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Jesuits Erasing our Flat Earth – Documentary

Jesuits Erasing our Flat Earth – Documentary


How the biggest deception started and who promoted it, narrated by Johnny Cirucci. From the Holy Roman Empire, to modern times, while explaining the Jesuit connection with Pythagoras, Copernicus, Tycho Brahe, Kepler, Galileo, Einstein, etc.

mig/mag special report for a thousand
years from roughly 500 AD to 1500 AD the
civilized world was controlled by Rome
but not military Rome religious Rome the
Roman Empire had mutated from a military
power into a religious one co-opting the
beliefs of Christianity and mixing them
with ancient Egyptian Greco and
Babylonian paganism Christian doctrine
that came directly from Jesus Christ and
was transcribed in the Bible stated that
each individual had the liberty and
independence to govern their own
salvation by cultivating a personal
relationship with Jesus Christ the new
religious Roman Empire insinuated
herself in between Christ and the
believer and said if you wanted to have
your soul saved you had to rely on the
priests bishops and Cardinals of Rome
this was the worst kind of slavery
because it was a slavery of
disinformation now and again sincere
Bible believing Christians like the
Waldensians of the Alps the Alba Jen’s
Jerome of Prague John Wickliffe and his
Lollards yon hoose of Bohemia would
rebel against this Roman rule and show
Christians that Vatican doctrines
claiming that you needed Rome to ensure
your salvation were contradicted by the
Bible as a result the papacy strictly
forbade Bibles to be placed into the
hands of the common person and only
allowed Jerome’s Latin Vulgate
to be handled by clergy men like John
Wickliffe painstakingly translated the
Vulgate into the language of the people
for Wickliffe it was English English
Bibles were then slowly and carefully
handled by witless followers who handed
them out – and taught the people in
response Roman authorities captured
wickless followers called lollards tied
their Bibles around their necks and burn
them alive
it’s what Christian so-called Christian
Rome did to all of her enemies including
Jerome of Prague and yeah who’s John
foxes Book of Martyrs originally titled
acts and monuments is completely filled
with examples of Catholic authorities
torturing and murdering Christians and
when a lollard was burned with a Bible
hanging around his neck it was a
terrible loss because not only were
Christians being burned alive but
Bibles were irreplaceable but in 1517 a
new rebel stepped up an Augustinian monk
from Germany named Martin Luther Luther
was furious that Pope Leo the tenth
Giovanni de Medici from the powerful
medici family who helped to rule the
world then and including through to
today had sent their attack dogs the
Dominicans to cheat the common people
out of their money by claiming they
could buy what is called an indulgence
which is basically a receipt of forgiven
sin by paying money to indulgences
peddlers like Johann Tetzel or
Christians believed that they had some
of their sins forgiven worse they were
told that dead loved ones were in
purgatory and they could give money to
these indulgences peddlers and the Pope
would then release their dead loved ones
Luther wrote 95 short paragraphs or
theses and on November 1st a 1517 All
Saints Day posted them to the doors of
All Saints Cathedral and Vinton burg but
what was different about Martin Luther’s
protests and the protests of previous
Christians was the movable-type printing
press of Johannes
ninety-five theses were translated and
replicated by the Gutenberg press and
spread like wildfire want Luther
instantly shot to number one on the
Vatican hit list remember he was an
Augustinian monk that didn’t matter he
was waking people up and freeing them
from the Roman chains and for that he
needed to be stopped he was kidnapped by
his benefactor Frederick the wise of
Saxony and held it Wartburg castle for
several months to protect him from
Vatican assassins during that time he
translated the Bible into vernacular
German and it may have been the most
important thing he ever did starting
with the New Testament and then later
the Old Testament but now the Gutenberg
press started printing off large
quantities of common language Bibles and
the fires of the Inquisition couldn’t
keep up other brave Christians like
William Tyndale also a Roman Catholic
priest began translating Bibles into the
language of their people
Tyndale was English like Wickliffe and
he too was eventually executed by Rome
for his crime but now Rome had a problem
there were too many Bibles and Bible
Translators to be kept in check by
burning them all a new tactic was born a
tactic that English Cardinal Thomas
Wolsey called learning against learning
and that tactic was to discredit the
Bible in order to force people to return
to accepting Rome as the ultimate
authority over their body and soul in
this tactic of learning against learning
Rome would literally rewrite reality and
weave a false reality matrix that we now
all swim in to this day for thousands of
years mankind understood the earth to be
flat and stationary only rarely did men
like Pythagoras attempt to claim
otherwise and it’s interesting to note
that many Freemasons consider Pythagoras
to be one of the first of their craft
but now rewriting our reality as a
tactic to discredit the Bible became a
top priority in the face of Martin
Luther’s 1517 ref from
Meishan Protestant Reformation the
Catholic response would be the
counter-reformation and it would be
spearheaded by Spanish Templar knight
named Ignatius of Loyola and his
followers whom we call today the Jesuits
their first opportunity came from the
Vatican’s mathematician a Polish priest
named Nicholas Copernicus Copernicus
gave birth to the modern heliocentric
model of the universe with his work de
revolutionibus orbeum celestia on the
revolutions of the heavenly spheres
Copernicus knew he was weaving a matrix
of lies and wanted to hold publication
of de revolutionibus until after his
death but powerful Roman Catholic clergy
like teed men geese bishop of comb and
the papal secretary himself johann
him to publish in 1543 the facts that
catholic clergy forced Copernicus to
publish or that Copernicus was the
Vatican mathematician or that he
received his doctorate in canon law from
bologna university canon law the
precepts by which rome governs nations
Adam vice helped was a doctor in canon
law or that he was a Roman Catholic
priest these have all been swept under
the carpet but Copernicus never married
and even the Catholic Encyclopedia had
to note then in 1537 King Sigismund of
Poland put Copernicus’s name on the list
of four candidates for the vacant
Episcopal seat of Orland which makes it
probable that at least in later life he
had entered the priesthood also swept
under the carpet has been the timing of
the publication of de revolutionibus
right on the heels of Martin Luther’s
Protestant Reformation and if that’s not
clear enough for you how about this a
Vatican agent named Yuri okiya rheticus
who was originally born your de Porres
had insinuated himself into the Luther
Reformation and was in Vinton Berg when
he left to become a close student of
Copernicus sources like Wikipedia
claimed that rheticus was
sent from reformer Philip Melancthon a
dear friend of Martin Luther but it is
absolutely Roman Catholic disinformation
in the table talk of Martin Luther the
great reformer is quoted as having said
there is talk of a new astrologer who
wants to prove that the earth moves and
goes round instead of the sky the Sun
the moon just as if somebody were moving
in a carriage or a ship might hold that
he was sitting still and at rest while
the earth and the trees walked and moved
but that is how things are nowadays when
a man wishes to be clever he must need
to invent something special and the way
he does it must needs be the best the
fool wants to turn the whole art of
astronomy upside down however as holy
scripture tells us so did Joshua bid the
Sun to stand still and not the earth in
his lectures on the book of Genesis
Luther said we Christians must be
different from the philosophers and the
way we think about the causes of these
things and if some are beyond our
comprehension like those before us
concerning the waters above the heavens
we must believe them and admit our lack
of knowledge rather than either wickedly
deny them or presumptuously interpret
them in conformity with our own
understanding the great reformer Jean
Calvin also known as John Calvin called
Copernicus a dreamer who has a spirit of
bitterness and contradiction reprove
everything and prevent the order of
nature we will see some who are so
deranged Calvin said not only in
religion but who in all things reveal
their monstrous nature that they will
say that the Sun does not move and that
it is the earth which shifts and turns
when we see such Minds we must indeed
confess that the devil possesses them
and that God sets them before us as
mirrors in order to keep us in his fear
so it is with all who argue out of pure
malice and that happily make a show of
their imprudence when they are told this
is hot they will reply note it is
plainly cold when they are shown an
object is black it will say no it is
and vice-versa just like the man who
said that the snow is black for although
it is perceived and known all to be
white yet he clearly wished to
contradict the fact and so it is that
they are madmen who tried to change the
natural order and even to dazzle eyes
and be numb the senses do you think
Calvin knew how the Freemasons were used
by the Jesuits when they are shown an
object is black they will say it is
white we’re talking about our government
he owned we’re talking about a crime
bill feeling simple y’all got to start
thinking on a different level like the
CIA does now went through the
looking-glass here people white is black
and black is white very quickly Rome
jumped upon this new model of the
universe and Jesuits like Christopher
Claudius used Copernicus and his work to
fabricate the Gregorian calendar the
calendar we all use rightly did the
prophet Daniel say in Chapter 7 verse 23
that during his vision of being standing
near him said the fourth beast shall be
a fourth Kingdom on the earth which
shall be different from all other
kingdoms and shall devour the whole
earth trample it and break it into
pieces the ten horns are ten Kings who
shall rise from this Kingdom and another
shall rise after them he shall be
different from the first ones and shall
subdue three kings he shall speak
pompous words against the Most High
shall persecute the Saints of the Most
High and intend to change times and laws
and the Saints shall be given into his
hand for a time very quickly did Rome
and papal agents like the Jesuits begin
to push this new cosmology she took over
astronomy and either pushed out or
killed off anyone who contradicted the
idea that the earth was a globe spinning
in space and revolving around the Sun
even those that met her halfway didn’t
keep her happy and she dealt with them
as well
Teague ah Tintin brah hey whose nickname
was Tycho accepted the idea that the
earth was a globe spinning in space but
still believed that his own observations
and data
proved that the earth was the center of
the solar system and not the Sun this is
known as geocentrism Tycho wanted to
follow in the steps of Martin Luther and
studied at the University of Wittenberg
but was forced out by the plague
Brahe Hayes life appeared to be
frequently in danger and in 1566 he lost
a large portion of his nose in a duel he
was 20 years old at the time he later
died under mysterious circumstances at
the very young age of 54 one of those
who claimed it was simply an illness a
bladder infection contracted during a
banquet in Prague was his understudy
Johannes Kepler Kepler was a German
astronomer and supposedly a Lutheran yet
he had an intimate relationship with
Jesuits in 1597 Archduke Franz Ferdinand
ii of austria banished all protestants
good Roman Catholic that he was and
Kepler fled to Hungary but that Jesuits
intervened and convinced Ferdinand to
allow him to return Kepler grew up with
a Jesuit uncle under the same roof of
their house in veal de staat uncle said
Aldous was a Jesuit astrologer who also
kept a wife upon the unexpected death of
Tycho Brahe Holy Roman Emperor Rudolph
the second immediately promoted Kepler
to replace him as Imperial mathematician
and Kepler very quickly went to work
rewriting all of bra haze observations
to be interpreted as heliocentric and
not geocentric in a paper titled
Kepler’s relation to the Jesuits dr.
York shook nur the University of Leipzig
noted that it is well known that the
order of the Jesuits was the most
important and the most active Catholic
order in the field of science during the
17th and 18th centuries one field of
particularly intensive successful study
carried out by the Jesuits was astronomy
many of their names are associated with
the important discoveries in the history
of astronomy such as the discovery and
mapping of
moon craters it is nearly impossible to
list all the names of those who made
serious contributions as astronomers or
mathematicians one aspect of the
considerable role the Jesuits played in
the history of astronomy was their
support of Johannes Kepler some of them
stood in extensive correspondence with
Kepler now it was obvious to protestors
like Luther and Calvin that something
fishy was going on in Rome and the
papacy needed plausible deniability
while she rewrote our reality that
propaganda was presented by Italian
astronomer and mathematician Galileo
Galilei and it’s absolutely fascinating
what user edited wikipedia says in the
entry for Galileo Galilei under the
subtitle Galileo Kepler and theories of
tides Cardinal Bellarmine had written in
1615 that the Copernican system could
not be defended without quote a true
physical demonstration that the Sun does
not circle the Earth but the arrow
circles the Sun Galileo considered his
theory of the tides to provide that
required proof of the motion of the
earth now there’s no link on the name
Cardinal Bellarmine which is unusual for
maybe that’s because Cardinal Bellarmine
was Robert Bellah mean of the Society of
Jesus one of the most powerful Jesuits
of his time was canonized a saint in
1930 and named a doctor of the church
what’s more it is ludicrous to imagine
that the Earth’s supposed large mass
doesn’t pull the moon and crash into it
and instead the magical force of gravity
holds its stationery even more
ridiculous is the idea that the moon
affects tides by pulling on the water
the magical mystical force of gravity is
blamed South African author Thomas
Winship wrote in 1899 his book zetetic
cosmogony if the moon lifted up the
water is evident that
the land the water will be drawn away
and low instead of high tide caused
again the velocity and path of the moon
are uniform and it follows that if she
exerted any influence on the earth that
influence could only be a uniform
influence but the tides are not uniform
and wish it uses examples from South
Africa at port natal the rise and Falls
about six feet while at birra about six
hundred miles up the coast the rise and
fall is twenty six feet this effectually
settles the matter that the moon has no
influence on the tides but Protestant
reformers were on to Rome she knew she
needed a smoke screen and she provided
it suddenly history was rewritten and
rather than pushing with her own agents
like Copernicus Kepler and Galileo and
others to rewrite our cosmology suddenly
the papacy was a defender of the Flat
Earth well just look what they did to
poor Galileo let’s do supposedly Galileo
was tried for heresy at the hands of
that evil flat earther Jesuit Robert
Bellamy he bravely stood by his guns and
humiliated the church with a
heliocentric spinning ball earth what
happened to Galileo Galilei well for the
last few years of his life he was put
under house arrest have you read
anything about the Inquisition do you
know what the Inquisition did to people
when it truly considered them an enemy
things like rotating their arms
backwards until they were pulled out of
their sockets inventing special
instruments that could be jammed into a
person’s body to rip open their valves
putting them in a special sarcophagus
filled with spikes that would jam into
them to the bone you ever hear of Edgar
Allan Poe are you familiar with his
short story the pit and the pendulum
about a swinging razor-sharp pendulum
that lowered across a victim and would
take hours to slowly saw that victim
half did you know it was based upon the
Inquisition a little known secret is
that the Jesuits now own astronomy when
their missionaries went across the world
across our flat earth the first thing
they did was insinuate themselves in
royal courts to become the official
astronomer of that kingdom China is a
great example one of the first Jesuits
in China was Matteo Ricci Ricci and his
successors like Adam Shah and Ferdinand
verbiage were all the royal court
astronomers and eventually fabricated
the calendar for the Chinese emperor
today the Jesuits even have their own
observatories both in Italy and in
America they use their puppets in
American government to steal Apache holy
ground on Mount Graham in Arizona are
they reaching out extraterrestrial or
enter dimensionally they appear to have
answered our question with the latest
piece of technology on Mount Graham the
large binocular telescope near-infrared
utility with camera and integral field
unit for extra galactic research also
known as Lucifer and it’s not surprising
given the success the Jesuits have had
in rewriting our reality now we’re
supposed to believe that rome was
against the spinning ball earth
heliocentric cosmic accident cosmology
of our modern understanding yet at every
step of the way Jesuits are Jesuit
agents were there to bolster our false
reality hiding whenever possible behind
convenient Jews and for more on that see
our special report it’s the Jews from
Johnny suruci and mig/mag
needing to contrive an origin for our
accidental existence that contradicts
the Bible Jesuit trained Belgian priest
George’s lemaître is the father of the
so called Big Bang Theory the idea that
first there was nothing and then it
exploded he was a close co-worker of
just such a Jewish puppet Albert
Einstein Einstein bolstered the Jesuit
cosmology with his convoluted theory of
relativity the problem was that
observations of both scientists and
laymen weren’t matching what so-called
astronomers were telling us and so
Einstein fabricated the theory of
relativity to claim that your reality
was relative to the time-space continuum
it is purposefully almost impossible to
understand you’re just supposed to trust
science and astronomy the Jesuits then
jumped on with dinosaurs and Charles
Darwin to claim the earth is billions of
years old
and wherever Darwin’s theory of
evolution had holes Jesuits stepped up
to fill the gap Jesuits like Pierre
Teilhard de Chardin the father of the
new age after fabricating the eight like
pre humans that we supposedly came from
even students of evolution became
concerned that there was a quote missing
link between primitive Apes and modern
humans a discovery was made in 1912 to
bridge that gap having been found in
Piltdown East Sussex England it was
named Piltdown man unfortunately it was
also found to be a hoax the skull of a
small human with the altered mandible
and teeth of an orangutan sometime later
paleontologist Stephen Jay Gould
uncovered the father of that hoax
a Jesuit priest named Pierre Teilhard de
Chardin there are many such examples in
archaeology and paleontology and yet no
one asks why would so-called scientists
be fabricating evidence the goal was to
discredit the Bible and it has been
resoundingly successful without the
spinning ball earth Darwinian dinosaur
cosmic accident the Bible is a science
textbook with it critics laugh and
questioned the Bible and instead look to
human authorities to save their souls
such as the Vicar of Christ himself who
is for the first time in Roman Catholic
history a Jesuit priest this has been
Johnny suruci for a mig/mag special

Brain Washed Mind Control Is Government Job Number One

Brain Washed Mind Control Is Government Job Number One

THE MORE YOU FEAR THEM THE STRONGER THEY GET. If you don’t think you’ve been “brainwashed”, take another look.


i didn’t believe i was brainwashed or

mind control indoctrinated me so much

that i couldn’t imagine ever questioning

or leaving the cult

and what’s happening now as i see are

people are in a cult where they are so

programmed people need to understand to

control their minds

otherwise other people will control it

for them not everybody can be a robot

polisher you must assess this world with

truth you must be as a child meaning


you have to be honest with yourself

about this world you’re told right off

the bat you’re on earth how do you know

why because other humans tell you that

they’ve told you that’s where you are

how do you know that you’re trusting

everything you’ve been told if your

instinct which is valid tells you that

doesn’t make sense you’re right that’s

what building your house in iraq means

you must know thyself all of academia

all of the media all of the money

everything you’re told you have sorcery

being practiced on you

you have all kinds of control methods

you couldn’t even comprehend the people

that run the world will come off as the

nice ones we’ll always be nice about it

you know i care about you you seem to be

having some mental problems you might

benefits from some therapy and you

create this fraudulent psychology and

you indoctrinate the public into its

credibility so that you can draw upon it

whenever you are discovered

you witness this all the time whether

you know it or not with mind control

people cannot allow themselves to see

their primary agenda

they absolutely need require


to feel responsible for whatever they

have done to you

they need you to be ignorant

of the extra dimensional influence

because if you’re ignorant of that you

will blame everything on yourself

what they do

is make you default the best they can

make you defy what you normally would do

they do all the through you

perverts you corrupt you your character


get all the other characters to hate you

if possible and then use what they’ve

done to and through you against you and

some marilyn manson lyric the more you

fear us the stronger we get you know

it’s a growth do you understand that

it’s growing like a cancer like a bunch

of computers that are all linked

together for super processing they break

your will until eventually you just give

yourself to this cancer consciousness so

it can absorb you for itself because

there is truth in the fraudulent nature

of your ego so it knows that it knows

that truth will come out so it has to

amplify that and exaggerate it beyond


those been taken over by cancer see the

world as math random calculation of

possibility every truth that is true

they make fun of it as if it’s corny and

stupid and uh you know that’s the whole

intent of that you don’t know how over

your head these movie producers are and

what is controlling them do you

understand that evil is gonna come in

the name of love you think it’s stupid

it’s gonna come in the name of hate no

the number one thing that evil will push

on you is love and how much it loves you

a lot of the truth that is used about

creation life the elements of reality a

lot of that used to solicit them into

that religion cancer wants you to do

whatever you want to that which is not

its creation to destroy it as long as

your allegiance is to the cancer and

once it sucks you in your its slave

whether you know it in your current role

or not that opens the door for the new

world religion of sorcery for the final

entrapment demonic mind control forgive

them they know not what they do why do

you think you didn’t know what you were

doing are you still doing why are you

still out here well it goes to be like

the destiny thing and i made a bargain

with it holding up my hand what was your

budget to get where i am now should i

ask who you made the bargain with

you know with the chief uh chief

commander on this earth

and this earth and in a world we can’t

see not everybody can be a robot

polisher people need to understand to

control their minds

uh otherwise other people will control

it for them

Is Antarctica The Key To Flat Earth? INFO WARS Reports

Is Antarctica The Key To Flat Earth? INFO WARS Reports

in the age of social media censorship

questioning whether or not the earth is

a globe has been deemed harmful thought

but why is this we seem to be

conditioned to think that the issue has

been scientifically settled but this is

not the case our most popular scientists

recognize that the geocentric model

where the earth is at the center of the

universe is observably accurate Edwin

Hubble and Stephen Hawking went as far

as to say that they reject the

geocentric model not based on scientific

reasoning but rather because they find

the thought of being at the center of

the universe to be emotionally

disturbing physicist George Ellis stated

that you cannot disprove the geocentric

model you can only exclude it on

philosophical grounds the Michelson

Morley experiment in the 1880s proved

the earth was stationary an Albert

Einstein claimed this was a serious

embarrassment and intended to disprove

it with his relativity theory but later

admitted that he had failed to do so we

were conditioned to think that the

heliocentric model is scientifically

superior to the geocentric model but

when we apply scientific reasoning we

discover that this is not true

contrary to popular thought the

scientific community has disputed the

heliocentric model for centuries such as

the Earth’s curvature according to the

heliocentric earth model the earth is

twenty-four thousand miles in

circumference and if one were standing

at sea level they should only be able to

see less than three miles before the

surface of the earth curves out of view

but this has been proven to be false for

centuries from the Bedford level

experiments of 1838 to modern

photography this photograph of Chicago

was taken almost 60 miles away from

Grandmere State Park in Michigan on a

spherical earth this would be impossible

using the Pythagorean theorem and the

current dimensions of the earth the top

of the tallest skyscraper should be 900

feet below the observable horizon local

news explain this anomaly by claiming

the image was a mirage and what you’re

seeing here is a mirage we typically

would not be able to see this from the

Lake Michigan shore we talked

this last night conditions are right on

the lake that we’re actually seeing a

mirage they claimed that somehow light

refraction in perfect weather conditions

are responsible for creating a

photorealistic Mirage of the Chicago

skyline appearing to sit on the flat

horizon from almost 60 miles away

anomalies in the Earth’s curvature can

also be found in old lighthouses able to

be seen for several miles past what is

possible on the heliocentric model and

weapons guidance systems that are

capable of sighting targets that would

only be possible on a flat plane we are

accustomed to observing ships

disappearing over the curve but with

modern consumer cameras we can observe

that this seems to be an optical

illusion based on light reflection and

the laws of perspective many of us tend

to think the planet is too big to

observe curvature but the empirical

evidence tells us that either the

surface of the earth is a flat plane or

the planet is at least 100 times bigger

than we are told another very intriguing

argument for flat earthers is Antarctica

the mysterious massive continent at our

southern pole that nobody is allowed to

explore after sailing over 60,000 miles

along the Antarctic coastline Captain

Cook was never able to complete the

journey around the ice continent which

is supposed to be just under 12,000

miles around

neither was James Clark Ross or the

British ship Challenger

nobody has ever successfully

circumnavigated Antarctica many

so-called flat earthers claim that these

attempts failed because Antarctica is

actually a massive ice barrier that

surrounds the flat surface of the earth

the azimuthal equidistant projection map

produced by the US Geological Survey has

been used for centuries for the fact

that all directions or azmuth s– are

correct and all distances are at true

scale studying this map one can clearly

see how man has been able to accurately

circumnavigate the earth on a flat plane

model and if it is in fact accurate then

it explains why after 60,000 miles

nobody has been able to completely

circumnavigate Antarctica interestingly

this is also the math used by the United

Nations Admiral Richard Byrd Medal of

Honor winner youngest Admiral in the

history of the Navy and recipient of

three ticker-tape parades in his honor

led four expeditions to Antarctica the

fourth being a military operation known

as operation Highjump with an aircraft

carrier group 4,700 men 13 support ships

and 33 aircraft their stated mission was

to establish the Antarctic research base

little America four but many believe the

true nature of the secret mission was to

root out the Nazis who arrived in 1939

claiming new Swabia and setting up a

Nazi presence in Antarctica in 1954

Admiral Richard Byrd spoke on TV of an

area bigger than the United States with

valuable resources and announced a

future of international exploration a

very distinguished guest for this

evening is that Richard Ebert strangely

enough that is left in the world today

an area as big as the United States

that’s never been seen by human being

and that’s beyond the pole on the other

side of the South Pole from middle

America we found enough coal within a

hundred and eighty miles of the South


in a great region mountains it’s not

covered as snow enough to supply the

whole world for quite a while and it’s a

I think it’s quite astonishing that

there should be an area as big as that

unexplored with the tremendous oil

there’s a lot of adventure left down at

the bottom of the world well do you hope

to see that I do so I’m willing to say

to you that there will be a number of

expeditions that will follow

I think year after year bottom of the

world because the government has really

become interested but this never


in 1957 Admiral Byrd died in his sleep

of a heart ailment at the age of 68 and

on December 1st 1959 all 12 countries

active in Antarctica signed a United

Nations treaty that outlawed all public

travel south of the 60th southern

parallel this was the same time that

NASA was formed the world’s attention

was pulled away from exploring

Antarctica and directed firmly on the


in 1962 a series of high-altitude

nuclear tests was carried out by the

United States

it was called Operation fishbowl which

has caught the curiosity of many Flat

Earth researchers because the Flat Earth

model shared by the ancients was one

where we lived within a sphere upon a

flat surface and surrounded by a massive

dome like a fishbowl or the Truman Show

in 2012 the secret lost diary of Admiral

Richard Ebert was published wherein

Admiral Byrd allegedly claimed to enter

a Hollow Earth through a hole in the

center of Antarctica and meet with an

advanced alien civilization the diary

provides no evidence of being authentic

and many would suggest that it portrays

the distinguished Admiral as a crackpot

and strange tales of Antarctica as

fantasy to this day the public is

strictly prohibited from traveling below

the 60th southern parallel

nobody has ever completely

circumnavigated Antarctica and airplanes

are prohibited from flying over the icy

continent what are they hiding there is

now talk of investing trillions of

dollars to explore Mars why not

Antarctica if sharing videos about Flat

Earth is harmful why not put it all to

rest by circumnavigating Antarctica

documenting everything and prove that

the earth is a spinning globe

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Tracing the occult history of Scientism to Today

Scientism has created secret societies, ancient Egyptian mysticism, Hermeticism and Alchemy. You will be horrified and amazed as we reveal the truth regarding the sciences of today. We reveal how the foundations of modern science were based around a desire to destroy the Protestant Church. The great pioneering scientists of the Renaissance and the early Enlightenment were fervent devotees of Scientism and  Hermeticism. Many of the most important scientists of this age, including Galileo, Copernicus, and Sir Isaac Newton belonged to secret societies. They had the agenda to overthrow the True Church and establish a new age of Hermetic, sun worshipping religion.

Flatlantis Eric Dubay

Flatlantis Eric Dubay

the history of flat earth from the beginning of recorded history
and for thousands upon thousands of years cultures across the entire world
all believed the earth was flat their various cosmologies and cosmogenes
differed in slight ways but their overall geographies and astronomies were incredibly consistent and in fact
virtually identical the earth was a stationary plane void of any motion or curvature
flat across its entire expanse except of course for hills mountains and valleys
the north pole was the magnetic monopole center point of the flat earth with polaris the north pole star situated
directly above polaris was the only motionless star in the heavens with all the other
constellations revolving perfect circles over the earth every night the stars were divided into two
categories known as the fixed stars and the wandering stars the fixed stars were so called because
they were observed then as we can observe today to stay fixed in their constellation
patterns night after night year after year century after century never
changing their relative positions the wandering stars what are today referred to as planets were so called
because they were observed then as we can observe today to wander the heavens
taking their own unique spirograph-like patterns making both forward and retrograde motions over and around the
earth during their cycles the sun and moon were both of equal size
and they too revolved over and around the motionless earth as immortalized in the chinese yin yang symbol
the sun and moon were much closer to earth than supposed nowadays and each shined with their own unique opposite
lights the suns being warm golden drying preservative and antiseptic and the
moon’s light being cold silver damp putrefying and septic the sun and moon
as though connected to a magnetic maypole made alternating spiral journeys
over and around the earth every year the sun began its journey at the tropic of capricorn at the winter solstice
where it made its fastest and largest circle over the earth for the next three months every day the
sun slightly narrowed its path and slowed its speed until by the spring equinox the sun had spiraled its way
from the tropic of capricorn to the equator then for the next three months again
every day the sun continued to slightly narrow its path and slow its speed until
the summer solstice when the sun made its smallest slowest circle around the tropic of cancer
once the sun reached this innermost circle like the ribbons and dancers around the maple
the sun would then begin its opposing widening quickening journey back to the
tropic of capricorn for the next three months every day the sun slightly widened its path and
hastened its speed until the autumnal equinox the sun had spiraled its way from the tropic of cancer back to the
equator then for the next three months again every day the sun continued to slightly widen its path and hasten its
speed until the winter solstice when the sun made its largest fastest circle
around the tropic of capricorn and the annual journey began again the moon had a similar yearly path
revolving over and around the earth but unlike the sun which constantly changed its speed to keep a consistent 24-hour
day the moon’s speed never changed so depending on its latitude the moon was
observed then as we can observe today to take approximately 24.7 to 25 hours per
cycle this is why at different times and places during each month we can see the moon in the morning afternoon or night
this is also the origin of old fairy tales such as the hair and the hedgehog or the tortoise and the hair
the hair like the sun begins the annual race full of energy excitement and ego
declaring himself the definite winner and gets off to an immediate head start meanwhile equally confident in his
seemingly lesser abilities the humble slow and steady tortoise moon begins as
well allowing the hair to lead as the race carries on the cocky hair
tires and slows down or takes a nap at which point the tortoise overtakes him
this is analogous to the moon reaching the tropic of cancer before the sun each year and beginning its return journey
when the hare reaches this halfway point of the race he realizes his lackluster attitude has resulted in being overtaken
by the slower tortoise and begins to speed up again then for the remainder of the race the
sun picks up speed day by day gaining on the moon but ultimately losing as the
slow and steady tortoise reaches the finish line before the hare and wins
so for ancient man earth and polaris were the two immovable center points of the universe around which the sun moon
and other stars all revolved in a dome-like shape some cultures believed in a literal
physical solid dome or firmament to which the fixed stars were bound other cultures mythologized the axis
mundi as the world tree with polaris at the center and all the other constellations forming the branches
in these flat earth depictions the north pole occupied the center point and south
was all straight lines extending outwards from there east and west were not straight lines as
is assumed nowadays but were in fact circles just like all lines of latitude
and the paths of the celestial bodies the southern circumference of earth was surrounded by a gigantic wall of ice 150
to 200 feet above sea level holding the interconnected oceans in like a world
cup beyond the ice wall some cultures claimed a firm barrier existed through
which no human could penetrate other cultures believed there were entire worlds and other civilizations
existing beyond the antarctic ice currently and for the past half century there has existed an international
antarctic treaty preventing all independent exploration of antarctica pre-approved guided tours exist which
take visitors to a few coastal regions of antarctica but no independent exploration of the continent is allowed
sailors like yarl and hoy have been caught attempting to explore antarctica and threatened turned around at gunpoint
fined and jailed for violating this militarily enforced international treaty
as a result the public currently has no way to confirm or deny the seemingly fantastical claims of ancient man
concerning what may or may not exist at the southernmost extremities of the earth
we can however confirm that this 200-foot ice wall surrounding the southern circumference of the earth most
certainly exists we can confirm that polaris is indeed the only non-moving star in the sky
all the fixed stars indeed rotate perfect circles around polaris while remaining stuck in their relative
constellations night after night year after year century after century
the wandering stars or planets do indeed wander the heavens taking their own unique spirograph-like paths when
charted from a geocentric perspective the sun and moon are indeed observably
of equal size and revolve over and around us in daily cycles just as the ancients observed the sun’s
annual path does indeed travel from the tropic of capricorn at the winter solstice to the equator at spring
equinox to the tropic of cancer at the summer solstice back to the equator at
autumnal equinox and finally back to the tropic of cancer at winter solstice the
sun’s light is indeed warm golden drying preservative and antiseptic while the
moon’s light is indeed cold silver damp putrefying and septic a thermometer placed in the sun’s light
will always read warmer than a thermometer placed in the sun’s shade while a thermometer placed in the moon’s
light will always read cooler than a thermometer placed in the moon shade
plant and animal substances exposed to sunlight quickly dry shrink coagulate
and lose their tendency to decompose and putrefy whereas plant and animal substances exposed to moonlight will
quickly show symptoms of putrefaction and decay last but not least just as the ancients
espoused the earth is observably motionless to all our senses and the horizon remains perfectly flat as far as
the eye can see not only does the horizon remain perfectly flat 360 degrees around the
observer but whether at sea level the top of mount everest 35 000 feet high in
an airplane or even at over a hundred thousand feet high the highest any amateur hot air balloon has ever flown
the flat horizon actually rises to the eye level of the observer all the way up
on a globular earth no matter how large it is assumed to be the horizon would remain where it was and the rising
observer would have to tilt his head downwards further and further the higher they rose to see the steadily falling
horizon many people will be shocked to know that to this day every single scientific
experiment ever devised to show the alleged motion of the earth has failed to do so or given evidence of the
opposite that the earth is indeed motionless and every attempt ever made to measure the alleged curvature of the
earth has failed to do so or given evidence of the opposite that the earth
is indeed flat the first person in recorded history to ever claim that earth was anything but
the flat motionless center of the universe was a greek mathematician and philosopher named pythagoras of samos
around 500 bc interestingly enough pythagoras has also been touted by free masonic historians
such as albert mackey james anderson william hutchinson and william preston
as being the very first freemason presented more as a thought experiment than a complete cosmology pythagoras
posited that if the earth were a spherical globe turning on its vertical axis once per day while revolving
annually around a stationary sun that this model could also equally explain
the cyclical motions of the heavenly bodies this heliocentric model was taught to
initiates at pythagoras crotona school but never became popular or had an influence outside of greece for another
2000 years a century later another greek mathematician and philosopher named
plato also espoused a spherical earth cosmology except he claimed the earth globe to be the motionless center of the
universe with the sun moon and stars revolving around his most famous student aristotle also
wrote about this geocentric globe earth cosmology in his book on the heavens offering three main points of evidence
for his theory firstly aristotle noted that when sailing away from an observer on shore
ships approaching the horizon disappeared from view hull before masthead and he postulated that this
occurrence was due to the curvature of the earth aristotle argued that the hull disappeared first because beyond the
horizon the globe earth curved downwards causing the hull and eventually the masthead and entire ship to drop below
the curvature today we can easily prove that aristotle was incorrect in his assumption by using
telescopes binoculars and zoom cameras once a ship has completely disappeared
beyond the horizon modern technology allows us to zoom in and bring the entire vessel hull and all back into
full view this proves that ships do not disappear hull first due to the alleged curvature
of the earth and that the horizon line is in fact merely the vanishing point of perspective from a given observer’s
point of view and not as aristotle supposed the beginning of the earth’s curvature
the horizon is subjective and varies in distance depending on the weather the observer’s height and the strength of
his eyesight or instruments as noted previously the horizon actually rises to the eye of the observer no
matter how high he climbs which also proves that the horizon line is not some objective point of curvature on a convex
earth but rather the subjective vanishing point of perspective from a given observer’s point of view
aristotle’s second point of evidence offered for his spherical earth theory was the earth’s round shadow cast on the
moon during lunar eclipses to this day heliocentrists still offer this argument
as proof of a spherical earth claiming that during lunar eclipses the sun earth and moon align in a perfect 180 degree
syzygy like three billiard balls causing the sun to cast the earth’s shadow onto
the moon this clever but faulty assumption is rendered completely invalid however due
to the fact that lunar eclipses have happened and continue to happen regularly when both the sun and moon are
still visible together above the horizon as early as the time of pliny the elder
there are records of eclipses happening while both the sun and moon were visible in the sky and continue to be recorded
by the royal astronomical society today obviously if the sun and moon are both
observable simultaneously during an eclipse then they are not aligned in a 180 degree syzygy and it is therefore
impossible that the sun could be casting earth’s shadow on the moon and some other explanation must be sought
another explanation in fact already existed in many cultures around the world who posited that a third celestial
body known as rahu or the black sun also existed equal in size to the sun and
moon this translucent dark body passed affront the sun and moon during solar and lunar eclipses causing their lights
to dim aristotle’s final point of evidence offered for his spherical earth theory was the appearance of polaris and other
stars to gradually decline overhead as an observer travels southwards he argued that the gradual declination
and eventual disappearance beyond the horizon of certain stars and constellations as one traveled
southwards was evidence that the observer was traveling over a convex curved surface similar to the ships
disappearing over the horizon argument aristotle posited that the horizon line was the literal curvature of his
spherical earth and the stars which declined and disappeared beyond it became invisible because a mass of
curved earth existed between them and the observer in actual fact however the gradual
declination of objects in the sky towards the horizon is merely a product of the law of perspective on plane
surfaces as any art student of point perspective knows the human eye views the world in a
pyramidal shape so that when looking down a long hallway the floor appears to rise the ceiling appears to sink and the
walls appear to narrow into a point at the center of the observer’s view of course the dimensions of the hallway
remain constant for its entire length the floor does not actually rise the ceiling does not actually sink nor do
the walls actually close in but to the human eye everything is perceived this way
similarly when the sun moon airplanes or clouds appear to sink towards the
horizon as they move away from us they are not actually losing altitude and slowly approaching sea level they are in
fact maintaining the same altitude except they are moving away from you and so the law of perspective makes them
appear to sink a century after aristotle around 250 bc
yet another greek mathematician and philosopher named eratosthenes made his claim to fame with a new alleged proof
of the spherical earth eratosthenes noted that at noon during the summer solstice at saiyen the sun cast no
shadow and the rays could reach straight to the bottom of his well yet meanwhile in alexandria a vertically standing
metal rod cast a significant shadow by factoring the length of the shadow with his assumed distance to the sun
eratosthenes recorded a measurement of earth’s circumference close to what heliocentrist astronomers still use
today the fact of the matter is however that eratosthenes calculations were made
assuming the sun to be millions of miles away so that its rays would fall perfectly parallel even in points as
divergent as cyan and alexandria this faulty premise led to his faulty
conclusion which was eventually exposed upon the invention of the nautical sextant
using sextants and plane trigonometry by measuring the sun’s angle at two points on earth simultaneously and factoring
their distance from each other the pythagorean theorem reveals both the height and dimensions of the sun
using this method the sun and moon have repeatedly been calculated to be approximately 32 miles in diameter 3000
miles from the surface of the earth high altitude balloon footage has also filmed lighting hot spots on clouds
proving the sun to be local and acting as a spotlight and not a burning ball of gas millions of miles away as supposed
by heliocentrists after eratosthenes the globe earth theory completely disappeared from
philosophical thought and recorded history for almost two millennia geocentric flat earth cosmologies
continued to reign supreme with even eratosthenes himself touted as the father of geography depicting the earth
as flat in his famous 194 bc map of the world cradies of malice invented the
first model globe earth around this time as well but it failed to have any effect on the world at large
fast forward to 1522 a.d portuguese explorer ferdinand magellan became the
first person in known history to successfully sail around the world this circumnavigation of earth soon
became and continues to be touted today as absolute proof of the spherical earth theory if magellan was able to sail east
to west around the entire world and return to his original starting point surely the earth cannot be flat and must
be a globe right wrong just as a compass can place its center
point on a flat piece of paper trace a circle either way around and return to its original starting point so can a
ship or plane circumnavigate a flat earth the only kind of circumnavigation
which could not happen on a flat earth is north southbound which to this day has still never been done
both the north pole and antarctica are military enforced no fly and no sail zones due to restrictions originating
from none other than the united nations the same united nations that haughtily uses a flat earth map in their official
logo and flag in 1543 just days before his death
freemason and jesuit nicholas copernicus published his book on the revolutions of the celestial spheres which revived the
old heliocentric cosmology of pythagoras and began the so-called copernican revolution away from a flat geocentric
model and towards a global heliocentric model since his book claimed earth to be a
tilting wobbling spinning sphere revolving at breakneck speeds around a stationary sun it was initially met with
do incredulity copernicus always countered this by claiming his theories were merely
hypotheses and shouldn’t be considered truth in his book he even wrote quote the
pythagorean teaching was founded upon hypothesis and it is not necessary that the hypothesis should be true or even
probable the hypothesis of the movement of the earth is only one which is useful to explain phenomena but it should not
be considered as an absolute truth contemporaries of copernicus such as
danish astronomer tycho brahi famously argued against his heliocentric model positing that if the earth revolved in
an orbit around the sun the change in relative position of the stars after six months of orbital motion could not fail
to be seen brahi wrote that the stars should seem to separate as we approach and come
together as we recede in actual fact however after millions of miles of supposed orbit around the sun
not a single inch of parallax could be detected in the stars as even wikipedia notes quote the lack
of any observable parallax was considered a fatal flaw in any non-geocentric theory
copernicus’s answer to this obvious problem was simple he moved the stars so ridiculously far
away from the earth that even after millions of miles of supposed orbit around the sun no appreciable parallax
could be detected copernicus simply needed to claim that the stars were trillions upon trillions
of miles away so then mathematically speaking it would indeed be impossible to detect such slight parallax
again contemporaries of copernicus argued against this convenient correction of his arguing quite rightly
that if the stars were trillions of miles away then there is no way we could see them backpedaling once again
copernicus claimed the reason we could still see stars trillions of miles away was because they were not mere tiny
points of translucent light in the night sky but that stars were in fact gigantic gas balls billions of times larger than
our sun so first copernicus had to move the stars trillions of miles from earth to
explain away lack of parallax and then he had to make the stars billions of times larger to account for why we
should see them at all from such fantastical distances lastly he offered very specific
distances and mathematical equations to solidify his theory claiming for instance that he had accurately
calculated the sun’s distance from earth to be exactly three million three hundred and ninety one thousand two
hundred miles at the turn of the seventeenth century tycho brahi under the patronage of
emperor rudolf ii began construction of the largest most state-of-the-art astronomical observatory ever built
upon hearing this german astronomer and freemason johannes kepler was determined
to apprentice under brahe even though kepler championed copernicus’s widely disputed
heliocentric globe earth theory brahe begrudgingly accepted kepler as his apprentice based on his merit as an
astute astronomer and mathematician brahi allowed kepler access to the observatory but guarded his data and
findings from him completely which frustrated and angered kepler to the point of eventually culminating in a
heated argument between the two of them resulting in brahe kicking kepler out
after much amends and apologizing a year later brahe finally forgave kepler and
accepted him back as apprentice this time however kepler was not content with his role as mere apprentice and soon
proposed and secured a commissioned position on brahi and emperor rudolph’s new project the rudolphine astronomical
tables less than a month later tycho brahe mysteriously dropped dead and johannes
kepler was given access to all of brahi’s coveted data free reign of the observatory and became emperor rudolph’s
new official astronomer abundant circumstantial evidence and obvious motive have long fed speculation
that kepler actually murdered brahi brahi was only 54 years old and in fine
health when suddenly he became deathly ill and passed away his official cause of death was reported
as a bladder infection but subsequent autopsies of his body revealed toxic quantities of mercury present on his
mustache hairs which has led many researchers to conclude he was poisoned the 2004 book heavenly intrigue
suggested that kepler had indeed murdered brahi to gain access to his data kepler himself never denied this and he
actually wrote quote i confess that when tycho died i quickly took advantage of
the absence or lack of circumspection of the heirs by taking the observations under my care or perhaps usurping them
and so for the remainder of his life kepler worked at brahi’s observatory for brahi’s employer using brahi’s data to
further his copranican theories which brahi had always criticized he modified copernicus’s calculations of
celestial motions changing them from perfect circles to irregular ellipses and even formulated a new updated
distance of the sun from earth while copernicus had claimed positively the sun to be three million three hundred
and ninety one thousand two hundred miles from earth kepler assured the astronomical community that his new
figure of twelve million three hundred and seventy six thousand eight hundred miles was the true distance
a few years later in 1608 the first telescope was invented and by 1609 the
next champion of copernicism italian astronomer freemason and probable jesuit galileo galilei had purchased and built
several of them galileo improved upon the telescope’s design boosting the zoom capabilities from the original three
times up to 30 times magnification and in 1610 made the most important alleged
discovery of his career with his 30-time zoom telescope galileo claimed to have seen what he described
as quote three fixed stars totally invisible by their smallness all close
to jupiter and lying on a straight line through it after tracking these invisible stars for
a while and noticing they appeared sometimes but not others galileo concluded that when he could not find
them they must be hiding behind jupiter and therefore they must not be invisible stars at all but rather invisible moons
orbiting jupiter his alleged discovery of moons orbiting jupiter was then touted as proof of the compredicant
system claiming that earth must be a planet like jupiter since both have orbiting moons
to this day nasa claims to have special telescopes which can on occasion see
these moons of jupiter just as galileo claimed in his day to see on occasion with his special telescopes
nowadays with modern telescopes and zoom technology we can see the celestial bodies far closer and with far more
clarity than galileo could have ever hoped for a 2016 nikon p900 has 83 times optical
zoom and 332 times digital capabilities which put galilean telescopes to shame
yet even with this level of magnification galileo’s alleged invisible moons still appear as mere
minuscule dots of light nearby a slightly larger dot of light galileo and his fellow mason
predecessors acting more like true believers of their heliocentric faith than legitimate scientists were
constantly guilty of inventing elaborate theories to support their foregone conclusion
this was never more evident than when galileo presented his theory on the cause of tides in 1616.
cardinal bellarmine had written galileo the year before stating that quote the
copernican system could not be defended without a true physical demonstration that the sun does not circle the earth
but the earth circles the sun taking this to heart galileo hoped to show that the earth’s tides were caused
by the sloshing back and forth of water as a point on earth’s surface sped up and slowed down due to earth’s alleged
rotation on axis and revolution around the sun he argued that these hypothetical
motions of his globular earth were the cause of tides and therefore the tides
themselves were proof of earth’s motion unfortunately for galileo his ideas were
not accepted and easily proven wrong by his contemporaries who rightly pointed out that if his theory were correct
there would only be one high tide per day not only this but if tides were caused by earth’s alleged motion all lakes
ponds and other inland bodies of water should be similarly affected yet they are not
the next champion of heliocentricism was english mathematician and astronomer knighted freemason and royal society
president sir isaac newton in 1687 newton published his famous
principia mathematica which presented his idea of gravity to the world the
globe earth theory had long faced criticism for being impractical due to the natural physics of spinning
spherical objects namely that anything placed on their surface should immediately fall or fly off
how could people buildings and the great oceans remain perfectly stuck to a ball earth spinning faster than the speed of
sound the globe earth theory needed a force that could keep everything in place somehow a force strong enough to keep
the oceans stuck to the earth but weak enough not to sink a sailboat a force strong enough to drag the entire
atmosphere along with earth’s breakneck speed but weak enough to allow birds and bugs to travel freely and unabated in
all directions a force so strong it could make rain fall upwards and plants grow upside down
but yet so weak that it could not be detected by any contemporary methods
newton’s postulate of quote an invisible force able to act over vast distances
led to him being heavily criticized for quote introducing occult agencies into
the field of science previous to newton’s theory of universal gravitation the natural laws of density
and buoyancy already perfectly and adequately explained the world around us for example the reason a balloon filled
with helium rises into the sky while a balloon filled with air drops to the ground is not because newton’s
mystical pulling force has an aversion to helium but rather simply because helium is lighter and less dense than
the nitrogen oxygen and other elements which compose the air around it so it floats up and conversely a balloon
filled with your carbon dioxide exhalation is heavier and denser than the air around it so it falls down to
the ground if you blow a dandelion seed out of your hands a substance just barely heavier
than the air it will float away and slowly but eventually fall to the ground
if you drop an anvil from your hands something much heavier than the air it will quickly and directly fall straight
to the ground this is not because gravity prefers anvils to dandelion seeds but rather because it is the
natural physics of buoyancy for objects less dense than the medium surrounding them to rise while objects denser than
the medium surrounding them to sink this is the reason raindrops fall down through the air and air bubbles rise up
through the water because of their relative densities it has nothing whatsoever to do with the
mystical pulling force of spinning balls from newton’s imagination newton’s theory allegedly began when
upon seeing an apple fall from a tree at woolsthorpe as though no one in the history of humanity up to that point had
ever seen a falling object and wondered why it fell he had a veritable scientific epiphany
the apple fell not because it was heavier and denser than the air around it but rather because a force at the
center of the spinning ball earth pulled it to the ground newton quickly got to work formulating
his theory of universal gravitation which he used to explain not only falling objects but also orbiting
celestial bodies newton claimed that the sun moon earth planets and stars gravity caused them to
all orbit around the most massive nearby bodies so not only was gravity fickle and
selective about which objects it caused to fall and which it allowed to rise gravity was also able to perform
different functions on different scales at the human scale gravity allegedly caused people buildings and oceans to
stick to the earth while at the planetary scale gravity allegedly caused moons to orbit around planets and
planets to orbit around stars unfortunately newton never addressed this but the question remains how and
why would gravity cause both planets to orbit the sun and people to stick to the earth
gravity should either cause people to float around in suspended circular orbits around the earth or it should
cause the earth moon and planets to all be pulled and crash into the sun the two effects are very different yet
the same cause is attributed to both furthermore this magnetic-like attraction of massive objects gravity is
purported to have can be found nowhere in the natural world there is no example in nature of a
massive sphere or any other shaped object which by virtue of its mass alone causes smaller objects to stick to or
orbit around it there is nothing on earth massive enough that it can be shown to cause even a dust bunny to
stick to or orbit around it try spinning a wet tennis ball or any other spherical object with smaller
things placed on its surface and you will find that everything falls or flies off and nothing sticks to or orbits
around it to claim the existence of a physical law without a single practical evidential
example is hearsay not science by now however you are likely beginning to see that these freemasonic heliocentric
priests are less interested in science and truth than they are in propagating contrived evidences for their foregone
conclusions in like manner as copernicus had claimed positively the sun to
hundred and ninety be thousand two hundred miles away and kepler had calculated it to be positively twelve million three hundred
and seventy six thousand eight hundred miles away newton was quoted as remarking it matters not whether we
reckon it 28 or 54 million miles distant for either would do just as well
it appears he was correct because the alleged distance to the heliocentrist’s son has continued to increase by the
millions until today where we stand with nasa’s current official figure of 93
million miles in 1773 captain cook became the first modern explorer known to have breached
the antarctic circle and reached the ice barrier this expedition offered an exciting chance to find proof of either
the flat or globe earth models because captain cook intended to sail completely around antarctica looking for inlets
through the ice wall if the earth was indeed a globe 25 000 miles in equatorial circumference as the
heliocentrists claimed then a complete circumnavigation of antarctica would be approximately 12 000 miles
and if the earth was flat with antarctica surrounding the entire circumference a complete
circumnavigation of antarctica would have to take over 50 000 miles
during three voyages lasting three years and eight days captain cook and his crew
sailed a total of sixty thousand miles along the antarctic coastline never once
finding an inlet or path through or beyond the massive glacial wall captain cook wrote the ice extended east
and west far beyond the reach of our site while the southern half of the ocean was illuminated by rays of light
which were reflected from the ice to a considerable height later voyages by captain james clark
ross and captain george snares in the 19th century further confirmed cook’s findings
ross’s expedition spent four years and five months in heavily armored warships
failing to find an entry point beyond the southern glacial wall and nares spent over three years
circumnavigating antarctica taking an admittedly indirect course but clocking
in nearly 69 000 miles total if antarctica truly was the tiny ice
continent claimed by globe earth proponents all of these expeditions would have ended years sooner
in addition to this many antarctic explorers including captain james clark ross and lieutenant charles wilkes using
globe earth projection maps wrote in their journals perplexed at how they routinely found themselves out of
accordance with their charts stating that they found themselves an average of 12 to 16 miles outside their reckoning
every day later on further south increasing to as much as 29 miles per day
these huge discrepancies experienced by explorers the further south traveled are usually attributed to increasingly
strong storms winds and currents but if that were the case they should have just as often found themselves ahead of their
reckoning which they never did in 1783 the hot air balloon was invented
and for the first time in recorded history people were able to float miles above the earth’s surface and see for
themselves once and for all whether or not the earth was flat or a globe to many people’s astonishment as high as
they rose the horizon remained perfectly flat 360 degrees around them and rose to
the level of their eyes all the way up jay glacier wrote in his travels in the
air that quote on looking over the top of the car the horizon appeared to be on
level with the eye and taking a grand view of the whole visible area beneath i was struck with its great regularity all
was dwarfed to one plane it seemed too flat m victor emmanuel another hot air
balloonist wrote that quote instead of the earth declining from the view on either side and the higher part being
under the car as is popularly supposed it was the exact opposite the lowest
part like a huge basin being immediately under the car and the horizon on all sides rising to the level of the eye as
stated previously this is only possible on a flat plane it would be an entire century after
newton published his theories on gravitation before any scientific experiment was devised to attempt to
prove its existence in 1797 henry cavendish the british scientist
freemason and wealthy grandson of the duke of devonshire created an experiment which he claimed successfully proved the
existence of gravity measured its constant and provided accurate figures for the exact masses of the earth sun
moon and planets how did cavendish achieve this quantum leap for heliocentric pseudoscience
he fixed two large lead balls on opposite ends of a torsion balance and hung them from the roof of his shed
by watching and recording slight motions of the contraption via telescope through his shed window so his mass would not
affect the reading cavendish claimed to have proven gravity two small lead balls were hung near the
large ones and any motion observed towards one another was touted as being the influence of gravity
now the cavendish experiment has been widely criticized by the scientific community because never in over two
centuries since its creation has anyone been able to replicate it firstly the balls simply do not always attract one
another as they must for the so-called gravitational constant to be constant at all sometimes the torsion balance turns
towards the balls and sometimes away as it is impossible not to give some slight tremulous motion when interacting with
it henry even complained in his notes how often as he was performing the measurement the contraption was still in
oscillation secondly since his calculated force of gravity was 10 to the 39th power weaker
than the force of electromagnetism from which all material objects are composed there is no control for the experiment
which can factor out and positively differentiate the alleged gravitational force from the known stronger
electromagnetic force in other words the balls could simply be attracting each other through static
electricity a known force existing in all things billions of times stronger than gravity and impossible to control
for the experiment even though no one could replicate cavendish’s findings the experiment went
down in history as a great success and is still taught as veritable proof of universal gravitation in science
textbooks today half a century later in 1851 a french scientist named leon fakhald performed a
similar experiment to cavendish but this time hanging a single ball from the ceiling swinging it and claiming all
lateral motion observed to be proof that the earth was turning beneath the pendulum since focal’s original
demonstration these pendulums have regularly been swinging at museums and exhibition halls worldwide purporting to
provide everlasting perpetual proof of the heliocentric spinning ball earth theory
the truth is however unbeknownst to most of the duped public that fucult’s pendulum is a failed experiment which
proves nothing but how easy it is for pseudoscience to deceive the malleable masses to begin with focal’s pendulums
do not uniformly swing in any one direction sometimes they rotate clockwise and sometimes counterclockwise
sometimes they fail to rotate and sometimes they rotate far too much just like the cavendish experiment
scientists who have attempted to replicate facult’s findings have conceded time and again that quote it
was difficult to avoid giving the pendulum some slight lateral bias at starting
in truth the behavior of the pendulum actually depends on one the initial force beginning its swing and two the
ball and socket joint used which most readily facilitates circular motion over any other the supposed rotation of the
earth is completely inconsequential and irrelevant to the pendulum swing if the alleged constant rotation of the earth
affected pendulums in any way then there should be no need to manually start pendulums in motion if the earth’s
diurnal rotation caused the 360 degree uniform diurnal rotation of pendulums
then there should not exist a stationary pendulum anywhere on earth also in the mid 19th century another frenchman named
gaspard gustav coriolis performed several experiments showing the effect of kinetic energy on rotating systems
which have ever since become mythologized as proof of the heliocentric theory his coriolis effect
is often said to cause sinks and toilet bowls in the northern hemisphere to drain spinning in one direction while in
the southern hemisphere causing them to spin the opposite way thus providing proof of the spinning ball earth
once again however just like fuckhalt’s swinging pendulums and cavendish’s hanging balls sinks and toilets in
northern and southern hemispheres do not consistently spin in any one direction sinks and toilets in the very same
household are often found to spin opposite directions depending entirely upon the shape of the basin and the
angle of the water’s entry not the supposed rotation of the earth the coriolis effect is also said to affect
bullet trajectories and weather patterns as well supposedly causing most storms in the northern hemisphere to rotate
counterclockwise and most storms in the southern hemisphere to rotate clockwise to cause bullets from long-range guns to
tend towards the right of the target in the northern hemisphere and to the left in the southern hemisphere
again however the same problems remain not every bullet and not every storm consistently displays the behavior and
therefore cannot reasonably be used as proof of anything in the late 19th century mostly thanks
to the experiments books and lectures of an english inventor and author named dr samuel robotham a flat earth renaissance
began sweeping the world robotham’s findings beginning with his 1864 book
earth not a globe an experimental inquiry into the true figure of the earth proving it a plane without axial
or orbital motion and the only material world in the universe caused quite a stir in the scientific
community and thanks to three decades of his effort the shape of the earth became a hot topic of debate around the turn of
the 19th century dr robotham conducted several experiments using telescopes spirit
levels and theodolites special precision instruments used for measuring angles in horizontal or vertical planes by
positioning them at equal heights aimed at each other successively he proved over and over the earth to be perfectly
flat for miles without a single inch of curvature in his most famous series of experiments
robotham traveled to cambridge england where there is a 20-mile canal called the old bedford which passes in a
straight line through the fenlands known as the bedford level the water has no interruption from locks or water gates
of any kind and remains stationary making it perfectly suitable for determining whether any amount of
convexity or curvature actually exists if we were living on a ball earth every
pond lake marsh canal and other large body of standing water each part would have to comprise a slight arc or
semi-circle curving downwards from the central summit if the ball earth were truly 25 000 miles in circumference as
claimed by heliocentrists then spherical trigonometry dictates the surface of all standing water must curve downwards and
easily measurable eight inches per mile multiplied by the square of the distance this means along a six mile channel of
standing water the earth would have to curve 16 feet eight inches downwards from one end to the other and or dip six
feet on either end from the central peak depending where the measurement is taken robotham tested first by standing in the
water holding a telescope eight inches above the surface while his partner rode away from him in a small boat with a
five foot tall flag attached if the earth was indeed a globe 25 000 miles in circumference by the time the
boat reached wellney bridge six miles away the entire boat and flag should have been completely invisible hidden
behind a six foot tall mass of curved water in reality however every time tested the
entire boat and flag remained visible from start to finish in a second experiment dr robotham
placed seven flags along the edge of the water each one mile distant from the next with their tops positioned five
feet above the surface and stood with his telescope behind the first if the earth was a globe 25 000 miles in
circumference each successive flag would have to decline a definite and determined amount below the last the
first and second flags establish the line of sight then the third should fall eight inches below the second the fourth
flag 32 inches below the fifth six feet the sixth ten feet eight inches and the
seventh flag should be a clear 16 feet eight inches below the line of sight even if the earth was a globe of a
hundred thousand miles an amount of easily measurable curvature should and would still be evident in this
experiment but the reality is not a single inch of curvature was detected
and the flags all lined up perfectly as consistent with a flat plane in 1870 one
of robotham’s supporters an english scientist of the royal academy named john hampton offered a public wager of
500 pounds to anyone who thought they could prove the earth spherical by repeating the bedford level experiment
alfred russell wallace a fellow english scientist arden evolutionist and personal friend of charles darwin
accepted hampton’s wager and the two met with referees to decide the matter at the bedford level
the original plan was to repeat robotham’s flag experiment but after hours of attempting to align them one on
each mile marker upon looking through the telescope quote they could not even judge which was which let alone decide
whether the line of sight along them was flat or curved heated debate ensued an angry quarrel
followed and the experiment descended into a farce they called it a day but a week later reconvened this time wallace
setting new parameters for the experiment which had never been tested or approved by robotham or hampton
wallace hung a large calico sheet from the old bedford bridge with a thick black line painted across its center and
positioned his telescope six miles south at wellney bridge at the same elevation
then halfway between these two points wallace placed a long red pole topped with a marker disk designed to fall in
line with the black painted marker and telescope all of these he placed at a masonicly significant 13 feet 3 inches above the
water wallace’s plan was to view the marker disk and black line through the telescope and if the middle marker
appeared below the line of sight this would be taken as proof of the water’s flat surface and if the middle marker
appeared above the line of sight it would be taken as proof of earth’s curvature hampton immediately took issue
with this new method of allegedly determining curvature but begrudgingly accepted to continue
when viewed through the telescope the center marker fell a tiny bit below the telescope crosshair and the far marker
on the bridge fell a tiny bit below that this result was not expected by either party but wallace quickly claimed it
proof that the earth was curving downwards while hampton claimed the results to be in accordance with the law
of perspective over flat surfaces this time an even more heated debate ensued until wallace refused to speak
another word with hampton gave him the silent treatment and even had the police escort hampton from his hotel room
before leaving town the following day the referees for the wager decided in favor of wallace and the money was given
to him in response hampton immediately published a 16-page pamphlet denouncing
wallace as a liar and cheat called is water level or convex after all the
bedford canal swindle detected and exposed another fellow english author and flat
earther william carpenter also present during the experiment wrote his equally scathing 30-page review of the swindle
entitled water not convex the earth not a globe demonstrated by alfred russell wallace on the 5th of
march 1870. hampton later took wallace to trial and sued him for his 500 pounds the court
formally decided in favor of hampton that the bet was invalid and returned his money in full
next hampton immediately reissued his challenge to wallace increasing the wager to a thousand pounds and inviting
dr robotham to attend this time the experiment would be conducted as robotham had originally
done standing in the water with telescope held eight inches above the water observing a boat with a five-foot
flag attached sailing six miles away from welch’s dam to wellney bridge when the day of the wager came poor
weather prevented them from completing the experiment so they postponed met more bad weather and postponed again
on their third and final attempt before heading home with the weather still overcast they attempted the experiment
unfortunately shortly after reaching the halfway point the boat became indistinguishable beyond the haze and
the bet was called off the boat and flag were visible however for the entire three miles
in 2015 a group of flat earthers once again repeated robotham’s experiment at the bedford level with similar results
they detected no curvature and saw the boat beyond the halfway marker but became obscured by poor weather before
reaching the full six miles in 1871 after getting massive amounts of pressure from the public to address
these claims from flat earth proponents royal astronomical society president george airy devised an experiment which
he hoped would once and for all prove earth’s axial motion and forever silence the rabble-rousing flat earthers
by first filling a telescope with water to slow down the speed of light inside then calculating the tilt necessary to
get the starlight directly down the tube erie planned to measure the speed of the telescope and thereby the speed of the
earth by extrapolating the amount of tilt needed to keep the starlight coming in straight
the experiment however would go down in history and forever be known as aries
failure because every time he repeated it arie found the starlight was already coming in the correct angle with no
change necessary proving that the stars move relative to a stationary earth and not the other way around
arie had meant to prove the heliocentric theory but instead devised an everlasting proof of the geocentric
model in 1887 american physicists albert mickelson and edward morley performed an
experiment to determine earth’s speed through space or what was then called the ether by passing light through two
pathways one in the direction of earth’s alleged motion and the other at right angles to it the light traveling with
the earth should have taken longer to return than light traveling at right angles to it to the surprise of
mickelson morley and the scientific establishment however no difference whatsoever was detected even after
repeating the experiment several times in different places to attempt to patch up this glaring
problem the heliocentric establishment created the fitzgerald lawrence contraction which actually had the gall
to claim that the light pathway going the same direction as the earth became physically shorter during the experiment
so that the time to return became equal to the other pathway the implications of mickelson and
morley’s experiment were so detrimental to the spinning globe earth myth that they were forced to concoct this
ludicrous backpedaling explanation which even arthur miller denounced calling it a physics of desperation
after samuel robotham’s death lady elizabeth blunt an english author flat
earther vocal vegetarian and anti-vivisectionist founded the universal zetetic society
which attracted thousands of members and published a journal called the earth not a globe review for several decades
many other prominent flat earthers of the time also continued doing their best to spread the word john hampton continued publishing his
own work and reprinted all of samuel robotham’s material in 1885 william carpenter published his
famous 100 proofs earth is not a globe in 1892 alexander gleason released his
new standard map of the world as it is which remains to this day one of the most accurate flat earth maps ever
created he had hopes it would completely replace globes and mercator maps the world over
but unfortunately his map’s influence was short-lived the next year in 1893
gleason published his flat earth tome entitled is the bible from heaven is the earth the globe does modern science and
the bible agree which gave many flat earth proofs and also explained his wonderful map
in 1899 south african flat earth author thomas winship published his excellent
work zetedic cosmogeny evidence that the world is not a rotating revolving globe
but a stationary plane circle 1903 marked the beginning of airplane
travel which had it been invented in copernicus’s era would have destroyed his spinning ball earth fantasy long
before takeoff when hot air balloons were first invented people were told the reason they cannot simply float in the air and
wait for the spinning ball earth to bring their destinations to them was because gravity somehow stuck the entire
atmosphere and everything in it in place dragging it along at a thousand miles per hour so uniformly that we can’t see
it feel it hear it or measure it in any way once airplane technology evolves that we
could fly at comparable speeds to the earth’s supposed rotation however it became immediately apparent that the
earth and its atmosphere could not be constantly rotating a thousand miles per hour west to east
simply put if the earth were constantly spinning eastward a thousand miles per hour then airplane flight durations
going eastwards versus westwards would be significantly different if the average commercial airliner travels 500
miles per hour it follows that westbound equatorial flights should reach their destination at approximately three times
the speed as their eastbound return flights in reality however the differences in east and westbound flight
durations usually amount to a matter of minutes and nothing near what would occur on a thousand mile per hour
spinning ball earth for example flights eastward with the alleged spin of the ball earth from
tokyo to la take an average of 10.5 hours therefore the return flights
westwards against the alleged spin should take an average of 5.25 hours but
in actual fact take an average of 11.5 hours also of note
if earthworm globe there are several flights in the southern hemisphere which would have the quickest straightest path
over the antarctic continent such as santiago chile to sydney australia
instead of taking the shortest quickest route in a straight line over antarctica all such flights detour all manner of
directions away from antarctica instead claiming the temperatures too cold for airplane travel
considering the fact that there are plenty of flights to from and over antarctica and nasa claims to have
technology keeping them in conditions far colder and far hotter than any experienced on earth such an excuse is
clearly just an excuse and these flights aren’t made because they are impossible if the earth was a ball in antarctica
was too cold to fly over the only logical way to fly from sydney to santiago would be a straight shot over
the pacific staying in the southern hemisphere the entire way refueling could be done in new zealand
or other southern hemisphere destinations along the way if absolutely necessary in actual fact however santiago to
sydney flights go into the northern hemisphere making stopovers at lax and other north american airports before
continuing back down to the southern hemisphere such ridiculously wayward detours make
no sense on the globe but make perfect sense and form nearly straight lines when shown on a flat earth map on a ball
earth johannesburg south africa to perth australia should be a straight shot over the indian ocean with convenient
refueling possibilities on miraitis or madagascar in actual practice however
most johannesburg to perth flights curiously stop over either in dubai hong kong or malaysia all of which make no
sense on the ball but are completely understandable when mapped on a flat earth a casual study of other south hemisphere
flight paths and stop-over points will prove to even the most staunch skeptic
the clear illegitimacy of globe map projections building on mickelson and morley’s
experiment in 1913 french physicist george sagnac again proved the existence
of the ether and the stillness of earth by using a beam splitter to send light in opposite directions around a path
recombining them then observing their interference fringes first while stationary and then while rotating the
entire experiment table two revolutions per second the changes in interference patterns
between the moving and non-moving trials proved that the light and therefore the earth was stationary
in 1914 william westfield wrote his geocentric classic does the earth rotate
no and when gerard hickson’s masterpiece king’s dethroned a history of the
evolution of astronomy from the time of the roman empire up to the present day was published in 1922 the heliocentric
theory of the universe was on its last legs in 1925 the mickelson gale experiment
again vouched for a stationary earth and it was clear to the establishment that they needed something big to bring
public opinion back their way in 1916 a jewish physicist named albert
einstein had published his general theory of relativity a brilliant revision of heliocentricism which in one
philosophical swoop abolished the ether from scientific study replacing it with a form of relativism which allowed for
heliocentricism and geocentricism to hold equal merit if there was no absolute etheric medium within which all
things exist then hypothetically one could postulate complete relativism with
regard to the movement of two objects such as the earth and sun in one philosophical leap with no
scientific evidence to support it einstein and the heliocentric establishment were thus able to sweep
aries failure mickelson morley sagnac and gale all conveniently under the carpet and pretend they didn’t exist
simply by claiming that all motion in the universe was relative by the late 1920s einstein and his
theories had been pushed so vehemently the heliocentric theory began making a comeback and einstein was being touted
as a genius and one of the greatest minds in history far from it even he himself admitted
when asked what is it like to be the smartest man alive responded by saying i don’t know you’ll have to ask nikola
tesla a true genius who in no way supported einstein’s relativity or the heliocentric theory
einstein was even caught lying when he originally claimed to have never even heard of the mickelson-morley experiment
but later admitted that he had indeed created special relativity with the intent of abolishing the ether and
nullifying the mickelson-morley result by the 1930s an eccentric christian flat
earther named wilbur glenn voliba was attracting widespread publicity around the world thanks to his american lecture
tours and daily radio broadcasts from his personal station which could be heard all the way to australia
volva famously founded and built zion city in illinois a town of 6 500 people
all of whom were christian flat earthers zion city even had its own schools and churches which taught flat earth
cosmology in the spirit of robotham and hampton throughout his life voliva offered an
open-ended wager of five thousand dollars to anyone who thought they could disprove the flat earth
until his death in 1942 there were no takers after the second world war operation
paperclip brought hundreds of top german rocket scientists and physicists into the united states and beginning in the
late 50s employed them in nasa the national aeronautics and space administration
meanwhile the russian space program was also forming in a so-called space race between america and russia ensued
the geostationary communications satellite was first imagined in a 1945
proposal by freemason science fiction writer arthur c clarke and supposedly became science fact just over a decade
later in 1957 russia allegedly launched the first satellite named sputnik into low
earth orbit followed in 1958 by america’s explorer one
nowadays there are supposedly upwards of 20 000 such satellites constantly orbiting the earth they are allegedly
floating around in the thermosphere where temperatures are claimed to be upwards of 4530 degrees fahrenheit the metals used
in satellites however such as aluminum gold and titanium have melting points of 1221
1948 and 3034 degrees respectively all far lower than they could possibly
handle people even claim to see satellites with their naked eyes but this is ridiculous
considering they are smaller than a bus and allegedly a hundred plus miles away it is impossible to see anything so
small that far away even using telescopes no one claims to discern the shape of satellites but rather describe
seeing passing moving lights which could easily be any number of things from airplanes to drones to shooting stars or
other unidentified flying objects the fact that they are geostationary means they would not appear to move
through the sky anyway but rather be perpetually stuck in the exact same place all day every day
so-called satellite phones have been found to have reception problems in countries like kazakhstan with very few
cell phone towers if the earth were a ball with 20 000 plus satellites surrounding such blackouts should not
regularly occur in any rural countryside and deep ocean areas also satellite tv dishes which existed
for years before satellites were supposedly invented are almost always positioned at a 45 degree angle towards
the nearest ground-based repeater tower if tv antenna were actually picking up signals from satellites 100 plus miles
in space most tb dishes should be pointing more or less straight up to the sky
the fact that satellite dishes are never pointing straight up and almost always positioned at a 45 degree angle proves
they are picking up ground-based tower signals before satellites radio television and
navigation systems like loran and deca were already well established and worked fine using only ground-based
technologies nowadays huge fiber optic cables connect the internet across oceans gigantic cell
towers triangulate gps signals and ionospheric propagation allows radio
waves to be bounced all without the aid of the science fiction best seller known as satellites
also in the late 50s a sign maker from dover england named samuel shenton in the spirit of robotham and lady blunt’s
zetetic society created ifers the international flat earth research society and began giving lectures on
television in newspapers to youth clubs and schools about our flat motionless earth
shenton discovered the writings of the late 19th century flat earth authors mentioned previously and made it his
mission to spread the zetetic message as far and wide as he could with nasa’s supposed satellite launches
happening people constantly question shenton about satellites proving the globe earth to which he would always
reply does sailing around the isle of wight prove it is spherical when nasa claimed to have put the first
man in space shenton said from the beginning that it was all photo and video trickery when john glenn
supposedly orbited the world in 1963 shenton even sent him a free eiffer’s
membership with a personal message saying okay wiseguy shenton knew that john glenn two-time
u.s senator and one of nasa’s first astronauts was a lying freemason just like his heliocentric forefathers from
pythagoras to copernicus kepler to cavendish along with most all of nasa’s astronauts buzz aldrin jr is an admitted
ring-wearing hand sign flashing 33rd degree mason from montclair lodge number 144 in new jersey
edgar mitchell is an order of demolay mason at arresta lodge number 29 in new mexico
james irwin was a tihan lodge number 104 member in colorado springs don iselle was a member of the luther b
turner lodge number 732 in ohio gordon cooper was a master mason in
carbondale lodge number 82 in colorado virgil grissom was a master mason from
mitchell lodge number 228 in indiana walter shearer jr was a 33rd degree
mason at canaveral lodge number 339 in florida thomas stafford is a mason at western
star lodge number 138 in oklahoma paul weitz is from lawrence lodge number
708 in pennsylvania see fred klingneckt the head of nasa during the apollo program shortly
thereafter became sovereign grand commander of the council of the 33rd degree of the ancient and accepted
scottish rite of freemasonry of the southern jurisdiction nasa astronauts neil armstrong alan
shepard william pogue vance brand and anthony england all had fathers who were freemasons as well
the amount of astronauts known to be freemasons or from freemasonic families is astonishing it is likely that more
astronauts and people of key importance in nasa are affiliated with the brotherhood as well but not so open
about their membership for there to be this many masons members of the world’s largest and oldest secret
society involved with the promotion and propagation of this globalist heliocentric doctrine from his outset to
modern times should raise some serious suspicion before the first apollo missions ever
even cleared the launch pad 11 nasa astronauts died in highly suspicious accidents
gus grissom roger chaffee and ed white were all cremated together in an apollo capsule fire during a completely
unnecessary and dangerous test where they were strapped down and locked into a hundred percent oxygen chamber which
incinerated the three of them to death in seconds seven other astronauts ted freeman
charles bassett elliot c russell rogers clifton williams michael adams and
robert lawrence died in six separate airplane crashes and ed gibbons in a car
crash eight of these deaths were in 1967 alone so many astronauts coincidentally dying
under such circumstances is highly unlikely and lends credence to the idea that these were intentional hits by the
masons trying to find the right people to sell their hopes one of the most outspoken of the fallen
astronauts was gus grissom by 1967 grissom had become increasingly
irritated and vocally negative about nasa’s chances of ever landing a man on the moon he stated the odds were pretty
slim and famously hung a lemon on the apollo capsule after it repeatedly failed safety testing procedures
grissom threatened to go public with his complaints about the lem and even told his wife betty quote if there ever is a
serious accident in the space program it’s likely to be me right after his murder government agents
raided grissom’s house before anyone had been informed about the fire or his death they removed all his personal
papers and his diary never to be returned from 1969 to 1972 the freemasons at nasa
claimed to have landed six of their apollo missions on the moon with this ingenious deception a bit of
rocket technology a bunch of lying freemasons and photographs taken through a round window with this one psyop nasa
managed to convince nearly everyone on earth that they live on a spinning ball however in the documentary a funny thing
happened on the way to the moon you can watch official leaked nasa footage showing apollo 11 astronauts buzz aldrin
neil armstrong and michael collins for almost an hour using transparencies and camera tricks to fake shots of around
earth they communicate over audio with control in houston about how to accurately stage the shot and someone keeps prompting
them on how to effectively manipulate the camera to achieve the desired effect first they blacked out all the windows
except for a downward facing circular one which they aimed the camera towards from several feet away this created the
illusion of a ball-shaped earth surrounded by the blackness of space when in fact it was simply a round
window in their dark cabin neil armstrong claimed at this point to be 130 000 miles from earth halfway to
the moon but when camera tricks were finished the viewer could see for themselves the astronauts were not more
than a couple dozen miles above the earth’s surface in a high altitude plane these images showing a globular world
soon became the freemason’s most valuable tool in altering public perception about the shape of the earth
since the original so-called blue marble image nasa has provided the public with
many more pictures and videos showing a globe earth touting veritable photographic proof that pythagoras 2500
year old theory was finally validated when seen with a skeptical eye however
professional photo analysts have dissected several nasa images of the ball earth and found undeniable proof of
computer editing for example images of the earth allegedly taken from the moon have
proven to be copied and pasted in as evidenced by rectangular cuts found in the black background around the earth by
adjusting brightness and contrast levels if they were truly on the moon and earth was truly a ball there would be no need
to fake such pictures when nasa’s images of the ball earth are compared with one another the coloration
of the land and oceans and relative size of the continents are consistently so drastically different from one another
as to prove beyond any reasonable doubt that the pictures are all fake nasa has many alleged photographs of the ball
earth which show several exact copy and pasted duplicate cloud patterns cheeky
graphics artists have even placed things like faces dragons and the word sex into cloud patterns over various ball earth
pictures one recent pluto picture clearly has a picture of disney’s pluto the dog
layered into the background on a clear afternoon during a waxing or waning moon cycle it is possible to see
the blue sky right through the moon for centuries stars and planets have often been seen and recorded even by the royal
astronomical society to have been seen through the moon if the moon is translucent enough to see
objects through it it cannot be the solid spherical planetoid claimed by nasa and modern astronomers
samuel shenton president of ifers was quoted before the apollo supposed moon landing stating that stars have been
seen through the moon the astronauts had better be ready to come right back because there isn’t anything much to
land on besides shenton many of the first people to unequivocally call out the nasa moon
landings as being a staged hoax were professional photographers when the official nasa photographs of
the moon are closely examined it is clear that many were taken inside a studio using repetitive backgrounds
artificial lighting wires and cranes award-winning british photographer david
percy photo analyst and historian jack white photographer and nexus magazine
publisher marcus allen and many others all put their professional reputations
on the line to expose nasa’s so-called photographic evidence none of the apollo missions brought any
extra studio lighting with them on the lunar lander so the sun should be the only light source on the moon and in all
pictures taken there in that case the light should only come from one direction and all shadows
should be cast in the opposite direction however in dozens of official nasa photos there are shadows being cast in
up to three directions simultaneously often at up to 90 degree angles which can only be the result of multiple light
sources not present on the moon several pictures even show overhead spotlights reflecting an astronaut’s
helmets and multiple lens flares originating from two or more light sources analyzing several images from the six
missions shows repeated background features the exact same hills dunes and craters being used over and over again
in supposedly different places on the moon as well as visible foreground and backdrop lines indicative of a studio
set in images from apollo 11 buzz aldrin can be seen wearing different color gloves
and different length boots in pictures that were supposedly taken within minutes of each other if buzz was really in the vacuum of
space in a pressurized space suit he certainly would not have had the time or reason to depressurize and repressurize
his suit just to make such fashion adjustments some pictures show the lunar rover with
no tracks anywhere around it others show rover tracks all over the foreground while it is yet to be unpacked and
unloaded a couple pictures even show what appear to be sneakers and a lady’s heel tracks
on the moon in addition to the astronauts boot prints another glaring mistake is that none of
nasa’s images or videos show stars in the background as they should just complete blackness likely because exact
star maps as they should appear from the moon would be nearly impossible to fake the testimony of different astronauts on
different missions in their autobiographies and interviews just muddies the water even more some of them
bragging about the quote astonishingly brilliant light of the stars and others saying they quote don’t remember seeing
a single star while on the moon such inconsistencies and the fact that none of nasa’s moon pictures feature
stars or planets in their appropriate positions should raise a red flag but these astronauts were not on the moon
many pictures of the sun on the moon are clearly spotlights and not the sun
some images show studio lighting lens flares or studio lighting reflecting off a black background
one image clearly shows a shadow on the ceiling of space as the lunar lander lifts off
many images show shadows of reticule crosshairs suspended in air over a print
underneath proving them to be doctored and not originals as claimed
images of the lunar lander supposedly on the moon shows a pathetic 1969 attempt at creating high-tech futuristic looking
equipment using what appears to be construction paper gold foil scotch tape
and metal shower rods the idea that the piece of junk shown in these official nasa photographs flew to
the moon and back is so ludicrous it’s laughable close-ups of the lunar lander foot pads
show them without a speck of dust on them and without a burn print under its ten thousand pound thrusters like it was
just gently set down in place nasa scientists in their own documents were worried about the lem falling into
its own massive burn radius yet there it sits with no burn print and spotless clean pads
even the astronauts boot prints made deep impressions on the moon dust yet the lander’s ten thousand pound
thrusters left not a trace no blast hole and no dust on the pads
when the video evidence is examined even more anomalies are found in certain frames light pings can be seen
reflecting off overhead stage wires attached to astronauts backpacks in one apollo 16 clip an astronaut falls
to his knees and is quickly jerked back up to his feet by what can only be an unseen wire hoisting him straight
upwards one of the more obvious video anomalies is how several apollo missions show
american flags flapping around in the non-existent space wind the moon is supposed to have no
atmosphere and so the flags should remain perfectly still but can often be seen moving quite boisterously
another interesting video anomaly is discovered by playing nasa’s moon footage at two times speed then watching
the astronauts walking running jumping or cruising around on their little buggy without the speed adjustment there is a
low gravity illusion as the astronauts seem to float drift and glide slowly and
smoothly along but once they are seen at two times speed it becomes clear that they are in quote normal gravity walking
running jumping and cruising at normal speeds they simply reduce the play speed by 50 in post-production and voila
instant moon motion not only is the apollo video record fraught with fraud but nasa claims the
original apollo 11 videos have conveniently disappeared from their records so no one can analyze them for
authenticity you heard correctly they spent over 30 billion dollars of american taxpayer
money traveling to the moon and then lost the video evidence those blurry ghostly black and white
images shown on tv were purposely lousy because nasa insisted at the time that
all tv networks must broadcast directly from a big screen display in their operations room a mandate which all the
major networks accepted and so what the public saw was just a video of a poorly magnified video and now it is impossible
to watch the original not only have the apollo 11 originals disappeared but nasa claims to have lost
all original audio tapes from the apollo missions and that their contractors have lost all prints and plans for the lunar
rover lem lander and apollo ship engines it even recently came out that when
curators at amsterdam’s reichs museum investigated their moon rock personally given to them by armstrong and aldrin in
1969 they found that it was actually just a worthless piece of petrified wood from earth
in 1970 freemason and philosophy professor at st thomas’s university leo
ferrari created the flat earth society of canada which he soon shortened to simply the flat earth society
unlike samuel shenton’s international flat earth research society in every way
leo ferrari’s flat earth society treated the entire subject as a deadpan joke making a mockery of it and even creating
several intentionally false flat earth arguments for example leo ferrari would always
bring a pumpkin-sized rock with him during interviews and lectures claiming he brought the stone back from the edge
of our flat earth he would say with a huge smirk on his face how his boat had fallen over the edge but he was luckily
saved by hanging onto this rock clearly treating our flat earth in this tongue-in-cheek way discouraged people
from taking the matter seriously and creating this fake flat earth society was the freemason’s way of mitigating
shenton’s eiffer’s genuine threat to their global deception in 1971 samya shenton passed away and
the american former airplane mechanic charles k johnson took his place as president of ifers charles and his wife
marjorie like lady blunt and many of the original zetetic society members were not only flat earthers but outspoken
vegetarians and anti-vivisectionists charles and marjorie maintained a periodical called the flat earth news
for many years where they printed articles about nasa’s lies geocentricity flat earth and vegetarianism
unlike leo ferrari and his mock society spreading disinformation charles johnson was a genuine voice speaking out against
the evils of the world in 1974 when johnson heard of ferrari’s budding organization he decided to contact him
and wrote a cordial letter requesting further information about his society to which ferrari never replied
two years later johnson wrote another polite letter saying how he was delighted by the prospect of a like-minded campaigner and said how it
was a very happy day when he learned a ferrari society quote i feel sure at the core we cannot
be too far apart in ames johnson wrote i do try to practice what i preach to think and seek and search out reasonable
ideas and concepts he closed saying that he could hardly wait to hear from ferrari and hoped very much he would
please reply after six months without a response johnson wrote one more time explaining again his sole purpose to
enlarge his view and getting and holding on to the facts which would benefit himself and in time the rest of the
world he requested a reply and a copy of ferrari’s fes magazine in conclusion
johnson signed thanks from the bottom of my heart in advance but warned that if
ferrari insisted on ignoring him once again quote i will then know for sure that you are some kind of enemy of the
flat earth work eventually ferrari did reply this time but not with a message or magazine as
requested he simply enclosed an fes paid application form johnson investigated ferrari’s
organization further and found that he was using quote the flat earth idea as a gimmick to entertain and promote the
atheistic society from then on johnson worked hard to expand his eye fors and constantly for
the rest of his life exposed ferrari’s fes calling him a false prophet guilty
of muddying the waters of truth near the end of his life tragically johnson’s house burned down along with
all the flat earth materials he and shenton had collected over their lifetimes until his dying day johnson
claimed the fire to be the result of arson by a nasa agent he had seen snooping around
apparently finished with their moon landing propaganda starting in 1976 nasa
began faking mars landings instead to begin with the planets formerly known
as wandering stars are not terrestrial earth-like habitations capable of landing anything on
the sun moon and stars are all simply luminaries celestial lights relatively close to earth and not something
tangibly solid that humans could ever walk on this is painfully obvious to anyone with
functioning eyeballs and a telescope or nikon p900 camera but nasa continues to
this day to publish thousands of fake cgi images claiming to come from mars
even assuming mars was an actual spherical desert planet as nasa claims it is impossible for them to have safely
landed the probes based on their own trials and statistics they say the surface pressure on mars is only
three-tenths of one percent the surface pressure on earth and equivalent to the pressure at about 23 miles above the
earth there is not enough air matter at that pressure however to provide any lift for open up the parachutes nasa uses to land
its mars probes no parachute ever devised has been able to successfully deploy at that altitude
they simply stream straight back then never fill the rest of the way down joe kittenger’s record highest fastest
and longest parachute dive from the earth’s upper atmosphere had him free-falling from only 19 miles high for
15 minutes at 767 miles per hour and his drogue chute proved useless and offered
no deceleration yet nasa would have us believe for example that phoenix’s parachute managed to somehow slow it
down from 12 738 miles per hour to 123 miles per hour
in just 2.86 minutes before its final landing in other words nasa is claiming to do
something on mars millions of miles away by remote control something that we have
no evidence is even possible on earth at significantly lower altitude and 16
times slower speed to this day nasa continues to fake mars landings and more government space
agencies around the world including russia china japan france india and others are following the same
freemasonic model of fleecing their populations of taxpayer money to fund programs that provide the public nothing
but propaganda nasa and other space agencies rocket launches never even go straight up
every rocket forms a parabolic curve peaks out and inevitably starts falling back to earth
the rockets which are declared successful are those few which don’t explode or start falling too soon but
make it out of range of spectator view before crashing down into restricted waters and recovered
there is no magic altitude where rockets or anything else can simply go up up up
and then suddenly just start free floating in space this is all science fiction illusion created by wires green
screens dark pools some permed hair and zero g planes in 1998 nasa claimed to have sent up
their first piece of the iss international space station they have been caught however time and
again with air bubbles forming and floating off in their official outer space footage
astronauts have also been caught using scuba space gear kicking their legs to move and astronaut luca parmitano even
almost drowned when water started filling up his helmet while allegedly on a spacewalk
it is admitted that astronauts train for their spacewalks in underwater training facilities like nasa’s neutral buoyancy
lab but what is obvious from their space bubbles and other blunders is that all
official spacewalk footage is also fake and filmed underwater
analysis of many interior videos from the international space station have shown the use of camera tricks such as
green screens harnesses and even wildly permed hair to achieve a zero gravity type effect
footage of astronauts seemingly floating in the zero gravity of their space station is indistinguishable from vomit
comet zero g airplane footage by flying parabolic maneuvers this
zero-g floating effect can be achieved over and over again then edited together
for longer uncut shots nasa has been caught using simple wires and green screens
in 2001 charles k johnson died and having lost all his flat earth material
and correspondence in his house fire the ifers was officially finished leo ferrari’s farcical flat earth
society on the other hand continued operation as usual making a mockery of the flat earth subject
in 2004 the reigns of fes presidency were handed over to daniel shenton of no
relation to genuine flat earther samuel shenton who true to ferrari’s example
maintains the flat earth society website to this day where they purport such fantastical purposeful disinformation as
the flat earth disc constantly rising upwards forever through the universe to account for gravity their sole purpose
as charles johnson correctly stated is clearly to poison the well and muddy the waters of truth
in 2008 teacher and author eric dubay that’s me began a website and published
a book titled the atlantean conspiracy which exposed among many other things freemasonry the fake moon landings
geocentricity and even featured a quote from ifer’s president charles k johnson
at the time i had already read samuel robotham and william carpenter’s old 19th century flat earth books and though
personally still on the fence regarding the shape of the earth i was confident they were correct about the location or
geocentricity of earth so i wrote about it in 2009 after watching alex jones
interview and praise several nasa astronauts on his show i wrote an article and sent a message to him and
his producers about the moon landing hoax and included a link to samuel robotham’s flat earth book for them to
read alex even mentioned this on air the next day and called me a flat earther who
thinks he’s covering up some atlantean conspiracy the title of my book and website
well well i mean i mean i mean the earth being flat that that’s clearly ridiculous though i’ve actually been contacted by some flat earthers saying
i’m covering up the fact that it’s it’s some atlantean conspiracy for the next several years i continued
writing books and articles about various conspiracies and worked on building a huge social media presence by making
multiple accounts adding as many friends and followers as possible joining and posting to as many groups and pages as
possible over the course of a few years i began building up very large followings on facebook google plus
linkedin twitter stumbleupon pinterest sue and many other sites to give you an
example of their efficacy you can see here my main google plus account with over 135 million views and my secondary
one with over 87 million in mid 2011 a professional artist
comedian and hollywood actor named math powerland claiming to also be an ex-nasa
whistleblower created the nasa channel on youtube he made a few decent videos exposing
nasa image fakery but his channel certainly did not contain many flat earth proofs or evidence and there are
more videos of him ranting about axe deodorant hookers on tinder his championship sexual prowess and other
irrelevant topics than there are actually exposing the flat earth for example see his recent video entitled
the history of the flat earth the same name and comparable length as the video you are watching now but contains almost
no content relating to history or the flat earth just him venting his various political frustrations
in short anyone visiting his channel would not become a flat earther and would more likely be turned off from the
subject due to his manic ranting style and lack of factual content in november of 2014
after years of researching and writing i released my book the flat earth conspiracy the first pro flat earth book
written in nearly 50 years i simultaneously released a flat earth conspiracy documentary on youtube began
giving radio interviews and published several influential articles on the subject within a very short space of time the
flat earth keyword saw a 600 rise in activity and google search results
jumped from a few thousand to over 21 million soon after this just as johnson had
experienced with ferrari i noticed a wave of disingenuous so-called flat earthers flooding into the movement with
the obvious intent to muddy the waters for example when i began writing my book
the flat earth conspiracy i came across paul michael bales on facebook a recent flat earth convert who had been
collecting a library of old original flat earth books and letters hoping to find some good reference
material i messaged him asking for recommended titles and he told me a few choice books to read
the full extent of our interaction consisted of a short facebook conversation yet curiously after my book
was published and the flat earth movement started growing paul began stating publicly that he was the
morpheus to my neo and that he taught me everything i know about the flat earth he even made the ludicrous claim that my
book was plagiarized from old facebook posts of his matt boylan aka math powerland also
jumped in and had the gall to say that quote my entire book was plagiarized from his information
which is equally laughable considering he and his information are only mentioned in two paragraphs of my 252
page book needless to say both of their claims are baseless and go to show how desperate
they are to receive credit where it is not due you can also see from this google
analytics chart that the flat earth keyword had not made any significant change in 2011 since the launch of
matt’s youtube channel nor in late 2012 early 2013 when paul claims to have
gotten his start the moment when the flat earth tides shifted and the exponential growth of
the movement began was clearly around and after november 2014 the exact month
when i exploded all of my flat earth research onto the internet in november 2014 i published the first
pro flat earth book written in 50 years the flat earth conspiracy i also published several popular articles on
the subject uploaded the most popular flat earth conspiracy documentary on youtube began giving radio interviews
and soon restarted charles johnson’s ifers the international flat earth research society and published my most
successful book ever 200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball which has now been
translated into 12 foreign languages and read by millions worldwide these simultaneous actions my
intentional exploding of credible flat earth information onto the internet all at once which i had been preparing for
the entire year before are undoubtedly the catalyst behind the exponential growth curve seen beginning here
later on around march 2015 recent flat earth convert mark sergeant came out of
nowhere began uploading new flat earth videos every day uploading new interviews several times per week got
offered his own radio show started being heralded by many as the king of flat earth and credited with starting the
modern flat earth revival at first i was glad to have him on board until the cracks began to show in the
clear disinformation campaign began mark claimed the moon and stars were holographic projections maintained by
alleged dome builders who keep us inside a truman show enclosed structure among
much other nonsense he even lied about me in several interviews including one where he claimed that i promoted the
idea of a constantly rising flat earth to account for gravity when in fact i constantly expose this false concept as
being disinformation mark was and continues to be the leo ferrari to my charles johnson
in fact mark has even bragged several times about being a card-carrying member of ferrari’s farcical organization
by new year’s eve 2016 our new ifers had gained over 3000 members and was
receiving 50 000 hits monthly when it was suddenly and without warning or explanation deleted from the internet
as the administrators and myself quickly worked on salvaging our material and creating a new site the obvious
parallels to johnson losing everything in his nasa agent-initiated house fire were noteworthy
around the same time two disingenuous flat earth channels issued two fraudulent copyright strikes against me
which i managed to overturn by filing legal counter claims against them youtube itself began a program of
regularly unsubscribing old subscribers of mine and lowering view counts of popular videos
shortly after that facebook also decided to jump on the eric dube censorship bandwagon by deleting my account all my
pages and giving my atlantean conspiracy group directly over to a team of freemason shills who still administrate
it to this day filling the group with nothing but death threats to me pictures of masonic goats and ridiculous
belittling memes after re-registering for new accounts and accumulating my friends lists again
facebook has now deleted two more profiles and i am currently on my fourth still trying my best to spread the word
in 2016 the movement continued to grow with many more genuine flat earthers
taking up the reigns and exposing the truth online as well as many more disingenuous shills continuing to poison
the well with misinformation the new ifers began thriving with more monthly visitors than ever before
many new flat earth youtube channels began creating and mirroring excellent content now in 2020 i am pleased with the rapid
growth of this wonderful flat earth movement and encourage everyone to please help speak out share this book
and spread the good word as we look forward to a future where humanity is finally free from this grandest of all
deceptions chapter 2
ancient polar mythologies nowadays and for the past five centuries
since the introduction of the heliocentric globe deception all world maps and explorers have depicted and
described the north pole and surrounding region as being nothing but an arbitrary
point in a semi-frozen tundra previous to this however depictions and
descriptions of the north pole and surrounding regions and world maps and ancient explorers accounts were very
different firstly before the 16th century the north pole was never once
shown or thought to be just some random ambiguous point amidst a low salinity
arctic ocean as it is now instead the north pole was universally described and depicted from diverse
cultures all across the earth as being a gigantic magnetic mountain situated
directly below polaris the prevailing belief was that compass needles the world over were actually
pointing to a huge lodestone mountain made of magnetite at the pole
in contrast to today’s prevailing belief that compass needles are pointing to some constantly moving magnetic field
generated by hypothetical molten metal existing at the center of a fantastical
globe earth while neither claim can be confirmed or denied without independent exploration
and experimentation it should be noted that nowhere in nature can we find molten metal which retains any
significant magnetic properties once heated past the curie point let alone
create some convoluted constantly moving dipolar field as is claimed by proponents of the fantasy ball earth
ancient buddhist vedic and jain traditional cosmologies all state that at the north pole magnetic center point
of earth exists a circular mountain of magnetite called mount meru
and sumerian traditions also referred to this place calling it mount sumeru in
ancient iran they spoke of mount hara berazati with a celestial spring on its
highest peak in the realm of the stars in early chinese writings there is mount
kunlun with a bronze pillar of heaven at the summit where the immortals dwell
often also called the pearl mountain a paradise home of four great rivers
around which the heavens revolve the turkmen tribes of southern turkistan
told of a copper pillar that marks the navel of the earth the mongols wrote of mount sumer with
the zambu tree on its summit the buryats of siberia talked of mount
sumur with the north pole star fastened to its summit the siberian dalmaks spoke of a mountain
lake from which four rivers flowed to the points of the compass the egyptians rode of the mound of the
first time which was the first land to appear from the waters and is the dwelling place of the high god the
source of light the muslims wrote of cough and the zoroastrians wrote of gurnagar the world
encircling mountains the navajos spoke of encircled mountain which was surrounded by four directional
mountains the dogan tribe of nigeria told of a cosmic pillar spanning 14 worlds which
was the roof post of the house of the high god amma the warao indians of the oronoco delta
in venezuela speak of a cosmic axis extending above the center of their earth disk
ancient greek mythology referred to mount olympus the home of the gods
the ancient germans told of urban soul a universal column which sustains
everything the norse edda spoke of asgard the berg of the gods rising in the center of
midgard the circular earth ptolemy recounted a legend involving magnetic islands which exerted such
strong attraction that ships with metal nails were held in place and unable to
leave in the arabic legend one thousand and one nights a magnetic mountain pulls all
the nails right out of their ship causing it to fall apart and sink the second tallest mountain in tanzania
is even named mount meru after its primordial partner at the pole
richard thompson wrote in many traditions the world mountain is identified symbolically with some local
mountain this is illustrated by mount olympus of the greeks mount albors of
the iranians and mount kunlun of the chinese in near eastern tradition the world
mountain is the small hill in jerusalem known as mount zion thus the circular continent centered on jerusalem in
medieval maps also possessed a symbolic world mountain john phillips wrote
jerusalem was paul’s lodestone the ancient mariners who set sail in their little cockleshell boats tended to hug
the coastline not daring to get too far from land aids to navigation were few and their
vessels were at the mercy of wind and wave the slightest sign of a storm would send them scurrying for refuge moreover
the dreams of those old-time venturers were haunted by the thoughts of the fabled lodestone mountain they believed
it had the power to draw their vessels to shipwreck on its shores against all the pull of tide and wind
isaiah wrote about a mountain set above all other mountains in the far recesses of the north where the gods meet called
mount zion in jerusalem genesis ezekiel and enoch all mention a
paradisical eden the mountain of god and source of four main rivers
genesis 2 10-14 reads and a river went out of eden to water
the garden and from thence it was parted and became into four heads the name of the first is pison that is
which compasseth the whole land of havilah where there is gold and the gold
of that land is good there is dellium and the onyx stone and the name of the second river is
gihon the same is it that compasses the whole land of ethiopia and the name of the third river is
that is it which goeth toward the east of assyria and the fourth river is euphrates
muhammad also spoke of four rivers and a divine tree in the srimad-bhagavatam four branches
of the celestial ganges flow out from brahmapuri on top of mount sumeru
in ancient canaan guru ili the mountain of el was the dwelling of el the creator
and a place of assembly for the demigods in one phoenician ivory carving from
around 1000 bc a deity is shown dressed to represent a mountain with four
streams coming out from the mountain god man at right angles similarly in an ancient acadian hymn to
the goddess ishtar she is addressed as the queen of the mountain of the world
and queen of the land of the four rivers of eric and she says i am lord of the steep
mountains which tremble whilst their summits reach to the firmament in the christian apocryphal book of
enoch enoch is taken by angels on a tour of the seven heavens and while in the
third heaven shown magnificent trees producing wonderful fruits with adjacent springs pumping honey milk oil and wine
to four directional rivers flowing down into paradisical eden an abode specially
prepared only for the pious and selfless similarly in the hindu cosmology four
trees in levarta varsa stand on great mountains producing rivers of nectar and
honey like fountains of youth providing health and vitality to all who drink of them while the central tallest jambu
tree rises to incredible heights and seems to cover all the heavens
richard thompson wrote in the bhagavata purana mount sumeru is surrounded by
four great mountains surrounded by four gigantic trees these include the jambu tree after which
jambuddhui is named four huge lakes of milk honey sugarcane juice and pure water are located between
the four mountains and these lakes confirm mystic powers on the celestial beings who bathe in them
there are also four celestial gardens near these lakes from the foot of each of the four trees
there flows a river that either emerges from the tree itself or from the fruits of the tree
these rivers of honey and different kinds of juice flow throughout the region of villavarta varsa surrounding
mount sumeru and they confer freedom from fatigue disease and old age on the
inhabitants of that region the yaku people of northeastern siberia
have their own strikingly similar ancient myth where a world tree of immeasurable age exists at the navel of
the earth just like the hindu jambu tree is born of the umbilical knot of brahma
the yaku world tree reaches into the high heavens with cones nine fathoms long and sap which imparts youthfulness
on all who consume it near the yakutri also lies a lake of sweet milk which is where the popular
modern japanese milk company yaku doubtless gets its inspiration
richard thompson wrote in different traditions the upper and lower worlds may be divided into several levels often
seven or nine in the center of the earth disc there is a world mountain or world
pillar that links middle earth to the lower and upper worlds the world mountain represents the polar
axis and the dwellings of great demigods are located on its summit the world mountain may be surrounded by
other mountains that define the cardinal directions and these directions may be associated with certain colors
four sacred rivers may also flow from the world mountain in the four cardinal directions there is a world tree that is
often situated on the world mountain or four world trees may be located on the neighboring directional mountains
the world tree extends from the earth to the heavens and it is nearly immortal it
is the source of rivers of nectar or pure water that give health and longevity to those who drink them
the tree stands in an earthly paradise where there are celestial gardens and rivers of various substances such as
milk oil and honey the tree or world pillar is often associated with a great eagle-like bird
that is the enemy of great serpents dwelling in the lower world
in ancient iranian thought a mountain called hera berezati or al borge stands
at the center of the earth a fixed point around which the sun moon and stars revolve at its summit lies the dwelling
place of ormus the lord of light complete with a giant miraculous tree an
edenic garden of ahura mazda and the celestial fountain are disor which is
the mother of all earthly water and flows down towards four cardinal points
into four large streams the bridge chinavad reaches from the peak of alberge to the solid vault of
heaven or gorodhman the home of the pious and blessed whilst underneath lies
the great gulf of dozak the abysmal abode of the lord of darkness araman
the earliest cosmogeny recorded by the japanese in their most ancient book the kojiki once again mirrors this recurring
mythology in the beginning izanagi and izanani the great god and goddess standing in heaven
drove a celestial spear into the endless sea and twisted it around until an island rose from the water
they then descended from heaven to earth and built a palace around the huge spear using it as the central pillar
this spear became the central axis of the world and their palace the birthplace of the human race
in the kojiki and shinto religion the creator and the north pole are so purposely and inseparably linked that
one of the often used names of god translates to the lord of the center of heaven
the inos supposed first inhabitants of japan whose name means offspring of the
centered are believed to have arrived onto the archipelago from the north and
bury their dead facing north to where their ancestors came into which their spirits would return
in buddhist funeral ceremonies bodies are cremated in special crematoriums
actually called meru which are essentially tall stone pillars with four
doors at the peak aligned to the cardinal directions with the belief that our reincarnated souls will pass mount
meru before returning to earthly bodies literally every temple and the little
spirit house shrines found in most buddhist homes are also representations of meru the abode of the gods aligned to
the four cardinal directions and opulently embellished with gold jewelry and metaphysical artwork
dr william warren wrote copen assures us that every orthodoxy constructed buddhist temple either is or
contains a symbolical representation of the divine regions of meru and of the
heaven of the gods saints and buddhas rising above it lily says the thirteen pyramidal layers
at the top of every temple in nepal represent the thirteen unchangeable heavens of amitabha
faber develops the evidence of this practice among the ancients with gratefulness and with respect to the
hindus and buddhists says each pagoda each pyramid each montiform high place
is invariably esteemed to be a copy of the holy hill meru
ancient south american traditions also believed the human race was birthed in the farthest north upon the highest of
mountains surrounded by perpetual clouds fountain head of the world’s waters and
home of god tlalak residing on their sacred paradise mountains klapalan
the first man quetzalcoatl was said to have drank the water of immortality from
clalux mountain and ruled as king throughout the golden age in mexico
the many incan mayan aztec and other step pyramids and temples aligned to
cardinal directions and devoted to the gods are representative of this world mountain
interestingly enough many modern mexican myths now represent the mountain as crooked or partially turned over
similarly in the ancient chinese taoist tradition a myth over four thousand
years old refers to shantae the highest of all gods who lives in
way described as a celestial space above the north pole shantae’s abode is said to exist
directly over the peak of mount kunlun which again places the highest god at
polaris as with the other cosmologies mount kunlun is a primeval paradise abode of
the gods with a world tree in the middle and a fountain of immortality from which four rivers flow outwards to the four
corners of the earth dr william warren wrote sparkling fountains and pearling streams
contain the far-famed ambrosia one may there rest on flowery carpeted
swards listening to the melodious warbling of birds or feasting upon the delicious fruits at once fragrant and
luscious which hang from the branches of the luxuriant groves whatever there is beautiful in landscape
or grand in nature may also be found there in the highest state of perfection all is charming all enchanting and
whilst nature smiles the company of genie delights the ravished visitor where now is the paradise mountain
located at the north pole immediately over the central peak of kunlun appears the polar star which is
shangtae’s heavenly abode in the central place the polar star of heaven the one
bright one the great monad always dwells in accordance with this conception the
emperor and his assistants when officiating before the altar of heaven always face the north the pole star
itself is a prominent object of worship both the ancient orientals and greeks
turned to face north before commencing prayer homer states that when addressing the
gods of mount olympus they would stretch their arms toward the northern sky and plato also confirms that this holy
habitation of zeus was placed in the center of the world heraclitus said that it touches the
ether and casts a shadow 5000 stadia in length herodotus stated the mountain to be very
tapering and round so lofty moreover that the top cannot be seen the clouds
never quitting at either summer or winter the natives call this mountain the pillar of heaven and they themselves
take their name from it being called atlantes they are reported not to eat any living
thing strabo claimed it was an earthly paradise with gigantic olive trees and
grape clusters a cubit in length pliny described a river of milk descending from great heights and called
the mountain a fabulous among maximus tyrius claimed the ocean waves
stopped short before reaching the mountain standing up like a wall around its base though unrestrained by any
earthly barrier nothing but the air and the sacred thicket prevent the water from reaching
the mountain in the fado socrates is quoted as saying all things that grow trees and flowers
and fruit are fairer than any here and there are hills and stones in them smoother and more transparent and fairer
in color than our highly valued emeralds and sardonics and jaspers and other gems
which are but minute fragments of them for there all the stones are like our precious stones and fairer still
the temperament of their seasons is such that the inhabitants have no disease and live much longer than we do and have
sight and hearing and smell and all the other senses and much greater perfection and they have temples and sacred places
in which the gods really dwell and they hear their voices and receive their answers and are conscious of them and
hold converse with them and they see the sun the moon and stars as they really are
dr william warren wrote the evidence that an ancient hellenic thought also the heaven of the gods was
in the northern sky is incidental but cumulative and satisfactory for example
heaven is upheld by atlas but the terrestrial station of atlas as we have elsewhere shown is at the north pole
again olympus was the abode of the gods but if the now generally current etymology of this term is correct
olympus was simply the atlantean pillar pictured as a lofty mountain and supporting the sky at its northern pole
in fact many writers now affirm that the olympus of greek mythology was originally simply the north polar
world mountain of the asiatic nations the ancient germanic and finnish people
also when praying or sacrificing to the gods always faced north and in the scandinavian edis both asgard and a
doveler are represented as the navel or center of the world
for them atop the yikdasil tree at earth’s center was the heavenly asgard
home of the gods today we still pay respect to this primitive tradition at christmas when we top our symbolic world
trees with a bright yellow pole star dr william warren wrote
we have already seen that the term naval was anciently used in many languages for center and that the pole or central
point of the revolving constellations was the navel of heaven but as to the celestial pole there
corresponds a terrestrial one so it is only natural that to the term the navel of heaven there should be the
corresponding expression the navel of the earth beginning with christian traditions let us make a pilgrimage to
the church of the holy sepulchre at jerusalem there in the portion belonging to the greek christians we shall
discover a round pillar some two feet high projecting from the marble pavement but supporting nothing if we inquire as
to its purpose we shall be informed that it is designed to mark the exact center or navel of the earth
early pilgrims and chroniclers refer to this curious monument but its antiquity
no one knows in the indian puranas both the terms naval of the earth and navel of heaven
are used repeatedly and always referring to a place not in or near india but
rather at the north pole hymns from the rigveda speak of the supporting column of heaven otherwise
known as the atlas pillar of vedic cosmology and describe it as standing upon the navel of earth
in the fifth verse of the 185th hymn day and night are represented as twin
sisters in the bosom of their parents heaven and earth where they lock arms and spin circles around a common center
point namely the navel this is also echoed in a mysterious passage by quintus curtius which has
baffled modern commentators stating how the object which represented the divine being resembled a naval set in gems
dr william warren wrote if anything is needed to disprove the common notion that geographical
ignorance and national self-esteem first governed the ancient peoples and locating in their own countries navels
of the earth it is furnished by what is in all probability the oldest epic in the world
that of izubar fragments of which have survived in the oldest literature of babylonia
these fragments show that the earliest inhabitants of the tigro euphrates basin located the center of the earth not in
their own midst but in a far-off land of sacred associations where the holy house
of the gods is situated a land into the heart whereof man hath not penetrated a
place underneath the overshadowing world tree and beside the full waters
no description could more perfectly identify the spot with the arctic pole of ancient asiatic mythology yet this
testimony stands not alone for in the fragment of another ancient text translated by seice in the records of
the past we are told of a dwelling which the gods created for the first human
beings a dwelling in which they became great and increased in numbers and the
location of which is described in words exactly corresponding to those of iranian indian chinese adaik and aztec
literature namely in the center of the earth among the ancient inca subjects of peru
was found the same idea of a naval of the earth and even among the chickasaws of mississippi
thus is all ancient thought full of this legendary idea of a mysterious primeval
holy paradisic earth center a spot connected as is no other with the center
of heaven the paradise of god why it should be so no one has ever told us but the hypothesis which places the
biblical eden at the pole and makes all later earth navals commemorative of that primal one affords a perfect explanation
in the light of it there is no difficulty in understanding that earth center in jerusalem with which we began
the inconspicuous pillar in the church of the holy sepulchre symbolizes and commemorates far more than the
geographical ignorance of medieval ages it stands for the japanese pillar by
which the first soul born upon earth mounted to the sky it stands for the world column of the
east arians in the chinwat bridge of iran it stands for the law proclaiming pillar of aura calcum in atlantis placed
in the center of the most central land it stands for that talmudic pillar by means of which the tenants of the
terrestrial paradise mount to the celestial and having spent the sabbath return to pass the week below
it symbolizes cardo atlas meru harabarazatai karsakura every fabulous
mountain on whose top the sky pivots itself and around which all the heavenly bodies ceaselessly revolve it
perpetuates a religious symbolism which existed in its region before ever jerusalem had been made the hebrew
capital we’re calling to our modern world the taboo of a period anterior to the days of
samuel in tradition it is said to mark the precise spot once the clay was taken out
of which the body of adam was modeled it does so but it does it in a language and method which were common to all the
most ancient nations of the earth it points not to the soil in which it stands but to the holier soil of a far
away primitive eden in freemasonic temples on freemasonic tracing boards and upon freemasonic
aprons can be found similar symbolism pointing to these concepts namely a flat earth framed by pillars
covered by an arch firmament often with the tallest or most prominent pillar
positioned centrally and a single eye representing polaris situated above it
the sun and moon are also usually shown on either side representing their paths and positions over and around the flat
earth this knowledge was clearly widespread among the ancient world but in modern times has become occulted by certain
such secret societies and vested interests dr william warren wrote
everywhere therefore in the most ancient ethnic thought in the egyptian acadian
assyrian babylonian indian persian chinese and greek everywhere is
encountered this conception of what looked at with respect to its base and magnitude is called the mountain of the
world but looked at with respect to its glorious summit and its celestial inhabitants is styled the mountain of
the gods we need not pursue the investigation further enough has been said to warrant
the assertion of dr samuel beale it is plain that this idea of a lofty central
primeval mountain belonged to the undivided human race elsewhere the same learned synalogue has
said i have no doubt that the idea of a central mountain and of the rivers flowing from it and the abode of the
gods upon its summit is a primitive myth derived from the earliest traditions of our race
in concluding this sketch of ancient cosmology one further questioned naturally and inevitably thrusts itself
upon us it is this how are the rise and the so wide diffusion of this singular world view to
be explained in other words how came it to pass that the ancestors of the oldest historic
races and peoples agreed to regard the north pole as the true summit of the earth and the circumpolar sky as the
true heaven chapter 3
early polar maps and exploration
the ancient world’s mythologies regarding a magnetic mountain four directional rivers and other more
fantastical features at the north pole are shockingly consistent but what did
the earliest known explorers historians and cartographers have to say about the subject
pythius the earliest recorded explorer of the north pole in the 4th century bc
claimed to discover an island he called tulay or thule the farthest northern
land and gave an account sounding straight out of ancient mythology in his lost book entitled on the ocean
pythius wrote the island was more than forty thousand stadia and in this region
there was no longer either land properly so-called or sea or air but a kind of
substance concreted from all these elements resembling a sea lungs a thing
which the earth the sea and all the elements are held in suspension and this
is a sort of bond to hold altogether which you can neither walk nor sail upon
pythius claimed upon reaching the northernmost point accessible that land air and water somehow became like one
substance similar to a jellyfish and was completely impassable
little remains of pythius’s original account but second-hand sources like strabo inform us regarding the
inhabitants of the surrounding northern islands he says that of the animals and domesticated fruits there is an utter
dearth of some and scarcity of others and that the people live on millet and other herbs and on fruits and roots and
where there are grain and honey the people get their beverage also from them as for the grain he says
since they have no pure sunshine they pounded out in large storehouses after first gathering in the ears thither for
the threshing floors become useless because of this lack of sunshine and because of the reigns
pliny the elder also wrote of pythius’s journey in his naturalis historia
stating that on summer days the sun approached nearer to the top of the world owing to a natural circuit of
light the underlying parts of the earth have continuous days for six months at a time and continuous nights when the sun
has withdrawn in the opposite direction towards winter pythius of morelus writes that this
occurs in the island of thule six days voyage north from britain pythius states
that north of britain the tides rise 80 cubits the most remote of all is toulet
in which we have pointed out there are no nights at mid-summer when the sun is passing through the sign of the crab
and on the other hand no days at mid-winter indeed some writers think this is the
case for periods of six months at a time without a break one day’s sale from thule is the frozen
ocean called by some the cronian sea benjamin franklin decosta wrote the
earliest voyage to the north that is claimed for pythius the distinguished phoenician astronomer and geographer of
marcel’s who flourished 320 bc his works were extent in the 5th century
but are no longer found pliny and eratosthenes gave full credit to his narrations though strabo shows
great hostility to pythius whose accounts he refused to receive saying that he made use of his acquaintance
with astronomy and mathematics to fabricate his false narrative pliny however with more reason thought
that he employed his knowledge in practical exploration the latest editor of strabo does not
share in his author’s doubt according to pliny and others pythius sailed through the straits of gibraltar
making his way north to the british isles whether it was the custom of his countrymen to resort and after traveling
over england on foot proceeded northward to a place called tule six days sail
from the northern part of britain even before the fourth century bc similar claims were made by ancient
greek and roman poets and historians like pindar herodotus hezowid homer then
later virgil and cicero regarding hyperborea and the hyperboreans meaning
place or people beyond the north wind they said the people of hyperborea were
giants who lived for over a thousand years and enjoyed lives of perfect happiness
in another lost book written in the 4th century bc hakadus of abdera collated
all the known stories written about the hyperboreans deodorant siculus references this lost work stating that
in the regions beyond the land of the celts there lies in the ocean an island no smaller than sicily this island the
account continues is situated in the north and is inhabited by the hyperboreans who are called by that name
because their home is beyond the point whence the north wind boreous blows and
the island is both fertile and productive of every crop and has a temperate climate
the classical greek poet pindar wrote that never the muse is absent from their
ways liars clash and flutes cry and everywhere made in chorus is whirling
neither disease nor bitter old age is mixed in their sacred blood far from labor and battle they live and
reminiscent of pythius’s strange account pindar stated that neither by ship nor
on foot would you find the marvelous road to the assembly of the hyperboreans
similar to thule and hyperborea the celts also had their northern terrestrial paradise known as avalon
saint brandon son of finn logo a famous saint of the irish church who died in
576 a.d was allegedly the first to reach this land during a sea voyage to the
north similar to other ancient accounts st brandon mentioned a fountain with four
directional streams and claimed there were magnificent castles and castle halls lighted with self-luminous stones
and adorned with all manner of precious jewels surpassing description in 1035 a.d archbishop adelbert the
vicar of scandinavia sent a team of frisian nobles to explore the northern
polar region after which adam of bremen recorded their experiences in the book
jesta hama bergensis ecclesiae pontificum similar to accounts of the
hyperboreans the frisian explorers claimed to reach an island where they
encountered giant human beings living in caves and underground hollows the giants
domiciles were adorned in gold and precious metals which some of the frisians stupidly attempted to steal and
were swiftly chased back to their boats minus one of their comrades caught by a giant who quote in a twinkling tore him
to pieces before their eyes they never reached the north pole or a
magnetic mountain but did encounter an incredible feature long alleged to surround them
ancient norse legend states that a gigantic violent maelstrom or whirlpool
known as vergalmer or the world’s well surrounds the polar mountain and via
four six-hour daily cycles of pushing and pulling through subterranean channels caused the rising and falling
of tides on earth adam of bremen recounts the frisian explorers deadly
encounter with this abysmal chasm as such of a sudden they fell into that numbing
ocean’s dark mist which could hardly be penetrated with the eyes and behold the
current of the fluctuating ocean whirled back to its mysterious fountainhead and
with most furious impetuosity drew the unhappy sailors who in their despair now
thought only of death onto chaos this they say is the abysmal chasm that deep
in which report has it that all the backflow of the sea which appears to decrease is absorbed and in turn
re-vomited as the mounting fluctuation is usually described as the partners
were imploring the mercy of god to receive their souls the backward thrust of the sea carried away some of their
ships but its forward ejection threw the rest far behind the others freed thus by
the timely help of god from the instant peril they had had before their eyes they seconded the flood by rowing with
all their might besides the norse legends of vergelmer historical records of this world well
can be found as early as the 8th century a.d when paulus diaconus or paul the
deacon benedictine monk scribe and historian of the lombards wrote in his
historia langobardorum that not far from the shore where the ocean
extends without bounds is that very deep abyss of waters which we commonly call
the ocean’s navel it is said twice a day to suck the waves into itself and to spew them out again
as is proved to happen all along these coasts where the waves rush in and go back again with fearful rapidity
by the whirlpool of which we have spoken it is asserted that ships are often drawn in with such rapidity that they
seem to resemble the flight of arrows through the air and sometimes they are lost in the gulf with a very frightful
destruction often just as they are about to go under they are brought back again by a sudden
shock of the waves and they are sent out again thence with the same rapidity with which they were drawn in
geraldis camrensis or gerald of wales archdeacon of brecken historian and
royal clerk to king henry ii wrote in his 1188 work topographia
hibernica that not far from the islands towards the north there is an astonishing whirlpool in the sea towards
which there is a set of current of the waves from all corners until pouring themselves into nature’s secret recesses
they are swallowed up as it were in the abyss should a vessel chance to pass in that
direction it is caught and drawn along by the force of the waves and sucked by the vortex without chance of escape
there are four of these whirlpools in the ocean described by philosophers as existing in the four different quarters
of the world once it has been conjectured that the currents of the sea as well as the winds are regulated by
fixed principles the whirlpool was also mentioned in another late 12th century work historia
norwegi where the author an anonymous norwegian monk gives a particularly detailed description stating
the greatest of all whirlpools is to be found there which engulfs the strongest ships sucking them in at ebbtide and
spewing out their fragments with a belch at flood tide there is a very deep abyss in the earth itself and alongside it are
open-mouthed caverns containing winds which are said to be brought forth by the breathing of the water and these are
the breath of gales indeed by their breathing these winds draw to them the waters of the sea through hidden
passages in the earth they shut them up in the vaults of the abyss and then by the same force drive them out again
causing sea surges spates and the whirling of waterspouts earthquakes also occur in various
discharges of vapor and conflagration for when the wind’s breath held in the cheeks of earth presses to burst out it
shakes the foundation of the world with a dreadful roaring and forces it to tremble
so when the wind’s breath contends with fire in the earth’s interior then even in mid ocean the depths are fissured and
smoky exhalations and sulfurous flames are seen to emerge by the 13th century a.d the idea of a
magnetic mountain at the north pole was widely known enough that italian poet guido guinezeli actually used it as a
simile for the power of his woman’s love the section from his poem madonna the
fine love i give you translated reads in that land beneath the north wind
are the magnetic mountains which transmit to the air their power to attract the iron but because it is
far away it needs help from a similar stone to make the compass needle turn
towards the pole star in the 14th century two lost books inventio fortunada by nicholas delin and
the itinarium of jacobus cinoyin mention the magnetic mountain four
directional rivers an encircling whirlpool said to change every six hours causing the tides comparing them to the
breath of god at the navel of the earth inhaling and exhaling the great seas
many citations from the two books are made by more modern sources but surviving copies have unfortunately all
been lost to antiquity nicholas delin was an english minorite
friar of oxford a mathematician astronomer and explorer who lived from 1330 to 1390
he was fascinated by the astrolabe and actually produced several of them for patrons and his own personal use
john of gaunt duke of lancaster even commissioned nicholas to produce an astrolabe and a calendarium of complete
astronomical tables covering 1387 to 1463 which were later used to create
nautical almanacs for this nicholas became famously known as the man with the astrolabe and was
even complemented and lauded as an astronomical genius by jeffrey chaucer
in his treatise on the astrolabe his esteem as a knowledgeable astronomer
and navigator soon reached king edward iii who in the early 1360s sent nicholas
and a team of ships to explore the arctic benjamin franklin decosta wrote
the work by which nicholas of lynn will longest be remembered is not now to be found
its disappearance under any circumstances is not a matter of surprise since of many important works
once well known no copy remains today while of others there are only one or two examples
unfortunately we know almost as little about the voyages made from lin by the fellow townsmen of nicholas as about the
book in question many hardy mariners sailed from the port of lynn but of their enterprise at the
north only the most scanty memorials remain it is nevertheless clear that their
activity was appreciated by edward iii while their neighbors of blakeney were
several times favored by that king on account of their superior merit what we know about nicholas de lin his
polar explorations and his lost book now come from existing citations and quotations from his contemporaries and
readers one such man was jacobus cinoyan a dutch explorer
who composed a book of travel epics in flemish also lost to antiquity but
quoted and reprinted in later works still available snow yen is referenced as learning from
the minor right nicholas delin that large parts of the polar in-drawing sea
did not freeze over in winter speaking of nicholas cinoyan wrote the
priest who had the astrolabe related to the king of norway that in 1360 a.d
there had come to these northern islands an english minorite from oxford who was a good astronomer
leaving the rest of the party who had come to the islands he journeyed further through the whole of the north and put
into writing all the wonders of those islands and gave the king of england this book which he called in latin
inventio fortunate which book began at latitude 54 degrees continuing to the
pole both nicholas and snowys books contained a detailed map of the arctic derived
from nicholas’s journeys which included a magnetic mountain at the north pole four directional streams encircling
whirlpool and surrounding islands luckily for posterity a version of this
map still survives to this day because it was used for johannes ruiz 1508 map
of the world and later reproduced in detail and published in 1595 by the most
well-known cartographer in history responsible for the most popular maps ever created gerardus mercator
on the legend of rouesh’s map nicholas delin’s inventio fortunata is referenced
as its source stating that it is written in the book of the fortunate discovery
that under the arctic pole there is a high magnetic rock 33 german miles in
circumference a surging sea surrounds this rock as if the water were discharged downward from
a vase through an opening to four mouths below around our islands of which two
are inhabited mountains vast and wide surround these islands 24 of which deny habitation to
man another inscription on ryusha’s map describes the incredible magnetic effect
of the polar lodestone mountain stating here the ship’s compass loses its property and no vessel with iron on
board is able to get away chet vanduzer wrote a world map by johannes ruis the
universe sailor cogniti orbis tabula published in an edition of ptolemy’s
geographia in rome in 1508 shows four islands around the north pole
two the one north of greenland and its opposite across the pole are labeled
insula deserta the one north of europe is that of the hyperboreans and the one north of
america is labeled erenfe he labels the waters within the four
islands as the mayor suggenum and speaks of a violent whirlpool that sucks the incoming waters down into the earth
in addition his map shows a ring of small very mountainous islands around the four islands which numerous islands
ryush says are uninhabited this would seem to indicate that the book written by nicholas of lynn was
known to the mapmaker while also it may have been known at rome it is evident that the polar region was
drawn more or less in accordance with some plan by nicholas which was combined with later material
around the magnetic rock immediately under the pole are four islands
arunfe insula deserta hyperbore europa
and insula deserta outside of these islands are smaller and mountainous islands arranged in a
semi-circle while the peninsula of pilapalante with its base resting upon
europe pushes out into this druidic arrangement of islands bearing up what is intended to represent
a church with the legend sakte adolfi eastward of this peninsula is the
provisiona obscura and the mayor suggenum westward of berga extrema another
peninsula enters the groups of islands which is pierced by planora de berga
at the extreme west the mersojenum also fills the west south of greenland is terra nova or
newfoundland from the mercedes the water flows northward through the four openings into
the polar basin the arrangement is curious yet not wholly without resemblance to what is
found in nature for what is called the polar basin is fed by several vast streams pouring into
it from the warm regions at the south these streams also create counter currents which flow southward bearing
enormous quantities of the heaviest ice swedish historian olis magnus wrote of
both the magnetic mountain and surrounding whirlpool in his 1555 work
historia de gentibus septon trianobilis a description of the northern peoples
stating it to be a well-known fact that ships in the north must be built with wooden pegs as iron nails would be
pulled out by the northern lodestone mountain and that quote between roweist and loaferton is so great an abyss or
rather cherub dis that it suddenly swamps and swallows up in an instant
those mariners who unconsciously approach pieces of wreckage are very seldom thrown up again and if they come to
light the hard material shows such signs of wear and chafing through being dashed
against the rocks that it looks as if it were covered with rough wool just two years later in 1557 english
explorer anthony jenkinson also wrote of the whirlpool saying note that there is between the
said rost island and lofote a whirlpool called malistrand which from half ebb
until half flood maketh such a terrible noise that it shaketh the rings and the doors of inhabitants houses of the said
islands ten miles off also if there cometh any whale within the current of the same they make a
pitiful cry moreover if great trees be carried into it by force of streams and after would
they be cast out again the ends and boughs of them have been so beaten that they are like the stalks of hemp that is
bruised a few decades later in 1591 shauna bull a man who is sheriff of
lofoten and vester allen for over 20 years wrote a similar description
claiming that quote iron rings on house doors are shaken hither and thither by
the rushing of the current whales who cannot go forward on account of the strong stream give a great cry
and then are gone and great trees spruce or fur which disappear in this current and when at
last they come up again then all the boughs all the roots and all the bark is torn off and it is shaped as though it
had been cut up with a sharp axe the most famous map maker who ever lived and likely the only person in the
history of cartography to become a household name gerardus mercader known
for his meticulous accuracy and responsible for the popular mercator projection lived from 1512 to 1594 and
created hundreds of detailed maps the year after his death in 1595 his
family compiled his life’s work into an atlas which included never before released reproductions of nicholas
delin’s maps of the polar regions specifically the septon trianolium terrarium descriptio
this incredible map shows the polar magnetic mountain said to be the highest in the world named rupus
encircling whirlpool four directional rivers and surrounding islands in fine
detail along with several revealing inscriptions chet vanduzer wrote
the map shows a north pole that is very unfamiliar to modern eyes at the center of the map and right at
the pole stands a huge black mountain this mountain was made of lodestone and
was the source of the earth’s magnetic field the central mountain is surrounded by open water and then further out by
four large islands that form a ring around the pole the largest of these islands perhaps 700
by 1100 miles and they all have high mountains along their southern rims these islands are separated by four
large inward flowing rivers which are aligned as if to the four points of the compass though of course there is no
north east or west at the north pole every direction from this center is south
mercator’s notes inform us that the waters of the oceans are carried northward to the pole through these
rivers with great force such that no wind could make a ship sail against the current
the waters then disappear into an enormous whirlpool beneath the mountain at the pole and are absorbed into the
bowels of the earth mercator also tells us that four foot tall pygmies inhabit the island closest
to europe in another inscription made on the map mercator informs the reader further
regarding the great whirlpool stating that a monstrous gulf in the sea towards which from all sides the billows
of the sea come from remote parts converge and run together as though brought there by conduit pouring into
these mysterious abysses of nature they are as though devoured thereby and should it happen that a vessel pass
there it is seized and drawn away with such powerful violence of the waves that this hungry force immediately swallows
it up never to appear again gerardus mercator studied at the university of
louvain in 1549 where he met and befriended another very influential figure of his time john d
astronomer astrologer and advisor to queen elizabeth the first dee was convinced that a route to the
indies could be found through the northwest passage and while attempting to interest queen elizabeth to support
an expedition he contacted mercator for more information in mercators 15 1577 letter back to d we
learned he copied verbatim from jacobus nowian’s itinerarium stating that
in the midst of the four countries is a whirlpool into which there empty these four in-drawing seas which divide the
north and the water rushes round and descends into the earth just as if one were pouring it through a filter funnel
it is four degrees wide on every side of the pole that is to say eight degrees altogether
except that right under the pole there lies a bare rock in the midst of the sea its circumference is almost 33 french
miles and it is all of magnetic stone and is as high as the clouds so the
priest said who had received the astrolabe from this minorite in exchange for a testament
and the minorite himself had heard that one can see all around it from the sea and that it is black and glistening and
nothing grows thereon for there is not so much as a handful of soil on it
this is word for word everything that i copied out of this author years ago
as late as the mid 17th century aspects of these polar phenomena continued
appearing in cartography and cosmography the euripi or four in-drawing streams
were included or alluded to in lis showtin’s 1595 map the ortelius of 1599
quad’s fasciculus geographicus of 1608 hondius’s 1619 map
purchases map of 1625 and in halen’s 1659 cosmography he wrote
about the rupus negra and surrounding whirlpool in eureka stating that
under the arctic pole is said to be a black rock of wondrous height about 33
leagues in compass the land adjoining being torn by the sea into four great islands
for the ocean violently breaking through it and disgorging itself by nineteen channels maketh four eureka or fierce
whirlpools by which the waters are finally carried towards the north and these swallowed into the bowels of the
earth that eurepis or whirlpool which is made by the civic ocean hath five inlets
and by reason of his straight passage and violent course is never frozen
the other on the back of greenland being 37 leagues long hath three inlets and
remaineth frozen three months yearly between these two lieth an island on the
north of lapia and biarmia inhabited as they say by pygmies the tallest of them
not above four foot high a certain scholar of oxford reported that these four eureka are carried with
such furious violence towards some gulf in which they are finally swallowed up
that no ship is able with never so strong a gale to stem the current and yet there is never so strong a wind as
to blow a windmill there is modern circumstantial evidence that lends strong credence to this idea
as well the largest publicly known maelstrom in the world is called salt strewman just
north of the arctic circle in norway where 400 million cubic meters of water
passed through a three kilometer long 150 meter wide straight reaching speeds
of 10 meters per second similar to legends of vergalmer this northern whirlpool actually arises
exactly four times per day every six hours along with the shifting of the tides
in fact the majority of naturally occurring whirlpools in the world including the famous naruto whirlpools
in japan form four times per day every six hours as the tides change if the
entire ancient world’s mythologies along with early explorers historians and
cartographers all shared similar accounts of a polar magnetic mountain encircling whirlpool four directional
streams and surrounding islands occupied by giants and or pygmies why is it that
no modern accounts of the north pole have a single mention of any such thing
how is it possible for such consistency in polar geography to exist throughout the ancient world
why have all these features suddenly disappeared from modern maps were the ancients all completely
mistaken with regards to the north pole or are we now in modern times the
victims of a concerted cover-up and being deceived about what is really at the pole
chapter 4 modern polar discovery frauds
at the turn of the 17th century shortly after queen elizabeth’s advisor john d
was corresponding with gerardus mercator regarding the polar magnetic mountain
queen elizabeth’s personal physician and knighted president of the college of physicians sir william gilbert wrote his
opus de magnet in which he argued against the prevailing belief of a polar
magnetic mountain claiming instead the earth itself to be a great magnet
coming in the wake of the copernican revolution gilbert’s new model in stark contrast to the long-held now deemed
unscientific notion that compass needles were attracted to a lodestone mountain
at the pole proposed that the copernican ball earth actually generated magnetism
from a hypothetical molten metal core which caused a constantly moving dipolar
magnetic field over the globe to this day gilbert’s hypothesis remains
pure speculation since no one in history has ever come close to penetrating or
perceiving the supposed 3950 miles to the ball earth’s core
in reality the deepest drilling operation in history the russian cola
ultra deep after decades of work and dozens of broken drills managed to
penetrate only eight miles down so the entire ball earth model taught in
schools showing detailed descriptions of a crust outer mantle inner mantle outer
core and inner core layers are all purely speculative as we have never even
broken through beyond the crust furthermore there is nowhere in nature that molten metal retains any
significant magnetic properties once heated past the curie point let alone
create some convoluted constantly moving dipolar field as gilbert claimed then
and proponents of the globe still maintained today several decades after gilbert’s de
magnet made its impression on the world another knighted president of the royal society sir isaac newton would write the
influential principia mathematica where he proposed the concept of gravity to
account among other things for how people could exist without falling off the underside of copernicus’s ball earth
coincidentally or perhaps conspiratorially a couple centuries later it would be yet
another royally knighted man sir ernest shackleton of the royal navy who would
allegedly complete that upside down journey under the globe becoming the first person to reach the so-called
southern magnetic pole back when the earth was perceived as a level plane there was only one pole the
north pole directly below polaris which was both geographically and magnetically
the center point of earth due to the hypothetical globe’s hypothetical dipolar magnetic core
however there suddenly became new frontiers to discover not only did earth have a geographic
north pole in the arctic but now its geographic antipode the south pole in the antarctic
since gilbert’s magnetic poles were caused by perpetually shifting molten metal there now also came into existence
constantly moving northern and southern magnetic poles as well and lastly earth’s magnetic field was
claimed asymmetrical so that the constantly moving north and south magnetic poles were not even antipodal
meaning a straight line drawn from one to the other failed to pass through the geometric center of their globe to
account for this two more theoretical poles known as the geomagnetic north and
geomagnetic south poles were also added into the convoluted mix with this after centuries of failed
expeditions to the pole the first decade of the 20th century would suddenly claim
the discoveries of the northern magnetic pole the southern magnetic pole and shortly thereafter both the geographic
and geomagnetic north and south poles as well this turn of the century rush to the
poles was not without its problems however and many explorers supposed polar achievements during this era are
now regarded even by mainstream historians as being riddled with fraud
and falsehoods before the alleged 20th century successes many attempts were made to
reach the north pole during the 19th century all of which failed in 1827
knighted british royal navy rear admiral sir william perry reached a record 82
degrees 45 minutes north latitude before being forced to turn back due to
impassable thick ice in 1845 another knighted british royal
navy officer sir john franklin and his ill-fated two-ship
129 man crew all died during their attempt at the pole after becoming stuck
in the ice and everyone subsequently succumbing to starvation hypothermia
tuberculosis lead poisoning zinc deficiency and or scurvy
in 1875 yet another knighted british royal navy officer in fact the knight
commander of the royal order of bath admiral sir albert markham made an
attempt at the poll reaching a new record 83 degrees 20 minutes north
latitude before turning back due to rampant scurvy and lack of equipment
in 1895 norwegian explorers fritz joff nansen and jalmer johansen made a
record-breaking 86 degrees 14 minutes north attempt before turning back
because of lack of food and supplies then in 1899 duke of the abruzzi member
of the royal house of savoy and italian navy admiral prince luigi amedeo set
another record just barely beating out the norwegians reaching 86 degrees 34
minutes north latitude before becoming stuck in the ice and losing two fingers to frostbite
finally on september 1st 1909 arctic explorer frederick cook became the first
person in modern times to claim attainment of the north pole when he cabled from the shetland islands after a
15-month trek back alleging to have reached the pole on april 21 1908
that day the evening mail headlined dr cook reaches north pole and the next day
the new york herald headlined the north pole is discovered by dr frederick a
cook who cables to the herald an exclusive account of how he set the american flag on the world’s top
the news sent america and the rest of the world into a frenzy of media fueled excitement hailing cook as a hero
meanwhile another arctic explorer u.s navy admiral robert perry happened to be
at that very moment traveling home from his own polar expedition just five days after cook’s cable on
september 6 1909 perry cabled from labrador that he too had recently quote nailed the
american flag to the pole on april 6 1909 a year after cook’s claim
when informed of cook’s news perry cabled that cook’s claim quote should not be taken seriously as he just stood
atop the pole and found no trace of cook or anyone else having been there
on september 7th the new york herald headlined robert e perry after 23-year
siege reaches north pole but to perry’s utter disappointment his claim to be first to the pole was not
widely accepted perry immediately sprang into action obtaining and cabling confessions from
cook’s eskimo guides making the evening telegram headline for september 8th 1909
perry quotes eskimos as saying cook was not out of sight of land and with this
began a heated rivalry between two former friends and arctic travel companions that would eventually end
with both men and their polar retainment claims being completely discredited
paul simpson housley wrote the claimed attainment of the north pole generated enormous controversy and
acrimony both cook and perry boasted that they were the first to reach the pole
cook’s north polar expedition which dates from july 3rd 1907 to september
21st 1909 began from gloucester massachusetts and was sponsored by john
bradley cook visited utah in northwest greenland and then proceeded north to
inoratak here he became convinced that he could reach the north pole
subsequently he returned to utah in order to prepare for the journey and solicited assistance from inuit they
advanced again to anartalk and on february 19 1908 set out for the north
pole cook’s route took him and his men via smith sound to cape sabine to flagler
bay and then across ellsmere island to bay fjord from there they proceeded to eureka
sound and established a camp at cape stallworthy located at the northern extremity of axel heidberg island where
most of his party remained cook himself set out for the pole with two inuit awaila and atukashuk
two sledges and 26 dogs he insisted that he reached the north pole on april 21st 1908
perry’s polar venture occurred between july 6th 1908 and september 21st 1909
it was sponsored by the perry arctic club and the party strived to reach the north pole from ellsmere island
perry’s ships the roosevelt and eric collected 22 inuit men and 17 inuit
women in addition to 246 dogs in northwest greenland
winter quarters were at cape sheridan in northeast ellsmere island
after arriving there on september 5th 1908 perry transferred stores to cape columbia located on the north of the
island and the selected place from which the assault on the pole was to be made
perry’s polar advance commenced in february 1909. support parties led by bartlett borup
marvin mcmillan and godzill had the task of carrying provisions establishing a
trail and providing igloos for perry and henson who were to lead the assault on the pole
the support parties turned back the last to do so was led by bartlett who retreated on april 1 1909 from
latitude 87.47 north perry henson and four inuit continued
their approach to the poll which they claimed to reach on april 6 1909
a cook perry controversy resulted on september 2nd 1909 cook published his
claim to have reached the poll perry’s rival claim was submitted four days subsequently
so after centuries of unsuccessful ill-fated attempts at the poll within the space of just four days two american
explorers claimed to be the first successes cook’s journal description of his heroic
arrival at the poll reads more like a piece of poetic fiction than an actual experience however which has raised
questions from skeptics he wrote constantly and carefully i watched my
instruments in recording this final reach nearer and nearer they recorded our approach
step by step my heart filled with a strange rapture of conquest at last we step over colored fields of
sparkle climbing walls of purple and gold finally under skies of crystal blue
with flaming clouds we touch the mark the soul awakens to a definite triumph
there is sunrise within us and all the world of night darkened trouble fades we
are at the top of the world the flag is flung to the frigid breezes of the north pole the first realization of actual
victory of reaching my lifetime’s goal set my heart throbbing violently and my
brain aglow i felt the glory which the prophet feels in his vision with which the poet
thrills in his dream i saw silver and crystal palaces such as were never built
by man with turrets flaunting pinions glorious golden the shifting mirages seemed like the
ghosts of dead armies magnified and transfigured huge and spectral moving
along the horizon and bearing the wind-tossed phantoms of golden blood-stained banners i was at a spot
which was as near as possible by usual methods of determination five hundred
and twenty miles from svartavoig a spot towards which men had striven for more
than three centuries a spot known as the north pole and where i stood first of
white men perry’s journal description of his arrival at the poll sounded more down to
earth and believable but doubt would soon be cast over his claims as well
he wrote the poll at last the prize of three centuries my dream and goal for 20 years
mine at last i cannot bring myself to realize it it seems all so simple and
commonplace while we traveled the sky cleared and at the end of the journey i was able to get
a satisfactory series of observations at columbia meridian midnight these observations indicated that our
position was then beyond the pole in a march of only a few hours i had passed from the western to the eastern
hemisphere and had verified my position at the summit of the world it was hard to realize that on the first
miles of this brief march we had been traveling due north while on the last few miles of the same march we had been
traveling south although we had all the time been traveling precisely in the same direction
in traveling the ice in these various directions as i had done i had allowed approximately 10 miles for possible
errors in my observations and at some moment during these marches and counter marches i had passed over or very near
the point where the north and south and east and west blend into one
thus starting in september 1909 a huge public debate fueled by the newspapers
raged over who was truly first to the north pole with the new york times showing unwavering support for perry and
the new york herald doing the same for cook the demand of proof in the form of navigational records was issued and
subsequently avoided by both sides cook never produced any detailed original navigation records to
substantiate his polar claim and on december 21 1909
after examining what little evidence cook did submit a commission at the university of copenhagen ruled there was
no proof he had reached the poll cook’s inuit guides would also testify
in handwritten documents that during their final push for the poll they actually traveled south not north and
never once did they travel out of sight of land meanwhile perry outright refused to
submit his records for the copenhagen commission forcing them to also conclude a lack of proof for his claim
cook later alleged to have kept copies of his sextant navigation data and in 1911 published some only to be exposed
as having an incorrect solar diameter during his calculations the national geographic society held
perry’s papers for decades refusing researchers any access to them and when finally independently examined were also
shown to be lacking the released documentation listed only three solar observations without giving the date no
mention of which limb of the sun perry observed and claimed the star beetlejuice was present when it could
not have been detected by a sextant during that time of year perry never produced records of compass
readings observed data for steering for his longitudinal position at any time
and for the final stage in his expedition never took latitudinal or transversal readings and had no
accompanying colleagues trained in navigation who could confirm or deny his work
even though cook’s own navigational data was found to be flawed he would still publicly criticize perry’s alleged
sextant readings stating mr perry’s polar claim rests upon the impossible
observations of a sun at an altitude of less than seven degrees above the horizon
the three armchair geographers seldom out of reach of dusty bookshelves passed
upon these worthless observations not one out of one hundred thousand honest sexton experts would credit such
an observation as that upon which mr perry’s case rests not even in home regions where for centuries tables for
corrections had been gathered not only were cook and perry’s testimonies dubious and navigational
records unsatisfactory but the speeds claimed on their final pushes to the pole were also incredulous
cook recorded on the fourth and fifth days before his support party left that even with full sledge loads he was able
to traverse 29 and 22 miles respectively those days around double their usual
distance covered yet his inuit guide atukashuk claimed that they remained in
the same place for two nights polar researcher and author randall oscevsky in his book frederick cook and
the forgotten poll wrote that cook had needed to invent additional mileage to
make up the distance he said he had covered in reaching the pole and to bring him back to land on a reasonable
date some of this padding is found in distances claimed for days when they did
not travel but some could have been created by simply changing the units since his mileage figures came from a
pedometer it is likely that he originally recorded these figures as statute miles pretending that they had
really been nautical miles would add 15 percent to the distance perry’s supposed speeds during his final
push to the pole were even less believable than cooks allegedly averaging up to an implausible 71 miles
per day his last five marches while accompanied by experienced navigator captain bob
partlet averaged no more than 13 miles per day once his last supporting party turned
back and captain bartlett was ordered southward perry’s alleged speeds immediately doubled for the next five
marches then perry claimed during the final eight days that his speed quadrupled
from a base camp to the pole and back covering 296 miles
198 of them in just four days giving an average of 49 miles a day
this figure however is before factoring many more miles of admitted detours due
to navigation errors drift avoiding pressure ridges and open water leads
which critics claim bring the figure closer to 71. no other explorer before or since has
ever claimed such ridiculous speeds polar researcher and author paul
simpson-housely wrote in his the arctic enigmas and myths that those records failed to confirm
that perry reached his goal and such observations could certainly have been faked
perry fails to provide a detailed account in his diary moreover he should have presented a
well-kept log of his final approach that included checks on compass variation and
on his latitude and longitude made by providing altitudes of the sun planets and stars at various locations
polar pack ice is difficult terrain to traverse the ice drift deviates from wind
direction to the right by 28 degrees to 30 degrees in the northern hemisphere at
a speed of 1 50th of the wind forcing it perry provided no wind speeds in either
his diary or published reports it is highly likely that he would be propelled to the left of his 70-degree
meridian his desire to reach the pole was certainly in excess of his intent to
produce records in addition perry’s chronometer displayed an error of 10 minutes and
this would have influenced his heading more doubt would eventually be cast on both cook and perry through public
scrutiny in 1906 cook had previously claimed himself the first man to reach the
summit of the tallest mountain in north america mount mckinley only to be dethroned upon further investigation
it turned out the picture cook provided as proof of his summit attainment was actually taken on a small outcrop on a
ridge beside the ruth glacier 19 miles away and at only 5 338 feet high
nearly 15 000 feet lower than mckinley’s true peak cook’s sole companion during the 1906
climb ed barrel would also later sign an affidavit admitting that they had not
reached the summit including a map showing the location of what would become known as fake peak
where cook’s picture was actually taken belmore brown an experienced mountaineer who assisted
cook in the weeks before his alleged summit attainment claimed mckinley too expansive and treacherous to have
allowed cook such quick access in the time frame given he would later call cook untrustworthy
and state for the record that he quote knew that dr cook had not climbed mount mckinley the same way a new yorker would
know that no man could walk from the brooklyn bridge to grant’s tomb in 10 minutes decades later cook would also be
indicted and eventually charged and found guilty of 14 counts of fraud for
startup oil companies he promoted and was sentenced to 14 years 9 months in
prison as for perry his obsession with the pole caused him in the first 23
years of his marriage to spend only three with his wife and family missing the birth and tragic death of his son
while in the arctic perry cheated on his wife with a fourteen-year-old inuit girl
named aliquacena who would eventually bear him two children named kala and
kerry during perry’s seven long arctic expeditions made between 1886 and 1909 a
black man named matthew henson was technically more responsible for their successes than perry himself
henson took care of the other men dogs and supplies spoke the inuit language
pulled and fixed the sledges and henson even dragged perry himself around during their final expedition since perry had
lost eight toes to frostbite on their previous journey and could barely walk
even still perry had secretly planned to leave henson and the inuit guides behind
for the final stint so that he could claim the polls solely for himself his plan never came to fruition however
and upon realizing he would have to share the fame perry immediately stopped speaking to henson
the man who had engineered his success saved his life on a previous expedition
and remained unwaveringly loyal to him for over two decades as perry had once written in a letter to
his mother quote i must be the peer or superior of those about me to be comfortable
historian fergus fleming called perry quote the most unpleasant man in the annals of polar
exploration and polar researcher and author beau riffenberg wrote that he quote was perhaps the most self-serving
paranoid arrogant and mean-spirited of all 19th century explorers
he was suspicious of and hateful to those he considered rivals either in actual geographical discovery or as
heroic figures he was condescending and insensitive to his subordinates and he
was ingratiating and servile to those he felt could help his quest for personal glory
another man preparing for a north pole expedition in 1909 was accomplished norwegian explorer roald amundsen
upon hearing word of cook and perry’s alleged successes however amundsen decided to turn his attention towards
the antarctic and the south pole instead unsure his patrons and crew would accept
this change in plans for the next two years amundsen lied to everyone about
his true destination telling even his entire crew that they were traveling north to the arctic pole right up until
their ship the fram was departing from their final port of call madera when he
let everyone know that they would actually be going to the antarctic in search of the south pole
after some initial insubordination ultimately everyone went ahead with his drastic change of plans
upon reaching antarctica amundsen brought 5 men and 52 dogs with him for
the final push to the pole and instead of bringing enough food along for everyone amundsen had his team
kill and eat over half of the dogs used to carry them there on december 14 1911 they would allegedly
reach the geographic south pole to be confirmed by robert falcon scott of the british royal navy who just happened to
be in the antarctic about to launch his own polar expedition just one month after amundsen’s alleged attainment of
the south pole scott’s team already on route would arrive and confirm amundsen’s claim
the problem with amundsen scott and all subsequent south polar claims however is
the following on the globe earth model the geographic south pole is located at 90 degrees
south latitude where all 360 degrees of longitude converge to one hypothetical
point in the middle of an antarctic continent in reality though the antarctic is not a
continent but an encircling icy perimeter of unknown length and on our planar earth lines of longitude only
converge upon the north pole center point and project out straight southwards from there
one degree of latitude is approximately 68 miles and the antarctic ice begins
around 70 degrees south latitude depending on access point therefore no matter what meridian of
longitude followed after traveling south across the ice significantly far enough to the 90 degree mark several hundred
miles the pole has been achieved in other words the so-called geographic
south pole is just an arbitrary point in the antarctic along any line of
longitude significantly far enough south where all lines of longitude on the globe converge and become zero degrees
for ease of transportation supplies and navigation all south pole explorers just
retrace their paths back to their boats though if earth was truly shaped like a ball conceivably they should be able to
simply continue a straight-line path and come out the other side of antarctica
no explorer on foot or by air has ever done such a south north circumnavigation
however because it is impossible as the earth is not a globe
for posterity roald amundsen would be credited not only with being first to the geographic south pole but also first
to winter in the antarctic and then subsequent expeditions to the arctic would claim for him titles of first
through the northwest passage first to cross and first to circumnavigate the arctic ocean first to
the ice pole the arctic ocean point furthest from land masses and after widespread distrust and
dispute of cook and perry’s claims a 1926 expedition would see amundsen
reclaim being first to the geographic north pole as well reminiscent of the 1909 cook perry
controversy however a similar media fueled heated debate raged in 1926 as
u.s admiral richard byrd allegedly reached the pole by plane just three days before roald amundsen did by
dirigible both byrd and amundsen were aware of each other’s concurrent expeditions and
due to recent advances in aviation technology both decided to reach the pole via air rather than land and sea as
previous explorers attempted similar to scott’s follow-up confirmation of amundsen’s south pole
claim the plan was for admiral byrd to fly over first and dump a load of hundreds of large american flags
directly at the pole which amundsen would then find and confirm a few days
later during his own polar flight so on may 9th 1926 bird and his co-pilot
departed in their focker tri-motor airplane the josephine ford from the norwegian island spitzbergen and
attempted to fly over the pole just 15 hours and 57 minutes later
including an alleged 13 minutes of circling the pole bird landed back at spitzbergen claiming to have reached the
pole and traveled a distance of 1535 miles
upon return to the united states byrd became a national hero promoted to the rank of commander and was awarded a
presidential medal of honor at the white house rolled demons airship the nordge
allegedly floated over the pole three days later on may 12 but was unable to confirm bird’s attainment because bird
never ended up dropping his cargo of u.s flags over the pole nor provide a public
explanation of why at first bird’s polar claim was widely accepted and edmondson reduced to second
fiddle but after new evidence came to light and further investigations made clear bird never dropped to the flags
because he never actually reached the pole the first public skepticism of bird
began a year after his death in 1958 when byrd’s colleague personal pilot
during his south pole flight and helper in spitsbergen for the north pole flight burnt falcon published his book come
north with me which questioned the feasibility of bird’s 1926 polar claim
essentially birds sextant locked 61 knot mean speed for the first six and a
quarter hours of the flight per his own records in a recorded 707 gct sextant
shot required that to reach the pole at the reported time he would need to have suddenly after taking the reading jumped
his average speed over double from 61 to an implausible 148 knots in order to
cover the final 284 miles in the alleged time allotted in addition once supposedly reaching the
pole and circling around it for 13 minutes his written calculations contradict our leak still claimed
constant 85 mile per hour straight line speed northward apologists and defenders of bird
dismissed balkan’s objections insisting prevailing winds may have helped him along until in 1960 gosta lilliquist
professor of meteorology at university of uppsala examined the meteorological
records and concluded there were absolutely no polar winds strong enough on may 9th 1926 to propel birds so
swiftly to his destination another exposure of birds hoax surfaced
in 1971 with richard montague’s book oceans poles and airmen in which he
interviewed burnt balkan who claimed that floyd bennett bird’s north pole co-pilot had confessed to him before his
death that the josephine ford had actually developed an oil leak early in the flight lost a motor several hundred
miles from the pole and subsequently turned back circling out of sight of land without making an effort to reach
the pole the final nail in bird’s coffin came with the 1996 release of his personal
diary and papers recording the may 9th 1926 flight his official sextant reading typewritten
in his june 22nd report to the national geographic society taken at 707 10 gct
claimed a solar altitude of 18 degrees 18 minutes and 18 seconds
in his diary however an erased but still legible recording shows his apparent
observed solar altitude at 707 10 to have been 19 degrees 25 minutes and 30
seconds not only this but a scrap piece of paper found in bird’s diary also in his
handwriting shows a third scribbled solar altitude for 707.10 as being 18
degrees 19 minutes and 18 seconds this intermediate scrap paper calculation between the diary recording
and official typewritten report shows evidence of gradual doctoring of the raw data in an effort to fudge a believable
figure in addition bird’s official recorded sextant data was overly precise far
beyond the capabilities of his or any other sextant available at the time
dead reckoning latitudes were recorded with a thousand times better precision than physically possible again pointing
towards an attempt to overcompensate the perceived accuracy of his inaccurate fudged data
to summarize bird’s 1926 primary record includes several mysterious erasures
back and forth diary entries confirmed fabrications and contradictions including two take-off times three poll
arrival times and 707 sextant altitudes and four different speeds
in documents including his diary from the time we see intermediary steps of his forging calculations for the most
believable and accurate times airspeeds distances and solar altitudes he never
dropped the cargo of u.s flags as intended and could not have attained the poll at the speeds recorded
dennis rollins wrote in brief bird’s diary and his type script describe two
quite different trips indeed there are actually four distinct trips because the diary has three
separate and contradictory sections the sextant observations are for a 70 mile
per hour celestially navigated trip the radio distances are for an 80 mile
per hour direct trip while the last minute direct data are for an 85 mile per hour trip
but the later neat type script claims that the mean northward speed was over 90 miles per hour
the typescript trip does not agree with any of the three disparate diary trips if you are caught keeping two sets of
fiscal books you go to jail not even the wildest defense lawyer would try alibiing the accused by
treating the differences between the two documents as exculpatory or mysterious when the whole point of the indictment
is the discrepancies question did any other explorer in history leave us manuscript astronomical
observations for position which grossly to his disadvantage invariably differed
from his published observations since cook perry and bird’s north pole
claims have all been found fraudulent it is now generally accepted that roald amundsen’s dirigible flight of may 12
1926 did cross the pole and he is credited with being the first explorer
to both the south and north poles even wikipedia states that quote three
prior expeditions led by frederick cook 1908 land robert perry 1909 land
and richard e byrd 1926 ariel were once also accepted as having reached the poll
however in each case later analysis of expedition data has cast doubt upon the
accuracy of their claims this is also irish journalist anthony galvin’s conclusion in his book the
great polar fraud cook perry and bird how three american heroes duped the
world into thinking they had reached the north pole ever since amundsen’s dirigible the
nordge allegedly successfully floated over the pole many more explorers have also continued the legacy
norwich designer and pilot umberto nobile along with several scientists and
crew allegedly crossed the pole a second time on may 24 1928 in the airship
italia which crashed before returning killing half the people on board
in may 1937 the soviet government established the world’s first north pole ice station allegedly just 13 miles from
the pole interestingly enough this station was found by icebreakers just nine months
later off the eastern coast of greenland over 1700 miles away
this was explained as being caused by swift ice drifts which radically displaced them
in may 1945 david cecil mckinley of the royal air force claimed to fly over both
the geographic and north magnetic poles the soviet sever ii expedition in may
1948 claimed to set foot on the pole and in may 1949 soviets vitaly volovic and
andrei medvedev claimed being first to parachute to the pole in may 1952 u.s air force lieutenants
joseph fletcher and william benedict claimed the first aerial landing at the pole
the u.s navy submarine uss nautilus allegedly crossed the pole in august
1958 and in march 1959 the uss skate claimed first to surface at the pole
breaking through the ice above it on april 1969 british trans-arctic
expedition claimed first to reach the north pole by foot august 1977 the soviet icebreaker
arctica claimed first surface ship to reach the pole and on the list of alleged polar firsts
continue from first by dog sled to first by motorcycle in 1985 for a particularly interesting
media hyped first sir edmund hillary the first man to stand on the summit of mount everest and
neil armstrong the alleged first man to stand on the moon claimed to land a small twin-engine ski
plane and stand together at the north pole as is abundantly clear to anyone who has
objectively studied the nasa apollo missions freemason neil ar