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Whats crazier than flat earth – there is nothing more mind blowing



what’s crazier than Flat Earth what’s
that’s the CRA that’s the craziest thing
really is it’s really not though but it
is you know people kept coming up have
you have you looked into Flat Earth I’m
like dude shut the [ __ ] up yeah you’re
crazy yeah I’m about to one on that one
I think uh the Earth is round I think we
went to the moon I don’t believe the
Earth is flat at all I think I can just
prove Flat Earth that’s the typical
story everyone’s trying to debunk in the
world is not flat the Earth is flat the
Earth is flat this Earth is flat that’s
[ __ ] insane the Earth isn’t flat I
was violently opposed to it I was mad at
people that would bring it up there’s no
[ __ ] way the Earth is flat friend of
mine was posting all these things on
Facebook it was pissing me off you know
I was like what the [ __ ] is he [ __ ]
with me God this is a [ __ ] nightmare
I can’t be a flat Earth person I like
flat earthers that means they think
fors and they’re
skeptical the the only problem with the
FL Earth uh Rabbit Hole whatever you
want to call it is it’s kind of hard to
beat God damn it the Earth is clearly
not a [ __ ] spinning ball started
going into the research and
boom oh [ __ ] stupid unbelievable like
like how the [ __ ] are we supposed to
handle all of this there’s nothing
compares nothing compares to the whole
quote unquote Flat Earth res search uh
rabbit hole and then I remember feeling
kind of sad cuz I was like there’s no
way I’m ever going to have my mind blown
this hard ever again cuz there’s nothing
mindblowing than realizing that we’re
we’ve been lied to to the point where we
don’t even know where we are I can’t I
can’t think of any other experience
that this can’t this can’t be reality
needs to sink in for people to see this
in the big picture because the
perspective of what we been taught and
how Truman this Truman Show really is is
vital to us fighting this it is you have
to know what game you’re playing in
order to fight it right to Fathom the
reality is so terrifying to most people
that they just can’t do it like there’s
a some sort of mental block it’s like
you either got to believe the official
story as it’s told or you have to
believe that like all of these trusted
networks are in it together there’s some
sort of massive conspiracy it goes all
the way to the top and that idea is so
horrifying that people just reject it
outright I mean these people and their
ability to control the minds of the
masses is admirable if not completely
evil this entire establishment this
entire corrupt structure relies on
Mindless unquestioning obedience and it
might not seem like that but in reality
they keep you in a very uh confined uh
um you know mental state where you you
can’t break out of that until someone
like Alex sign shows up like the uh like
the woman from the 1984 commercial in
apple and just throw throws the hammer
through the screen and shatters the
reality and and hopefully uh shakes you
out of this delusion that you’re trapped
in this coma that you’re asleep in not
enough people question the reality in
which we live in I just want you to ask
the questions that are right in front of
you I want to try to address the
elephant that is in the room that you
know we constantly ignore flat earthers
get banned on YouTube why are they
Banning it if they hiding somebody’s
trying to cover something up absolutely
because if it was so ridiculous then
they would allow the counternarrative
and they would allow
discourse and discussion why would they
do that why Al why would they do that
Google cares about us Alex exactly so is
space fake is there even spaceace is
fake so fake so fake do they think we’re
stupid it’s like Santa Claus for adult
it doesn’t take a rocket scientist it’s
just it’s a laughable on good authority
that space is fake so really really
whatever math that we have for the
current size and shape of the earth is
has been proven wrong I mean it’s been
proven wrong you can’t deny it that’s
just in my opinion a fact n resumes they
received to work there it’s like are you
proficient in
Photoshop it’s like what everything uh
that comes out of NASA is faking it’s
all fake I think I mean you know kind of
like space NASA’s in the business of
Faking everything are you denying space
a little bit a little bit and that’s
normal every everybody that’s into Flat
Earth mhm it was very hard for them to
get into it in admit it took like a year
and a half for them to admit I’ve never
seen a former flat earther nobody’s ever
seen what the actual ual shape of the
earth is and then been like you know
what Neil degr Tyson really does give me
a good argument cuz it’s literally
ridiculous and when you study history
and this dark art stuff you realize that
this long con has happened for a very
long time to teach everybody what is Up
Is Down nobody is upside down that’s one
of the dumbest things you [ __ ] say is
that intrinsic direction of down caused
by gravity what’s the difference what’s
down on a globe en point of the
Copernicus system that is being utilized
now is to try to prove there is no up
there is no down there’s no Heaven above
there’s no nothing no right there’s no
wrong what’s the difference what’s down
on a globe there is no up or down it’s
all just con it’s all just
a like a a play they’re putting on and
everyone believes it time you think uh
Greg Reese can’t top himself he he does
just absolutely amazing stuff even like
the so-called smartest people in the
world will all be like these flat
earthers are [ __ ] you know of us
flat earthers know that once a person
says that they’re basically just
admitting that they haven’t even they
either haven’t even bothered to look or
they’re not smart enough to understand
that the math doesn’t add up one of the
two one of the two things you’re a globe
par it’s all [ __ ] a long time maybe
this really is a long time think I think
you’re on to something so I think that
your motive can ring true especially
with other situation they want to beat
us now they want to make us feel like
we’re insignificant they want to make
you feel like your life is just an
accident but it’s not I’m a creationist
I believe this was created in
intelligent design for sure 110% big
time I’m very much in uh the intelligent
design Camp you have to realize there is
a Creator and that there is some sort of
purpose in life and that we’re not just
some big bang Cosmic accident you know
we didn’t just evolve from Pawn scum
there’s somebody that played play on the
record player that put all this stuff in
motion so we need to connect back to
that spirituality you think you
understand the level of deception that
goes into these schemes we been living
in a matrix we’ve been living in an
artificial world with artificial history
artificial science this entire time more
and more it’s being proven they’re a
bunch of damn liar we’re not the crazy
people you’re the Liars we know they
lied about this we know we lied they
lied about that they lied about things
government lies all time who would
rather be thought as a [ __ ] for not
trusting criminals than a [ __ ]
sellout and a traitor for defending them
that message needs to be resonated here
with the facts and the
truth every day fires will be kindled to
testify that two and two make
four Swords will be drawn to prove that
leaves are green in the summer you’re
not crazy they’re the Liars with the
proof with the evidence you can do the
math guys basic curvature math the math
is right
there everyone’s prove you’re on a flat
plane okay there it is it’s right there
that’s the flat not moving plane
how about you prove you’re on a spinning
ball and it all goes out the window and
you realize it’s all [ __ ] it’s all a
lie folks it’s all a lie and I get where
I don’t believe any of this crap anymore
it’s like Mass psychosis would they do
this of course they would not everybody
can be a robot polisher really don’t
understand how like why they cannot wake
up why they cannot
see how this works dangerous
misinformation like the Earth is flat
and that humans have an immune system
the world round yes it’s a
globe GL card


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