University Systems
they are literally regurgitating their indoctrination and that’s all I would
call a lot of these scientists pseudoscientists because they have a lot of claims with very little evidence if
any especially when it comes to the shape of the earth and with astronomy in what we see in the sky a lot of what we
see what we observe in this realm contradicts what we were taught to
believe by these scientists so the scientists that are in the public school
system teaching kids the professors who are in the University’s teaching young adults they have beliefs and their
beliefs have blinded them to some of the simple truths of this realm that we live in they blinded by bias and can’t
consider things that contradict their beliefs I would ask you to just consider
questioning everything question the shape of the earth question what we see
in the sky with the Sun the moon the planets and the stars and seeing if you can learn something new
see if you can learn something true how come nobody has written about it
the Greeks and Romans wrote thousands of detailed documents why was there no mention of the 1910 01:18:11,280 –> 01:18:12,960 antikythra mechanism before the sponge
divers discovered it in 1901. the ancient Greeks were effectively
branded as pagans and wiped out by Invaders all the Greek books were allegedly
burned and the Greek philosophers were wiped out within three generations
the only records we have from ancient Greece are those of are through Arabic
scholarly texts so didnt the Romans keep any records of what the Greeks had done
or written and where are the artifacts Cicero was a Roman politician and
historian who once made an obscure reference to a device they had for predicting solar events
but we can’t rely on him his account because he often wrote with a mixture of fact and fiction
and it seems that Christianity successfully suppressed this knowledge and replaced it with pseudoscience
and this is in the history books that you can check for yourself
Marcus tullio wrote a book DI silca 54 BC it mentioned that the Romans killed Archimedes and took away two
mechanisms that could calculate the movement of the celestial bodies they also took the design and the manuscript
the archeologists thought this book was fictional until they found antikythra mechanism
the device was really important for the rulers if they were so advanced in the other Technologies like construction and
many other Sciences this device would have been really important for them to for the military campaign to know if the
days are long or shorter best days to attack longer nights possible wheather patterns during the time of the year
and for the Kings and the preachers too it would have been also a really important device for predicting eclipses
Equinox soltise for thier rituals and ceremonies they would actually become Gods if they
could predict the celestial events in advance which used to happen in many different cultures including the Egyptians and the vedics
even for the astrologers was a really important device for predicting the client’s future depending on the dates
let them see back in the past and present and the future of that particular zodiac luminary conjunction
horoscope or constellations equally would have served for astronomers too
for the Navigator the device to locate the constaletions complementing with devices like astrolate Compass sextant
during their trips so this device was shared by many different cultures and civilization in
every aspect of their life actually does here’s what people had to say I think this is a very old mechanism
it’s supposed to be one of the earliest things that can be called a computer maybe
I believe it was used to predict celestial events maybe like when planets
meet stuff like that otherwise I think it’s fully understood and there are
still some stuff we might find out about it antikythra mechanism has been guarded for thousands of years by a secret
Sisterhood of astronomers it is our only defense against the coming of antikythra many-headed planet-eating
space Gorgon day by day the antikythera draws nearer and that the antikythra mechanism has been
guarded for thousands of years by a secret Sisterhood of astronomers it is
our only defense Geography about the sky astronomy about
architecture all over the surface of Earth history and a lot of that as
taught by the government and doctrination camps that you would call Public Schools is simply not true
a lot of what we were taught from the time we were very young I came up in the public school system I graduated from
the public school system with very high grades but after I became an adult I had to start putting away some of the
childish beliefs that were spoon fed to me when I was a child like the solar
system and the Earth being in spinning wet Rock in outer space because that’s not what we observe if we will actually
look at the world that we live in our observable reality debunks the globe
delusion what we learned from the antikythra mechanism and as amazing as
it is the Simplicity of it as complex as it was for the alleged time that it was
found or the alleged time that was created the Simplicity of the movement of the sun and the moon and the stars
over our head should tell anybody who can truly think independently that the
Earth is flat and stationary we live in an intelligently designed enclosed
system that is electrical topographical stationary plane the Earth is not a
spinning wet Rock in outer space and we can see just clearly when we look at the Apntikythra mechanism for what it is not
just who built it or when they built it but just the fact that there’s not one thing in the antikythra mechanism
showing the Earth as one of the heavenly bodies moving around with the other Heavenly Bodies that’s not all the
antikythra mechanism why because the Earth is not a globe the Earth is not in Space the Earth is not rotating it’s not
revolving it’s not tilting it’s not wobbling the Earth is an enclosed electrical topographical stationary plane
and you can see this clearly if you look at what the antikythra mechanism actually is it shows the movement of the
Heavenly Luminaire the Sun the moon and the planets the Earth is not only the
antikythra mechanism because it is not a planet every six months they change an
hour for the daylight savings just that one hour change increases the chances of
a heart attack by 40 percent and also causes other severe effects on
the body that is according to some scientific studies we can imagine the consequence of not
being aligned with all of the major natural cycles or Celestial movements of
the illuminators above us this shows the importance of a device like then antikythra mechanism for
tracking and observations of these celestial events
scientific literature is clear on the fact that several psychological rhythms and Collective behaviors are not only
synchronized within the solar and geomagnetic activity but also destruction in these fields can
create adverse effects on human health and behavior
so why is this so important to us the point is that on a biological level
we know that all life on Earth is linked somehow with the solar and lunar cycles
possibly others as well there’s also a great deal of evidence that human consciousness which plays a
big role in many different Sciences including the non-material sciences that is directly connected to astronomy and
astrology in very peculiar ways the antikythra mechanism would have
served to predict all of these important Cycles to help those who use it to live in harmony with the sky clock and the
sky calendar just imagine if this technology hadn’t been confiscated and suppressed
two thousand years ago we may have advanced to a point where Columbus would have been would have
teleported to the Bahamas the only way to run a healthy Society or a Persona is to get in sync with those natural according
cycles and the creator of this mechanism when many of the ancient cultures they were very well tuned to these cycles
because that’s what they’ve observed all that is represented in the antikythra mechanism a geocentric stationary flat
earth model imagine having natural cycles based on the Absurd heliocentric model we all would
be lost that’s what they are doing trying to abrubt the natural cycles within so we stay lost ignorant to the
truth we humans are frequency vibration and energy we have the toroidal feild in us
also the energy center or chakras which spins like a wheel needs to be aligned and balanced for us to be in harmony
with the nature and the environment same as the cycle wheel above us as above so
below and within oder precision and perfection
according to the Greeks and many ancient culture everything is connected to the wheel of nature cog Wheel of Time as
above so below and that’s what it is the antikythra mechanism a geocentric
stationary flat earth model a mechanical realm a portable Realm
construction of the mechanism reflected the advanced level of technological
and scientific knowledge present in ancient times highlighting the contributions of Greek astronomers and
mathematicians to the development of Western science the antikythra mechanism is a
geocentric flat and stationary Earth machine Modern Day science says that it was
impossible for the Greeks to have something like that from 2000 years ago
this machine is about the size of a shoebox and inside of this machine are these intricately perfectly working
gears dozens and dozens of Gears working perfectly together to show the movement
of the Sun the moon and the planet Over Us not only it show exactly perfectly precisely the movement of the
sun moon and planets it can also predict eclipses some of them down to the very hour
so this machine that shouldn’t exist according to science was found in a
shipwreck about 120 years ago now and they date the Shipwreck to about 2 000 years ago so someone 2 000 years ago not
only had the knowledge or the experience to build a machine with extremely precise gears working perfectly together
but they also had the software to go into the hardware the knowledge of how
the sun moon and planets work together over this flat and stationary Earth that
we live on Flat Earth is not a claim it’s not a
belief Flat Earth is an observation with measurements that can be repeated and it has been so the geocentric machine
called the antikythra mechanism is another proof positive that this realm
that we live in is flat and stationary and the extreme precise movement of the
Sun and the Moon and the star that was the software put into this Hardware from 2000 years ago that still works today
two thousand years later you can crank up these this machine up after they’ve reconfigured it or redesigned it and
they’d backwards engineered it to work today you can crank it and you can still watch it working
are predicting the Sun the moon and the planets working in perfect order
this is an intelligently designed system that we live in this realm is amazing we
talk about how amazing this antikythra mechanism is with all these gears that are amazing but that’s just a copy of
the real thing which is this realm that we live in which is flat and stationary
everything we see in the sky moves perfectly over us with extreme precision
and the Antikythra mechanism whoever built it the hardware whoever had the knowledge of a software to put
in it and how it works to show the movement the exact perfect movement of the sun moon and planets above us it’s
an amazing machine but more amazing is the message that it gives to people today that the Earth is flat and
stationary this shows that the ancients had a lot
more going on than we’re being taught to LED onto there were much more harmonious with nature both on the ground
and in the sky it was a clock for them today is when to do things according to what the sky was
telling them and I would imagine that they gaze a great deal about their everyday life according to the antikythra mechanism and
the sky clock that it is representing hunt love agriculture ceremonies
festivals traveling Communications Seasons animal migrations
marvelous nature and ignored the Creator this Marvel is work of a Creator an intelligent design where there is an
order technique and organization behind there is a designer an intelligent designer nothing comes out of casuality a tree
don’t fall and make itself into a cabin you cannot put million alphabet in a bucket and a book will come out where
there is order there is intelligence that’s exactly what our realm is order not chaos
the laws of mathematics supposed to be formed by Newton and Kepler where they discover the law of mathematics that the star and the luminary use
by observing the star and The Luminaries order symmetry precision and geometry
Newton kepler did not create anything the star moves according to the law of mathematics even before these people
were born and that’s exactly what we see reflected in the antikythra mechanism
order functioning in perfections sacred geometry and intelligent design and the designer of this realm
there are hundreds and hundreds of reasons to live out in harmony with beautifull creation
without the concern or beating the clock and living on a hamster wheel and the manufactured rat race
where time is constantly press on us hurry dont be late this is the heliocentric solar system
big bang model that was flying around outer space sno one knows as nothing
around us ever changes position in the sky for thousands of years it’s not a huge surprise that
antikythra mechanism story is absent from history in other examples sometimes
something significant absent from history the narrative is the explanation for Star Fort
that just doesnt line out there been so many misconceptions about history that have been retold after
many decades this maybe one of the greatest mysteries ever told because history
suppose to be nothing more than a bunch of stories that didn’t happen
being told by people who weren’t there [Music] given the fact that there’s only one and
the complexity and precision of this and the absence of it in history was this the device displays amazing
Technologies 30 gears working in unison around a central point the earth the realm showing
the phases of the moon seprate gear system sideways transferring the mechanical energy to the world so what they
really know about why it was so important to the Ancients to have such a perfect astronomical time peice
to look at what we now call outer space symbols we see in different cosmologies
of text and scriptures to begin with in the Masonic flat earth model there’s a projection of the black
Sun that project from below the Earth from the center all the luminaries and that black sun is shown as a wheel or
as a gear in the Slavic cosmology the Tree of Life the central Mountain similar to mount meru in other
cosmologies this tree of life rotates The Roots come from below the Earth the trunk and the branches shown as rotating
which also gives us as a mechanical movement The Vedic cosmology the mt meru is 2306 01:33:49,980 –> 01:33:51,360 represented to be attached to the
luminaries above with an invisible string and the whole movement through that
Central shaft again showing a mechanical movement the electromagnetic field of the Earth being
greater than The Luminaries so all of them rotate around us floating in ether always
connected to the magnetic north or Center same as the central shaft as it works in the antikythra mechanism so
there are many other cosmologies which reflects that and the importance of the North Pole can be seen everywhere
the clock wires you’re a genius you’re a genius
this entire Arena seems to be laid out on the clock in the ancient times the ancient
cultures Traditions the seers sages renunciants mendicants sedus and holy
men were respected for their unusual ability to perceive reality beyond what
the ordinary man could perceive in today’s modern culture only those who
have been indoctrinated programmed by the controllers bogus education system
are respected even though they are in deep most illusion the ancient men of knowledge were far
more advanced than are the illusioned teachers of today the Ancients had these remarkable
abilities that have been by and large lost in this Fallen age of kali yug
the Ancients would gaze into the sacrificial fires which would open their
third eye it would open their chakras a Kundalini process
they would also Sun gaze and they would gaze at the night sky and realizations
would come to them this subtle science process
possible today as well but so few Endeavor to achieve this
few are even aware of these Timeless subtle Sciences which are far more profound than today’s
solely materialistic Sciences therefore the Ancients possessed a far
deeper understanding of the universe the one song
and its workings and they could tap into far deeper esoteric knowledge
the ability to construct the antikythra 2365 01:36:28,980 –> 01:36:31,980 mechanism is no doubt a result of
knowledge gained from these ancient practices where the Ancients could tap into this far deeper far more profound
wisdom and knowledge in doing so they were able to create such a brilliant mechanism that was so
incredibly precise and which can only work on a flat stationary plane
this truth this reality can no longer be hidden
it’s still functional today with no 5G no Wi-Fi or CGI needed the
anti kythra mechanism was designed and built as a working model for a geocentric stationary Flat Earth
we live inside a beautiful realm that was designed as a timepiece with mathematics and fractals built within
everything in the fabric and the sky is its only tangible calendar
the mechanical art has made the sun take its course this fashion another zodical cycled by
human cogitation it has shown the moon to restore from its Eclipse By the Light
of the art it has set in Revolution a machine pregnant with the real Cosmos
portable realm a mechanical realm Sky a compendium of all that is mirror of the
nature and the image of the eather and its unimaginable Mobility what a thing
it is for human beings to make this thing the antikythra mechanism a geocentric stationary flat realm model


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