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Top 5 Proofs The Earth is Not a globe



our level Earth plane has long been
ridiculed as being a crazy conspiracy
theory and an ignorant unscientific
worldview but the facts of the matter
are far from what you have been told
when thoroughly examined and diligently
researched with an open mind any
skeptical critical thinker will find it
is actually the spinning space ball
Earth presented by government space
agencies and taught in schools that is
truly ridiculous and un
scientific proof number one common sense
it cannot be overstated or
overemphasized the most important thing
to realize and the most obvious way to
know we are not spinning on a ball is
our own common sense and lived
experience we have always and will
always experienced ourselves as living
right side up on a non-rotating level
Earth with the sun moon and stars
revolving over and around us this is
common sense and what everyone in the
world personally
experiences every day of their
lives we are taught to believe otherwise
however many things completely contrary
to our own common sense and experience
from a very early
age we are told that we live on a sphere
where people on the other side live with
their feet above their heads where rain
falls upwards trees grow upside down and
the sky is lower than the ground truly
the idea that people are standing ships
are sailing and planes are flying upside
down on certain parts of the earth While
others are tilted at 90° and all other
impossible angles is an utter absurdity
and an insult to Common
Sense in fact common sense is the first
casualty of globe
belief proof number
water the natural physics of water is
that once contained and undisturbed the
surface will always remain
horizontal this fundamental physical
property of water is why it has been
used as a leveling tool by Builders and
Engineers from Millennia whether in a
pond lake or ocean the surface of the
water at rest always remains level and
doesn’t have the ability to hold and
display convexity or any shape
whatsoever upon its surface this
fundamental fact of reality is easily
demonstrable and empirically verifiable
but completely at odds with what we are
told about the globe for Earth to be
globular and over 70% covered in water
the oceans must somehow be curving
around and sticking to all sides of a
rapidly spinning ball suspended in a
vacuum it is simply impossible to make
water behave this way as anyone can
experiment for themselves bodies of
water will not stick to the underside of
a ball and cannot display or hold
convexity or any other shape upon their
proof number three fake
photographs one of the main reasons the
average person believes the world is a
globe is because of the globular Earth
images and video footage provided by
NASA and other space
agencies hundreds of such pictures and
thousands of videos featuring a globe
Earth are freely available on the
internet yet most people never
critically examine them with a skeptical
eye from the earliest photographs to the
latest live stream NASA and the world’s
other space agencies continue to be
exposed for their Hollywood style
trickery when conscientiously compared
contrasted and investigated for
inconsistencies it turns out every
single image and video showing a
globular Earth has been manipulated in
some way all Globe videos for example
are achieved using either a fisheye lens
to curve the horizon or created
completely through CGI technology
as for the hundreds of supposed
photographs available of the globe NASA
readily admits that these are computer
generated composite images and not
actual photographs if NASA and the
world’s space agencies could provide
real legitimate photographs and videos
of a globe they most certainly would so
the fact that they continue producing
and pumping out nothing but fisheye
fakery and CGI cartoons is strong
evidence that Earth is not what they
claim proof four longdistance
photography we are consistently able to
observe objects at incredibly long
distances far beyond what would be
possible if Earth was actually a globe
of given
proportions by inputting The Observer
height and distance viewed into an earth
curvature calculator it is easy to check
how much a Target should be obstructed
on a globe Earth in Genoa Italy clear
days reveal the distant island of Elba
125 M away if Earth were a ball with a
25,000 Mi circumference Elba should be
concealed behind over a mile of
curvature making it forever invisible in
recent times people have been filming
using infrared Zoom cameras at high
altitudes to capture Lakes mountains and
other landmarks up to an incredible
thousand miles away if Earth was really
a globe the size we are told many of the
landmarks photographed would be hidden
behind upwards of 70 MI of curved
Earth proof five The
Horizon The Horizon is always perfectly
horizontal 360° around the Observer
regardless of altitude all amateur
footage captured from balloons Rockets
planes and drones at maximum altitudes
of over 20 mi without using fisheye
lenses consistently shows a completely
flat Horizon that remains at I level
only in NASA and other space aent gency
footage does the Horizon ever curve or
appear below the observer’s eye level in
the heliocentric model The Horizon is
claimed to be the physical curvature of
their globe and the reason boats
receding from a shore-bound Observer
disappear from view this was originally
presented as one of the alleged proofs
for a globe Earth by Aristotle and is
still echoed by Believers today however
with the use of modern Zoom technology
we now know that the Horizon isn’t a
result of the physical curvature of a
glob glob and those boats can be zoomed
back into full view this is because the
Horizon is not an objective physical
phenomenon at all but rather a
subjective Optical phenomenon based on
an individual observer’s perspective if
the Horizon was actually the objective
physical curvature of a globe then
objects receding Beyond it could not be
zoomed back into view and it would
remain fixed as an observer ascended
this proves the horizon line is not some
objective point of curvature on a convex
Earth but rather the subjective
Vanishing line of perspective from a
given observer’s point of
view suffice to say these five points
are just scratching the surface and
there are many many more proofs
available both in William Carpenter’s
book 100 proofs Earth is not a globe and
Eric dubay’s 200 proofs Earth is not a
ball to gain a deeper understanding of
this crucial and heavily censored topic
take the time to research and discern
for yourself


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