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Radio Transmissions 1915 Proof Earth Is Flat

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Te Eiffel Tower in Paris was saved in 1909 because it was proved that it could broadcast radio long distances. In 1908 the French military broadcast wireless telegraph signals from the tower to Germany, Morocco and North America.

The broadcast was from alexandra palace in muswell hill, north london…it is high up and overlooks the whole of london..(flat) can see for miles on a clear day, the last time i was there i asked the guy on the reception if we could go up the tower there and conversated about the shape of the earth and what we can see…he was slightly bemused but his job would not allow him to let us up..didn’t really matter its in plane sight..

The RCA transmitter site in Rocky Point, NY is known for transatlantic radio transmissions to Europe –,_New_York – read the history section