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NASA Mars Video Trickery Is Devon Island CANADA



we’ll have a clown world today where
NASA says it’s sending two more
helicopters to Mars two more helicopters
to Mars my guess is that the first
people who land on Mars will say
something to the effect oh wow this
looks just like Devon Island welcome
everybody to
Mars Devon island is the world’s largest
uninhabited Island it’s cold dry I call
this place Mars on Earth we find exactly
the same looking Canyons valleys and
bellies here exactly the same I was just
completely taken aback by how Mars likee
the whole landscape
was especially you’re flying in it looks
just like the moon base the land is
desolate we have to take seven FES to
get here this is a place that is Barren
vast intimidating slated remote and
Rocky just like the surface of mares
just like the surface of mares it has
exactly the file the slopes the
topography if you will of some of the
Canyons we see on Mars exactly these are
going to be heavy lift Rock helicopter
so they’re they’re saying they’re saying
that they’re going to carry
rocks across a planet that has
essentially virtually no atmosphere
using helicopters that can’t possibly
fly how dumb is this so NASA’s is in the
business of Faking everything
NASA has been faking science and they’re
still doing it with these helicopter
stories if you were able to explain to
somebody you know to really get it
through their thick skulls like how
helicopters work they would eventually
realize that well you oh you can’t fly
helicopters at high altitude even on
Earth can you nope you sure can’t cuz
that defies the laws of physics you
can’t build that it won’t fly
NASA knowing that the public is compl
Ely ignorant their sence and Nash is
like well as screw it let’s just say it
did work let’s just let’s just say that
we set a helicopter Tom Mars and it’s
been flying around and they have like
CGI videos to quote prove
it like deep fake NASA videos and it’s
so it’s working so well we’re going to
send two more
helicopters oh and I forgot to tell you
the best part how are these helicopters
powered oh get this um solar
panels solar panels they claim to have a
solar powered
helicopter flying on a planet with no
atmosphere planet that gets a lot less
sunlight than
Earth but they they think they think
that the average consumer is going to
yeah H yeah solar powered helicopter on
another planet with no atmosphere
carrying rocks sure makes total sense
why not and vaccines are safe and
effective just just endless and not
everybody can be uh Rob about
poish when alenis brought in all the
Nazi scientists and so forth they went
to two places they went to CIA and they
went to the National Aeronautics Space
Administration which in our world we
call it not a space agency and as Kathy
O’Brien has said so clearly that’s where
the bulk of the Mind Control has been
done they can make you believe
absurdities they can make you commit
atrocities people need to understand to
control their Minds uh otherwise other
people will control it for them

Irresistible MARS Meme’s


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