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The Greatest Deception 2019 Hibbeler Documentary

“If you tell a lie, make it big, and then keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it”. The globe is the biggest lie, ever told, and ever believed. Time is running out for the globe during the information age, so stop defending their lies and wake the fuck up!

The Matrix has ever
is all around us even now in this very
room you can see it when you look out
your window or when you turn on your
television you can feel it when you go
to work
when you go to church
when you pay your taxes
it is the world that has been pulled
over your eyes to blind you from the
truth you take the blue pill the story
ends you wake up in your bed and believe
whatever you want you take the red pill
you stay in Wonderland and I show you
how deep the rabbit-hole goes
remember all I’m offering is the truth
there’s 300 million people together
salmon this makes any sense
we need answers because it changed the
discussion there are not reasonable
questions delicious especially do you
think you they carefully keeping us
the barge
their earth is indisputably not around
is it possible if these guys are using
stage magic tricks look over here look
over here and is it possible that the
world that we’re living in it has been
miss described I definitely know that
the world were living in has been miss
described to us it oversimplified
including the solar system model it’s
been a vastly oversimplified it doesn’t
actually Accord itself to the very
accurate readings we can get today with
our technology right like – they never
predicted that it was going to come to
that’s not an eight-year-olds question
that’s my question
I want to know but I think I know
because we didn’t go there and and
that’s way it happened and and if it
didn’t happen it’s nice to know why it
didn’t happen so in the future if we
want to keep doing something we need to
know why something stopped in the past
that we wanted to keep it going and you
can see the real location of the camera
and the very bright and dear earth out
of the window ten or eleven years ago I
stated to various scientists that the
moon is not a piece of rock but it is a
plasma the Americans and Russians are
thinking of landing minerals
well that will never happen together
happen sometimes got something called a
lunar ways there are many videos showing
the moon just a mystery
there you’ve got a pee line under Canada
now you can buy and you can zoom in to
the moon it’s supposed to be by the way
two hundred twenty-eight thousand miles
away in deep black space if sometimes
translations you can see if you’re
really into it whether you believe I
went to the moon or not everybody
believes there’s the debate about it
right now if you really have an open
mind and we want to get to the bottom of
it let’s let’s have an open line let’s
get to the bottom of it and let’s let’s
take it to trial first thing we got to
do is examine the evidence and the
defendant the government says we
destroyed all the others I’d go to the
moon in a nanosecond the problem is we
don’t have the technology to do that
anymore we used to but we destroyed that
technology and it’s a painful process to
build it back again destroy the evidence
why would you destroy all that precious
evidence of the greatest achievement of
mankind these guys are [ __ ] they
destroy the evidence
okay it’s on now yeah it would be it
open it you want answers I think I’m
entitled you want the truth
when you look up at the Sun the moon you
see two equally sized equidistant
circles tracing similar paths at similar
speeds around us one stationary earth
rise up look at that grip cosmic light
and think about it that gets up in the
eastern horizon every morning in moves
across the sky with a kind of symphony
of motion and paint sets Technicolor
across the blue a life that man could
never make they had become so involved
in thinking about man’s progress they
forget to think about the need for God’s
power the experts claim your common
sense everyday experience is false on
all counts
to begin with they say the earth is not
flat but a big ball not stationary but
spinning around 19 miles per second they
say the Sun does not revolve around the
earth as it appears
the Earth revolves around the Sun
and the Sun is actually 400 times larger
than the moon and 400 times farther away
that’s right you can clearly see they’re
the same size and distance
you can see the earth is flat
you can feel the earth is stationary but
according to the Gospel of modern
astronomy the Earth spins 1038 miles per
hour under your feet and revolves 67,000
108 miles per hour around the Sun the
Prentice calculated the sun’s distance
from Earth to be three million three
hundred and ninety one thousand two
hundred miles the next century Johannes
Kepler decided it was actually 12
million three hundred and seventy six
thousand eight hundred miles away Isaac
Newton once said it matters not whether
we recommend 28 or fifty four million
miles distant for either would do just
as well no scientific science bachelors
were calculated between 81 and 82
million miles the moon is actually a
semi-transparent luminary and not the
solid spherical desert planet that NASA
would have us believe
in fact it is likely that both the Sun
are not densely physical at all in our
simply luminous flat discs able to pass
by or through one another during
eclipses the sudden luminaries revolve
around the earth once every 24 hours for
the Sun and approximately 25 hours for
the moon illuminating like spotlights
the areas over which they pass the sun’s
annual journey from topic to topic
solstice to solstice is what determines
the length and character of days nights
and seasons what can be more common than
the observation that standing at one end
of a long row of lampposts those nearest
to us seem to be the highest than those
farthest away the lowest as we move
along towards the opposite end of the
series those which we approach seem to
get higher and those we are leaving
behind appear to gradually become lower
it is an ordinary effect of perspective
for an object to appear lower and lower
as the observer goes farther and farther
away from it
let anyone try the experiment the
apparently uprising surface of the earth
upon or over which it stands will
converge to the angle which constitutes
the vanishing point or the horizon
beyond which it will be invisible Helio
centrists would have you believe the
very opposite of what every human who
has ever walked the earth is seen with
their own eyes it is obvious to any
child and suffering minded adult that
the Sun Moon stars and planets every
light in the sky above revolves around
the motionless earth beneath our feet it
is also plain to see that the Sun the
moon are both approximately the same
size and situated relatively close to
Earth not four hundred times divergent
and millions of our millions of miles
away to abandon your senses and everyday
experience in favor of such unfounded
science fiction fantasies is a fallacy
of appeal to Authority so extreme that
it leaves the brainwashed believer
impotent to trust his own natural
instincts and forever thereafter changed
to the fantastical explanations of
astronomical charlatans
Timon ya ever wonder what those
sparkling dogs are of their public I
don’t wonder
I know Oh what are they a fireflies
fireflies to their cut stuck up in that
big bluish black thing oh gee I always
thought they were balls of gas burning
billions of miles away
pretty damn Philippines is maybe tonight
the my chance my let me know all the
oh sure all the stars oh sure all the
start a bull
all stars
to stay fixed in their constellation
night after night year after year
century after century never changing
their relative positions if earth was
truly a tilted waffling spinning space
ball as NASA and modern astronomy
the star patterns would never look the
same two nights in a row let alone be
fixed in exactly the same constellations
for thousands upon thousands of
I want to talk about Flat Earth and I
noticed things like when you search it
in a search engine all you get is
misinformation you don’t even get real
critical thought on it well I saw the
blanket censorship which tells me
there’s truth to it tells me that
they’re panicking they’re in panic mode
and they don’t want us to have real
tangible information more importantly
they don’t want you to think critically
about it see we’re in the Information
Age and this is what the tactic is this
is why Logan Paul just did a video on
Flat Earth
it’s why Shane Dawson just did a series
of videos it’s to discredit the real
truth truth
it tells me that there’s something here
that they don’t want you to know it
tells me that mainstream science NASA
more importantly our government powers
are panicking so they’re hiring through
the same companies at the own because
there’s only six companies by the way
if it’s a wild conspiracy theory why do
they need to discredit it if it’s a wild
conspiracy theory and it isn’t the truth
and no one’s gonna believe it because
they’re smart enough to think on their
own why do they need to discredit it why
do they need any of these same people
keep keep in mind Logan Paul that Disney
is the parent company I’m pretty sure he
gets a check from Walt Disney why would
they then put out these misinformation
campaigns I mean ask yourself these
logical questions I think we know the
answer and I think we know the reason is
it possible that we’re living in that
Truman Show today we’re living on the
flat earth with the dome the firmament
as we start to look around us we start
to wake up our eyes open maybe that
third eye opens we start to understand a
wow this isn’t what I thought it was
maybe instead of being a worthless blob
of goo that came from nothing and then
developing into eights that were doing
and eyeing and then eating bananas like
a bunch of idiots maybe instead of that
we actually are the center of the
universe maybe we are special in fact
maybe there is unbelievable evidence of
creation but the government has decided
to hide that from you why why is there
so much misinformation why is there a
giant disinformation campaign going on
right now when it comes to things like
Flat Earth
are my eyes lying to me or can I trust
what I’m actually saying but Christopher
the earth is a globe I was told that
when I was 1 years old they said look
this is a globe isn’t it interesting
it’s one of the first things you’re
actually taught the earth isn’t flat
it’s a globe even though for hundreds
and hundreds if not thousands of years
they thought that the earth was flat
obba crystal we have all these images of
outer space that show that the earth is
a sphere really where do the images come
from NASA oh you mean the same NASA that
is our government our secretive
breakaway government that housing them
back to the moon since the 1960’s that
NASA have you ever seen it with your own
how come milk none of the electronics
account for curvature of the earth and
you’re flying a plane
none of the engineering of bridges and
train tracks buildings all kinds of
infrastructure that goes for miles and
hundreds and maybe thousands of miles
none of it accounts for in its actual
engineering blueprints for the curvature
of the earth I mean if I was building a
giant bridge of hundreds of miles what
did I have to account for the curve
where’s it possible there’s not a curve
and that we’ve been lied to for a reason
everybody in this room was taught the
story of how Columbus went before Queen
Isabella Spain and he was going to prove
to her that the world was the blow
so this world is round story it’s a
hundred percent [ __ ] it’s total
fiction yet how did our grandparents
learn this we learned this our
grandchildren are probably gonna learn
this how come because history is pop
culture and that dude who jumped out of
a perfectly good balloon
what’s his a Felix Felix Baumgartner H
of space jump the the honesty of it
would greatly diminish what I think
people thought he was actually doing and
not only that they made sure to
photograph him standing there with a
really wide angle lens which curves
horizontal lines you see this curvature
of hearths surface and he’s a while he’s
in space look at that no it’s not it’s
almost overwhelming but are you standing
there in the pressure suits the only
thing that you hear is just self
breathing you can see the curve over
there for theorists you can see this guy
is totally black you don’t see that
stuff is what you can see the curvature
of the earth you don’t see the you can
see the curvature of the earth
just don’t that stuff is what what
with a really wide angle widens large
curves horizontal line
there’s a really wide angle why these
hijackers are on the line
a really wide angle wire in July
scientists wrote that the earth is flat
flat so trust your eyes and trust your
experience trust your feeling trust your
intuition look out see the horizon flat
feel for yourself you’re not moving just
sit still
sit still for a second you know
you’re not spinning around an axis at a
thousand miles per hour rotating around
the Sun at 67,000 miles per hour
spiraling around the galaxy at 500,000
miles per hour and shooting off from a
big bang of 67 million miles per hour
you’re not
emotionless a just sitting there
this is still does that even mean sit
you think you could Cisco with all those
let’s feel like you’re moving
same thing you’ve always felt nothing
nobody’s ever
he’s never seen the earth
he’s ever seen
maybe just got fooled by some places
Mark Twain said easier to fool people
than to convince them they’ve been
fooled that’s why it’s so hard to
convince you you’ve been fooled I know
you’re out there I can feel you now I
know that you’re afraid you’re afraid of
us you’re afraid of change I don’t know
the future I didn’t come here to tell
you how this is going to end
to tell you how it’s going to begin
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