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Us and them – the rules are for thee and not for me


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westerners are being told that they’re
selfish and immoral for taking
international vacations during a
they’re being forced to jump through
dozens of hoops to secure a holiday
while facing stern lectures about being
vectors for new variants of covid
they’re being forced to take multiple
expensive tests while complying with
onerous quarantine orders upon their
but billionaires like larry page don’t
have to worry about that the google
co-founder has segregated himself from
the peasants by purchasing
private islands in fiji he slipped into
the country via an expensive program for
the elite
called blue lane while normal tourists
were simultaneously banned from entering
while page enjoys sumptuous views of the
south pacific on his luxury private
island as he’s attended to by 30 staff
waiting on him hand and foot
ordinary people who have lost their jobs
businesses and homes due to the lockdown
aren’t even allowed to travel there none
of those pesky noisy tourists are around
to bother paige and his billionaire
as they lavish themselves in lockdown
free opulent
tranquility us and then in adelaide
australia four
babies died after being denied
life-saving heart surgery due to
coronavirus travel restrictions they
were forced to make the longer journey
to sydney after the authorities banned
transfers to melbourne
but billionaires like larry page don’t
need to worry about things like that
when attempting to secure medical
treatment for his 12 year old son
paige was given a special waiver to
enter new zealand
this at a time when non-residents were
completely banned from entering the
country this at a time when even kiwis
living abroad
separated from their families couldn’t
get back through the border us
and then the billionaire owner of
atlantic magazine published an
article saying that the unvaccinated
should be put on a no-fly list the
article called on the unvax to quote
face scorn and for the federal
government to weaponize tsa security to
treat them like
terrorists and prevent them from
boarding a plane but as the sixth
wealthiest person
in the world lauren powell jobs didn’t
need to worry about that she couldn’t
care less about being jabbed or not as a
condition of flying because she owns two
luxury private jets and can avoid
airport security
altogether us and them lockdowns caused
150 million people globally to be pushed
into extreme poverty wealth inequality
exploded during the worst economic
downturn in a century countless millions
of ordinary people lost their jobs and
saw their businesses go under
but billionaires didn’t need to worry
about that
they’re doing just fine according to an
oxfam report they exploited lockdown
mandates to further entrench a rigged
they swallowed up and obliterated their
smaller competitors nowhere was this
more evident than with amazon and owner
jeff bezos who saw his personal wealth
grow by 86
billion dollars as amazon shares saw the
combined wealth of the world’s 10 most
richest men
rose by 540 billion dollars during the
first year of the pandemic
despite lockdowns causing financial ruin
for many in society
for the elite it was like they hit the
jackpot and yet uber rich
davos man says your future hopes of
economic prosperity
need to take a backseat to climate
us and them americans who refuse to wear
masks in airports or on planes are
routinely kicked off flights
entire families have been booted because
their babies weren’t masked up one man
was even kicked off a southwest airlines
flight because he didn’t wear his mask
in between eating bites of food but john
kerry doesn’t need to worry about
anything like that he can swan around
boston logan international airport
without wearing a face covering he can
even go through security without wearing
a mask he can sink into his first class
seat and enjoy a mask-free journey
us and them according to democratic
congresswoman donna howard americans
must submit to quote
universal mask wearing parents are now
being told to wear masks inside their
homes so one american who apparently
will be completely exempt from
universal mask wearing is democratic
congresswoman donna howard she doesn’t
need to worry about that
howard was one of 60 democrats who
boarded a jet to washington
dc to skip a vote howard along with five
of her colleagues later tested positive
for covert 19
a photo of howard and her colleagues on
board the flight
doesn’t appear to indicate much
for universal mask wearing us and then
let’s not forget that masks are such an
important life-saving necessity for us
maybe not for them unless that important
life-saving necessity is briefly
slapping one on your face so you can
virtue signal for a staged photo op
housing is a human right on three one
two three
us and them dc residents were told by
mayor muriel bowser that a city-wide
mask mandate would go back into effect
at 5am on saturday but muriel bowser
didn’t need to worry about that because
she timed the mask mandate to go into
right after her birthday party had
finished on friday night
people who attended the reopening of the
anthem entertainment venue in dc were
ordered to mask up after they paid to
watch a performance by dave chappelle
but neither chappelle or any of the
other dc
royalty who attended bowser’s birthday
bash hours before
had to worry about wearing a face
covering after the saturday mandate
kicked in
ordinary folks in dc were ordered to
mask up once again but muriel bowser
didn’t need to worry about that
she was filmed at an indoor wedding not
wearing a mask
she planned to officiate this wedding
and attend
and then also put in the mask mandate
saturday morning at 5 00 a.m she knew
that by saturday
evening by 9 00 pm that she was going to
violate her own order
which either means she’s a [ __ ] or
she’s a liar who knows that these indoor
mask mates
these indoor mask mandates don’t matter
us and
them brits were told that they should
put personal relationships on hold they
were told to forget about their wedding
plans they were told to suffer the
indignity of
virtual funerals many of them never saw
their grandparents alive again
and who ordered them to do this
professor neil ferguson and health
secretary matt hancock but both ferguson
and hancock didn’t need to worry about
halting their relationships while
warning that covid would kill
half a million brits while the
population was placed under a draconian
ferguson and his married mistress were
traveling back and forth across london
the entire time to shag each other
matt hancock was banging his mistress at
a time when brits were told they
shouldn’t even be shaking hands with
each other
us and them people throughout the west
are being told that they must take the
vaccine if they wish to engage in basic
lifestyle activities they’ll be banned
from bars restaurants cinemas
shopping centers educational facilities
and public transport
if they don’t take the vaccine passport
it needs to be
hard for people to remain unvaccinated
told not to see their grandchildren as a
new wave of autumn lockdowns looms
told not to have conversations with
their friends and neighbors
even if they’re wearing a mask even if
you’ve got a mask
don’t start off a conversation talk to
social distance and mask up again
even if they’ve had the vaccine told
they’re ignorant and selfish
for attending parties baseball games and
concerts told that they’re personally to
blame for creating
super spreader events but the global
now you don’t need to worry about that
barack obama’s hosting a giant birthday
bash for his 60th complete with nearly
500 globalist
guests and 200 staff yes i couldn’t go
to granny’s 90th birthday
but it’s perfectly fine for barack obama
to have 500 people because
our rulers are so much better than us
the last 18 months has actually
clarified this
us and then if this virus is as deadly
and dangerous
as they tell us why don’t they behave
it why are they exempt from all the
hardships and restrictions that they
impose on us are you starting to think
that maybe this is about more than a
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