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NASA shows and admits space is water many times

NASA Shows, and Admits That Space Is Water, Many Times Over

Eisenstein theorized that space is water. They said no. The rest is history. Science should be as Tesla described; anything else is formulations and mathematical formulas that lead to a never ending story. Everyone should get reacquainted with the scientific method. Anyone can propose a theory. Gravity is a theory. The earth spinning at 1000 miles an hr is a theory. But even Einstein said that there so no experiment to so it is. We been lied to about our true history like every other civilizations before us. The elite keep all this valuable information to themselves so they can rule over the people. It’s not a race thing but they make races, different religions, traditions, politics; believe differently. While everyone is fighting with each other, they continue to do as they please as *Your Rulers*. “The World Is A Stage”
This makes my brain go wild! The Geneva bible says the waters above waters. And so many things coming to mind I can’t say them all but this makes me think of the movie Abyss! It has light beings in water. So the Stars are in waters above waters. And of course oxygen would be an issue as it is in water. This is amazing proving the firmament and the Bible being reliable. I hope someone does more research