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Entrances to Inner Earth - ROBERT SEPEHR

Entrances to Inner Earth – ROBERT SEPEHR

The Inner Earth is a concept proposing that our planet contains massive inhabited subterranean caverns that at some time contained, or still are home to, entire human civilizations. There are allegedly numerous entrances around the world, particularly in the polar regions, that are said to lead deep underground into these mythological Inner Earth Kingdoms.



there are numerous claims in mythologies and folklore from around the world that
speak of massive inhabited portions inside of the Earth’s crust as well as
several alleged Maps which purport to disclose the location of entrances to
these Subterranean worlds below our feet before we get to them I’d first like to
present some of the inner earth stories which help illustrate what is postulated
by some to exist exist in these massive underground Caverns alluded to in myths
and legends the Smokey God or a Voyage to the inner earth is a book written in
1908 presented as a true account of a Norwegian sailor who sailed with his
father through an entrance to the Earth’s interior at the North Pole the
story opens with Olaf Janson reminiscing about his childhood in the Coastal
Village of tburg Norway and his father’s lifelong fascination with the unexplored
regions of the Arctic determined to uncover the Mysteries hidden beneath the
icy surface they set sail from Stockholm on their modest fishing vessel they
navigate through treacherous Waters battling Fierce storms and freezing
temperatures and after days of sailing Olaf and his father encounter an
unexpected phenomenon a thick fog known as a Smoky God enveloping the North Pole
intrigued by this mysterious occurrence they navigate through the Mist until they discover A peculiar opening leading
into the Earth’s interior without hesitation they Venture into the unknown
eager to unravel the secrets that lie beneath the surface upon entering the inner earth
Olaf and his father are immediately struck by the breathtaking Landscapes that unfold before for them towering
mountains rise majestically on the horizon their peaks glistening in the
Ethereal light that emanates from the bioluminescent glittering lyan filled
Caverns Lush forests carpet The Valleys below teeming with vibrant flora and
fauna unlike anything found on the surface as they explore further they’re
filled with a sense of wonder and awe at the sheer beauty of this Hidden World as
Olaf and his father Journey deeper into the Subterranean World they encounter a
diverse array of plant life that thrives in the underground environment glowing
mushrooms and plants with iridescent leaves sway gently their branches
adorned with exotic flowers that emit a soft soothing glow moss covered rocks
and Crystal Clear streams dot the landscape creating a harmonious tapestry
of colors and textures Majestic Birds with wings spanning vast distances soar gracefully
overhead their melodic songs fill the air with enchanting Melodies colorful butterflies flutter
amidst of flowers and glowing fungus while gentle Woodland creatures and even
reptiles roam freely through the forest everywhere they turn they’re
greeted by the one Wonders of Nature in all its Splendor in addition to the breathtaking
Landscapes Olaf and his father also stumble upon ancient artifacts and ruins
left behind by a civilization long forgotten intricate carvings Adorn the
walls of underground Caverns depicting scenes of life and culture from a byon
era mysterious symbols and inscriptions hint at the secret secret of the inner
earth inviting them to unravel the Mysteries that lie within they Marvel at the sheer scale
and complexity of the Subterranean World filled with hidden treasures and ancient
Secrets waiting to be discovered as Olaf and his father delve deeper into the
inner earth they discover a network of underground caverns and passageways that
stretch for Miles beneath the surface twist ing rivers run through massive
tunnels leading them through a Labyrinth of Mazes where every turn reveals new
wonders and Mysteries to [Music]
behold they navigate through winding passages and dimly lit Chambers with a
beautiful diffused glow of purples green GRE and blues Guided by The Faint glow
of luminescent crystals that glow along the path along the way they encounter
strange rock formations and underground Rivers each more mesmerizing than the
last in their exploration of the inner earth Olaf and his father stumbl upon a
hidden civilization known as Eden the inhabitants are tall with a
blueeyed Aryan phenotype benevolent beings who possess advanced technology and wisdom far beyond
anything they have ever encountered the city of Eden is a Marvel of architecture and engineering with
towering spires and gleaming domes that reach towards the top of the
caves as they interact with the inhabitants of Eden Olaf and his father
are welcomed with open arms eager to learn more about this extraordinary
civilization and how they seemed Godlike compared to the surface people as Olaf
and his father immerse themselves in the culture of Eden they learn about the history and customs of the inner earth
Aryan people they discovered that the inhabitants of Eden have been living in
harmony with nature for centuries using their knowledge to maintain a perfect
balance between the elements through their interactions with the Unseen they gain insights into the
mysteries of the universe and interconnectedness of all living beings they Marvel at the advanced
spiritual technology and scientific knowledge possessed by the inhabitants of Eden eager to absorb as much wisdom
as they can during their time in in this hidden Subterranean
World during their stay in Eden Olaf and his father have the opportunity to
explore the city and its Many Wonders they Marvel at the Grandeur of the architecture with gleaming buildings and
intricate artwork adorning every street corner they visit bustling marketplaces
filled with exotic goods and activity immersing themselves in the vibrant
culture of the Smoky God they’re greeted with kindness and Hospitality wherever
they go forging deep connections with the inhabitants of Eden as they continue
their journey of exploration and [Music]
discovery [Music]
as their time in Eden draws to a close Olaf and his father reflect on their
profound and captivating glimpse into a world of Wonder and mystery hidden
beneath the earth’s surface reminded of the surface people many of whom remain
totally unaware of this underground habitat and foolishly believe they are
evolved from monkeys that came down from the surface trees they’re filled with
gratitude and hospitality and wisdom that they’ve received from the inhabitants of the inner earth vowing to
carry their experience with them forever with hearts full of memories and Minds
enlightened by their Adventure they Bid Farewell to Eden setting sail once more
for the surface as they Journey Back to the world above they carry with them the
knowledge and wisdom they’ve gained forever changed by their extraordinary Voyage into the depths of the Earth’s
inner [Music]
sanctum Olaf’s accounts claimed that he and his father accidentally stumbled
into an entrance to the inner earth in the Arctic region and encountered a race
of people with great stature or Giants in the forward the author postulates
that quote as we approach the Equator the stature of the human race grows less
but the patagonians of South America are probably the only Aborigines from the center of the earth who came out through
the aperature usually designated as the South Pole and they are called the giant
race I’ve already covered the topic of giants in Prior videos which I’ll leave a link to in the description that said
said here’s a quote from the Smoky God describing the inner earth inhabitants
quote there was not a single man aboard who would not have measured fully 12 ft
in height they all wore full beards not particularly long but seemingly short
cropped they had mild and beautiful faces exceedingly fair with Rudy
complexions their hair and beard of some were black others Sandy and still others
yellow the captain as we designated the dignitary in command of the great vessel
was fully a head taller than any of his companion the women averaged from 10 to
11 ft in height their features were especially regular and refined while
their complexion was of the most delicate tint heightened by a healthful glow they were richly attired in a
costume peculiar to themselves and very attractive the men were clothed in
handsomely embroidered tunics of silk and satin and belted at the waist they
wore knee breaches and stockings of a fine texture while their feet were encased in sandals adorned with gold
buckles we early discovered that gold was one of the most common Metals known
and that it was used extensively in decoration I never saw such a display of
gold it was everywhere the door casings were unlaid and the tables were veneered
in sheetings of gold domes of the public buildings were of gold it was used most generously in the
finishings of the great temples of Music the story concludes after a period
of time spent in this Subterranean World leaving through an opening to the surface around Antarctica where the
father died in a storm and the son though rescued was thrown into an insane
asylum for daring to tell the world about where he and his father had been
while it is very easy easy to dismiss the story as fiction it is hardly alone in its claims of an inhabited
underground Paradise that has been kept secret from the rest of humanity living
on the surface which brings us to this very rare and special map printed in
1740 by Mattis Sutter one of the most important and prolific German map
Publishers of the 18th century it is of schaen land which is a land of milk and
honey a map of a German concept of Utopia the original map from which this
engraving was made was supposedly dropped off at Mr suter’s map shop left
right outside of his door mysteriously just left there with no further information about it for those
interested I go into more detail about this in my book called Gods with
amnesia that said this map is not of any known land mass on the surface of the
Earth and has peculiar writing on it such as saying the light is the same
both day and night I would like to now draw your attention to the bottom right
hand portion of the map which I found extraordinarily interesting the writing on it says in German and I’ll translate
a utopian map of the newly discovered schaen land this land was often spoken
spoken of but never located and nobody knows where it is this ridiculous
fantasy land is composed of many kingdoms which have all the different
vices of life within them and that this map was delivered by Anonymous
authors could this so-called fantasy map in actuality be giving us a clue as to
the polar entrance to the inner earth which Peak the interest of nationalist Germany in the early part of the last
century as you can see the writing is on what appears to be a large rock or a
mountain with four rivers running into it could this map be a portion of the
inner world if so it lines up nicely with the Mercer map printed in
1613 the first map dedicated to the Arctic where the North Pole is depicted
as a giant familiar looking rock or Mountain from which four rivers flow
into now what does that remind you of there are numerous myths and legends
regarding entrances to inhabited Subterranean Worlds at the poles most
taken very seriously by European secret societies of the 19th and 20th centuries
in the year 2000 the cave of crystals was discovered by miners at Excavating a
tunnel for a mine in Mexico the main chamber contains some of the largest
natural crystals ever found in any underground cave the largest one so far measuring
about 36 ft in length 13 ft in diameter
and weighs over 55 tons so these massive crystals are just
spectacular the gigant antic colossal crystals in this Subterranean cave have
become this large because of the extremely hot temperatures inside of the underground Cavern where it has reached
a steamy 136° F and this encourages microscopic crystals to form rapidly
growing much faster than we’re used to seeing in cooler locations just gazing at these gigantic
beautiful crystals one can’t help but get carried away imagining what else awaits further
exploration deeper inside these caves that said the tremendous Subterranean
heat got me thinking about another topic coldblooded
reptiles [Music]
reptiles are coldblooded meaning they cannot generate their own body heat so
they’re dependent on the heat from their environment which usually equates to sunlight as that is the primary source
of heat on the surface world but that’s not the case deep below the surface
where there’s a constant consistent warmth independent of sunlight which
seems reptiles are ideally adapted for and which theoretically make sense to me
at least as a likely evolutionary origin for this ancient species which may have
originated deep within the Earth with some emerging onto the surface millions
of years ago and adapting to its new inhospitable
environment if this was the case then it might make sense for people as well if
you haven’t already seen it there’s a link in the description to my video called out of Africa debunked where I
make the case against Humanity’s alleged aboreal Origins from tree dwelling
primates as the darwinian model has yet to come up with a missing link which
remains Elusive and still still very much missing that said what if the ancient
myths and legends about Subterranean kingdoms is true such as agartha or
Shambala which are popular in parts of Asia such as Tibet or India which claims
that there are inner earth civilizations that are the true origins of the human
race which would explain why our alleged aplike ancestor has never been found
there are numerous myths and legends passed down since remote Antiquity concerning an ancient long lost
civilization that allegedly existed before a Time of great cataclysm which
some say originated somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean but most certainly had
colonies all around the world as part of its expansive Empire we often hear mythologies that
speak to a forgotten parent race which were revered as gods and that taught
various communities of tribal people about agriculture astronomy architecture art and
spirituality while many people point to places like Egypt India and Tibet these are not the
only places which hold Clues to a forgotten past which may differ from the
accepted history we’re all taught in modern anthropology classrooms as one of the seven wonders
of the natural world the Grand Canyon is a true National Treasure carved by the Colorado River in
Arizona this steep-sided Canyon is 277 M long up to 18 M wide and attains a depth
of over a mile for thousands of years the area has been continuously inhabited
by Native Americans who built settlements within the canyon and its many caves the peblo people considered
the Grand Canyon a holy site and made pilgrimages to it the first academically
accepted Europeans known to have viewed the Grand Canyon was in 1540 but this may not be the case as
there are many unusual stories associated with this area some published
and some passed down orally the hopy Indians maintained that
their ancestors did not arrive from the north over a landbridge from Asia nor do
they believe that they arrived to the New World by boat but instead their
origin myths tell the story story of how they climbed onto the surface from the
underworld the specific location where the Hy claim they emerged from took
place in their Legends deep inside the Grand Canyon an enchanted opening from
the mysterious recesses of the earth Native American folklore states that the
Grand Canyon was formed as a result of a great delus which had drowned the
previous third world and Hy cosmology spe specifies that this Canyon was the
exact place where the H emerged from their Subterranean Refuge after a great
flood had destroyed the previous age there are several inworld entry points
that are said to be located on their land in the canyon one of them is very
revered and honored in ceremony as the dwelling of an ancient parent race and
this sacred site is strictly off limits to all but the Hy people
themselves the lore further claims that the Hopi were assisted by what they
describe as an ant people who lived in the inner world in the caves and caverns
and they’re described by some Elders as being pale humanoids with thin limbs
slightly arched backs and people working for the smithonian may also have
actually discovered artifacts inside some massive Caverns with intricate passages rooms that
include tables with hieroglyphs and was actually an article published in the Arizona Gazette on
April 5th 1909 that states that the Grand Canyon was once home to A Lost Civilization
that consisted of people of gigantic proportions or Giants could the hopy Indian myths have
been based in fact over the past Century numerous archaeologists have planned to
go searching for this mythical world but exploration of internal caverns and
caves are off limits and forbidden by law if an Atlantis likee settlement did
ever exist underground within the canyon could there still be civilizations that
exist deep beneath the Earth and if so where are these entrances to these inner
worlds and who could possibly inhabit them John Wesley pal was the first
person to travel the entire Colorado River in his book explorations of the Colorado River and its Canyons he writes
quote in this great numbers of caves are hollowed out and carvings are seen which
suggest architectural forms though on a scale so Grand that architectural terms
belittle them as this great bed forms a distinctive feature of the canyon we
call it Marble Canyon I walk down the gorge to the left at the foot of the cliff climb to a bench and
discover a trail deeply worn into the Rock where it crosses the side gulches
in some places steps have been cut I can see no evidence of it having been
traveled for a long time it was doubtless a path used by people who
inhabited this country anterior to the present Indian races the people who
built the communal houses of which mention has been made I return to Camp
about 3:00 and find that some of the men have discovered ruins and many fragments
of pottery also etchings and hieroglyphics on the rocks that said the Smithsonian has
denied the validity of the claims published in 1909 but as I’ve pointed out in a
previous video that I made regarding dozens of other independent discoveries
of giant skeletons discover Ed in America during the early 20th and 19th
century none of these finds published in papers such as the New York Times can be
accounted for either so there’s plenty of precedent for the Smithsonian losing
artifacts or information about discoveries that do not fit in with
currently accepted Dogma about the history of America and its interaction with other ancient
civilizations but why would the smithon cover up something like this because it
would change the entire history of North America as we know it and would not align with the how history was written
up in the textbooks which promote a certain political agenda modern-day
archaeologists largely dismiss anything remotely related to any stories like
this because it’s not what universities teach it’s funny that just because
something isn’t written in the officially approved curriculum it’s discounted as false the idea that our
planet consists of a hollow or honeycombed interior is not new some of
the oldest cultures speak of civilizations inside of vast Cavern cities within the bowels of the Earth
according to certain Buddhist and Hindu Traditions secret tunnels connect Tibet
with the Subterranean paradise and they call this legendary underworld agartha in India this underground Oasis
is best known by its Sanskrit name Shambala thought to mean place of
Tranquility mythologies throughout the world from South America to the Arctic
describe numerous entrances to these fabled inner kingdoms many at cult
organizations esoteric authors and secret societies concur with these myths
and legends of subterranean inhabitants who are the remnants of anti- lovian
civilizations which sought refuge in Hollow caverns inside the earth assuming
that the myths are true and the Earth is at least partially Hollow how could life
survive underground surface trees and rainforests are responsible for less than onethird of the Earth’s oxygen
while Marine plants such as phytoplankton are responsible for up to 75% of the oxygen in the Earth’s
atmosphere depending on season the vast majority of our oxygen comes from
aquatic organisms phytoplankton kelp and algae
produce oxygen as a byproduct of photosynthesis a process which converts
carbon dioxide and light into sugars which are then used for energy while the
process of photosynthesis usually implies the presence of sunlight the sun is not the only available light or
energy source able to power photo synthesis before the discovery of
hydrothermal vents and their ecosystems scientists believe that only small animals lived at the ocean bottom
in seafloor sediments they theorized that these animals received their food
from above because the established model of marine food chain dependent on sunlight and photosynthesis just as the
food chain on land does mainstream Academia taught that this was the only
way life could survive in the darkest of the deep seaf Flor the discovery of
hydrothermal vents changed all that it became clear that these vast communities of animals grew quickly and to larger
than expected sizes in the depths without the aid of the Sun instead of
using light to create organic material through photosynthesis microorganisms at the
bottom of the food chain at hydrothermal vents use chemicals such as hydrogen
sulfide and what is called chemosynthesis at the seafloor there
thriving ecosystems that receive energy not from the Sun but from the Heat and
chemicals provided by the planet itself for many thousands of species dwelling
in the Deep the energy to sustain life does not flow down from above but comes
up from the interior of the earth even in the unlikely scenario where every
single tree were to be chopped down we would still be able to breathe thanks to aquatic plant life for example algae the
Earth has a tremendous amount of water and these oceans rivers and lakes are
teeming with numerous species of biologically active oxygen producing
organisms that said one might ask the question are there any known sources of
sustenance available that could provide for a large human population since there
are known Subterranean sources of water such as lakes and rivers teeming with
algae there’s also a food chain that lives off the algae such as shrimps fish
and other Aquatic Life there’s also another food source which also doubles
as a light source Lykan is a composite organism that arises from algae in a
mutualistic relationship with multiple fungi species Lykan comes in many colors
sizes and forms and are sometimes plant-like similar to Moss but lyans are not
related to mosses or any plant they’re often found growing on Rock have adapted
to survive in some of the most extreme environments on Earth and lyans have been known to Glow as of other fungal
species such as bioluminescent mushrooms or even glowing algae and other
organisms so not only are some forms of Lykan edible even served in some
Scandinavian restaurants as a delicacy but may contribute as a potential light
source the Buddhists in their theology fervently believe that Subterranean
civilizations exist they believe these underground people belong to a superior
race of men and women who occasionally come to the surface to oversee the development of humanity above ground
whether this is actually done as a malevolent or benevolent act depends on perspective and for many people is Up
For Debate while the inner earth civilization is called a gartha and the
capital city often referred to a Shambala whose rulers said to have given orders to the dolly llama in the past
transmitted through certain secret tunnels connecting this inner world with Tibet possibly its capital city
Lassa the entrance of this tunnel was guarded by llamas who are sworn to
secrecy but there has been rumors that these secrets were handed over to the Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany
which sent numerous archaeological expeditions to Tibet trying to find fossilized remains of giants among other
things such as an alleged attempt by the anbe or ancestral heritage research
organization to establish Communications with what they considered true Supermen
who were said to have mastered the forces of the living Universe which they called Vil but is also known as Chi ke
pra Oregon and to Alchemist ether in the book The Spear of Destiny
Trevor Ravenscroft says quote it was largely through the initiative of
Professor Carl Hofer and other members of the real Society in Berlin and Munich
that exploratory teams were sent sent out to Tibet the succession of German
expeditions to Tibet which took place annually from 1926 to
1942 sought to establish contact with cave communities 3 years after the first
Contact had been made with the adepts of agari and Shambala a Tibetan Community
was established in Germany with branches in Berlin Munich and
nurenberg the adeps of agari were known in Germany as the Society of green men
and strong measures were taken to keep Silence about their real significance
they were joined by seven members of the green dragon Society of Japan with whom
they had been in communication for hundreds of years during the final months of the war when the Russians
reached their quarters in the suburbs of Berlin they discovered their naked bodies lying in orderly rows each with a
ceremonial knife piercing the abdomen in Dietrich br’s 1975 book
before Hitler came we read quote in 1928 the Tuli Society via the strong Tibetan
colony in Berlin with which Hofer was in permanent contact is said to have
resumed the links to tibet’s secret societies of monks which were even maintained during the second world war
they used in radio communications between Berlin and the Tibetan capital of Lassa at this time was the book z a
secret book of magic of Tibetan sages the links to Tibetan Buddhism forged by
Trish hasofer and hes were represented by Konichi an emissary of the Tibetan
agartha in Berlin he wore the brush-shaped mustache that indicated an
Adept on the evening before the outbreak of the second world war schaer’s SS
Expedition departed from Germany for Tibet Guided by Konichi and Ava spool
muler bringing the doy Lama radio equipment with which to set up links
between Lassa and Berlin schaer’s SS men were permitted to enter the holy city of
Lassa otherwise barred to Europeans and Christians and even the llamas
magnificent Temple containing one single enormous object the holiest symbol of
the Mongolian Empire the swastika in a French book let 10
cabalist which translates to cabalist time it says quote there was continuous
contact between National Socialist Germany and Tibet there were also claims
that Schaefer had brought the fur a document of inestimable value and that
the fur locked it away in a dark corner of the bunker at rastenberg where he was
said to meditate this document was a parchment on which the doly Lama had signed The Pact of Friendship with with
nationalist Germany where Hitler was known to him as head of the arens one item out of all those brought
back by schaer deserve particular attention the Tantra ritual kak chakra
and a detailed dossier containing this tantric initiation the first document on
this subject to reach the West meaning to weave in Sanskrit the
term Tantra applies to a set of spiritual practices that direct the universal energies into the practitioner
thereby leading to Liberation from the physical level of existence samade is a state of
consciousness characterized by Clarity of perception and the absence of the ego
it is the State of Consciousness sought by all schools of meditation a piercing of the veils of One’s Own subconscious
mind into the superconscious this and other occult spiritual techniques were said to have
been practiced by members of the Tuli and real Societies in Germany the medium
Maria orsc was leader of the Viller inan comprised of beautiful young ladies who
in pre-World War II Germany conducted Research into psychic phenomena and
advanced propulsion technology including saucer shaped aircraft known in ancient
Sanskrit text as vimanas they’re real Society whose
members included some of who would later become notable members of the Nationalist Socialist Party believed
that many ancient civilizations owed their Origins to refugees from Atlantis
and the people that dwelt inside of the earth they Advanced the idea of a Subterranean civilization ruled by an
ancient parent race who had mastered free energy this Aryan Breakaway
civilization was said to have survived the anti-d deluvian cataclysms which ended the Ice Age and continued to
thrive below the surface of the Earth before World War II Germany claimed the
territory of new swabia or no schwabenland in Antarctica previously
known as Queen modland and sent expeditions there including the last one in 1938 where they began building secret
deep underground bases below the ice only reachable by ubot or
submarine they then defeated a post World War II attack by Allied Forces in
1946 led by Admiral bird who took over 4,000 military troops from the US
Britain and Australia into an invasion of Antarctica where his forces
encountered heavy resistance from unusual saucer-shaped craft that inflicted substantial damages and caused
them to retreat according to a published interview he gave which is translated from Spanish and published in my my own
book stating that it was quote necessary for the US to take defensive action
against enemy air Fighters which come from the polar regions shortly after
Secretary of Defense James forestal allegedly committed suicide while some
close to him suspect that he was actually thrown out of a window the true events of his mission in Antarctica
which were rumored to have included finding an entrance to inner earth are still kept top secret and confidential
as operation high jump which finally brings us to the Nazi maps that were leaked to the public after the fall of
the Soviet Union in 1991 which not only gave detailed uboat
directions of how to enter the inner earth below the ice in Antarctica but
provided a detailed map of the Subterranean landscape which they called
Asgard which in Norse and Germanic mythology is the name of the The Dwelling Place of the Gods comparable to
the Greek Mount Olympus Legend divided ascard into 12 or more Realms including Valhalla the home
of Odin and the Abode of the heroes slain in Earthly battle according to
certain translations of Norse poems ascard is located in the center of the
world and according to these National Socialist Maps the inner earth realm is
also the of no Berlin which apparently is a city situated on what appears to be an island
that is labeled as no schwabenland while the map is dismissed by mainstream historians and mainstream
media as can be verified by a simple search on Google let’s not forget this
is the same Google whose mainstream AI depicts Nazi soldiers as subsaharan
African not to mention the pope as black as as well as Nubian
Vikings that said there has been alleged corroboration by a letter from a German
ubo Navigator named Carl uner who claims u29 made it to agartha or Asgard and
that the Earth does in fact contain areas that are Hollow stating that Carl
Hoffer and Rudolph hes were correct about the hollow Earth theory I found a
few more things that pertain to inner earth here they say the Germans said to have made it in there in what they
called the underworld of agartha here we see a translated letter this message
will be a surprise to you the ubot 209 has made it the Earth is hollow Dr House
Hoffer and Hess were right the whole crew is doing well but they cannot come
back we are no prisoners I am certain that this message will re reach you it
is the last contact with the u209 we will meet again comrade I am
worried about the people that have to live on the
surface since the f is gone God bless our Germany always with hearty greetings
Carl ler yeah he’s right to worry about the people on the surface look at what’s
happening to them right now let’s house inlin mon House of
my name is Robert Seer I’m an anthropologist my published work is available on Amazon and through all
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