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Moon Movie Hoax Father Son Two Deathbed Confessions


One year to the day after the publication of the revelatory book “Moon Man: The True Story of a Filmmaker on the CIA Hit List”, which divulges the deathbed confession of the former Chief of Security at Cannon Air Force Base in Clovis New Mexico, who confessed thereon to his participation in the falsification of the first “moon landing”, his identity is finally revealed. This predetermined waiting period was previously negotiated with his sole surviving son, who himself passed away this year.

Cyrus Eugene Akers detailed the information in the book, including not only the location of the filming of the first fake moon landing at his military base, the dates it was filmed, and the CIA codename for the operation, he also gave the names of fifteen government scientists and officials who were allowed exclusive observation of this historic government fraud, some of whom are still alive today. The list was given to Akers by President Lyndon Johnson, who was there at the first day of filming.

Threatened with execution if he ever revealed this information, Security Chief Akers kept all of this to himself until his deathbed, the guilt from which prompted his tearful confession to his son, who was also threatened with assassination after sharing this information with the author of Moon Man, Bart Sibrel.

This sad and outrageous, and really unnecessary deception, was done for pride and embezzlement. It demonstrates the complete arrogance of leaders over their people, who in fact are financing their own deception. Unlike government frauds about war, assassination, or terrorism, the moon landing deception cruelly gave the over-trusting public the pleasing candy that they cried out for. Trying to take it away from them, after they believed with tears and cheers, by exposing their heroes as the criminals they really are, faces fierce resistance. Even a professor at a major university has so famously said, “Even if I heard a moon astronaut confess that he never really went, I would still believe that he walked on the moon.”

Fortunately a new generation is here, ones who were not emotionally branded by the deception, who are objective to the unfolding reality of the moon landings falsification. Simply put, what the corrupt government is claiming, is that in 1969 they went from never being in space, to walking on the moon, with only 8 years of research and development, and that with one-millionth the computing of a cell phone, and on the first attempt, when even the South Pole on Earth was not reached on the first attempt.

Today, with 50 years of more advanced rocket and computer technology, the current Artemis moon rocket took 18 years to develop, had three launch failures, is not safe enough yet to carry astronauts, and will only orbit the moon, because a moon lander for it has not yet been developed that works. The farthest that the government can send astronauts today, 50 years later, is to the space station, which is only one-thousandth the distance to the moon.

For the first time in the entire history of the world, technology was greater in the past than in the future. As this is actually impossible, it means only one thing, that the 1969 moon landing was a forgery. It is not the first time scientific boasts were falsified or governments have lied, as covid vaccine maker Prizer has been fined billions of dollars, on multiple occasions, for making fraudulent claims about their scientific products.

Former high-ranking government employee Robert McNamara, who was Defense Secretary during the Vietnam War, admitted before he died that the “Gulf of Tonkin Incident”, which was the reason why the war began, was completely fabricated by the CIA. If the corrupt government is willing to falsify something that led to the death of a million people, including 58,220 of their own citizens, then I think they are capable of faking an image on a television.

All Truth passes through three stages.
First, it is ridiculed,
Then it is violently opposed,
Finally it is accepted as self-evident.
Arthur Schopenhauer

In an age of universal deceit,
telling the Truth is a revolutionary act.
Whoever controls the past, controls the future.
George Orwell

One of the saddest lessons of history is this:
If we’ve been bamboozled long enough,
we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle.
We’re no longer interested in finding out the Truth.
The bamboozle has captured us.
It’s simply too painful to acknowledge,
even to ourselves,
that we’ve been taken.
Once you give a charlatan power over you,
you almost never get it back.
Carl Sagan

It is easier to fool people,
than to convince them that they have been fooled.
Mark Twain

Sibrel has been interviewed and appeared on The Tonight Show, The Daily Show, Geraldo, The Abrams Report, Coast to Coast, NBC, CNN, FOX, HBO, Time Magazine, the New York Times, the L.A. Times, the Washington Post, and USA Today

given name is Eugene Rubin Acres
I don’t want any money for what I’m
doing because hopefully this video won’t
come out until after my death
so I have nothing to gain nothing to
by telling you what I’m going to tell
and um
a lot of what I’m going to tell you is
available online until they see this
video and I’m sure things will start
getting scrubbed
as well as moon photos but anyway
my father uh in 1968 was stationed at
Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico I
made notes on my computer
so that I wouldn’t forget anything
because there’s a lot a lot of little
things and stuff that I forget
so these notes were made a long time ago
the original recording that my father
made on his Deathbed was um
destroyed in a fire
but um so this is my death day
confession because now I’m dying to
cancer and I’ve got
Cancer all over the place and
so and they don’t know where it’s coming
from and
I don’t know if they can stop it but it
don’t look good so I’m gonna go ahead
and make this video for Bart syrell he
knows not to do anything with it until
uh until notification of my death
uh for which my son will respond to that
okay like I said in 1968 my father was
stationed at Cannon Air Force Base in
New Mexico uh we lived in Clovis New
Mexico he was in the military police for
over 20 years and on his deathbed in
2002 we made a recording of what
happened and I already told you what
happened to the recording but it doesn’t
matter because all the facts are there
so it doesn’t matter who’s telling the
story or whatever
um I will at the end of the video I’ll
Supply a picture of my father his badge
um the flag of when they buried him I’ll
show you some photos for the photos of
my dad
I was born in 1955. so in 1969 I was 14
years old I vividly remember
the uh Apollo 11 coming down landing on
the moon they’re walking around and all
that stuff
anyway I never
I never questioned
that until
till my dad told me what he told me on
his Deathbed and then I started doing a
nothing major nothing just surfing the
web I think because I was serving
surfing the web
and a lot of that information is right
there on the web I mean it verifies the
story that you told me
um a good detective a good one
would be able to uncover a lot more
of the story and I’m getting ready to
tell you
so please have at it
I’ve never known my dad to lie
to get caught lying was worse than
whatever it was you did to begin with I
remember going to school with long
sleeve shirts on to hide the purple
Wells yeah you did not lie in our house
that’s for sure Dad had a real
really bad attitude towards Lauren
excuse me again
okay anyway this is this is the story
that my dad told me on his Deathbed
project slam dunk
was the name of of this
um President Johnson in 1968 okay
um in Cannon Air Force Base in 1968 he
said by that time by the time he got
there that there was already two large
hangers that were connected
there was hundreds of dump trucks that
came in and dumped sand and uh Stone
and uh cement powder was powdered over
the top of all that to make it look like
a lunar landscape they had men that
fashioned it into a lunar landscape he
okay I’ve never known my dad to lie so
this all took me by
surprise you know
what’s that all about
so anyway
um he said that in front of the uh the
airplane hangars uh was uh pull framing
with a large canvas tents
um that was concealing the inside of the
staging area
inside the staging area
uh on flatbed trucks was armed created
the lunar lander that was assembled
reassembled back inside the hangers
um all of the walls were painted flat
and the ceilings as well
he was sworn to secrecy by the NSA
and they would put him in prison for
breaking that oath
when Dad saw the the moon landing on TV
he cried he said he knew
um that what he had witnessed on TV was
exactly what they recorded in that
there was no reason for them to go
flying around and everything they had
detailed high definition photos of the
landing area there was no reason for
them to go flying around to a different
landing area that almost exhausted their
fuel except for drama because everything
had gone so smoothly
nothing you know so it had to be
that was one of three guards that
guarded the uh the inside of the front
entrance there was a list of 15 people
who could enter no one else was allowed
by order of President Johnson and here
is that list and I gave it to Bart’s
eyebrow as well
uh and he checked out a lot of these
names and he says he can verify a lot of
these people and what they do
um and I come across the couple myself
anyway President Johnson
Neil Armstrong Edwin Alden Werner Von
Braun Robert emanager Gene Krantz James
Joe kirwan Dr Thomas Payne Glenn Looney
doctor for Christopher craft
Dr James Van Allen General Trudeau
Lieutenant Colonel uh Donald Simon and
Grant Norway
now the only two that I really have
information on is Robert emenegger uh
apparently he did a lot of video work
and stuff for uh
um the Department of Defense
um so the the dod did know him okay and
the other one was Grant Norway
n-o-r-r-a-y I believe
um was uh
to the best mine say the best of my
dad’s knowledge was a uh like some FBI
NSA who knows something like that
okay President Johnson only showed up
for the first day of filming filming
lasted for three days and the entire
project was restored to original in
other words the hangers were all taken
apart the sand was all removed and so on
and so forth okay
dad said there was a lot of building
going on at the base so at the time so
sand and cement powder was never
I can see how they could smuggle that
all in within everything else that’s
going on
um since 2002 I have dug up I already
told you about that the evidence for the
moon line that I have found
um if you go to Google and go to uh
Cannon Air Force Base website they admit
that President Johnson was there the
lunar lander was there the astronauts
were there I also have uh verified some
of the people on the list were there I
also verified there are a lot of
building going on in the base just as he
had told me and all of this was going on
at the same time on the same date
dad told me all these things father to
he also told me not to ever tell anyone
what he had said but he said on his
deathbed that he had to tell somebody
before he died because it was just too
important not to tell
I sure as hell wasn’t going to tell
um yeah I feared for my wife and me and
my son and I’ll tell you why
ever since I contacted Bart Cyril I
think they may be listening to his phone
once in a while
because I never had any problems until I
contacted him and told him my story
people broke into my house
two times
I was visited by men with black suits
and I was told in no uncertain terms to
drop this whole project
not to say anymore to anybody
or me and my wife and my son could
you take that pretty literally after
everything that’s going on
so I stopped contacting Bart
and now I’m making this video that I’m
going to send to Bart
Mr sabro Excuse me Bart’s my brother man
my brother and heart my brother and
Jesus okay
Bart being a good friend that he is
the police for me and told them about
the break-ins
the two detectives that came out and
everything questioned me and everything
like that I didn’t give them any
information at all at the time I thought
it was a test
from the guys in the black suits I
didn’t say crap
so all that all that went away and
everything but it definitely the two
guys in the black suits were not the two
detectives that came out to question me
about the break-ins
but thanks Bart
but no I don’t want any help I just
I just want somebody to pick up where I
left off
and be able to prove with the
information I’ve given and I’m trying to
give as much as I can because I know
that once I die I’m not going to be able
to be asked any questions
so that’s why why I tried to give you a
little back story too
but um
that’s about all I can think of I I
my dad he raised me by the book
I know he didn’t lie to me and as I
started seeing more and more of what he
was telling me was true
I realized my dad wasn’t lying I lifted
the lid off my dad’s case
and you can see his name is Cyrus Eugene
Acres he was born on July 17 1933 he
died on September 28 2002.
uh here’s his badge and I wanted to see
if I can get as close as possible
so that you can read the numbers on the
which are
okay there it is
zero seven five nine six
zero seven five nine six
that’s my dad
and most of my really really picture
because she’s only got two stripes so
that that was back in the 50s I’m sure
probably not long after I was born
and there he is
that’s my father
my dad he raised me by the book
I know he didn’t lie to me
and as I started seeing more and more of
what he was telling me was true
I realized my dad wasn’t lying


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