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A Strangers Guide to Flat Earth 21 Questions and Answers Proving The Earth Is Flat

UPDATE: Hi everyone. 2022 has been quite the year for the struggle being real. I haven’t been able to do much when it comes content and I apologize for that. I promise you that is all changing when 2023 hits. I’ve been hospitalized with pneumonia this year and that kept me down for two months. I am having trouble with living situations and other financial responsibilities because of that and am having to work two labor-intensive jobs

in order to keep from drowning. All while trying to start a record label. It’s been brutal, but that’s been the nature of my life for the majority. I am used to it, and I refuse to go down without putting forth maximum effort. My Tee Spring page was terminated without notice at the beginning of the year and ‘Never Sleep Again Part 2’ was removed from all available streaming platforms. Those two things alone provided me some decent security, but no longer. Plus, a few videos being removed by Google/YT and not being active has taken its toll on my income as well. I am not saying this to whine or make an attempt for your sympathy, but simply to inform you why this year has been so unproductive. That’s why I always keep to myself even though you all deserve updates. I wasn’t planning on doing any fundraisers for my planned record label startup, but I may go that route. It will certainly mean consistent content much sooner if I reach the planned goal. If I do choose to do this, I will unveil the support page after the new year gets going and I’ve completed a few new videos. It’s just that I have some kick-ass artists lined up to make music with me and I CANNOT WAIT to begin releasing the new tracks for you all. Everything will be up to speed over the next two months, from my Patreon account to my Rokfin page. I will make up for all the lost time. I truly apologize. Much love, gratitude and respect to you all. Your ride-r-die conspiratorial inter-digi-web brother, O.D.D.

so where’s the edge?
who’s to say that there is an edge and why assume there is one? is it because when we are introduced to the idea of a flat earth it’s always depicted like
this? in the currently most accepted model
Antarctica is not a continent, but a 360 degree landmass made up of ice that
holds the oceans within. when we look at a Gleason’s map from 1892 that states at
the top that it’s scientifically and practically correct as is
we see this Antarctic ice rim. the Gleason’s map is basically an azimuthal equidistant projection which can be traced back to the year 1000.
the AE map is also an official map of the United States Geological Survey
(USGS) and the official logo for the United Nations. the oldest known globe in
the world is from 1492 this is something you need to keep in mind because many people argue that the
azimuthal equidistant map is just a flattened out version of the globe
when in fact the globe is just a rounded version of this true world flat map. if
the flat map came first and it has the ability to convert into a globe without any problems whatsoever then that should tell you a little bit about how this
globe deception was achieved. now back to if there is an edge or not. there is no proof that there is an edge
past the Antarctic ice wall, but it is speculated by many that perhaps the
plane that we live on is either extremely expensive or it’s possibly endless. in these two scenarios it would be logically assumed that more land as
being hidden from the general public
in a 1954 interview with Admiral Richard E bird, an American naval officer
who specialized in exploration, he had this to say: “but strangely enough left in the world today is an area as big
as the United States that’s never been seen by human being and that’s beyond the pole on the other
side of the South Pole from Middle America and I think it’s quite
astonishing that it should be an area as big as that unexplored.” implying that there is more
land past Antarctica. if that uninhabited land was on a globe
it would be in the Indian Ocean. a recent discovery of an old Buddhist map in a
newspaper from 1907 seems to support the idea of a vast plain with much more land.
where does the Sun go if the earth is flat? well the Sun neither rises nor sets, but travels in a clockwise circuit from
east to west and only appears to rise and set due to perspective. the Sun
disappears at the vanishing point of human perspective on the horizon where the ground meets the sky and since the sun is not 93 million miles away
I repeat NOT 93 million miles away, but much closer and smaller the light
emanating from the Sun only illuminates about half of the flat plane at once as
it makes its daily journey.
what’s underneath the flat earth?
this is obviously an unanswerable question since the assumed edge has
never been known to be reached, but many people suppose that whether the earth is round or flat that either way it still must be floating in the middle of outer
space, but the idea of outer space goes out the window with the round earth theory.
many religious text support an immovable earth that has its foundations on which
it is laid and its pillars by which it is supported. we simply don’t know, but we do know that the earth is obviously fixed in place as
we can tell by our everyday experience of non movement. what we see in the skies above are illuminated objects making circles
around us just as it appears. whatever this place maybe it’s the center of all we survey.
some say that the earth is the floor of the universe. in the ancient Hebrew conception of the universe
we are surrounded by the waters above and the waters below known as the great deep.
the deepest hole ever drilled into the earth was a total of about seven and a half miles.
the very core of the earth is nothing more than wild speculation if not another malicious lie. so what’s under the earth? that remains a mystery
to us all, but another thing that you can research is what’s inside the earth. multi-billion
dollar deep underground military bases known as dumbs D.U.M.B’s.
what about ships and boats disappearing over the horizon?
this is also due to human perspective. they don’t go over the horizon.
they go into the horizon, moving beyond the limit of our vision and passed the
vanishing point, but the ships and boats are easily brought back into view with a pair of binoculars a telescope and any camera with a good zoom lens.
a great question to ask yourself is why can’t we see noticeable curvature from
120,000 feet up, but many people claim that the supposed curvature can be seen from the ground by
watching boats? it doesn’t make sense.
and what about all the pictures of the earth?
they are all clearly computer-generated images they claim this picture from
apollo 17 in 1972 Is real and they also claim that the 2015 epic earth picture
is real, but NASA employee Robert Simmon gave us a glimpse of how they do it when
he shared his experience of creating the blue marble 2.0 in 2002.
he is now called mr. blue marble. he was interviewed and on record stating “the last time anyone took a photograph
from above low Earth orbit that showed an entire hemisphere one side of the
globe was in 1972 during Apollo 17 NASA’s Earth observing system EOS satellites were designed to give a
check-up of Earth’s health by 2002 we finally had enough data to make a snapshot of the entire Earth
so we did.” in 2002, blue marble 2.0. NASA’s Rob Simmon made this. Simmon’s job is… it’s primarily taking data and making
pictures out of it. that’s what this is. a composite of data sets from several different instruments translated into a picture. so we actually had to take clouds and out.
stashed the clouds for later went on to the ocean that came from an instrument that measures phytoplankton in the sea. where it was low,
I color it dark blue because they’re low mostly in mid oceans and then where it’s a little bit higher, it was like a little bit brighter green, then add the clouds
back in. there is a small problem with it because there’s a very slight gap in
between each orbit so some of those are painted on. it is photoshopped but it has to be. then there was another layer to sort of simulate the
atmosphere and then there’s this little bright spot, it’s called the specular highlight. so it’s the reflection of sunlight off of water. those are the
pieces, but you can’t just slap them all together just didn’t look realistic it looks kind of flat or the clouds are sort of to see through so i just hit
command + Z a lot. there’s artistry to creating the world. what I imagined it to be. unfortunately i’m not an astronaut.
I’ve never been to space, but I’ve looked at these images over and over again trying to sort of get the essence of it. It is photoshopped
but it has to be. it is photoshopped but it has to be. it is photoshopped
but it has to be. it is photoshopped but it has to be.
why are all the other planets around then?
when you compare amateur footage done with professional grade cameras and
compare it to NASA’s official images of planets and stars, it’s clear that NASA images are all computer-generated. no different than the
photos of Earth.
what have become known as planets are round lights that seem to be set over
the flat earth. the so-called planets and stars are not what we have been told
they are and comparing luminous objects that you see in the sky to the earth under your feet is very ineffective for actually proving the supposed rotundity
of the earth. since there are no actual photographs of the earth and motion has never been
experienced or proven, it would seem more logical for one to assume that we
are on a flat motionless plain and everything we see in the heavens revolves around us.
what about satellites and GPS?
as crazy as it may sound, satellites are a hoax. have you ever wondered why there are never any damaged or fallen satellites?
and why there are no satellite malfunctions due to constant heating and cooling?
it’s weird they don’t melt in the thermosphere that’s over 2,000 degrees. I find myself looking at the moon and wondering why we never see satellites
pass by the moon. did you know there are thousands of miles of fiber optic cables under the
seabed that supplies 90% of the Earth’s communication? internet, phones, etc. and
GPS works off of cell phone towers. it’s called triangulation. haven’t you seen those really tall towers and
wondered what they are? satellite TV is just enhanced radio using ground-based towers
it’s all ground-based just like the old TV antenna. science fiction author arthur
c. clarke proposed the idea of geostationary satellites in 1945 in a
magazine called wireless world and twenty years later in 1965 they claim to have successfully launched the first
commercial geostationary communication satellite. today there are said to be thousands, but the odd thing is that trying to prove it only leaves you
fruitless. is outer space even real?
yes and no. what you see in the sky as far as stars and wandering stars also
known as planets are there. how could we deny them? we don’t know what they actually are, but they are
there. now what we are told about outer space and what it is is not true at all.
everything we believe about so-called outer space is due mostly to Hollywood
movies and other media including children’s cartoons. of course NASA
propaganda is the biggest culprit. as we have already gone over there are no
pictures of Earth and even images of all the other so-called planets are computer generated.
NASA has gone on record numerous times stating that humans can’t get past low Earth orbit.
NASA’s next spacecraft already being built and tested across America will do
those things and more. this is the spacecraft that’s going to take humans to explore the solar system
it’s the next big step for NASA and exploration. called the Orion
multi-purpose crew vehicle or MPCV this next generation spacecraft will enable
America to explore beyond low-earth orbit. as we get further away from earth will pass through the Van Allen belts. an area
of dangerous radiation but orion has protection. shielding will be put to the
test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation. sensors aboard will record radiation levels for scientists to study. we must solve these challenges before we
send people through this region of space. plan that NASA has is to build a rocket
called SLS which is a heavy lift rocket. it’s something that is much bigger than what we have today and it
will be able to launch the Orion capsule with humans on board as well as Landers
or other components to get to destinations beyond Earth orbit. right now we only can fly in Earth orbit. that’s the farther so we can go and this
new system that we’re building is going to allow us to go beyond and hopefully take humans into the solar system to explore. so the moon, Mars, asteroids,
there’s a lot of destinations that we could go to and we’re building these building block components in order to allow us to do that eventually.
and unlike the previous program, we are setting a course with specific and
achievable milestones. early in the next decade a set of crude flights will test
and prove the systems required for exploration beyond low Earth orbit. low Earth orbit is supposedly between 99 and 1,200 miles away.
the funny thing is that they say the moon is over 200,000 miles away.
how did we make it so far in the 1960’s and 1970’s if we can’t do it today? also the International Space Station,
just like everything else brought to us by NASA, is a fake free masonic hoax completely fabricated and done with special effects, models, pools, zero g planes
and various other camera tricks.
how is circumnavigation possible on a flat earth?
very easily. you can travel east and west directions to ultimately end up right back where you started.
the face of the earth looks similar to that of a clock. in fact, clocks were most
likely designed after the true appearance of our world. if you follow a compass east for long enough you’ll make a full circuit. same
thing if you travel west longlong enough. as we’ve already gone over, the flat earth map that was around before globes were easily converts to a globe.
so everything you believe you are doing on a globe is actually taking place on a flat earth.
how come the moon is upside down in the southern hemisphere?
this is another very simple explanation. when somebody is in the northern part of
the earth. or on the northern part of the earth, they see the moon from this angle.
when somebody is on the southern part of the earth the moon looks like this. they’re looking at it from this angle. they see it from the opposite angle.
that’s all it is. imagine you tape a picture of the moon in the center of your living room.
depending on where you are in the room the moon will be seen differently. when pondering this question,
keep in mind that the face of the moon never changes. on a spherical earth we’d expect to see other sides, but we never have.
what about the seasons?
the Sun is close and small and it circles around and above the flat earth
in a spiral pattern. on the tropic of cancer in the northern summer months and
then down in the tropic of capricorn in the northern winter months. so when the Sun is further away from the North Pole, the center of the
flat earth, it’s winter in the north and summer in the south. since the sun is smaller than we are told and closer
it makes much more sense that we experience seasons in the first place. if the Sun was 93 million miles away and had a radius of over 400,000 miles we
would hardly experience temperature fluctuation as we do.
what about gravity? gravity is necessary in order for a spinning ball
earth to work. people readily believe that you can’t fall off of a spinning ball that’s darting through outer space at speeds that you can’t even comprehend,
yet they will deny how much easier it is to stay on a flat surface that doesn’t
move. gravity is a scapegoat for all that cannot be explained and it has never
been proven. the reason why things fall or float is because of density and buoyancy.
if something is heavier than air it falls. if it’s lighter than air it floats. very straightforward.
your phone is denser than the air. therefore it falls when you drop it.
everything works because of density no need to factor in imaginary components.
quote “the law of gravitation is said by the advocates of the Newtonian system of
astronomy to be the greatest discovery of science and the foundation of the whole of modern astronomy.
if therefore it can be shown that gravitation is a pure assumption and an
imagination of the mind only, that it has no existence outside of the brains of
its expanders and advocates, the whole of the hypotheses of this modern so-called
science fall to the ground as flat as the surface of the ocean and this most
exact of all Sciences, this wonderful feet of the intellect, becomes at once
the most ridiculous superstition and the most gigantic imposture to which ignorance and credulity
could ever be exposed. Thomas Winship, zetetic cosmogony
what about the Coriolis effect? they say that the Coriolis effect is a result of the earth spinning and is
responsible for the deflection of an object moving above the earth, rightward
in the northern hemisphere and leftward in the southern hemisphere. the problem is that things like hurricanes and water in the sink aren’t
always predictable and have been known to spin both ways in either hemisphere.
also another contradiction that proves the Coriolis effect false is the fact
that no flying machine above the earth has to account for it. if a bullet that travels 1,700 miles per hour has to account for the effect than
an airplane traveling at 550 miles per hour would definitely have to account
for the effect. when you look for the answer you’ll find that we are told that since the atmosphere moves with the spin of
the earth, planes aren’t affected. so why would bullets be, especially when they go much faster than common
why can’t I see infinitely far?
this is for the people that wonder why they can’t see certain things that they believe they should be able to see if the earth was flat.
I’ve been asked on numerous occasions “why can’t I see Mount Everest from anywhere on earth?”
I’ve also been asked “why can’t I see spain from the east coast of America?”
well, besides dirt, dust, dew, rain, fog, smog, smoke, clouds, mist, haze,
snow, etc, your vision is limited by the vanishing point of your perception.
check your weather app on your phone and notice the visibility in your area.
is the flat earth a religious thing?
yes and no. i say this because, i myself, am not religious. I’d rather not have faith in something, but know the facts to the best of my
ability and the facts are that the curvature and motion of the earth have
never been proven. the Bible without any doubt whatsoever supports an earth
that’s fixed in place The Book of Enoch which is biblically endorsed and most
likely belongs in the Bible describes the flat stationary enclosed earth in
great detail. many religions and civilizations preceding Judaism and Christianity
support a flat and stationary earth such as the Babylonians, the Egyptians
the Mayans, the Norse, the Hindus, etc. this fantastic spinning globe earth is very
new to the people of the world, yet most of us carry on as if the theory is unquestionable and we’ve been conditioned to laugh when the flat earth
is brought up. whether you are religious or not, you can see the flat earth for yourself.
is the flat earth society behind the resurgence of the flat earth?
no. the flat earth society is designed as a containment unit. gatekeepers that tell
the truth about some stuff. but then lie about other things in order to make it appear ridiculous or steer you in the wrong direction.
for instance this is what F.E.S has to say about gravity “in the Flat Earth model
gravity rather than being a force is the upward acceleration of the flat earth.
the earth always accelerates upward at one g which is equivalent to the
gravitational acceleration in the round earth model. like the force of gravity,
the Earth’s acceleration causes several commonly observed phenomenon in our daily lives.
if that isn’t the biggest turnoff I don’t know what is. the flat earth
argument has never died. it only died down. real flat earthers have always been among us, but it wasn’t
until late 2014 early 2015 when Eric dubay started making a lot of noise about
the flat earth conspiracy and got people like myself on board. it took me 10 months of research before finally accepting the truth about where
we live. thanks to the many great flat earth researchers, content creators and
activists since then, more and more people are waking up to the massive deception every day.
are all scientists, pilots and members of the government in on it?
No most scientists, pilots and members of the government’s have been indoctrinated
just as the rest of us have. when they work at their everyday job, they go about
it as if the earth is most certainly spherical. if indeed some of these people did know the earth is flat, they most likely wouldn’t even speak out about it
in fear of losing their job or ruining their reputation. the average scientist
goes about everything they do with the spherical earth already factored in. for
mainstream science, questioning our current model is a huge no-no. for pilots,
computers do most of their work. not to take away from what they do because i personally appreciate it and also pilots often switch out and stops making it
difficult to understand the real lay out of Earth’s landmasses. as far as
government members and politicians go besides high-ranking officials at NASA which isn’t government at all, it’s safe
to assume that they are not in the know and they are not knowingly perpetrating this lie.
very few people compared to the population of the world are enlightened to the flat earth.
NASA isn’t the only space agency. are the others in on it too? the answer is yes
here’s a short clip on what you need to know. the vector. NASA’s official logo. if you’ve ever looked at NASA’s official
logo both their official insignia and their official seal, you’ll see that most prominent object in the in the seal is a a red swishing object. they call
that the chevron or the vector. if you ask NASA public affairs office why this symbology is featured so heavily in their insignia and seal
they’ll give you what really amounts to the standard facile cover story for the
unilluminated. They’ll tell you that that is a representation of a hypersonic wing
design from the 1950’s which was the time the logo was created.
not exactly the case. someone might want to ask the russian federal space agency,
roscosmos that was formed in 1992, why they chose that same logo and while you’re at it you can go ask the Chinese,
who formed their space agency in 1996, why in the world they’re using the hypersonic wing design from the nineteen
fifties as their official logo. then you can ask the Japanese and South Koreans, Taiwanese, malaysia, mexico, Iran.
all of these countries even bulgaria. they all utilize the vector symbology in
the space agency logos for their international space agencies. it gets even deeper. you can go look at the
individual manned program patches for NASA of the Mercury program for example. blatant use of covert symbology in every logo dealing with the Mercury program.
we will see what looks like a number seven in their logo and again, NASA’s official story is that they put this number seven there so that they
could pay homage to the original seven mercury astronauts, kind of forgetting
the fact that only six mercury astronauts actually flew into space. because number seven never never did. he had a heart problem so he didn’t get to go up so
there were only six mercury astronauts. yes there’s a seven in every single logo that’s in the official mission and say
for official program insignia for mercury as well as the six individual mission patches carry this member and it carries on to the space shuttle program
if you look at the Apollo program the Apollo logo has a big letter and that’s
what they want you to but it’s not again that’s just the simple way of explaining away the inclusion of this vector symbology and the local if you go to the
space shuttle program the original space shuttle sts program patch is a triangular patch that again
hides the use of the shamrock vector symbology and that also goes for many of
the sts specific mission patches every single one of the International Space Station expedition patches carry
the vector symbology the russian air space station use the vector symbology that was there there official logo
you can even go deeper and look at military industrial complex companies
look at the logo on a company like Lockheed Martin two vectors the XPrize
logo ames research labs US Space Command we get into the military realm the United
States base commander official logo is the vector symbol and when you look at the military’s individual space specific programs
all of them all of them deal with vector symbology and their official insignia and the question really becomes who or what are these people paying homage to
let’s look at nasa’s earth rise
now let’s look at Jaxa’s Earthrise. do you believe this is real
well then who’s responsible for this deception? you will find that the Jesuits and the Vatican have been intimately involved in
all things space, including owning the earliest telescopes and to this day the
largest owners of observatories and telescopes in the world. the society of Jesuits have been actively spreading the heliocentric
theory for 500 years while trying to bury thousands of years of Flat Earth
cosmology. the Jesuits are rulers of all powers that we are aware of and have
been ruthless in their pursuit of world domination for centuries. no matter who is killed or what has to be done to establish a one world order
out of chaos. they rule over or are deeply partnered with people like the Rothschilds and
many other international banksters, secret societies, especially the Freemasons as well as zionist jews and especially zionist jews in seats of
power. they rule over all the alphabet agencies and government think tanks
including the NSA, CIA, FBI, Mossad, KGB, roundtable, committee of 300, Tavistock
Institute, Lucis trust publishing, bilderberg group and the Council of Foreign Relations including representative government and
legislation like the US presidency Congress and the Supreme Court.
the jesuits order is said to have been established by Jews, again showing that the Jews are behind some of the biggest hoaxes in history, including the
Holocaust. Freemasons are also spread out all over the world to further the
different agendas that serve this Illuminati elite.
why the lie?
their desire is to convince us that we are only one of a septillion other
planets flying through infinite space. a septillion? where do they get these
numbers? a septillion has 24 zeros. they want us to think that we are nothing more than a cosmic accident
caused by a big bang that took place 14 billion years ago. again where do they get these numbers? how one could draw that conclusion is
unknown. they want us not to understand our origin and go on believing that life is
meaningless. they want us to believe that alien life is real and that they created us.
look no further than ancient aliens for the propaganda. not to mention countless shows and movies they program us with. this isn’t
just about flat earth vs. round earth. it’s much bigger than that. whatever they plan on doing needed the spherical earth
groundwork laid before they could proceed. they may either shock us with a fake alien invasion or a disclosure of the
beings that have always been among us passed off as life from distant galaxies. who knows? another reason to turn the earth into a ball is to hide extra land.
if this is a vast plain and there are places past Antarctica with more oceans
and more land masses, then an easy way to get rid of them is to wrap our part of
this plain around a ball and make it seem as if there is nothing else and
everything has already been discovered. the globe is full fledged slavery for
inquiring minds. “I like to be an explorer like the great Magellan.” “oh! you’re too late.
there’s really nothing left to explore.” what does it mean if the earth is flat?
it means that the origin of man is deliberately being covered up from us.
man woman child you are being deceived on a massive scale. flat earth, enclosed
flat earth, expansive plane flat earth or even infinite plane flat earth with an
infinite ceiling barrier or possibly another plane of existence above us and
below us. it means that this place was created. that you were designed. you were crafted.
you are special and with purpose. a purpose being hidden from you on purpose.
we are supposed to know our world and our reason for being.
we’ve been swallowed whole by this economic fiat money system that controls absolutely everything and rules this manufactured reality. most of us know
that we are slaves and it’s no wonder we desire to escape through movies, TV shows
and video games that happen to also further our programming and mental
conditioning. we were never meant to live like this and knowledge of our flat earth is a
step in the right direction. it’s something that can’t be taken from us it’s the fuel that we need to let
these bastards know that we won’t go down in ignorance. we will not willingly accept their one world authority that wants to rule over
all mind and all matter. embrace this flat world of ours and free your mind
from the globalist mind control. it’s time that we stand up for ourselves and our beautiful earth.
all I want to know is who’s coming with me?
space may be the final frontier, but it’s made in a hollywood basement.
have you ever dreamed of going up to outer space or maybe meeting other beings from another place?
have you ever wondered what it’s like on other planets then you watch a science show and come to believe you understand it? you feel empowered by the
knowledge and you feel enlightened listening to bill nye and neil degrasse tyson. but then you wake up and you start
to see the obvious. life is just a lie and this whole world and what we thought it was. NASA’s missions to the moon were never completed. they just filmed them in a room
and people believe it. I used to wonder what it’s like to be an astronaut, now when I see them acting I can’t help but to laugh a lot.
they give us cartoons and then claim that we live on the ball, but it’s flat and it’s not moving or spinning at all.
why you lying to us, man? that’s something that we want to know after that you’re going to have to pack up all your stuff and go.
space may be the final frontier, but it’s made in a hollywood basement.
history has been rewritten by winners of wars – the jesuit order, khazars,
Freemasons and more. they pulled the veil over our eyes and it’s time to awaken. through organized indoctrination our minds have been taken.
it’s time we take our power back and we rescue our people. the Vatican and the bankers are like resident evil.
they may have had the greatest plan that was ever concocted, but Illuminati never thought that they’d ever be spotted. their manufacturing reality all in our
heads. they tell us if the earth is flat we’ll fall off the edge, but if it is the spinning ball we won’t fall off and then and gravity is our imaginary magic
friend. why is water always flat when unmanipulated? why are pictures of the earth computer-generated? why you lying to us, man? that’s something that we
want to know. after that you’re going to have to pack up all your stuff and go. space may be the final frontier, but it’s made in a hollywood basement
Dear NASA, it’s coming 100% crystal clear that you
and the other space programs that are in operation are connected and are deceiving the entire world.
More and more people are waking up every single day and we are now able to see right through you,
but what we really want to know is why are you lying?
sincerely, Me and the great people of this earth
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