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Magic Frequency Will Revolutionize Our Future


 So now we’re searching for the magic frequency and we start with the hundred Hertz and we look through the microscope to see if anything’s happening we watch for five minutes nothing happens we try hundreds and hundreds of frequencies if not thousands until we find the magic combination because we believed we just had to be a better way there had to be a better way and we think that we may have found it I have here two identical tuning forks both tuned to the note aid the note in Orchestra Tunes to these forks are both made to vibrate times per second we say their frequency is Hertz if I tap this fork putting little pulses of energy into it the second fork will also vibrate in sympathy and if I silence this fork we just may may hear the other singing its tone we say that I’m inducing a sympathetic resonant vibration in the second fork it only works because both forks are tuned to the exact same frequency now many of us have seen this very charming young man and the internet who shatters crystal glasses with his powerful voice but if you watch him carefully you’ll see that first he taps the glass with his finger and listens the glass sings its natural resonant pitch that he takes a deep breath and sings a loud long note he induces a resonant vibration in the crystal glass the vibration grows larger and larger and larger until the glass is shattered on the other end of the scale we have a giant bridge made out of concrete and steel a suspension bridge the Tacoma Narrows Bridge cars and trucks and buses are going over it every day and unfortunately where they built this bridge there was a steady wind blowing across it and one day this wind induces a small vibration in the bridge hardly noticeable but the frequency of the vibration matches the resonant frequency of some part of the bridge and the vibration gets larger and larger and larger until the bridge collapses into the river below a destructive resonant frequency so on one end of the scale we have a giant concrete and steel bridge destroyed by resonance and on the other we have a small crystal glass shattered so maybe we could shatter something even smaller something really small something you would need a microscope to see maybe we could shatter a living microorganism so maybe we could change a biological living liquid crystal with a special electronic signal but in order to do that we would need some kind of device so we searched the US Patent database we find this invention by a physician dr. James Baer of Albuquerque New Mexico it’s called a resonant frequency therapy device and its purpose is to induce a resonant vibration in a living organism or cell if I put in say Hertz out will come pulses per second if I put in Hertz we’ll get pulses so now we’re searching for the magic frequency and we start with the hundred Hertz and we look through the microscope to see if anything is happening we watch for five minutes nothing happens so we try a hundred and one Hertz we look through the scope for five minutes and nothing happens so we try and so on over the course of months we try hundreds and hundreds of frequencies if not thousands until we find the magic combination the answer is you have to have two input frequencies one low one high and the higher frequency must be times the lower it’s what we musicians would call the eleventh harmonic when we add the eleventh harmonic we begin to shatter microorganisms like a crystal glass these are the first videos taken we show these videos to our friends in the biology department they said they hadn’t seen anything quite like it seems to be a new phenomenon these organisms are being shattered by our electronic signals we now know that cancer is vulnerable between the frequencies of , Hertz and , Hertz so now we attack leukemia cells leukemia cell number one tries to grow a copy of itself but the new cell is shattered into dozens of fragments and scattered across the slide leukemia cell number two than hyper inflates and also dies leukemia cell number three then tries to make another cancer cell the new cell is shattered and the original cell dies you

Tesla Healing Available Right Now – And AFFORDABLE!!!

There is a technology that you have probably never heard of that will take away all your pain and disease. The reason why you have never heard of it is because it SUCCEEDS at fulfilling all of the promises that Big Pharma makes, but with none of the horrible side effect that comes with pharma. Besides their drugs don’t actually do what they promise.

Mainstream media let this cat out of the bag only one time – 16 November 2011, on the Dr Oz show. After they saw the CRUSH of interest in PEMF – Pulsed ElectroMagnetic Fields – due to that episode, they have evidently decided to NEVER MAKE THAT MISTAKE EVER AGAIN, because PEMF has not been mentioned on Mainstream Media ever since!!! “They” don’t want you to know about it!! Here is the one-time that they let some truth slip out of the closet:

Here is what Dr Oz said about PEMF on this show:

  • I am more excited about this show than any other show this season, because today we are changing the practice of medicine.
  • This is how we’re going to change medicine together.
  • With PEMF treatment, not only do you feel better, but you ARE better.
  • PEMF is the future of health care.
  • Doctors are sometimes the last to learn what the public is finding out really works.
  • A revolutionary cure for pain that most doctors don’t know about.
  • The biggest point of the show – TELL YOUR DOCTOR!! Don’t be embarrassed because it worked for you, just because we doctors have never heard of it.

PEMF devices have been FDA approved for:

1979 Non-Union Fractures
1998 Urinary Incontinence and Muscle Stimulation
2004 Cervical Fusion Patients at High Risk of Non-Fusion
2006 Depression and Anxiety
2011 Brain Cancer

PEMF produces energy fields known to:

  • Enhance recovery from injuries and wounds
  • Repair cellular processes that promote healing
  • Promotes better range of motion
  • Simulates the piezoelectric effect of exercise on bones
  • Used by US doctors on hard to heal fractures for over 40 years
  • Speed healing of injuries and wounds
  • Simulate exercise on muscle and bone
  • Fight Depression and Anxiety
  • Safe and easy to use

I’m in my mid 60’s and pain and disease free, because I use this daily both on my bed and on my office chair. My dog is 11 and has one on her bed 24/7. One saved my cat’s life, see the bottom of the page linked below.

Total, overall health for under $600: