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Eric Dubay The Greatest Lie of All Time

For almost 500 years the masses have
thoroughly deceived by a cosmic fairy
tale of
astronomical proportions
we have been taught a falsehood so
gigantic and diabolical
that it has blinded us from our own
experience and common sense
from seeing the world and the universe
as they truly are
through pseudoscience books and programs
mass media and public education
universities and government propaganda
the world has been systematically
slowly indoctrinated over centuries into
the unquestioning belief
of the greatest lie of all time
it is obvious that the earth is flat yet
they say it is curved it is obvious that
the world is motionless
yet they say that it moves
it is obvious that the heavens revolve
around us
yet they say it is us that revolves
just as it appears the sun moon and
fixed and wandering all revolve around
the flatter
which is the stationary immovable center
of the universe
the magnetic north pole is the center of
the earth
and the universe polaris the north pole
remains always significantly situated
atop the dome of the heavens while the
sun moon and stars
revolve in circular cycles around us
the moon and mars landings were and are
all hoaxes
staged and filmed by freemasons on earth
orbiting satellites and space stations
do not exist
all video and photographs you have ever
from nasa hubble and other official
are all cgi computer generated images
the truth is that antarctica is a giant
ice wall holding in the ocean
and the south pole does not exist
various anomalies and differences
between the arctic and antarctic
prove the earth is not a ball the arctic
midnight sun
proves the universe is geocentric
the truth is the sun and moon are equal
balanced opposites made for signs and
to light the earth and divide day from
the moon is not merely a reflector of
the sun’s light
but emanates a demonstrably unique light
of its own
it is completely self-luminescent
we’ve been taught contrary to all common
sense and experience
but the seemingly motionless flat earth
beneath our feet
is actually a massive moving ball
spinning through space at over a
thousand miles per hour
wobbling and tilted 23.5 degrees on its
vertical axis
while orbiting the sun at a blinding 67
000 miles per hour in concert with the
entire solar system
spiraling 500 000 miles per hour
around the milky way and careening
across the expanding universe
away from the big bang at an incredible
670 million miles per hour
but that you can feel and experience
none of it
we have been taught that a mysterious
force called gravity
a magical magnetism responsible for
keeping everything
from falling or flying off the spinning
ball earth
is just strong enough to hold people
and the atmosphere tightly to the
surface but just
weak enough to allow bugs birds and
planes to take off
the truth is the universe was
intelligently designed by an intelligent
purposefully created by a purposeful
not the haphazard result of some
inexplicable cosmic accidents
the truth is that life consciousness the
incredible beautiful
diversity and complexity of nature is
divinely created
the philosophy which would speak of a
round and revolving world
is a false philosophy
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