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The Shape Of Deception Why The Truth Matters


‘Flat Earth’ as a term DOES NOT represent a map or a model. It’s not an “Archaic Conception”, but instead represents free thinking and an ongoing investigation and understanding of where we are, who we are, what we are, when, how, and why.

is often used as a defense mechanism by
stubborn Globe Defenders it’s more
rhetorical than inquisitive and tends to
be their final discussion point before
refusing to engage further with the
this question formulated one of several
ways is so what if the Earth is level
why does the shape of the earth even
what difference does it make to my life
firstly the thing of crucial importance
is not the shape it’s the LIE
the LIE of heliocentrism is one of the
most Insidious lies imaginable that
replaces our common sense and lived
experience with unproven theories and
explanations from supposed experts
children are indoctrinated to abandon
the evidence of their senses in favor of
this nonsensical Globe Model A Schism
occurs in their psyche where they are no
longer able to trust their own senses
and experience and instead must trust
information completely contrary to it
presented by perceived authority figures
teach such a false cosmology is
incredibly deceitful and disempowering
to the individual and the result is that
Humanity has become just like the slaves
in Plato’s allegory of the cave
a child who learns not to trust the
evidence of their senses becomes forever
imprisoned within Plato’s Cave
a world of distorted Shadows
cast by Plato’s Puppet Masters
that blinds them to the reality Beyond
so why does the shape of the earth
again it’s not about the shape
it’s about the LIE
to fool nearly the entirety of humanity
from multiple Generations stripping
people of their common sense and
replacing it with carefully crafted lies
is obviously a matter of serious
it is one of the most psychologically
devastating things that could be
perpetrated upon an individual
and seeing through it should be one of
the most revealing Revelations of a
so when someone asks the foolish
question of what difference does it make
that is already evidence of extreme
psychological Distortion if knowing the
truth doesn’t matter to your life what
does that say about your life
the level Earth is an epic Epiphany that
changes many people to their core
affirming their common sense
developing their critical thinking
skills and reigniting a spirit of
Discovery and adventure
in this way the level Earth Revelation
is holistically helpful and truly
transformational for many on an
individual level
even more importantly however is if
Humanity succeeds in fully exposing this
egregious lie
and finally rooting out the liars
The Beneficial ripple effect it will
have throughout Society is massive
once these foundational facts are
realized these governments universities
media outlets and other entangled
suddenly and completely lose all
the resulting Mass mental Exodus away
from the control system is exactly what
is needed
essentially once the level Earth
conspiracy is exposed
so is every other important conspiracy
by proxy
because this so-called mother of all
conspiracies holds under its umbrella so
many fundamental and foundational facts
fully reveals them


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