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Here Is The Software NASA Uses To Fake The Globe And Space

Here Is The Software NASA Uses To Fake The Globe And Space

This video is addressed to Dave McKeegan who thinks he has un-debunkable proof that the ISS is flying over a cartoon ball earth! Any real flat earth researchers already know NASA can get up there high enough above the level earth and their sole purpose for doing so is to keep the ball earth deception going strong. In 1969 they were only up 150 mils above the earth, they already knew the earth wasn’t a ball, they already knew long before the moon landing that the earth was not truly a ball. They knew they were hiding more land and resources beyond Antarctica. So in 1969 their mission was to create a fake ball earth image from 150 miles up, while pretending to go land on the moon.

Ever since then they’ve relied on Photo Realist Artists and computer programmers to give them the best artistic and technological advancements possible to continue faking the cartoon ball earth. We’re not supposed to be able to uncover their lies, but some of us have been able to do just that! They were always watching what the REAL flat earthers were doing since 2002, they knew their fraud was being uncovered. They needed to step up their game.

Their main goal is to eventually stage another moon landing using AI to render the entire landing and fill any gaps the flat earthers uncovered all of these years. The globers that bought all the original fraud, hook line and sinker are hopelessly doomed to being duped for the rest of their lives.

Content creators like Dave McKeegan were pushed to the forefront by Google in 2018. Not only has NASA been stepping up their game to continue the ball earth lie, but they also had Google in the corner to censore all the flat earth content creators in 2018. The NASA whistleblower Math Powerland was shadow banned and ghosted long before 2018, he was eventually completely erased in 2020. The rest of the content creators were completely buried and shuffled to the back of people like Dave McKeegan, SciManDan and Professor Dave. This FACT alone should raise a huge red flag for anyone that comes across this information. WHY would they need to censor the flat earth if the ball earth claim was true? Why would they need to stay decades ahead of the sheep they’re lying to in technological advancements if they were telling the truth? Time is running out, if you’re a glober.. you better wake up and start pressuring NASA about their fraud and you better start demanding access to Antarctica and beyond! NASA is also involved in soft-killing all your asses and that got started in 2020 with CONvid and the jab! I don’t know any flat earthers that took that garbage! I know a few ball earthers that avoided it, but most of you globers were maskers and jabbers! WAKE UP!

so what’s up people this is Robert basano I just want to come back to you guys again and share some information with
you um I got to talking with Alice again and Alice says hey you want to take
another trip down the rabbit hole I want to show you something else and it actually involved a
commercial I saw yesterday when I was watching CNN watching Christian almond boards you’ve
been talking about NATO and then they went to commercial break in this interesting NASA commercial came up and
what it showed was a picture of the Earth you know it was in a cartoon
animation and then they showed a picture of this cartoon animation of the Sun
and then it started showing all kinds of information about the earth and the size of it and the shape of course they show
the globe and then they showed the Sun and then it went on to show how many Earths can fit into the sun what’s the
distance of the Sun from the Earth and then it went the video started to
progress and it showed a comparison of how you could develop a perceptual
understanding of how big the sun was first compared to the earth and they showed another picture of the front door
of someone of a home saying that this is the Sun and then they peered into the
keyhole they zoomed all the way into the keyhole of the door to illustrate this is how small the Earth is
and then the video ended with the words got it get it
good and on the bottom it says Source NASA so I’m like what the
was that a Flat Earth message was that saying hey we know what you guys are doing so we’re gonna put out
counter information to make sure we keep everybody on target with regard to what
the Earth what we’re telling them the earth looks like so I I went looking for this video
couldn’t find it on NASA’s website couldn’t find it on CNN’s website at all couldn’t find it on the internet at all
typed in all kinds of queries nothing came up and usually you know not supposed that
on their website where you can find it you know with regard to Media Inquisition relations so you know speaking to Alice we go down
deep in the rabbit hole deeper than we’ve ever gone before and I decided to type in Source colon NASA
and lo and behold all this crazy just popped up you
know in the search and I’m starting to see you know websites regarding coding
websites regarding Source open source code autonomous systems and Robotics
artificial intelligence so I just started to go digging a little bit deeper right and then I stumble across some crazy
on this website code NASA and the reason why I found this
interesting and again I want everybody to understand that I’m not looking for information to
you know support my belief you know I wanted to I’m curious you know I’m into
software programming GPU Cuda you know Blackberry OS Android
Red Hat Linux and um and I know you know I know quite a bit about machine
learning and Ai and and computer programming so I’m thinking okay
I saw a video the other day where a guy Flat Earth her he put up a video I think
he’s from Australia or or London and he made the insinuation that there
was a possibility they had some sort of software program that he believed whereby they could actually
they could take the footage from a high altitude plane like a drone we’ve all seen they know that we know that they
have those large um Reaper and predator drones which NASA
helped develop um with Lockheed and Boeing and they put these bad boys up at extremely high
altitudes they’re completely autonomous stationary atmosphere over a non-rotating earth
so I thought to myself wait a minute if you do have a picture of the Earth then you can take that that video and then
you upload it into the high performance computer to have the super computer and then you start creating all types of
image processing Graphics visualization you just basically go from scratch with
this whole thing and then I stumbled across this dick
q-u-ip quick Imaging processing on NASA’s website open source Q uip
provides an interactive environment for computing and presenting images and image sequences manipulating and storing
arbitrary data and general scientific Computing and plotting the current release supports unix-like operating
systems tested on Linux and Mac OS OS X and Apple’s IOS mobile operating system
GPU accelerating is supported with either Cuda or opencl which I’ve been I
know both of those there’s a built-in support so I’m thinking to myself cycle physics
what the hell is it am I confirming is it possibly I’m
getting ready to confirm that these videos are actually being put out they’re all artificial in a super
computers conducting all of this even the that they claim that’s live but wait till you see what more I’m
going to show you this is incredible people Alice is taking me deep
inventory system for lab equipment worldwide options uh eodos
on Earth I mean look this is all open source people you can go to all of this and this
there’s a possibility you will be able to create exactly what NASA’s creating if you have the computer memory and
power to actually do it but this is all of their open source
software they’re using world of view design I’m not even gonna go there this this
video is just basically to show you guys that this exists the disk repository
contains the wireframes and designs for NASA’s World review this code was originally developed at
Nasa Goddard space flight center for the earth science data and information systems Edis project
people you got to go to this this is you have to see this for yourself
and for those of you out there who are interested in programming and software development and open source sdks
this may be the Holy Grail people this may be it
this may be it people this actually may be it
you’re gonna have to see this for yourself I mean it just goes on and on and on
Google Earth offline cache preloader desktop operation remote Terrain
Capital Community database I mean they’re taking all the data they’re putting it up into a computer and
they’re creating the this the computer generated images and videos they’re doing the same thing
IPv6 socket manipulation for python
wow Earth data search data curtains core flight systems data search data
storage application version file plotting tools python power metric radar
beam blockage calculation I mean
you know to to give them a little bit of Defense I I’m gonna say that yes they’re
using this to create simulations so they know what aircrafts are going to do what space vehicle is going to do when
they’re in a specific environment but if you wanted if you couldn’t really do this but you could think of it and
you can create it on a computer that means you can make it look like it’s real
because when you go all the way back up to the to the coating
psychophysics do we not even search to see what that is people do we really want to see what
psychophysics is I mean do you want to know because I want to know
I want to know what psychophysics actually entails okay
cycle physics
psychophysics let’s go to
let’s go to and Academy again I don’t like looking at perception
lecture notes I don’t like looking at Wikipedia that’s for people who are just lazy
so psychophysics have you ever wondered what happens when
you eat a juicy watermelon how does a grainy texture of that pink fruit get translated into the sensation of sweet
or okay let’s guess what method of limitation limits to measure obsolete
threshold with the methods of limits a researcher would present the stimulus in either us and okay
this is just basically we want to keep it simple right people okay let’s keep it simple
psychophysics is the scientific study of the relationship between stimuli specific and physical terms and the
sensations and perceptions evoked by these stimuli the term psychophysics is used to denote both the substantive
study of stimulus response relationships and the methodologies used for this this
study okay that’s psychophysics so let’s go back to where we were so
again you guys see all of this we’re not going to go over all of it because this would be literally like a full five hour video
but I wanted to show you this just to to illustrate
there is a potential possibility all of this that you’re seeing on video that you see the NASA does I’m not
saying that rocket the rocket launchers are not real but what I am saying is this is
a lot of these launches that may be taking place at night time where there’s nobody around to see them or they’re not
being publicized that they’re happening um they could be computer generated
images and fake launches a lot of the launchers that are taking place in front of the eyes of thousands of people who
are standing around the seat of launches those are real those are real launches
or they could be fake launchers who knows
you know I’m not gonna say that they are fake launches but
you can’t take out the possibility that all kinds of crazy ass noise that could be created to simulate what it sounds
like to see to hear a rock and actually fire off because they actually can create these same sounds when they’re
doing rocket testing if you’ve ever seen the videos where they’re doing rocket testing they actually have the engine
they’re firing it off to see what the what the capabilities are how the Rockets performing what the engine
sounds like they’re recording all these sounds so when you see what you believe to be the space shuttle or some rocket a
few miles away away from you and you see the launch taking place but
there’s all these type of other vehicles and apparatuses around the launch site projecting sorts of images and Light
who’s to say that that’s not a holograph you’re seeing and the sound that you’re hearing is not actually coming from a
real vehicle being launched but it’s a sound being projected with very
Advanced speaker systems and sound systems that could project that type of sound and noise and that vibration okay
these things are possible people if you don’t think that they’re possible and you’ve been to an actual launch and you
say yes that was a rocket being launched hey I’m not going to argue with you on that but what’s happening when you’re not
there watching a launch you know you might say yeah you talk to friends and this happened but I need you
to take this into consideration because psychophysics image processing Graphics you can if Hollywood can do this
NASA can do it okay because that’s who they learned it from thank you Stanley Cooper so we go over to the software
catalog they have actually a technology transfer program software catalog for 2015 2016. you can sign up use your
email create an account and um basically you can download the
catalog I’ve already downloaded and put it into my secure Cloud so anybody want to know who it is you can just get say
this is a US government system that’s authorized for use only I actually signed up and I actually got the document to be perfectly honest with you
so I actually have an account so no I don’t work for the government
so another thing I wanted to show you guys was this the NASA world win
okay this is an open source platform cross platform completely free you can download this and I was in the process
of downloading it and I’m gonna do that right now okay I’m going to accept
and it’s going to give me the Whirlwind Java SDK 2.0 I’m going to download it
and put it inside my folder and just let it go through its thing we’re going to
see what that is later I need to play around with this see what it actually really is you guys can go to NASA
Whirlwind download it yourself play around with it maybe we can share some notes but it’s 98.8 megabytes so it’s
going to take a while but let me let’s keep going here so I found this paper Aerospace Research
Center but you have to pay to get this so I’m gonna have to log into my University later and use my University account to
actually access this document but here’s the interesting thing about the title moving Spirit simulations using the
Chimera grid approach moving sphere simulations using the
Chimera grid approach you need to research Chimera grid
approach do that on your own okay but
I’m gonna need to read this document to really come up with definitive results that they’re creating this all
through computer image processing because they have more than a dozen supercomputers around
the United States and the world okay
so this data and the way they’re doing this it’s not happening from the United States you can
be guaranteed of that because the United States suffers too many cyber attacks for that information
to be compromised for the whole system to be crashed literally in a day
okay in a day they would have to literally cut the cord to the worldwide
internet so that this couldn’t be published by some hacking group okay so let’s go here so I did what I did was
I did download this paper high resolution Aerospace applications using the NASA Colombia supercomputer
so I’ve got to go through this read this whole thing but what’s interesting about this and I haven’t read through the
whole document and I want you to understand something because there’s been talk about you know there being
potentially what is below is above you know there’s Waters in the ocean we
talked about a lot of things that people putting out videos saying that there’s there’s these lunar waves and they now
they’re talking about they may not be actual any kind of electromagnetic waves or or or
um heat waves but it could be actual some sort of fluid Dynamic environment that
everything may be in in the sky with regard to the Sun the moon the space shuttle the ISS all of that but what’s
interesting about this introduction notice what they say computational fluid dynamics
cfd techniques have been developed and applied to Aerospace analysis
and design problems since the Advent of the super computer however in spite of
several decades of continuous improvements in algorithms and hardware and despite the widespread acceptance
and use of cfd as an indispensable tool in the Aerospace vehicle design process
computational methods are still employed in a very limited fashion in the design process
the full potential of these methods in delivery delivering more optimal designs
and accelerating the design cycle has yet to be approached
now I want you to understand something we you don’t have to be in Aerospace or
an astronautic engineer or an aerodynamic engineer to understand that if you’re designing
an aircraft to fly in atmosphere and a gases pressurized atmosphere
then you’re going to put it into a wind tunnel and you’re going to create some sort of vapor trail where
you you’ll be able to see the way the gases flow or the air flows over the
wings of an aircraft and when the aircraft turns left to right pitched yaw you see how the air interacts with the
structure of the aircraft now that’s not fluid dynamics [Music]
fluid dynamics exactly what they say it is you’re using some sort of fluids
composition source liquid they’re using computational fluid
dynamics techniques for aircraft testing and design which
means that if they’re doing that on a computer and they’re doing it in a laboratory and inside some sort of
facility where they’re testing this then they’re letting these fluids go interact with the with the aircraft
vehicle which means because that vehicle is going to be going into the same environment they’re testing it under
fluid people fluid
I’ll leave it at that again I need to do some more reading and you guys are seeing this for the first time just like
I am okay so let’s go to the over grid now to give you some clarity on what you’re
actually looking at I’m going to show you what you’re looking at I found this this is also NASA website
okay let’s see here yeah it’s people
it’s okay I mean Alice is
fantastic she’s been taking me so far down the rabbit hole it’s unbelievable so I found this and it talked I wanted
to research what the Chimera grid approach actually was and yeah this was put out version 2.1 in
2010. but let’s just assume that this was something this is an
upgraded version of something that predates stuff that was being used before okay so that’s the Assumption and
presumption we can make because we don’t have anything else to compare it to so
Occam’s raises theory is the most logical conclusion is the most probable
right okay Chimera grid tools users manual so restrictions read this before
proceeding notices and disclaimers read this before proceeding uh let’s see here what they say read this before
proceeding many models in the software package have been developed under the dod high performance Computing
modernization program um it’s called the chissy cfd4
initiative as a result the following rules must be observed by the users of the software only U.S citizens or
permanent residents belong to a U.S organization are allowed to access allowed access to the software foreign
Nationals are permitted well oh got the cat out of the bag on this one hey it’s open source it wasn’t a
restricted website that I need to log into so you’re gonna put it out there I’m gonna find it I’m
gonna post it and let everybody know U.S citizens
are permanent residents who would like to use the software must sign a software usage agreement form in the past or
group leader branch chief can sign for the group the current rules require a signature from everyone who has access
to the software including indicating that they understand restrictions imposed on the software
source code must reside on secure facilities password protection at a minimum and be readable only by
individuals that have fully executed a software user agreement software is not allowed to lead the
organizing well that’s too bad because it’s I already got it what the do so
I’m not saying I have the software but here you go it goes the contents bugs
search for keywords references uh I don’t well here’s a software request
procedure but let me get to the point here you see all of this how they can create the space shuttle they create
everything that they need to create you know testing it you know Advanced
aircraft they see what happens to the aircraft you know flight Dynamics you know just everything you could have been
uh possibly imagine when it comes to aerodynamics and aerospace engineering
and what what interests me was this the yoga grid right here’s the overground
so what I discovered going to this overgrid version 2.3
is this software program over great graphics window again I’m not trying to
claim that this is what they’re using to create the computer generated images I’m not saying that the space shuttle never
went up into space which is not as far as we generally think it is all right
people think the space is a vacuum and all this other Jazz it’s not no one goes into a vacuum I’m sorry to
disappoint you I include you globers but when you look at the main menu
for this over grid version 2.3 you look at all the grid tools you can
put you color code them which means that this software program
let’s just say they needed to simulate this vehicle be going into space or they
needed to create the background that this has launched and the lighting has to be a specific way because here’s what
I think is happening this is just me being hypothetical and theoretical on this
if I wanted to create a video to show that I launched my own space shuttle
from my backyard and I had access to the atmos the daily real-time
atmospheric data that every news weather station has
access to right from NASA and I want you to understand the news that you watch on
television the weather that they’re forecasting
they’re getting all of that data from NASA they don’t have their own Doppler
systems they don’t they can’t pay for this they they can’t set these things up
they get them from the main sister station [Music]
and that sit station is is got an account with NASA just like a bank
and they’re getting all their data from NASA so if I wanted to create this and I have this software
all I have to do is input all I have to do is input all of the
atmospheric data into the software programming because remember it’s open source
okay it’s open source and then
when you combine the two programs you end up with
the automated configurations or custom fit configurations so that the
video or the simulation that’s being conducted the cert the the specific type of light
and Reflections will be visible on the vehicle themselves as as
you believe it’s being launched and going up into the sky and then when it gets to the darkness of space above 328
000 feet then things start to change and start to look a little bit funny okay
but when you look at debris tracing solution hybrid grid components you look
at this program again I haven’t downloaded this yet so I haven’t played around on it to know exactly how it actually works but from looking at this
template I can tell you here right now I’ve actually seen a template like this in a
Aerospace systems engineering software program
created for a private drone maker right now I know of and he has something
similar to this it’s not identical but it’s used for him it’s you so he could design us drones to do certain things to
fly you know have certain capabilities and they factor in all of this okay they Factory in all of this and when you look
at the bottom of this template you start seeing some things okay again if you’re not a software designer programmer or
coder you know and even if you’re even if you are a program recorder you don’t have to
be when you look at some of the selections that are given you with regard to accesses rotation centers you
have to punch in all of these codes um you look at who knows what the rest
of this does but I mean you’re you’re designing the aircraft for real time
situations right you have to program it in this dough is flying through the air
but in this particular case they’re using flu computational fluid dynamics if you don’t if you’re not sure of what
that is just go to and they’ll show you video illustrations of
what their computational fluid dynamics um capabilities are with graphic
processing units because this is used with gpus everything’s all Visual and if you know that everything they produce
NASA has to produce is all based on graphic processing units
then that gives you the answer right there that everything is based on visual
frame of reference Recreation and simulation of a visual environment hence
the term psychophysics stimuli giving you specific images
specific things that they’ve already pre-programmed into to identify as that
has to be real no that has to be fake and the difference between flat earthers and globals is that flat earthers are
really way outside the box thinkers and highly intelligent people I I’m not gonna say I’m gonna say that
in a general sense but somehow some people have slipped through the cracks and
they I don’t know they’re outside the box but they’re not too far outside the
box and uh they’re you know who knows they they might want to be like a cat and jump back into the safety of the box
which they believe is sitting on top of the ball spinning but not in here today
so when you look at this program start to put things together in your
head thinking oh wait a minute here yeah they’re using this for computer simulation
but this data is also being applied to real time
that’s how they get accurate in what they do whatever it is they’re doing however the way they’re doing it 3D
opengl provides 3D Graphics display we can only see things in 3D or 2D
right so when you look at all this
you should start asking yourself is this how they’re doing it
and I believe this is how they’re doing it if we’re going to stick to our claim
that they’re Faking It then here goes the proof that they’re Faking It
because this is highly complex they don’t expect us to go looking for this they don’t expect us to find this
they don’t expect us to have people within the ranks who can locate this identify it disseminate it decipher it
and put it to use they don’t expect it at all
you see it for yourself there it is plain as day
so I provided you with enough information to go do some searching start looking
for yourself oops sorry about that that’s the name of
the website okay what else that I wanted to show this is the paper that I showed you we
already looked at that I showed you the NASA world win I’ll
have that posted up for you so you can check it out I might not you guys just gonna have to do some homework on this
and I’m I’ve already downloaded the Whirlwind so I’m gonna check that out but there’ll be some more videos after
this so I can tell you what it is I’m discovering what do we got oh this is what I wanted
to show you this is the last thing I wanted to show you this is what is this website this website is okay there’s a technology transfer program I told you about Nas listen NASA
has this program uh NSA has this program Department of
energy has this program DARPA has this program they all have it the technology transfer program is basically Tech that
you know they’ve already Declassified it’s out there and now they want to see what people like us can do with it to
create something more advanced than what they have okay that’s why they put this out there all right it’s not some sort
of propaganda or counter Intel too to really up your computers and your life up and create something that’s
going to kill a lot of people they really don’t know what they’re doing and they need help okay they really don’t
they really need the help okay we know that they’re not bright people working for that organization
it’s impossible they may have him in your Masters and phds but they’re they’re not they’re not
the shiniest apples in the basket people because they’re in the basket we’re outside the basket so here you go I
wanted you to see this General fluid system simulations programs 6.0
so what I want to do is this you see how they’re using general fluid system so when we talk about computational fluid
dynamics what does that look like to you does it look like some sort of air or air
colored air gas no it’s not it’s like liquid fuel phase changes
okay they’re using this same system to test the aerodynamics of aircraft which
means that they’re going into the same environment that they’re being tested yeah here we go
look at this I can actually request this bad boy and I’m gonna do just that
[Music] I am going to do just that so let’s see what we can do
let’s do it let’s do it together I gotta create an account so I’m going
to create an account and I’m going to request this and then I’ll get back to you guys okay other than that it’s been
fun you’ve got a lot of things to look into hopefully you were exposed to something you’ve never seen before but
for those who are focusing on NASA and that is your only focus and you’ve
developed some sort of really how should I say stalker type of Attraction for
them I have to admit I’m right there with you but I’m an
observer on this whole thing but um
I think uh this may be it people this may be what you might be able to use to
prove to every Global who’s going to use anything from that so to say ah guess what I figured out how to create the
same video NASA created and boom here you go and do a side by side and
goodbye NASCAR take care people see you in funny papers I’ll post another one
maybe uh over the weekend or next week take care

The Shape Of Deception Why The Truth Matters

The Shape Of Deception Why The Truth Matters


‘Flat Earth’ as a term DOES NOT represent a map or a model. It’s not an “Archaic Conception”, but instead represents free thinking and an ongoing investigation and understanding of where we are, who we are, what we are, when, how, and why.

is often used as a defense mechanism by
stubborn Globe Defenders it’s more
rhetorical than inquisitive and tends to
be their final discussion point before
refusing to engage further with the
this question formulated one of several
ways is so what if the Earth is level
why does the shape of the earth even
what difference does it make to my life
firstly the thing of crucial importance
is not the shape it’s the LIE
the LIE of heliocentrism is one of the
most Insidious lies imaginable that
replaces our common sense and lived
experience with unproven theories and
explanations from supposed experts
children are indoctrinated to abandon
the evidence of their senses in favor of
this nonsensical Globe Model A Schism
occurs in their psyche where they are no
longer able to trust their own senses
and experience and instead must trust
information completely contrary to it
presented by perceived authority figures
teach such a false cosmology is
incredibly deceitful and disempowering
to the individual and the result is that
Humanity has become just like the slaves
in Plato’s allegory of the cave
a child who learns not to trust the
evidence of their senses becomes forever
imprisoned within Plato’s Cave
a world of distorted Shadows
cast by Plato’s Puppet Masters
that blinds them to the reality Beyond
so why does the shape of the earth
again it’s not about the shape
it’s about the LIE
to fool nearly the entirety of humanity
from multiple Generations stripping
people of their common sense and
replacing it with carefully crafted lies
is obviously a matter of serious
it is one of the most psychologically
devastating things that could be
perpetrated upon an individual
and seeing through it should be one of
the most revealing Revelations of a
so when someone asks the foolish
question of what difference does it make
that is already evidence of extreme
psychological Distortion if knowing the
truth doesn’t matter to your life what
does that say about your life
the level Earth is an epic Epiphany that
changes many people to their core
affirming their common sense
developing their critical thinking
skills and reigniting a spirit of
Discovery and adventure
in this way the level Earth Revelation
is holistically helpful and truly
transformational for many on an
individual level
even more importantly however is if
Humanity succeeds in fully exposing this
egregious lie
and finally rooting out the liars
The Beneficial ripple effect it will
have throughout Society is massive
once these foundational facts are
realized these governments universities
media outlets and other entangled
suddenly and completely lose all
the resulting Mass mental Exodus away
from the control system is exactly what
is needed
essentially once the level Earth
conspiracy is exposed
so is every other important conspiracy
by proxy
because this so-called mother of all
conspiracies holds under its umbrella so
many fundamental and foundational facts
fully reveals them

Jesuits Erasing our Flat Earth – Documentary

Jesuits Erasing our Flat Earth – Documentary


How the biggest deception started and who promoted it, narrated by Johnny Cirucci. From the Holy Roman Empire, to modern times, while explaining the Jesuit connection with Pythagoras, Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, Einstein, etc.

mig/mag special report for a thousand
years from roughly 500 AD to 1500 AD the
civilized world was controlled by Rome
but not military Rome religious Rome the
Roman Empire had mutated from a military
power into a religious one co-opting the
beliefs of Christianity and mixing them
with ancient Egyptian Greco and
Babylonian paganism Christian doctrine
that came directly from Jesus Christ and
was transcribed in the Bible stated that
each individual had the liberty and
independence to govern their own
salvation by cultivating a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ the new
religious Roman Empire insinuated
herself in between Christ and the
believer and said if you wanted to have
your soul saved you had to rely on the
priests bishops and Cardinals of Rome
this was the worst kind of slavery
because it was a slavery of
disinformation now and again sincere
Bible believing Christians like the
Waldensians of the Alps the Alba Jen’s
Jerome of Prague John Wickliffe and his
Lollards yon hoose of Bohemia would
rebel against this Roman rule and show
Christians that Vatican doctrines
claiming that you needed Rome to ensure
your salvation were contradicted by the
Bible as a result the papacy strictly
forbade Bibles to be placed into the
hands of the common person and only
allowed Jerome’s Latin Vulgate
to be handled by clergy men like John
Wickliffe painstakingly translated the
Vulgate into the language of the people
for Wickliffe it was English English
Bibles were then slowly and carefully
handled by witless followers who handed
them out – and taught the people in
response Roman authorities captured
wickless followers called lollards tied
their Bibles around their necks and burn
them alive
it’s what Christian so-called Christian
Rome did to all of her enemies including
Jerome of Prague and yeah who’s John
foxes Book of Martyrs originally titled
acts and monuments is completely filled
with examples of Catholic authorities
torturing and murdering Christians and
when a lollard was burned with a Bible
hanging around his neck it was a
terrible loss because not only were
Christians being burned alive but
Bibles were irreplaceable but in 1517 a
new rebel stepped up an Augustinian monk
from Germany named Martin Luther Luther
was furious that Pope Leo the tenth
Giovanni de Medici from the powerful
medici family who helped to rule the
world then and including through to
today had sent their attack dogs the
Dominicans to cheat the common people
out of their money by claiming they
could buy what is called an indulgence
which is basically a receipt of forgiven
sin by paying money to indulgences
peddlers like Johann Tetzel or
Christians believed that they had some
of their sins forgiven worse they were
told that dead loved ones were in
purgatory and they could give money to
these indulgences peddlers and the Pope
would then release their dead loved ones
Luther wrote 95 short paragraphs or
theses and on November 1st a 1517 All
Saints Day posted them to the doors of
All Saints Cathedral and Vinton burg but
what was different about Martin Luther’s
protests and the protests of previous
Christians was the movable-type printing
press of Johannes
ninety-five theses were translated and
replicated by the Gutenberg press and
spread like wildfire want Luther
instantly shot to number one on the
Vatican hit list remember he was an
Augustinian monk that didn’t matter he
was waking people up and freeing them
from the Roman chains and for that he
needed to be stopped he was kidnapped by
his benefactor Frederick the wise of
Saxony and held it Wartburg castle for
several months to protect him from
Vatican assassins during that time he
translated the Bible into vernacular
German and it may have been the most
important thing he ever did starting
with the New Testament and then later
the Old Testament but now the Gutenberg
press started printing off large
quantities of common language Bibles and
the fires of the Inquisition couldn’t
keep up other brave Christians like
William Tyndale also a Roman Catholic
priest began translating Bibles into the
language of their people
Tyndale was English like Wickliffe and
he too was eventually executed by Rome
for his crime but now Rome had a problem
there were too many Bibles and Bible
Translators to be kept in check by
burning them all a new tactic was born a
tactic that English Cardinal Thomas
Wolsey called learning against learning
and that tactic was to discredit the
Bible in order to force people to return
to accepting Rome as the ultimate
authority over their body and soul in
this tactic of learning against learning
Rome would literally rewrite reality and
weave a false reality matrix that we now
all swim in to this day for thousands of
years mankind understood the earth to be
flat and stationary only rarely did men
like Pythagoras attempt to claim
otherwise and it’s interesting to note
that many Freemasons consider Pythagoras
to be one of the first of their craft
but now rewriting our reality as a
tactic to discredit the Bible became a
top priority in the face of Martin
Luther’s 1517 ref from
Meishan Protestant Reformation the
Catholic response would be the
counter-reformation and it would be
spearheaded by Spanish Templar knight
named Ignatius of Loyola and his
followers whom we call today the Jesuits
their first opportunity came from the
Vatican’s mathematician a Polish priest
named Nicholas Copernicus Copernicus
gave birth to the modern heliocentric
model of the universe with his work de
revolutionibus orbeum celestia on the
revolutions of the heavenly spheres
Copernicus knew he was weaving a matrix
of lies and wanted to hold publication
of de revolutionibus until after his
death but powerful Roman Catholic clergy
like teed men geese bishop of comb and
the papal secretary himself johann
him to publish in 1543 the facts that
catholic clergy forced Copernicus to
publish or that Copernicus was the
Vatican mathematician or that he
received his doctorate in canon law from
bologna university canon law the
precepts by which rome governs nations
Adam vice helped was a doctor in canon
law or that he was a Roman Catholic
priest these have all been swept under
the carpet but Copernicus never married
and even the Catholic Encyclopedia had
to note then in 1537 King Sigismund of
Poland put Copernicus’s name on the list
of four candidates for the vacant
Episcopal seat of Orland which makes it
probable that at least in later life he
had entered the priesthood also swept
under the carpet has been the timing of
the publication of de revolutionibus
right on the heels of Martin Luther’s
Protestant Reformation and if that’s not
clear enough for you how about this a
Vatican agent named Yuri okiya rheticus
who was originally born your de Porres
had insinuated himself into the Luther
Reformation and was in Vinton Berg when
he left to become a close student of
Copernicus sources like Wikipedia
claimed that rheticus was
sent from reformer Philip Melancthon a
dear friend of Martin Luther but it is
absolutely Roman Catholic disinformation
in the table talk of Martin Luther the
great reformer is quoted as having said
there is talk of a new astrologer who
wants to prove that the earth moves and
goes round instead of the sky the Sun
the moon just as if somebody were moving
in a carriage or a ship might hold that
he was sitting still and at rest while
the earth and the trees walked and moved
but that is how things are nowadays when
a man wishes to be clever he must need
to invent something special and the way
he does it must needs be the best the
fool wants to turn the whole art of
astronomy upside down however as holy
scripture tells us so did Joshua bid the
Sun to stand still and not the earth in
his lectures on the book of Genesis
Luther said we Christians must be
different from the philosophers and the
way we think about the causes of these
things and if some are beyond our
comprehension like those before us
concerning the waters above the heavens
we must believe them and admit our lack
of knowledge rather than either wickedly
deny them or presumptuously interpret
them in conformity with our own
understanding the great reformer Jean
Calvin also known as John Calvin called
Copernicus a dreamer who has a spirit of
bitterness and contradiction reprove
everything and prevent the order of
nature we will see some who are so
deranged Calvin said not only in
religion but who in all things reveal
their monstrous nature that they will
say that the Sun does not move and that
it is the earth which shifts and turns
when we see such Minds we must indeed
confess that the devil possesses them
and that God sets them before us as
mirrors in order to keep us in his fear
so it is with all who argue out of pure
malice and that happily make a show of
their imprudence when they are told this
is hot they will reply note it is
plainly cold when they are shown an
object is black it will say no it is
and vice-versa just like the man who
said that the snow is black for although
it is perceived and known all to be
white yet he clearly wished to
contradict the fact and so it is that
they are madmen who tried to change the
natural order and even to dazzle eyes
and be numb the senses do you think
Calvin knew how the Freemasons were used
by the Jesuits when they are shown an
object is black they will say it is
white we’re talking about our government
he owned we’re talking about a crime
bill feeling simple y’all got to start
thinking on a different level like the
CIA does now went through the
looking-glass here people white is black
and black is white very quickly Rome
jumped upon this new model of the
universe and Jesuits like Christopher
Claudius used Copernicus and his work to
fabricate the Gregorian calendar the
calendar we all use rightly did the
prophet Daniel say in Chapter 7 verse 23
that during his vision of being standing
near him said the fourth beast shall be
a fourth Kingdom on the earth which
shall be different from all other
kingdoms and shall devour the whole
earth trample it and break it into
pieces the ten horns are ten Kings who
shall rise from this Kingdom and another
shall rise after them he shall be
different from the first ones and shall
subdue three kings he shall speak
pompous words against the Most High
shall persecute the Saints of the Most
High and intend to change times and laws
and the Saints shall be given into his
hand for a time very quickly did Rome
and papal agents like the Jesuits begin
to push this new cosmology she took over
astronomy and either pushed out or
killed off anyone who contradicted the
idea that the earth was a globe spinning
in space and revolving around the Sun
even those that met her halfway didn’t
keep her happy and she dealt with them
as well
Teague ah Tintin brah hey whose nickname
was Tycho accepted the idea that the
earth was a globe spinning in space but
still believed that his own observations
and data
proved that the earth was the center of
the solar system and not the Sun this is
known as geocentrism Tycho wanted to
follow in the steps of Martin Luther and
studied at the University of Wittenberg
but was forced out by the plague
Brahe Hayes life appeared to be
frequently in danger and in 1566 he lost
a large portion of his nose in a duel he
was 20 years old at the time he later
died under mysterious circumstances at
the very young age of 54 one of those
who claimed it was simply an illness a
bladder infection contracted during a
banquet in Prague was his understudy
Johannes Kepler Kepler was a German
astronomer and supposedly a Lutheran yet
he had an intimate relationship with
Jesuits in 1597 Archduke Franz Ferdinand
ii of austria banished all protestants
good Roman Catholic that he was and
Kepler fled to Hungary but that Jesuits
intervened and convinced Ferdinand to
allow him to return Kepler grew up with
a Jesuit uncle under the same roof of
their house in veal de staat uncle said
Aldous was a Jesuit astrologer who also
kept a wife upon the unexpected death of
Tycho Brahe Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph
the second immediately promoted Kepler
to replace him as Imperial mathematician
and Kepler very quickly went to work
rewriting all of bra haze observations
to be interpreted as heliocentric and
not geocentric in a paper titled
Kepler’s relation to the Jesuits dr.
York shook nur the University of Leipzig
noted that it is well known that the
order of the Jesuits was the most
important and the most active Catholic
order in the field of science during the
17th and 18th centuries one field of
particularly intensive successful study
carried out by the Jesuits was astronomy
many of their names are associated with
the important discoveries in the history
of astronomy such as the discovery and
mapping of
moon craters it is nearly impossible to
list all the names of those who made
serious contributions as astronomers or
mathematicians one aspect of the
considerable role the Jesuits played in
the history of astronomy was their
support of Johannes Kepler some of them
stood in extensive correspondence with
Kepler now it was obvious to protestors
like Luther and Calvin that something
fishy was going on in Rome and the
papacy needed plausible deniability
while she rewrote our reality that
propaganda was presented by Italian
astronomer and mathematician Galileo
Galilei and it’s absolutely fascinating
what user edited wikipedia says in the
entry for Galileo Galilei under the
subtitle Galileo Kepler and theories of
tides Cardinal Bellarmine had written in
1615 that the Copernican system could
not be defended without quote a true
physical demonstration that the Sun does
not circle the Earth but the arrow
circles the Sun Galileo considered his
theory of the tides to provide that
required proof of the motion of the
earth now there’s no link on the name
Cardinal Bellarmine which is unusual for
maybe that’s because Cardinal Bellarmine
was Robert Bellah mean of the Society of
Jesus one of the most powerful Jesuits
of his time was canonized a saint in
1930 and named a doctor of the church
what’s more it is ludicrous to imagine
that the Earth’s supposed large mass
doesn’t pull the moon and crash into it
and instead the magical force of gravity
holds its stationery even more
ridiculous is the idea that the moon
affects tides by pulling on the water
the magical mystical force of gravity is
blamed South African author Thomas
Winship wrote in 1899 his book zetetic
cosmogony if the moon lifted up the
water is evident that
the land the water will be drawn away
and low instead of high tide caused
again the velocity and path of the moon
are uniform and it follows that if she
exerted any influence on the earth that
influence could only be a uniform
influence but the tides are not uniform
and wish it uses examples from South
Africa at port natal the rise and Falls
about six feet while at birra about six
hundred miles up the coast the rise and
fall is twenty six feet this effectually
settles the matter that the moon has no
influence on the tides but Protestant
reformers were on to Rome she knew she
needed a smoke screen and she provided
it suddenly history was rewritten and
rather than pushing with her own agents
like Copernicus Kepler and Galileo and
others to rewrite our cosmology suddenly
the papacy was a defender of the Flat
Earth well just look what they did to
poor Galileo let’s do supposedly Galileo
was tried for heresy at the hands of
that evil flat earther Jesuit Robert
Bellamy he bravely stood by his guns and
humiliated the church with a
heliocentric spinning ball earth what
happened to Galileo Galilei well for the
last few years of his life he was put
under house arrest have you read
anything about the Inquisition do you
know what the Inquisition did to people
when it truly considered them an enemy
things like rotating their arms
backwards until they were pulled out of
their sockets inventing special
instruments that could be jammed into a
person’s body to rip open their valves
putting them in a special sarcophagus
filled with spikes that would jam into
them to the bone you ever hear of Edgar
Allan Poe are you familiar with his
short story the pit and the pendulum
about a swinging razor-sharp pendulum
that lowered across a victim and would
take hours to slowly saw that victim
half did you know it was based upon the
Inquisition a little known secret is
that the Jesuits now own astronomy when
their missionaries went across the world
across our flat earth the first thing
they did was insinuate themselves in
royal courts to become the official
astronomer of that kingdom China is a
great example one of the first Jesuits
in China was Matteo Ricci Ricci and his
successors like Adam Shah and Ferdinand
verbiage were all the royal court
astronomers and eventually fabricated
the calendar for the Chinese emperor
today the Jesuits even have their own
observatories both in Italy and in
America they use their puppets in
American government to steal Apache holy
ground on Mount Graham in Arizona are
they reaching out extraterrestrial or
enter dimensionally they appear to have
answered our question with the latest
piece of technology on Mount Graham the
large binocular telescope near-infrared
utility with camera and integral field
unit for extra galactic research also
known as Lucifer and it’s not surprising
given the success the Jesuits have had
in rewriting our reality now we’re
supposed to believe that rome was
against the spinning ball earth
heliocentric cosmic accident cosmology
of our modern understanding yet at every
step of the way Jesuits are Jesuit
agents were there to bolster our false
reality hiding whenever possible behind
convenient Jews and for more on that see
our special report it’s the Jews from
Johnny suruci and mig/mag
needing to contrive an origin for our
accidental existence that contradicts
the Bible Jesuit trained Belgian priest
George’s lemaître is the father of the
so called Big Bang Theory the idea that
first there was nothing and then it
exploded he was a close co-worker of
just such a Jewish puppet Albert
Einstein Einstein bolstered the Jesuit
cosmology with his convoluted theory of
relativity the problem was that
observations of both scientists and
laymen weren’t matching what so-called
astronomers were telling us and so
Einstein fabricated the theory of
relativity to claim that your reality
was relative to the time-space continuum
it is purposefully almost impossible to
understand you’re just supposed to trust
science and astronomy the Jesuits then
jumped on with dinosaurs and Charles
Darwin to claim the earth is billions of
years old
and wherever Darwin’s theory of
evolution had holes Jesuits stepped up
to fill the gap Jesuits like Pierre
Teilhard de Chardin the father of the
new age after fabricating the eight like
pre humans that we supposedly came from
even students of evolution became
concerned that there was a quote missing
link between primitive Apes and modern
humans a discovery was made in 1912 to
bridge that gap having been found in
Piltdown East Sussex England it was
named Piltdown man unfortunately it was
also found to be a hoax the skull of a
small human with the altered mandible
and teeth of an orangutan sometime later
paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould
uncovered the father of that hoax
a Jesuit priest named Pierre Teilhard de
Chardin there are many such examples in
archaeology and paleontology and yet no
one asks why would so-called scientists
be fabricating evidence the goal was to
discredit the Bible and it has been
resoundingly successful without the
spinning ball earth Darwinian dinosaur
cosmic accident the Bible is a science
textbook with it critics laugh and
questioned the Bible and instead look to
human authorities to save their souls
such as the Vicar of Christ himself who
is for the first time in Roman Catholic
history a Jesuit priest this has been
Johnny suruci for a mig/mag special

Photoshop: James Webb Space Telescope Hubble Telescope Carina Nebula Stephan’s Quintet Southern Ring

Photoshop: James Webb Space Telescope Hubble Telescope Carina Nebula Stephan’s Quintet Southern Ring

In this video, from the famous James Webb Space Telescope, a bunch of Photoshop manipulated imagery can be seen through the EXIF reader, what this means, you can see on the EXIF where this was created and software used, as well as the history or the actions done in the image/file.

Know the difference from the truth and a lie and its deception.

Which version of PhotoShop are YOU watching???

44 Government Documents Prove Flat Earth

44 Government Documents Prove FLAT EARTH

Anthony Skaar Moochie is a Trump advisor and he went on CNN and made an of
himself on the issue of climate science overwhelmingly census in the scientific community is that presented actions have
an impact on science race oh yeah I was interacting world and whenever it comes out creo had Chris there was an
overwhelming science that the earth was flat and there was an overwhelming sign learned over the time the Senate we were
the center of the world a hundred percent you know we get a lot of things wrong in the scientific community you
and I both know that no that’s called not science geocentrism to there was an
overwhelming signs have you believe no that wasn’t a scientific belief that was a belief that wasn’t scientific that was
a belief there’s a difference there’s a difference hello my name is Nathan Roberts thanks for tuning in to flat
earth doctrine I appreciate you being here please do subscribe if you haven’t yet done so though do not count on my
social media account always being active it’s at one point in time sometime in the future YouTube because it is censoring
flattered specifically you will not be able to find my account it will be gone because of YouTube so as a result to
stay in contact with me once all that goes down please go to my website flat
earth doctrine calm and you’ll see a pop-up appear on the web page please
provide your email address so that when things go down where I’m censored completely we will be able to stay in
contact through email so let’s go ahead and dive into these documents I’m here
to share with you 44 different documents from the government swear by they admit the earth is flat documents from the CIA
USSR US Army NASA Federal Aviation Administration the FFA US Navy national
imagery and mapping agency National geospatial intelligence agency and the US Marine Corps which
includes state-owned universities such as UCLA Penn State and Shang yang aerospace
university government admits Flat Earth document number one put out by the CIA
whereby it looks like they stole it from the USSR and this document was created
appears to be sometime around March of 1957 and you’ll notice that in the
bottom left-hand corner and you’ll see the title of the document the author if there is one cited unless there’s a ton
of them and I’m not gonna list them all and then you have the URL of this document so if you want to go download it yourself you were able to and when I
go through these documents themselves you’ll see on the bottom right-hand corner is the page number where you can
find these these phrases and words cited so beginning with page 19 of 104 this
dissertation there’s the brightness of the firmament the firmament is a biblical term which
is a just mentioned in Genesis chapter one eight different times and beginning with verse six and the firmament is is
was made to divide and separate the waters from above from below as well as
the Sun Moon and stars are placed within the firmament so please go reread
Genesis chapter one the firmament is also mentioned on page 20 also a near
Sun which means localized Sun is mentioned and it talks about the
brightness of the first order and derived on the assumption of a Flat Earth and giving some conclusions
derived on the basis of this formula so the formula is based upon the assumption of a Flat Earth there’s a near Sun and
there’s a firmament apparently government admits Flat Earth document
number two propagation of electromagnetic fields over Flat Earth you’ll notice it on page seven it says
flat idealized Earth on page 17 Flat Earth page 18 Flat Earth
page 28 Flat Earth page 35 Flat Earth government admits
Flat Earth document number three from the US Army titled an energy budget
model to calculate the low atmosphere profiles of effective Sound speed at night there’s an image in the document
where it shows a near and localised Sun crepuscular rays and a flat earth and
that again is on page 10 and then if you go to page 16 you see the word Flat
Earth government admits Flat Earth document number 4 put out by the United
States Army titled computationally efficient algorithms for estimating the
angle of arrival of helicopters using acoustic arrays let’s see what it has to
say on page 17 it says Flat Earth page
30 Flat Earth model page 31 Flat Earth
page 35 a flat earth government admits
flatter document number 5 this one is from United States Army titled adding liquid payloads effects to the 6 DOF
trajectory of spinning projectiles see what it has to say on page 7 says assume
a Flat Earth these equations assume a flat earth government admits Flat Earth
document number 6 this is put out by the United States Army in fact it’s the same author as document number 5 gene R
Cooper and in fact the title is almost eerily the same though what we’ll find
is that he didn’t make any Corrections for assuming a Flat Earth but let’s read
the title trajectory prediction of spin-stabilized projectiles with a steady liquid payload what does it say
page 10 it says these equations assume a Flat Earth
why would you assume a Flat Earth if you’re on a spinning ball govern
admits Flat Earth document number seven put out by NASA in August of 1988
derivation and definition of a linear aircraft model what does it have to say
let’s see here well starting with page six it says this report details the development of the
linear model of a rigid aircraft of constant mass flying over a flat non
rotating earth it goes on to say on the same page by defining the initial conditions of the nominal trajectory for
straight in level flight and setting the asymmetric aerodynamic and inertia terms
to zero one can easily obtain the more traditional linear models from the linear model derived in this report on
page 35 it says this report derives and defines a set of linearized system
matrices for a rigid aircraft of constant mass flying in a stationary
atmosphere over a flat non rotating earth on page 55 it says based on
assumptions of symmetric mass distributions symmetric aerodynamics and straight in level flight and then on
page 102 this report documents the derivation and definition of a linear
aircraft model for a rigid aircraft of constant mass flying over a flat non
rotating earth government admits Flat Earth document number 8 put out by NASA
titled general equations of motion for a damaged asymmetric aircraft and on page
2 it states in this paper the rigid body
equations of motion over a flat non rotating earth government admits Flat
Earth document number 9 put out by NASA titled predicted performance of a thrust
enhanced sr-71 aircraft with an external payload this has put out in June of 1997
and it states non rotating earth right there page 10 and this this sr-71
blackbird has a top speed of 2,100 93 miles per hour and it doesn’t have to
account for a rotation of the earth the Coriolis effect the alleged Coriolis effect or even the curvature of the
earth at 2193 miles per hour certainly
would have to if it existed unless it was flying over a flat non rotating
earth government emits flat earth document number 10 put out by the Federal Aviation Administration in
conjunction with company named MIT re it’s derivation of a point mass aircraft
model used for fast time simulation this is from April 2015
says assuming a flat non rotating earth page 7 government admits Flat Earth
document number 11 put up by NASA in conjunction with the University of Kansas they contracted kayuu to do this
work with with them and it was put out June of 1971 it is titled a method for
reducing the sensitivity of optimal nonlinear systems to parameter uncertainty let’s see what has to say
page 14 it says the idealizing assumptions made are the following
number two is a flat non rotating earth government admits Flat Earth document
number twelve put out by NASA it is titled calculation of wind compensation
for launching of unguided rockets and on page eight and 10 we have a diagram as
well as it states the missile position in space is computed relative to a flat
non rotating earth government admits Flat Earth document number 13 put up by
NASA December of 1987 titled user’s manual for linear a Fortran program to
derive linear aircraft models and it’s states on page 16 a rigid aircraft
flying in a stationary atmosphere over a flat non rotating or
government admits Flat Earth document number 13 put up by NASA December of
1987 titled user’s manual for linear a Fortran program to derive linear
aircraft models and it’s states on page 16 a rigid aircraft flying in a
stationary atmosphere over a flat non rotating earth government admits Flat
Earth document number 14 put up by NASA in 1988 in fact it looks like to be an updated version from the document number
13 that I just went over same authors and almost the same exact if not same exact title which is user’s manual for
interactive linear a Fortran program to derive linear aircraft models and it
states on page four equations with stationary atmosphere and flat non rotating earth assumptions same thing as
in document 13 same authors basically same title they didn’t make any adjustment going onto page 126 it states
the same thing stationary atmosphere and flat non rotating earth assumptions doesn’t look like they made a mistake
with that documentation their government admits Flat Earth document number 15 put
out by NASA this was put out in March of 1972 and it’s titled determination of
angles of attack and side slip from radar data and a roll stabilized platform what does it have to say well
page two it states the method is limited however to application where a flat non
rotating earth may be assumed if it’s limited to that assumption and the earth
is a spinning ball then this document is garbage unless the earth is truly flat
and non rotating government admits Flat Earth document number 16 put up by NASA
it’s titled US standard atmosphere what does it have to say well on page 22 it says for the
accuracy required in this document it suffices to treat the surface as an
ellipsoid whose flattening ellipticity that means they had to flatten the globe
why would you have to do that for accuracy maybe because the earth is government admits flatter document
number 17 put out by NASA in December of 1991 titled an aircraft model for the
AIAA controls design challenge and what does it have to say on page 13 it states
the flight dynamics of a rigid aircraft flying in a stationary atmosphere over a
flat non rotating earth government admits flatter document number 18 put
out by NASA this was in December of 1978 titled investigation of aircraft landing
in variable wind fields and what does it have to say on page 14 it states the
aircraft trajectory model employed in this study was derived based on the following assumptions a the earth is
flat and non rotating government admits
flatter document number 19 put up by NASA titled a mathematical model of the CH – 53 helicopter and its states on
page 25 the helicopter equations of motion are given in body axes with
respect to a flat non rotating earth government admits flatter document
number 20 put out by NASA titled development and validation of a piloted simulation of a helicopter and external
sling load well what does it have to say well on page six it states a general set
of nonlinear rigid body equations of motion for both the helicopter and external load determines the motion of
each vehicle with respect to a flat non rotating earth it states on page 37 the
equations of motion for both the helicopter and the external sling load are developed in body axes with respect
to a flat non rotating earth on page 48 it states the terrain is generally flat
government admits Flat Earth document number 21 put out by NASA and the US Air
Force in conjunction with research provided by Georgia Tech and it is and
it is titled atmospheric oscillations what does it
have to say well on page 13 it states a model frequently used is that of a flat
non rotating earth also States the most one can profitably simplify the problem
is to consider an isothermal atmosphere plane level surfaces and a non rotating
earth government admits flat earth document number 20 to put out by NASA
titled stability and control estimation flight test results for the sr-71
aircraft with externally mounted experiments and what does it have to say
well it states on page 18 and 19 if you put them together because there’s a
break in the paragraph it states these equations assume a rigid vehicle and a
flat non rotating earth not very safe for a vehicle that travels at a top
speed of 2000 193 miles per hour government admits Flat Earth document
number 23 put out by NASA in May of 1988 titled flight testing a V s tol aircraft
to identify a full envelope aerodynamic model and it states motion over a flat
non rotating earth page 9 of 18 government admits flatter document
number 24 put out by NASA it is titled singular arc time optimal climb
trajectory of aircraft in a two dimensional wind field what does it have
to say it states on page two in our minimum time to climb problem the
aircraft is modeled as a point mass of the flight trajectory is strictly confined in a vertical plane on a non
rotating flat earth government admits flatter document number 25 this is put
out by the United States Navy and it is titled studies on instabilities in long baseline two-way satellite time and
frequency transfer including a troposphere delay model and what does it have to state it states on
page two it shows a graphic which shows two ground stations on equal level
ground both ground stations on the same flat plane and then on page six it states assuming a flat earth and the
straight line of sight line of sight just so you know line of sight does not
apparently exist when you’re looking over the earth and I’m gonna get to that in another document pretty soon
government admits Flat Earth document number 26 United States Army it is
titled scale and sensitive detection algorithm for FLI our imagery what does
it have a state it states that in other scenarios only the range to the center
of the field of view and depressions angle is known so that a flat earth approximation provides the best estimate
that is page 6 of 22 government admits Flat Earth document number 27 put on it
again by the United States Army and it is titled user manual for the microsoft
windows edition of the scanning fast field program version 3.0 what does it
have to stay well it says on page 45 and 47 this model works over a flat and non
turbulent atmosphere government admits Flat Earth document number 28 put out by
the United States Army titled path loss measurements in a forested environment at VHF and what do we have to find in
here but it states on page 8 Flat Earth age 16 over a flat earth age 17 over
flat earth page 18 over flat earth page 19 over flat earth h20 based on Flat
Earth theory not a theory it’s fact page 23 over Flat Earth page 25 Flat
Earth page 26 Flat Earth page 35 over Flat Earth over Flat Earth stated
twice government admits Flat Earth document number 29 this is the US Air
Force who contracted Brown University to put forth the docking
titled review of sound propagation in the lower atmosphere documented in May
1955 so what does it say on page 18 it says in most of the topics to be
discussed the problem is to describe the sound field in a region of atmosphere
above a flat earth and then it goes on to cite and page 208 cite a document an
article that was written in 1954 in physica xx
and it is titled the extension of summer fields formula for the propagation of
radio waves over a flat earth two different conductivities of the soil so
you may want to research that one a little bit further government admits Flat Earth document number 30 put up
with the United States Army entitled beacon position and altitude navigation aided by a magnet meter and it states on
page 11 it says that the first is the
earth fixed coordinate system which is fixed to the earth with a flat earth
assumption and just check out the diagram that they have associated with it are you serious government admits
Flat Earth document number 31 put up by the United States Army and it is titled automatic target acquisition of the demo
3 program and it states on page 9 only
the range to the center of the field of view and the depression angle is known so that a Flat Earth approximation
provides the best estimate government admits Flat Earth document number 32 put
up by the United States Army and it is titled modeling of atmospheric effects
see what it’s got to say well I’m page 28 it states this model works well over
a flat earth and non turbulent atmosphere government admits Flat Earth
document number 33 put out by NASA in conjunction with an organization called
range commander’s Council telemetry group the cumin is titled telemetry standards this
organization range commander’s council their mission is dedicated to serving the technical and operational needs of
us test training and operational ranges the RCC provides a framework where in
common needs are identified and common solutions are sought technical standards are established and disseminated joint
procurement opportunities are explored technical and equipment exchanges are facilitated advanced concepts and
technical innovations are assessed and potential applications are identified the vision is the range commits
commander’s Council RCC will promote credible change to meet Department of Defense DoD tests and training
requirements while promoting the common good of its members and enhance and enhance sharing and interoperability of
infrastructure and resources and so apparently I’ve got a lot more than just
NASA who they serve they just they serve the Department of Defense the Air Force the Navy the army that’s who’s at least
listed here so back to the document which is to telemetry standards on page
172 it states although the equations for the terrain model can be rather daunting
in its simplest form one uses flat earth trigonometry to compute the difference
in path lengths between the direct and reflected signals you don’t use flat
earth trigonometry if you’re on a globe government admits Flat Earth document
number 34 put out by NASA in conjunction with UCLA that’s right the University of California this was put out in 1993 and
it is titled approximate optimal guidance for the Advanced Launch System
and it states that the equations of motion for the 0th order problem of
flight in a vacuum over a flat earth are presented that’s
page 32 of 164 and then on page 43 of 164 it states in this section the
three-dimensional equations of motion are reduced for flight in a great circle
plane the the xz-plane over a flat non-rotating
earth and in further states below it says equations of motion representing
flight in a vacuum over a flat earth government in MIT’s Flat Earth document
number 35 put out by NASA and October 1995 and it is titled flight simulation
software at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center and it states on page 4 this
structured with both flat and oblique earth versions has successfully supported more than 50 different
aircraft apparently it also has a flat earth version and in most cases Flat
Earth six degree of freedom equations of motion are used why would that be unless
here at this flat government admits Flat Earth document number 36 put up by NASA and it
is titled simulator arrow model implementation on page 10 it states for
the flat non rotating earth considered here and why are we considering to build
a software over a flat earth to be used for trainings when the earth is a
spinning ball maybe the earth is flat government admits Flat Earth document
number 37 this is Shen yang aerospace University which is affiliated with
obviously China and the title is design and implementation of flight visual
simulation system and on page three it states and I’m gonna read this entire thinks it’s very important to understand
mathematical modeling of flight simulation the aircraft flight motion simulation as an important part of fvss
directly affects the reliability and authenticity of the system flight motion simulation of effect can be greatly
improved by relative mathematical models of aircraft flight dynamics in this paper the fvss is based on two
assumptions a flight area is the space above ground level level where the
rotation of the earth and the curvy motion of mass center of Earth are
neglected meaning they don’t take it to an account at all for this flight
simulation software why would they do that if the earth is a spinning ball why
would you create software to train people how to fly on flat non rotating
earth software why because government
admits flat earth document number 38 this is put up by Penn State which is a public university so state-owned the title is a discussion
of methods of real-time airplane flight simulation and what does it have to say
about flight simulation well on page 11 estates flat earth coordinates and many
flight simulators globe navigation is not important in such cases it is
appropriate to model the earth as a plane half-space rather than an oblate
spheroid then the simulator need not worry about how the local horizontal plane changes as the airplane flies
around the earth though we know from other documentation all flight is straight and level this simplifies the
bookkeeping in the simulator considerably the Flat Earth coordinate system is a Cartesian system Flat Earth
model Thank You Penn State government admits Flat Earth document number 39 and
this is in conjunction with nad the National imagery and mapping agency as well as the national
geospatial-intelligence agency and the document is titled the American practical navigator an epitome of
navigation this is the 1995 edition alright so what does it have to say well
it states well one is water line how can water have a line if it’s always curving
maybe because it’s level in any case this assumes that the observer is at sea
level the earth is flat between observer and object there is no refraction in the
object and it’s water line form a right angle for most cases of practical
significance these assumptions produce no large errors or
rather in fact no errors at all and that’s found on page 351 of 7:14 and
then we also find that they have curvature of surface at point 8 foot per
nautical mile which does workout with what commonly is known as the earth
curvature calculation for the statute mile for the statute mile it’s point six
six six foot per statute mile for the
curvature of the surface but for nautical mile it does work out to 0.8 fluid per nautical mile for the
curvature of the surface so apparently they’re using the same spherical trigonometry that flat earthers are
using to prove that the earth is not a globe and that’s found on page 355 of
7:14 and then this definition I think was very interesting it’s called back
shore the part of a beach which is usually dry being reached only by the
highest tides and by extension a narrow strip of relatively flat Coast bordering
the C flat Coast page 573 and then we
also have line of sight now this is a very interesting definition line of sight the straight line between two
points which does not follow the curvature of the earth the only way that
this apparent definition works out would mean that you’re only looking up in the
sky never looking straight out over the plain of the earth because if you were
then you would be following the curvature of the earth thereby it’s no longer the line of sight
but we commonly say in my line of sight I can see such-and-such when you’re
looking straight over the earth apparently we’ve been using it incorrectly government admits Flat Earth
document number 40 put up by the United States Army in November of 1969 titled
the production of firing tables for cannon artillery ballistic research laboratory
in Aberdeen Proving Ground Maryland and what is it state right off the get-go on
page ten ms l equals mean sea level what does sea level mean well sea level it is
the level of the sea surface used in reckoning the height of geographical
features such as hills and as a barometric standard and then what is the definition of level but a horizontal
plane or line with respect to the distance above or below a given point a position on a real or imaginary scale of
amount quantity extent or quality having a flat or and even surface without
slopes or bumps at the same height as someone or something else give a flat or
even surface to begin to fly horizontally after climbing or diving
that’s the word level that’s what is attributed with the word for sea level
the phrase sea level the word level is in there because water always seeks to
find its level and okay so now
interestingly in this document it does state on page 22 and 34 rotation of the
earth that phrase rotation of the earth is cited three times between pages 22
and 34 however an equation based on a theory particle theory is not a proof
for rotation of the earth for each of the three variables for the rotation of the earth in the theoretical equation
the number zero can be plugged in without negatively impacting the
entirety of the equation thus it’s just a variable that has no bearing within
the equation and here was an interesting graphic on page 110 it shows a horizontal range in meters on
the far right the one is chopped off somehow that happened but it’s 12,000
meters that represents seven point four five miles and would be representative
of 37 foot drop if the earth is a ball but earth curvature is not necessary for
calculating ballistic artillery they put it on a [ __ ] until range no curvature government
admits Flat Earth document number 41 put out again by the United States Army April 2016 titled Field Artillery manual
cannon gunnery what do they have to say well no rotation of the earth that is
standard conditions no rotation of the earth that’s on page 175 however it does
state on page 192 theory of rotational effects but we understand if we look at
the word theory in the definition it is a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something especially
one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained about hypotheses thesis conjecture
supposition speculation postulation postulate proposition premise surmise
assumption presumption presupposition notion guess hunch feeling suspicions do
you understand that the idea of a theory in science with until it’s been proven
anyways it is simply a form of mysticism even potentially so this idea that they
want to throw in the rotational effects and this document has no bearing because they admit that is just a theory a
supposition a speculation a postulation it’s not a fact so and this is
interesting to the m198 howitzer has a maximum range of 14 miles that would be
a hundred and fifty seven feet of dropped from the alleged earth curvature that goes unaccounted for why why would
you not account for the alleged drop if you’re living on a ball because you don’t have to here at this flat
government emits Flat Earth document number 42 United States Army put out in
July of 2006 titled field artillery gunnery and I’m not gonna go through all
the document but I’m gonna summarize what is in here and you can check it for yourself concepts not discussed or
disclosed in the document Coriolis rotation of the earth sphere curve
or even the motion of the earth however the concept that is discussed is azimuth
and azimuth proves that you have to be on a ground plane flat no curvature for
an azimuth now this image was not in the document itself but the concept itself
is used throughout the document proving that it’s flat government admits Flat
Earth document number 43 and this time it’s the United States Marine Corps and it is titled TTP for the field artillery
cannon gunnery and what is a state the same thing is the document number 42
which I just covered the concepts that are not discussed in this document include Coriolis rotation of the earth
sphere curvature and motion of the earth however azimuth is is discussed again
the earth is flat government admits Flat Earth document number 44 put up by the
United States Marine Corps entitled tactics techniques and procedures for the field artillery manual cannon
gunnery what’s interesting about this document is that it does go into great lengths of
stating the words and phrase rotation of the earth and Coriolis it says it one
two three four five six seven seven different times at least however it also states that the standard
conditions by which it operates or expects to be operating is no rotation
of the earth at all so why is there this contradiction so how do we reconcile the
difference an apparent contradiction of whether or not rotation of the earth or Coriolis needs to be taken into account
well number one other than the mention of the terms rotation of the earth and Coriolis there is absolutely no
instruction in the documentation for how to account for the rotation of the earth so why is that number two the rotation
of the earth is a theory and just as in the quote equation cited in the u.s. army document report number thirteen
seventy one entitled the production of firing tables and for cannon artillery which was document number
it allows for the variable of alleged rotation of the earth to be zero leaving
the entirety of the equation unaffected and it is the same with this documentation produced by the United
States Marine Corps and if you’re interested in looking at document number
40 again one more time you can pause this this is for your help and research a little bit more right
here or you can just go to the document itself and check it for yourself but I’m gonna move on now what is discussed in
the document is azimuth and we understand that only works on a ground
level plane flat no curvature so I rest
my case the earth is flat so in the photo you see this curvature of Earth’s
surface Wow he’s in space look at that no he’s not at that point you don’t see you don’t
see the curvature of the earth if you are two millimeters above this beach ball he just don’t that stuff is what a
quick shout out to pasture Dean Hodel who was the first to expose many of these documents on June 10th 2018 if you
want to check out his website you can go to WWE know tool org and there’s also a
conference coming up and that is October 2nd through the 4th of 2019 and Auburn
Alabama if you would like to register assuming there’s still space for it which actually there is no space but if
there is space or room rather for the event you can go to Skyfall 2019 org and
register nearly everyone interested in space has seen this picture it was
released by NASA and has the iconic name the Blue Marble 2 you can find the
picture everywhere but one of the best places to find it is NASA’s own website
this photograph is iconic because NASA says it is one of the most detailed
true-color images of the entire Earth to date to put it in a nutshell the picture
is iconic well amazingly it turns out a number of sleuths have now found compelling new
evidence that the image is indeed a fake now let’s take a look at first the photo
seems legit I mean it looks like earth the earth that we have always been told
we live on but as the Savi Internet sleuths point out if you take a closer
look things start to take a somewhat sinister turn look closely at the
repeating cloud pattern here we can see clear examples that the photograph has
not only been doctored or constructed but also strong evidence that whoever
done the doctoring used repeating photographic templates that is they
cloned parts of the image and repeated it that is the photograph is a construction this does not happen in
nature clouds do not repeat in the same pattern like this the chances of this
happening in the same photograph are low the only way this could happen is if
someone has cloned clouds and painted them on this of course could be for a
number of reasons you could argue that NASA simply touched up the photograph or effect or that it was a problem with the
imaging systems that were used but still the question exists why is NASA
releasing fake pictures of Earth if they are going to release a picture of Earth to be used in museums and by educators
as they state for the blue marble – then should they not release real images of
Earth instead or manipulated or fake images since the natural extension of
this is what other images have they doctored the moon pluton Mars maybe all
of them and if they are faking pictures to such an extent whether by wanting them to look better or other reasons
then what real scientific value are they isn’t science about finding the truth and is that not hard to do when you are
being fed and accurate or in this case completely manufactured data NASA says
these images are to be used by educators museums and scientists which means they
are passing off the image as a real picture of Earth when it is not what do you guys think do you think
something sinister is going on or is there some harmless and less exotic reason there are great ideas
undiscovered breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of truths
protective layers
then in 2002 Blue Marble 2.0 NASA’s Rob
simin made this and it had wide appeal – for example it ended up as the default background on the iPhone I didn’t even
know until I bought an iPhone and turned it on and kind of did a little happy
dance Simmonds job is it’s primarily taking data and making pictures out of it that’s what this is a composite of
datasets from several different instruments translated into a picture the to us the really cool thing was the
data set up until that point there was no realistic color map of the globe
anywhere so the land layer here comes from the moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer aboard Terra and the
tricky part here was the weather so we actually had to take clouds out they stashed the clouds for later went onto
the ocean that came from an instrument that measures phytoplankton in the sea where it was low I colored it dark blue
because they’re low mostly in mid oceans and then where’s a little bit higher it was like a little bit brighter green then add the clouds back in there’s a
small problem with it because there’s a very slight gap in between each orbit so
some of those are painted on it is photoshopped but it’s it’s has to be then there was another layer to sort of
simulate the atmosphere and then there’s this little bright spot it’s called the specular highlights so it’s the reflection of sunlight off of water
those are the pieces but you can’t just slap them all together just didn’t look realistic it looks kind of flat or the
clouds are sort of to see-through so I just take command Z a lot there’s artistry to creating the world
what I imagined it to be unfortunately I’m not an astronaut I’ve never been to space but I’ve looked
at these images over and over again trying to sort of get the essence of it
you [Music]
[Applause] [Music]
ha I know ranking centigrade could you show us somersault right now
[Laughter] [Applause]
low Earth orbit is between 99 miles and 1200 miles away
the moon is claimed to be two hundred and thirty-eight thousand miles away that’s a big difference this is the
spacecraft that’s gonna take humans to explore the solar system it’s the next
big step for NASA in exploration called the Orion multi-purpose crew vehicle or MPCV this next generation spacecraft
will enable America to explore beyond low-earth man that NASA has is to build
a rocket called SLS which is a heavy lift rocket it’s something that is that is much bigger than what we have today
and it will be able to launch the Orion capsule with humans on board as well as
Landers or other components to be it two destinations beyond Earth orbit right
now we only can fly in Earth orbit that’s the farthest that we can go right now we only can fly in Earth orbit
that’s the farthest that we can go in this new system that we’re building is gonna allow us to go beyond and hopefully take humans into the solar
system to explore so the moon Mars asteroids there’s a lot of destinations that we could go to and we’re building
these building block components in order to allow us to do that eventually the moon Mars the moon the moon the moon
kinds of technologies that we’re testing out on space station are definitely helping us with our goals of going
beyond low-earth orbit our goals of going beyond low-earth orbit a set of crewed flights will test and prove the
systems required for exploration beyond low Earth orbit [Music]
it was all recorded on these telemetry tapes so where is this hard evidence I
haven’t seen anything that indicates the kilometer II data is even an existence
and as I said even if we had it we don’t have the machines to play it back but you’re you your own researchers show the
telemetry data is missing that’s right could this be true mankind’s first
interplanetary exploration and the original science data is missing if it’s
anywhere it should be here at NASA’s Goddard Space Center in Maryland home to
the national space science data archives Tim you’re making man what is it this is
this is a film trying to prove that Apollo 11 happened I just have an AI mean do you have you have a name for it yet or you okay did we go did we go okay
okay doesn’t have it either this was so
right as an ad right right right we’ve been unable to track it down I mean we
don’t know where this this telemetry data ended up and we don’t know the what
what path it may have taken so unfortunately I’m afraid I can’t really give you much of a clue as to as to
where this data ended up and whether it still exists or not [Music]
mr. look at the supposed to images provided from NASA of Jupiter here’s the
problem again 2016 2014 what’s the difference here no difference is they
how did the supposed Aurora’s on the North it’s nothing but a Christmas tree
give me a break take a look here mean all the clouds from the same exact
position just in 2016 images a bit will take darker it’s a bit lighter in 2014
here’s a side by side if you can’t see what’s taking place or if NASA nothing
more than faker to me give me a break this is completely an insult you have to be brain your head [Music]
so I keep digging a little bit deeper and I finally get underneath this cloud cover here and a few images pop up I
sell they were just really well this we got which I’m sure that looks familiar to you right looks just like the
pictures they give us a Mars so I’m just kinda creeping around here and definitely notice in the same kind of
undulation changes and same kind of rock same kind of dirt only thing it’s missing is that nice of a red tint that
they ate take somebody hundred fifty two thousand dollars a year to put on there
whose owner covers this okay that looks like an assistant well let’s do a little
further because I can’t really see anything on here then NASA simple
I can’t read that track cameras set up dance ATVs who have been there a while
it’s not a one-day trip tennis setup
no we’re in Greenland another ATV the left-wing bubbler
equipment so I keep kind of going through here and yeah so
I think I found out what Mars is guys it’s just 5,000 miles north of me
not quite the distance and essences I can’t find anybody who’s in charge this must be hiding behind these rocks oh no
they’re there I’m friendly with my standard lovely number one number two
number three thinks his travel around taking pictures
Simmons job is it’s primarily taking data and making pictures out of it that’s what this is a composite of
datasets from several different instruments translated into a picture
[Music] um it is photoshopped but it’s it’s has
to be then there was another layer to sort of simulate the atmosphere and then there’s this little bright spot it’s
called the specular highlight so it’s the reflection of sunlight off of water those are the pieces but you can’t just
slap them all together just didn’t look realistic it looks kind of flat looks kind of flat looks kind of flat or the
clouds are sort of to see-through so I just take command Z a lot there’s artistry to creating the world
lish in reading too much but I’ve since grown out of that and I enjoy reading now and I played a lot of sports and all
of that happened at a little town called York Maine across the United States from where we’re talking to you right now us
the United States from where we’re talking to you right now boss the United States from where we’re talking to you right now
and that enlist the help of a friend thanks you might know ladies and
gentlemen if you didn’t figure out by now I’m gonna be the first man to actually tell you this that teleportation is officially real we are
live in the ISS and let’s go back and relook at that clip again you see it now
watch whoa wait see this ladies and gentlemen should let you know that this
is only done through the usage of chroma key this is chroma key technology this is
green screen or blue screen technology that’s what is being utilized here this
is simply virtual reality that is actually being fed to you and you’re taking this virtual reality making it
the reality when in fact all this is is simply just virtual CGI computer
generated images them so you decide for yourself if we have the technology to
build the space station and have people go and live in the space station for months and months at a time and they are
they’re constantly reporting back to earth the things that they are finding there then the question is why go
through all this trouble as far as taking the space station itself why go through the trouble of making these
people in space who are supposed to be the astronauts who are in space and of their arms disappear from the screen
just like that why have that why go through all the trouble so this video is an astronaut
explaining the mission it’s not like practice footage or anything watch closely
[Music] dan said in the pilot seat during this
operation sort of monitoring the motion of the vehicle making sure that
it was steady and that the you know there were very few vibrations of any
sort here’s a picture of the inset actually being deployed from the
spacecraft you can see that the deploy went very smoothly at that moment did
you see it in the background there was a guy in the background man I’m not kidding you did
you can’t deny that that’s someone in the background there’s a guy moving in the background here and watch it again
watch it closely I looked up or I tried to lock up the
size of this rocket I found his picture you can see it’s massive so if that
rocket is in space and if there’s a guy in the background in that footage that
means that there are like giants like insane big giants floating around in
space looking at NASA that’s pretty that’s probably why they don’t dare to
go back to the moon and why they hide so much stuff space is full of giants and
explore 130 2,900 feet per second altitude now I know I got my downrange distance 7r huh this is not standard
this is not something that is planned of course I can see a solid rocket booster has broken away from shuttle Challenger
that’s what you’re looking at in the middle of your screen I cannot see the shuttle itself in 1986 the shuttle
Challenger exploded about 74 seconds after takeoff killing all seven astronauts insanity or did it
it turns out that six of the seven are still alive and kicking today Ellison
Onizuka claims to be his identical twin brother Claude yeah I’ve got an
identical twin brother Claude do the Challenger pilot Mickey Smith
hasn’t even bothered changing his name he’s now professor Michael J Smith of
University of Wisconsin now Christa McAuliffe was a bit of a sneaky
one she was the Challenger payload specialist quite famous for being a teacher it turns out during her
astronaut days she was using her middle name Christa and now all she goes by her
first name Sharon and she’s a Sorak whose law professor the Challenger
commander Frances Richards scoby is now on dick Scobee who sounds like a rather
unpleasant disease CEO of housing fees limited Judith Resnik the Challenger
mission specialist again hasn’t even bothered changing her name she’s a professor at Yale Law and finally Ronald
McNair another challenger mission specialist claims be is identical twin
brother Carl McNair [Music]
in the first round and white is flying at 17,000 miles per
hour 200 miles above the earth okay
if the spacesuit fails the difference in pressure will kill him instantly this
could be a serious problem because you don’t want your stop-motion toy to die in space as white floats in space a
glove drifts out of the capsule oh so garden glove you’re telling me there’s
an astronaut in space with no glove and a fair hand exposed and what blew it
away the wind today those pictures are are classic they’re
still overpowering today to realize number one has been done and that we did
it it blew me away how easy it was to deceive everyone it was quite easy
actually we all know nASA uses wired and sometimes we’ll catch them like this here the guy I pulled on his wire
however some days when you’re filming my things just don’t work out and it
becomes so blatantly obvious it’s ridiculous so in this clip they’re talking live
feed and what you know we have hey astronaut Tobias in the background
obviously trying to give it a more realistic Spacey station busy effect the
only problem is the camera that was supposed to mess this harness out or the video feed is not working and so we see
the guy come flying along in a harness on his wires pretty amazing but that’s
not all that goes wrong here
channel in 3d space it’s virtual reality he’s they’re wearing argumented contact
lenses so that they can interact with these 3d objects now in this scene the guy on the left and the green shirt he
thinks he sees an object in 3d space is being broadcast to him so he grabs it NE
puts it off to the side he’s looking straight ahead because he’s looking at an object rotating in front of him but
the video channel is down that is supposed to show the viewers what we’re
supposed to see and so we don’t actually get to see the object that he has seen and I would just sum this up as a very
terrible bad horrible day for NASA doing my feet as much fun as this was there is
a time coming when you and I will not be able to tell the difference
[Applause] [Music]
now I know what you’re thinking so NASA is fake big deal how does this affect me
blah blah blah or you’re thinking no no there’s no way my heroes could be lying
to me there’s no way that this whole world is in on this big scam this is just too much and that’s what I would
have thought too but here is what they are hiding and why NASA form in the
first place pay attention federal bird you’ve been to both the North Pole and the South
Pole is there any unexplored land left on this earth that might appeal to
adventurous young Americans oh yes there is and that up around the North Pole because it’s getting crowded up there
now because they find out it’s really usable not only to live in but militarily but strangely enough that is
left in the world today an area as big as the United States that’s never been seen by human being and that’s beyond
the pole on the other side of the South Pole from middle America
and it’s I think it’s quite astonishing that
there should be an area as big as that unexplored was the tremendous oil is a lot of adventure left down at the bottom
of the world a number of expeditions that will follow I think year after year bottom of the
world because the government has really become interested I tell you one reason
they’re interested it’s by far the most valuable important place left in the
world for science that’s where the scientific groups all over the nation are really interested
but more important than that it’s it has to do with the future of the nation
those to come after us or even during your lifetime because it happens to be
an untouched reservoir of natural resources you know as the world shrinks
with an ever increasing acceleration far-flung places once useless like we
thought the North Pole was and no-man’s land become very useful a the bottom of
the world will be important not only to us but to our allies then it’s the most
peaceful place in the world I’m sure that won’t last very long what are the
natural resources there well a we found enough of coal within
180 miles of the South Pole in a great region Mountain it’s not covered as snow
enough to supply the whole world for quite a while well and that’s that’s the
coal now there’s evidence of other many other minerals we have pretty sure of
this oil now that call shows the bottom of the world now by far the coldest spot
in the world where that coal is gets a hundred below zero in the weather well where’s lunch tropical so we think
there’s oil there and there’s evidence probably uranium there is it any secret
is there uranium there that would be the only thing it would be practical to actually go after I suppose everything
else would be economically unfeasible wouldn’t it well as really recklessly
expend their resources the time common we can we’ll have to go after that stuff down there well Admiral Byrd
our private expedition is a thing of the past is that his expedition and exploration making expedition
exploration now a purely a government function because I think them South it
may be more or less a thing of the past but not other other expeditions and go
there a lot I’m going off now there the North Pole is the sound of an ocean 10,000 feet deep the South Pole the
scent of a plateau 10,000 feet high [Music]

Government Documents Prove FLAT EARTH

ALL the governments on the face of the earth are controlled by Satan, he has deceived the entire world (Revelation 12:9). Just as it was foretold in the following three passages we now are able to clearly see who the enemy is and his inequities.

“For nothing is secret, that shall not be made manifest; neither any thing hid, that shall not be known and come abroad.” Luke 8:17 (KJV)

“But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.” Daniel 12:4 (KJV)

“For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who hold the truth in unrighteousness; Because that which may be known of God is manifest in them; for God hath shewed it unto them. For the invisible things of him from the creation of the world are clearly seen, being understood by the things that are made, even his eternal power and Godhead; so that they are without excuse: Because that, when they knew God, they glorified him not as God, neither were thankful; but became vain in their imaginations, and their foolish heart was darkened. Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools,” Romans 1:18-22 (KJV)

(1) Dissertations Defended in the Scientific Council of the Institute of Physics of the Earth
Pages: 19, 20

(2) Propagation of Electromagnetic Fields Over Flat Earth
Pages: Cover Page, 7, 17, 18, 28, 35

(3) An Energy Budget Model to Calculate the Low Atmosphere Profiles of Effective Sound Speed at Night
Pages: 10, 16

(4) Computationally Efficient Algorithms for Estimating the Angle of Arrival of Helicopters Using Acoustic Arrays
Pages: 17, 30, 31, 35

(5) Adding Liquid Payloads Effects to the 6-DOF Trajectory of Spinning Projectiles
Page: 7

(6) Trajectory Prediction of Spin-Stabilized Projectiles With a Steady Liquid Payload
Page: 10

(7) Derivation and Definition of a Linear Aircraft Model
Pages: 6, 35, 55, 102

(8) General Equations of Motion for a Damaged Asymmetric Aircraft
Page: 2

(9) Predicted Performance of a ThrustEnhanced SR-71 Aircraft with an External Payload
Page: 10

(10) Derivation of a Point-Mass Aircraft Model used for Fast-Time Simulation
Page: 7

(11) A Method for Reducing The Sensitivity of Optimal Nonlinear Systems to Parameter Uncertainty
Page: 14

(12) Calculation of Wind Compensation for Launching of Unguided Rockets
Pages: 8, 10

(13) User’s Manual for LINEAR, a FORTRAN Program to Derive Linear Aircraft Models (2768)
Page: 16

(14) User’s Manual for LINEAR, a FORTRAN Program to Derive Linear Aircraft Models (2835)
Page: 4

(15) Determination of Angles of Attack and Sideslip from Radar Data and a Roll-Stablized Platform
Page: 2

(16) U.S. Standard Atmosphere (1962)
Page: 22

(17) An Aircraft Model for the AIAA Controls Design Challenge
Page: 13

(18) Investigation of Aircraft Landing in Variable Wind Fields
Page: 14

(19) A Mathematical Model of the CH-53
Page: 25

(20) The Development and Validation of a Piloted Simulation of a Helicopter and External Sling Load
Pages: 6, 37, 48

(21) Atmospheric Oscillations
Page: 13

(22) Stability and Control Estimation Flight Test Results for the SR-71 Aircraft With Externally Mounted Experiments
Page: 19

(23) Flight Testing a V/STOL Aircraft to Identify a Full-Envelope Aerodynamic Model
Page: 9

(24) Singular Arc Time-Optimal Climb Trajectory of Aircraft in a Two-Dimensional Wind Field
Page: 2

Pages: 2, 6

(26) Scale-Insensitive Detection Algorithm for FLIR Imagery
Page: 6

(27) User Manual for the Microsoft Window Edition of the Scanning Fast-Field Program (WSCAFFIP) Version 3.0
Page: 45

(28) Path-Loss Measurements in a Forested Environment at VHF
Pages: 8, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 23, 25, 26, 35

(29) Review of Sound Propagation in the Lower Atmosphere
Page: 18, 208

(30) Beacon Position and Attitude Navigation Aided by a Magnetometer
Page: 11

(31) Automatic Target Acquisition of the DEMO III Program
Page: 9

(32) Modeling of Atmospheric Effects
Page: 13

(33) Telemetry Standards
Page: 172

(34) Approximate Optimal Guidance for the Advanced Launch System
Page: 172

(35) Flight Simulation Software at NASA Dryden Flight Research Center
Pages: 4, 10

(36) Simulator Aero Model Implementation
Page: 10

(37) Design and Implementation of Flight Visual Simulation System
Page: 3

(38) A Discussion of Methods of Real-Time Airplane Flight Simulation
Page: 11

(39) The American Practical Navigator: An Epitome of Navigation
Pages: 351, 355, 573, 636

Doc #39 on page 11 of 714 states, “The earth is an oblate spheroid (a sphere flattened at the poles).” This statement is in direct contradiction to at least 5 different statements within the document itself:


Page 351 of 714 states, “This assumes that the observer is at sea level, the earth is flat between observer and object, there is no refraction, and the object and its waterline form a right angle. For most cases of practical significance, these assumption produce no large errors.”
1) Waterline, assumes the water has a FLAT line
2) “Earth is Flat between observer and object”


Page 355 of 714 states, “Curvature of surface _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ = 0.8 foot per nautical mile”
3) If the earth was “flattened at the poles” then this calculation of the curvature is blatantly inaccurate, as the curvature of the surface of the earth would vary.


Page 574 of 714 states, “back shore, n. That part of a beach which is usually dry, being reached. Only by the highest tides, and by extension, a narrow strip of relatively flat coast boarding the sea. See also FORESHORE.”
4) How can the there exist a “flat coast” bordering the sea if the sea curves? It can’t.


Page 636 of 714 states, “line of sight. The straight line between two points, which does not follow the curvature of the earth.”
5) If the earth is a globe and curving in every direction downward from the observer, given the definition of “line of sight” it is impossible to achieve “line of sight” for every observation necessitates that it occurs over the “curvature of the earth”.

(40) The Production of Firing Tables for Cannon Artillery
Pages: 10, 22, 34, 110

Doc #40 on pages 66 – 68 of 115 references “Rotation of Earth”:
1) Doc #40 does NOT account for curvature of earth
2) Doc #40 represents the “Rotation of Earth” in an equation for “particle theory”, whereby, when the numerical value of zero (0) is plugged in for the variable to account for the alleged rotation it does not negatively impact the rest of the equation and it is able to compute.

(41) Field Artillery Manual Cannon Gunnery
Page: 175, 192

I should have done a better analysis on doc #41. Sorry about that, and now here it is. 


Doc #41, “Field Artillery Manual Cannon Gunnery”, page 48 of 664:
“3-55. If a round were fired in a vacuum, gravity would cause the projectile to return to the surface of the earth. The path or trajectory of the projectile would be simple to trace. All projectiles, regardless of size, shape, or weight, would follow paths of the same parabolic shape and would achieve the same range for a given muzzle velocity and quadrant elevation.”

Nathan Roberts’s reply: The “parabolic shape” of the trajectory of the bullet is caused by density, not gravity or the alleged curvature of a spherically shaped earth.
Doc #41, “Field Artillery Manual Cannon Gunnery”, page 48 of 664:
3-57. Gravity causes a projectile in flight to fall to the earth. Because of gravity, the height of the projectile at any instant is less than it would be if no such force were acting on it. In a vacuum, the vertical velocity would decrease from the initial velocity to zero on the ascending branch of the trajectory and increase from zero to the initial velocity on the descending branch, Zero vertical velocity would occur at the summit of
the trajectory. For every vertical velocity value on the upward leg of the ascending branch there is an equal vertical velocity value downward on the descending branch. Since there would be no resistance to the forward motion of the projectile in a vacuum, the horizontal velocity component would be a constant. The acceleration caused by the force of gravity (9.81 m/s) affects only the vertical velocity.”

Nathan Roberts’s reply: Gravity is an unproven theory, buoyancy is proven. Bullets fall because they are heavier than the medium they are within, that being the air.
Doc #41, “Field Artillery Manual Cannon Gunnery”, page 49 of 664:
“The standard (chart) range is the range opposite a given elevation in the firing tables. It is assumed to have been measured along the surface of a sphere concentric with the earth and passing through the muzzle of a weapon. For all practical purposes, standard range is the horizontal distance from the origin of the trajectory to the level point.”

Nathan Roberts’s reply: IF “It is assumed to have been measured along the surface of a sphere concentric with the earth”, then why in the very next sentence does it state “For all practical purposes, standard range is the horizontal distance from the origin of the trajectory to the level point.”
Doc #41, “Field Artillery Manual Cannon Gunnery”, page 51 of 664:
“Deflection effects. Some of the deviations from the standard conditions affecting deflection
* Drift.
* Crosswind.
* Rotation of the earth.”

Nathan Roberts’s reply: On page 192, “Rotation of the earth” is established as an “unproven theory”, which holds zero bearing in reality.
Doc #41, “Field Artillery Manual Cannon Gunnery”, page 132 of 664:
5-36. The third condition is valid met corrections considered by each of the firing platoons. This includes the met message valid for the firing platoon, propellant temperature, projectile weight, vertical interval, and corrections for earth rotation.

Nathan Roberts’s reply: On page 192, “Rotation of the earth” is established as an “unproven theory”, which holds zero bearing in reality.
Doc #41, “Field Artillery Manual Cannon Gunnery”, page 186 of 664:
“Range (Column 1). This is the distance measured from the muzzle to the target on the surface of a sphere concentric with the earth. When chart range is used as the entry argument for this table, it is expressed to the nearest 10 meters and interpolation is necessary.”

Nathan Roberts’s reply: The same response given to “sphere concentric with earth” mentioned on page 49 applies here too.

(42) Field Artillery Gunnery

(43) TTP for the Field Artillery Cannon Gunnery

(44) Tactics, Techniques, and Procedures for the field artillery Manual Cannon Gunnery