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Flat Earth Origins: The Michelson Morley Experiments & Einstein “The Earth Mover”

Flat Earth Origins: The Michelson Morley Experiments & Einstein “The Earth Mover”

Scientific Proof of FE ~ The Michelson Morley Experiments

These experiments were so spot on convincing and repeatable, that Einstein was invented as a rebuttal and an answer.

These experiments have NEVER been disproved – 130 years later.

Einstein’s THEORY has never been proven – it remains only a mishmash of mathematical goulash.

Transcript of Flat Earth Origins: The Michelson Morley Experiments & Einstein "The Earth Mover"
in his 1881 and 1887 experiments albert michelson discovered the earth was not

moving around the sun as michaelson himself described the results of his experiment

this conclusion directly contradicts the explanation which presupposes that the earth moves

but since his colleagues including albert einstein were die-hard copernicans who didn’t want to believe that

michelson had discovered a motionless earth they proposed his experimental apparatus was distorted by earth’s motion through

space and thus michelson’s apparatus only made it appear as if the earth wasn’t moving

in scientific parlance we call this the fallacy of petitio principia that is using his proof a moving earth

the very thing one is trying to prove a moving earth let me explain

the first light beam was pointed westward because it was the presumed direction of the earth’s movement around the sun

the second light beam was pointed northward and thus away from the direction of the presumed moving earth the first

light beam should have been affected by earth’s movement through space if the earth is moving around the sun at

an accepted speed of 66 000 miles per hour if so the first beam would have traveled

slower than the second beam of light but that didn’t happen both light beams

traveled at nearly the same speed according to michelson the first beam traveled only about 1

6 of the speed needed if the earth was moving around the sun the conclusion as

michelson notes above should have been that the earth isn’t moving around the sun

other prominent physicists have noted the same truth there was just one alternative the earth’s true velocity through space

might happen to have been nil physicist arthur eddington

the data of the michelson-morley test were almost unbelievable there was

only one other possible conclusion to draw that the earth was at rest bernard jaffe

thus failure of the michelson-morley experiment to observe different speeds

of light at different times of the year suggested that the earth must be at rest and it was therefore the preferred frame

for measuring absolute motion in space yet we have known since galileo that the

earth is not the center of the universe why should it be at rest in space adolf

baker the easiest explanation was that the earth was fixed in the ether and that

everything else in the universe moved with respect to the earth and the ether such an idea was not considered

seriously since it would mean in effect that our earth occupied the omnipotent position in the universe

with all the other heavenly bodies paying homage by moving around it james

coleman the michelson-morley experiment confronted scientists with an embarrassing alternative

on one hand they could scrap the ether theory which had explained so many things about electricity magnetism and

light or if they insisted on retaining the ether they had to abandon the still more

venerable copernican theory that the earth is in motion too many physicists it seemed almost

easier to believe that the earth stood still then that waves light waves electromagnetic waves

could exist without a medium to sustain them it was a serious dilemma and one that

split scientific thought for a quarter of a century many new hypotheses were advanced and rejected

the experiment was tried again by morley and by others with the same conclusion the apparent

velocity of the earth through the ether was zero

lincoln barnett forward by albert einstein what happened when the experiment was

done in 1887 there was never never in any orientation

at any time of the year any shift in the interference pattern none no shift no fringe shift nothing

what’s the implication here was an experiment that was done to measure the speed of the earth’s motion through the

ether this was an experiment that was 10 times more sensitive than it needed to be

it could have detected speeds as low as 2 miles per second instead of the knowing 20 miles per

second that the earth moves on its orbital motion around the sun it

didn’t detect it what’s the conclusion from the michelson-marley experiment the implication is that the earth is not

moving richard wolfson michelson and marley found shifts in the interference fringes

but they were very much smaller than the size of the effect expected from the known orbital motion of the earth

john d norton this no result was one of the greatest puzzles of physics at the

end of the 19th century one possibility was that velocity would be zero

and no fringe shift would be expected but this implies that the earth is somehow a preferred object only with respect to

the earth with the speed of light bc as predicted by maxwell’s equations

this is tantamount to assuming that the earth is the central body of the universe

douglas c giancolai but the die hard copernicans of that day

were not about to accept the prima facie results of michelson’s experiment they knew the catastrophic scientific

cultural and religious implications if it was experimentally shown that the earth is

fixed in space in a word the whole world would have been turned upside down literally and figuratively

pressured to provide a scientific answer to the world they searched for a way to make it appear that the first light beam did indeed

provide 6 6 of the speed required for an earth moving around the sun

to do so they thought up an ingenious but devious explanation as noted above

they claimed the earth’s movement around the sun contracted the metal enclosure

in which the first light beam traveled if the length of the housing was

contracted then the first light beam does not need to travel as far as when the housing is not contracted

this would account for why the speed of the two light beams did not differ much with this contrived

explanation they proposed to the world that the contraction of michelson’s apparatus

was the reason the earth appeared to be motionless in effect if someone said to them you

claim the earth is moving but you admit you cannot detect that movement by any experiment

they would retort well we can’t detect it because every time we try to do so

the length of the experimental apparatus shrinks just enough to conceal the movement

which makes it impossible to measure the earth’s movement again we see the fallacy of petitio

principii in play from start to finish the whole enterprise was ad hoc

lead contraction wasn’t even contemplated previously much less was it an established fact of

science but in this emergency situation length contraction was invented on the spot

so that the science establishment would have at least some hypothetical answer as to why michelson’s experiment showed

the earth was motionless everyone could breathe a sigh of relief the irony

as of this date is that no one has ever detected a length contraction in a moving object

in fact modern physicists can’t even agree on what length contraction is

or how it would be manifested since they insist the earth is moving

around the sun yet cannot detect it moving nevertheless they needed some physical and

mathematical way of accounting for it since there’s obviously a difference between motion and non-motion

so length contraction became their convenient scapegoat this is the essence of the special

relativity theory that einstein invented in 1905 it was invented solely to answer

michelson’s experiment as einstein himself said

to the question whether or not the motion of the earth in space can be made perceptible in terrestrial experiments

we have already remarked that all attempts of this nature led to a negative result before the

theory of relativity was put forward it was difficult to become reconciled by

this negative results whereas in 1892 hendrick lawrence had

hypothesized that the ether of space was what caused the contraction einstein decided to dispense with ether

and attribute the cause to relative motion in effect lawrence at least proposed a

physical cause for his claims of length contraction but einstein never explained how

relative motion could shrink objects hence during his

day various philosophers accused him of violating the principle of cause and effect

so whatever the cause of the contraction in order to give the ad hoc theory some semblance of credibility

the required amount for the metal enclosure to contract was put into a mathematical equation

called the lawrence transform it has become the most famous and most

used equation in modern physics essentially whatever tests disagree with their belief that the earth was moving

around the sun could now be mathematically transformed into their desired result

as well as give the semblance of being scientific but the transform of linked required

another transform since they contracted the length they also had to dilate the time

since if a moving object has its length contracted it is not going to get from point a to

point b in the same time as when it is not contracted to increase the time of travel

they use the same transform equation as above but since they are increasing instead of decreasing they turn the

multiplier into a divider to get the following equation of course

just as there is no proof that length contracts there is no proof that time dilates they just need it to make everything

appear to balance if they are going to insist that the earth is moving around the sun when the empirical evidence says that

it’s not it’s easy for them they just put up a theory and represented by a mathematical equation

to erase any discrepancies the experiment shows against our theory

the transforms are not over they must also add mass increase since if a moving object has

its length contracted then it will have a larger mass per unit volume when it gets to point b

so to make the mass larger they use the same exact transform equation as for time dilation

often in the debate over the relevance of michelson’s experiment the issue of inertial frames presents itself

an inertial frame is one in which an object is at rest or is moving in uniform motion and not

accelerating or decelerating if the earth is moving around the sun it is a non-inertial frame

since it is accelerating in physics all objects that move in a circle are considered accelerating

even though they go the same speed as such one is hampered when doing experiments

on earth due to the effects of acceleration on the apparatus so in order to make

michelson’s experiment valid that is one that takes place in an inertial frame a relativist will create the

inertial frame by the above transform equations once again it is easy to see the fallacy of petitio

principia at work in their thinking for those who accept the prima facie results of michelson’s experiment

that the earth is not moving the earth is already shown to be an inertial frame

because it is at an absolute rest thus there is no need to create inertial frames for the earth and thus

no need to use a transform equation incidentally we

should note one more important facet of michelson’s experiment before we move on we saw above that the experiment showed

only one-sixth of what was required for an earth moving around the sun this one-sixth is important for another

reason it showed that space was composed of something substantive [Music]

the name given to it by lawrence maxwell and all other scientists was ether

no one knew precisely what it was composed of but they correctly deducted that space cannot be

nothing since metaphysically nothing cannot exist space must be something composed of

something physical although like air we cannot see it because it is invisible

it doesn’t matter what you call it the fact is it must exist quantum mechanics has suggested that

either’s basic component is planck particles which are 20 orders of magnitude smaller than the electron

another type of ether may be the electron positron dipole particle which was discovered in 1932 by carl

anderson in any case the substance of space which we call ether

is detected in michelson’s 1881 and 1887 experiments as well as 1897 experiment with an above

ground apparatus since light moves so fast it can serve to measure the effect on something as

small as ether particles his interferometer was so accurate it

could measure 100 times more than it was required to measure as such microsoft’s interferometer

didn’t measure enough ether to match an earth moving at 66 000 miles per hour around the sun

but it did measure a little ether otherwise his results would not have shown 1 6

but 0 6 of ether presence michelson noted the small presence on his 1887 paper

the actual displacement was certainly less than the 20th part of this

and probably less than the 40th part but since the displacement is proportional

to the square of the velocity the relative velocity of earth and ether is probably less than one-sixth of the

earth’s orbital velocity and certainly less than one-fourth this was not good for einstein he countedly

admitted that if any ether was detected even a little bit his theory of special relativity

would automatically be falsified this was noted in einstein’s statement to sir hubert samuel in jerusalem

if michaelson morley is wrong then relativity is wrong in other words einstein was forced

to assume that because michelson did not find enough ether for an earth revolving around the sun

then michael’s son couldn’t have found any ether but if this conclusion of einsteins was

wrong then his whole relativity theory would be falsified automatically since even a little ether would act as

an absolute frame and thus nullify relativity noted physicist charles lane poor of

columbia university reiterated the problem the michaels and morley experiment forms

the basis of the relativity theory einstein calls it decisive if it should develop that there is a measurable ether

drift then the entire fabric of the relativity theory would collapse like a house of cards

so einstein was banking on the hope that since michelson did not detect the required amount of ether for the earth

moving around the sun he can conclude that the ether simply didn’t exist hence the detection of one-sixth of the

required ether was thus conveniently chalked up to experimental air

the facts show otherwise however every interferometer experiment

performed from michelson in 1881 to juice in 1930 which is

50 years of the same results from a dozen different experimenters detected one-sixth to one-tenth

einstein was so bothered by this fact that he hired what can be called a scientific hitman

robert shankland to seek to discredit the experiments especially the most comprehensive

interferometer experiments performed by dayton miller between 1908

and 1921 but at this point in time the 1910s and 1920s the world was only

too happy to accept einstein’s series and reject anyone who challenged him after all einstein was the earth mover he made the

earth move around the sun and thus saved mankind from having to admit the popular science had misled the

world for over 500 years for the geocentrist the only thing left

to answer is from where did one-sixth of ether originate the simple answer is since the universe

with its ether is rotating around a fixed earth some of that ether spilled into

michelson’s 1887 inferometer when he was trying to detect if the earth was moving around the sun

this is confirmed by the fact that michelson did another experiment in 1925 in order to measure the ether movement

for the daily rotation between space and earth in that experiment he found 6 6 of the

required ether for a daily rotation hence it is logical to assume that the 160 found in 1887

came from the same ether he later detected in his 1925 experiment since the ether in his 1887 experiment

hit the interferometer orthogonally instead of linearly it would only pick up 1 6 of the total

ether in space you will often hear modern devotees of einstein claim that he invented special

relativity as an answer to maxwell’s equations of electrodynamics they do this because they don’t want to

admit that einstein invented special relativity for the express purpose of making it appear the earth was moving

around the sun they want to make it appear that einstein invented special relativity out of the pure motives

and an independent thought process the truth is far different einstein himself admits the only reason

he invented special relativity was due to michaelson’s discovery he writes in 1922. soon i came to the

conclusion that our idea about the motion of the earth with respect to the ether is incorrect if we admit michaelson’s no result as a

fact this was the first path which led me to the theory of special relativity

be that as it may the reason the relativist wants to intrude on maxwell’s electrodynamic theory is because as it

stands electromagnetism doesn’t show any characteristics of being relative maxwell’s experiments from 1865 show us

that the effect of an electric coil moving over a stationary magnet is different than a magnet moving over a stationary

electric coil and maxwell appropriately represented these different reactions by two different equations

maxwell’s experiment and his two equations actually four equations altogether but with two main equations thus show

that space and the reactions that occur in it are absolute not relative since it distinguishes

between the two different effects of the electric coil and the magnet respectively since a relativist does not like

anything absolute einstein sought to make maxwell’s experiment relative just as he tried to

make michelson’s experiment relative to do so he used the same transform equations that he had used to make it

appear the earth was moving as such the relativist can make it appear that any effect of electricity on

magnetism is the same as magnetism on electricity but in reality they are not the same

we still use maxwell’s equations today because they are correct but when the relativist uses them he

must invariably inject the transform equations in order to make maxwell’s two absolute reactions into einstein’s one relative

reaction without the transform equation maxwell’s findings are diametrically opposed to

einstein’s relativity theory not surprisingly einstein was well aware that maxwell’s findings

of the different reactions between an electric coil and a magnet are related to michelson’s unsuccessful

attempt to discover any motion of the earth in his famous 1905 paper

he seeks to make their respective absolute effects into relative effects he writes

it is known that maxwell’s electrodynamics as usually understood at the present time when applied to moving bodies leads to

asymmetries which do not appear to be inherent in the phenomena take for example the reciprocal

electrodynamic action of a magnet and a conductor the observable phenomena here depends

only on the relative motion of the conductor in the magnet whereas the customary view draws a sharp distinction between the two cases in

which ether one of the bodies are in motion for if the magnet is in motion and the

conductor is at rest then arises in the neighborhood of the magnet an electric field with a certain

definite energy producing a current at the place where parts of the conductor are situated but if the magnet is stationary and the

conductor is in motion no electric field arises in the neighborhood of the magnet in the conductor however we find an

electromotive force to which in itself there is no corresponding energy but which gives rise assuming equality

of relative emotion in the two cases discussed to electric currents of the same path

and intensity as those produced by the electric forces in the former case examples of this sort together with the

unsuccessful attempts to discover any motion of the earth relatively to the light medium suggests

that the phenomena of electrodynamics as well as of mechanics possess no properties corresponding to the idea of

absolute rest they suggest rather that as has already been shown to the first

order of small quantities the same laws of electrodynamics and optics will be valid for all frames of

reference for which the equations of mechanics hold good in other words since einstein firmly

believes that the earth is moving around the sun and yet he realizes that he must have an answer for all of the unsuccessful

attempts to discover any motion of the earth he proposes that the discrepancy can be

dealt with by one assuming as a fact that electrodynamics and mechanics did not

show states of absolute rest michelson did not show us a motionless earth and maxwell did not show us

the absolute state of electricity and magnetism and two we are thus obligated to change

what appeared to be absolute frames in michelson’s and maxwell’s experiments into relative

frames which is noted in his phrase all frames of reference in order to do so that is in order to

make all frames of reference to be valid einstein will use the transform equation

which appears on page 7 of his 1905 paper as follows this is the precise equation

used by lawrence to claim that the arm of michelson’s apparatus had shrunk with einstein

also adding time dilation the section of the paper where this transform equation appears

begins on page 5 with the title theory of the transformation of

coordinates and times from a stationary system to another system

in uniform motion of translation relativity to the former alas we don’t need to go

searching for it einstein tells us quite candidly what he is doing he is transforming space and time from a

stationary system a fixed earth to another system one of relativity

in fact the word transformation appears 24 times in this paper as he applies it to every phenomena from

time space motion electricity magnetism the doppler effect stellar aberration energy

of light ways electron acceleration to mass increase it becomes quintessential means to

relativize the whole universe and forever the banish the thought of a motionless earth

as we can see it is all done by mathematics there is not one iota of physical

empirical evidence to prove the theory in the relativist mind of course there is no need to prove their findings or to

justify their transform since everyone knows the earth is moving around the sun

and everything is moving and there is no object at rest unless the whole universe is relative

in effect whenever the experiments show an absolute result the relatives can wave his magic wand

and change it into a relative result this is the essence of special relativity theory that einstein invented

in 1905 that einstein believes the earth is moving but has no proof for it as noted

in his statement i have come to believe that the motion of the earth cannot be detected by any

optical experiment though the earth is revolving around the sun

einstein’s admission merely begs the question if one scientific basis he can’t detect

the earth moving how does he know the earth is moving the truth is he doesn’t know he just

assumes it to be so since that is what he has been taught since childhood in fact the transform

equation is then invoked to make it appear as if the earth is moving around the sun

but in reality the transform equation is just an equation that has no ability or authority to determine the issue

hence einstein would admit in 1938 the possibility of solving these

difficulties depends on the answer to the following question can we formulate physical laws so that

they are valid for all coordinate systems not only those moving uniformly but also

those moving quite arbitrarily relative to each other if this can be done our difficulties

will be over we shall then be able to apply the laws of nature to any coordinate system

the struggle so violent in the early days of science between the views of ptolemy and copernicus would then be

quite meaningless either coordinate system could be used with equal justification

the two sentences the sun is at rest and the earth moves or the sun moves and the earth is at

rest would quite simply mean two different conventions concerning two different coordinate systems

that is he will employ arbitrary coordinate systems to make the absolute state

a fixed earth until either coordinate system can be used a fixed earth or a moving earth all the

coordinate systems are created mathematically out of thin air by using the transform equation

if they didn’t use the transform equation then they would be stuck with only one coordinate system the one michelson

found in 1887 when the experimental evidence showed the earth wasn’t moving around the sun

if you ask a relativist for the scientific validity of using the transform equation he will

simply retort well the transform equation was proven to be valid when michelson did his experiment in 1887.

again the fallacy of petitio principia as readily apparent since he is using an

unproven fact an earth is moving around the sun as the basis for making the conclusion

that the earth is moving around the sun the cause of the fallacy as einstein admitted above when he said

though the earth is revolving around the sun is that they insist on using a moving

earth which they claim to know intuitively as the indisputable authority to interpret

michelson’s experiment consequently if one firmly believes the earth is moving but the experiments show

it is not moving then one’s interpretation of the experiment will force one to

find some way to make it appear that the earth is moving in effect any experiment that shows

the earth is not moving will be math magically transformed into a moving earth

by the transform equation the transform equation is like a magician waving his

wand over the experiments so that the system one does not prefer

is transformed into a system one does prefer many modern men certainly

do not prefer a fixed earth since a fixed earth would validate much

of the history and science prior to our modern age and would show modern man that he is not

the objective and non-prejudice icon of society that he has enjoyed for the last few

hundred years he is little more than a magician who has been feeding the world a steady diet of illusions

all in all the history of the michelson experiment show how a preconceived idea the earth moves around the sun is made

the sole determining factor of how modern scientist is going to interpret the results of any experiment

in order to hold on to his preconceived idea he will introduce mitigating factors onto the experimental

results and usually this is done by hypothetical concepts and fudged mathematics

the scientist thus convinces himself that because he can invent a mathematical equation that can transform

the empirical results he can keep his preconceived idea of how he thinks the universe must operate

in his mind the end justify the means because he knows the earth revolves

around the sun there is nothing that would make mankind happier than to keep believing that the

earth moves around the sun regardless of what the experiments show their god from on high albert einstein

showed them a magical way to avoid such a predicament and the world has accepted einstein as a god ever since

his transform equation has become the magic wand to turn a fixed earth absolute universe

into an earth-wandering relative universe as noted by einstein biographer

abraham pais put it a new man appears abruptly the suddenly famous dr einstein

he carries the message of a new order of the universe he is a new moses come down from the mountain to bring a new

law and a new joshua controlling the motion of the heavenly bodies the new man who appears at the time

represents order and power he becomes the theo saner the divine man

of the 20th century