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20 Proofs Earth is an Extended Plane Eric Dubay

an extended plane by ebeneezer breach
it is usually stated as a most
convincing proof that the earth is a
globe that the incoming and outward
bound ship is a standing proof
but that is a mere optical illusion we
have seen the very opposite occur on a
calm sea and clear atmosphere
the dark hull will appear first because
the masts are light color the laws of
optics and of perspective explain very
much when rightly understood and applied
to the phenomena around us
no ship can alter the universal law of
the equilibrium of fluids everything is
measured as above the level of the sea
as every calm sea is a true level it
cannot be globular
where is the rotundity
because geographers are constantly
obliged to admit the fact
thus anstead in his geography says quote
the surface of the earth little more
than one-fourth part rises above the
uniform level of the water and forms the
land it is irregular in its form an
extensive both horizontal and vertical
ensted’s maps are all drawn according to
mercator’s plans which treats the earth
as a plane
lines drawn at right angles straight
mercators is the plan for all navigable
whitehall is so utterly inconsistent as
to teach the globe and practice the
no rotundity
because professor dennison writing on
astronomy without mathematics states
that quote although the ecliptic is
drawn on the terrestrial globe it has no
meaning there
then why is it placed there as though
the earth and all upon it were rushing
through the sun’s path at 66 000 miles
an hour to catch day and night out of
the sun
as the zodiac appertains to astronomy it
belongs only to the celestial sphere
4. because keith himself states the
pampas of south america form a bare
horizontal surface of nearly 1 000 miles
from the atlantic to the andes
also in the same note page 415 the lanos
of the oronoco form a plane of grass
twice as large as france
250 000 square miles are as flat as the
surface of the sea
so here is an acknowledgment that
three-fourths of the earth is flat
besides the two hundred and fifty
thousand square miles of land
where is the globe then
to these may be added the vast prairies
of north america a bit of straight which
occupy the level space between the
mississippi and the rocky mountains no
because in sullivans and other
geographies we read quote a table land
or plateau is a plane or tract of flat
land elevated considerably above the
level of the sea
he states that ireland may be said to be
a level country
surface much diversified even where it
is quite flat
no rotundity
asia is particularly remarkable for the
number and extent of its table or
in fact it includes almost the whole of
the central part of this great continent
where is globularity then
almost the whole of tibet the vast
desert of gobi and the greater part of
mongolia are table or flatlands
no rotundity
every continent has planes that are
hundreds of miles an extent therefore no
no allowing eight inches to the mile
which is prohibited in britain by act
number six house of lords
the north and northeast of the european
continent consists with few
interruptions of an immense plane
no rotundity
in hindustan afghanistan persia armenia
arabia and asia minor there are also
extensive table or flat lands
the whole of central asia is a plateau
no rotundity
in the interior of africa there are also
extensive table lands but their
elevation is not remarkable no rotundity
14. the sahara or great desert is a
table or flatland
the trade winds also forbid the
atmosphere revolving with the earth as
they could not blow and prevail six
months one way and six months the other
if the whole constantly revolved one way
only no rotundity
there is the table land of abyssinia as
another proof that the earth is not a
we read of the plane of dura in babylon
where would the great image have been if
the plane revolved 1100 miles per minute
there are also those in spain bavaria
and in the south of norway
no rotundity
there are also those that comprise the
netherlands denmark northern germany and
almost all european russia no rotundity
the level expanse of sands that are on
view in immense deserts prove
unmistakably that the earth is not in
the tides also forbid it as they could
not gradually undulate six hours one way
six hours the other with the ocean going
one way only
the equator of the earth which
corresponds with the celestial equator
is a complete circle midway between the
north center and south circumference so
there are no hemispheres
as represented on maps
no rotundity
the earth is entirely separated and
detached from the heavens and in the
laws that control the earth and the
celestial bodies there is no affinity
the different layers or beds of which
the earth is composed all lie
horizontally one over the other like the
leaves of a book
so no curvatures
and no rotundity
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