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Ewaranon Lost History of Flat Earth Episode 8

titled operation high jump the mission was led by admiral richard e byrd the official narrative of the
mission’s objectives were to establish a u.s military and scientific research basis on the continent of
antarctica although admiral byrd’s previous missions to antarctica before the war
gained him notoriety they primarily failed due to the harsh conditions
operation high jump proved just as treacherous with some of the crew perishing in blizzards and plane crashes
and resulted in early termination operation high jump included a staggering 13
ships aircraft escort aircraft carrier a submarine two destroyers and a total
of 4 700 men with full battle gear in what was officially called an ordinary
training exercise an attempt to establish research bases speaking about the operation bert said
that the most important result of his observations and discoveries is the potential effect that they have in
relation to the security of the united states fantastic speed with which the world is
shrinking record the admiral is one of the most important lessons learned during the recent antarctic
exploration i have to warn my compatriots that the time has ended when we were
able to take refuge in our isolation and rely on the certainty that the distances
the oceans and the poles were a guarantee of safety he also said he didn’t want to frighten
anyone on julie but that it was a bitter reality that in the case of a new war
the continental united states would be attacked by flying objects which could fly from pole to pole at incredible
speeds many have since theorized that the specific security risk relates to the numerous alleged covert operations that
took place during the nazi era the most memorable being that of new swabia and the mysterious base 211
located within antarctica these theories suggest that bird and his crew were actually searching for these secret nazi
bases that have been rumored to be impenetrable there are rumors and speculations that
the nazis had developed a type of aircraft with anti-gravity specifically the type we now associate
with flying saucers and were able to not only just leave the planet and journey into space
but also launch very powerful attacks on any challenges interestingly in july 1947
just five months after bird’s operation high jump was terminated in antarctica
the infamous roswell crash happened the official narrative states that a
balloon crashed into a ranch in roswell new mexico but since the incident a growing body of
theories have arisen that suggests that what actually crashed in roswell was a ufo between 1978 and the early
1990s documents were obtained via freedom of information act requests which fueled these theories suggesting a
ufo had crashed at roswell and alien bodies and technology had been recovered by the us
military a plethora of books have been written on the subject interestingly soon after the crash in
1947 the central intelligence agency the department of defense
and the national security agency were all established just as a space race between america and
russia began in 1956 admiral byrd returned to antarctica under operation
deep freeze to once again attempt to establish u.s antarctic bases it marked the beginning
of a permanent military presence in antarctica speaking about antarctica bird said
admiral byrd you’ve been to both the north pole and the south pole is there any unexplored land
left on this earth that might appeal to adventurous young americans uh yes there is and not up around the
north pole because it’s getting crowded up there now because they find out it’s really usable
not only to live in but militarily but strangely enough there’s left in the
world today an area as big as the united states that’s never been seen by a human being
and that’s beyond the pole on the other side of the south pole from middle america
and it’s uh i think it’s quite astonishing that there should be an area as big as
that unexplored that’s a tremendous so there’s a lot of adventure left down at the bottom of the world admiral
byrd died in his sleep of a heart element a year later in 1957.
he was an active freemason a year later in 1958 nasa was
established and then soon after in 1959 the antarctica treaty was signed by the un
prohibiting access and ownership i do not dispute that the nazis created
advanced technological flying crafts and i do not dispute that many of them could have potentially fled to deep
antarctic bases what many are not taught in history lessons at school is that many nazis
actually fled to america after the war remember all wars are carefully choreographed by the satanic
illuminati elite they are illusions cast upon the people using a system of
us versus them when in reality the us is funding the them and vice versa
verna von braun was a german-born aerospace engineer and so-called space architect
and worked on nazi germany’s rocket development program in 1960 him and others were hired by
nasa where he served as director of the newly formed marshall space flight
center he was also chief architect of the technology that supposedly landed the apollo spacecraft on the moon
what many haven’t realized is that the roswell crash and ufo narrative of 1947
was a carefully raw and insidious form of false flag that can be classified as a psyop a
psyop is a psychological operation designed specifically to convey selected information and indicators to
audiences to influence their emotions motive and objective reasoning
psyops plant ideas in people’s minds in a covert way and what better way to create intrigue
and hype for the upcoming space race of the 50s and to leave crumbs of information suggesting alien
life psyops are highly manipulative and can work in a reverse psychological manner
in which the recipient feels that the information must be true because it was secret the freedom of
information at releases worked on a big portion of the public in just this manner
they appeared secret with just enough deliberately planted ufo and alien references to provoke an intended
response in their audience other very famous leaked government documents such as majestic
12 work in the same way just because something leaks does not mean it is true leaks can
be plotted to influence and manipulate and it makes getting to the truth really
tough business if a government has top secret information mitigation procedures make it very
difficult to leak and that’s why any leaks that do make it out require high skepticism
and proof by evidence the beta gate emails actually tell us minimal
but the real life evidence and prevalence of such evidence validates them leaked ufo
alien disclosure works the opposite way we have next to no evidence of this
existing other than the so-called secret information suggesting its existence governments
the media and hollywood do not explore satanic child sacrifice in fact they act very
fast to censor it quickly but they do love to entertain the alien
agenda whenever they get a chance you see there is a secret and it’s a
secret that they do not want us to know it is one of the greatest secrets of all time
and roswell nazi ufos nasa the space race and the moon
landings were all carefully designed to cover it up you see as the space race was heavily underway
there was another military operation taking place before we turn our attention to the specifics of this operation
it is necessary to take a look at another us navy leader james van allen during the same time
period between 1946 and 1954 the admiral byrd was exploring
the north and south poles so was van allen the satanic scientist
kabbalah priests tell us that he was conducting experiments to discover more about the earth’s magnetism
of magnetosphere van allen had developed this bizarre invention called a raccoon
a balloon rocket combination that lifted missile rockets on balloons high above the earth’s atmosphere
before firing them even higher and he was conducting these experiments at the
arctic and antarctic regions what he discovered was of course named the van allen belts
nasa tells us that the belts are barriers of seething radiation that surround the earth
and a collection of charged particles gathered in place by earth’s magnetic field
the belts extend from the starting altitude of 640 kilometers
all the way to 58 000 kilometers according to science the belts begin at
640 kilometers or what is referred to as just above low
earth orbit and this is where it gets tricky for nasa and the governments of the world listen
to what they say [Music] as we get further away from earth we’ll pass through the van allen belts
an area of dangerous radiation but orion has protection shielding will
be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation sensors aboard will record radiation
levels for scientists to study we must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space
and unlike the previous program we are setting a course with specific and achievable milestones
early in the next decade a set of crude flights will test and prove the systems required for exploration
beyond low earth orbit beyond low earth orbit beyond low earth orbit the kinds of technologies that
we’re testing out on space station are definitely helping us with our goals of going beyond low earth orbit so we
have a really robust exploration program at nasa plan that nasa has is to build a rocket called sls which is
a heavy lift rocket it’s something that is that is much bigger than what we have today and it will be able to launch the orion
capsule with humans on board as well as landers or other components
to be to destinations beyond earth orbit right now we only can fly in earth orbit that’s
the farthest that we can go and this new system that we’re building is going to allow us to go beyond and hopefully take humans into the solar
system to explore so the moon mars asteroids there’s a lot of destinations that we could go to
and we’re building these building block components in order to allow us to do that eventually
the moon mars asteroids there’s a lot of destinations that we could go to the moon mars asteroids there’s a lot of
destinations that we could go to the moon
wait what come again i thought we went to the moon hmm it seems like someone is lying
and now that you know about these radiation belts do you really believe we went to this imaginary ball of rock
in this tin can we never went to the moon and no one can go to the moon as it is
not a sphere van allen was approached by the military in the early 60s
in 1962 he suggested clearing the belts away by setting off nuclear bombs near
the outer belt the u.s military contacted van allen and began conducting a series of nuclear
tests in the early 1960s called operation dominic as the official
narrative tells us the operation included within it the operation fishbowl events which were designed to
understand how nuclear weapons would interact with the earth’s so-called magnetic field the highest of the fishbowl events
was called starfish prime a 1.4 megaton nuclear bomb detonated
at 400 kilometers on july 9 1962. why were they firing rockets and
nuclear bombs way up into the earth’s atmosphere to discover more about its radiation
you do realize that nuclear bombs produce extreme radiation you do not discover the chemical
composition of lemon juice by squeezing more lemon juice onto it
and this is the secret no one in history has ever left earth you cannot leave
earth they are telling you to your face now one thing i really want your generation
to embrace is that the earth is a closed system the earth
is a closed system we cannot leave the earth there’s no
place to go and this is from one of the highest satanic scientists kabbalah priests
himself straight from the goat’s mouth see these satanists just have to tell you
they are hiding it in plain sight again and they’re getting away with it because they are relying on both our inability
to get our heads around the bamboozlement of impossible figures and phenomena and they are also relying on our blind
trust in the scientific institutions of the world and their word no one has ever left
flat earth it is a closed system and not because there are radiation
belts no one has left because there is a dome-like roof above of what is better understood
as a firmament we cannot leave the earth this is what admiral byrd
discovered in antarctica they discovered the foundations of the firmament
and that’s why you cannot go to antarctica it is literally the edge of the earth
and i know what you’re probably thinking what this is going from crazy to crazier
to insane but by now you already know what i am going to say
let me show you in 2014 civilian space geeks constructed their
own rocket with a camera on and sent it up with the goal of being the first civilian rocket to make it to
space look what happens our mission as the civilian space exploration team
is to be the first civilian team in history to launch a rocket that reaches space
all systems are go for launch t minus 10 seconds 9 8 seven
six five four three two one
what did that rocket hit if there was a high amount of intense radiation up there it would have
scorched that mini rocket to pieces there is no radiation above us covering
a globular spinning planet ball it is a flat stationary plane with a
firmament above and i know that you want to scream and say that does not prove anything
the rocket’s engine could have failed but take it easy we are just getting started you see
what they never told you in school is that every single civilization in our earth’s history knew that the earth is flat and there
existed a firmament above our heads they were trying to tell us and illustrations throughout the years have
brought their conceptions of the world that we live in to life
look [Music]
only one is the satanic lie take another look at nasa’s insignia did you not notice look at the ring
around the planet saturn and look closer what they call the red chevron
don’t you think it looks like a split tongue the tongue of the serpent
it almost resembles a letter t which would give the organization’s name an
interesting anagram but just a coincidence i’m sure
and why does every single rocket that nasa supposedly sends up to space take the exact same path
look they aren’t sending rockets into space they reach a certain altitude and begin
bending until traveling horizontally and landed in the ocean somewhere
they cannot go up and leave earth’s atmosphere and journey into space because there is
no space there is a firmament above and they have been hiding it in plain
sight the whole time look closer at the masonic drawings can you see it
the four pillars or the four corners of the earth the sun and moon the same size and both
within an arched dome of firmament and of course satanic pedo hollywood has
already told us while laughing behind our backs look
oh [Music]
and the more they brainwash us with movies about space fake rocket launches and bamboozlement
science we are forgetting more and more that our ancient historical texts reference the therman the book of enoch
a non-canonical biblical text that was discovered as part of the dead sea scrolls reads
and i saw the cornerstone of the earth and i saw the four winds which support the earth and the
sky and i saw the winds which turned the sky and caused the disc of the sun
and all the stars to set and i saw the winds of the earth which support the
clouds and i saw the paths of the angels i saw at the end of the earth the firmament of
heaven above the quran references it
with power and skill did we construct the firmament
the book of job which is older than the torah itself references this very firmament has thou
with him spread out the sky which is strong as a molten looking glass
what does that mean a molten looking glass
i guess i’m up against the highest hardest stained glass ceiling
so i guess i’m up against the highest hardest
stained glass ceiling
and it may be hard to see tonight but we are all standing under a glass
ceiling right now [Applause] it was fine for all this talk about me
running to break the big hard glass ceiling although we weren’t able to shatter that
highest hardest glass ceiling this time thanks to you it’s got about 18 million cracks in it
and the light is shining through like never before
there’s a mystery scattered around in the sand are thousands of chunks of strange
yellow green glass it is really really a mysterious class and we scientists are still kind of
puzzled how these things formed and i can’t believe we just put the biggest crack
in that glass ceiling yet it’s got about 18 million craps in it
[Applause] again they are telling us and the crowd
claps and cheers in their own ignorance they are telling us while laughing behind our backs
but wait a minute the firmament cannot be made of super strong glass or that rocket would have been shattered
upon impact and i know i know i know maybe the rocket just malfunctioned or ran out of
power stay with me interestingly the biblical book of genesis holds some clues to this
mystery and god said let there be a firmament in
the midst of the waters and let it divide the waters from the waters
and god made the firmament and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the
firmament and it was so could there really be water just above
the firmament and directly below it it sounds like an absurd concept not as
absurd as bending oceans wrapped around a spinning spaceball mind you so let’s investigate it’s the stars and
the planets themselves that offer more clues in case you forgot the planets at nasa
and other official space agencies show us our cgi or artistic renditions
we have seen their lazy photoshop skills exposed in previous episodes we see something very different when we
use an advanced and powerful lens like found on nikon cameras and look at
the planets above us [Music]
look [Music]
now [Music]
foreign [Music]
um [Music]
oh [Music]
uh [Music]
uh [Music]
oh [Music]
my [Music]
hello [Music]
um [Music]
[Music] my
they are pulsing and shifting almost dancing nasa says this is because of the
earth’s atmosphere but as we just saw not all of them follow the same pattern
each planet here radiates its own specific patterns and light movements you see what we call the
planets are actually stars like the rest of the stars we see at night and the sun is a sun not a star
this is a star and this is a sun
oh [Music]
my [Music]
[Music] foreign
[Music] foreign
no [Music]
there is no space no kabbalah iron soft vacuum of nothingness space is an elaborate hoax
real space is water and the water below the firmament appears to be some kind of
gooey substance that is paradoxically soft and yet impenetrable they cannot get
through it and it seems that one scientist found a similar kind of substance within the dark depths of the ocean
one of the strangest places on the ocean’s floor was only just discovered in the
degree is one of 1990s handful of people to ever see it in person without a doubt one of the most amazing
things that i had ever seen in the bottom of the ocean it was while filming for blue planet was in
the gulf of mexico i noticed there’s something out in the distance couldn’t tell exactly what
but it looked like a dark band and as we approached it the dark band
became a donut i saw this donut it was black in the center
what the heck is that and so as we get closer and closer to it
i noticed that the black band had what appeared to be kind of steam over
it and then i looked and there was water laughing
against the shoreline this band was a ring of mussels and inside the ring of
mussels was a lake and it’s like wait a minute i’m already underwater we went out
over the water in this lake and tried to descend in it and bounced off it was so super saline
and dense that the submarine couldn’t go down it we literally bounced off and as we
bounced off we said ripples heading back to the shoreline
it was insane nasa tells us that our globe is spinning at a thousand miles
per hour on its axes at 67 000 miles per hour around the sun
which is then traveling at 570 000 miles per hour within our galaxy if this was truly the
case then we would not see the same constellations in the same places in the night sky
the night sky will be completely random and perpetually changing but it isn’t as we’ve seen the stars
above us attach somehow to a great immense and mysterious firmament
travelling circular motions around our flat stationary earth with polaris
or what we call the northern star a fixed unmoving point in the center
and above the center of our earth at the north pole we’ve been told that comets are huge ice
particles that when passing within the distance of our sun begin to melt which causing them to
release gas and create a trail and tail they tell us that comets can travel a
hundred thousand miles an hour but they are lying again here is time
lapse footage of the recent comet neowise [Music]
as you can see the comet is not actually moving in its own path
it is fixed in its area on the firmament and moving in conjunction with the rest
of the stars there is no travelling comet journeying at a hundred thousand miles per hour
but look closer can you not see it it is a large opening in the firmament
casting a ray of light from whatever exists behind and through the water beneath it much
like you see with the light entering in an underwater cave opening deep in the ocean there’s a very simple
experiment that you can do in the comfort of your own home to prove the existence of the firmament
or earthly dome create a rainbow national geographic tells us that a
rainbow is a multicolored ark made by light striking water droplets the most familiar type rainbow is
produced when sunlight strikes raindrops in front of a viewer at a precise angle
rainbows can also be viewed around fog sea spray or waterfalls a rainbow is an optical
illusion it does not actually exist in a specific spot in the sky the appearance of a rainbow depends on
where you are standing and where the sun or other source of light is shining
they go on to state that rainbows are the result of the refraction and reflection of light both refraction
and reflection are phenomena that involve a change in a waves direction
a refracted wave may appear bent while a reflected wave may seem to bounce
back from a surface or other wavefront light entering a water droplet is refracted it is then reflected by the
back of the droplet as this reflected light leaves the droplet it is refracted again
at multiple angles refraction is the bending of light it also happens with sound water and
other waves as it passes from one transparent medium such as glass into another here we see the white light
hitting the glass triangular prism and refracting the light into a straight rainbow
we have never seen a straight rainbow a triangular rainbow or one that forms right angles or goes
up and down or left to right in order for refraction to take place the white light has to reflect through a
prism which has to be transparent like glass so whatever the white light of the sun
is hitting when we see a rainbow it has to be the shape of the prism it is hitting
the rainbow is always there but there needs to be a screen for us to see it the rainbow is always
there but we only see it when the rain forms a condensed mist like a screen that’s why we see smaller
rainbows in garden sprinklers and it’s important to note that the rainbows we see in garden sprinklers
retain the same shape as the ones we see in the sky the screen mist of water provides us a
screen to see the refracted light of the rainbow which holds its prism’s shape i.e a glass dome
it’s really that simple in the same way the laws of density and perspective
are really that simple but here’s where it gets unbelievable look at this image of a
rainbow reflected in the ocean notice how the colors are reflected like
in a mirror so the colors are reversed the violet indigo and blue that are always at the
bottom of the rainbow are here at the top of the rainbow in the reflection
now try this for yourself at home tells us how we can
make a rainbow you can either make a rainbow with a mirror try placing a mirror inside a
glass and angling the glass so sunlight hits the mirror you should be able to reflect a
rainbow onto a wall or you can do the same exercise but instead of using sunlight you can shine
a torch the rainbow that is reflected from the flat mirror i.e the prism and the screen of water
like when it rains or there is water mist creates a near straight rainbow onto the wall if water
is the reason for creating the arch rainbow shape as science says then why does it here
produce a straight rainbow now take a domed circular glass as your prism and fill it
with water and let the white light of the sun shine through it you get an arched rainbow because the
prism has a dome-like shape and it’s just like the rainbow we see here on earth there is a double rainbow
here but unlike the double rainbow we see reflected in the ocean the colors here are not reverse now
look can you see it the colors in the top rainbow are
reversed what you are seeing is a reflection of the rainbow
in the glass firmament above just like you would in a mirror and just like we see over the ocean or a
lake how dare they lie to us and now really
think about it why would a satanic illuminati network of individuals
who have all the money power and control in the world and who molest rape torture murder
drink the blood of children and worship lucifer want to hide that our earth is flat and
that there is a firmament above and the sun and the moon are local and within our dome
why hide the true nature of our earth from us well if they worship something
immaterial they call lucifer and convince everyone that is not in their little cult that
they are the product of a nothingness that randomly produced a small speck
which then randomly expanded and created matter and life then you remove all possibility
in the person’s mind that their life is anything more than a random coincidence
however if the earth is a closed system with a firmament above then it really requires serious
speculation and consideration as to how our ancient ancestors and various ancient and biblical texts
knew this the illuminati cabal do not want us to seriously consider
the notion of creation purpose for human existence the existence of good and evil as real
energetic entities rather than archaic words to describe something
that their fraudulent sciences call the spectrum of mental health
the satanic illuminati power complex cast humanity into the dark
and kept the knowledge for themselves again they worship something immaterial which
they call lucifer and sacrifice children to whatever this thing is
and all the while control every aspect of knowledge we receive
we go about our days with heads down glued to our smartphones downloading their programs and
information that keep us brainwashed when our eyes should be looking up to our firmament
and the stars attached within it but wait there’s more to the story as we saw
they called the nuclear missile events of the 1960s operation fishbowl and this operation
was part of a larger one operation dominic the name dominic comes
from the latin dominicus which means of the lord so together we get fishbowl of the lord
again it’s there hiding in plain sight the actions committed against children
are the greatest of all sins and crimes but this comes very close there is
nothing more satanic and evil than hiding the true nature of what humanity really
is and what exists beyond could there be a god i don’t know the biblical texts
which hold many truths and clues have been tampered with by the satanic body of elites
the bible used to contain over 80 books but some were removed and hidden it now
contains 66 books 66 that number again
something i did not want to show you until this point in the series are the true mathematical calculations
of the masonic science of the heliocentric earth we are told it spins on an axis of 23.4
degrees if a straight angle is 90 degrees and we subtract the 23.4 degrees of the earth’s
till what number are we left with 66.6
i have told you that the earth orbits the sun at 67 000 miles per hour but you see i round
it up wikipedia gives us a true masonic figure 66 600 miles per hour
i have also shown how according to the heliocentric model the earth should curve at 8 inches per
mile squared what is eight inches in feet at this point you already know it’s
0.666 and look at what latitude they tell us that the arctic
and antarctic poles are located at 66.6 latitude
can you see what is happening how many coincidences before mathematically impossible
they are lying to us there are no coincidences coincidence and randomness is kabbalah
science i have saved this until now because i wanted to show you first
buried deep within hundreds of pages of declassified cia documents that present abstracts or cover notes of soviet
scientific studies there are a couple of cards from the 1940s and 60s that are very telling
here is an abstract outline in a study they were conducting on photograph in the firmament
the full studies are not accessible to the public but we can see here that they have produced a camera that can take a
photograph of the firmament in its entirety all the way down to the horizon
another abstract details echoes and glows in the firmament and another measuring the color
temperature of the firmament in another abstract there is a contents page for naval personnel
look at the contents the shape of the firmament rings around the sun and distortion of
the sun’s and moon’s disks at the horizon disks not spheres
just like reference in the book of enoch again it is just an abstract of the manual and
we cannot see the full contents in another abstract we see reference to what they call the eros firmament
it states that at the eros firmament the passage of the sun is five times quicker the passage of the
sun they do not reference the earth’s spin in orbit but that the sun is the one
moving and making a passage over the earth right below the firmament notice the dates which align with all
the operations at the poles and firing missiles up into our sky the reference to a firmament is scarce
and almost unnoticeable in the hundreds of pages that were declassified but it is there and there is a huge
difference between these declassified documents and the government leaks i spoke about earlier like that of majestic 12.
barely anyone has ever noticed these snippets of study abstracts i would say that it was by negligence
that these references were even declassified within hundreds of other pages of unrelated material in the first
place but i don’t think it’s that it’s complacency no one is ever likely to come across
these buried documents and if they did i doubt they would think twice after skimming over a study title
referencing the firmament the space heliocentric hoax has been so
ingrained in our minds from our early years and reinforced in a daily basis in ways we don’t even think twice about
it would never occur to us the significance of such references in documents of the 1940s and 60s
but it is there hidden in plain sight even the simpsons have told us santa
claus it’s a long flyball going back back
and the ball shatters the sky bringing the ocean itself down into the stadium oh and you
remember nazi aerospace engineer verna von braun who was a leading director at nasa upon its founding
and a leading figure in the apollo moon missions well he died in 1977. look at his grave
it references psalms 19 1. what is that verse the heavens declare
the glory of god and the firmament show of his handiwork
you see it’s always been there waiting for us to notice we just fell asleep as children to
bedtime stories of space explorers and never woke up space is a highly manipulative and
controlled psyop an elaborate hoax to control us and destabilize us from our true human
nature it is the greatest liar of all time and i know what you’re thinking if space
is fake does this eradicate the possibility of alien life i can almost feel the disappointment in
you just like all those years ago when you discovered santa was not real but no it doesn’t mean there isn’t other
life and i implore you to consider the potential vastness of a new kind of
space and land beyond the poles that admiral bird was referring to
again it’s been right in your face the whole time et’s extra terrestrial
aka extra territory don’t worry i am not going to ruin the
excitement your imagination feels when it thinks of extraterrestrials in fact i’m going to enhance it but
before i do that however we need to examine more of our flat stationary plane
that is bound by the wonder of our firmament and the waters above we still have time and i need to make an
important stop first come on move swiftly follow me to part nine i need to show you the panic they are in
now their little secret starting to emerge

Jesuits Erasing our Flat Earth – Documentary

Jesuits Erasing our Flat Earth – Documentary


How the biggest deception started and who promoted it, narrated by Johnny Cirucci. From the Holy Roman Empire, to modern times, while explaining the Jesuit connection with Pythagoras, Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, Einstein, etc.

mig/mag special report for a thousand
years from roughly 500 AD to 1500 AD the
civilized world was controlled by Rome
but not military Rome religious Rome the
Roman Empire had mutated from a military
power into a religious one co-opting the
beliefs of Christianity and mixing them
with ancient Egyptian Greco and
Babylonian paganism Christian doctrine
that came directly from Jesus Christ and
was transcribed in the Bible stated that
each individual had the liberty and
independence to govern their own
salvation by cultivating a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ the new
religious Roman Empire insinuated
herself in between Christ and the
believer and said if you wanted to have
your soul saved you had to rely on the
priests bishops and Cardinals of Rome
this was the worst kind of slavery
because it was a slavery of
disinformation now and again sincere
Bible believing Christians like the
Waldensians of the Alps the Alba Jen’s
Jerome of Prague John Wickliffe and his
Lollards yon hoose of Bohemia would
rebel against this Roman rule and show
Christians that Vatican doctrines
claiming that you needed Rome to ensure
your salvation were contradicted by the
Bible as a result the papacy strictly
forbade Bibles to be placed into the
hands of the common person and only
allowed Jerome’s Latin Vulgate
to be handled by clergy men like John
Wickliffe painstakingly translated the
Vulgate into the language of the people
for Wickliffe it was English English
Bibles were then slowly and carefully
handled by witless followers who handed
them out – and taught the people in
response Roman authorities captured
wickless followers called lollards tied
their Bibles around their necks and burn
them alive
it’s what Christian so-called Christian
Rome did to all of her enemies including
Jerome of Prague and yeah who’s John
foxes Book of Martyrs originally titled
acts and monuments is completely filled
with examples of Catholic authorities
torturing and murdering Christians and
when a lollard was burned with a Bible
hanging around his neck it was a
terrible loss because not only were
Christians being burned alive but
Bibles were irreplaceable but in 1517 a
new rebel stepped up an Augustinian monk
from Germany named Martin Luther Luther
was furious that Pope Leo the tenth
Giovanni de Medici from the powerful
medici family who helped to rule the
world then and including through to
today had sent their attack dogs the
Dominicans to cheat the common people
out of their money by claiming they
could buy what is called an indulgence
which is basically a receipt of forgiven
sin by paying money to indulgences
peddlers like Johann Tetzel or
Christians believed that they had some
of their sins forgiven worse they were
told that dead loved ones were in
purgatory and they could give money to
these indulgences peddlers and the Pope
would then release their dead loved ones
Luther wrote 95 short paragraphs or
theses and on November 1st a 1517 All
Saints Day posted them to the doors of
All Saints Cathedral and Vinton burg but
what was different about Martin Luther’s
protests and the protests of previous
Christians was the movable-type printing
press of Johannes
ninety-five theses were translated and
replicated by the Gutenberg press and
spread like wildfire want Luther
instantly shot to number one on the
Vatican hit list remember he was an
Augustinian monk that didn’t matter he
was waking people up and freeing them
from the Roman chains and for that he
needed to be stopped he was kidnapped by
his benefactor Frederick the wise of
Saxony and held it Wartburg castle for
several months to protect him from
Vatican assassins during that time he
translated the Bible into vernacular
German and it may have been the most
important thing he ever did starting
with the New Testament and then later
the Old Testament but now the Gutenberg
press started printing off large
quantities of common language Bibles and
the fires of the Inquisition couldn’t
keep up other brave Christians like
William Tyndale also a Roman Catholic
priest began translating Bibles into the
language of their people
Tyndale was English like Wickliffe and
he too was eventually executed by Rome
for his crime but now Rome had a problem
there were too many Bibles and Bible
Translators to be kept in check by
burning them all a new tactic was born a
tactic that English Cardinal Thomas
Wolsey called learning against learning
and that tactic was to discredit the
Bible in order to force people to return
to accepting Rome as the ultimate
authority over their body and soul in
this tactic of learning against learning
Rome would literally rewrite reality and
weave a false reality matrix that we now
all swim in to this day for thousands of
years mankind understood the earth to be
flat and stationary only rarely did men
like Pythagoras attempt to claim
otherwise and it’s interesting to note
that many Freemasons consider Pythagoras
to be one of the first of their craft
but now rewriting our reality as a
tactic to discredit the Bible became a
top priority in the face of Martin
Luther’s 1517 ref from
Meishan Protestant Reformation the
Catholic response would be the
counter-reformation and it would be
spearheaded by Spanish Templar knight
named Ignatius of Loyola and his
followers whom we call today the Jesuits
their first opportunity came from the
Vatican’s mathematician a Polish priest
named Nicholas Copernicus Copernicus
gave birth to the modern heliocentric
model of the universe with his work de
revolutionibus orbeum celestia on the
revolutions of the heavenly spheres
Copernicus knew he was weaving a matrix
of lies and wanted to hold publication
of de revolutionibus until after his
death but powerful Roman Catholic clergy
like teed men geese bishop of comb and
the papal secretary himself johann
him to publish in 1543 the facts that
catholic clergy forced Copernicus to
publish or that Copernicus was the
Vatican mathematician or that he
received his doctorate in canon law from
bologna university canon law the
precepts by which rome governs nations
Adam vice helped was a doctor in canon
law or that he was a Roman Catholic
priest these have all been swept under
the carpet but Copernicus never married
and even the Catholic Encyclopedia had
to note then in 1537 King Sigismund of
Poland put Copernicus’s name on the list
of four candidates for the vacant
Episcopal seat of Orland which makes it
probable that at least in later life he
had entered the priesthood also swept
under the carpet has been the timing of
the publication of de revolutionibus
right on the heels of Martin Luther’s
Protestant Reformation and if that’s not
clear enough for you how about this a
Vatican agent named Yuri okiya rheticus
who was originally born your de Porres
had insinuated himself into the Luther
Reformation and was in Vinton Berg when
he left to become a close student of
Copernicus sources like Wikipedia
claimed that rheticus was
sent from reformer Philip Melancthon a
dear friend of Martin Luther but it is
absolutely Roman Catholic disinformation
in the table talk of Martin Luther the
great reformer is quoted as having said
there is talk of a new astrologer who
wants to prove that the earth moves and
goes round instead of the sky the Sun
the moon just as if somebody were moving
in a carriage or a ship might hold that
he was sitting still and at rest while
the earth and the trees walked and moved
but that is how things are nowadays when
a man wishes to be clever he must need
to invent something special and the way
he does it must needs be the best the
fool wants to turn the whole art of
astronomy upside down however as holy
scripture tells us so did Joshua bid the
Sun to stand still and not the earth in
his lectures on the book of Genesis
Luther said we Christians must be
different from the philosophers and the
way we think about the causes of these
things and if some are beyond our
comprehension like those before us
concerning the waters above the heavens
we must believe them and admit our lack
of knowledge rather than either wickedly
deny them or presumptuously interpret
them in conformity with our own
understanding the great reformer Jean
Calvin also known as John Calvin called
Copernicus a dreamer who has a spirit of
bitterness and contradiction reprove
everything and prevent the order of
nature we will see some who are so
deranged Calvin said not only in
religion but who in all things reveal
their monstrous nature that they will
say that the Sun does not move and that
it is the earth which shifts and turns
when we see such Minds we must indeed
confess that the devil possesses them
and that God sets them before us as
mirrors in order to keep us in his fear
so it is with all who argue out of pure
malice and that happily make a show of
their imprudence when they are told this
is hot they will reply note it is
plainly cold when they are shown an
object is black it will say no it is
and vice-versa just like the man who
said that the snow is black for although
it is perceived and known all to be
white yet he clearly wished to
contradict the fact and so it is that
they are madmen who tried to change the
natural order and even to dazzle eyes
and be numb the senses do you think
Calvin knew how the Freemasons were used
by the Jesuits when they are shown an
object is black they will say it is
white we’re talking about our government
he owned we’re talking about a crime
bill feeling simple y’all got to start
thinking on a different level like the
CIA does now went through the
looking-glass here people white is black
and black is white very quickly Rome
jumped upon this new model of the
universe and Jesuits like Christopher
Claudius used Copernicus and his work to
fabricate the Gregorian calendar the
calendar we all use rightly did the
prophet Daniel say in Chapter 7 verse 23
that during his vision of being standing
near him said the fourth beast shall be
a fourth Kingdom on the earth which
shall be different from all other
kingdoms and shall devour the whole
earth trample it and break it into
pieces the ten horns are ten Kings who
shall rise from this Kingdom and another
shall rise after them he shall be
different from the first ones and shall
subdue three kings he shall speak
pompous words against the Most High
shall persecute the Saints of the Most
High and intend to change times and laws
and the Saints shall be given into his
hand for a time very quickly did Rome
and papal agents like the Jesuits begin
to push this new cosmology she took over
astronomy and either pushed out or
killed off anyone who contradicted the
idea that the earth was a globe spinning
in space and revolving around the Sun
even those that met her halfway didn’t
keep her happy and she dealt with them
as well
Teague ah Tintin brah hey whose nickname
was Tycho accepted the idea that the
earth was a globe spinning in space but
still believed that his own observations
and data
proved that the earth was the center of
the solar system and not the Sun this is
known as geocentrism Tycho wanted to
follow in the steps of Martin Luther and
studied at the University of Wittenberg
but was forced out by the plague
Brahe Hayes life appeared to be
frequently in danger and in 1566 he lost
a large portion of his nose in a duel he
was 20 years old at the time he later
died under mysterious circumstances at
the very young age of 54 one of those
who claimed it was simply an illness a
bladder infection contracted during a
banquet in Prague was his understudy
Johannes Kepler Kepler was a German
astronomer and supposedly a Lutheran yet
he had an intimate relationship with
Jesuits in 1597 Archduke Franz Ferdinand
ii of austria banished all protestants
good Roman Catholic that he was and
Kepler fled to Hungary but that Jesuits
intervened and convinced Ferdinand to
allow him to return Kepler grew up with
a Jesuit uncle under the same roof of
their house in veal de staat uncle said
Aldous was a Jesuit astrologer who also
kept a wife upon the unexpected death of
Tycho Brahe Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph
the second immediately promoted Kepler
to replace him as Imperial mathematician
and Kepler very quickly went to work
rewriting all of bra haze observations
to be interpreted as heliocentric and
not geocentric in a paper titled
Kepler’s relation to the Jesuits dr.
York shook nur the University of Leipzig
noted that it is well known that the
order of the Jesuits was the most
important and the most active Catholic
order in the field of science during the
17th and 18th centuries one field of
particularly intensive successful study
carried out by the Jesuits was astronomy
many of their names are associated with
the important discoveries in the history
of astronomy such as the discovery and
mapping of
moon craters it is nearly impossible to
list all the names of those who made
serious contributions as astronomers or
mathematicians one aspect of the
considerable role the Jesuits played in
the history of astronomy was their
support of Johannes Kepler some of them
stood in extensive correspondence with
Kepler now it was obvious to protestors
like Luther and Calvin that something
fishy was going on in Rome and the
papacy needed plausible deniability
while she rewrote our reality that
propaganda was presented by Italian
astronomer and mathematician Galileo
Galilei and it’s absolutely fascinating
what user edited wikipedia says in the
entry for Galileo Galilei under the
subtitle Galileo Kepler and theories of
tides Cardinal Bellarmine had written in
1615 that the Copernican system could
not be defended without quote a true
physical demonstration that the Sun does
not circle the Earth but the arrow
circles the Sun Galileo considered his
theory of the tides to provide that
required proof of the motion of the
earth now there’s no link on the name
Cardinal Bellarmine which is unusual for
maybe that’s because Cardinal Bellarmine
was Robert Bellah mean of the Society of
Jesus one of the most powerful Jesuits
of his time was canonized a saint in
1930 and named a doctor of the church
what’s more it is ludicrous to imagine
that the Earth’s supposed large mass
doesn’t pull the moon and crash into it
and instead the magical force of gravity
holds its stationery even more
ridiculous is the idea that the moon
affects tides by pulling on the water
the magical mystical force of gravity is
blamed South African author Thomas
Winship wrote in 1899 his book zetetic
cosmogony if the moon lifted up the
water is evident that
the land the water will be drawn away
and low instead of high tide caused
again the velocity and path of the moon
are uniform and it follows that if she
exerted any influence on the earth that
influence could only be a uniform
influence but the tides are not uniform
and wish it uses examples from South
Africa at port natal the rise and Falls
about six feet while at birra about six
hundred miles up the coast the rise and
fall is twenty six feet this effectually
settles the matter that the moon has no
influence on the tides but Protestant
reformers were on to Rome she knew she
needed a smoke screen and she provided
it suddenly history was rewritten and
rather than pushing with her own agents
like Copernicus Kepler and Galileo and
others to rewrite our cosmology suddenly
the papacy was a defender of the Flat
Earth well just look what they did to
poor Galileo let’s do supposedly Galileo
was tried for heresy at the hands of
that evil flat earther Jesuit Robert
Bellamy he bravely stood by his guns and
humiliated the church with a
heliocentric spinning ball earth what
happened to Galileo Galilei well for the
last few years of his life he was put
under house arrest have you read
anything about the Inquisition do you
know what the Inquisition did to people
when it truly considered them an enemy
things like rotating their arms
backwards until they were pulled out of
their sockets inventing special
instruments that could be jammed into a
person’s body to rip open their valves
putting them in a special sarcophagus
filled with spikes that would jam into
them to the bone you ever hear of Edgar
Allan Poe are you familiar with his
short story the pit and the pendulum
about a swinging razor-sharp pendulum
that lowered across a victim and would
take hours to slowly saw that victim
half did you know it was based upon the
Inquisition a little known secret is
that the Jesuits now own astronomy when
their missionaries went across the world
across our flat earth the first thing
they did was insinuate themselves in
royal courts to become the official
astronomer of that kingdom China is a
great example one of the first Jesuits
in China was Matteo Ricci Ricci and his
successors like Adam Shah and Ferdinand
verbiage were all the royal court
astronomers and eventually fabricated
the calendar for the Chinese emperor
today the Jesuits even have their own
observatories both in Italy and in
America they use their puppets in
American government to steal Apache holy
ground on Mount Graham in Arizona are
they reaching out extraterrestrial or
enter dimensionally they appear to have
answered our question with the latest
piece of technology on Mount Graham the
large binocular telescope near-infrared
utility with camera and integral field
unit for extra galactic research also
known as Lucifer and it’s not surprising
given the success the Jesuits have had
in rewriting our reality now we’re
supposed to believe that rome was
against the spinning ball earth
heliocentric cosmic accident cosmology
of our modern understanding yet at every
step of the way Jesuits are Jesuit
agents were there to bolster our false
reality hiding whenever possible behind
convenient Jews and for more on that see
our special report it’s the Jews from
Johnny suruci and mig/mag
needing to contrive an origin for our
accidental existence that contradicts
the Bible Jesuit trained Belgian priest
George’s lemaître is the father of the
so called Big Bang Theory the idea that
first there was nothing and then it
exploded he was a close co-worker of
just such a Jewish puppet Albert
Einstein Einstein bolstered the Jesuit
cosmology with his convoluted theory of
relativity the problem was that
observations of both scientists and
laymen weren’t matching what so-called
astronomers were telling us and so
Einstein fabricated the theory of
relativity to claim that your reality
was relative to the time-space continuum
it is purposefully almost impossible to
understand you’re just supposed to trust
science and astronomy the Jesuits then
jumped on with dinosaurs and Charles
Darwin to claim the earth is billions of
years old
and wherever Darwin’s theory of
evolution had holes Jesuits stepped up
to fill the gap Jesuits like Pierre
Teilhard de Chardin the father of the
new age after fabricating the eight like
pre humans that we supposedly came from
even students of evolution became
concerned that there was a quote missing
link between primitive Apes and modern
humans a discovery was made in 1912 to
bridge that gap having been found in
Piltdown East Sussex England it was
named Piltdown man unfortunately it was
also found to be a hoax the skull of a
small human with the altered mandible
and teeth of an orangutan sometime later
paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould
uncovered the father of that hoax
a Jesuit priest named Pierre Teilhard de
Chardin there are many such examples in
archaeology and paleontology and yet no
one asks why would so-called scientists
be fabricating evidence the goal was to
discredit the Bible and it has been
resoundingly successful without the
spinning ball earth Darwinian dinosaur
cosmic accident the Bible is a science
textbook with it critics laugh and
questioned the Bible and instead look to
human authorities to save their souls
such as the Vicar of Christ himself who
is for the first time in Roman Catholic
history a Jesuit priest this has been
Johnny suruci for a mig/mag special

Heliosorcery (2022) | Exposing the Occult Origins of Heliocentrism | Full Documentary

Heliosorcery (2022) | Exposing the Occult Origins of Heliocentrism | Full Documentary

As part of a legal defense speech, the revered Roman statesman Marcus Cicero said these words:

“The illustrious Lucius Cassius, whom the Roman people considered the wisest and most conscientious of judges, was in the habit of asking repeatedly in trials, cui bono fuisset? ‘Who has profited by it’. Such is the way of the world: no man attempts to commit a crime without the hope of profit.”

The purpose of this documentary is not to provide scientific, practical, or Biblical evidence against heliocentric doctrine. But rather, to trace the presently raging cosmology dispute back to its ancient heritage. We will review the hot political and religious climate in which heliocentrism was reborn.

We will question whether it was more than a love for science which motivated the medieval hierarchy to get behind Copernicus’ new theory.

We will investigate lesser known facts about the celebrated champions of sun-centered cosmology; their powerful associations, and their hidden obsessions.

Gathering the common threads which tie the various players together, we will follow the steady evolution of this paradigm, marking the dramatic effects it has had upon the character of society. And we will ask the question: Cui Bono? Who benefits?

Read ‘The Cosmology Conflict’ by Chris Sparks:

For more information visit:


00:00 Introduction
03:07 The Protestant Reformation
16:11 Gnosticism
26:04 Copernicus
31:32 The Jesuits
42:20 Galileo
48:29 Newton & Hermes Trismegistus
57:39 Kepler & Hermes Trismegistus
01:03:56 The World That Forgot God
01:07:53 Darwin, The Big Bang & NASA 01:26:44 Conclusion

The Next Level Hibbler Productions

The Next Level Hibbler Productions


The sequel to “Level (2021)” – The flat earth is heavily censored and shadowbanned, yet most people turn their cheek to this life changing truth.

“Why would they lie”? The number one question regarding the deception involved with the heliocentric globe theory. A theory we are all taught in kindergarten. A theory we were told was “thousands of years old”. The Next Level will break down the many reasons for the lie as well as showing the many scientists of the past that have proven the stationary earth. Also, how John D. Rockefeller and Georges Lemaitre in 1920, changed the course of (his)-story as we know it. It’s 2022 and the truth cannot be stopped.

challenger only seconds after leaving the launch pad according to nasa has exploded just has the same seats that
like normal car has it’s literally a normal car in space
i should tell you that the first mission is scheduled to land on mars on july the 4th 1997. we will undertake extended
human missions to the moon as early as 2015. we launched a new spacecraft as part of a re-energized space program
that will send american astronauts to mars we will not only plant our flag and leave our footprint for an eventual
mission to mars what you’re seeing here is a moroccan it is photoshop but it’s it’s passivated five
four three two one
the one thing globe leavers need to understand is that you don’t just take the spinning ball earth and flatten it
out and put it back in the heliocentric model like it’s just the only misfit
planet in its flat and the rest of the planets around no flat earther has ever said that no
flat earther will ever say that because it’s not what we believe the earth is in a pancake floating in outer space
and you will never hear a flat earther say that and if you would ever actually take the time to study it for yourself
or hear a flat earther through then you would find that it’s much different and
things would actually make more sense they’ve got the narrative control to where anyone that goes to search for this they’re going to see
pancakes floating up in space you know it turns people away or they see a snow globe
a snow globe out in the middle of space with water falling off the sides and they’re like what is this it turns them away the mainstream agenda
was to push their false narrative all these hit pieces on flat earth 2016 2017
that was pretty much the end of the youtube era where we could actually find real evidence real you know content
any search engine it’s the algorithms are suited to their favor you’re going to see all the hit pieces
you’re going to see all the stuff that’s there to debunk flat earth so it’s just it’s almost impossible to
get the real information youtube played their part in it and not just cherry picking which videos they wanted to show
but deciding whether or not they wanted you to subscribe to somebody so on several occasions and with several
different content creators i’d press the subscribe button to then find out several days or several weeks later
that i couldn’t find that content creator assuming that either been deleted or they’ve been censored beyond
belief and of course he had been because my subscription that was previously made was no longer there and i know that i
hadn’t unsubscribed to anybody and then resubscribing you’d find again that down the line that the same thing’s
reoccurred there’s a major campaign by google and youtube and all of these corporate
lying companies to discredit the flat earth why do they have that disclaimer under
every video dealing with the topic of flat earth that it is an archaic
antiquated outdated model that the ancients used to believe in of course
the ancients were stupid they didn’t know how to build gothic cathedrals and they didn’t know how to build
cities and pyramids the problem is people that think that flat earth is stupid think flat earth is
stupid because they’re thinking of a stupid flat earth and they ridicule and make fun of flat
earthers it’s absolutely ridiculous since 2015 the content providers for
flat earth have had a living hell we have been ridiculed we
have been trolled we have been censored beyond belief by youtube
it’s really difficult to get the truth out there youtube controls the algorithm
who owns youtube google these are these big corporations that came in and said
the flat earth is getting way too big people are finding this out we don’t want them to find this out
this will just completely destroy our agenda that we’ve worked so hard for we’re losing it
because of our own technology that we created so they had to get involved with
holding information and knowledge is a form of control now for new people
coming into the subject if you research flat earth the google analytic will give
you government hate propaganda against the flat earth truth
if you go to google and try to find anything flat earth related then the first thing that’s going to pop up is the flat earth society and that is
something that has absolutely nothing to do with this movement in fact it’s a completely made-up organization in
order to deter anybody looking for some sort of truth so that you’d first of all get to that page you’d see these
ridiculous accusations and this spinning disc illusion that’s going upwards in space that i can assure you nobody
believes in if the globe model was as strong as they claimed to be then there wouldn’t be so much concern with anybody
talking about a stationary earth model now everything’s fine in court and so somebody walks in with a load of [ __ ] on
you everything’s fine until somebody out there has evidence that’s going to prove you guilty
and that’s when you start acting suspicious that’s when you start panicking that’s when you start putting damage control
out there which is inevitably what these bots are what these trolls are on social media and of
course the algorithms this is just a new lie that was started in the 20s and even
before then they weren’t really teaching anything about the world and where we were it was just common knowledge one of
the main arguments that globe believers come at you with is we’ve known for two thousand years aristophanes figured it
out with his sticks and shadows well aerostatness may or may not have been a real mathematician he figured out the
shape of the earth that would have made him the michael jordan of mathematicians but nobody ever mentioned him in a book
until the mid-1900s what’s crazy is i’ve talked to some elderly people and they’ve told me that back in their day
when they were in school they didn’t even learn about people like copernicus or
galileo everything’s up for grabs at this point people like christopher columbus and any other figure in history
could be totally false or created just for some sort of agenda this is everywhere we found somebody in uh
croatia they said they were teaching flutter through the 1930s most people think that
this flat earth versus globe earth has been going back and forth for
thousands of years no it has not this is a brand new
deception they come up with these stories these fictional stories fictional characters to reinforce that
we live out a ball all of our globe provers galileo aristophanes copernicus
the pictures of them show that they’re masons but i contend that we don’t even know if they’re real all of our history
is a lie i’ve met people that said that they were taught flat earth in the early 1960s in school they were taught flat
earth and globe earth and then it kind of just went away i interviewed ruth 102 year old woman back in february of 2020
and she was taught flat earth in public school in connecticut tell me your name
ruth and how old are you today 102. 102. so you were born in
1918 1918 and um we were just talking and i asked you
what what shape the earth is and what did you say what were you taught in school when
in elementary school where did you go to school in elementary
school i went to school and school in hampden connecticut
so how does it make you feel to realize that you were right as a kid it makes me feel better it does make you
feel better right my ho oh my god that is so true my whole
life i believe you know what i was taught and then when i discovered the flat earth
because we are the center of creation that’s right we are important that’s
right we are here god’s children when all the problems that are happening
in this world today i’ll give you some good news a lot of the problems that they report
on the news aren’t even real that’s right you can’t try they’re just keeping us in
fear that’s right that’s right
that we never went to the moon that that was all fake is it right that’s
yeah so did i and we all believed it but that was just to reinforce that people to believe they can live on a ball and
they could walk on a ball oh it’s such a lie it’s such a lie but
knowing the lie is like knowing going to a magic show yes is that what we call it we call it
red this is this is your moment of waking up it’s when you go to a magician and you know how the tricks are done and
the magic no longer works on you and you’re free from the illusion so knowing this
is gonna free your heart it’s okay [Music]
happiness yes tears of joy
[Music] rockefeller seems to have a role in this he started
the general education board and continued being involved with the educational
system the fact of the matter is the people that have been in control they’re in control now and they’re going to
continue to be in control whether they pass it down or change the name whatever it may be but yeah i mean
whenever rockefeller’s name is tied to something it’s always something to question that’s for sure that’s a huge
red flag for me that they can come in and change everything we know all of history
[Music] and turn it into deception and keep teaching the deception over and
over and over again until it becomes the norm the same man who said that he wanted a nation of
workers and not a nation of thinkers this was the same person who was found guilty of antitrust violations around
the turn of the 20th century he then went on to get his fingers in all of the
education systems and of course with the promise of i’ll give you money i’ll make sure that your
school has everything that it needs as long as you push these textbooks as long as you push these narratives and
you push these ideas i’m going to give you a nation of workers and not a nation
of thinkers and that’s exactly what we’ve become now this should tell you something why we
can’t talk about literally the thing that we’re standing on why is that
knowing that there is a creator absolutely that is one of the main reasons to hide this but you know at the same time it’s it’s
nowhere in near comparison when a billion people find out that there’s more land it’s about hidden land i think
that’s possible they could be hiding land in here somewhere with us and i think that the antarctica treaty
is very very very sinister and there must be something else going on they went really really really tough with
their implementation of the you know the antarctic treaty and everything else and just to keep people away from the truth
they didn’t want people to know about more land haven’t we been fighting over land forever isn’t that what always
happens countries fighting over land but not on the outskirts of antarctica oh no
no no no fighting there they’re all in agreeance you can’t go there you can’t explore any
of it that treaty was in effect in 1959 it can’t even be questioned until the year 2041 the longest lasting treaty uh
that all of the world signed on to at the same time and is still in place antarctica is the container of our world
oceans what is beyond antarctica um why is the government hiding antarctica from us why
is antarctica completely off limits except for taking a tour of a little peninsula off of south america which is
nothing and people go well you can go to antarctica we spent months trying to actually do it i was gonna send a crew
they won’t call back you can’t even go there there’s one peninsula where you look at penguins exactly and then you
think oh i would oh i have some friends that went to [ __ ] south pole yeah yeah they put them uh in that little
[ __ ] island with penguins you can’t say we went to antarctica and you walked around it he’s like being in new jersey
and saying saying you were chilling in california it’s [ __ ] huge there’s about a hundred different companies that
you can spend a lot of money to go on a little guided tour of just that peninsula but all of those companies are
owned under one umbrella one person controls them all they don’t let anybody explore antarctica
will be a [ __ ] international headline in about five minutes australian navy ship troops facing our
way bad boys is it the turret is turning our way the turret’s turning at us we should hide
adrian and take
that’s unreal [Music]
when people say why the lie one of the main answers is they’re hiding more land [Music]
what if we can truly become free the whole reason for this is because of
more land because think about it if there’s more real estate
if there’s more resources natural resources if there’s more food for our
starving children if there’s more space more room for us to get away from the child sex
trafficking if there’s places where we can go
and other civilizations we can be a part of where they don’t
charge you for water they don’t charge you for free energy they don’t charge you for property
taxes what if there is more land nobody can go explore antarctica period
because if humanity found out there’s more land then the heliocentric theory is gone
they can’t start adding more continents on the bottom of a ball it’s just they wanted its silence right away there
is evidence out there through old maps namely the thousand-year-old japanese
kawawashi map which shows continents and lands outwardly of what they call the
ice shelf or the ice wall so why are they teaching the globe model well you see the the globe is a container
and it’s container of all the known land the jesuits and the freemasons
they needed a new model because they wanted a new world order because right now on a ball or in a snow globe there’s
only seven continents that’s all there is so everything is is very limited we have a limited supply resources are very
scarce because the earth is a globe right it’s cut off everything’s cut off if you open it up and there is more land
then there’s plenty of resources more land means more resources
that’s huge if they’re hiding something like that there’s a scene in the truman show where truman is like
i want to be an explorer when i get older i like to be an explorer like the great magellan oh you’re too late
there’s really nothing left to explore imagine if there’s like all these beautiful places to explore
still and finding out that there’s all this land it just opens up the door for discovery again have you ever heard of
the eyewitness testimony written in the books the iron republic the smokey god worlds beyond the polls
in the late 1800s there was a series of articles written in florida magazine about a politician that was tired of
what was going on here got a big ship and a crew was exploring antarctica and he went
found a passageway through and he popped out into the ocean was lost for about a month finally they found land with a
city and they pulled up and it was a very advanced quite different civilization and are
very friendly and they stayed there and that he writes about all the experiences he had there in the late 1800s they were
talking about more land beyond antarctica remember the word extraterrestrial means extra land
they’re telling you that there’s more land in here that they don’t talk about
there could be more land in some of the oceans where it’s just all blue on the map nobody knows you’re
not cruising around on big ships or flying over it on planes and looking you know nobody’s out there
charting anything have you heard of such a thing as no-fly zones for instance you
can’t fly in certain areas near the arctic circle or the antarctic circle
the reasons being is because there are lands there that we’re not supposed to know about they
don’t want those lands to be discovered all these corrupt systems that are stealing money from us
kidnapping our children just doing horrible things they rely upon
the cattle staying on the ranch the slaves on the plantation
that’s why flat earth is the most important the most important knowledge we can obtain is because there is more
land don’t look at us and say go prove it
it won’t allow us to go prove it we’re not the lazy ones here
we’re being restricted from going to prove this to you
so because of that of course we’re gonna speculate it’s a red flag if that’s not a red flag
to you i don’t know what is they won’t allow us to go allow us to go
if we go and there’s nothing there i’ll admit i’m wrong but all signs pointed that they’re
hiding more land you have to have permission to do
everything you have to have permission to marry the love of your life
you have to have permission to travel down the road when we have the inable right to travel from point a to point b
you people think you’re free you’re not free you’re free-range chickens that’s what you are your
free-range chickens held in an area you’re not allowed to go past and if not
you go to jail you get shot stay on the plantation do what you’re supposed to do pay your taxes and shut
up right well if there is more land and i sincerely believe that there is then
that’s the perfect reason to lie to everybody it’s not just about hiding a place for for more resources and where
else we can go and dig for gas and gold it’s not about that they’re hiding freedom they know that as soon as we all find
out that there’s another place to go without dictatorship that we’d be gone there’s endless
amounts of everything and um there’s so much more land out there and there’s many places to explore and
um they just want to keep us here in the middle of the pond um stuck here thinking that this is all
there is what happens to the price of gold and all natural resources if there’s more land gold can’t go to a
dollar an ounce gasoline can’t go to 20 cents a gallon we can all have you know
thousands of acres of land to ourselves the whole system crumbles
the entire system crumbles period on the other hand we have uh the north
which is also off limits i went on my first official trip
i was going with my father and my grandpa sinclair up to the north pole
it was a very glamorous destination i figured i was finally going to be led
into the reason for the existence of this
high security arctic base
that was exactly right we drove slowly
through and past the buildings on a special top secret mission
and that’s when i understood just how powerful and wonderful my
father was the north pole is a biggie it’s always been in my mind
i’ve juggled with the idea is there hidden lands could they have possibly hidden in continents in the arctic ocean
which is seemingly an ocean they could hide land there many many old
maps will show you the hyperborean four continents and in the center axis monday
and i think that’s what’s there i think that is mount meru and i think that gives off an acoustic device there’s
definitely something special going on up there and if you just think think about that long enough
why do compasses point north i mean that’s really wild in itself what if we all took our compasses out and just
followed them until it stopped a compass will always point
north towards the magnetic north there’s some kind of force or
some type of energy frequency of vibration that’s pulling that needle
to the north it’s crazy to think that all compasses are pointing north
to the north pole no compass points south there is no south pole there’s no compass that’s
going to go over go south and no it’s it’s come pass come to the north
there’s something there i think we could all agree there’s something there and it’s crazy that they cover it up
they’ve covered it up for so long there’s ancient civilizations the nordics there’s people have talked about you
know the rupers [ __ ] the the uh mount meru the giant magnetic
mountain at the center an entire magnetic mass or a mountain that is strong enough to
make everybody’s compass point north when i was a kid in school they showed us a national geographic video of the
guys they’re getting to the north pole and they just basically made it look so horrible and miserable and dark and cold
that no kid ever in his life would go hey i want to go to the north pole so if you watch any documentary about the
north pole or anybody venturing to the north pole all you’re going to find is some dude mobbing on the ice sheet
and he’s got a little device in his hand he’s like three two one north pole
and that’s not the north pole man that’s [ __ ] [Music]
so what this is [Music] it’s a map
[Music] my father showed me a map like this once
[Music] inside this circle is your world
and my world many others no one knows how many
the dark tower stands center of all things
and it stood there from the beginning of time and it sends out
powerful energy [Music] [Applause]
i think that there’s possibly a north pole or part of the electromagnetic torus which gives off green light which
you see as the northern lights the north pole is the center
of the earth it is a hyperbola because we live in a toroidal field
solar system there must be a plane of inertia intersecting it in the middle and there
must be a hyperbola hourglass in the middle in the srimad bhagavatam
kanto 5 it calls this mount meru and why are we not allowed to go
anywhere near there well simply because you cannot go there it is a magnetic
toroidal hyperbola therefore there is no way that you can fly
anywhere near the north pole in the center of the earth admiral richard bird said he found more
land uh you know in the north as well as the south there’s a book called the smoky god of a
father and son that ended up finding more land and a race of giants with technology beyond your
wildest imagination cartographers have charted you know maps with land in the center you know where i’ll
come to this point there’s just a lot of evidence pointing to more land so yeah 100
i would put my life on if there’s more land at the north it’s just as heavily guarded as the south can’t like go go
check the north and oh yeah let me go check i’ll take some pictures and videos and come back
you’re not even get that close you’re going to be turned around the same as the south
all the way up until the 1600s they had four landmasses around the north pole
region and right after the 1600s is when it slowly started disappearing until finally it
was all gone and you can verify this for yourself if you just go back before the 1600s and
look at maps of all sorts you’ll see these landmasses on each one and then
sure thing these land masses just started being deleted from history
so what are they hiding at the north pole
if we sit back and observe all of this evidence this eyewitness testimony that the verdict
would come back guilty it would come back guilty
okay you are moving a thousand miles an hour as earth rotates you are moving 18
18 miles per second in orbit around the sun and you don’t
feel any of that okay okay you don’t feel anything if it’s trying to fling you off the earth
okay but the force of gravity is resisting back by what force is it trying to fling you
off that upward centrifugal force subtracts from the gravitational force that the
earth is trying to put on you it subtracts okay so chuck what do you weigh here
here and now 192. i’ll give you the 190 pounds okay okay
so if you do the math you run to ecuador because we’re in the western hemisphere so let’s stay there you run to ecuador
you will not be 190 pounds you’ll be like 185 pounds
what that’s how significant it is that’s and i think i did there are pounds less
that you weigh for living on the equator than from living anywhere else simply because the
spinning earth is trying to fling you off yes
yes if the earth is spinning at a thousand miles an hour in a curved trajectory
we’re dropping at a rate of miles per minute but somehow none of that inertia affects
these rocks here which are perfectly balanced the fact is the earth is
stationary and that is scientific not pseudoscience
in 1879 george airy astronomer royale for 49
years who did a telescope experiment and proved that the earth was stationary
then we have parallax also known as robotham who carried out an experiment
in the late 1800s on the bedford levels experiment where he went at a distance
of six miles which should have showed up some sort of curvature of around 16 foot
no curvature was seen at all then we have
michelson molly and sanyak in the early 1900s with their interferometers
using light instead of telescopes this time and with their interferometer
experiments they proved that the ether over the earth the field is moving and
the earth is stationary we also have michelson
they did an experiment in the 1930s and proved that the earth is stationary one
of the greatest science experiments of all time in my opinion is from marconi
marconi in 1901 set up transmitters to send radio waves like signals wireless
signals across the ocean atlantic ocean okay so he has one set up in europe and one set up in canada okay
and they’re sending signals there i think the letter s was the first one boom
and it worked almost 2 000 miles across the ocean they got the signal
there’s no curvature you’re talking about 600 miles of curvature between the two
points but it worked because all water is level
[Music] i don’t even know if he was trying to talk about that at the time it was just
more about his technology that he was coming out with and have you learned about that in school
no then we have pierre luigino a colleague of marconi and before he died
he showed people in his laboratory how the earth is stationary you can go
to my channel mr astro theology and you can see uh videos of mr
pierre luigi iguina proving in his laboratory with strobe lights how you can prove quite easily
that the earth is stationary every scientific experiment throughout time looking for axial rotation or curvature
has proven the opposite they don’t teach this in schools any observation when you go outside on a
calm morning you can see a perfectly glass lake and your sensors will tell you that you
know nothing is moving we stationary earth is we have science real
science on our side and the globes have pseudoscience in
fact all they have is einstein saying i have come to believe that no optical experiment
can prove that the earth is moving and yet the earth is moving science yeah albert
einstein i always recommend people go watch albert einstein in his interviews
interviews he’s reading cue cards
he’s reading notes that someone handed him kind of like people on tv nowadays there is no
optical experiment ever been conducted that can prove that the earth is moving
the earth is spinning at a thousand forty miles an hour you can’t feel it you can’t measure it you can’t observe
it you can’t repeat it but trust us there’s not one experiment that shows the earth is spinning
or moving whatsoever there is however an experiment that was proven
in behind the curve bob nodell was uh talking about the ring laser gyro showing that there is a apparent 15
degrees drift throughout most of the day when we turned on that gyroscope we
found that we were picking up a drift a
15 degree per hour drift and this was taken out of context it was uh later the
experiment was done at a higher altitude and it showed a different uh rotation speed which absolutely proves it’s not
the earth that’s moving that it’s the ether that is spinning above us netflix is mainstream netflix is you know the
alternative mainstream narrative netflix can’t go against the grain they’ll lose their contract a documentary like a
mockumentary i’m sure someone watched our movie and was like whoever made this movie is a government
chill and sure they’re just trying to hide it and that’s what they want on it trying
to hide it he accidentally proves that the earth is round
it was the biggest mic drop it was the big like you kind of cut it cut it the thing is
we have technology that is out running their lives now we have time lapse imagine that we have time lapse where we
can point at the sky and year after year day after day hour after hour
the sky’s spinning
[Music] every day there should be different stars
random stars in the sky if we are traveling at 650
million miles an hour which is mark 870 000. do you really believe that every
year we move through space [Music]
at five and a half trillion
miles every year and yet every year the same stars keep
turning over our earth aries taurus gemini cancer leo virgo
libra scorpio sagittarius capricorn aquarius pisces
year after year after year and yet none of those constellations distort change
shape get brighter there has never been in recorded history we have never seen
any star get brighter or dimmer or
any shape of those constellations which are still recognizable today as they
were thousands of years ago they never suffer any parallax or distortion
polaris has never moved in all of recorded history point your camera up at polaris and do a
time lapse and watch god’s perfect timepiece spin a bucket
[Music] and we move
five trillion 694
million miles through space every year congratulations to you if you
believe that it’s called education indoctrination and dumbing
to reach our down if you look back in history you got universal their company they started off
with a logo with the globe in it but it wasn’t until like the 1920s that they actually had the the motion one where it
was a spinning globe and they actually had an airplane in the early ones like leaving a a chem trail that said
universal which is kind of funny nobody has been high enough to even see what it
looked like they were definitely trying to instill the image of a globe in people’s heads because obviously early
on in the movie industry they were one of the most popular companies to make movies so people were going to the
theater and seeing this globe
so they’re showing you a globe before every single movie to program your mind they were showing this globe before they
even went up there to see what it was i think the first man ever to go up and check this picard going up there i mean
that’s a story we’re not taught in school from the practical point of view professor picard’s experiment is of the
highest possible importance these timelines these dates these these these are facts we got august picard coming
out in the 1930s in an actual publication by a science journal saying
that the earth looks like a flat disc with an upturned edge besides universal programming you had walt disney
programming you with space documentaries for almost 15 years straight some pretty
crazy propaganda in the 1950s there was one called man in space he’s talking
about taking men to the moon in a rocket and then if we cruise on we got richard
e byrd he goes on long jeans chronoscope and he’s sitting down and he’s telling people strangely
enough there’s left in the world today an area as big as the united states that’s never been seen by a human being
shortly after richard e bird did that interview they put the antarctic treaty in place and then one year later nasa is
established almost zero hour at cape canaveral and
in large 16 millimeter pictures show a monkey specially trained and conditioned for voyaging in space
two monkeys had been selected for the job they called them able and baker a and b of course
in fact the monkeys came down safely near antigua reported none the worse
after blazing the trail for human space travel [Music]
they come in and they’re the gatekeepers for your minds like they’re making sure that people
think that they live on a spinning ball and that’s their sole purpose that it has always been their sole purpose
that is a magic of engineering i would wear a mask on my face in a nanosecond
but unfortunately we lost the technology it can take days even weeks to produce
just a single image the dazzling final results enough to keep us all dreaming
nasa is hiding the freaking flatness of the earth why
it’s okay to say i have a fisheye lens right
because yeah official lenses are useful you know you get more you know in architecture or you know realtors use
them but when you’re doing it too much and you’re not really coming out and
saying why questions build up
[Music] [Applause] [Music]
[Music] 1923
a fisheye lens was invented so these space agencies had a heads up already
and the fisheye lens was originally i think 27 thousand dollars to purchase
and this is in 1923. i mean today that’s about 100 grand 200 grand equivalent
in cost and people will tell me hitler i i’ll give you that nasa
is a lying government entity right but what about red bull
rebels just an energy drink and i saw felix baumgartner jump out of
the space capsule flat earthers did a great job of debunking that as of course it’s a fish
island it’s not even a question what most people don’t know is that neil degrasse tyson you know the
science priest of modern day that everybody loves and they listen to
him oh he’s so smart well he is a smart man in the sense of he
knows that we debunk the [ __ ] out of that and that dude who jumped out of a perfectly good balloon felix baumgardner
edge of space jump now you know i i don’t it’s funny he
wants to i don’t have a problem if he doesn’t but the the honesty of it would greatly
diminish what i think people thought he was actually doing and not only that they made sure to photograph him
standing there with a really wide angle lens which curves horizontal lines so in
the photo you see this curvature of earth’s surface and he’s like wow he’s in space
look at that no he’s not at that height you don’t see you don’t see the curvature of the earth
is he just don’t that stuff is flat
so we put so much pressure on neil degrasse tyson to come clean he had to we exposed
felix baumgardner that’s a complete fish-eye lens there’s no
curvature at all on this earth let alone they’re trying to sell it as 20 20 23
miles up there’s curvature [Music] even though people will sit there and swear they saw curvature out of an
airplane 10 miles high yeah okay so your priest neil degrasse tyson admits 23
miles up no curve how do you feel about that
all right maybe you say this no big deal okay even though felix bumgarner himself
said he could see the curvature of the earth it’s almost overwhelming when you’re standing there in a precious suit the
only thing that you hear is yourself breathing you can see the curvature of the earth you can see the sky is totally
black you can see the curvature of the earth you can see the curvature of the earth you can see the curve
that’s 120 000 feet four times higher than most passenger planes fly
so that should make you go hmm right away what’s going on here
who’s lying right but you don’t think there’s an agenda here you don’t think people are lying
here fast forwarding to recently richard branson his ugly ass mr
billionaire himself officially the first billionaire to travel to space to richard branson so you go 63 miles up
you would all probably assume that of course you could see this giant curve of
earth you’re 63 miles up holy [ __ ] richard branson
supposedly goes up 63 miles even though it’s nothing but fisheye lens footage we
expose that here comes neil degrasse tyson again damage control time oh by the way you didn’t ask but i’m going to tell you do
you know how high up above the earth he was taking 63 miles well yeah right so take a school room
globe and that’s how high above it is he so he’s about two millimeters
above the surface of a schoolroom globe so nobody has seen the curvature of the
earth from that height just i just want to make that clear you can’t see the curve out of an airplane
right 10 miles you agree i hope you agree so far okay so 10 miles up no curve
red bull 23 miles up no curve branson 63 miles up no curve
so where is this curve at that you swear by
because if you live on a ball i don’t care how big the ball is it could be four times the size of what they told us
you would still see a physical curve at some point that’s what
the horizon is supposed to be that’s what that’s how the sun is going i mean
there’s a curve of the earth all these theories involved with the curve of the earth
[Music] get thrown out the window that’s that’s then you know that that that’s what
happens with a new company this is the fiction section fiction means it’s a made-up story oh hey elmo i
bet we can find your galactic gayle comic book here we all know who our enemies are they are
called the globalists with their false idol that they give
children on the teacher’s table at kindergarten the false globe of
the global agenda people are just deceived i mean i grew up from kindergarten river
globe my kids you know they graduated from kindergarten it was a freaking globe they gave them a global graduation
to take home like an inflatable bishop and i was looking at that and going oh my god we are taught that the earth is a
ball before we can talk in school there’s a globe in the class one of the first worksheets we get is a cheat on
the orbits of the planets and the sun and i actually still remember that sheet i i did it i got it right i was so proud
of myself uh sesame street as astronauts on disney it’s all globe programming so
your entire world belief is around this if you think about it they’ve gotten us at a very very young age with the lying
before we we have any critical thought the capability of thinking for ourselves
they’ve they teach us lies from the very beginning from tooth fairy santa
dinosaurs you know with santa for instance i mean
we’re taught this lie you better be good we need you to stay in line and be good don’t be naughty be
nice you want to be on that nice list santa will come and bring you this material gifts
and then fast forward you find out santa isn’t real
for what five six seven years however long the lie went on for you’ve been conditioned a certain way to act a
certain way so you’ll fall in line you’ll do exactly what mommy and daddy tell you what the teachers tell you
and when you realize that lie it’s subconsciously you’re you’re taught at that point it’s
okay to lie it’s okay lie it’s okay to accept lies it’s okay for people to lie to you it’s
okay for you to lie so the whole world is a [ __ ] liar everyone’s a [ __ ] liar now because they were taught at a
very young age it’s okay to lie they get you with these lies of tooth fairy and santa at a young age so when you’re an
adult you can’t tell the difference between a lie and in reality and when you do find out it’s possibly a
lie oh it’s okay you’re subtle you’re um you’re just you’re passive you allow the
lie because you’re just you’re used to it’s okay to lie you’ve been conditioned your entire life it’s okay to lie it’s okay to be lied to so when the lie comes
out people are just like okay whatever got to turn on my fox news got to go to the bar got to go watch my
my football give them bread and circuses and they will never
revolt when people hear about flat earth when i talk to them about it they they think it’s the dumbest thing ever they
think i’m uneducated they don’t realize that they don’t know what they’re talking about and people
say well what about chips over their eyes and you explain that what about sunset you explain that what about season you explain that
and then they throw their hands up they go why does it matter why what difference does it make i still have to go to work tomorrow that’s right where
they want you they want you working in your slave job they want you obeying orders doing what you’re told and living
paycheck to paycheck and just not realizing where you are the truth is we’re not spinning out of control lost
in space where an asteroid could take us out they want us believing we’re running out of fuel they want us to believe we’re
running out of food when anyone can go and get a seed sticking into the ground water will fall from the sky and food
will grow out of the ground there is no shortage of water food space every
american family could have a half an acre in texas and the rest of the country would be empty they’re lying about everything you let your kids get
raised and taught by other people that you don’t know what they’re learning everybody’s disconnected there is no
harmony or anything going on with human beings we’re all scattered disconnected and
pretty much what they’re doing with teaching us this whole lie about the earth being a ball and
you’re flying through outer space and dinosaurs used to roam the earth and if they’re these powerful beings could get
wiped out by a comet then what are we going to do if a comet con we’re done so
the heliocentric model not only manages to keep us all completely worthless floating amongst the stars in space but
it also keeps us in fear that we’re either going to knock into something in the future or
there’s going to be something that then bangs into wars that causes some sort of horrendous collision and we’re all going
to die or maybe you know some cartoon satellite has found another planet where
there could be like flesh-eating monsters on there and it’s you know some sort of crazy [ __ ] that they they throw
down your face and try and say you know this is as well as everything else that you’re scared of keeping your house
keeping your health keeping your family together there’s also a chance as well that some rock may fall from the sky and
kill you tomorrow another thing people don’t know is that not only in 1920 did rockefeller
change all the textbooks and come up with his own agenda of what they want you to know
but there was a man named george lemitre i felt like einstein passed the torch to him or
something they were good friends apparently and george lemitre was a catholic priest
yeah a catholic priest in 1920 he said hey we came from a big bank
it’s all about 1920 was a crazy year huh 1920 they said we came from a big bang
we exploded for nothing well how do you prove that well no you can’t but that’s what was stated
so here’s this catholic priest where in my opinion they knew that even though non-religious people knew
the earth was flat and stationary they were trying to
group just call flat earthers at that time they’re flat earthers they’re all religious people
so let’s bring forward a catholic priest look he’s not a scientist he’s not
government he’s a priest he’s catholic he’s holy this is brand new
this isn’t thousands of years old this isn’t the big bang’s been around for thousands of years heliocentrism been
around for thousands of years no they create fictional characters galileo copernicus
they create characters to support the the new world order their agenda
the way they change the entire school system and structure of what we know and all the information and
knowledge that we obtain if it’s f if it’s false then yeah they got their goal a nation
of workers not thinkers no one thinks what’s the circumference of the globe
i have no idea how fast is it spinning at the equator
don’t know how uh fast is it orbiting the sun
cody how do you have glasses on
how fast is the sun is the sun moving man i i you’re asking some questions i’m
not ready to answer let’s see this is the point you guys laugh at flat earth
but one you don’t know what flat earth is and worse is you don’t even know what your own solar system is they don’t know
their own model you can ask them how what’s the radius of the earth how was it found what’s the speed of the earth around the sun how fast they are
spinning at the equator how fast is it chasing the sun how many miles does it go a year how far is the sun nobody they
don’t know any of these things but yet they defend this and they ridicule and make fun of flat earthers all the things
that i was patronizing and condescending and going i was sloughing off that’s not worthy of me they rose up to eye level and i remember
saying boy the world is flat i’m looking it in the eye i see further i see wider i see clearer
i settled on uh near infrared like some of these cameras can be converted to near infrared you know
so then i started taking photos and since i was doing a lot of flying i started going up
and boom i was actually amazed to see the incredible flatness that you get from
high altitude everywhere i looked there was like clues that yours is flat
and i was like this is blowing my mind everywhere i looked ears is flat and nasa is lying about the curvatures i
said something is eerily wrong over here man
when i saw across the gulf right off the coast of texas there in louisiana flying to orlando and i saw
all the way out in the distance and you could even see the razor right at a different angle that that tripped me out
but if you really go up high then you realize oh my god tears is extremely flat
this would be impossible on a globe there is no eight inches per mile square equation for curvature
of eight inches per mile squared has been debunked over and over again the flat
earthers with their p900s and their p1000 cameras are constantly seeing things way off way off beyond the
supposed curvature of it in fact many tests have been done with lasers
cameras filming mountain ranges three four five six
seven hundred miles into the horizon which are visible and
shouldn’t be visible if we were living on a globe this is how much
distance he covered with his camera and he could see from here
the rocky mountains there you go [Music]
there is no eight inches per mile square there’s no way you can see 500
miles on the other side of this ball there’s no buildings that are curving backwards if point a to point b you’re on a ball you
know they’re not going to be flat up and down like on our flat earth they’re going to be like this there’s no tilting they’ve measured
distances from the base of buildings to the top level
and flat people look out at the ocean and you see ships and stuff and it appears like
these ships and boats they go down and that is a huge factor
as to why people think the earth is round if you look at the ocean or a lake it
looks flat look at that look how straight and flat that horizon is
looks flat doesn’t it see it looks like a table or a board now
once in a while you might see mountains or hills but those are just like little bumps on what looks like a flat earth a
ship sail away they don’t disappear all at once
now first the bottom will disappear see the bottom of the ship is gone
now we can see midway up and then the whole thing disappears so people realized that the world is curved i mean
it’s a big curve but it’s curved that’s what we call pseudoscience you could buy
a camera now that zooms times 100 and you could zoom in on these ships and boats leaving your
view and your human eyeballs view and pull out a camera and zoom in on it and
suddenly you’re back it’s on top of a level surface still cruising so the
limit of your vision is where the sky meets the ground due to perspective as they come together
that’s the limit of your vision that’s called our horizon the horizon is optical if you had a super zoom camera
you can zoom in and make this angular size bigger to reveal
small objects that you couldn’t see and then when you zoom out
it goes back together and things disappear into the horizon not over we
see skylines beyond what we’re supposed to see i mean the
visibility from 100 200 500 miles away it debunks the whole eight inches per
mile squared photogrammetry i think is one of the the best way to convince yourself you do multiple images of the
ground and then you put in the software and you realize how flat it is you’re thinking yourself it’s your data
nobody’s lying to you you’ve taken the data yourself it’s not j tolerance that’s trying to
you know troll you like some people they’re like he’s trolling people man and it’s not spacex or nasa doing it
either it’s yourself yeah it’s yourself you’re doing your own experiment many times when you’re looking out over water
there’s waves well those waves will block um entire city skylines
if this was a wave right near right near me if my face was a city skyline it
blocks just the bottom but if that wave was closer to you it blocks much more of it it’s all
perspective and i thought i wasn’t going to get anything that would beat this until i found this photo from rand grandmere
state park this is from joshua to wiki and what you’re seeing here is a mirage typically we would not be
able to see this this image would be viewable from much much higher in the sky up in space the story has been one
of the most viewed stories on our website ever they say my explanation is a cover-up a cover-up to their belief
that this picture is proof the earth is flat the one goal i had was to prove that what people are seeing from the
other side of lake michigan is not a mirage that they are actually seeing the city [Music]
what do you think i think it’s amazing dude
it certainly didn’t it’s not a mirage i can tell you that no
our focal point was the sears tower which is also known as the willis tower right yes the willis tower the willis
tower and we can see it the entire time we can see it the entire time
that’s not a mirage that’s not a garage
i was shocked to find out that there are a number of people that believe the earth is still flat and that to them
this is actually proof that the earth is flat one person just questioned me and asked me for a
retraction of the articles and lies uh a lot of people try and kind of be nice about it well are you sure you did
it right and then they send me links that the earth is flat uh and some are just pretty straightforward about it and
the title replies calling me a deceiver and that uh i should check my degree or quit
telling lies on television it got me questioning a lot of things was or were my
calculations right no you can obviously see chicago
from that far away it really is the chicago skyline we can see things farther and farther away than that
and prove it you can prove it yourself you can go there on a clear day and see the same thing
you can go do the same tests and prove it to yourself that’s the best way to do it right prove it to yourself
that you’re not taking anyone’s word for it it’s you’re doing your own experiment it’s not a mirage it’s not an illusion
it’s chicago from 60 plus miles away i mean we could barely see the street
sign a few blocks ahead of us on a foggy day i mean they’re spraying our skies with [ __ ] all the time you can open your
weather app right now and it’ll tell you the visibility but that’s how far they’re telling you
you can see the weather patterns there’s so many different factors of why we can’t see that far
we’re not superheroes i mean take any flat and level road
around your house safely test it out make sure it’s level when you take your camcorder and you bring it all the way
down to the ground and you zoom in and you see all this distortion and it kind of vaporizes and globe heads want to add
like that this bridge is bending around a curve and there’s the curve it’s like no
it’s it’s an optical illusion that’s all it is this has been replicated many many times there is no
curvature stop fooling yourselves that even something like the sun when it goes across this huge plane
it sets and it disappears due to perspective so you’re seeing it
come and go on such a vast plane it’s so huge
that the sun can come through and go so far away
that it just goes out of your view and behind so many false horizons
i.e mountains trees forests city buildings just really tall things keep in mind the sun is much
smaller and close [Music]
this is an intelligently designed and created place as someone who starts rotating around
knowing that we can only see a certain amount of light i think what one percent there’s only there’s only so much light
our eyes can actually see unless you’re on like dmt i’m sure you can see way more lights but naturally we can’t see
that many lights in the sky all ancient civilizations spoke about other bodies
other lights in the sky that may or may not be visible to us at any given time it’s crazy though when you see solar if
you don’t see the moon at all i remember as a kid like where’s the moon though and it’s like you just see this black circle and
everything goes back to normal it seems like it’s like that what the heck just happened on the total eclipse of the sun
the shadow that the moon casts on the earth is only 70 miles wide that is
impossible but then they come up with umbra and penumbra and it’s just stuff to confuse your mind we have a
infinitely far sun sending diagonal rays from the side and straight
rays from the middle where they cross each other it makes absolutely no sense i went live a few years ago on youtube
during the 2018 eclipse in the united states um on a live event and we were
all waiting for the moon to actually show up to cause this elliptical
this eclipse and all we found was no moon showed up
so that blew my mind to think that there was actually no moon visible yet this
this effect of the sun literally being covered by an object i had witnessed why can’t we see
the moon approach the sun eclipse the sun or exit the sun and we don’t we just
see a black circle eclipsing the sun we never see it next to the sun now people
say well it’s because the sun is so bright when the moon is totally eclipsing the sun you should be able to
see the features on the moon you should be able to with a regular camera with your regular eyes with an infrared
camera but it has never been seen there’s only been anti-flat earthers that will fake an image and fade it into
a picture of the eclipse there’s no video of it think about what a an amazing video
would be if they could film it from the international space station or from the moon itself never happens because i don’t believe it
the moon that we see is what’s eclipsing the sun there’s lots of ancient mythology
about other dark bodies there could be um anomalous bodies up there they’re not
actually visible to us a celestial body that we perhaps can’t see because you know there’s no on the the spectrum of
light there’s only we can only see one percent of all the light rays gamma rays x-rays
you know we can’t see these certain frequencies and energies and lights what happens is
the sun is eclipsed by the so-called moon but it’s not the moon it’s actually the north node
there’s been you know times documented in the past where there’s you know this eclipse the moon’s supposed to be
eclipsing and there’s no moon anywhere in the sky nowhere anywhere
and that makes absolutely no sense so there’s got to be another celestial body the oldest ancient symbols and it’s the
black sun a celestial body that we perhaps can’t see
a lot of ancient civilizations always spoke about a black sun it’s like why are they talking about a
black sun for hundreds if not thousands of years
and that information now has turned into oh the black sun is an evil thing it’s
like well yeah of course that’s what they’re selling it they’re selling it to you as an evil thing to stay away from it they already don’t want you to like
the real sun in the sky they push it so far away they want you
to not care about it there’s a reason it’s close to you
there’s a reason it’s here for us there might be more suns and moons on the outskirts of antarctica in the outer
lands there might be more suns and moons there might be more suns and moons in our world here but we just can’t see it
and you talk about the seasons itself seasons prove the earth is a stationary plane with a local sun
when the sun is circling over the earth over here in the tropic of cancer these people here they have summer
but six months later the sun is over here it’s going around over here
so australia down here and south africa and south america now they have summer
because the sun is local it’s not 93 million miles away and the sun and the moon revolving and springing into the
center seasonally and then springing back out again this makes perfect sense than a spinning ball hanging on an
invisible skyhook at a degree of 6.66 of a supposed access which tilts the
earth people need to stop defending a theory that they were taught in kindergarten so at sunrise every sunrise
should be arctically cold because that is the most severe tilt possible and to
make it worse in the northern hemisphere in the helio nonsensical model
the sun is three and a half million miles farther away in our summer
but when the sun shows up on the horizon i can feel the heat on my face immediately i can get a suntan in june
but in december at solar noon when the sun is at its highest point in the sky i can look up in the sun and barely feel
the heat on my face and also it’s three and a half million miles closer the whole tilt thing doesn’t make any sense
and when the sun is on this side it only illuminates this part of the
earth because it’s local and this part is dark that will be night
so it’s quite easy to understand day and night and the seasons and explain them on the
flat earth than it is with the globe model someone who stars are rotating around
our heads like a perfect clock and it goes out of your view is taking the light with it
this is an intelligently designed and created place the sun does move about 15 degrees per
hour uh through the sky but when it gets close to the horizon it kind of stops and it stays there and it moves at a
different speed i filmed this several times with my drone
no humidity [Music] and not over water
and it’ll just stop and sit there [Music] and then it kind of just fades away as
it goes into the distance
but at the same time because of perspective i have friends that were down at the beach that saw the
sun set 10 minutes earlier from the bottom up and that’s simply because they’re looking across a span of water
that has a hill with trees a tree line on it which is hundreds of feet over their heads but from their point of view
it’s at eye level and as the sun moves away it just gets eclipsed by the tree
line which they think is eye level but it’s high up in the sky water it’s always flat always level
so starting at the northernmost point as far as i can get of lake michigan
and then traveling south you can see that red line here that the body of lake michigan is
574 feet above sea level and it’s level there’s no change in elevation there’s
no curve this cross section shows what an undisturbed body of water looks
like in that level we know that to be true there’s three properties of liquids they have mass
they take up space and they always take the shape of their container the physics of water is to
find and maintain level so if it’s in a cup to this lake behind me to the seas to the oceans that’s why i
call it sea level because it’s flat and level no matter who tries to sell you the idea
that water’s curving over a ball it’s just not happening that’s the number one proof right there
just water alone water alone proves that the earth is flat because water always finds and maintains
level period water does not curve [Music] in its temporary state it’s finding its
level once it it hits the ground and finds its level it remains level i never even thought of the idea of water
maintaining its level and that alone just was like mind-blowing like
absolutely water has to maintain his level like it’s always if it’s calm and there’s
nothing going on you know it’s you look at a lake it’s just chilling flat it has to be it can’t curve
there’s nothing you can say or do to ever show water bending or curving water needs to be contained
no matter what you do it’s going to remain level the flat earth proves beyond the shadow of the
existence of intelligent design a creator and we are all important in the center
of the universe yes it is absolutely imperative that we know that there is a creator that the sun moon and stars
revolve around us that we have a purpose we are at the center of the universe i didn’t become a millionaire until i realized i was at the center of
the universe now i have a purpose once you understand that you are at the center of creation
[Music] everything changes and basically we’re unplugging from the matrix we’re
unplugging from the heliocentric system and when you do that the the rulers of this world uh you
unplug from them you stop feeding them what they need they want your fear
energy they want your labor they want everything from you and people unknowingly just keep giving it to them
i don’t want my children to be lied to and i don’t want my grandchildren to be lied to either so if this is going to
stop it starts with you and i you know they inherit all this stuff you go to school and they teach you when i was in
grad school man i was shocked that most people most of my classmates
were not really interested in learning they were interested in passing a class
on the one side tens and tens of scientists proven
that the earth is stationary and we have nothing on the global side so
the earth is stationary no one thinks how easy it is to do this
and they pulled it off unfortunately but we’re here now to completely reverse
this and people hate on us from the left and from the right everyone hates on us
shut up with your flat air stuff it’s not important it’s the most important thing it opens the door for everything
else you want to know the truth you have to know where you live
this whole agenda is to keep people disconnected from our creator you know they want us to
they want to just cut all our ties spiritually and that’s one reason why they calcify our pineal gland they don’t
care about our health you know this by looking look at your water supply even the water that you’ll drink yourself
when you go and buy bottles of it it’s got chlorine in it it’s got fluoride in it these are all um chemical waste
products that they then re-brand and put in our drinks and tell you oh well it cleans it
we’ll also take away all of the medicine that’s kept people alive and well for centuries and they’ll tell you oh no
that’s not good for you that’s not safe here’s our product here’s our petroleum-based medicine that they’ve been pushing on us for the past 100
years and of course look at people’s health look at the world’s health are we a healthy nation is any nation a
healthy nation no and who’s in charge of health care the government’s the corporations
so it seems like everything that they touch turns to [ __ ] so why do we allow you to touch everything stop defending
rockefeller rothschilds all these goons these people that want the new world order the modern day people bill gates
schwab all these people that they’re pushing for it and they feel like it’s almost there and we’re sitting here
fighting we’re sitting here trying to wake the world up so we can have a peaceful and loving world again and
you’re attacking us whose side are you on we’re trying to take these evil entities down
that suppress our knowledge we’re trying to give knowledge back to the world so we can become powerful
again if there’s more lands if a billion people found out tomorrow
that they can all go to outer land space and visit other tribes and civilizations
and explore technology and uh animals the whole system would crumble
and i know there’s a lot of people out there celebrities people with big shows big names the big followings that know
the truth of this world and you’re keeping quiet just to protect your little empire well now it’s time to say
something because the empire is falling if we don’t do something now all of this is going away and the they’re taking
over this world so speak out it just takes one celebrity one person with a
big following and then it goes viral and then the entire system collapses all of this world control is based on the
heliocentric lie [Music]