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Putin Told Moon Landing Photos Are Fake

Putin Told Moon Landing Photos Are Fake


Another theory related to fake photographs of the U.S. landing on the moon arose thanks to artificial intelligence (AI).

This was announced during the “World Tour of Artificial Intelligence” in Moscow. Namely, Russian President Valdimir Putin was shown an AI analysis that allegedly demonstrated that images of U.S. astronauts landing on the moon could be inauthentic.

Namely, this is about neural network analysis, demonstrated in a video with the participation of Putin and Nikolai Gerasimenko from Sberbank, which suggests the possibility of synthetic photographs having been used.

The video became widespread on the internet. It shows Putin’s reaction when he questions the authenticity of the Apollo 11 images displayed on the screen. Then, Gerasimenko says that the neural network allegedly considered almost everything in the photographs of the U.S. landing on the moon to be fake.

Gerasimenko also explained neural network evaluation by citing factors such as light-dark contrast. However, he said, the AI analysis did not raise any concerns about the images taken by the Chinese lunar rover during its mission to Chang’e.

Sberbank President German Gref clarified that the analysis is based on Google’s neural network. Reportedly, neither the U.S. nor NASA have commented on the AI analysis or Putin’s response.

Google AI Says The Moon Landing Images Are Fake But The Chinese Moon Landing Was Real, Putin Amused
Discussions Over Moon Landing
Discussions about the authenticity of the historic Apollo 11 mission, announced on July 20, 1969, continue to arise from time to time. The question of the success of the U.S. lunar mission was previously raised by Elon Musk, the American spacecraft manufacturer SpaceX. He posted a controversial tweet about the U.S. landing on the moon.

“They simulated the moon landing using a computer,” Musk wrote. He also noted a depiction of computer graphics technology from the last century but without directly mentioning the U.S. Apollo lunar mission.

However, it goes without saying that various artificial intelligence tools have produced incorrect analyses and “false and misleading information” since they were introduced.

Putin to Combat an ‘Unacceptable and Dangerous’ Western AI Monopoly

Meanwhile, Putin revealed plans to endorse a national strategy for AI development, asserting the need to prevent “unacceptable, dangerous and inadmissible” Western monopoly.

He denounced the monopolistic dominance of foreign technology in Russia, particularly highlighting the potential threat posed by Western-trained systems. Putin stated that algorithms from Western platforms could lead to a digital “cancelation” of Russia and its culture.

“An artificial intelligence created in line with Western standards and patterns could be xenophobic,” he noted. He also pledged increased resources for supercomputer development and other technologies to enhance national AI research amidst war with Ukraine.

NASA Mars Video Trickery Is Devon Island CANADA

NASA Mars Video Trickery Is Devon Island CANADA



we’ll have a clown world today where
NASA says it’s sending two more
helicopters to Mars two more helicopters
to Mars my guess is that the first
people who land on Mars will say
something to the effect oh wow this
looks just like Devon Island welcome
everybody to
Mars Devon island is the world’s largest
uninhabited Island it’s cold dry I call
this place Mars on Earth we find exactly
the same looking Canyons valleys and
bellies here exactly the same I was just
completely taken aback by how Mars likee
the whole landscape
was especially you’re flying in it looks
just like the moon base the land is
desolate we have to take seven FES to
get here this is a place that is Barren
vast intimidating slated remote and
Rocky just like the surface of mares
just like the surface of mares it has
exactly the file the slopes the
topography if you will of some of the
Canyons we see on Mars exactly these are
going to be heavy lift Rock helicopter
so they’re they’re saying they’re saying
that they’re going to carry
rocks across a planet that has
essentially virtually no atmosphere
using helicopters that can’t possibly
fly how dumb is this so NASA’s is in the
business of Faking everything
NASA has been faking science and they’re
still doing it with these helicopter
stories if you were able to explain to
somebody you know to really get it
through their thick skulls like how
helicopters work they would eventually
realize that well you oh you can’t fly
helicopters at high altitude even on
Earth can you nope you sure can’t cuz
that defies the laws of physics you
can’t build that it won’t fly
NASA knowing that the public is compl
Ely ignorant their sence and Nash is
like well as screw it let’s just say it
did work let’s just let’s just say that
we set a helicopter Tom Mars and it’s
been flying around and they have like
CGI videos to quote prove
it like deep fake NASA videos and it’s
so it’s working so well we’re going to
send two more
helicopters oh and I forgot to tell you
the best part how are these helicopters
powered oh get this um solar
panels solar panels they claim to have a
solar powered
helicopter flying on a planet with no
atmosphere planet that gets a lot less
sunlight than
Earth but they they think they think
that the average consumer is going to
yeah H yeah solar powered helicopter on
another planet with no atmosphere
carrying rocks sure makes total sense
why not and vaccines are safe and
effective just just endless and not
everybody can be uh Rob about
poish when alenis brought in all the
Nazi scientists and so forth they went
to two places they went to CIA and they
went to the National Aeronautics Space
Administration which in our world we
call it not a space agency and as Kathy
O’Brien has said so clearly that’s where
the bulk of the Mind Control has been
done they can make you believe
absurdities they can make you commit
atrocities people need to understand to
control their Minds uh otherwise other
people will control it for them

Irresistible MARS Meme’s

Here Is The Software NASA Uses To Fake The Globe And Space

Here Is The Software NASA Uses To Fake The Globe And Space

This video is addressed to Dave McKeegan who thinks he has un-debunkable proof that the ISS is flying over a cartoon ball earth! Any real flat earth researchers already know NASA can get up there high enough above the level earth and their sole purpose for doing so is to keep the ball earth deception going strong. In 1969 they were only up 150 mils above the earth, they already knew the earth wasn’t a ball, they already knew long before the moon landing that the earth was not truly a ball. They knew they were hiding more land and resources beyond Antarctica. So in 1969 their mission was to create a fake ball earth image from 150 miles up, while pretending to go land on the moon.

Ever since then they’ve relied on Photo Realist Artists and computer programmers to give them the best artistic and technological advancements possible to continue faking the cartoon ball earth. We’re not supposed to be able to uncover their lies, but some of us have been able to do just that! They were always watching what the REAL flat earthers were doing since 2002, they knew their fraud was being uncovered. They needed to step up their game.

Their main goal is to eventually stage another moon landing using AI to render the entire landing and fill any gaps the flat earthers uncovered all of these years. The globers that bought all the original fraud, hook line and sinker are hopelessly doomed to being duped for the rest of their lives.

Content creators like Dave McKeegan were pushed to the forefront by Google in 2018. Not only has NASA been stepping up their game to continue the ball earth lie, but they also had Google in the corner to censore all the flat earth content creators in 2018. The NASA whistleblower Math Powerland was shadow banned and ghosted long before 2018, he was eventually completely erased in 2020. The rest of the content creators were completely buried and shuffled to the back of people like Dave McKeegan, SciManDan and Professor Dave. This FACT alone should raise a huge red flag for anyone that comes across this information. WHY would they need to censor the flat earth if the ball earth claim was true? Why would they need to stay decades ahead of the sheep they’re lying to in technological advancements if they were telling the truth? Time is running out, if you’re a glober.. you better wake up and start pressuring NASA about their fraud and you better start demanding access to Antarctica and beyond! NASA is also involved in soft-killing all your asses and that got started in 2020 with CONvid and the jab! I don’t know any flat earthers that took that garbage! I know a few ball earthers that avoided it, but most of you globers were maskers and jabbers! WAKE UP!

so what’s up people this is Robert basano I just want to come back to you guys again and share some information with
you um I got to talking with Alice again and Alice says hey you want to take
another trip down the rabbit hole I want to show you something else and it actually involved a
commercial I saw yesterday when I was watching CNN watching Christian almond boards you’ve
been talking about NATO and then they went to commercial break in this interesting NASA commercial came up and
what it showed was a picture of the Earth you know it was in a cartoon
animation and then they showed a picture of this cartoon animation of the Sun
and then it started showing all kinds of information about the earth and the size of it and the shape of course they show
the globe and then they showed the Sun and then it went on to show how many Earths can fit into the sun what’s the
distance of the Sun from the Earth and then it went the video started to
progress and it showed a comparison of how you could develop a perceptual
understanding of how big the sun was first compared to the earth and they showed another picture of the front door
of someone of a home saying that this is the Sun and then they peered into the
keyhole they zoomed all the way into the keyhole of the door to illustrate this is how small the Earth is
and then the video ended with the words got it get it
good and on the bottom it says Source NASA so I’m like what the
was that a Flat Earth message was that saying hey we know what you guys are doing so we’re gonna put out
counter information to make sure we keep everybody on target with regard to what
the Earth what we’re telling them the earth looks like so I I went looking for this video
couldn’t find it on NASA’s website couldn’t find it on CNN’s website at all couldn’t find it on the internet at all
typed in all kinds of queries nothing came up and usually you know not supposed that
on their website where you can find it you know with regard to Media Inquisition relations so you know speaking to Alice we go down
deep in the rabbit hole deeper than we’ve ever gone before and I decided to type in Source colon NASA
and lo and behold all this crazy just popped up you
know in the search and I’m starting to see you know websites regarding coding
websites regarding Source open source code autonomous systems and Robotics
artificial intelligence so I just started to go digging a little bit deeper right and then I stumble across some crazy
on this website code NASA and the reason why I found this
interesting and again I want everybody to understand that I’m not looking for information to
you know support my belief you know I wanted to I’m curious you know I’m into
software programming GPU Cuda you know Blackberry OS Android
Red Hat Linux and um and I know you know I know quite a bit about machine
learning and Ai and and computer programming so I’m thinking okay
I saw a video the other day where a guy Flat Earth her he put up a video I think
he’s from Australia or or London and he made the insinuation that there
was a possibility they had some sort of software program that he believed whereby they could actually
they could take the footage from a high altitude plane like a drone we’ve all seen they know that we know that they
have those large um Reaper and predator drones which NASA
helped develop um with Lockheed and Boeing and they put these bad boys up at extremely high
altitudes they’re completely autonomous stationary atmosphere over a non-rotating earth
so I thought to myself wait a minute if you do have a picture of the Earth then you can take that that video and then
you upload it into the high performance computer to have the super computer and then you start creating all types of
image processing Graphics visualization you just basically go from scratch with
this whole thing and then I stumbled across this dick
q-u-ip quick Imaging processing on NASA’s website open source Q uip
provides an interactive environment for computing and presenting images and image sequences manipulating and storing
arbitrary data and general scientific Computing and plotting the current release supports unix-like operating
systems tested on Linux and Mac OS OS X and Apple’s IOS mobile operating system
GPU accelerating is supported with either Cuda or opencl which I’ve been I
know both of those there’s a built-in support so I’m thinking to myself cycle physics
what the hell is it am I confirming is it possibly I’m
getting ready to confirm that these videos are actually being put out they’re all artificial in a super
computers conducting all of this even the that they claim that’s live but wait till you see what more I’m
going to show you this is incredible people Alice is taking me deep
inventory system for lab equipment worldwide options uh eodos
on Earth I mean look this is all open source people you can go to all of this and this
there’s a possibility you will be able to create exactly what NASA’s creating if you have the computer memory and
power to actually do it but this is all of their open source
software they’re using world of view design I’m not even gonna go there this this
video is just basically to show you guys that this exists the disk repository
contains the wireframes and designs for NASA’s World review this code was originally developed at
Nasa Goddard space flight center for the earth science data and information systems Edis project
people you got to go to this this is you have to see this for yourself
and for those of you out there who are interested in programming and software development and open source sdks
this may be the Holy Grail people this may be it
this may be it people this actually may be it
you’re gonna have to see this for yourself I mean it just goes on and on and on
Google Earth offline cache preloader desktop operation remote Terrain
Capital Community database I mean they’re taking all the data they’re putting it up into a computer and
they’re creating the this the computer generated images and videos they’re doing the same thing
IPv6 socket manipulation for python
wow Earth data search data curtains core flight systems data search data
storage application version file plotting tools python power metric radar
beam blockage calculation I mean
you know to to give them a little bit of Defense I I’m gonna say that yes they’re
using this to create simulations so they know what aircrafts are going to do what space vehicle is going to do when
they’re in a specific environment but if you wanted if you couldn’t really do this but you could think of it and
you can create it on a computer that means you can make it look like it’s real
because when you go all the way back up to the to the coating
psychophysics do we not even search to see what that is people do we really want to see what
psychophysics is I mean do you want to know because I want to know
I want to know what psychophysics actually entails okay
cycle physics
psychophysics let’s go to
let’s go to and Academy again I don’t like looking at perception
lecture notes I don’t like looking at Wikipedia that’s for people who are just lazy
so psychophysics have you ever wondered what happens when
you eat a juicy watermelon how does a grainy texture of that pink fruit get translated into the sensation of sweet
or okay let’s guess what method of limitation limits to measure obsolete
threshold with the methods of limits a researcher would present the stimulus in either us and okay
this is just basically we want to keep it simple right people okay let’s keep it simple
psychophysics is the scientific study of the relationship between stimuli specific and physical terms and the
sensations and perceptions evoked by these stimuli the term psychophysics is used to denote both the substantive
study of stimulus response relationships and the methodologies used for this this
study okay that’s psychophysics so let’s go back to where we were so
again you guys see all of this we’re not going to go over all of it because this would be literally like a full five hour video
but I wanted to show you this just to to illustrate
there is a potential possibility all of this that you’re seeing on video that you see the NASA does I’m not
saying that rocket the rocket launchers are not real but what I am saying is this is
a lot of these launches that may be taking place at night time where there’s nobody around to see them or they’re not
being publicized that they’re happening um they could be computer generated
images and fake launches a lot of the launchers that are taking place in front of the eyes of thousands of people who
are standing around the seat of launches those are real those are real launches
or they could be fake launchers who knows
you know I’m not gonna say that they are fake launches but
you can’t take out the possibility that all kinds of crazy ass noise that could be created to simulate what it sounds
like to see to hear a rock and actually fire off because they actually can create these same sounds when they’re
doing rocket testing if you’ve ever seen the videos where they’re doing rocket testing they actually have the engine
they’re firing it off to see what the what the capabilities are how the Rockets performing what the engine
sounds like they’re recording all these sounds so when you see what you believe to be the space shuttle or some rocket a
few miles away away from you and you see the launch taking place but
there’s all these type of other vehicles and apparatuses around the launch site projecting sorts of images and Light
who’s to say that that’s not a holograph you’re seeing and the sound that you’re hearing is not actually coming from a
real vehicle being launched but it’s a sound being projected with very
Advanced speaker systems and sound systems that could project that type of sound and noise and that vibration okay
these things are possible people if you don’t think that they’re possible and you’ve been to an actual launch and you
say yes that was a rocket being launched hey I’m not going to argue with you on that but what’s happening when you’re not
there watching a launch you know you might say yeah you talk to friends and this happened but I need you
to take this into consideration because psychophysics image processing Graphics you can if Hollywood can do this
NASA can do it okay because that’s who they learned it from thank you Stanley Cooper so we go over to the software
catalog they have actually a technology transfer program software catalog for 2015 2016. you can sign up use your
email create an account and um basically you can download the
catalog I’ve already downloaded and put it into my secure Cloud so anybody want to know who it is you can just get say
this is a US government system that’s authorized for use only I actually signed up and I actually got the document to be perfectly honest with you
so I actually have an account so no I don’t work for the government
so another thing I wanted to show you guys was this the NASA world win
okay this is an open source platform cross platform completely free you can download this and I was in the process
of downloading it and I’m gonna do that right now okay I’m going to accept
and it’s going to give me the Whirlwind Java SDK 2.0 I’m going to download it
and put it inside my folder and just let it go through its thing we’re going to
see what that is later I need to play around with this see what it actually really is you guys can go to NASA
Whirlwind download it yourself play around with it maybe we can share some notes but it’s 98.8 megabytes so it’s
going to take a while but let me let’s keep going here so I found this paper Aerospace Research
Center but you have to pay to get this so I’m gonna have to log into my University later and use my University account to
actually access this document but here’s the interesting thing about the title moving Spirit simulations using the
Chimera grid approach moving sphere simulations using the
Chimera grid approach you need to research Chimera grid
approach do that on your own okay but
I’m gonna need to read this document to really come up with definitive results that they’re creating this all
through computer image processing because they have more than a dozen supercomputers around
the United States and the world okay
so this data and the way they’re doing this it’s not happening from the United States you can
be guaranteed of that because the United States suffers too many cyber attacks for that information
to be compromised for the whole system to be crashed literally in a day
okay in a day they would have to literally cut the cord to the worldwide
internet so that this couldn’t be published by some hacking group okay so let’s go here so I did what I did was
I did download this paper high resolution Aerospace applications using the NASA Colombia supercomputer
so I’ve got to go through this read this whole thing but what’s interesting about this and I haven’t read through the
whole document and I want you to understand something because there’s been talk about you know there being
potentially what is below is above you know there’s Waters in the ocean we
talked about a lot of things that people putting out videos saying that there’s there’s these lunar waves and they now
they’re talking about they may not be actual any kind of electromagnetic waves or or or
um heat waves but it could be actual some sort of fluid Dynamic environment that
everything may be in in the sky with regard to the Sun the moon the space shuttle the ISS all of that but what’s
interesting about this introduction notice what they say computational fluid dynamics
cfd techniques have been developed and applied to Aerospace analysis
and design problems since the Advent of the super computer however in spite of
several decades of continuous improvements in algorithms and hardware and despite the widespread acceptance
and use of cfd as an indispensable tool in the Aerospace vehicle design process
computational methods are still employed in a very limited fashion in the design process
the full potential of these methods in delivery delivering more optimal designs
and accelerating the design cycle has yet to be approached
now I want you to understand something we you don’t have to be in Aerospace or
an astronautic engineer or an aerodynamic engineer to understand that if you’re designing
an aircraft to fly in atmosphere and a gases pressurized atmosphere
then you’re going to put it into a wind tunnel and you’re going to create some sort of vapor trail where
you you’ll be able to see the way the gases flow or the air flows over the
wings of an aircraft and when the aircraft turns left to right pitched yaw you see how the air interacts with the
structure of the aircraft now that’s not fluid dynamics [Music]
fluid dynamics exactly what they say it is you’re using some sort of fluids
composition source liquid they’re using computational fluid
dynamics techniques for aircraft testing and design which
means that if they’re doing that on a computer and they’re doing it in a laboratory and inside some sort of
facility where they’re testing this then they’re letting these fluids go interact with the with the aircraft
vehicle which means because that vehicle is going to be going into the same environment they’re testing it under
fluid people fluid
I’ll leave it at that again I need to do some more reading and you guys are seeing this for the first time just like
I am okay so let’s go to the over grid now to give you some clarity on what you’re
actually looking at I’m going to show you what you’re looking at I found this this is also NASA website
okay let’s see here yeah it’s people
it’s okay I mean Alice is
fantastic she’s been taking me so far down the rabbit hole it’s unbelievable so I found this and it talked I wanted
to research what the Chimera grid approach actually was and yeah this was put out version 2.1 in
2010. but let’s just assume that this was something this is an
upgraded version of something that predates stuff that was being used before okay so that’s the Assumption and
presumption we can make because we don’t have anything else to compare it to so
Occam’s raises theory is the most logical conclusion is the most probable
right okay Chimera grid tools users manual so restrictions read this before
proceeding notices and disclaimers read this before proceeding uh let’s see here what they say read this before
proceeding many models in the software package have been developed under the dod high performance Computing
modernization program um it’s called the chissy cfd4
initiative as a result the following rules must be observed by the users of the software only U.S citizens or
permanent residents belong to a U.S organization are allowed to access allowed access to the software foreign
Nationals are permitted well oh got the cat out of the bag on this one hey it’s open source it wasn’t a
restricted website that I need to log into so you’re gonna put it out there I’m gonna find it I’m
gonna post it and let everybody know U.S citizens
are permanent residents who would like to use the software must sign a software usage agreement form in the past or
group leader branch chief can sign for the group the current rules require a signature from everyone who has access
to the software including indicating that they understand restrictions imposed on the software
source code must reside on secure facilities password protection at a minimum and be readable only by
individuals that have fully executed a software user agreement software is not allowed to lead the
organizing well that’s too bad because it’s I already got it what the do so
I’m not saying I have the software but here you go it goes the contents bugs
search for keywords references uh I don’t well here’s a software request
procedure but let me get to the point here you see all of this how they can create the space shuttle they create
everything that they need to create you know testing it you know Advanced
aircraft they see what happens to the aircraft you know flight Dynamics you know just everything you could have been
uh possibly imagine when it comes to aerodynamics and aerospace engineering
and what what interests me was this the yoga grid right here’s the overground
so what I discovered going to this overgrid version 2.3
is this software program over great graphics window again I’m not trying to
claim that this is what they’re using to create the computer generated images I’m not saying that the space shuttle never
went up into space which is not as far as we generally think it is all right
people think the space is a vacuum and all this other Jazz it’s not no one goes into a vacuum I’m sorry to
disappoint you I include you globers but when you look at the main menu
for this over grid version 2.3 you look at all the grid tools you can
put you color code them which means that this software program
let’s just say they needed to simulate this vehicle be going into space or they
needed to create the background that this has launched and the lighting has to be a specific way because here’s what
I think is happening this is just me being hypothetical and theoretical on this
if I wanted to create a video to show that I launched my own space shuttle
from my backyard and I had access to the atmos the daily real-time
atmospheric data that every news weather station has
access to right from NASA and I want you to understand the news that you watch on
television the weather that they’re forecasting
they’re getting all of that data from NASA they don’t have their own Doppler
systems they don’t they can’t pay for this they they can’t set these things up
they get them from the main sister station [Music]
and that sit station is is got an account with NASA just like a bank
and they’re getting all their data from NASA so if I wanted to create this and I have this software
all I have to do is input all I have to do is input all of the
atmospheric data into the software programming because remember it’s open source
okay it’s open source and then
when you combine the two programs you end up with
the automated configurations or custom fit configurations so that the
video or the simulation that’s being conducted the cert the the specific type of light
and Reflections will be visible on the vehicle themselves as as
you believe it’s being launched and going up into the sky and then when it gets to the darkness of space above 328
000 feet then things start to change and start to look a little bit funny okay
but when you look at debris tracing solution hybrid grid components you look
at this program again I haven’t downloaded this yet so I haven’t played around on it to know exactly how it actually works but from looking at this
template I can tell you here right now I’ve actually seen a template like this in a
Aerospace systems engineering software program
created for a private drone maker right now I know of and he has something
similar to this it’s not identical but it’s used for him it’s you so he could design us drones to do certain things to
fly you know have certain capabilities and they factor in all of this okay they Factory in all of this and when you look
at the bottom of this template you start seeing some things okay again if you’re not a software designer programmer or
coder you know and even if you’re even if you are a program recorder you don’t have to
be when you look at some of the selections that are given you with regard to accesses rotation centers you
have to punch in all of these codes um you look at who knows what the rest
of this does but I mean you’re you’re designing the aircraft for real time
situations right you have to program it in this dough is flying through the air
but in this particular case they’re using flu computational fluid dynamics if you don’t if you’re not sure of what
that is just go to and they’ll show you video illustrations of
what their computational fluid dynamics um capabilities are with graphic
processing units because this is used with gpus everything’s all Visual and if you know that everything they produce
NASA has to produce is all based on graphic processing units
then that gives you the answer right there that everything is based on visual
frame of reference Recreation and simulation of a visual environment hence
the term psychophysics stimuli giving you specific images
specific things that they’ve already pre-programmed into to identify as that
has to be real no that has to be fake and the difference between flat earthers and globals is that flat earthers are
really way outside the box thinkers and highly intelligent people I I’m not gonna say I’m gonna say that
in a general sense but somehow some people have slipped through the cracks and
they I don’t know they’re outside the box but they’re not too far outside the
box and uh they’re you know who knows they they might want to be like a cat and jump back into the safety of the box
which they believe is sitting on top of the ball spinning but not in here today
so when you look at this program start to put things together in your
head thinking oh wait a minute here yeah they’re using this for computer simulation
but this data is also being applied to real time
that’s how they get accurate in what they do whatever it is they’re doing however the way they’re doing it 3D
opengl provides 3D Graphics display we can only see things in 3D or 2D
right so when you look at all this
you should start asking yourself is this how they’re doing it
and I believe this is how they’re doing it if we’re going to stick to our claim
that they’re Faking It then here goes the proof that they’re Faking It
because this is highly complex they don’t expect us to go looking for this they don’t expect us to find this
they don’t expect us to have people within the ranks who can locate this identify it disseminate it decipher it
and put it to use they don’t expect it at all
you see it for yourself there it is plain as day
so I provided you with enough information to go do some searching start looking
for yourself oops sorry about that that’s the name of
the website okay what else that I wanted to show this is the paper that I showed you we
already looked at that I showed you the NASA world win I’ll
have that posted up for you so you can check it out I might not you guys just gonna have to do some homework on this
and I’m I’ve already downloaded the Whirlwind so I’m gonna check that out but there’ll be some more videos after
this so I can tell you what it is I’m discovering what do we got oh this is what I wanted
to show you this is the last thing I wanted to show you this is what is this website this website is okay there’s a technology transfer program I told you about Nas listen NASA
has this program uh NSA has this program Department of
energy has this program DARPA has this program they all have it the technology transfer program is basically Tech that
you know they’ve already Declassified it’s out there and now they want to see what people like us can do with it to
create something more advanced than what they have okay that’s why they put this out there all right it’s not some sort
of propaganda or counter Intel too to really up your computers and your life up and create something that’s
going to kill a lot of people they really don’t know what they’re doing and they need help okay they really don’t
they really need the help okay we know that they’re not bright people working for that organization
it’s impossible they may have him in your Masters and phds but they’re they’re not they’re not
the shiniest apples in the basket people because they’re in the basket we’re outside the basket so here you go I
wanted you to see this General fluid system simulations programs 6.0
so what I want to do is this you see how they’re using general fluid system so when we talk about computational fluid
dynamics what does that look like to you does it look like some sort of air or air
colored air gas no it’s not it’s like liquid fuel phase changes
okay they’re using this same system to test the aerodynamics of aircraft which
means that they’re going into the same environment that they’re being tested yeah here we go
look at this I can actually request this bad boy and I’m gonna do just that
[Music] I am going to do just that so let’s see what we can do
let’s do it let’s do it together I gotta create an account so I’m going
to create an account and I’m going to request this and then I’ll get back to you guys okay other than that it’s been
fun you’ve got a lot of things to look into hopefully you were exposed to something you’ve never seen before but
for those who are focusing on NASA and that is your only focus and you’ve
developed some sort of really how should I say stalker type of Attraction for
them I have to admit I’m right there with you but I’m an
observer on this whole thing but um
I think uh this may be it people this may be what you might be able to use to
prove to every Global who’s going to use anything from that so to say ah guess what I figured out how to create the
same video NASA created and boom here you go and do a side by side and
goodbye NASCAR take care people see you in funny papers I’ll post another one
maybe uh over the weekend or next week take care

Ewaranon Lost History of Flat Earth Episode 8

titled operation high jump the mission was led by admiral richard e byrd the official narrative of the
mission’s objectives were to establish a u.s military and scientific research basis on the continent of
antarctica although admiral byrd’s previous missions to antarctica before the war
gained him notoriety they primarily failed due to the harsh conditions
operation high jump proved just as treacherous with some of the crew perishing in blizzards and plane crashes
and resulted in early termination operation high jump included a staggering 13
ships aircraft escort aircraft carrier a submarine two destroyers and a total
of 4 700 men with full battle gear in what was officially called an ordinary
training exercise an attempt to establish research bases speaking about the operation bert said
that the most important result of his observations and discoveries is the potential effect that they have in
relation to the security of the united states fantastic speed with which the world is
shrinking record the admiral is one of the most important lessons learned during the recent antarctic
exploration i have to warn my compatriots that the time has ended when we were
able to take refuge in our isolation and rely on the certainty that the distances
the oceans and the poles were a guarantee of safety he also said he didn’t want to frighten
anyone on julie but that it was a bitter reality that in the case of a new war
the continental united states would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible
speeds many have since theorized that the specific security risk relates to the numerous alleged covert operations that
took place during the nazi era the most memorable being that of new swabia and the mysterious base 211
located within antarctica these theories suggest that bird and his crew were actually searching for these secret nazi
bases that have been rumored to be impenetrable there are rumors and speculations that
the nazis had developed a type of aircraft with anti-gravity specifically the type we now associate
with flying saucers and were able to not only just leave the planet and journey into space
but also launch very powerful attacks on any challenges interestingly in july 1947
just five months after bird’s operation high jump was terminated in antarctica
the infamous roswell crash happened the official narrative states that a
balloon crashed into a ranch in roswell new mexico but since the incident a growing body of
theories have arisen that suggests that what actually crashed in roswell was a ufo between 1978 and the early
1990s documents were obtained via freedom of information act requests which fueled these theories suggesting a
ufo had crashed at roswell and alien bodies and technology had been recovered by the us
military a plethora of books have been written on the subject interestingly soon after the crash in
1947 the central intelligence agency the department of defense
and the national security agency were all established just as a space race between america and
russia began in 1956 admiral byrd returned to antarctica under operation
deep freeze to once again attempt to establish u.s antarctic bases it marked the beginning
of a permanent military presence in antarctica speaking about antarctica bird said
admiral byrd you’ve been to both the north pole and the south pole is there any unexplored land
left on this earth that might appeal to adventurous young americans uh yes there is and not up around the
north pole because it’s getting crowded up there now because they find out it’s really usable
not only to live in but militarily but strangely enough there’s left in the
world today an area as big as the united states that’s never been seen by a human being
and that’s beyond the pole on the other side of the south pole from middle america
and it’s uh i think it’s quite astonishing that there should be an area as big as
that unexplored that’s a tremendous so there’s a lot of adventure left down at the bottom of the world admiral
byrd died in his sleep of a heart element a year later in 1957.
he was an active freemason a year later in 1958 nasa was
established and then soon after in 1959 the antarctica treaty was signed by the un
prohibiting access and ownership i do not dispute that the nazis created
advanced technological flying crafts and i do not dispute that many of them could have potentially fled to deep
antarctic bases what many are not taught in history lessons at school is that many nazis
actually fled to america after the war remember all wars are carefully choreographed by the satanic
illuminati elite they are illusions cast upon the people using a system of
us versus them when in reality the us is funding the them and vice versa
verna von braun was a german-born aerospace engineer and so-called space architect
and worked on nazi germany’s rocket development program in 1960 him and others were hired by
nasa where he served as director of the newly formed marshall space flight
center he was also chief architect of the technology that supposedly landed the apollo spacecraft on the moon
what many haven’t realized is that the roswell crash and ufo narrative of 1947
was a carefully raw and insidious form of false flag that can be classified as a psyop a
psyop is a psychological operation designed specifically to convey selected information and indicators to
audiences to influence their emotions motive and objective reasoning
psyops plant ideas in people’s minds in a covert way and what better way to create intrigue
and hype for the upcoming space race of the 50s and to leave crumbs of information suggesting alien
life psyops are highly manipulative and can work in a reverse psychological manner
in which the recipient feels that the information must be true because it was secret the freedom of
information at releases worked on a big portion of the public in just this manner
they appeared secret with just enough deliberately planted ufo and alien references to provoke an intended
response in their audience other very famous leaked government documents such as majestic
12 work in the same way just because something leaks does not mean it is true leaks can
be plotted to influence and manipulate and it makes getting to the truth really
tough business if a government has top secret information mitigation procedures make it very
difficult to leak and that’s why any leaks that do make it out require high skepticism
and proof by evidence the beta gate emails actually tell us minimal
but the real life evidence and prevalence of such evidence validates them leaked ufo
alien disclosure works the opposite way we have next to no evidence of this
existing other than the so-called secret information suggesting its existence governments
the media and hollywood do not explore satanic child sacrifice in fact they act very
fast to censor it quickly but they do love to entertain the alien
agenda whenever they get a chance you see there is a secret and it’s a
secret that they do not want us to know it is one of the greatest secrets of all time
and roswell nazi ufos nasa the space race and the moon
landings were all carefully designed to cover it up you see as the space race was heavily underway
there was another military operation taking place before we turn our attention to the specifics of this operation
it is necessary to take a look at another us navy leader james van allen during the same time
period between 1946 and 1954 the admiral byrd was exploring
the north and south poles so was van allen the satanic scientist
kabbalah priests tell us that he was conducting experiments to discover more about the earth’s magnetism
of magnetosphere van allen had developed this bizarre invention called a raccoon
a balloon rocket combination that lifted missile rockets on balloons high above the earth’s atmosphere
before firing them even higher and he was conducting these experiments at the
arctic and antarctic regions what he discovered was of course named the van allen belts
nasa tells us that the belts are barriers of seething radiation that surround the earth
and a collection of charged particles gathered in place by earth’s magnetic field
the belts extend from the starting altitude of 640 kilometers
all the way to 58 000 kilometers according to science the belts begin at
640 kilometers or what is referred to as just above low
earth orbit and this is where it gets tricky for nasa and the governments of the world listen
to what they say [Music] as we get further away from earth we’ll pass through the van allen belts
an area of dangerous radiation but orion has protection shielding will
be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation sensors aboard will record radiation
levels for scientists to study we must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space
and unlike the previous program we are setting a course with specific and achievable milestones
early in the next decade a set of crude flights will test and prove the systems required for exploration
beyond low earth orbit beyond low earth orbit beyond low earth orbit the kinds of technologies that
we’re testing out on space station are definitely helping us with our goals of going beyond low earth orbit so we
have a really robust exploration program at nasa plan that nasa has is to build a rocket called sls which is
a heavy lift rocket it’s something that is that is much bigger than what we have today and it will be able to launch the orion
capsule with humans on board as well as landers or other components
to be to destinations beyond earth orbit right now we only can fly in earth orbit that’s
the farthest that we can go and this new system that we’re building is going to allow us to go beyond and hopefully take humans into the solar
system to explore so the moon mars asteroids there’s a lot of destinations that we could go to
and we’re building these building block components in order to allow us to do that eventually
the moon mars asteroids there’s a lot of destinations that we could go to the moon mars asteroids there’s a lot of
destinations that we could go to the moon
wait what come again i thought we went to the moon hmm it seems like someone is lying
and now that you know about these radiation belts do you really believe we went to this imaginary ball of rock
in this tin can we never went to the moon and no one can go to the moon as it is
not a sphere van allen was approached by the military in the early 60s
in 1962 he suggested clearing the belts away by setting off nuclear bombs near
the outer belt the u.s military contacted van allen and began conducting a series of nuclear
tests in the early 1960s called operation dominic as the official
narrative tells us the operation included within it the operation fishbowl events which were designed to
understand how nuclear weapons would interact with the earth’s so-called magnetic field the highest of the fishbowl events
was called starfish prime a 1.4 megaton nuclear bomb detonated
at 400 kilometers on july 9 1962. why were they firing rockets and
nuclear bombs way up into the earth’s atmosphere to discover more about its radiation
you do realize that nuclear bombs produce extreme radiation you do not discover the chemical
composition of lemon juice by squeezing more lemon juice onto it
and this is the secret no one in history has ever left earth you cannot leave
earth they are telling you to your face now one thing i really want your generation
to embrace is that the earth is a closed system the earth
is a closed system we cannot leave the earth there’s no
place to go and this is from one of the highest satanic scientists kabbalah priests
himself straight from the goat’s mouth see these satanists just have to tell you
they are hiding it in plain sight again and they’re getting away with it because they are relying on both our inability
to get our heads around the bamboozlement of impossible figures and phenomena and they are also relying on our blind
trust in the scientific institutions of the world and their word no one has ever left
flat earth it is a closed system and not because there are radiation
belts no one has left because there is a dome-like roof above of what is better understood
as a firmament we cannot leave the earth this is what admiral byrd
discovered in antarctica they discovered the foundations of the firmament
and that’s why you cannot go to antarctica it is literally the edge of the earth
and i know what you’re probably thinking what this is going from crazy to crazier
to insane but by now you already know what i am going to say
let me show you in 2014 civilian space geeks constructed their
own rocket with a camera on and sent it up with the goal of being the first civilian rocket to make it to
space look what happens our mission as the civilian space exploration team
is to be the first civilian team in history to launch a rocket that reaches space
all systems are go for launch t minus 10 seconds 9 8 seven
six five four three two one
what did that rocket hit if there was a high amount of intense radiation up there it would have
scorched that mini rocket to pieces there is no radiation above us covering
a globular spinning planet ball it is a flat stationary plane with a
firmament above and i know that you want to scream and say that does not prove anything
the rocket’s engine could have failed but take it easy we are just getting started you see
what they never told you in school is that every single civilization in our earth’s history knew that the earth is flat and there
existed a firmament above our heads they were trying to tell us and illustrations throughout the years have
brought their conceptions of the world that we live in to life
look [Music]
only one is the satanic lie take another look at nasa’s insignia did you not notice look at the ring
around the planet saturn and look closer what they call the red chevron
don’t you think it looks like a split tongue the tongue of the serpent
it almost resembles a letter t which would give the organization’s name an
interesting anagram but just a coincidence i’m sure
and why does every single rocket that nasa supposedly sends up to space take the exact same path
look they aren’t sending rockets into space they reach a certain altitude and begin
bending until traveling horizontally and landed in the ocean somewhere
they cannot go up and leave earth’s atmosphere and journey into space because there is
no space there is a firmament above and they have been hiding it in plain
sight the whole time look closer at the masonic drawings can you see it
the four pillars or the four corners of the earth the sun and moon the same size and both
within an arched dome of firmament and of course satanic pedo hollywood has
already told us while laughing behind our backs look
oh [Music]
and the more they brainwash us with movies about space fake rocket launches and bamboozlement
science we are forgetting more and more that our ancient historical texts reference the therman the book of enoch
a non-canonical biblical text that was discovered as part of the dead sea scrolls reads
and i saw the cornerstone of the earth and i saw the four winds which support the earth and the
sky and i saw the winds which turned the sky and caused the disc of the sun
and all the stars to set and i saw the winds of the earth which support the
clouds and i saw the paths of the angels i saw at the end of the earth the firmament of
heaven above the quran references it
with power and skill did we construct the firmament
the book of job which is older than the torah itself references this very firmament has thou
with him spread out the sky which is strong as a molten looking glass
what does that mean a molten looking glass
i guess i’m up against the highest hardest stained glass ceiling
so i guess i’m up against the highest hardest
stained glass ceiling
and it may be hard to see tonight but we are all standing under a glass
ceiling right now [Applause] it was fine for all this talk about me
running to break the big hard glass ceiling although we weren’t able to shatter that
highest hardest glass ceiling this time thanks to you it’s got about 18 million cracks in it
and the light is shining through like never before
there’s a mystery scattered around in the sand are thousands of chunks of strange
yellow green glass it is really really a mysterious class and we scientists are still kind of
puzzled how these things formed and i can’t believe we just put the biggest crack
in that glass ceiling yet it’s got about 18 million craps in it
[Applause] again they are telling us and the crowd
claps and cheers in their own ignorance they are telling us while laughing behind our backs
but wait a minute the firmament cannot be made of super strong glass or that rocket would have been shattered
upon impact and i know i know i know maybe the rocket just malfunctioned or ran out of
power stay with me interestingly the biblical book of genesis holds some clues to this
mystery and god said let there be a firmament in
the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters
and god made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the
firmament and it was so could there really be water just above
the firmament and directly below it it sounds like an absurd concept not as
absurd as bending oceans wrapped around a spinning spaceball mind you so let’s investigate it’s the stars and
the planets themselves that offer more clues in case you forgot the planets at nasa
and other official space agencies show us our cgi or artistic renditions
we have seen their lazy photoshop skills exposed in previous episodes we see something very different when we
use an advanced and powerful lens like found on nikon cameras and look at
the planets above us [Music]
look [Music]
now [Music]
foreign [Music]
um [Music]
oh [Music]
uh [Music]
uh [Music]
oh [Music]
my [Music]
hello [Music]
um [Music]
[Music] my
they are pulsing and shifting almost dancing nasa says this is because of the
earth’s atmosphere but as we just saw not all of them follow the same pattern
each planet here radiates its own specific patterns and light movements you see what we call the
planets are actually stars like the rest of the stars we see at night and the sun is a sun not a star
this is a star and this is a sun
oh [Music]
my [Music]
[Music] foreign
[Music] foreign
no [Music]
there is no space no kabbalah iron soft vacuum of nothingness space is an elaborate hoax
real space is water and the water below the firmament appears to be some kind of
gooey substance that is paradoxically soft and yet impenetrable they cannot get
through it and it seems that one scientist found a similar kind of substance within the dark depths of the ocean
one of the strangest places on the ocean’s floor was only just discovered in the
degree is one of 1990s handful of people to ever see it in person without a doubt one of the most amazing
things that i had ever seen in the bottom of the ocean it was while filming for blue planet was in
the gulf of mexico i noticed there’s something out in the distance couldn’t tell exactly what
but it looked like a dark band and as we approached it the dark band
became a donut i saw this donut it was black in the center
what the heck is that and so as we get closer and closer to it
i noticed that the black band had what appeared to be kind of steam over
it and then i looked and there was water laughing
against the shoreline this band was a ring of mussels and inside the ring of
mussels was a lake and it’s like wait a minute i’m already underwater we went out
over the water in this lake and tried to descend in it and bounced off it was so super saline
and dense that the submarine couldn’t go down it we literally bounced off and as we
bounced off we said ripples heading back to the shoreline
it was insane nasa tells us that our globe is spinning at a thousand miles
per hour on its axes at 67 000 miles per hour around the sun
which is then traveling at 570 000 miles per hour within our galaxy if this was truly the
case then we would not see the same constellations in the same places in the night sky
the night sky will be completely random and perpetually changing but it isn’t as we’ve seen the stars
above us attach somehow to a great immense and mysterious firmament
travelling circular motions around our flat stationary earth with polaris
or what we call the northern star a fixed unmoving point in the center
and above the center of our earth at the north pole we’ve been told that comets are huge ice
particles that when passing within the distance of our sun begin to melt which causing them to
release gas and create a trail and tail they tell us that comets can travel a
hundred thousand miles an hour but they are lying again here is time
lapse footage of the recent comet neowise [Music]
as you can see the comet is not actually moving in its own path
it is fixed in its area on the firmament and moving in conjunction with the rest
of the stars there is no travelling comet journeying at a hundred thousand miles per hour
but look closer can you not see it it is a large opening in the firmament
casting a ray of light from whatever exists behind and through the water beneath it much
like you see with the light entering in an underwater cave opening deep in the ocean there’s a very simple
experiment that you can do in the comfort of your own home to prove the existence of the firmament
or earthly dome create a rainbow national geographic tells us that a
rainbow is a multicolored ark made by light striking water droplets the most familiar type rainbow is
produced when sunlight strikes raindrops in front of a viewer at a precise angle
rainbows can also be viewed around fog sea spray or waterfalls a rainbow is an optical
illusion it does not actually exist in a specific spot in the sky the appearance of a rainbow depends on
where you are standing and where the sun or other source of light is shining
they go on to state that rainbows are the result of the refraction and reflection of light both refraction
and reflection are phenomena that involve a change in a waves direction
a refracted wave may appear bent while a reflected wave may seem to bounce
back from a surface or other wavefront light entering a water droplet is refracted it is then reflected by the
back of the droplet as this reflected light leaves the droplet it is refracted again
at multiple angles refraction is the bending of light it also happens with sound water and
other waves as it passes from one transparent medium such as glass into another here we see the white light
hitting the glass triangular prism and refracting the light into a straight rainbow
we have never seen a straight rainbow a triangular rainbow or one that forms right angles or goes
up and down or left to right in order for refraction to take place the white light has to reflect through a
prism which has to be transparent like glass so whatever the white light of the sun
is hitting when we see a rainbow it has to be the shape of the prism it is hitting
the rainbow is always there but there needs to be a screen for us to see it the rainbow is always
there but we only see it when the rain forms a condensed mist like a screen that’s why we see smaller
rainbows in garden sprinklers and it’s important to note that the rainbows we see in garden sprinklers
retain the same shape as the ones we see in the sky the screen mist of water provides us a
screen to see the refracted light of the rainbow which holds its prism’s shape i.e a glass dome
it’s really that simple in the same way the laws of density and perspective
are really that simple but here’s where it gets unbelievable look at this image of a
rainbow reflected in the ocean notice how the colors are reflected like
in a mirror so the colors are reversed the violet indigo and blue that are always at the
bottom of the rainbow are here at the top of the rainbow in the reflection
now try this for yourself at home tells us how we can
make a rainbow you can either make a rainbow with a mirror try placing a mirror inside a
glass and angling the glass so sunlight hits the mirror you should be able to reflect a
rainbow onto a wall or you can do the same exercise but instead of using sunlight you can shine
a torch the rainbow that is reflected from the flat mirror i.e the prism and the screen of water
like when it rains or there is water mist creates a near straight rainbow onto the wall if water
is the reason for creating the arch rainbow shape as science says then why does it here
produce a straight rainbow now take a domed circular glass as your prism and fill it
with water and let the white light of the sun shine through it you get an arched rainbow because the
prism has a dome-like shape and it’s just like the rainbow we see here on earth there is a double rainbow
here but unlike the double rainbow we see reflected in the ocean the colors here are not reverse now
look can you see it the colors in the top rainbow are
reversed what you are seeing is a reflection of the rainbow
in the glass firmament above just like you would in a mirror and just like we see over the ocean or a
lake how dare they lie to us and now really
think about it why would a satanic illuminati network of individuals
who have all the money power and control in the world and who molest rape torture murder
drink the blood of children and worship lucifer want to hide that our earth is flat and
that there is a firmament above and the sun and the moon are local and within our dome
why hide the true nature of our earth from us well if they worship something
immaterial they call lucifer and convince everyone that is not in their little cult that
they are the product of a nothingness that randomly produced a small speck
which then randomly expanded and created matter and life then you remove all possibility
in the person’s mind that their life is anything more than a random coincidence
however if the earth is a closed system with a firmament above then it really requires serious
speculation and consideration as to how our ancient ancestors and various ancient and biblical texts
knew this the illuminati cabal do not want us to seriously consider
the notion of creation purpose for human existence the existence of good and evil as real
energetic entities rather than archaic words to describe something
that their fraudulent sciences call the spectrum of mental health
the satanic illuminati power complex cast humanity into the dark
and kept the knowledge for themselves again they worship something immaterial which
they call lucifer and sacrifice children to whatever this thing is
and all the while control every aspect of knowledge we receive
we go about our days with heads down glued to our smartphones downloading their programs and
information that keep us brainwashed when our eyes should be looking up to our firmament
and the stars attached within it but wait there’s more to the story as we saw
they called the nuclear missile events of the 1960s operation fishbowl and this operation
was part of a larger one operation dominic the name dominic comes
from the latin dominicus which means of the lord so together we get fishbowl of the lord
again it’s there hiding in plain sight the actions committed against children
are the greatest of all sins and crimes but this comes very close there is
nothing more satanic and evil than hiding the true nature of what humanity really
is and what exists beyond could there be a god i don’t know the biblical texts
which hold many truths and clues have been tampered with by the satanic body of elites
the bible used to contain over 80 books but some were removed and hidden it now
contains 66 books 66 that number again
something i did not want to show you until this point in the series are the true mathematical calculations
of the masonic science of the heliocentric earth we are told it spins on an axis of 23.4
degrees if a straight angle is 90 degrees and we subtract the 23.4 degrees of the earth’s
till what number are we left with 66.6
i have told you that the earth orbits the sun at 67 000 miles per hour but you see i round
it up wikipedia gives us a true masonic figure 66 600 miles per hour
i have also shown how according to the heliocentric model the earth should curve at 8 inches per
mile squared what is eight inches in feet at this point you already know it’s
0.666 and look at what latitude they tell us that the arctic
and antarctic poles are located at 66.6 latitude
can you see what is happening how many coincidences before mathematically impossible
they are lying to us there are no coincidences coincidence and randomness is kabbalah
science i have saved this until now because i wanted to show you first
buried deep within hundreds of pages of declassified cia documents that present abstracts or cover notes of soviet
scientific studies there are a couple of cards from the 1940s and 60s that are very telling
here is an abstract outline in a study they were conducting on photograph in the firmament
the full studies are not accessible to the public but we can see here that they have produced a camera that can take a
photograph of the firmament in its entirety all the way down to the horizon
another abstract details echoes and glows in the firmament and another measuring the color
temperature of the firmament in another abstract there is a contents page for naval personnel
look at the contents the shape of the firmament rings around the sun and distortion of
the sun’s and moon’s disks at the horizon disks not spheres
just like reference in the book of enoch again it is just an abstract of the manual and
we cannot see the full contents in another abstract we see reference to what they call the eros firmament
it states that at the eros firmament the passage of the sun is five times quicker the passage of the
sun they do not reference the earth’s spin in orbit but that the sun is the one
moving and making a passage over the earth right below the firmament notice the dates which align with all
the operations at the poles and firing missiles up into our sky the reference to a firmament is scarce
and almost unnoticeable in the hundreds of pages that were declassified but it is there and there is a huge
difference between these declassified documents and the government leaks i spoke about earlier like that of majestic 12.
barely anyone has ever noticed these snippets of study abstracts i would say that it was by negligence
that these references were even declassified within hundreds of other pages of unrelated material in the first
place but i don’t think it’s that it’s complacency no one is ever likely to come across
these buried documents and if they did i doubt they would think twice after skimming over a study title
referencing the firmament the space heliocentric hoax has been so
ingrained in our minds from our early years and reinforced in a daily basis in ways we don’t even think twice about
it would never occur to us the significance of such references in documents of the 1940s and 60s
but it is there hidden in plain sight even the simpsons have told us santa
claus it’s a long flyball going back back
and the ball shatters the sky bringing the ocean itself down into the stadium oh and you
remember nazi aerospace engineer verna von braun who was a leading director at nasa upon its founding
and a leading figure in the apollo moon missions well he died in 1977. look at his grave
it references psalms 19 1. what is that verse the heavens declare
the glory of god and the firmament show of his handiwork
you see it’s always been there waiting for us to notice we just fell asleep as children to
bedtime stories of space explorers and never woke up space is a highly manipulative and
controlled psyop an elaborate hoax to control us and destabilize us from our true human
nature it is the greatest liar of all time and i know what you’re thinking if space
is fake does this eradicate the possibility of alien life i can almost feel the disappointment in
you just like all those years ago when you discovered santa was not real but no it doesn’t mean there isn’t other
life and i implore you to consider the potential vastness of a new kind of
space and land beyond the poles that admiral bird was referring to
again it’s been right in your face the whole time et’s extra terrestrial
aka extra territory don’t worry i am not going to ruin the
excitement your imagination feels when it thinks of extraterrestrials in fact i’m going to enhance it but
before i do that however we need to examine more of our flat stationary plane
that is bound by the wonder of our firmament and the waters above we still have time and i need to make an
important stop first come on move swiftly follow me to part nine i need to show you the panic they are in
now their little secret starting to emerge