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Giants Are Emerging Everywhere ~ Documentary Video (They Can No Longer Hide This)

Giants Are Emerging Everywhere ~ Documentary Video (They Can No Longer Hide This)

Giants Are Emerging Everywhere ~ Documentary Video (They Can No Longer Hide This)


Read The Transcript of this amazing video here.
In 1848 president abraham lincoln visited niagara falls and he was so impressed by the beauty of this natural wonder that he wrote down some notes including the following when columbus first sought this continent when christ suffered on the cross when moses led israel through the red sea nay even when adam first came from hand of his maker then as now niagara was roaring here the eyes of that species of extinct giants whose bones fill the mounds of america have gazed on niagara as ours do now during the th century there were many accounts of unnaturally large skeletal remains discovered in the ancient burial mounds scattered across north america today not a single news media has ever mentioned a thing about ancient giants or past discoveries if a giant skeleton is discovered somewhere it would most certainly be classified and hidden from the public it wasn’t like that in the th and early th century though almost every year there were at least a few newspaper headlines stating discovery of ancient giant skeletons it seemed to be quite normal to find bones of giants in america when the first settlers dug ancient mounds to prepare for roads farms and buildings the new york times in particular wrote many newspaper articles about the discoveries of giants let’s read through some of them starting with this one titled the bones of a giant found which was published on may th and reads a skull of heroic size and singular formation has been discovered among the relics of the mound builders in the red river valley the mound was feet in diameter and feet high near the center were found the bones of about a dozen men and women mixed with the bones of various animals the skull in question was the only perfect one and near it were found some abnormally large body bones the man who bore it was evidently a giant a thorough investigation of the mound and its contents will be made by the historical society another newspaper from may th reads this last week a small mound near homer was opened by some school boys who found a skeleton today a further search was made and several feet below the surface of earth in a large vault with a stone floor and bark covering were found four huge skeletons three being each over seven feet in length and the other eight this article from the san antonio express is telling about a giant skull that is twice the size of a normal human and there is also a picture the article reads beach giant skull unearthed by wpa workers near victoria believed to be largest ever found in world normal head also found that texas had a giant in the beach in the long ago appears probable from large skull recently unearthed on a mound in victoria county believed to be the largest human skull ever found in the united states and probably in world twice the size of the skull of a normal man the fragments were dug up by w duffin an archaeologist who is excavating mound in victoria county under a wpa project sponsored by university of texas in the same mound and at the same level a normal-sized skull was found the pieces taken from the mound were reconstructed in the wpa laboratory under the supervision of physical anthropologists a study is being made to determine whether the huge skull was that of a man belonging to a tribe of extraordinary large men or whether the skull was that of an abnormal member of a tribe a case of gigantism several large human bones have been unearthed at this site another article from the new york times written in reads one of the three recently discovered mounds in this town has been opened in it was found skeleton of a man of gigantic size the bones measured from head to foot over nine feet and were in a fair state of preservation the skull was as large as a half bushel measure some finely tempered rods of copper and other relics were lying near bones the mound from which these relics were taken is feet high and feet long and varies from six to eight feet in width the two mounds of lesser size will be excavated soon this article from the saint paul globe written in states bones of a human skeleton feet high are dug up in nevada workmen engaged in digging gravel here today uncovered at a depth of about feet a lot of bones part of the skeleton of a gigantic human being dr samuels examined them and pronounced them to be the bones of a man who must have been nearly feet in height apparently these discoveries were something completely normal back in the day and they weren’t hidden from the public as they are today the discoveries of giant skeletons weren’t limited just to north america this article talks of a giant skeletons found in a cave in mexico the article reads charles c klepp who has recently returned from mexico where he has been in charge of thomas w lawson’s mining interest has called attention of professor agassiz to a remarkable discovery made by him he found in mexico a cave containing some skeletons of men each above feet in height the cave was evidently the burial place of a race of giants who antedated the aztecs mr clapp arranged the bones of one of these skeletons and found the total length to be feet inches other articles mention discoveries of giants in europe this article from written by london globe tells of the discovery of a race of giants in modern-day france it reads in the year some human bones of enormous size double the ordinary in fact were found in the tumulus of castelnoll and have since been carefully examined by professor kyaner who while admitting that bones are those of a very tall race nevertheless finds them abnormal in dimensions and apparently of morbid growth they undoubtedly reopen the question of the giants of antiquity but do not furnish evidence to decide it you have no idea how many more newspaper articles we found there were discoveries of giants all across the globe and today scientists and archaeologists pretend this never even happened this article titled when giants roamed earth talks about the historical discoveries of giants from the time of the roman empire to the th century here’s what it reads the past was more prolific in production of giants than the present in one of these giants who was exhibited at ruin was ten feet high and the giant galabra brought from arabia to rome in the time of claudius caesar was the same height phantom who lived in the time of eugene ii was eleven and one half feet in height the chevalier scrog in his journey to the peak tenerife found in one of the caverns of that mountain the head of a giant who had teeth and who was not less than feet high the giant farragus slained by orlando the nephew of charlemagne according to reports was feet high in near saint gernard was found the tomb of the giant isoland who was not less than feet high in near ruin was found a skeleton whose head held a bushel of corn and which was feet in height giant backert was feet high in near the castle in dauphine a tomb was found feet long feet wide and eight feet high on which were cut in gray stone the words cantologues wrecks the skeleton was found in tire and measured and one-fourth feet high feet across the shoulders and five feet from breastbone to the back but france is not the only country where giant skeletons have been unearthed near palermo sicily in was found the skeleton of a giant feet high near meguino on the same island in was found the skeleton of a giant of feet whose head was the size of a hog’s head and each tooth weighed ounces although back in the days these discoveries were made public once the discovered skeletons were brought to the respected museums and historical institutions they completely disappeared and no one ever talked about them again here is a map of all reports of giants in north america it’s truly astonishing how many of them are there almost all of the discoveries end up in the smithsonian institute and we all know how good they are at covering up major discoveries there are also supposed reports of the smithsonian purchasing giant skeletons excavated by citizens which then disappeared never to be heard from again the smithsonian even had a special division for exploring ancient mounds and supposed giant burial sites one famous discovery of a giant which was also covered up by the smithsonian is the san diego giant from which was an eight foot four inch tall mummified giant there was even a picture of the giant mummy which was shown in many newspapers the mummy was inspected by many scientists after his inspection the san diego giant was purchased by the smithsonian years later in when the mummy was being exhibited the smithsonian ran some tests and suddenly dismissed it as a hoax saying it was made from gelatin the fact that it took that long and after spending so much money to acquire it plus the fact that it was carefully inspected by experts years earlier does suggest there may be more to this story than meets the eye is it just a coincidence that absolutely every culture and religion tell stories of ancient giants who roam the earth the sumerian civilization which was said to have begun in approximately bc tells of a race of giants which ruled over the sumerians and there are many depictions of them sumerian records speak of a giant king by the name of gilgamesh who ruled for years he is generally seen by scholars as an actual historical figure since inscriptions have been found which confirmed the existence of other figures associated with him in ancient egypt there are hundreds of depictions of giants and the egyptian records describe old pharaoh dynasties to be a race of tall giants and hundreds of giant sarcophaguses were also found but the mummies there had been long looted this unusual story with a headline prehistoric egyptian giants was reported in multiple newspapers and reads in when professor timmerman was engaged in exploring the ruins of an ancient temple of isis on the banks of the nile miles below najar jafar he opened a row of tombs in which some prehistoric race of giants had been buried the smallest skeleton out of some odd which were examined during the time timmerman was excavating at najar jafard measured seven feet and eight inches in length and the largest feet one inch memorial tablets were discovered in great numbers but there was no record that even hinted that they were in memory of men of extraordinary size it is believed that the tombs date back to the year bc according to the german newspaper build an entrepreneur named grigor sporey took a number of photos of a mummified giant finger in the owner of the finger was a retired grave robber who found the finger in an undisclosed tomb the finger is nearly inches long and if it is genuine it belonged to someone estimated to have been between and feet tall the owner of the finger had a certificate to say that the finger was authentic together with an x-ray image later when sporey returned to egypt to purchase the finger the owner had disappeared leaving us only with the photographs of this discovery the book of genesis which is the first book of the hebrew bible and the old testament tells us the story of an ancient giant race called the nephilim the story of the nephilim giants is further elaborated in another ancient manuscript the book of enoch apparently watchers who were fallen angels interbred with the women on earth and as a result the nephilim giants were born we know that these ancient manuscripts describe the great deluge a massive flood which according to scientific data really happened if the biblical flood was real could the nephilim giants also be real the stories about giants don’t end there every native american tribe tells of times when giants used to rule north america and there were brutal wars between the giants and the native americans the tribes had to unite together against a group of red-haired cannibalistic giants and fought them to extinction the existence of giants could certainly explain some of the massive megalithic structures around the world which by now had no explanation of how they were moved like the stone of the south at bailbeck lebanon which weighs at a staggering tons on mount sharia in southern siberia researchers have found an absolutely massive wall of granite stones some of these gigantic granite stones are estimated to weigh more than tons more than double the weight of those in lebanon it’s interesting to note that original name for stonehenge was the giants dance or the giant’s ring stonehenge is a later saxon name that translates to the hanging stones giants are also part of the celtic mythology the greek and roman mythology the hindus buddhist norse and even in the japanese shinto folklore in fact there’s an amazing video from an old military parade in imperial japan in which the japanese proudly show this huge giant and parade him alongside the imperial soldiers it’s been said that this giant was last member of a tribe of giants called cha-cha who lived on an island with the name of hahashima there are many historical accounts of giants as well flavius josephus a st century jewish scholar and historian wrote this for which reason they removed their camp to hebron and when they had taken it they slew all the inhabitants there were till then left the race of giants who had bodies so large and countenances so entirely different from other men that they were surprising to the sight and terrible to the hearing the bones of these men are still shown to this very day unlike to any credible relations of other men during the s when the spanish navigators were exploring the coast of the americas sightings of live giants were also cited three captains of spanish ships reported these taller than average native people on their expeditions to america as well as sir francis drake captain john smith and several other notable eyewitnesses this is what captain john smith wrote about them the sasquasahnogs are a giant-like people they measured the calf of the largest man’s leg and found it three-quarters of a yard about and all the rest of his limbs were in proportion in spanish explorer alonso alvarez de pineda was mapping the coastline of the gulf coast marking the various rivers bays landmarks and potential ports not far from where the river empties into the gulf of mexico he found a large town and near it some native villages he described seeing many giants living in this village and curiously a race of tiny pygmies was also living there pineda described the tribes that settled near the mississippi river as a race of giants from to palms in height and a race of pygmies only five or six palms high perhaps the most intriguing and widely known tale of real giants in the age of exploration began with an account concerning none other than the great portuguese explorer ferdinand magellan between the years of and magellan embarked on his most famous voyage a bold expedition to search for a good route to the maluku islands of the east east indies that would eventually result in first successful circumnavigation of globe magellan was given command of five vessels and one leg of their voyage took them out across the vast ocean all the way to the faraway land of patagonia at the southern end of south america it was there that the expedition would come across a rather baffling sight indeed here’s an excerpt from the diary of magellan’s official chronicler leaving that place we finally reached and one half degrees toward antarctic pole as it was winter the ships entered a safe port to winter we passed two months in that place without seeing anyone one day we suddenly saw a naked man of giant stature on the shore of the port dancing singing and throwing dust on his head the captain general magellan sent one of our men to the giant so that he might perform the same actions as a sign of peace having done that the man led the giant to an eyelet into the presence of the captain general when the giant was in the captain general’s and our presence he marveled greatly and made signs with one finger raised upward believing that we had come from the sky he was so tall that we reached only to his waist and he was well proportioned it is significant to note that the above narrative is taken from the journal of the official chronicler of magellan’s voyage of discovery that is the one person above all others who is tasked with recording and keeping the most accurate records of events and activities whether exotic or mundane this person is not only responsible to the commander of the voyage but also to king and country for his eyewitness accounts as a complete precise and accurate testimony of events that occurred during the voyage based on his position and responsibilities alone his first-hand eyewitness testimony of encounters with giants must be taken as factual information by an unimpeachable witness to do otherwise is to trivialize importance of the chronicler’s fundamental accountability years later in there was also account of hernando de soto another explorer who came face to face with numerous giants during his adventures through the southeast portion of what is now the united states de soto had set out from tampa bay florida with a contingent of hundreds of men and during their trek they allegedly frequently came across tribes of natives ruled by giants one of these was a chief tuscaloosa who was encountered in western alabama and said to be a hulking giant of a man who towered over all others there are also the reports from spanish conquistador and explorer hernando de alarcon who is trying to find a river that could be used to move supplies to spanish troops along the coasts of california and mexico al arcon would eventually make his way up the colorado river all the way up to the grand canyon and during this journey he and his men purportedly came across a tribe of around giant warriors standing up to feet tall the giants were supposedly very aggressive but alarcone appeased them with gifts and other signs of peace the conquistador francisco coronado also told of having come across whole tribes of giants during his quest throughout the southwest in search of the legendary eldorado in some cases there was physical evidence of these giants found as was supposedly the case with conquistador bernal diaz del castillo who served under her nan cortez during the spanish conquest of mexico within the pages of his detailed record of the conquest and subsequent collapse of the aztec empire there is an odd account of a race of giants that were claimed by the teloscatec indians to have once inhabited the area the chief of the tribe then provided remains of these mysterious giants as evidence of which castillo would write they said their ancestors had told them that very tall men and women with huge bones had once dwelt among them but because they were very bad people with wicked customs they had fought against them and killed them and those of them who remained had died off and to show us how big these giants had been they brought us the leg bone of one which was very thick and the height of an ordinary sized man and that was a leg bone from the hip to the knee i measured myself against it and it was as tall as i am though i am of a reasonable height they brought over pieces of bone of the same kind but they were all rotten and eaten away by the soil we were all astonished by the sight of these bones and felt certain there must have been giants in that land there were so many reports of real giants being encountered throughout north and south america in the age of exploration and such accounts have faded into history to be mostly forgotten there are some things however that cannot be forgotten as they are literally written in stone that’s the case of the giant footprint of south africa this is the most spectacular footprint in rock found anywhere on earth to date there are many others however like the giant footprint of pinyon but none are as fully formed and obvious as the one in south africa discovered in by a farmer called stoffel ketzie while hunting it has remained one of most controversial sites in archaeology and geological research the footprint is about four feet or . meters in length which suggests that the creature who left it would have been to feet or to meters in height the footprint is known to locals as the footprint of god or goliath’s footprint and stories of ancient giants are told all throughout the region skeptics reject the giant footprint claiming it was formed by natural erosion however professor peter wagoner from university of port elizabeth in south africa said that there is a higher probability of little green men arriving from space and licking it out with their tongues than being created by natural erosion judging by all the discoveries listed together with all the historical accounts we mentioned it may be possible that giants really existed but could it be possible that somewhere in some remote place a species of these enigmatic beings is still alive hiding from humanity we can’t end this video without mentioning the most famous giant encounter which didn’t happen in ancient times but in this occurrence which is still classified by the u.s government was disclosed in the popular radio show coast to coast after witnesses of event came through and anonymously told their stories events allegedly happened in in deserts of afghanistan where a u.s army squad went missing a special ops task force was sent to find out what happened and the soldiers walked along a rugged mountainous trail until arriving at the entrance of a large cave around the clearing of the cave there were pieces of broken u.s military equipment and scattered gear with traces of blood on them the task force was about to enter cave to search for the missing soldiers when a -foot tall red-headed double-toothed humanoid emerged and attacked them according to the witnesses the giant pierced one of the soldiers with his long spear killing him on the spot before the rest of the squad could take him down shooting at his face for seconds straight once the giant was dead the task force went inside the cave and found remains of human bones leading the military to think that the creature was cannibalistic when this shocking incident was reported to headquarters the body of the giant was packed and loaded into a helicopter and transferred to a secret location in the usa for study the giant weighed about kilograms estimated by the team who transported the body from the pickup location to the united states the giant wore a canvas or animal hide to protect his feet like some sort of moccasins if there was a living giant hiding for so many years in the caves of afghanistan without being discovered we must assume that this giant must not be the only one living on this planet surely there must be others somewhere out there this mysterious creature was caught on camera in the desert of portugal a few years ago could it be another giant hiding from mankind thinking about all the classified discoveries out there we should be lucky to know that billions of years ago dinosaurs existed if that was kept a secret who would actually believe that creatures over feet in height used to exist and if we know for a fact that giant reptiles giant birds giant fish and giant plants used to exist on earth is it so hard to believe that giant humanoids also existed and perhaps still do we’ll leave the answer to you and end this video with this amazing quote from mark twain stating truth is stranger than fiction but it is because fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities truth isn’t
The Lost History of Flat Earth Ewaranon Vol 1 – 7

The Lost History of Flat Earth Ewaranon Vol 1 – 7

Overview of the Ewaranon Lost History Series

00:00:00 – Episode 1: Questioning His-story
00:13:25 – Episode 2: A Lens Into The Past
00:38:28 – Episode 3: Inheritors Of Mud & Magnificence
01:19:19 – Episode 4: Back To The Future
02:15:38 – Episode 5: The Whispering Of The Water
03:27:28 – Episode 6: Offerus And The Alchemist
04:31:57 – Episode 7: The Known World
One becomes tired of the relentless gaslighting and ongoing narrative of the “controllers”, I needed to step back and turn my attention on more thought provoking subjects. Nothing grabs my attention more than peering through the looking glass of our past faked history. This documentary is worthy of your time.
Biosludged! Mike Adams Health Ranger Full Documentary

Biosludged! Mike Adams Health Ranger Full Documentary

Biosludged! Mike Adams, The Health Ranger, Full Documentary uncovers the astonishing science fraud of the EPA to legalize the mass pollution of America

Here is some additional, relevant information:

“Poison Papers” reveal stunning EPA collusion with the chemical industry

On its website, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) claims that its mission is to “protect human health and the environment.” This it promises to do in a variety of ways, including by ensuring that “all Americans are protected from significant risks to human health and the environment where they live, learn and work,” and by making sure that “national efforts to reduce environmental risk are based on the best available scientific information.” These sound like lofty and laudable goals, and the American public has placed its collective trust in the EPA to do exactly what it has promised.

Though independent media organizations like Natural News have been shining a light on the multiple ways in which the EPA is not living up to its promises for some time now, there are still many who would be shocked to learn that rather than protecting public health, the EPA has been selling Americans down the river for years, focusing more on maintaining its shady relationships with Big Agri and the chemical manufacturers than on protecting people from “significant risks” to their health.

This was recently borne out once more, when a collection of over 20,000 documents dubbed the “Poison Papers” was released by the Bioscience Resource Project and the Center for Media and Democracy, which provide tangible evidence of collusion between the EPA and the chemical industry – collusion which may have had devastating effects on the long-term health of millions of Americans. (Related: Discover other ways in which the EPA has neglected its duty at

The documents reveal that back in the early 1980s, a federal grand jury investigation uncovered a host of problems at Industrial Bio-Test Laboratories (IBT), the largest lab in the U.S. to perform chemical safety testing for the EPA at the time. In fact, IBT performed upwards of 40 percent of all the testing for both the EPA and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) at the time.

FDA scientists blew the whistle on IBT after picking up irregularities in the late 1970s. The investigation unleashed a scientific scandal of monumental proportions which resulted in the imprisonment of three top IBT officials.

Among other unsavory findings, it was determined that IBT had been conducting tests on mice that had drowned in their own feeding troughs. These mice decomposed so quickly that they would literally ooze through their wire cages and down into the dropping trays below.

Some studies had missing animals, while extras were added to other studies, affecting the accuracy of research findings.

The investigation also uncovered the fact that many of the studies were shorter in length than what the protocols called for.

By the time the investigation was completed in 1983, it became obvious that 90 percent of the studies that IBT had submitted to the EPA were invalid because of these and other breaches in protocol.

This presented huge problems for the newly formed EPA, which had only begun operating in December of 1970. Since most of the chemical tests performed by IBT were found to be invalid or fraudulent, they should have been repeated. Fearing a loss of public confidence and clearly bent on protecting the interests of the chemical companies, however, senior members of the EPA instead held a meeting on 3 October 1978 with Canada’s Health Protection Branch and executives of the chemical industry to see how they could wiggle out of the problem.

After assuring the chemical companies that none of their poisonous chemicals would be removed from the market (even though there was now no scientific way of being sure that these chemicals would not pose significant risk to human health), acting branch chief of regulatory analysis & lab audits, Fred Arnold, went on to explain that the EPA intended to ignore the glaring problems in the IBT studies.

Arnold also spoke about how the EPA had signed off on tests confirming IBT’s findings, when in fact “the truth of the matter is the organ was never examined.”

Other EPA representatives confirmed that there were “few [IBT] studies that did not have discrepancies, errors and omissions,” and, in fact, that not one was totally free of errors.

Nonetheless, the EPA swept all that information under the carpet, and still relies on those fraudulent tests as a basis for approving many toxic chemicals today.

This article originally found here.

Einstein Spilled the Beans! The Aether DOES Exist

Einstein Spilled the Beans! The Aether DOES Exist

Einstein Spilled the Beans! The Aether DOES Exist

Part 1

It is ironic that it was Einstein himself who destroyed his own theory of special relativity, and yet the mainstream scientism community still propagates the lie that the aether does not exist. The fact that we have so much technology that utilizes the aether itself to function is a slap in the face of any thinking individual that can see the obviousness of its existence. This video is part 1 of a multi part series that utterly destroys the Einsteinian nonsense that is being forced upon the scientific community. To go against this nonsense will surely mean the end to one’s scientific career so regardless of the fact that so many scientists are fully aware of the preposterousness of special relativity, acceptance of it is mandatory or they will be exiled right out of science. Big thanks to YouTuber odiupicku for putting together these clips from a Robert Sungenis presentation which thoroughly debunks the scientism of Einstein.

Watch Part 2 here.

American Moon: Best Hoax Documentary Massimo Mazzucco

American Moon: Best Hoax Documentary Massimo Mazzucco

American Moon: Massimo Mazzucco

Has man really been to the moon? It’s been 50 years, and the debate rages on. For the firs time, a film compiles in a single piece of work, all the best evidence in favor of the moon landings and the evidence contrary to them. For the first time we can also analyze the Apollo pictures in detail, with the aid of some among the top photographers in the world. What was the Apollo project really? The biggest achievement in the history of mankind, or the biggest fakery of all times, watched on live television by more than half a billion people?


frogchris998 • 3 months ago
what a fantastic docu!
Not the first.. or the most original.. but probably the best assembly of all relevant info on why nobody has ever been to the moon.

TitusVolturcius frogchris998 • 2 months ago
Great documentary indeed. But they didn´t see the most convincing piece of evidence: that Buzz Aldrin was replaced with an actor. If you compare the old and new pictures and videos you can see that the supposed Aldrin is today SHORTER than the real Aldrin, he has a DIFFERENT VOICE TYPE, he has more HAIR today than 50 years ago, his CHIN and his NOSE are different. It´s amazing that most haven´t noticed this yet.

Mulysses TitusVolturcius • 22 days ago
I was thinking about how crazily different he looks and how much shorter he is now when I was watching it!

TitusVolturcius Mulysses • 21 days ago
spread the word, bro. It’s very important

Sasha82 • 5 months ago
A great collection of all the items that don’t add up.

TitusVolturcius Sasha82 • 2 months ago
But they didn´t see the most convincing piece of evidence: that Buzz Aldrin was replaced with an actor. If you compare the old and new pictures and videos you can see that the supposed Aldrin is today SHORTER than the real Aldrin, he has a DIFFERENT VOICE TYPE, he has more HAIR today than 50 years ago, his CHIN and his NOSE are different. It´s amazing that most haven´t noticed this yet.

Uncle Timo TitusVolturcius • 24 days ago
“supposed Aldrin is today SHORTER than the real Aldrin, he has a DIFFERENT VOICE TYPE”

happens to old people

Sasha82 TitusVolturcius • 2 months ago
Wow, is that right? Now that you mention it, I did pick up on him looking a little different. Do you have a video or link showing this?

TitusVolturcius Sasha82 • 2 months ago…

Titus Volturcius Sasha82 • 2 months ago
I have videos on my Bit Chute channel. And on youtube:…
But I don´t know if you can watch them because they made them invisible

Cosmic Toolbox • 13 days ago
So is the Myth Busters program extremely incompetent at busting myths, or just another corporate media propaganda show full of shit?

Phone7018 • 2 months ago
Kinda long at 3.5 hours but its very complete

Phone7018 • 2 months ago
Great documentary very well made

Bavo Dekker • 14 days ago
Why has the “Apollo Moon” no color? Why was (and still today) the surface of the Apollo Moon always presented as monochrome, black & white like cement with never any color shades? But colors are clearly seen on other solar-bodies like Io, Phobos, Mercury, Mars in our Solar system? Also here on Earth, the deserts all are loaded with different combinations of colorful minerals. The obviously (color) censored Japanese Lunar Orbiter SELENE (2007) shows a similarly colorless fake looking black & white ‘Apollo Moon’ in contrast to the sudden appearance of the vivid ‘Blue Marble’ over the horizon during its orbits, exactly matching the old Apollo’s Ektachrome color film pictures showing the same colorless lunar landscape. And now the Chinese Moon pictures are color censored too, behind the scenes they all comply to the 1969 Apollo Moon color standards. Could this be one of the reasons NASA can’t go ‘back’ and then be forced by 21century technology to expose the Apollo Hoax, this time showing a colorful moon surface with a starry sky above? NASA is its own worst enemy blocking progress since 1973 “unable to remove one of truth protective layers”, and refuse to come clean after 50 years, but sadly the deception is still continuing with the NASA Mars Rovers. NASA wants us to believe that it’s possible to land safely on the Red Planet by parachute in a near-vacuum with a pressure ranging from 0.0044 psi to 0.087 psi in the Mars atmosphere! This also proves that the sky on Mars is not red or blue but black.

Cosmic Toolbox Bavo Dekker • 8 days ago
I’ve had those Mars questions I’m undecided. A camera pointed straight
up should see black but at an angle there is much more atmosphere to
diffuses light. Why they havent taken a vertical picture I’m unsure of. NASA claims their giant parachute only slows it some.
Either retro rockets or airbags were needed. The dust storms
photographed by landers would require much thicker atmosphere also.
Those of the electric universe theory believe these are electrical
discharges. I still lean towards the Mars probes being real but I have
an open mind.

Soft_Dystopia • 24 days ago
When all this information stacks up it becomes very convincing.

kati7 • 20 days ago • edited
Hard to believe our governments anything these days, lies everywhere, but then there are also lots deceptions/diversions so i wont believe both sides and just stay neutral or even better ignore this topic.
Still sure upvoted cause its more plausible then the NASA/gov version.

Bak • 20 days ago
Great documentary, the best I have seen yet on the Apollo hoax. 3 and a half hours well spent.

Math & Physics • a month ago
I skipped through, did they bother to cover the thermodynamics of a BLACK BODY IN SPACE?

Rich • 13 days ago
Fk all you down voting idiots… Do some fkn research!!!! https://www.skyandtelescope…

Rich • 23 days ago
Only one problem with all of this…. You can buy a telescope now with which you can see the landing sites… So there’s that…

Bak Rich • 20 days ago
Have you ever seen any landing site with a telescope? NASA has some really good telescopes but I am not aware of any pictures they have that show the landing sites photographed through a telescope.

Rich Bak • 13 days ago
I’ll just leave this here.. https://www.skyandtelescope…

Cosmic Toolbox Rich • 11 days ago
That’s nothing. NASA has been doctoring and smudging out their own photos for years. A few blips supposedly by one of their own orbiters that cannot be corroborated. Means nothing. You originally said with the telescopes WE have these days. WE have no way to verify. This movie reveals them doctoring the timing of their conversations. So they can’t photoshop a shiney spot? Paleeease! Why don’t you address any of the 3 1/2 hrs of evidence.

Cosmic Toolbox Rich • 10 days ago
@Rich Was just rewatching and the spots that are supposedly proof in your skyandtelescope link are even addressed in this movie, making me wonder if you even watched the movie

VeganCaramel Rich • 22 days ago
No you can’t.
Do you actually believe that or were just hoping everyone would be too lazy to check into it?

Additionally, I have no doubt that people will eventually be able to see the landing sites some day using some form of technology because NASA is, and always has been, planning to reconstruct the studio sets on the Moon at some point.
As this documentary points out, NASA didn’t want the Lunar X Prize teams to go near the landing sites because they have not yet had a chance to reconstruct the studio sets.

Cosmic Toolbox VeganCaramel • 13 days ago
There are many that think there has been a secret space program for a long time that is responsible for some of the ufo’s we see in the sky. If so I’m sure they would have reconstructed the scene by now. some think Kennedy suspected it and thought this his proposal might force it out in the open. If so it didn’t

Cosmic Toolbox Rich • 13 days ago
There is one telescope that could- the Hubble. And users of it are forbidden to point it at the moon.

Rich Cosmic Toolbox • 13 days ago
ya ok… https://www.skyandtelescope…