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Shelley Lewis Interviews Jamie Lee, Paradise Cal Fires

Shelley Lewis Interviews Jamie Lee, on Paradise Fires

Interview with Jamie Lee with regarding Paradise, CA fires and prelude to his interviews with first hand residents who escaped the fire.

James Enewold

Jamie you’ve been doing some really great work on these fires. Just watched your last one with laser evidence. Lots of ‘truthers’ talking about volcanoes the gold etc., but very few nailing the Tesla tech truth of this. Blue light. The numbers. Just mind boggling the evil of this. Supposedly shelly keep it up I like the videos you’ve put out. We all need to keep pounding this and not get distracted because you know there are distractions planned. Like the online news wing stop talking about the guy that supposedly killed his wife and kids. Good to have some on location coverage and documentation. Fact that they have militarized police on location is very disturbing. We are at war both spiritually and physically. God be with you and keep you both safe.