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Eclipses Explained On Flat Earth


among the top 10 flatter channels on

youtube with the highest subscriber


oliver ibanez currently holds second

place with

536 000 subscribers

but many of us english speakers have

never even heard of him

that is because his channel is entirely

in spanish

so today i’m going to translate one of

his videos for you that he made back in

2017 about eclipses

please enjoy

alright everyone i’m oliver and today i

want to talk to you about eclipses on

the flat earth

in this video we will see how eclipses

are actually predicted and the real

cause behind them we are often told that

it is because of the heliocentric model

that eclipses can be predicted with

total accuracy

but nothing is farther from the truth

since eclipses are not calculated

following the heliocentric model but

rather are calculated following time

intervals that were discovered thousands

of years ago

in his book the true system of the


james guillespie wrote a lot about them

before the current heliocentric theory

even existed

hundreds of years before christ

ancient civilizations already knew what

caused eclipses and knew how to predict

their timing with great accuracy as well

as the movements of the sun moon and

stars in the earth review of 1897

thomas george ferguson wrote no doubt

some will say

well how do astronomers foretell

eclipses and such so accurately this is

done by cycles

the chinese for thousands of years have

been able to predict the various solar

and lunar eclipses and do so now in

spite of their disbelief in the theories

of newton and copernicus

sir robert ball in his book the story of

the heavens wrote if we look at all the

eclipses in a period of 18 or 19 years

then we can predict with enough accuracy

all future eclipses

it is only necessary to know that within

18 years and 11 days after an eclipse a

similar one will occur again

this is the rule that allowed ancient

astronomers to predict eclipses

samuel robotham

and his book earth not a globe wrote the

simplest method of predicting a future

eclipse is to take tables that have been

formed over hundreds of years of careful


any observer can form their own tables

if you collect the calendars of the last

40 years

the time of the eclipses and each year

can then be separated and organized into

a table

after examining the table the observer

will soon realize that there are cycles

of eclipses that are repeated when

reaching eclipse number 19 or 20 they

will see that it is a repetition of the

first eclipses in the table

so following this method it will be very

easy to predict similar future eclipses

modern science has nothing to do with

the predictions that the ancient

civilizations already made

the only thing modern science has done

is make these predictions a little more

precise as a result of having a broader

observation period

according to the heliocentric theory

a lunar eclipse is formed when the earth

is interposed exactly between the sun

and moon

the earth then casts its shadow on the


thus causing the lunar eclipse

but this explanation has already been

refuted by frederick henry cook in his

book the terrestrial plane he writes

according to the heliocentric theory a

lunar eclipse occurs when the sun the

earth and the moon are in a straight


but it is documented that since the 15th

century more than 50 eclipses have

occurred while both the sun and moon

were still visible above the horizon

in other words the sun and the moon were

visible at the same time in the sky

while the moon was eclipsed for example

on july 19th of 1750 in paris observers

saw an eclipsed moon while the sun was

clearly seen in the sky above the


the same thing happened in the eclipses

of april 20th of 1837

september 20th of 1700 june 16th of 1666

november 3rd of 1648 and july 17th of

1590 also a recent documented event

occurred on august 16th of 1989 in

hawaii where the partially eclipsed moon

could be seen rising while the sun was

still setting

that means the sun the earth and the

moon were not aligned while the lunar

eclipse occurred

so it is impossible that the eclipse was

caused by the earth’s shadow being

projected onto the moon

another thing they say

is that the solar eclipse occurs when

the moon stands between the earth and

the sun

the moon covering the exact

circumference of the sun

this already improbable scenario is

refuted by recordings where it can be

seen that it is not the moon covering

the sun during an eclipse

showing us the moon does not cause the

solar eclipse

on march 20th of 2015

a total eclipse of the sun took place

and the travel quest international

company organized a flight of 50 people

to observe this phenomenon from the

north atlantic and this is where the

subject gets interesting

several passengers filmed the totality

of the eclipse

and the recordings show black orbs

orbs without light around the sun

and one of these orbs was covering the

sun at the moment of the eclipse









the possibility of these orbs being

stains on the window of the plane is

ruled out when we analyze the images and

apply these green and red lines

and we see that the orbs move in

relation to the sun

while the spots in the airplane window

do not move at all

so they are clearly two objects in a

different space

the orbs are in the sky next to the sun

so they all move together

in contrast to the spots inside the

plane on the window





the television networks that broadcasted

these images showed edited recordings

they edited the black orbs out of the

original recording

the existence of these non-luminescent

orbs in the sky has been corroborated

for thousands of years by astronomers

and observers

in the report of the council of the

royal astronomical society in june of

1850 it was written that we must

seriously doubt that the moon is the

only satellite of the earth

in the report of the academy of sciences

on october 12th of 1846

and again in august of 1947

the director of one of the french

observatories showed a series of

calculations and observations that led

him to conclude the following

there is at least one

non-luminescent celestial body

of considerable size attached to the

earth as a satellite

the astronomer and mathematician sir

john herschel admitted that there are

invisible moons in the firmament another

astronomer and mathematician john lubach

thought so as well and even showed

formulas for calculating their distances

at the reunion of the british

association for the advancement of

science in 1850

the president said the following

the view is gaining popularity through

the stars were accompanied by large orbs

that never emitted light

the best astronomer of our time sent me

a letter in july of 1844

he said

i continue to believe

that proxion and sirius are really

double stars and that each is made up of

a visible and invisible star painstaking

research at konasberg by peter sauber

supports the belief that there are

invisible stars in the sky

johann heinrich lambert a mathematician

physicist astronomer and philosopher

wrote that there are large dark cosmic


the existence of these non-luminescent

orbs in the sky has been widely

documented over the centuries

however the elite hide the truth from us

and instead show us computer graphics a

technique that obviously no longer works

with people who have woken up

people who follow my channel will

already know that the government agency

of nasa is a big fraud

and is just a setup

in the case of eclipses

all they offer us is a false explanation

of reality about how they are formed and

recordings where these orbs are edited

out the truth is that these

non-luminescent orbs exist

and these celestial bodies seem to be

the direct cause of eclipses

thank you all very much for being here

until next time this message has been

brought to you by oliver ibanez and the

flat earth institute of science

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