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The Metaphysics Of Flat Earth Norb’s Full Compilation Series


Hi everybody welcome back to my channel this is probably going to be my last video of this kind for this body of
artwork now i’ve been going down the truther rabbit holes if you will pretty much my whole life but the last 15 or so
years somewhat seriously a few years ago i came across martin kenny and his body of research and work
based on who we are what we are where we are where we’re going etc and i was absolutely fascinated what started out
as a cool little art project to try to bring some of his models to life in a 3d environment i found myself connecting
all kinds of dots in life and relearning and de-learning unlearning a lot of things i’ve learned over the years
i found it amazing how my art or art in general color theory composition perspective perception order balance
harmony all correlate to our existence here and our experience as humans or
rather spirits having a human experience i’ve also been producing music for the last 25 years
and this sent me down beautiful bodies of knowledge in regards to the solfeggio frequencies the 432 hertz and other
sacred frequencies which have been used over time in many ways and how perverted our current state of media consumption
is in regards to all of it being a beautifully designed cocktail to destroy
your soul depolarize you and keep you hooked on a toxic intake with all of
your senses anyway music production the sine wave we all come from a sine wave
god to me is this guy right here energy oscillations
multiple oscillations overlapping patterns etc so i say all that to say
what started as a cool art project turned into a few masterpieces that got mirrored and mirrored and mirrored and
translated and re-translated in many languages and now sits as a cool body of
work which i sit back look at and am absolutely fascinated by yes i’m fascinated by my own work why
because as i keep saying it felt like this was not only guided but i did it way too fast i did it way
too good it turned out way too good ahead of its time and it’s probably literally my biggest
best piece of art slash music slash multimedia slash research
knowledge all put into one and of course all still based on martin kenny’s research and us doing a yin-yang a
collective dance of energies to come up with these beautiful masterpieces
so first a thank you to the universe and to martin and to you guys i feel like my
palette of skill sets my art making my music making my multimedia making skills are finally
being used for their true purpose these passion projects as i call them take a lot out of me but also fill me
with knowledge a new way to experience this life a new way to appreciate this
experience as well okay so the reason why i’m even doing this last video is this is a compilation
of everything and when i say everything i mean a lot of stuff has been removed from youtube a lot of stuff has been
removed from my channel i actually even removed some of my own stuff at one point so here i’m recompiling everything
that i did including new stuff you may not have seen before into one long video so when you look at the length of this
video no it’s not just one it’s a whole compilation of everything so thank you again to this beautiful universe for
choosing me as the conduit and for showing me there are people in this world that you have eyes to see and ears
to hear and maybe our receptors are even a little broader wider and capable of receiving information that most can’t
which in turn turns into prophetic work like we have here so thank you again and enjoy this long
ass video
hi my name is martin kenny i’m a student of flat earth geocentric
science cosmology astrology anthropology and spirituality
over the last few years i’ve dedicated my life to trying to rediscover and share the true secrets of who we are
where we are and where we’re going and my name is norb chufus
i’m an artist producer and enthusiast of the divine arts and vibrations
i’m also a student of martin’s work and have the privilege of being his conduit to present this information to you in an
engaging way the ying to the yang of this beautiful body of knowledge
research and intelligence you ever wonder who or what are we
and are there others like us where are we and are there other places like this
when and how did we get here and have we been here before what are we doing
why on earth are we here how did all this life begin
and where are we going on december 2018 join us as we explore these
questions in detail our cosmic cycles of space time and
matter of the past present and future using syncretic research combining
scriptures mythologies holy books science cosmology observable reality and
inner knowing mother nature meets father time a 168 000 year journey into our
existence our time capsule our home it’s quarter past the fifth epoch do you
know where your consciousness is for those with eyes to see and ears to hear the year 2020 marks one of the most
important events in our history let us help you prepare understand and be aware of the changes
to come in our world [Music] universal disclosure
the master oscillation welcome to the quick version of the norb
theory if you guys find this interesting i urge you to watch the full version the links in the description
so a lot of controversy is it flat is it rounds are we spinning
is there curvature here’s another theory it kind of makes us both
ancient greek norse and hindu cosmology all focus on an orb as the
universe and after watching enough flat earth videos and a couple of these i went down
the rabbit hole of the cosmic egg and after watching martin’s video shout out to you bro i decided to make a 3d
version presentation of the whole thing with my own couple spins i urge you to watch his videos too links will be in
the description so let’s walk through how this universe may have started step one head of the
void the holy trinity gets created birth life death
repeat step 2 the holy trinity creates its womb to protect itself from itself the void
then the trinity separates into three positive neutral and negative
next steps the cosmic vortex is created this gives us our oscillations our
weather our currents our airflow etc then
our actual earth the rock a three level pyramid on both sides
we are on the third plane this gives us our four elements of life
air earth water and fire up above the galaxies and the stars and
the firmament are put in place next we have our toroidal fields
these electromagnetic fields protect and separate all the lanes
they also oscillate at different speeds giving us all our rotations of the different planets
next the suns and moons are put in place three suns three moons
with mercury in the middle acting as both a sun and a moon and there you have it earth the universe within a multiverse
within a master verse we can’t get past lower earth orbit that’s that first toroidal field to the
lands of mars and venus the antarctic is not the south pole the
antarctic is the perimeter around that first toroidal field when they say they’re going to outer
space it doesn’t mean up it doesn’t mean to land on stars you can’t do that it means to go outside the perimeter to
outer land when they talk about alien life forms or other life forms it means coming from these other lands so who
knows what’s beyond those perimeters that could be the land of the aliens maybe we’re the aliens
maybe the outer outer perimeter has even more life forms and resources
and inhabitable land maybe some of us already get to go there one thing’s for
sure if this is true i could see why they’d want to hide it the resources on these planes are
obviously limited if this is all designed if there really is a dome above us
and we’re stuck here and we can prove it then the first thing we’ll want to do is
break out figure it out why is it here why are we here who built this
next the religions would probably all claim they were right
next chaos panic the elite have done a great job at the divide and conquer campaigns over the
last generations now it’s down to gender wars identity
wars regional wars resource wars and the most important the war on your mind
body soul spirit perceptions indoctrination of who
you think you should become and what you should spend your life doing we’re not unified and that’s the last
thing they want this scares some people this makes others laugh
they’ll continue believing we’re spinning on a ball defying all kinds of logistics but okay
the cool thing though is we’re having a mass awakening all the holy books pretty much tell the same story just giving all
the variables and planets and suns and moons their own names and actors and stories to go by
being in the arts for the last 25 years while my whole life really but professionally for 25 years
i understand one thing’s for sure about music art feelings and this world itself
and that’s frequencies and oscillations and we all come from a sine wave operate
in oscillations and cycles and so does this planet it breathes they go through cycles it goes through patterns
the suns and moons go through multiple oscillations at the same time this model also
explains lunar and solar eclipses rather easily rainbows color theory etc also
rather easily the point to this if any don’t let it scare you even if all of it is true
if anything this should help you at least gain some knowledge become a little more illuminated and understand
your life your body your mind your soul is also a big oscillation machine and
you should be oscillating every single day at your full potential so that if
this next life previous life we are our own ancestors thing is true you can ascend in your next lifetime to
becoming your own star of stars [Music]
hmm [Music]
it’s true all of us used to be one on the same vibration
the best way to explain it [Music] we’d have to go either back in time
or back to the future to the starting point of time
zero where all the axises meet this is actually the death and the
rebirth of consciousness
with the huge controversy on whether we do live on this spinning ball or a flat plane i’m here to present an alternate
theory kind of mixing both ready
[Music] at first out of the void
the nothingness the timeless spaceless and matterless abyss
chaos finally met order it is intelligent it is beautiful
it is everything and nothing it is all at once it is syncretized
i call it infinite consciousness [Music] one day it decided to finally create
a womb for itself where it can build a home
to create an experience within itself so the holy trinity was designed
executed and it’s perfect this is essentially the birth of
consciousness in the center is absolute consciousness where
everything overlaps birth life death creation sustenance and destruction
the father the son the holy spirit everything is divided into threes hence
the 33.33 etc number being so popular and important in
our society it’s also worth noting this is where i
believe the first sign wave was ever created that is the breath
the in the out the up the down the left right etc
this is life consciousness cycles repetition
patterns with its intelligence the holy trinity
creates its home its womb the first of five rings
[Music] this is the seed of life where everything starts
[Music] while slowly transitioning from chaos to
order the trinity divided itself into three portions [Music]
just like on a magnet you have red and blue positive and negative here we have birth which is up top
polaris the highest star in the middle we have life which is green
and on the bottom we have death which is red negative polarity
this is also why we have rgb in our color codes i’ll actually explain that one in a bit
more detail a little later because it is important [Music]
next the trinity started to stir its creation essentially creating our cosmic vortex
the universal highway and our atmosphere generator all basically connecting us to the
master verse so they say up top this also creates the mainframe
that powers it all this gives us our energy our weather our flow of airs waters
currents all spinning clockwise oscillating and giving us
our gases gravities densities buoyancies
turbulence etc
[Music] the upper part of the orb is known as
the land of the gods this is where the star of stars the director of everything sits
under him omega andromeda and the milky way all giving birth
to the first breath by neptune and uranus giving it its first oscillation
this is what mixes everything this is what creates our actual clockwise spin
we know it as the vortex the cosmic vortex or the black hole
next we have our actual earth built in three parts as well
both above and below like they say as above so below
so we have three part pyramid here and each level of these pyramids are our
lands so we have the crust the mantle inner core
and outer core this is also what gives us our four elements of life
air earth water fire
also now that you have this viewpoint you can see that there is such thing as space
[Music] however it’s not to go to other planets up there it’s to go to outer lands
beyond our perimeter why can’t we go to the perimeters this is why right here
these are called toroidal fields you guys know them as the van allen belts there are five toroidal fields
that separate the lands and give each its own ecosystem its own sun and moon
and give each its own atmosphere and rotate and oscillate to give the earth
its breathing system okay this allows the whole orb to breathe in and out and these
toroidal fields protect each perimeter or we can call them districts
so we are on the center one and you’ll see four here with a tiny one in the center center of our earth which is the
north pole okay there is an actual polar field there
there is actual energy there compasses get pulled there
so let’s take a closer look these electromagnetic fields all oscillate at different speeds so if we go by this
theory then the sun is traveling around us at around a thousand miles an hour
and the other stars are also traveling in their respective speeds in their own perimeters the second
perimeter with mars is 67 000 miles an hour
and the outer perimeter is close to half a million miles an hour so all of these
have their own oscillations both the actual rings and the actual planets
or sun and moons within them each of these lanes each of these rings
has four atmospheres to go along with it and that is the troposphere on the
bottom part the stratosphere just above us the mesosphere
and then the thermosphere and again going back to the vortex that spins from above and
below is what gives all of these other oscillations we’re going to talk more about
oscillations a little later because they are very very important okay so now let’s break down the planets
each land has its own sun and moon mercury which is the very center of
centers of everything in the north pole is both a sun and moon okay it is both
therefore we’re not counting it here we’re saying there’s three suns and three moons man
and woman left and right positive negative
each land has its own ecosystem this is where the theory of
extraterrestrials or extra terrain extra land
come from the outer outer ring may also be where dinosaurs creatures aliens again a
different ecosystem different light sources colors air breath everything is different
so when they say they’re trying to explore outer space
it doesn’t really mean up because those are luminaries those are stars those cannot be landed on
they mean outer lands beyond the perimeters known as the south pole or the antarctic
you guys have taken in a lot of data congrats for sticking around this long let’s quickly recap we have the holy
trinity creating the womb then the holy trinity separates into positive neutrality and negative
then a vortex is created then a rock is created for our lands
then our toroidal fields are created to create cycles and to create breath and
to create oscillations then suns and moons are created
and they also have their own oscillations and they are all respective to their own lands
[Music] so let’s break down oscillations some more here we simply see a sun and a moon
going around in a circle and here we see three going around in circles
now some are oscillating faster than others but they’re all generally going in a circle
and they are now going to oscillate in a lot of different ways as well here you see the original oscillation to the
different types of patterns you can create while doing your big oscillation
so this is a double oscillation and here you can see that all the planets are also moving up and down over
their oscillations as well so we have a big oscillation then a pattern within that as a secondary
oscillation then we’re moving up and down as a third oscillation and they’re changing patterns over time and could be
adding and removing other oscillations who really knows you can also create different types of
oscillations based on the different wave type we are known as a sine wave everything is fluid
there are also sawtooth triangle and square wave types this is also used a lot in
music production we’ll go into that a little bit more later too but you can see that these patterns
create beautiful shapes and they also depict our time our
seasons our summers winters when the planets breathing opening and closing that gives
us all of our different oscillations these oscillations also explain the
various lunar and solar eclipses think about it in certain oscillations
the sun will be going in front of the moon in other oscillations the sun will be going behind the moon
or vice versa and that probably happens with all the planets that’s why sometimes you’ll see people
ask why do i see two suns or three moons or whatever the various
variations and phenomena that we see generationally these patterns have been
tracked to some degree if you actually pause the video as these are going around in their circles you’ll
start to create amazing shapes and if you connect all the planets and the dots so to speak you’ll see where
the yin-yang symbol comes from the positive negatives come from color theory comes from frequencies come
from everything basically comes from these oscillations it is a beautiful system
of design they say the fallen angels or the illuminated ones have had this knowledge which i’m presenting to you
today as a simple theory but there’s probably some truths to some of this have had it for a long time and it has
been perverted and distorted over time now just as a side note wouldn’t it be a great story to tell the
populace that you cannot get off this plane this planet
plane because there is just infinite time and space outside of this plane
we only have access to the inner part it is a special part of all this because
it is the center and we have access to the north pole which is where ascension happens
and i do think we are in a special time it’s not just let’s prove the earth is flat what’s beyond that so what if it is
well what might be outside those perimeters maybe there are things we need to protect ourselves from and or maybe it
is just a bunch of land we cannot get to but every country every government would love to to chop it up carve it up
because there’s so many precious resources out there potentially [Music]
okay so let’s look at oscillations and frequencies in music now i’ve been doing music production for a very long time on
top of doing art digital media video i’ve gone through everything to do with art at a fundamental level in various
gifted schools and whatnot my creative side is is my passion my labor of love and i believe i’ve been
given these beautiful talents and skills to share beautiful information like this
and potentially help you guys ascend or at least become illuminated and understand and have knowledge in the
beautiful engaging presentation [Music]
here we have frequencies with music and layering music and giving you visuals
for those frequencies you can see that certain notes
sit in the lower frequencies and certain notes sit in the higher frequencies
but here you can see layers of audio overlapping each other and creating beautiful waves as well and when you
layer things properly you create harmonics natural harmonics and that’s when the oscillations become beautiful
visuals as well so everything is everything and this is another example of
[Music] but that it comes to music and when it comes to artists hitting certain notes
and singing certain melodies or priests chanting or other melodic structures or chording
or layering of your voice or an instrument [Music]
again you get beautiful harmonics so when we play something in the higher
octaves it sounds angelic
when we play something in the lower octaves it sounds demon-like
[Music] if we take this one step further and add
a visual and sound effects you can definitely see how you can make someone uncomfortable or anxious by
design now while watching this think of your daily routine and how you oscillate and what you eat and what type
of frequencies you take in people you talk to entertainment you take in etc you’ll be surprised at how much negative
energy you probably take in on a daily basis and don’t even know it
[Music] [Applause]
[Music] [Applause]
you know when a musical artist is singing and they’re off-key you can just tell you can sense it you know the
harmonics are off or when someone’s showing you a spoofy video you can tell it’s fake or when a
journalist is spoofing a story you can tell they’re faking it this is because the harmonics are off and your [ __ ]
radar is basically detecting it but when you do it through things like entertainment and movies and music and
comedy where there’s a bit of truth to every joke you play a very fine line
of the types of perceptions you’re presented with your whole life so of course me showing you this stuff
is probably making you reject it instinctively because your whole life you’ve been told we’re living on a ball
that’s spinning in outer space in infinity and in part some of that might be true
singularity could be the big bang our whole universe might well be flying through infinite void
but our actual land that we live on well i’ll let you be the judge
or you’ve ended up on this video because you’ve already discovered your own truth [Music]
so what i’m trying to say when you do listen to frequencies watch movies do your day-to-day
take in 5 000 logos 400 cents 300 people’s eye contact and energy is
overlapping yours think about what your purpose in this life is because my goal is to help you guys
ascend to a higher state of consciousness become illuminated and you too
are nothing but a big oscillation machine when you breathe in and out that’s oscillating when you walk your
whole body is oscillating when you sleep you’re going through a cycle everything about us
is oscillating and you should be oscillating to your full potential in this beautiful universe
[Music] [Applause]
in between the fourth and fifth to toroidal fields is where the firmament
sits this is where all the stars are attached and fixated as they do
their oscillation as well this firmament is what prevents us from going up
in fact there’s footage online of rockets being sent up by independent teams and you can clearly see it hit
something up there before coming back down now if you look up operation fishbowl and operation high
jump you’ll come across some interesting information regarding the efforts that the governments have put in to try to
get through the firmament anyway that is how the star system works
now the top two planets neptune and uranus are i believe also
just above the firmament they are what give the initial spin to the vortex
these two are also known as exoplanets and that is because they are on the
exterior of the toroidal fields and outside of the three suns and moons system and again this is what gives all
the differentiation to all the oscillations of everything else under it
so we’ve covered a lot of the top half because that is our home and we don’t really know what’s on the
bottom but based on the same research sources the bottom is very much like the top except with water
there are also three levels below us that mimic what we have above and then there’s also a firmament on the
very bottom just above pluto again instead of air
it’s water and it’s known as the great deep the five toroidal fields operate down
here to cycle the water in its respective cycles as well and frankly
who knows what kind of life forms may be down there or what may be down there
but this is known in our literature as hell interesting huh
so how does religion tie into all this let me try to explain and this is just
my opinion i believe all the holy books were simply metaphorical stories to explain exactly
what i just showed you i don’t believe there were actual people i believe they were depicting everything
you see here and all the variables were given their own characters i’m going to stick to the bible here
just to give you guys a couple random examples and then please refer to any of it for yourselves to see if you can
pinpoint the metaphor when they say jesus died on the cross that is a metaphor four
jesus is christ christ represents consciousness
consciousness died on the cross the cross is the crux again the cross
section the middle point of middle points and if we look at the cross in a 3d format
you’ll notice it’s not a plus symbol the center horizontal piece has moved up
because on the universe we are not in the center of centers we are up a little bit on that third plane
right so when consciousness died at the cross section
of our universe that is the north pole and when they say follow the north star
that is polaris and the birth of jesus is also under the north star
the very center of the first toroidal field inside is known as the garden of
eden that is a holy place that is a spiritual place so when christ was crucified
consciousness ascended into the heavens through the moons
because you come in through the suns and you leave through the moons ascended into heaven and three days later was reborn
again a metaphor for reincarnation or your next cycle your next life
this is where past lives future lives we are our own ancestors etc comes from
as well also in the name of the father son and holy spirit
derives from this too pretty much every single thing you see
in the holy books it’s a story and a metaphor to explain one of these variables in this beautiful
universe [Music] hey i’m just putting forth theories i’m
not trying to push any religion onto anybody nor am i religious but i do believe
that people in ancient times simply had this knowledge and again told it to us
in story form format or in book format or in holy book format
[Music] i thought a lot about how to close this out because i’ve given you a lot of
intel and some of you are probably laughing while others have been here before and others are even farther along
in the research than i am some of you are probably asking where did you get all this info are you just
making this [ __ ] up or is this actually sourced material or well it’s a mix
of ancient literature cosmology science and putting various random puzzle pieces
together for a long time again it’s called the norb theory because it’s just that i don’t believe
in this definitively either i just think it’s a lot more plausible than what we’re currently told and as i close this
out i’m going to show you guys some screen caps of others that have taken this theory before me
in their own ways and presented it i’m also going to leave links in the description
to the stuff that influenced me at least some of it that breaks some of this down and gives it even more context
so does it really matter if the earth is flat or not not really at least not for those that already
don’t believe a lot of what we’re told and taught and there’s a lot of us and more awakening every day
but i guess some of the fears would be that the religions would quickly claim they had the right story
there is a creator something designed this thing be it a simulation of a simulation or a great designer a god a
greater being and not to mention they’d have to finally fess up that they’ve been lying this whole time
and give us full disclosure which may well happen it’s actually an exciting time
as more people wake up there’s a lot to explore there’s a lot to learn
and it’s amazing to finally realize we don’t know that much about ourselves or where we live at least not most of us
i always thought there must be some order it’s not just all chaos and random and this was my final missing link to
that thinking there very well may be other life forms out there aliens or whatever but they’re depicted very
negatively low frequencies ugly creatures they may be way ahead of us and looking
at us as the aliens or the pests the destructive species that can’t even get into their own harmony keep them away
from us could be what they’re saying never really know so what’s after this
well they say if you lived out your karma properly you ascend if not you’re doing this again
is there gonna be a part two who knows hopefully all of us will be actually living it instead of watching
it on your screens they have nations divided they have religions divided they have demographics
divided they have age groups divided and now they’re going after the biggest
the gender war whether we’re going to space or we’re
going to the outer limits i still believe the purpose of life is to be good versus evil
i still believe i’ve made it to where i’ve made it to in life because i’ve challenged everything and i’ve not been
definitive with my thinking especially when it comes to belief systems
politics the way i oscillate in this lifetime and how i spend my time and resources and efforts
to try to achieve my goals as we go through this transitioning this big mass awakening i’m sure some of you
can already feel it and sense it more and more of you guys are gonna come to your own truths faster and faster
than ever before [Music] so if anything i’d love for you guys to
at least keep an open mind to this and anything that is presented in front of you as
fact and definitive if you can’t touch it yourself explore it yourself see it yourself
not just on a television screen not just through news not just through an organization be it
government or not then don’t just blindly believe it just because you’ve been told something your
whole life doesn’t make it true but do your own research and the five most important words that i
don’t think they want me telling you they’re simple
all you need is love
so the sun is sunday moon is monday mars is tuesday mercury the center is
wednesday jupiter is thursday venus is friday saturn is saturday
we have a pretty interesting shape here [Music]
i decided to keep going and connecting the rest of the planets as they are all aligned
i started noticing really cool patterns of perspective and all kinds of shapes
stars triangles rectangles and pretty evenly split pieces although
the image itself is on a bit of a perspective angled downwards and a little to the right so this won’t come
up perfectly and i’m simply in photoshop using the shift command with the pencil tool
to connect one point to the next so it’s all kind of rough it’s not perfect however you still get the idea
i decided to keep going and connect the upper parts as well starting with
polaris singularity and i got even more perspective now i’m
starting to see pyramids three dimensions [Music]
and i started to think about some of our structures and some of our stories and the story of babel
where they built the tower to try to get up there
and hilarious decided nope we’re gonna flood everything you guys gotta start over you can’t cheat the system to try
to get up and ascend faster then they started to look at some of the other pyramids and noticed
the three big ones it’s important because the tallest is always polaris
the second tallest is always a sun and the third is always a moon so the suns
are always a little higher than the moons anyway just thought this was kind of interesting as i start overlaying
some of the images so i start to go even higher now and
connect the midpoint the firmament while the midpoint up there and i get even more perspective
perhaps even more dimensions and again as they are spinning and oscillating
multiple directions at the same time and changing that directional pattern
we go through different cycles of time we go through different cycles of energy we go through different cycles of
consciousness then i started to get a little sinister and look for logos
that might fit and came upon this again just theorizing just having some fun and being creative
seeing what i come up with and as i get each new puzzle piece and go aha something interesting just
happened let’s add this to it let’s add that to it this is just me again theorizing being
creative on perhaps why the chevron vector
symbol is so important because it’s an everyday use all around us in all our energies
and all our logos this is definitely one of my biggest masterpieces as far as compiling a bunch
of info and presenting it with wicked graphics my own music foley
3d from scratch pretty much everything you see here and i’m really proud of this thing so please feel free to share
it critique it drop your comments below if there’s any corrections to be made feel free to drop those too thank you so
much for watching and have a great day even if it doesn’t make sense don’t you ever question nasa your authority your
government they would never lie nope never spy nope never spray the sky never take a bribe
anytime you see flat earth proof just regurgitate the voltage that you learned back in school is the curriculum true
it’s approved by the experts
nope nope number
[Music] on the horizon as they dip but a zoom
lens brings it back in there it is nope that’s just refreshing the mirage
don’t you see the satellite don’t you see the blinking lights how the [ __ ] can you deny cause i look up every night and
i see the same [Music]
this yeah is completely underrated keep your social life and flat earth completely separated cause the skeptics
won’t get this but get this our freedom of artistic expression every speech is under threats number eight i ate it
sideways that’s infinity i was made from the trinity not no apes just dfinity my algorithm is sensitive 432
perfect fractal patterns those are nature’s words number nine the math and the numbers say it all real roads and
canals were rebuilt on no bus and from ancient civilizations to today’s shoot the engineers don’t put the curvature in
their equations get ready to pretend regurgitate again cause you can’t
my friend and if you get too many f’s you get sent to the dock you got 80d a pop in a cocktail full of cans
i’m a truth seeker vomited on reality distorted by these teachers and doctor needed research let’s go with
smoke some wave we used to have respect for road joking for waking people the [ __ ] to this
monster machine which we all bow down to when some
this body of work is a hypothesis and theory based on syncretic research this
research is meant to unite people and open up discussions about our reality all we ask is that you be kind to each
other once you watch this and start discussing and dissecting it we also ask and strongly encourage you and everybody
to re-upload and mirror this on any and every platform redub it in your language do reaction videos make screenshots
remixes refixes and get this out there one last disclaimer some of the maps on
these models and elements are not the spec and i did them to be as visual as possible so don’t mind some of the maps
being off distorted or totally wrong they are meant for representation purposes only so grab your snacks and
drinks and get ready to have your mind blown let’s go
before we get into the details it’s extremely important that you have a full understanding of the construct of our
geocentric electromagnetic universe if you’re not familiar with this geocentric model we’re going to leave
links in the description for you to catch up on the basics in short we’re not on a ball
our earth currently consists of four concentric rings of physical land beginning and spiraling out from the
zero point axis at the center of the plane just like a drop of water that falls into a larger body of water
therefore creating a ripple effect beginning from its point of impact concentrically expanding outwards the
very middle center of this vast earthly concentric plane is what’s known as the zero point axis
this is what we refer to as the magnetic north pole this central pole is not just a
symbolical metaphor but an actual physical marker said to be a magical or
should i say magnetic pillar sometimes referred to as a holy mountain or the
tree of life the first big red pill you’re gonna have
to swallow is that beyond all these dimensional fields of energy from where we are now in our northern and southern
extremities are other extraterrestrial lands inhabited by other extraterrestrial civilizations
this is what we might call extraterrestrial outer and inner space extraterrestrial outer and inner earth
i know it sounds crazy just bear with me each of these four dimensional rings of
earth have their own eco lunar solar systems and seasons and their own sun
and moons which would be our current seven wandering stars saturn and jupiter being the solar sun
and lunar moon of the outermost ring domain or realm of earth mars and venus being the solar sun and
lunar moon of the next concentric domain of earth inside that this mars and venus domain would be the
main realm beyond our southern antarctic boundary and the aurora astralis electromagnetic field then of course we
have our own solar sun apollo and lunar moon artemis in this domain
and last but not least mercury within the inner central realm beyond our northern arctic boundary and aurora
borealis electromagnetic field this inner star mercury is androgynous
both a solar sun and lunar moon in one it’s sometimes referred to as the inner earth sun or black sun or planet nibiru
or planet x now the full expanse of our entire earthly plane with all the different
realms would be what the ancient greeks referred to as mother gaia the kinetic egyptians called the benben or mother
geb and the indo-vedic’s referred to as the mandala in this presentation we’re going to
explain and show how the spiral expansion of space time and matter began and continues to be
let’s go this calendar is a modern interpretation
and mix of the aztec mayan calendar egyptian dendra stone the various
chinese and indian dharma wheels as well as other ancient cosmological and universal clocks and calendars
many ancient cultures civilizations mystics and researchers have created and depicted various cosmic clocks and
calendars over the ages some simple others complex but one thing is for sure
they all knew that all time operates in a cyclical pattern they knew that everything in existence
has a beginning a middle and an end birth experience growth and death
sunrise midday sunset midnight spring summer autumn winter
iron bronze silver gold you get it so our cosmic calendar of time is a macro
cosmic and syncretic mirror reflection of those observable microcosmic clocks calendars cycles and seasons of time
and as always our research is embedded on the foundation of natural and observable everyday reality
hopefully by the end of this presentation you will have a better understanding of how different ages
races civilizations and realms have come about over time within our electromagnetic cosmic egg universe
so in order to understand our calendar better we need to break down something known as an epoch our epoch here is
going to be 24 000 years for one full cycle what is the definition of an epoch
a division of time that is itself a subdivision of a larger period of time think of seconds to minutes to hours to
days to months to years good examples of epochs an epoch is also subdivided into ages
corresponding to a series of chronological changes or events any pot can sometimes be referred to as
an era age period time eon span stage or point in history
universal epochs are also sometimes referred to as a platonic year or a cosmic day just like a clock striking 12
and starting another cycle or day so our epochs are 24 000 years reflective of
our natural 24-hour day and clock 24 hours in a solar day 24 000 years in
a cosmic day the first thing we’re going to do is lay a typical 12-hour dial
we’re going to follow this by also laying 12 months of the year and follow that ring by a ring of the 12
zodiac signs matching up to each month the next ring is going to represent our
four seasons autumn winter spring and summer
the ring inside this one is going to represent our 24 hour clock with 6 pm
being represented at 12. the next ring is our meridian
we have midnight quarter past half past and quarter two
and inside this ring are going to be our four concentric lands eras
ages civilizations and solar systems as stated we’ve
already had four epoch cycles and we are currently a quarter past the fifth
now just as there are four earthly physical realms there are also four physical humanoid root races associated
with the creation of each realm these four root races are the hyperboreans
[Music] lemurians atlanteans
and aryans but there’s also a fifth race of beings
that lives in the center mount meru of our earth this is the master root race the
polarians unlike the other four the polarians are semi-ethereal meaning not
completely physical beings they do not have a definitive skin pigment size color or race
having said that they are often depicted as being somewhat indigo bluish translucent beings
the very middle or central point of earth is where the earth and the heavens meet and this is where the gods live
we propose that the polarians are able to transverse between the two worlds the heavens or spiritual realms above and
earth slash physical planes below anyway these polarians began the human
race at pole position they were the very first forms of earthly beings to manifest on this plane
all the other four route races were seated by the polarians hence the term
master race we could also call the polarians the guardians of the earth
so this first polarian epoch or first 24 000 years centered around the cosmic
tree of life was regulated by the grand heavenly first and largest solar system
neptune and uranus the highest and first two wandering stars or sun and moon of
our universe albeit semi-ethereal in nature and at the end of their epoch the
polarians completed their first cycle or circle of cosmic time 24 000 years of
experience this was the end of their epoch at this point the polarians created
their very first physical manifestation and so the hyperboreans realm and root
race are created a new physical paradigm emerges unfolding out of the north polar center
axis aka the very first ripple we could also say the tree of life gave
birth to its first physical fruit or seed this process is what we might call a
pole shift the very first pole shift of our earth this new hyperborean realm comes
complete with its own solar system to regulate its physical space time and matter
the very first sun and moon are also created jupiter and saturn however at this stage they are androgynous they are
one they are not separated they only separate at the end of their
epoch this is the first domain to experience fully physical earthly space time and
matter all regulated by the very first earthly solar system this hyperborean realm that unfolded out
of the center pillar was the very first garden of eden surrounding the tree of life or mount meru at the center
keep this in mind for the rest of the creation process every time a new ripple comes out it is the new garden of eden
over the next 24 000 years during their epoch the hyperborean realm was gradually pushed outward away from the
center as a new realm and physical root race was created
the second ripple the lamorian realm and root race is seated a second pole shift and again a new
paradigm emerges pushing the old hyperborean realm outwards and away from the central
pillar or tree of life this is also where saturn aka chronos
and jupiter aka ria separate and start their orbit this second realm the lemurians also get
their own sun and moon which is at that point in time also androgynous a sun and
moon in one which will in 24 000 years be known as mars and venus
during this epoch the lemurians are the garden of eden and mars and venus the androgen the sun
and moon regulates its cycles seasons and ages of this new realm and domain
don’t forget the lemurians were also seeded from the polarians the master
root race and not the hyperboreans going inward all races were created and seated from
the polarians so the lamorian realm is the second garden of eden and again after cyclical
time when the epoch ends they too were pushed outward to make way for the third
route race the atlantean realm and route race is seated
this is pole shift number three mars and venus now separate into two and start
third orbit this new atlantean realm like the previous two was seated with its own
androgynous sun and moon that will eventually turn into apollo our sun
and our temmies our moon to regulate and control the cycles seasons and ages of
that realm this atlantean root race and realm is the one we currently inhabit all human
races in this realm of earth are predominantly atlanteans you are an atlantean
during this atlantean epoch we in this realm were the garden of eden at the center
and once again over cyclical time 24 000 years history repeats itself atlantis
fell or rather sank when the great deluge or flood happens and reset us from the center to where we currently
are also finally setting apollo and artemis into their orbit and so the aryan root race was seeded
out from the fourth and most recent pole shift this is the current garden of eden
and to give us a point on our timeline this aryan root race and realm was seeded about 6 000 years ago to join the
human race and as our fractal pattern continues just like the realms before it
the aryan realm was birthed with its own solar system mercury its androgenous sun
and moon to regulate and control the cycles seasons and ages of that new domain
and so here we are six thousand years into the aryan or fifth epoch
[Music] in summary
we have five epochs so far the master race the polarians
twenty four thousand years later the hyperborean realm was created twenty four thousand years after that
the lemurian realm was created then the atlantean then the aryan
and according to many ancient scriptures mythologies and mystics there are two more epochs to come meaning seven epochs
seven earthly realms and seven root races moving on you’ll also notice in this
realm of earth we are currently in there are four main races all the other races in between are mixed
races or rather mixes of these four sub and root races
the black races have their dna lineage from the very first earth race the hyperboreans all native black cultures
of this realm predominantly have their cultural beliefs and practices handed down by the hyperborean root race
sometimes referred to as the anunnaki the oriental asian races have their dna
lineage from the second root race the lemurians and likewise the oriental cultures stem their beliefs and
practices from the lamorian root race commonly and mistakenly referred to as the reptilians
the indo-asian races have their dna and lineage from the third root race the atlanteans the indo-asians naturally
stem their beliefs and practices from the atlantean root race of the current realm
the indo-asians naturally stem their beliefs and practices from the atlantean root race of this current realm this
means the indo-asians or vedic indian races are the original root race lineage of this atlantean realm
and the white races have their dna lineage from the most recent fourth root race the aryans and of course most of
the white cultural influences we see today are seeded from the aryan root race currently at the center garden of
eden the aryans are what most religious texts and mythologies refer to as the current gods or sometimes fallen angels
the aryans are also sometimes confused with the palladians aka polarians who are semi-ethereal beings that live at
the very center mount meru and not in the current aryan eden realm now although we in this realm all appear
to be different races within our different sub and mixed race lineage and traits we are actually one race this is
due to the mixing of genetic codes over time we are all predominantly atlantean humans only with slight genetic
variances most notably skin pigmentation hair structure eye color and cultural and religious programs in fact most of
the racial and religious divisions and wars fought today have their roots seated from past wars between the four
root races we atlanteans in this realm inherited our predisposed prejudices of one
another from outside influences now we hypothesize that all the other earth realms would have many different
multicultural sub and mixed races in their own domains just like we have in this realm
meaning there are probably thousands of different sub and mixed races and cultures within the different domains
across the entire plane of our earth but fundamentally every root sub and mixed
race on earth is of polarian origin every physical conscious being in
existence on earth is of polarian origin with all the various solar systems and
extraterrestrial civilizations divided and separated from one another by the various toroidal electromagnetic fields
aka the van allen belts these electromagnetic belts do periodically open and close or weaken
and strengthen dependent on the various universal and cosmic cycles seasons and ages
this periodically happens to allow the sharing or rebalancing of conscious energy technology and knowledge between
all the different earthly dimensional realms and we are fast approaching the next
opening of these electromagnetic barriers this opening event will be a revelation that will impact us all in
this realm collectively and individually we can already see the birthing pains of this great cosmic events with the
current so-called conscious awakening and unusual weather patterns [Music]
moving on we must remember that these physical constructs we call bodies are just that
they are bodies vehicles avatars that carry the real living polarian conscious
energy or spirit being within it this conscious energy within us that is
here experiencing learning growing and sharing is what some might call a spirit or a soul this is the real you
your soul your conscious energy and we all know
energy has no color or race or nationality or prejudices
just polarity positive energy good vibes or people or souls and negative energy
bad vibes people or souls and as such the human race is just part of the
temporary physical journey individually and collectively what many in modern times term as the
matrix are what the ancients called the maya the illusion
next let’s explore exactly how cosmic epochs and ages work using the current
aryan epoch calendar as our reference you’ll notice the outside rings note our
months of the year as well as our 12 zodiac signs the 12 solar months are actually a
microcosmic reflection of the 12 zodiac constellations these 12 zodiac constellations are our
heavenly cosmic clock rotating above us as they rotate each constellation has
its own energies that subconsciously influence and help guide us consciously here on the earthly plane both
individually and collectively these 12 months are further divided into our four seasonal sections autumn winter spring
and summer which in cosmic terms are known as the four seasons of conscious evolution these conscious seasons are
what the greeks call the four ages of man and vedic scriptures called the yuga ages these four yuga ages are the golden
age satya yuga silver age terta yuga bronze age dwapara
yuga and iron age kali yuga a full epoch 24 000 years is broken up
into eight yuga ages therefore each yuga age is three thousand years
you’ll also notice there are more golden or yellow ages than any other this is because the golden ages mirrored the
sun’s presence during the course of our 12 calendar month solar season so as you can see lots of sunshine in
the summer a little less than autumn and spring and little to none in winter of course sunshine in this case is
translated into conscious intelligence and obviously the yuga ages of our universal summer are much higher states
of consciousness than the yuga ages of the spring autumn and certainly winter ages
we also hypothesize that when golden ages overlap within different realms there are no torus fields or separation
between those particular realms this means that when the time comes and the golden ages overlap
all lands that overlap can be crossed in and out of in other words those
particular domains are open and free to interact without restriction this is because they are oscillating at the same
golden ratio of frequency or resonance so let’s now map the universal cosmic
and solar timelines of all the individual realms or domains
mainstream science tells us that the iron age began about 6 000 years ago which mirrors the reset point here 12
o’clock they also tell us that the middle ages were about 3 000 years ago from today
which again mirrors the timeline here and this timeline is also the common narrative among most holy books
so our calendar has our realm or domain beginning this epoch 6 000 years ago with the age of taurus the bull
interestingly the old testament of the bible begins in an age where they worship the bull this is symbolical of
the first 2000 years of taurus astrological energy after some time bull worship ended with
the story of god telling abraham to stop bold worship and instead sacrifice a ram
this is symbolical of the change from the taurus bull age into the ares ram age
and again 2 000 years later jesus the fisher of men comes into play
the jesus fish symbolism is telling us of the shift from the aries into the two fish pisces age
and once again as we reach the end of the jesus fish piscean age we now see the effects of the new water aquarian
age aquarius of course is symbolized by the mixing of waters it is the age of mixing
discovery disclosure and technology if we were to set this calendar to
today’s date we would be sitting at just before quarter past reset
six thousand years into the fifth epoch bang in the middle of the cosmic winter or iron age of universal collective
consciousness in fact to be a little more exact we’ve got us at two minutes
to midnight midnight being 2020 minutes being years now this is interesting because
mainstream science has something called a doomsday clock and on the doomsday clock they are saying the earth is two
minutes to midnight or doomsday it was actually moved from three minutes to two minutes on the 18th of january of
2018 and i’m sure most of you know that doomsday or apocalypse simply means a
marked period or shift or change from one thing into another the end of the old and the beginning of
the new and we are living in extremely exciting times for those who are paying attention to what is going on
knowledge truth new information and discoveries are not to be feared they are to be embraced this particular
cosmic shift we are about to have is an important one because it’s a cardinal shift this means all four current
earthly domains will simultaneously be experiencing their own doomsday or apocalypse or shift of season
so let’s go through each realm’s cosmic shift central aryan realm will be having a
fantastic apocalypse shifting up from their bronze into their silver age of consciousness
we in this domain were having an okay but confusing apocalypse shifting up and out of our iron age into our bronze age
of consciousness hence the so-called conscious awakening knowledge information and data are more readily
accessible to the masses than at any other time in this era of recorded history we can clearly see all these
changes slowly taking effect particularly in the more advanced regions of this domain we get a lot of
knowledge from tech technology now the domain outside of ours mars and
venus are going through a horrible apocalypse a real doomsday for them as they reset
or fall from their golden ages into their iron age of consciousness
and the last realm the hyperborean realm still has one more golden age to go
what’s even more interesting though is the nature of this current and coming cosmic shift like we said earlier the current shift
is called a cardinal shift meaning we are not only having a zodiacal energy shift but we will also simultaneously be
having a physical solar shift to mark all these changes this simultaneous double transitional shift is known as a
cosmic or galactic alignment
so 2020 means you have perfect vision why 20
why not 10 or 100 100 well
if you believe like i strongly do that we are running on scripts or scriptures some that we haven’t even discovered
about ourselves then you may also hypothesize that in 2020 we will all have perfect vision
what does this mean it means on the 21st of december 2020 during the winter solstice
there’s going to be a great cosmic solar event that will be seen and experienced by every single conscious being in our
universe this is what is commonly being described as the event why december 21st 2020 there’s natural
scientific significance of this date with relation to our solar system most of you will know that on the azimuthal
equidistant geocentric earth model the sun coils up and around the electromagnetic dome that encapsulates
our earth for the summers and coils down towards the end of our solar year to its southernmost position of the tropic of
capricorn and on december 21st is at its lowest zenith or y-axis point the
farthest out from our land center and the closest to the earth vertically this is what’s known as the winter
solstice from a northern hemisphere perspective once the sun has reached its lowest point it follows the same
gradient circuit neither ascending or descending for three days before it then begins its journey back up to the tropic
of cancer towards the top and center of our electromagnetic dome of this domain meaning every year for only these three
days of our year from the 21st to the 24th of december the sun is neither rising or falling along the
electromagnetic torus field dome over and around us the sun only resumes its ascension back
up to the top three days after the 21st on the 25th of december sound familiar
dead for three days only to rise again anyway if there’s to be any kind of cosmic solar event it would most likely
happen during this period when the sun figuratively dies and is waiting to rise again
using the same principle we hypothesize that all the other suns in all the other domains follow a similar solar system as
above so below as within so without however obviously their seasons and
solstices occur at different times in relation to their own individual ecosystems
you’ve heard us refer to this body of work as the master oscillation that’s basically what we’re saying
all the luminaries have their own paths oscillations secondary third and fourth
oscillations and eventually they all line up again and eventually eventually they complete an even bigger cycle fully
lining up and this only happens once every six thousand years so on december 21st 2020 mercury at the
center our sun in this domain mars in the next domain and saturn in the last domain and all the moons on the other
side will all stop in the line in the same direction on the same path and gradient at the same time for the first
time in 6 000 years this is what we hypothesize is the long-awaited return of the sun slash sun
or christ the galactic alignment return of nibiru or planet x or consciousness
the great solar event this cosmic solar alignment will take three days to fully align starting on
the 21st of december and ending on the 25th of december the electromagnetic torus fields in all four realms will
either disappear or open up or weaken due to this galactic solar alignment
this is the opening of the portals or windows of the heavens spoken of in the bible this opening should occur for
seven days from the 25th to the 31st of december 2020
that also means everyone on earth will all be able to see all the different wandering solar systems of all the
domains clearly in our skies everyone will have 20 20 vision
and if you think about it logically if all the luminaries are at their lowest points that would make everything above
us easy to see bright and crystal clear [Music]
on a side note isn’t it interesting that we’ve all been conditioned to be the most busy during the specific time of
year every year and blinded to the earth’s true oscillations signs and beauty yeah we celebrate however the
ways we do it and the reasons we do it are perverted even with how many trees we cut down every year to carry out a
ritual which could actually be a geocentric ritual to begin with the tree of life the christmas tree
this period of time is what the ancient cultures were describing when they said there was a time when the sky fell
many ancient cultures also describe a time where there were many suns and many moons in our sky
and we believe history is about to repeat itself again this phenomenon will affect and change
our atmospheric conditions as well these events periodically happen over cyclical time in various scales the last
big one occurred in 1859 and was called the carrington event feel free to look it up
the one coming in 2020 is going to be much much bigger this solar alignment is meant to realign cosmic energy and
consciousness within the various earthly domains and realms of our earth this energy blast will begin at the
center of the earth or the north pole it will spiral outwards towards the edge and bounce back towards the center over
a very short period of time the event itself will be triggered by an electromagnetic sonic boom that will
look like what we know as a nuclear atomic bomb don’t worry though it will not be an
atomic bomb however it will positively be nuclear it will give humanity a new
clear vision for the future individually and collectively
it will give us 2020 vision we suspect the current powers that be will attempt to use this natural cosmic
event as the ultimate false flag they may say aliens did it or it was
caused by global warming or an attack from across the world this sonic boom of electromagnetic energy may shut down our
entire electric grid instantaneously causing a collapse of our financial socioeconomic political and collective
cultural existence as we know it and thus this event may be used to pave the way for a new order in our world but
this cosmic event is not to be feared it is a natural process to allow growth within our individual and collective
consciousness the greenish astral rays that this event will create will cover the entire plane
of our earth for a short period of time again it is not to be feared governments
and authorities will most likely tell us that this green mist caused by this event is a toxin they will tell us to
stay indoors and not go outside into the radiation avoid it at all costs they
will say it’s harmful radiation and it will be for those who have heavy metals
in their bodies i.e vaccines iron from meat eating etc but for those
without harmful chemicals in their bodies the radiation will radiate and activate dormant dna
potentially giving you supernatural abilities maybe not superman superman-like however
a heavy increase in consciousness and your five senses will be expected and for those of us planning to make the
pilgrimage up north to the central realm of our earth aka the garden of eden this
will be our window of opportunity many of you here will also know the mayans predicted the end of their
calendar year or the apocalypse would happen on the 21st of december 2012.
take note of this date december 21st 2012. the bible also talks about the seven
trumpets of preparation before the return of christ or the son of god and after the seventh trumpet he the great
son son will return well we hypothesized that the mayans were spot on with their prediction their
december 21st 2012 date marked the beginning of the end and the seventh trumpet of course seven years later
december 21st 2019 which means december 21st 2020 will be
the first year after the seven trumpets the eighth year eight of course being the number of completion
and it is also written that everyone on earth will witness the return of christ consciousness or the son of god
side note we are just citing scriptures none of us on the team here are religious or trying to push any dogma on
anyone on the 16th of november 2017 we had a
very strange phenomenon occur in this realm many of you will remember the red sun
and red skies we witnessed and experienced in most of the world we hypothesize this was a sign of what’s
to come for those who are paying attention i know everyone here probably witnessed and experienced this phenomenon but how many of you actually
took note of course mainstream narrative at the time was that it was nothing important just dust from the desert blocking the
sun and so that little solar event came and went with hardly anyone taking note
well for those with eyes to see and ears to hear please take note moving on we hypothesize that the
opening of these electromagnetic torus fields on the 25th of december 2020 will create an atmospheric plasma discharge
due to all the different solar systems of our cosmos being in direct contact with one another
this will create a rainbow effect atmosphere all over earth in all the realms an atmospheric twilight if you
will more importantly though this opening event will also allow for physical
travel between all four realms or domains for those with the technology or means to do so we might call this real interdimensional
or outer or inner space travel here’s another big red pill nasa has openly admitted on numerous occasions
that we humans cannot go past low earth orbit or beyond the van allen electromagnetic belts or domes however
during this period we believe we will finally be able to do so and what does that mean for us well all
these different realms are going through their own individual cosmic shifts seasons and ages because the spiral
ripple began at the center it technically means that at the center the inner dome or realm is three thousand
years ahead of us they have already had three thousand years of bronze age where we in this
realm haven’t yet our reset happened 3000 years after theirs which means
during the seven day cosmic event anyone able or allowed to enter this inner realm will technically be time traveling
3 000 years into the future or ahead of time in layman’s terms i’m saying that this inner domain is 3000 years ahead of
us technologically physically mentally spiritually and consciously and yes this
is where we propose the concept of time travel into the future comes from and on the flip side as the ripples shifting
outwards towards the mars domain they would now be 3000 years behind us so going from our plane to theirs we would
be time traveling backwards 3 000 years so why on earth do the leaders of the free
world think it’s necessary to militarize space all of a sudden and why on earth are space agencies and
governments all talking about being the first to colonize mars let’s look at the definition of colonization the act or
process of settling among an establishing control over the indigenous people of an area or the action of appropriating a place
or domain for one’s own use makes you wonder if the very same so-called elite royal bloodlines and families who
colonized this realm during our reset fall from gold to iron 3000 years ago are about to do the same thing to this
outer domain currently falling from their golden to iron age as they say there’s nothing new under the sun and
history always repeats itself with that in mind let’s rewind to something that happened very recently
december 22nd 2017 the spacex falcon launch
note the date too december 22nd 2017. wonder how many of you recall the
unusual effects witnessed within this particular launch it looked like the falcon x was trying
to pierce through something or perhaps testing the outer electromagnetic belt
or taurus field kind of makes you wonder were they trying to beat the clock perhaps they succeeded in the secret
colonization to mars is already underway as we speak hence the militarization of space however if they didn’t succeed i’m
willing to bet we’re going to see another very similar attempt around the same time this year and next
okay let’s stop for a second i had to add this after the final edit this
script was written months and months ago i got the script months and months ago
and as i was developing it i wondered what would happen mid to late november as i was rendering that part
and the universe didn’t let me down late november we have mars insight
crazy interdimensional earthly time travel is not just a matter of anyone packing
their bags and simply going there there are obviously many extenuating circumstances like universal and natural
laws that determine how when and who can travel where for instance the advanced bronze and silver age beings at the
center would not want or allow any primitive iron age being from the outside into their domain as it would
unbalance their natural harmonic existence so anyone here from this realm wishing
to travel ahead of time into this inner realm would generally need to be quote unquote ahead of their time here where
we currently are vibrating at a high frequency spiritually mentally physically mind body and soul
many scriptures call this the days of reckoning or judgment day or the return of a messiah or messenger of some kind
in this case we believe this is the so-called event the return of messiah
anyway let’s move on those who are ahead of their time in this realm will somehow be given the opportunity to go up ahead
of time into this inner or upper realm when the time comes likewise we also believe that those
still lagging or holding on to old outdated backwards paradigms will of course naturally be drawn back back in
time to the outer realm this is where we hypothesize our current elite establishment is planning on going
to install a new world order for those beings out there most people in our realm though will be staying here in
this domain after the event to continue experiencing learning and growing in the upcoming new bronze age and one world
order and exactly how or what this new age or order is going to be who knows exactly
but what we do know is that this domain will not be anything like it currently is today after the event
and so finally when these seven days have passed over january 1st 2021 on new
year’s day the first day of the first month of 2021 the electromagnetic tourist fields or domes of each domain
will fall back into place as they were the celestial bodies will realign and once again the wandering planets or suns
and moons will resume their natural cycles seasons and movements thus allowing for all the different domains
to begin their new respective cosmic solar and celestial ages and so the wheels of time will continue to turn
forever moving forward in cyclical cycles and seasons now of course we’re very much aware that
what we are proposing may happen seems a little outrageous and possibly overwhelming or let’s face it you might
think this is batch crazy if you’re hearing this kind of stuff for the first time
but we’re not trying to preach or sell anything simply sharing information based on cosmological astrological mythological
and observable reality syncretized research this could all be completely wrong or
even slightly wrong and if so that’s fine no harm done life goes on
or this could be partially right or even very close to the truth at which point
if for when these events occur at least those of us who will have received this good news will be prepared mentally
psychologically and possibly spiritually as well of course right now under this domain we
are collectively going through some very difficult birthing pains as we make this shift however those in tune with these changes
are adapting and consciously evolving with it this is the so-called conscious awakening but even more importantly
those who fully understand what’s going on are able to accordingly prepare for the changes that are occurring and
coming this is what jp morgan meant when he was quoted saying astrology millionaires
don’t use astrology billionaires do astrology is simply the natural science
of understanding reading recording and following seasons and cycles of the stars and heavens of our universe
astro simply means heavens or stars logi or logie simply means logs or
logging we are astro logging making logs logging all the data of the stars
that’s all astrology is reading and recording of the heavens stars cycles seasons and ages
it’s even written in all the ancient scriptures that in the last days many will not know the exact time and date
but those with wisdom and discernment of the heavens will be prepared keep your eyes to the heavens and look out for the
signs of what’s to come so the final question is all of this
intelligently designed and if so by whom or what and why
as far as we’re concerned the answer is definitely yes everything we’ve talked about is most
definitely intelligently designed microcosms of macrocosms
the system and order of our earth nature cosmology conscious energy and everything else in our universe is just
too beautiful and perfectly symbiotic and synchronized to be a random event or evolutionary
who or where or what is the creator of all this here
yep right here in this very room and everywhere else around us and within our universe and beyond
we are all co-creators conscious spirits souls or forces of energy
everything is energy everything is electromagnetic frequency sound and vibration down to the sine wave quote
unquote god any god all gods are energy after all even religion tells us that
god is everything and nothing at the same time right the alpha and the omega
the beginning and the end intelligent conscious immeasurable unquantifiable
the source the creator just is and since all of us are little conscious
fields of energy that perhaps we are all small manifestations of a greater conscious field of energy soul or spirit
perhaps all of us are from the same original source simply experiencing life individually
separate from the whole little creators in quality but not quantity playing a game of cosmic hide and seek with
ourselves all part of the same one song one verse the universe just singing in different
tunes and octaves at different frequencies and desperately trying to find a harmonic melodic balance and when
we do eventually individually and collectively find harmony we will finally be vibrating or singing from the
same one verse in our universe and this is what many mystics gurus teachers cultures and religions mean
when they say we are one but for now i think we’re extremely far from that
and there’s still much learning exploration and experiencing and growth to be had on this so-called journey of
life before we get to harmony there are still many seasons to be seen roles to be played cosmic ages seasons
and events to be had amongst all this craziness and confusion we call life [Music]
so in conclusion you me all of us are just visitors to this time
and place acting out different roles and characters some of us are being directed by various
scripts and programs or scriptures but as we begin to consciously awaken to who
what where we are and why we are here the plot begins to thicken and some of us have now chosen to completely lose
the plot why because we’ve decided to start writing our own scripts our own programs
directing our own lives in movies and hopefully moving on to the next stage of this experience learning and growth and
harmony nothing that we’ve talked about today is meant to be a fear campaign because
ultimately there’s nothing to fear or be confused or even upset about whatever stage of life you are at on this journey
as cliche as it sounds the truth will always set you free not necessarily when you lie but when you’ve been lied to and
you discover the truth thank you all for your time and patience we look forward to the experience of
learning sharing and growing with you all regardless of what may or may not happen in our individual and collective
lives we hope you enjoyed this presentation and encourage you to share it as far and wide as you can we also hope that in
time we can look back at this as proof in and of itself that there are people with eyes to see and ears to hear to
help share and guide others to their true truth and destiny thank you and goodbye for now
hello everybody this is norbz as many of you know martin kenny and i are releasing a great
piece of work on december 21st and i’m over here rendering some of the scenes
and as i’m doing so i had a pretty cool mind-bending moment i want to share with
you guys so something that comes up a lot in this body of work of creation is the tree of life the center of centers
of all axises x y and z of our universe now many call it mount meru
the center mountain which used to be a tree the tree of life
now if this geocentric model is new to you i’m going to leave links in the description for you guys to catch up i’m also going to leave links to a couple
videos that go over there is no forests there’s no such thing as forest which is basically people saying
where are all the old trees if this plane is that old where are the ancient trees the huge trees so they say that
the mountains that we see used to actually be trees in previous times
and as i’m modeling some of these scenes i’m incorporating the tree of life
and my first attempt at it is here and i’m comparing it to nature because as martin likes to say and i agree
nature doesn’t lie we can have our perceptions and perspectives messed with
but nature cannot lie to us does not lie to us so we look towards nature and i thought
this was a really cool shot but martin pointed out this isn’t the right tree and i kind of felt that too
but this was the first thing i kind of pulled together and just started looking at and then i started comparing it to
what we do claim our home to be which is an electromagnetic universe and we are in the midst of
those taurus fields as they oscillate and give off vibrations and energies which is what we are
so i start looking at this and seeing a lot of correlation but then i took it one step further and took this
tree out and replaced it and in this moment as i overlaid the tree to the model
i had my my bending whoa wait a minute wait a minute this can’t this can’t be the real reason we celebrate christmas
and are doing this tree ritual can it and i started looking at the comparisons
so i’m gonna put a christmas tree side by side with our model here and just be open-minded as we look at
the overlaps and what the potential correlations could be we look at the tree itself
we’ll start at the very bottom most christmas trees are put in that red base with water in it that could be a
correlation to pluto on the very bottom which is red negative polarity red polarity
then the tree does sit in water then the tree is dressed with lights
which could correlate to our stars then the tree is dressed with streamers
or tinsel going around the tree in an upwards motion which could correlate to the way our
illuminaries travel upwards and inwards to the summer solstice
and then back down in the winter solstice ending right around christmas we look at the bulbs
those could be representations of the luminaries that are going around
the tree of life [Music] and we look at the very top we see
polaris the master star the biggest star always represented with an angel or a
star and angels are basically angles of light they are stars
they are angels one in the same and we have the representation on the
tree putting all that together and then taking it one step further we have the presence under the tree
that could correlate to our presence here as a species not presence
as in real gifts or it could also be the gift of life
presence it could be when a new realm is being formed and a new son is born
sound familiar i also think just like the holy books or metaphors to explain our universe so
might be some of the christmas carols and other rituals we do at that time
like when i think of santa claus and the reindeer that could be a metaphor for something very big in this
geocentric model as well so if you guys think this is trippy too and want to participate i’d recommend
rip apart every single christmas carol and see if there’s any metaphors that would overlap into this model too
but hey i’m probably just tripping out so i’m gonna end the video here things that make you go hmm
[Music] i decided to do this because as funny as it is for people that are new to the
flat plane versus planet concept when you discover this knowledge
and you go deeper and deeper into the knowledge base then you go back to looking at how our
solar system is explained to us i’m trying to do that here and it’s almost like forcing yourself to believe
in santa claus again there’s no going back but for sake of argument and for my own humor
and yours i’d like to rebuild and remodel this the way we’re presented our reality
and then put them side by side to what the flat plane and the norb theory the orb theory
is both are incredible and i’ll actually start with the moon
the moon never shows us its backside it only rotates this way never shows us the back side of it
never rotates this way it only shows us that top okay i’m cutting this into the
video after i’ve already edited it so pardon the background being different but i had to pause on the moon portion
and go back to it because the theory is that the reason we don’t see the back of the moon and never shows its backside is
because there is no backside and apparently it’s actually
flat and really really we wouldn’t know and you’ll understand why a little bit later
in this video when i go over perception and perspective but for all we know that is what’s
happening and it only rotates this way right then if you take that theory and you
think of the rest of the planets maybe they’re all like that just discs faced towards us never spinning in any
direction but that these other planets if you look at actual footage from telescopes and crazy
zooms you never really see a full picture they always look watery they always look like just lights illuminating lights flashing
blinking twinkling so food for thought okay let’s go back now i’m also going to
make it rotate around the earth [Music]
okay so we have the moon going around the earth and it’s doing its x-axis rotation as it goes around once
and apparently the moon is 236 thousand miles i believe it is
away from us so now i’m going to go to the earth group
okay just to show you guys what’s happened so far now we have the earth spinning the clouds spinning a bit faster just to
give us some realism and the moon going around us we’re not going to animate the other planets either because
it’s going to start looking really ridiculous actually but let’s do one
step further now we gotta zoom back out 93 million miles away
all right so now the earth is flying around
the sun at i believe it’s 67 000
miles an hour
so we have something like this the moon’s rotating around us
we are rotating a thousand miles an hour
both the moon and earth are rotating around the sun at 67 000
miles an hour again we’re on the surface we’re not flying off because gravity holds us down
apparently right also just so happens that within the last 50 years thanks to this beautiful
technology we have discovered that these asteroid fields out there are a
danger to us they never have been in the last millions and millions of years of this apparent plane its existence while it’s
doing the same fly through infinity with never changing scenery
but now we can actually tell that an asteroid might be on its way to earth and we have to build a defense system to
protect ourselves from it just now in the last 50 years never before but just now because we have the
technology to apparently view it right so let’s go one step further we’re gonna take these
asteroid belts and also animate them
and make sure that they’re causing a potential danger right causing a potential danger we’re spinning baby we’re spinning
everything’s fitting and somehow we’re just not feeling it and we can’t measure it
and we can’t reproduce it and we can’t see the actual curvature of that ball
unless we’re looking through lenses and funny tricks so here it is without animating the rest
of it just yet i’m going to animate a few more things but you’ll notice the camera is easing in and out when it’s
doing its loop right around here it stops and then picks up again that’s not realistic so i’m just going to spend a moment and make sure that i have
everything interpolating properly we haven’t even touched oscillations
this just goes in a perfect loop doesn’t go up doesn’t go down doesn’t go further out doesn’t go further in they’re not
telling us a lot even in this model just to make it make more sense all right so give me a second here
we go now it should be looping seamlessly without stopping or easing in or easing
out and this is just forever now again oscillations
should matter and should be included in this so in order for me to oscillate this the
earth would have to be moving up and down as it’s going around and also have to be going in and out
doing its spiral to change seasons and to change all our weather patterns and whatnot so
we’re not going to go that far with this i’m just going to take this one step further now though
take this to a top view zoom out a little bit more so you guys
can get a better view 93 million miles away
okay so we’re flying 24 000 miles and we’re going around the sun
67 000 miles now we got to do this too the sun and all of this
is spinning around as well at half a million
miles an hour so everything is spinning
while we’re spinning while the moon’s spinning around us and now on top of that half a million
miles an hour the next figure is literally everything flying through infinity in the void
at whatever million million millions of miles per hour
that is i forget that figure okay this is parallaxing some stars are closer
some stars are farther away the ones that are closer are going to fly by faster than us than the ones farther
away the ones farther farther really far away barely move this is parallaxing this is when you
know you’re in a 3d environment going through space going through things but we never
see this and the first star is so far away it just always looks like this
always with a center point right there if we’re focused on polaris it would be right
there and a time lapse video would show perfect trails the same way
every single night no parallaxing never flying through actual space never
observable anyway let’s do a little test now shall we out of these two spheres
which one is bigger which one is smaller or are they both the same size
this has to do with perspective okay i’m going to switch this to
a double viewport i’m going to switch this to perspective view
look at the difference in sizes this one is simply in the foreground
this one is way in the background but it’s huge at least five times bigger than this one
if i didn’t show you this though you would still see them as being the same size
maybe even this one being bigger which in reality it is five times
smaller all right let’s play again this time there’s three which one of these is smallest to
biggest or are they all the same size and as you’re
getting your final answer together think about when you look up we don’t look up too often but when you do
how often do you see the sun how bright can you claim it always is
versus does it always stay the same brightness the same distance from us is it oscillating a little higher up a
little further in towards the center or a little further out is it slowing down or is it speeding up
is it emitting the same brightness is it hitting the same atmospheres
right perception comes into play into everything
especially your reality okay the one on the left is actually the
smallest and the closest to us the one in the middle is the biggest by
far and it’s way in the back the one on the right is right along the center axis
yet here they all look like they’re in the same plane right until we start
doing this even then you don’t really know how far or how close each of these really are in relation to
each other take this into account when you’re looking at sun sets sun rises
it’s not actually rising it’s just coming towards you and going away from you
okay let’s keep going here’s another one with a couple differences which one do
you think’s bigger or smaller which one do you think is lit up a little bit differently
i’m going to give you guys a moment really take it take take a second just to think what else could be different
well even if this was a photo from space
they could still really easily trick everybody’s perception
into thinking it’s a sphere when in reality
it’s a plane a flat plane with the right lighting you can make anything look 3d
okay while i’m here i’m gonna do one more thing okay so to reverse this
even if we are on a flat plane if the flat plane is actually a big
circle if we can go high enough that horizon may very well become
curved but it’s not because we are on a sphere
it’s because we’re still looking at that edge which is curved towards us
right so even right now it’s already starting to look like a globe but it’s not it’s flat
we’re just looking at the very edge which is circling around us let me zoom out a
little bit okay horizon [Music]
we get up to maybe here with all the technology we have maybe we see a bit of curvature but it doesn’t
mean it’s because we’re seeing this it just means we’re seeing the edge
which is rounded [Music] i also think if the other model with the orb
is true if they do have technology to go up high enough they’ll see over this edge and
potentially see and expose us to the outer lands that are out there
so what better way to hide it than to wrap it all up into a nice little ball
and i’m sorry guys i’m gonna take your little ball away today let me show you how easy it is
to take a flat map turn it into a ball and hide a piece of it
we’ve been talking about perspective and perception we’re going to switch over to this for a second map making sooner or later you guys are
going to come across the map makers in your journey and we take for granted how important
people that make maps and survey lanes really are we also take for granted what imaging
and technology can do take a map that is flat
double it up i’m going to add a little light here give it our hot spot from 93
million miles away give it a glint so it’s nice and shiny don’t worry
that’ll soften up a little later i’m going to give it an indent so that it gives it a little bit of
depth and here’s where the magic comes in i’m going to give it a sphere effect
which basically takes my map and wraps it and now i can take the tops and bottoms
and hide land map makers are really
really important perception
is really really important don’t forget
we start on a flat map surveyors survey maps that are flat based they operate on a
flat model half the world operates on a flat model society was built
on a flat model railroads canals everything operates on a flat model
there’s never been mathematics that have included curvature in any of the building of our societies and
civilizations of the past map makers are really important
we can go one step further now drop this into another program
give it some effects colors hue saturation etc
and really warp your perception and from when you’re two three years old
the first time you’re playing with the globe indoctrination starts young
and as an adult convincing yourself or others that you’ve been fooled
it’s scary and even then i don’t think discovering that we live
on a flat plain is the scary part i think people are actually okay with that part
i think the scary part is the why once you start going down those trains
of thoughts that’s the part that we reject naturally and instinctively
anyway map makers are really important now let’s take a quick look at how the
sun hits us this is a representation of the sun over water in a hot spot and this reflection
would be going towards you because it’s water this is only possible on a local sun not
when it’s 93 million miles away to have a hot spot like that here it’s the same hot spot but it’s
opened up bigger the sun is brighter the sun’s fall off is a lot different
and then here it’s fully blown out and then here
it’s minimized the average person does assume that the sun just goes in one big loop
and doesn’t have too much variations and how high how much it oscillates inwards and outwards how bright it shines
what the falloff is etc here’s another one i’m curious if your perception picks up that this is
going around us in a big loop or is the sun just going from behind us
creeping up giving us light going over us and then just going farther and farther
away instead of actually going down
right we start losing brightness and it starts going out of view and it’s
gone is it going up and down or is it going over us and then when it gets way out of view
it just loops around and comes back around behind us
and in front of us again you see our shadows being caused
going back to perception i’m wondering if you guys can tell is this light going around the earth in
a circle or is it just going over it in a straight line
and how would you know if perspective is everything right
okay let’s go back to what they’re telling us for a second though i want to show you what we don’t see
that is the sun it shines in every direction very bright according to them
what we don’t see it do is hit us with
the beams being spread into an actual spotlight from 93 million miles away we
don’t see it doing that we wouldn’t sorry we wouldn’t see it doing that it’s impossible from 93
million miles away to cause a hot spot on one little part unless it really was a spotlight unless our sun really is an
actual spotlight and they can control it the same way i’m controlling it here giving it its spread its falloff its
intensity on how bright that whole thing is going to be and then how the hot spots will be hit
and how far away seemingly this is so to wrap up this point i’m basically saying the average person
doesn’t understand 3d programs and perspectives the way 3d artists or artists in general do because we get top
perspective as one of the first steps in art and the average person doesn’t take into account
intensity fall off the day-to-day differentiation of the suns and moons
and their oscillations as they spiral inwards and back outwards over the course of the seasons so perspective
really is everything you don’t know by looking at it how far away it is from us but you do know
by ways of lighting shadows and understanding how lighting and perspective would work
on a grand scheme when you’re working with a light source coming from 93 million miles away
versus a light source that is local now like i mentioned before
if we are living on a flattish disc that’s round if we get high enough we’ll still see
what we could perceive as a curve right but this isn’t that this is an actual
sphere a globe that we’re looking at and as we get higher your perception definitely would see
more and more curvature as you look downwards but not only that i think a lot of things people
take for granted is when you see the far shots with cameras that can do crazy zooms
and you still see things upright that doesn’t make sense and let me explain why
now of course this isn’t a scale but you guys get the picture the further away we go from things
if we’re on a curved surface then everything has to be upright according to its center point of
perspective so going outwards going outwards and going outwards and going outwards the
cameras we have these days would pick this up let me go from this way lighting’s better
okay i didn’t i didn’t actually even do this properly because these should be curved that way a bit too
if we are really sitting on this perspective then they’d all be kind of like that as
well but okay let’s just skip that for a second we would see
over the course of distance a only a limited
field of view and b as we get further and further away things would naturally
seem to twist away from us
pointing that way more and more and more and more right the further away we go from something the further away we would
start to see that and if we can get a shot a thousand miles away not only would it be curved
like that but it would be way below our point of view because of the curvature itself
we wouldn’t be able to see around the globe refraction or no refraction
and yet the way we look at things everything is straight as if it’s built straight up nothing is built going
outwards in every direction photos would illustrate that especially
aerial shots a huge aerial shot would show all kinds of curve on the sides of buildings everything would seemingly go
away from you and as you pan around let’s say we’re going up in a hot air balloon and we get really high as we
panned around everything would be skewed really far away from us
so let me read this to you guys her name is cece colicon or call the john collichen
hope i got that right one of those she says i have the ability to communicate with beings beyond this
dimension the imagery of my work has led me to an appreciation of the world we live in and the world beyond this world that are
interconnected the structures depicted in this artwork are combined frequencies which can be interpolated as musical
mathematical electrical or script descriptions i believe these frequencies can be deciphered with some manner of
code breaking i speculate that extraterrestrial beings communicate through emissions of individual symbols
from the electromagnetic technology which is consequently understood by the conscious mind as information she goes
on to say i feel like i’m in school and higher intelligences are instructing and teaching me
it’s almost like a thesis a work in progress it has opened my mind to the bigger picture which includes biology
neurology physics astronomy astrophysics theology philosophy spirituality
technology anthropology archaeology i feel i am in school and higher intelligences are instructing and
teaching me after the work it forces me to read and learn what they have suggested it has awakened me to a higher consciousness
and awareness i learned to see life differently and how everything is interconnected by a mathematical order balance and harmony
that flow within us and beyond this art progressed in groups at a time telling me something that i was not aware of
until the next body of artwork was completed it took approximately 10 years before i realized that specific
information was being relayed to me through this art making process i think that’s beautifully said i think
that encapsulates a lot of artists purposes why are we talented why do we have these
gifts why do we see things hear things before they’re even there and then execute them to be just as we saw or
heard them sometimes i question my own abilities and art skills and whatnot and while
they have done a lot for me they have freed me financially spiritually broken societies chains off of me it’s a
confusing place to be to have a label of being an indigo kid or a star
seed or someone here to help raise the vibration of the planet every creative person i feel has the
ability to help raise the vibration of the planet even in my business path in
life my biggest accomplishment to date was developing music production software
over 20 titles and moving hundreds of thousands of units both free and paid
to kids to help them discover music production and now if that isn’t
helping raise the vibration of the planet hundreds of thousands of kids are learning how to make music and be harmonious with sound
i feel like that’s been my biggest accomplishment and purpose to date and now
being taken from a starving artist mode to having abundance it loops back around once you’re done
spending money and enjoying life as it was supposed to be enjoyed all the rewards that come with having these talents and finding
yourself you come back around and you say okay i’ve done it all i’ve i’ve achieved the success thing
and now what and you start going down or i started going down a spiritual journey
now what else can i do with these talents and skills what’s my next purpose now that i’ve accomplished this thing of freeing myself and of sharing the
beauty of music in a way where i’m helping other kids create it teaching them on youtube how to do it
what else can i do for both myself and for this this world what good can i use these talents for and in an abstract way
yeah it’s this this phase this body of artwork that i’m creating and producing
is coming from within is sending me down paths to learn information and then learn more information even once i present it to
you guys meaning since i’ve posted that first north theory video
i have learned a lot from you guys even in the comments section throwing your two cents in some very detailed and
beautiful knowledge and obviously going down other branches of information that this has led me down through other
videos and other just knowledge paths some people meditate
some people pray some people alter their consciousness with drugs or mind altering
substances some people do very abstract things in life and do extreme things in life again
to alter their states of consciousness to feed consciousness to feed experience and for me it’s creativity it’s actually
creating something to look at to listen to to be to pull an emotion or give an
emotion from hopefully positive ones also in the search for
duality versus monoism good and evil presenting itself and deciphering
between the two or only showing light only showing positivity
i have a hard time with that i think one is needed for the other to be appreciated
so not all of my bodies at work are rainbows butterflies unicorns and perfect bliss only
there is hints of pain of frustration of creepiness maybe
and so in the previous video i oversaturated it in any way i could to touch emotions
including some pain or some confusion or some anxiety but i disclaimered it at least
not everyone in life gives you disclaimers i even learned recently although it’s not new it’s new to me for
some reason this whole 144 000 people beings souls
spirits that have been sent here that are all being activated now to help bring
change apparently our dna is supposed to be reactivated we are supposed to start
re-remembering things we are supposed to start receiving messages in various ways
to disperse decode and spread some say heaven on earth some say we’re moving out of our iron
age of blindness and darkness some say it’s the palladians coming back to re-awaken us their cousins
as i close this out again a very big thank you for listening i know i talked a lot about myself in
this video just to give you guys a bit of insight on who i am and if you do watch future videos you
feel a bit of oneness with me but this isn’t about me really this is about you
this isn’t for everyone this message these visuals
and i’m aware of that now it’s not for everyone but if you’re on this video i
do want to say to you you’re loved you’re special you don’t have fear you do have intent you do have purpose
maybe for now it’s just understanding and exploration and critical thinking and deprogramming i love you
you love you this universe loves you and if you haven’t yet you’re gonna start today to live with intent and if you
don’t know what your intent is just yet you’re gonna start to find out as of today i feel like my purpose is to actually
awaken other creative types so if you’re on here and you are into music production
you draw you paint you do graphic design you dance you are an expressionist you know how to
encapsulate a moment or an emotion or a vision or a sound and express it through
beauty i think my message goes furthest with you guys to take what
you’re seeing and feeling and further express it in your own way to at least produce more beauty in this
world more love i think that’s going to be my slogan more love anyway
thank you i love you it’s 20 45.
but they turned off my chip now i can’t eat sleep or do [ __ ] and i didn’t do anything wrong i just voiced my opinion
but this algorithmic preemptive crime cop wouldn’t listen now i can’t be a natural human anymore this war is a drip
i’m just a digital demon running on nothing but nanoscripts genetic neurological re-engineering of humanity
accelerate stem cell research and fast forward nanotechnology imagine being in a perpetual state of ten orgasms he
didn’t even need it but eve still managed to force the core adam human augmentation fake reality laid over mine
it’s almost real just a few things seem out of line i’m not sure what the [ __ ] is real anymore girl or a kai we’re all
transformers now more than me they got you used to looking at these feminine yet masculine faces glitching
your brains sending your sexuality weird places accept the agenda or yo they’ll put us all in cages it’s trance
everything trumps everyone it’s outrageous don’t you find it strange being straight makes you contagious evil
dies slow and they do it through phases greatest of all time the bath met we so close symbols in our movies music and
gender neutral clothes gematria and shapes had sacred alchemy and codes i’m just reverse engineering the globe and
i’m flattered that you mentioned it bubble thoughts and domes babushka’s
but this life is all backwards and the times are in show i’m a real man apparently so was marilyn monroe and if
voting made a difference they wouldn’t let us do it listen don’t cheat lie or steal because the government hates competition propaganda makes you hate
the victims and praise the oppressors subversion of the world and they keep applying the pressure genetically
modified foods genetically modify you more on the people is easy if you own the water in fruits breaking down your
family and making your stupid brain dilution order oh 33 degree problem reaction solution our body movements and
cycles are luckily still unused they produce usable sellable energy for them to abuse you’ll be active to make money
in social points one day soon yo dump your day’s worth of energy production to prove you were useful and then biology
will be used to drive technology watch you’ll create the energy to power your own golden handcuffs and watch nano
technology the closer and closer we get the
singularity our artificial intelligence is replacing you with me pretty soon the earth won’t need the human species you
get a chip in your body that’s the mark could at least eradicate the natural human journey rapidly consciousness to
disreversing our dna and anatomy is here i got cyborgs looking after me
my wife’s a robot and george jetson buys crack from me more love for
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